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Makeup Voiceover;Ten

Request: OML I LOVED YOUR BOYFRIEND DOES MY VOICEOVER CHALLENGE WITH JAEHYUN 😍😍😍😍 if you do one for ten I will love you forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • okay first of all
  • 📣📣 I MISS TEN 📣📣
  • and im sure we all do
  • so i’ll try my best to feed you all with this post
  • and i hope it’s good enough
  • let’s go

  • so you and him have a youtube channel together

  • you all take turns to upload videos every week
  • most of the time you film makeup tutorials, hauls & anything related to fashion/beauty
  • while for ten he films dance covers/tutorials, vlogs & reaction videos
  • on weekends the both of you try to film videos of just the both of you, be it vlogs, q&a’s or challenges
  • your subscribers love the both of you very much!!!
  • and they always mention how cute the both of you are because the way the both of you stare at each other lovingly in videos make their hearts melt
  • which is why they asked & suggested ten to do this challenge
  • because always in vlogs ten would always film his reaction of staring at you preparing your makeup before yall head out
  • and his eyes are all 😍
  • with a small sweet smile on his face
  • and after days of contemplating he finally agreed
  • and both of you were excited because yall had never done a challenge like that before
  • throughout the whole process while you were filming the makeup video,
  • ten had purposely entered the room to interrupt
  • be it making weird noises, singing songs or just randomly waving at the camera
  • which caused you to lock him out eventually
  • after what seemed like hours to ten you were finally done
  • and you were met with an excited small little boy entering the room to record the voiceover as soon as you were done
  • setting up everything he clicks play
  • “today’s video is very different!!!”
  • “we’re-or i, will be doing the makeup voiceover challenge”
  • “i swear so many people suggested this our whole comment section was filled with this”
  • “okay enough of talking, let’s start”
  • “so here we have a bare and natural faced Y/N, such a beauty wOW”
  • “she’s clipping up her hair first oh”
  • “first step!!”
  • “foundation”
  • “she’s taking out this silicon transparent thingy- IT’S REALLY FUN TO SQUISH GUYS”
  • “she told me the name of it once but i forgot”
  • “-she’s using the foundation from Clinique”
  • “oh it says on the bottle that it’s a concealer too, how cool!!”
  • “oh she’s squeezing it on the silicon thingy”
  • “dab dab dab haha”
  • “and blend it out evenly”
  • “oh babe’s skin looks lighter now”
  • “-just saying i love your natural skin more but oh well, still beautiful”
  • “oh i think that was my voice”
  • “i thought she’d cut it out but i guess she didn’t, rate my singing guys!! Y/N’s says it’s annoying”
  • imitates you “go away babe you’re so annoying”
  • “it was a joke”
  • “i know, i love you”
  • “okay sorry for that, but moving on!”
  • “she taking out a pencil?”
  • “what is it for..”
  • “ahhh eyebrows!”
  • “it’s from nyx cosmetics”
  • “she’s starting to draw it”
  • “look how concentrated she is, how cute”
  • “anyways while we wait for her to finish drawing her brows-”
  • “look at the mirror she’s holding!!”
  • “it was the first gift i ever got for her, isn’t it cute how she still keeps it oh my”
  • “and… she’s done!!”
  • “wow on fleek babe”
  • “i think she’s doing her eyes next!”
  • “just look at those eyes wow”
  • “she taking out a palette”
  • “the uh… maybelline’s uh.. ‘24karat nudes’? one”
  • “wow such a long name but-”
  • “she’s using the light brown shade”
  • “applying gently on her eyelids”
  • “what was that-”
  • “oh sorry it was me again, just me saying hi”
  • “i couldn’t help myself i’m sorry hehe”
  • “look at her giggling at me omg”
  • “i love this angel-”
  • “but,, she’s done with her eyeshadow!”
  • “she taking out another stick like thing”
  • “it’s a mascara!”
  • “it’s from l'oreal- the name’s too long again but-”
  • “oh this is cool, it makes your lashes longer??”
  • “woah look her eyes now, extremely gorgeous!!!”
  • “okay i think she’s done with her eyes”
  • “cheeks now”
  • “-the place where i love giving kisses the most”
  • “why’d you say that out omg”
  • “i mean… it’s not like they haven’t seen us kiss on camera before..”
  • suddenly attacks you with a kiss
  • “hehe nothing happened guys”
  • “but i think she’s doing her highlight?”
  • “making her look more stunning like always but”
  • “she’s using the one frok stila!”
  • “it’s so shiny wow”
  • “using a brush she’s just applying it on her cheekbones, forehead and bridge of the nose”
  • “blend blend blend”
  • “and viola,, babe’s shining under the light!!”
  • “we’re not done with blush yet why is she blushing-”
  • “- and laughing”
  • “okay, must be me again- i was dancing and making funny faces to distract her so”
  • “her laughing’s so adorable though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down”
  • “she chased me out of the room after that-”
  • “oh she’s really not applying blush??”
  • “thank me”
  • “last but not least, her lips!!”
  • “she’s holding up the one from too faced, in a matte pink colour”
  • “it’s so watery woah”
  • “apply it really carefully”
  • “HAHA look she drew it out of her lips but it’s okay, still cute”
  • “oops she realised it and cleaned it up aw”
  • “and…. she’s done!!”
  • “she looks like a model now wow”
  • “why aren’t you on a magazine babe”
  • “so gorgeous”
  • “guys my girlfriend never fails to impress, right?”
  • “maybe she should take over the whole channel-”
  • “i’m talking so much today!!”
  • “but this was really fun to do and extremely amazing too”
  • “don’t forget to show Y/N love by commenting and viewing her videos!”
  • “but of course, not forgetting mine too-”
  • “a new video will be up soon so do subscribe, like and comment, we love you all!!”
  • once he’s done recording he has this proud look on his face
  • with the sweetest smile
  • “i did it babe hehe”
  • then he suddenly jumps up and laughs to himself
  • and when you ask him why
  • “omg babe maybe you should do a voiceover for my dance tutorial next time too”

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I loooooooved your cole headcanons especially the Les miserables ones! Do you have anymore?

kakdakks thank you, I don’t think you understand how much I love this boy ❤

I refer back to a few from this post so if you haven’t seen it

  • Eyebrows™
    • Jay: what the hell are you doing?
      Cole: I am doing my eyebrows.
      Jay: that’s a big ass mirror.
      Cole: I have big ass, eyebrows.
    • “My brows are bigger than my future”
    • Nya: cole please just let me pluck one of your eyebrows
      Cole: if you take my source of power I will be rendered useless in battle and you will all die without me

  • One time they shrunk his favourite t shirt in the washing so he cut the sleeves off and wore it as a crop top

  • Emo teen phase?? Emo teen phase.
    • “I’m just trying to look like my HERO, JOE JONAS.”
    • He pierced his own ear and then cried because it hurt so he took it out. Don’t worry he got both pierced properly when he was older.
    • You think he has emo hair now you should’ve seen it before
    • Sometimes it still surfaces:
      Nya: Wu, how did unlock your full potential?
      Wu: well you see, when I was a young boy-
      Cole: *bursts through the door* MY FATHER, TOOK ME INTO THE CITY, TO SEE A MARCHING BAND
    • They had to do a time capsule when they were at school and Cole’s dream job was to be a full time employee at Hot Topic

  • Cole had braces and unfortunately didn’t burn all photographic evidence so his dad literally shows everyone that comes round ever.
    • “Look how straight his teeth are now!!” “Dad the milkman does not care about my teeth now please get your hands off my mouth”

  • He learnt from shaving his head last time, so he ties it up a lot until he can get a proper haircut. Is he the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen? Yes.

  • “Cole how do you like your coffe?” “As black as my soul.”

  • Child: wow I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!
    Cole: haha you mean dead inside?
    Child: ???
    Cole: haha, yo u mean,, super strong??

  • *Skulkin running at ninja*
    Nya: Cole, I need you to buy me some time!
    Cole: how exactly am I supposed to- NYA NO COME BACK
    Cole: what would my hero Joe Jonas do…. I know! *Jumps in front of skulkin* STOP!
    Skulkin: ???
    Cole: … *bursts into an impromptu dance battle*

  • Les mis for you my friend:
    • Eponine is his fave ok he’s like “girl I feel you I too would take a bullet for Marius"
    • No seriously Eponine is his girl, one time he was just in his room singing “on my own” while looking out the window at the rain really getting into it. Nya walks by and bursts out laughing and Cole is like IT’S EMOTIONAL OK and Nya is like nah I think she needs to get over him and stop whining tbh and Cole is like >:O !!! And doesn’t talk to her for a week. When she tries to apologise she gets a 3 hour lecture on how Eponine’s bravery and sacrifice clearly makes her the best character in the musical.
    • Also I’m cry @eyeofthewolfe did one of the best covers of on my own here pls listen to it she’s so talented
    • Kai was trying to convince Wu to let him fight garmadon and he got really mad and told him no, and it was silent for a while until Kai started singing “I dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyyy” and Cole screamed for 27 seconds solid and swears it was the best day of his life
    • Wu: Jay something needs picking up from the store, you need to go get it
      Cole, quietly: look down, look down, you’ll always be a slave…
    • Once they were literally going stir crazy when no one needed saving so they re-enacted the entire musical themselves
    • so @theninjaofcake sent me this video of a young boy playing Val Jean and was like it baby theatre Cole!!! And I have never agreed with anything more in my life

  • I know it’s not technically a musical but Moulin Rouge is his favourite film. It’s one of the only films that will make him cry every time without fail

  • When he first gets his super strength he keeps forgetting he has it so they’ll be like “hey can you toss me that pen” and he’s like “oh sure” *throws pen half way across ninjago*
    • Alternatively:
      Cole: *excitedly runs to Jay’s room* JAY GUESS WHAT *rips off door*
      you need help Cole
      Cole: I know

  • Literally my favourite thing about season 7 is when Cole is like “uhhhh oops new hands!!!” and drops the cup on the floor when he doesn’t wanna drink it, so I’m sure he does it all the time.
    • Jay: cole help me carry this box it’s really heavy
      Cole: oh sure  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      *halfway up the stairs*
      Cole: oh no ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I suddenly am losing feeling in my hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Cole: oOPS NEW HANDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *drops box on jay*
      Jay, from the bottom of the stairs under a smashed box with the contents scattered on the floor: I hate you. I really really hate you. Were it not for the laws of this land I would have slaughtered you.

  • Cole is so good at getting himself out of trouble. He tried to heat up an entire carton of milk, still in the carton, in the microwave and blew it up and somehow managed to convince sensei that it was Kai.
    • He was rumbled when he tried to blame something on Zane and Zane was like D: and Cole was like “no I can’t do this it was me I’m a filthy liar, Zane I’m so sorry bby"

  • He will not call a villain by their real name.
    • “Well if it isn’t grannydon”
    • “If pyth-whore shows up one more time I am going to bitch slap him into next Thursday”
    • “Oh hello bore-o. Stinky ghost boy. Go steal the realm crystal ugly.” “Cole you’re also a ghost” “yeah but I’m not STINKY”

  • I mentioned that he hated singing and dancing because he was forced into it and it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, but now that he’s grown and he’s happy with who he is he really appreciates the talent he’s been given. He enjoys it when he’s just singing because he wants to and not cause he was forced. So now thank you for the music is his anthem

  • As you’ve seen from my previous list he is gay but will he hit on girls that Kai is trying to hit on just to get on his nerves?? Absolutely

  • Wu: Cole why is your jacket moving what have you got in there?
    Cole, sweating: n othing,,,
    Cole’s jacket: *barks*
    Wu: he followed you home. In your jacket.
    • *Later*
      Jay: how come Wu let you keep a puppy
      Cole: because he agreed that there should be someone else living here that’s as beautiful as me since none of you are clearly anywhere near our level
      he doesn’t know he’s still here does he
      Cole: no and if you tell him I’ll tell Nya that her favourite pair of pants went missing because you tried them on and got stuck and had to cut them off

  • Cole: you’re back from your date early
    Kai: I got stood up
    Cole: aw that sucks… do you think they walked in, took one look at you and then changed their mind?

  • He makes fun of them all the time but they know he’s just messing. He would actually commit murder for his friends if anyone hurt them

  • Drinks his respecting women juice 3 times a day

  • Cole doesn’t get sick. Well he does, but he refuses to accept it.
    • “Cole you’ve had like 2 hours sleep and you can barely stand, go home" “not to fear, I drank an entire bottle of cough syrup so I am A-OK” *passes out*

  • Wu: Cole where’s my tea?
    Cole: idk where’s my mom? >:/
    Wu: … that’s fair

  • Cole: I’m telling my mom on you
    Jay: you don’t have one
    Cole: fine then I’m telling your mom
    Jay: I don’t have a mom either
    Jay: I’m adopted

Ask me ninjago headcanons

squipusaur  asked:

radmond secret dates? (for ur prompt request)

(this one is shorter than my other ones, oops but I really love this idea and I will definitely write more secret date shenanigans with these two later)

Rad muttered to himself softly as he paced behind Mr. Gar’s store, feeling anxiety start to build in his chest. Raymond was supposed to have met him here nearly half an hour ago, and he was started to feel like he was being all suspicious by loitering. Enid and KO were still working since they had a full shift while he only had a half one, and every second that passed by made the chances of one of them catching him increase exponentially. Realistically, he knew that they didn’t have a reason to come back here, but that didn’t stop him from worrying. He’d taken out the trash right before he left, so they shouldn’t need to come out back. Of course, they could just decide to come out here for no reason at all.

Rad was pulled from his thoughts when he heard someone walking up behind him, and he reflexively readied seven different excuses in case it was one of his co-workers. When he turned around, though, he felt relief wash over him when he saw it was just Raymond. The lovable, over-the-top robot had a sheepish grin on his face, a steaming coffee in one hand, and a rose in the other. He held the gifts out to Rad, somehow able to say “I’m sorry for being late” without saying a single word at all. Rad took them, any worry or frustration he’d felt before quickly melting away as he sipped at the coffee.

“You know, caffeine and flowers won’t always be able to buy you my forgiveness, baby.”, he commented, pausing a moment before he carefully tucked the rose into his hair. Raymond only smirked in response and kissed him quick. “… Okay, so maybe caffeine, flowers, and kisses will buy my forgiveness.”, he mumbled, cheeks flushing a darker shade of turquoise than normal. Raymond just had that effect on him, it seemed.

“I’ve plenty of other tricks up my sleeve should they ever fail, my sweet alien.”, Raymond replied, wrapping an arm around Rad’s shoulders nonchalantly. It was one of the few ways they could publicly express affection to the other since both were keeping their relationship on the down low for now. Rad decided to not dwell on any implications that the last statement could’ve had, and instead decided to get the date started.

“Yeah, yeah. C'mon, baby, we need to hurry on to my place if you don’t want to miss our show.”, he said, the two falling into step with each other as they walked. Raymond let out a small gasp as if he’d somehow managed to forget that the season finale of their new favorite show was coming on in 15 minutes. “I’ve got to make the popcorn this time, so I’ll let you handle making us a nice, comfy nest of blankets and pillows.”, he continued, his feet on auto pilot the entire way back to his little apartment as he rambled about nothing and everything.

The pair had just made it inside and turned the TV on when the opening theme began. Raymond hurriedly tossed a few blankets and pillows onto the couch, barely able to keep his laughter under control as Rad belted the theme song. Thankfully, they managed to get all cozy before the episode really began. After nearly an hour of a doozy of a plot, too many twists, and more than a few tears during some extremely emotional scenes, the ending theme started to play. Raymond sniffed quietly, shifting closer to Rad as they tried to mentally recover from everything that just happened.

“I can’t believe he… And then she… Oh my poor babies!”, Raymond cried, throwing a hand across his forehead dramatically. Rad nodded in agreement, furiously wiping away a couple stray tears the ending had managed to pull from him with that last twist. “Oh, poor lost Joey! How will he and Jeremiah ever find each other again? How will Julie react when she finds out her dad is missing in space? Oh god how will we survive until the next season starts airing?!?”, Raymond rambled, his voice cracking on the last word. Rad simply clung to his boyfriend tightly as the realization set in.

“It’s… It’s only six months away, right? We’ve survived a hiatus before, we can survive another one!”, he declared, the word hiatus only drawing another cry of sorrow from his boyfriend. He just cuddled him closer to his chest as they took comfort from each other and the blanket nest. A hiatus was always awful, but at least they had someone to help them through it this time around…

(yes oops again it’s really short but I swear I’ll make a series out of their dorky secret dates)

Boomerangs and Badasses

Ok so I had two requests that I decided to combine to make this - sorry it is really rushed but I wanted to get this out! Thanks again for all of your support on my other Rick Flag x Reader oneshot - you don’t understand how much I appreciate it! Thank you, I love you all!

Could I request a oneshot where the reader is part of the squad as Amanda’s assistant or something and she’s a total badass?

Can I have a oneshot with Rick being very protective of the reader? Thank you!

Warnings: language (oops!)


Rick watched with a scowl as y/n spoke to Boomerang through the bars. They had been sent by Waller to recruit the Aussie as a member of the newly founded ‘Task Force X’.

There was something aggrivating and unsettling about the way he stared at her. The criminal seemed to be licking his lips, a sickening grin on his face. There was hunger in his eyes. It was vile. Rick was sure that Boomerang wasn’t listening to a word she was saying. He wanted to look away, repulsed, but was weary as to what could happen to her. Clenching and unclenching his fist, he tried to distract himself from reaching through the cell to strangle the man.

‘Do you understand me, Mr Harkness?’ Rick heard her ask the criminal.

‘Of course, bub,’ Digger smirked, fervently looking her up and down.

Rick watched closely for her reaction, but to his surprise found that she remained completely neutral and seemed unaffected by Boomerang’s behaviour.

She sighed and turned to Rick, 'Thank you, Colonel. I’m done here. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

Rick nodded in acknowledgement and with a small smile, she left the cell block. Rick turned to the man who leaned against the cell bars. He was watching her as she walked away, or rather, was watching her arse as she walked away. Rick had to hold back the growl that was rising in his throat. His stomach felt tight and his jaw was clenched.

Boomerang was still grinning as he watched her leave, 'that’s a fuckable bird, don’t ya think, mate?’

Within a second, the soldier’s face was in front of his, hands firmly gripping onto the front of his shirt, fiercely pulling him closer to the bars.

'You listen here,’ Rick spat ,almost in an animalistic manner, 'you even think about touching y/n, or even look at her the wrong way, I will not hesitate to shove those fucking boomerangs up your ass. Got that?’

Boomerang rapidly nodded his head, his eyes wide. Rick let go and, after fixing the villain with another murderous glare, left the cell block after y/n.
The squad walked down the street, weary of any danger. Y/n was beside Rick, who often watched her, cautiously, out of the corner of his eye.

Rick cleared his throat, 'are you al-’

'I swear to Waller, if you ask me if I’m ok one more time, I will take Harley’s bat and smack you with it,’ y/n threatened.

If it wasn’t for her looking up at him afterwards and smirking, he would have entirely missed the slight hint of teasing in her voice. He grinned to himself as they carried on walking.

A little further down the road, y/n heard someone coming up beside her. Looking at Rick from the corner of her eye, she saw that he had gripped his gun a little tighter and was scowling again. She felt uncomfortable as she could feel the presence behind her lean in closer to her ear and begin to speak. She felt the hot breath on her neck as it spoke, making her cringe.

'Do you want an Australian kiss, bub? It’s like a French kiss but down under,’ the presence chuckled as it proceeded to slap her arse. Y/n rolled her eyes and sighed.

Before Rick even had the chance to turn to the Aussie, y/n had Boomerang pinned to the building beside them, holding her hand gun up to his neck. Boomerang’s eyebrows were raised and his eyes held glints of fear and shock. He held his hands above his head as he watched her in trepidation.

The squad watched in awe as she looked the man straight in the eyes, no portrayal of emotion on her features. Her voice was cold and composed as she continued, 'you will refrain from touching me again. Failure to do so will result in your obliteration. I may only be an assistant, but I can bring you down with a single phone call.’

She took out a phone from her pocket with her to her hand and waved it in front of his face, 'If you test me, you will fail. Do you understand me, Mr Harkness?’

And without letting him respond, she let him free. His knees gave out beneath him and he fell to the ground. Y/n stepped over him to return to her place next to Rick. Rick’s jaw hung wide open. He couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. None of the squad could. They were all shocked into a stupor. Boomerang remained on the ground where he had collapsed, trying to catch his breath and make sense of what just happened.

She looked up at him and nodded, 'Let’s go’.

Rick watched as she walked off ahead of them, no reaction to what she had just done. It was as if it had never happened. Rick hardly noticed Floyd approach his side and mutter a small, 'damn.’

Rick had so many thoughts running through his head as he watched her walk away, but the only one he could make sense of was: shit, I am so in love with this woman.

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KC + Sex Pollen.

So, my original plan for ‘Tropes’ day turned out to be more involved then I anticipated. Oops? It will be along later. But I whipped out this one instead, because I shamelessly love this particular trope. I *swear* someone else prompted me something similar at some point but I can’t find it!

The Cure For This

Inhale. Exhale.

She wants to scream. And break things. And cry, just a little.

Inhale. Exhale.

Her current predicament, if Caroline really thought about it, was all Elena’s fault.

Inhale. Exhale.

And wasn’t that kind of the story of Caroline’s life?

Inhale. Exhale.

God, if she didn’t love Elena, she’d really hate Elena.

Inhale. Exhale.

A good chunk of her teenage insecurities? Because of Elena Gilbert’s effortless perfection and catnip like appeal to boys Caroline wanted. She’d been turned to get to Elena, thrust into a whole new, scary world, almost died so many times she’d stopped counting, all to get to Elena.

Inhale. Exhale.

And now she was trapped in some run down rented room, feeling like she was going to die if she couldn’t get off.

Inhale. Exhale.

A tearing sound, broke Caroline’s concentration, and her head thumped back onto the mattress, the contents of her pillow littered under her head. Caroline stared resentfully at the ceiling, her fingers twisted in the ruined pillow.

The whole calming herself through mindful breathing idea was clearly a bust. She’s thought she could distract herself, from her screaming body, from her out of control libido.

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