i swear i started laughing so hard

It makes me laugh so hard to see all these age-old farming techniques that people used for thousands of years being ‘discovered’ by modern day hipsters who got into farming three years ago and think they’ve invented a whole new revolutionary technique by not watering as often.

I swear at this rate I’m going to see some study like “If you pile up veggie scraps and let them rot, you can add the resulting material to soil to improve productivity! It’s a hot new system known as biocyling, and it’s all the rage!”

And on that day I will start holding 'biocyling’ seminars and charging $40 a ticket.

In which Sherlock comes back after pretending to be dead for two years, finds John moved out of Baker Street and nearly engaged. He’d deduced two possible reactions… but not this.

Of all the outcomes Sherlock had prepared himself for, this was not one of them. There had been two scenarios in his head, two ways John’s emotions could play out. Shock was, in both scenarios, naturally the primary stage. That is logically what happens when a previously thought dead person presents themselves. It was the stages that came after the shock is where it got tricky, given that Sherlock had to take into factor that they were surrounded by the public eye, in a very crowded, very upscale restaurant. It was where the road split. Road one: Shock would be followed by disbelieve, perhaps tears, but most likely not with John. No, it was more likely disbelief would lead to laughter, the slightly bitter kind that Sherlock could picture on John’s face, the kind that would melt into relief, maybe even a slightly uncharacteristic hug. It might be a briefer display of emotion due to the public eye but at least Sherlock would know it was alright now.

The second road was not preferred but it ended the same. On this path anger followed the shock, maybe John stormed out of the restaurant, maybe delivered Sherlock a rightly deserved punch… But they were together in the end. Sherlock was forgiven in the end.

He never thought, however, that the stage of anger would be so prolonged. He never imagined that John wouldn’t eventually get along to embracing his lost best friend. Sherlock never pictured John leaving him standing alone on the curb of a dumpy fish and chip place with a bloody nose.

Ms. Hudson, on the other hand, had had exactly the reaction Sherlock had predicted when he walked into 221B. She’d screamed, cried, screamed again when he placed a gentle hand on her arm, and proceeded to alternate between the two for the next hour. Sherlock could barely focus on her however, only being able to think about how, as she wrapped him in a very tight hug, he would do anything to have experienced this reaction twice that night.

“Oh Sherlock,” Ms. Hudson patted his cheek fondly, a smile brightening her face, “I take it you’ve seen John?”

Sherlock tense, “Yes. Yes, of course.”

She laughed delightedly, squeezing his hand before bustling into the kitchen, “I’ll get the kettle on for you two, then.”

Sherlock unknotted his scarf, hanging it on the familiar coat hanger, taking note in the back of his mind the relief that filled his chest at being, well, home, “Sorry?”

Ms. Hudson looked over her shoulder, “Well, I gather he’ll be around shortly, yes?”

Sherlock froze half way through shrugging out of his coat, the thought hitting him harder than he expected. Would he?

“Yes.” Sherlock said stiffly, dropping his coat over a chair—John’s chair—with a flourish, “Yes, of course. Tea would be lovely, thank you.”

Ms. Hudson gave him another firm kiss on the cheek and a Oh Sherlock, do play some violin for me tomorrow. I can’t tell you how I’ve missed it, and left him to “get settled.”

Sherlock had prepared the tea with shaking fingers. Of course John would be around. He wouldn’t let the night end like it had would he? He’d want to see Sherlock. Definitely. John was a man of answers, and he had two years worth of questions to ask. Sherlock had poured the water into the tea pot, set out two cups (he’d looked for John’s favorite mug only to find it no longer in the cupboard), milk, and sugar. He’d put it all on a tray, set it rather too harshly onto the coffee table, fell into his chair…

And the waiting had begun.

Sherlock was very good at sitting still usually. He could go days on end without speaking, without moving. But he couldn’t seem to manage it tonight.

He paced, drummed his fingers, watched the clock. By the time he decided to change into his pajamas, it was nearly two in the morning and he had already retuned his violin and stabbed the fireplace mantle approximately 57 times. The tea was cold and he hadn’t had a drop. He hung his coat up from its place on John’s chair, fluffing the flag pillow and smoothing the velvet out.

It was two thirty and Sherlock listened to Ms. Hudson’s bedroom door close downstairs. No doubt she had been waiting up for John. She’d given up. He wouldn’t.

Sherlock kept his phone in hand. John may call rather than come over now that it was so late. He had a…fiancé now, after all. Sherlock swallowed hard at the thought, checking his phone again. Another outcome Sherlock had not expected. Of course, he felt foolish now, thinking John had—thinking John could ever feel… whatever Sherlock had felt. Whatever Sherlock feels. That it was John and him, him and John. He never dreamt that there could be any other version of either of their lives, he never thought…

Sherlock pressed his hands over his eyes.

But perhaps he should not have left for two years. For a so-called genius, he seemed to have a habit of realizing things too late when it came to John Watson. Maybe one could only be a genius in one aspect of life, one field. Sherlock considered this. If that was the case, he’d gladly trade his knowledge of chemistry, of crime, of anything, for an upstanding understanding of John. Just John. It may not be more useful in his line of work. But he would be happier. Emotionally. Sherlock blinked at the realization. He was surprised, but it felt… true.

It was approaching four in the morning when Sherlock resigned to his bed. He couldn’t stare at the empty chair across from him any longer. If he did he was worried he may throw something, or miss the mantlepiece and stab himself instead with the amount he’d been at it. He let his phone rest on his chest, fingertips to his chin.

He didn’t want to admit it, but his hopes were crumbling around him. John was not calling. John was not coming up the stairs. John had left him on the curb after hitting him once, twice, three times. He found that his chest hurt more than his cheek or nose.

Sherlock was just beginning to resign himself to a few more hours of sitting completely still until it was considered a socially acceptable hour to rise and start a day in the life of the living, when his phone buzzed against his ribs, shocking Sherlock’s eyes open.


The screen said John.

Sherlock had barely picked up before he was saying his name.

He was met with a few beats of silence and then, slowly, “You’re awake.”

Sherlock felt pinned against the mattress, “You don’t sound surprised.”

The response was more immediate this time, “I’m not.”

You’re awake.”

Sherlock nearly closed his eyes at the familiar scoff, “Yes, of course I’m awake.”

“I… I’m not surprised… either.” Sherlock had never struggled for words so much in his life.

Silence followed and Sherlock thought he heard John pouring himself tea, or maybe a drink.

“Jesus,” A chair scooted back over the line and John sighed as he sat now, “I’ve not a clue what to say. How’s the nose?”

Sherlock felt himself smile a little at the comment. This was the most normal he had felt in two entire years, “Not as bad as the ribs.”

John chuckled softly, the way he did when he was confused, “What? I didn’t hit you in the ribs.”

“No. You didn’t.”

Silence followed again. Sherlock heard John’s breathing stop and restart, “Sherlock-“

“Don’t worry, I’m okay-“

“No, that’s not the point, Sherlock, the point is that you let me- You let me knock you around when someone else had been doing god knows what god knows where.”

“Don’t worry, you’re much gentler than Serbian interrogators.”

He heard John set his tea down too hard, “What? I- Oh my god, I swear, if you’re joking-“

“I don’t joke.”

Another laugh, this time disbelieving. It sent another shock of relief through Sherlock, “Yes you do, Jesus, Jesus-“

“John. I’m okay-“

“Well, you were dead this morning!”

John’s breathing was harsh over the phone. Sherlock could picture him rubbing his eyes. Sherlock just listened for a moment to the familiar sound. He didn’t know how to start. Sorry was nothing, not what was needed, it wasn’t enough.

“John…” Sherlock let out a breath, “I-“

“Don’t you dare say you’re-“

“I wanted to tell you so many times-“

“God, did you now?” John was nearly fuming again, “That’s the first time you haven’t given into one of your impulses.”

Sherlock closed his eyes. Hardly, John. Hardly.

Sherlock breathed deeply through his nose, “You’re right. I should know better.”

Sherlock heard a clatter that sounded like John throwing his cup in the sink, “Yes. Yes, you should.”

“Maybe I’ll give into one right now.”

A beat of silence, “What?”

Sherlock was already halfway to the door, “I’m coming over.”

The laugh was back, nervous and relieved this time, “Sherlock it’s nearly five-“

“I’m giving into an impulse, John.”

“Right…” A chair scraped back, “Yes, okay. Alright.”

“I’ll catch a cab. Text me the address, would you?”

Sherlock thought he heard a hitch in breath, a small sniff maybe. It made his chest ache, “Yeah.”

Sherlock shrugged half way into his coat, “Okay-“

“Right, can we not say goodbye?”

Sherlock’s brows furrowed, “John?”

“’s just the last time you said…” John couldn’t seem to finish but he didn’t have to.

Sherlock understood. He understood and he knew he’d never utter the word ‘goodbye’ to John Watson again.

“See you soon, John.”


Where Y/N is in an unhealthy relationship, and Harry helps her realize and understand that she should be treated better.

Sneak Peak:
“You always did like Harry more than a friend should. But then you got into a relationship and you knew your feelings never went away they were just repressed.

But right now it’s like they all came back again in full force, they weren’t hiding anymore.

“Why didn’t you text me back last night. Were my jokes so bad you threw your phone out the window?” He chuckled.

You suddenly frowned remembering last night with Lucas coming home drunk. And everything after that. You didn’t want to think about what happened, because whatever you thought would help didn’t. You woke up feeling shitter then before and Lucas was still being the same, he didn’t change. You were stupid to think that him having sex with you would change that.”

I’ll probably do a part two. Tell me if you want that!


As soon as you heard the front door shut downstairs you sighed. You looked over at your phone and it was 2am. But what’s new with him coming home late you thought sadly. You hoped he wasn’t in that mood because you certainly weren’t. But that hasn’t stopped him before.

You heard him downstairs in the kitchen probably getting some water to minimize his drunken state. Oh you really hope he wasn’t drinking tonight. So you quickly locked your phone and pretended you were fast asleep. And maybe he would just climb in bed and just fall asleep too.

As you buried your head in the covers, you saw your phone light up. It was a text from Harry, and you grinned.

You always texted each other about random stuff when you couldn’t sleep at night. Harry usually busts out the awful jokes and sends you funny memes to make you smile.

Harry was a great friend and you’ve became even closer ever since you both worked together in the bookstore down the road. Your whole life you never really had a true best friend where you could tell almost everything to, until him. So you were sad you didn’t have time to reply to his text at least to say goodnight.

You laid down in silence for a little. But You didn’t hear him come up the stairs so you decided quickly to maybe send Harry a quick “goodnight text” just so he doesn’t think your not replying. But as soon as you reached for your phone the sound of footsteps stopped you. You quickly brought your hand back to the bed and closed your eyes to look asleep.

The bedroom door opened and you heard him shuffle in. You could already tell he was drunk because you could hear him trip over his feet multiple times as curse words flew out his mouth.

He walked over to the closet to take off his clothes and was left in just his underwear. The bathroom light illuminated and he walked into brush his teeth and do some other things. Usually he would just jump into bed. He never cared to get fully ready for bed if he was drinking.

Maybe he wasn’t you thought, and smiled a little. Maybe he just came home late from work and wasn’t out get pissed drunk. Which made you think that he was getting back to his old self, and that’s who you loved.

The side of the bed dipped and you could feel the warmth of his body come in contact with you. He got himself comfortable on the bed before he slipped his arm around your waist to pull you onto his bare chest. You almost leaned into his touch until he spoke.

“I know your not sleeping.” He said and you could smell the alcohol on his breathe and you cringed.

You didn’t say anything hoping he would just go to sleep and you can all just start off tomorrow morning fresh.

He sighed into the side of your neck, you thought in defeat. But then you felt him slowly start to leave kisses on your neck. While creeping his hand up the shirt your were only wearing which was his.

You thought it would just end there before he fell asleep. But then you felt his hands coming down to your underwear.

“Lucas, I’m really tired.” You finally gave up the act.

He smirked down at you “I knew you weren’t sleeping.” He said while still assaulting your neck.

Your weren’t facing him so he couldn’t see the uneasiness on your face. But that soon changed when he flipped you around to face him. Even in this dim light you could see his blood shot blue eyes and you missed seeing his ocean eyes.

They use to be so clear and beautiful before they were tainted with the red rims that is now part of him most of the days.

“That’s better.” He says to you as he leaned in for a kiss but this time on the lips. You didn’t push him away because you thought this was just a good night kiss. So when you felt his lips connect with yours you brought your hands up to his cheek and kissed him back. It was slow and gentle and you missed this. Just simply kissing him and not doing anything else.

You pulled away from the kiss to lean your head back down on the pillow because in all honesty you were getting tired. But Lucas wasn’t having it.

“Come on Y/N don’t sleep on me yet baby.” He says well placing his hands between your thighs.

“Lucas your drunk…”

“I’m not that drunk” he tells you while his hand still hasn’t moved.

You tried to reason with him. “Babe, I’m just really tired can we just do this another time. Please.” Why are you begging him, you shouldn’t be. Your subconscious told you.

“Come on Y/N, let’s just fuck around for a little bit. We haven’t in a while.” He whines while kissing your cheek.

But you remember the last time you did have sex it was like a week ago. In the car after you left one of your friends birthday parties.

Lucas said he couldn’t keep his eyes and hands off you all night. Which did make you feel pretty. But he literally made you guys leave early because he wanted you right then and wouldn’t wait. You couldn’t really say no when he went behind your back to tell everyone you weren’t feeling well so you left early, which was a lie.

You did want to stay longer, but Lucas insisted that you guys leave. You felt bad for lying but Lucas kept saying it was alright because he was gonna make you feel so good.

He couldn’t even wait until you guys got home.

You remembered he stopped driving and pulled over. Even when you told him that you felt more comfortable if you were at home in your own bed.

But he didn’t listen.

He said how he couldn’t restrain himself any longer and how he had to take you right in that car.

You remembered him saying how if you weren’t so beautiful and sexy that he could of waited.

Like it was your fault.

But he didn’t wait.

You were uncomfortable and not enjoying yourself that whole time he was inside of you, because yet again he put his own needs before yours.

So right now in this moment it felt like the same thing was happening.

“Lucas. I am really tired right now okay?!” You said in a stern voice. You tried to get him to face you so he could see how serious you were. But his face was still on your neck.

“I’ll be quick. Come on… I’ve had a long day at work and you’ve been so busy too. I miss you…” he tells you.

It was those times when he would say things like that, that you think it’s the truth. You hoped it was because you missed him too, but the old him. Maybe things are turning around for the better. But you weren’t sure.

Silence filled the room but you could still hear the sound of his lips on your skin. He moved lower and lower until he got to the rim of your underwear. He didn’t look up for confirmation but at the same time you didn’t stop him.

You have been working a lot so maybe this would make him happy again. Maybe after this he would stop coming home drunk. Maybe You were being to busy with work and everything.

Maybe this was a way to make up for it.

But you didn’t feel good because deep down you knew you didn’t want to be doing this right now.

And after it was over and Lucas pulled out of you and said those three words.

You knew something didn’t feel right.


There were so many new books that arrived today. You could barely keep up with the whole catalogue and making sure you put them on the right shelf.

The book store was packed today probably because of these new books. A lot of them you had to put aside because so many people were calling them to put them on hold before they sold out.

You were humming a tune that’s been stuck in your head for weeks until you heard something behind you.

You turned around a saw a book on the floor. It must of fallen off the cart you thought as you grabbed “Everything Everything” and put it back on the cart.

You then continue with the teen fiction section making sure you put them in the right alphabetical order by the authors last name.

Sometimes you have these brain farts when you can’t remember which letter comes first in the alphabet so you have to start from the beginning and sing the alphabet song.

“A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i-” suddenly you heard another thud behind you.

You turned around again and saw another book on the ground. But it was down the end of the aisle and it couldn’t be from your cart.

You walked over there and picked it up and placed it back where it belonged. Right when you did that a book on the shelf right beside you fell. You slightly jumped before it could hit your foot.

“What the hell?” You said out loud. You swear if it’s those kids again from a few months ago.

You peaked through the slot where the book had fallen too see who was on the other side pushing the books down.

No one was there you just saw to the other aisle. You sighed in frustration. Maybe it was a ghost-

“BOO!” Harry jumps into your view on the other aisle. You jumped and yelled and hit your head on bookshelf.

“Owww” you touched your forehead but you looked at your fingers and didn’t see blood.

“Oh my gosh!” Harry comes over and starts laughing uncontrollably. “You should of seen your face!”

You tried to look mad at him but it was hard when he looked so cute and happy laughing.

“I swear I didn’t mean for you to hit your head.” He says while still laughing.

“Well I did. And you distracted me from my work, you ass.” You couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and grinned.

“I’m sorry.” Harry pouts. “But I’m not really, after you nearly got me fired last week for setting my phone alarm to go off while I was checking out people! And “I’m sexy and I know it” came on!“

You giggled remembering how embarrassed Harry was as he tried to search for his phone to shut off the alarm as he had a line of customers ready to check out.

“I’ll get you back styles.” You point at him to make yourself look intimidating but it really didn’t.

“I’ll be ready, Love.” He raises his eyebrow and You just shook your head.

“Well the least you could do is help me put these books on the shelf. Especially the ones on the top shelf Mr.Long Legs.”

“Sure thing Ms. Shorty.” He teased.

“Hey!” You went over to the cart and got another book and so did Harry.

You checked the list to make sure you were putting it in the right place. Okay where is the name Hopkins? You thought as you skimmed through the H’s. After you found it you slide the book.

“You know I’m not short your just insanely tall-” you turned around to get another book, when you almost crashed into Harry. He was standing behind you as you you were putting the other book away. While he was putting another book above your head.

You were pretty much trapped between Harry’s frame as his hands were above you looking for the right author.

“Oh so now your trying to trap me?”

Harry looks down on you and smirked.

And suddenly you wanted look at Harry all day. His green eyes were mesmerizing. You tried to look away but when you did you just ended up looking at his pink lips.

You always did like Harry more than a friend should. But then you got into a relationship and you knew your feelings never went away they were just repressed.

But right now it’s like they all came back again in full force, they weren’t hiding anymore.

“Why didn’t you text me back last night. Were my jokes so bad you threw your phone out the window?” He chuckled.

You suddenly frowned remembering last night with Lucas coming home drunk. And everything after that. You didn’t want to think about what happened, because whatever you thought would help didn’t. You woke up feeling shitter then before and Lucas was still being the same, he didn’t change. You were stupid to think that him having sex with you would change that.

“Hey hey.” Harry lifted up your chin to see your sad expression and glossy eyes. “If my jokes were that bad you could just tell me. I promise I won’t be offended, Love.”

You blink away the water in your eyes. “What? No that’s now why. I just fell asleep. I’m sorry and you know I love your cheesy jokes.”

“Ok just making sure.” He pulled away from you and picked up another book.

“Ohh I heard this book was pretty good.” He held up the book “Before I Fall”.

“Me too, they made a movie too and I’ve been dying to see it. It’s kind of mysterious and creepy too.” You explain.

“Yeah but I don’t think it’s in theaters anymore.”

“Aww that’s too bad…” you remember seeing the trailer and maybe wanting to see it but you didn’t have anyone to see it with. Lucas hated doing things like that.

“Maybe you can come over tonight. It’s on my Apple TV and we can watch it together.” Harry offers.

You look up from cataloging to see that Harry was waiting for your answer. You knew your answer already. But your mind suddenly went to your boyfriend. It didn’t matter what he thinks you told yourself. You are just hanging out with a friend and will be done before 11 if he is even home that early.

“I mean if you have other plans I totally understand-.”

“No, I don’t I would love to come.” You say and he smiles.

“Ok I’ll wait for you after your shift is over.”

“I’ll be waiting.” You say as he walks away to finish the rest of the work he had to do.

Now all you were thinking was that you hoped four hours will go by quickly.


“Do you want coke or Pepsi?” Harry yelled from his kitchen.

“Coke definitely!”

A few moments later Harry comes back with two cokes in one hand and a big bowl of popcorn in another.

He handed you a coke and said,“ your a coke girl, my favorite kind” he said jokingly and you giggled.

He also brought a big blanket down from upstairs. When it was time to sit and watch the movie Harry sat down right next to you barely leaving any room between you too. He layed out the blanket over your bodies and put the popcorn between you two.

It was now about seven o'clock and the sun was setting soon. But Harry’s apartment was so cozy and homey. You loved coming over here.

Harry pressed play and the movie started. As the movie was rolling Harry kept asking questions and making commentary that made you laugh.

“Why would she do that-”

“Harry be quiet this is the good part.” You placed your hand over his mouth and he licked your hand making you pull away and wipe your hand on your shirt.

“Your such a child!”

But then Harry hushed you to be quiet because the climax of the movie was happening.

When the movie ended you guys decided to watch The Notebook. It was Harry’s idea actually but you loved the movie too.

As the movie progressed. Your eyes began to get droopy but you tried fighting it. But you barely got any sleep last night.

So when you placed your head on Harry’s shoulder you fell into a deep sleep.


The sound of a phone ringing woke you up. Your eyes were still closed as you grabbed your phone from your pocket and answered.

“Hello?” You said with you groggy voice.

“Y/N, where the fuck are you?!” Lucas’ voice boomed from the line.

Your eyes flew open. You were confused where you were for a second. But you took in your state as your laying in Harry’s lap as he’s fast asleep next to you practically holding you. You looked at your phone to see the time, and when it read 1am you nearly had a heart attack.

Holy Fuck.

“I’m so-rry. I’m at a friends and we were watching a movie and I accidentally fell asleep. I lost track of time.”

“Where are you? Send me the address I’m picking you up.” He demanded.

“No, it’s ok. I’m leaving right now. I swear you don’t need to come.” You tried no calm yourself from panicking.

“I swear to fucking god Y/N, if your not hear in a fucking 30 minutes I will-”

“I’ll be there, I promise I’m leaving right now. I’m sorry. I love you bye.” Lucas hangs up on you without saying anything.

“Is everything alright?” Harry yawns beside you. Making you realize that you were still very close to him. “Who was that? You got up quickly and started gathering your stuff.

“I have to go. I should of been home awhile ago. Lucas is worried” You frantically look for your other shoe as Harry watched you.

Harry knew who Lucas was, he met him a few times when they started dating. But he always gave him a weird vibe.

“Oh crap it is 1am. We slept for awhile did we?”


“That was the best nap I’ve ever taken. Your very warm and cozy Y/N like a pillow.” Harry said randomly.

Your stomach did a weird flip after Harry said that. You looked over at him with his hair a little messy from sleeping, and looked adorable.

You wanted to go back to the couch and let him hold you again.

“Let me at least drive you home.” Harry offered getting up from the coach.

“Of no you’ve done so much already. It’s fine I can walk.” You said too quickly.

“Absolutely not Y/N it’s 1am. What kind of friend would I be if I let my pretty friend walk home at night.”


“No way, at least let me call you an uber?”


The uber arrived 7 minutes later. As soon as you saw there headlights you went to the door.

“Hey I don’t even get a goodbye hug?” Harry pouted.

You smiled and turned back around and Harry wrapped his hands around your waist pulling you closer to him.

“Text me when your home safe.” Harry whispers in your ear and you just nod. You didn’t want to leave but when Harry pulled away you knew you had to go.

But all you wanted was to back in Harry’s arms.


Part 2: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/160663934994/hurt-part-2 Part 3: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/160710668819/hurt-part-3
Side Nigga Diaries

So I’m playing “side nigga” to a chick with a girlfriend. They been going steady for a while now and shorty told me she loved lesbian sex, and it was great but she said it aint dick tho. She told me she just wanted regular dick and I felt like I was just the man for the job, so that’s what it became. 

She would go through the motions with ol girl come to me on some “she tryna get fucked” shit. I remember she told me about a conversation she had with with her girl. She said she talked to her about a threesome but she really wasn’t down for it. I was down though. That would have been the most pivotal point in all side nigga history. I felt like if she would have gotten her to agree to it I probably wouldn’t do anything else in life. That’s how excited I was about the idea. 

Time went on without any mention of the threesome and I kind of forgot about it. So one night I’m in my room chilling, trying to find something to do for the night. I texted shorty to see what she was doing but she didn’t respond so I hit up one of my old hoes. She told me she wasn’t really getting into anything because she had some homework she had to get done. She said she would probably just watch some Netflix or whatever, so I invited her over to my place. I told her to finish her homework then we can watch Netflix together– kick it and shit. 

Probably an hour or two later she called me to let me know that she was on her way. Not even two seconds later, shorty with the girl hit me up. She called me and asked me what I was gonna do for the night. I guess she wanted to chill but I told her I had a chick coming over and her first reaction was, “is she cute?”. I swear I laughed so hard. But I sent her a picture and she started asking whether or not if she was a freak. We were on the phone for like 20 minutes trying figure out if she like to eat the box or not.

Shorty finally got to my place but I was still on the phone with chick so I told her that’ll just text her. I went down to let shorty in and when we get back to my room and we just sat there for awhile– we were talking or whatever but we weren’t really talking bout shit though. We finally put a movie on Netflix and that probably only lasted for 2 minutes.The next thing I knew we were playing 21 questions. And as expected the questions got a little kinky. Meanwhile chick texting me like, “you getting the cheeks”,“is she a freak or na”,“ask her if she down for a threesome”,”she eat pussy”. wholetime I’m trying to chill shorty blowing my phone up. So of course, ol girl said something. She was like damn,O.J I’m confused because I think she calling me OJ Simpson but then she was like Oj the Juiceman. I’m rolling because it wasn’t even like that. I’m like wholetime that’s you with all the juice and she’s like what do you mean. So I showed her my phone. I told her my homegirl think you cute and she want to smash– the both of us. She didn’t believe me so I had to scroll up and shit.

At first she laughed but then she got quiet for a minute. I gave her this “you nasty” look and she smiled. Then she was like, well I am a little horny though. Then she was like “what your friend look like?” So I showed her a picture and she was like “oh, she cute. Tell her to come through.” And at that moment I knew I was about to reach the highest point in side nigga history, even though it wasn’t with ol girl’s ol girl but nevertheless I was about to get the booties. 

Today Was A Fairytale

Pairing: Anthony Trujillo x reader

Word Count: 608 words.

Warnings: None. It’s all fluff.

Request: Can you write a fluffy Anthony Trujillo one? Anonymous

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“Please no,” you mumbled feeling the light hit your eyes. You’re cuddled up next to Anthony but you know that the light means Jake is about to wake you all up in a stupid way. You’re way too tired after going to bed at 3 am. 

“Wake up!” Jake screams and you hear someone yell out in pain quickly getting up. It takes a second for your disorientated brain to realise that he’s tasing people.

“I swear to God if you tase me, Jake, I will never speak to you again!” you say loudly inching over Anthony to get as far away from Jake as possible. Thankfully you’re on the top bunk so it’s easy to get out of reach. Anthony isn’t as quick to wake up so Jake gets him. You have to refrain from laughing.

“Get him!” he yells storming after him with Chance and the Martinez twins. 

“Never a dull moment,” you mumble under your breath, as you get ready to hit the gym with them later. You’re hoping that Erica or Tessa is going to join because it’s always a little awkward being the only girl with them. They are like your family, but you’re not into yelling “Ohio” and act like gorillas. You are into the pranks though. It’s the funniest part about staying at the Team10 house.

“Babe, we’re going now!” Anthony calls and you hurry downstairs to find that Tessa is joining you. Anthony puts his arm around you as you walk to the car and Jake keeps yelling your ship name as a joke for the vlog. 

“What are you doing today?” Anthony asks quietly. You shrug not having made any plans. 

“Chance and I were thinking of making a yoga couples challenge. Then he’d ask Tessa if you’re up for it,” he says intertwining his fingers with yours. You nod agreeing to the plan. After the workout, you get ready with Tessa talking about her and Chance. You’re convinced there’s something there, but nothing real has happened yet. 

“I swear we’re just friends at the moment. You’d be the first person I tell if anything happened,” she says finishing her eyebrows. The boys have given you ridiculous outfits to wear so you get dressed in fits of giggles. 

“Anthony, you’re going to drop me!” you yell once the video has begun. He keeps trying to lift you but it’s not working. You fall down on the floor beginning to laugh. Chance starts laughing too and soon Tessa is on the floor too. 

“This is so hard. How do people do it?” you giggle trying a new pose. The rest of the day you and Anthony battle Chance and Tessa. In the end Chance and Tessa wins making Anthony pout. 

“They’re not even a real couple. How did they beat us?” he says as you put your head in his lap on the couch. You’re so tired now.

“I don’t know,” you yawn too tired to even cover your mouth. 

“We should go to bed,” he whispers placing a kiss on your forehead. As the gentleman he is, he carries you upstairs and puts you in bed. He cuddles up next to you and you immediately feel warm. 

“You’re so warm and soft,” you mumble satisfied making him chuckle. 

“Thanks, I think?”

“It’s a good thing, trust me,” you say not bothering to open your eyes as you kiss all over his face in search of his lips. Eventually, you manage to find them relishing in the feeling of his lips against yours.

“I love you,” you whisper when you pull away, “today was a fairytale.” 

“I love you, too.” 


The Niall secret showcase in Singapore ended 8 hours ago and im still wide awake thinking about what happened in the last 12 hours. I can’t fucking process it in my head that i was only 10 ft from where he was standing on stage i literally shed a few tears when he started singing This Town he just sounded so beautiful and raw. I was positive that i got to make eye contact with him for a few seconds through my tears and a huge smile on my face. I’ll never forget how bright his smile was when i waved at him (and a couple others) while trembling inside. I’ll never forget his quirky antics on stage and how he made all of us laugh so hard and scream at how cheeky he was when he took off his jacket in a sexy and teasing manner after singing This Town. I swear to God this boy (or man) is fucking endearing and funny to watch he’s the nicest and most humble guy i’ve ever seen 😭😭😭 I was freaking out when he said he’s gonna sing a song that probably sums up the album and started singing On The Loose followed by his cover of Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in the Moonlight and then Slow Hands 😍😍😍 Though we fans only got to see him for 30 mins including Q&A before being told to leave, it was undeniably the best 30 mins of my life and i’m really lucky and blessed that i was one of the 25 ppl who got invited to the showcase. It’s crazy how this short 30 mins really made my night or life just by seeing how beautiful and humble and funny Niall really is. Seeing him leave the secret venue with his shorts and nikes and little backpack got me squealing (lmao) at how cute he looked.

Shortly after he left, his band mates and other crew including Helene were heading to a white van. That was when i bid goodbye to Jake and John and at the mention of their names, they turned back and looked at me with such happy faces and bright smiles they were so cute vksnhss. Not gonna lie i might have a little crush on Jake and John when they kept looking out the window of the van and kept waving at the few of us left outside with their sheepish smiles :“)

That’s it y'all my life is made. After 5 long years i got to see Niall up close and watch him radiate his bright, outgoing and carefree personality and gorgeous laugh and smile. What a beautiful human he is indeed. Really appreciate that he came to Singapore which was really unexpected considering Singapore is so small on the world map lmao. I love Niall so fucking much 😭❤

**Pics and gifs are all taken by me :)

Reaction (EXO): Their s/o being shy

Lay: *finds your shyness adorable af; he would love seeing you shy so he would make you feel like this on purpose; * “my little Y/N is shy again? Teach me how to be this cute!“ 

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Chen: *a little bit of teasing but he would find your shyness somehow attractive and hot? Yeah, he would love it* “I have to be really great and handsome boy. I’m making shy my own gf/bf. I’m just joking, babe. I love you" 

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Xiumin: *trying to make you speak because this boy won’t be that comfortable in silance; he would be the one who talks most of the time but even your short answers would make him happy* "I know that you’re shy but maybe you would like to tell me how your day is going and talk a little bit with me?" 

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Suho: *he’s this type of a guy which would find his gf/bf perfect in every way; maybe a little bit irritated when it comes to make a serious decision and you’re too shy to say anything but he won’t be mad at you because he loves you all the way you are* "Aigoooo. I didn’t make any move toward you yet and you’re already running away. Cutie~" 

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Sehun: *he would tease you, teasing you’ll be his new hobby. Everytime when you would act shy over something, Sehun would pull you to do this so he he can make laugh at you* "c'mon go and order. It’s only a coffee, it won’t bite you" 

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Kai: *watching your reactions would be cute for him; he would be admiring you and complementing all the time so you would be more shy and he would be staring at you even more* "Look at you! You’re acting shy again! I swear you’re cutter than kittens" 

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Chanyeol: *he doesn’t think that being shy is a bad thing but he would try to make you a little bit more outgoing* "Talking to Kyungsoo will be a level hard so let’s start with Baekhyun. Go and talk with him or we’re going straight to Soo" 

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Baekhyun: "Jagiyaaa. I have the cutest gf/bf in the world!!” *thinks that you’re super cutie; sometimes laughs at your reactions; maybe even imitates you to show you how cute you look*

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Kyungsoo: *probably you two won’t talk too much with each other; perfect match; you can understand each other without any words*“ We’re kind of soulmates, don’t you think? It’s amazing how we can enjoy spending time together even in total silence" 

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So funny story…

I’m sitting in the car waiting at my girlfriend’s apartment to pick her up for a movie and there is a knock on my window.
I look over to see two boys dressed in full mormon missionary garb. Slacks, ties, short sleeved dress shirts, and nametags with what I believe said Elder Grant and I shit you not…Elder Price.

So I roll down my window.

Elder Price: Hey there! How you doin today?
Me: Doing okay… yourself?
Elder Grant: Just great thank you so much for asking.
Elder Price: Do you happen to go to a church around here at all?
Me (a gay and non-religious): Nah…haven’t really found one I like…. don’t really live around here.
Elder Grant: That is totally understandable we totally get that.
Me: ….right…
Elder Price: -handing me a card- well we would just love it if you checked our church out. What are you doing today?
Me: Oh just picking up a friend…

At this moment my girlfriend shows up, walking our dog. Now my girlfriend is hot ladies and gentlemen. Long dark hair, lipstick done, eyebrows perfect, and curves that could kill a man.

So these mormons ask if she’s my friend and I just sort of nod while they greet her and shake her hand and gush about our dog. They keep talking about their mission and are about to hand her a card when she thanks them both and waltzes to my window telling me she’s going to take the dog inside. She leans down to my window bending over so her butt is pretty much in Elder Price’s young naive face plants the biggest kiss on my lips and walks away like a damn supermodel.

These boys looked….shook.

Elder Price starts quickly talking to me about how they might have missionaries in my area if I want to talk to them instead. Elder Grant just looks…so confused. I thank these sweet angel boys profusely and tell them I will definitely be checking out the church and watch them walk away.

Once they are gone I look in the mirror to see my mouth is just smeared with red lipstick and I swear to those boys Jesus I nearly passed out I laughed so hard.

So that was how my gf made two mormon boys question their place in life.


I Don’t Celebrate Birthdays

Word Count: 2872

    A\N: here’s a requested fic, and I did it in first person because someone suggested that I write a fic in it. I hope you all enjoy! Much love!

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    “Did you really think you could keep secrets from me, Y/N?” Veronica asked, startling me as I was getting my history text book from my locker.

    “I don’t know what you mean.” I called over my shoulder, digging through my backpack for a pencil, I was always losing those damn things.

    “Don’t play stupid with me, Jughead told me already.” she said, my heart skipping a beat at the mention of Jugheads name. Other than that, I was a little tired of her guessing game and I rolled my eyes, thankfully she didn’t see.

    “I still don’t know what you’re talking about, Ronnie, you’re going to have to be a little more specific.” I said, closing my locker and turning around to face her.

    “You’re birthday is this Saturday! (y/b/d) is your birthday right?” she excitedly asked, and I gulped, reluctantly nodding my head.

    “Yes, but please don’t say anything to anyone else, especially not Cheryl, I really don’t want anything big and special for my birthday. I’d rather pretend it wasn’t happening.” I said, walking down the hallway with Veronica by my side, looking curiously at me.

    “Why don’t you want to celebrate?” she asked, and I sighed, the subject made me kind of sad, but I trusted Veronica with my hardships and feelings.

    “I’ve never really celebrated my birthday. Back home, my parents didn’t care much about them, it was such an unimportant event in my household that when I was little, I barely could even remember when my birthday was. It wasn’t until school when I really started to remember, only because my teachers would wish me a happy day.” I admit, my heart sinking a little. Veronica looked at me apologetically, putting a hand on my shoulder.

    “I’m so sorry, wait so you’ve never had a birthday party?” She asked, and I chuckled sadly.

    “Nope, to me, my birthday is just another day. Nothing too special about it, or about me.” I said, finally reaching my history class. Veronica gave me a hug, and I gladly accepted, she was my best friend of course. “Enjoy your off period.” I said, and she smiled.

    “Have fun in history.” she said, backing up slowly, and I could see a hint of mischief on her face, and I could tell the cogs in her head were turning. She was up to something, but instead of questioning her further, I went inside the classroom, taking my seat, I’d ask her later.


    “I want to throw Y/N a surprise birthday party.” Veronica announced as she walked into the student lounge where the rest of the gang were chilling. Y/N was the only one in the gang who didn’t have 4th period off. Cheryl quickly stood from her seat, smiling wide.

    “I want to help!” She exclaimed and Veronica nodded her head excitedly.

    “Wait, its Y/Ns birthday?” Kevin asked, the question peaking Josie, Archie, Betty, and Reggies interest too, they weren’t aware of her birthday either.

    “Yes, and I don’t think she’d like that very much.” Jughead said, closing his laptop and looking up at the raven-haired girl from his seat on the couch. “She doesn’t have all that great of a backstory with birthdays-”

    “Yeah yeah, mommy and daddy didn’t celebrate them with her, she didn’t know her own birthday for the first few years of life, I heard the story.” Veronica interrupted, and Jughead rolled his eyes, not too happy she had exposed Y/Ns birthday sob story for the whole lounge to hear.

    “That’s awful.” Archie said, sitting up on the couch.

    “Yeah, her parents sound like dicks.” Reggie added, and everyone nodded their heads.

    “Very much so, which is why I want her to celebrate her birthday with people who actually care. Throw her a party that will make her like her birthday again, Y/N deserves to be celebrated!” she said.

    “Birthdays aren’t just about getting older, they’re celebrating you being put on this earth, it’s like celebrating her existence, and showing her we all love her by doing just that will totes make her happy!” Cheryl said, quickly pulling out her phone.

    “Anyone who’s willing to help plan it will definitely be appreciated, i want to make this the best day of her life.” Veronica said, smiling to the kids around her who were nodding.

    “Count me in.” Betty said, and Archie grabbed her hand.

    “Me as well.” he added.

    “What the hell, I love to plan a good party, and Y/N is one of my closest friends so…” Kevin said, shrugging his shoulders and smiling.

    “I want to help, and the Pussycats and I would totally love to play for her!” Josie replied excitedly.

    “I’ll get my teammates to bring some booze, make it a real party!” Reggie said, pulling out his phone to text his friends, Veronica smiled, looking towards Jughead.

    “Juggie, are you in?” She asked, and Jughead ran his hand through his hair. Sure he wanted to do something special like this for you, but he was scared you wouldn’t react nicely to it. A surprise party is a big thing, a small get together would be much better.

    “Yeah come on, maybe you’ll find the perfect time to tell her how much you love her.” Reggie said teasingly, and the whole crew agreed, causing Jughead to blush slightly. Little did they know they had actually hit a nerve, everyone suspected his feelings for the y/h/c girl, but it was never confirmed.

    “Yeah whatever, count me in I guess.” He muttered, opening his laptop again.

    “Alright, then its settled, operation ‘Surprise Birthday Bash’ is underway.” Veronica said, jumping excitedly.


    “Why exactly do I have to dress nicely if we’re just going to Pops?” I asked Polly who had come over to my house, out of the blue may I add, and asked if I wanted to join her at the diner.

    “I-I don’t want to be the only one in a dress.” Polly said, trying her best to make an excuse. “I’m already going to stand out as a pregnant young lady, it would be greatly appreciated if I wasn’t the only one in a dress”

    “Because people are definitely going to care.” I said, rummaging through my closet for a dress. I pulled out a black dress that fell to mid thigh, and had a cut-out on the chest with fairly short sleeves. It was casual but with a hint of elegance to it, it was my favourite.

    “Yes, definitely that one!” Polly said excitedly, turning around so I could change into it. I pulled it over my body, smoothing the garment out against myself and Polly smiled brightly at me. “Beautiful as always! You ready?”

    “Yup, let go!” I said excitedly because damn I was hungry. I got into the car with Polly, and she climbed into the front seat, turning on the music and driving off. After a few minutes of driving, she suddenly pulled over to the side of the road, rummaging through her purse.

    “Oh damn it.” she muttered under her breathe, and I just watched, very confused as to what was going on. “I forgot my phone at home, we’ll have to go get it. My parents are out of town and they call every few hours to make sure everything is alright.” she said, starting the car again and racing down the street.

    “Oh okay, do you want me to run inside and get it for you? I can’t imagine how hard it must be to climb in and out of cars with a stomach that size.” I offered, and Polly laughed, one hand going down to her very pregnant belly.

    “You’re a sweetheart, I’m so glad you moved here and became friends with my sister and I!” she said, and I smiled, Polly was so kind, I swear I loved her just as much as her sister. My heart fluttered at the thought of love, the next person coming to mind was Jughead. I loved him of course, but in a different way as everyone else.

    “My phone is on the kitchen counter,  but I don’t know if the door is unlocked… hmm. How about I just come in with you, I could use a glass of water before we get on the road again.” Polly said, getting out of the car and I followed, walking with her to the front of the house. I got to the door first though, and I tried it, seeing it was unlocked I swung it open and tried to look through the darkness. Polly was right behind me, and together we looked for the light switch. Before I could find it though, they turned on, and I saw a ton of people jump out from behind furniture.

    “Surprise!” the crowd yelled, scaring me half to death, to which everyone thought was funny because they started laughing.

    “I-I-I don’t know what to say… is this all for me?” I stuttered, taken aback by all the people who actually cared enough to celebrate my birthday with me.

    “Of course silly, who else would it be for?” Cheryl said, walking from the crowd, giving me a hug.

    “I don’t know.” I half laughed, looking around at everyone.

    “Well, are we just going to stand here or are we going to get our party on?” Veronica asked, and everyone cheered.

    “What do you want to drink, birthday girl?” Reggie asked, dragging me along to the kitchen and I shrugged.

    “Hmm, how about a Rum and Dr. Pepper?” I suggested, and Reggie looked at me surprised. “What, you did bring alcohol right, I mean why else would you be here?” I teasingly asked, and Reggie rolled his eyes.

    “I’m here because it’s your birthday and you’re one of my favourite people, and of course I brought alcohol. I was just surprised that’s what you wanted to start with, I’ve never taken you as much of a drinker.” He said, and I nodded, slightly agreeing.

    “Me either.” Jughead said behind me, making my heart stop and I must have blushed because Reggie looked at me knowingly.

    “Make that two rums and Dr. Peppers, please?” I asked, and Reggie nodded.

    “You got it, birthday girl.” I smiled at him and turned around to face Jughead, admiring his wild beanie-less raven-hair and his bright smile.

    “Happy birthday, Y/N.” he said sweetly. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself.”

    “Thank you Juggie, and yeah, I’m having fun so far, although it’s a little big, a small get together would have been nicer, half these people don’t know who I am.” I said, and Jughead nodded. Reggie handed us our drinks, breaking my gaze from the boy in front of me.

    “Then you should change that, make them know who you are.” he said, winking and backing away.

    “Alrighty Reggie, I’ll try that.” I said, Jughead and I chuckling to ourselves.

    “You know, I told them that a small get together would be better, but no one ever listens to me.” he said, and I laughed and pretended to be offended.

    “Hey, I listen to you all the time, what do you mean?” I defensively said, and he nodded his head, taking a sip of his drink.

    “Oof, that’s strong.” he said, shaking his head slightly, and I laughed. “Well anyways Y/N, speaking of listening, do you mind hearing me out on something real quick?” he asked somewhat nervously, and I nod my head.

    “Of course Beanie, what’s up?” He smiled slightly at the use of my nickname towards him, and it made my heart beat a little faster. I took a drink of my Rum and Dr. Pepper, also shuddering slightly at how strong it was.

    “Listen, it’s totally okay if you don’t feel the same,” he started, and my eyes widen a bit, I mean this couldn’t be happening could it? I’m imagining this, I’m day dreaming. “But I’ve been feeling some kind of way ever since you’ve moved here a year ago, and I haven’t been able to shake it… I guess what I’m trying to say is I think I’m in love with you.” he said, and my smile grew larger.

    “Oh, Juggie I love you too.” I said, and his face lit up.

    “Wait, you do?” he asked unsurely, and I nodded, putting my drink on the counter next to me.

    “Of course, how could I not? You’ve been here for me since day one of me being in Riverdale, you’ve stuck by my side and made me laugh, and you always know how to cheer me up when I’m sad. It seems it was destiny for me to fall for my sardonic, beanie wearing, sarcastic, handsome best friend.” I said, and Jughead leaned down, smiling at me. He got close to my face, closing his eyes to which I did the same.

    “It seems it was destiny for me to fall for the new, sassy, sarcastic, sometimes very bitchy, beautiful girl who would also happen to be my best friend.” he whispered before pressing his lips to mine. We that there for what felt like forever, not that I was complaining, and I swore everything in my life was leading up to this very moment, I felt as if I found my missing puzzle piece.

    “Betty, Archie, Veronica, you all owe me $20!” Cheryl yelled, causing both me and Jug to jump and see her looking happily at us. “Finally, you two are together! I was honestly about to rig a game of spin the bottle orseven minutes in heaven to get you two to admit your feelings and makeout or something, but it doesn’t seem to look like I need to anymore!” I blushed and Cheryl walked over to us. “I wish you two years of happiness,” she started, and then faced only Jughead. “And just so you know, if you hurt her, don’t expect to get her back after you two break up, if it doesn’t work out, I want my turn with the beautiful Y/N.” she said, turning to me and winking. She exited the room, and I heard as Betty, Archie and Veronica excitedly talked over what Cheryl just witnessed, and then we heard Reggie join in.

    “Well, that was unexpected.” I said, and Juggie laughed, agreeing with me.

    “Yes it was, but don’t worry, I don’t plan on giving you up any time soon.” he said, and I blushed, leaning in to peck him on the lips.

    “Best birthday present ever, finding out the love of my life actually loves me back.” I mumble, and Jughead cleared his throat.

    “Actually, I got you something else for your birthday. You know, other than my love.” He joked, and I looked at him adoringly.

    “You didn’t have to do that, Jug!” I said, but he waved it off and took a small box out of his back pocket, handing it to me. I looked at him and then the box, opening it up slowly. Inside was a charm bracelet with a crown, cheeseburger, snake, book, and a heart with his initials on one side and mine on the other. He took a boyish chain necklace out of his shirt, and I saw the same heart charm that was on my bracelet also adored his necklace, and I smiled, coming close to tears.

    “I wasn’t going to get us friendship bracelets, because honestly Reggie just stopped teasing me recently, and I don’t feel like having him come back to it, but I thought you’d appreciate a bracelet.” he said somewhat shyly, and I giggled, taking it out of the box and putting it on.

    “It’s beautiful Jughead, thank you.” I said, and he nodded his head, wrapping his arm around me waist.

    “Shall we go party, birthday girl?” He asked.

    “I thought you hated parties.” I said, and he rolled his eyes playfully.

    “Pshh, I’ll make an exception if it means I get to dance with the prettiest girl here.” He said, pulling me to the living room, but not before I grabbed my drink. This definitely was the best birthday ever, my best friends were here, they weren’t playing shitty music, and I finally had the one I loved so much to myself. As we walked into the living room, everyone went silent, and Betty, Polly, Veronica and Cheryl all stood holding a large cake with 16 candles on it, and Josie, Melody, and Valarie started playing 'Happy Birthday.’ I smiled big, and everyone in the room started singing to me.

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday Dear Y/N!

Happy Birthday To You!

    Everyone in the room started to cheer, and all the sudden, started by Archie, Reggie, and the football team, everyone started chanting 'make a wish! Make a wish!’ I looked around the room, and my heart was overcome with love.

    “I don’t have any, everything I’ve ever wanted is right here in this room.” I said, and the room erupted in 'awes’ and claps. I blew out the candles, and everyone cheered. Who needed my blood family, I have my real family right here.

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Peter Pan Imagine/ Do You Love Me? Pt. 2

“ Is there a part 2 to do you love me? ”

“ Are you going to update “Do you love me?” It’s really good❤️ I don’t want to be pushy and I’m sorry if it seems like it ”

“ Omg!! Part two of “do you love me?” Please??”

“ Part 2 to do you love me!“

“ Do you love me? Part 2 😍 please”

“ Part 2 of do you love me plaseeeee”

“Part 2 plz”

“I must know how this ends”

“Yes yes yesssss part two”

“Please part 2″

“yes pls part 2 woyld be lovely”

“definitely part 2″

“Part 2 please!!!!!!”

“HELL yeah a part two”

“yesss pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Part 1 here–> http://neverland93.tumblr.com/post/152762344760/peter-pan-imaginedo-you-love-me

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

You arrived on the Neverland, you rub your shoe against the soil, trying to calm down your nerves. It seemed impossible.

“You okay kid? “ Swan asked and you jumped

“Oh shit.” you almost yelled “Yeah yeah yeah I’m fine.” you try to look calm but the group looked at you strange.

“Okay…” Hook said with a confused look

“Listen enough of this we need to get back to what’s important and that’s finding Henry!” Regina stated.

“Hook, you know this place better than anyone else, where would he be?” Swan asked Hook

“Well I guess anywhere his lost boys are, he doesn’t go anywhere without them.”

“Lies.” you said in your head, Pan was always one to wonder off into the night, leaving you naked under his sheets with nothing but his scent lingering the room you stay in.

“So do we just go and find wherever there is noise or?” Mary Margret asked

“It’s not that easy ?” Swan asked

“He’s the only one on the bloody island besides the boys and mermaids, it’s that easy.” Hook stated

“Great should we split up?” Regina asked

“No, that’s very dangerous, Pan maybe be a teenage boy but he is smart.” Hook said

You rolled your eyes, yeah sure he is. You had to do everything for him, he couldn’t even cook himself eggs. You were his eyes, his arms, and legs, you were his “sidekick” the lost boys would call you, you missed the boys a lot actually, they were never the mean ones, Pan was.

You guys start to walk and you start to feel goosebumps rise up, it’s like you could feel his presence against the trees, the wind, the sounds that would go in and out your ear, oh how you missed it all, you start to wonder how it be if you stayed.

Pan’s Point Of View

I start to feel something, something so familiar but something yet so new. What was it? It was such a sweet and beautiful feeling, but then it became sorrow and pain. This was something I never felt before, it was bizarre.

“Pan, want breakfast?” Felix asked as he knocked on the door.

“I’m coming.” I yelled

I open the door and I see Felix.

I nod my head signaling we can walk together. We do so.

The air was ..different, but in a familiar way.

“Hey Felix you feel, like different?” I ask him

“Uh no I mean I’m hungry, but when am I ? Why do you ask?” he asked

“Nothing Fe, just asking, forget I said anything.” I said.

I walk to the camp grounds and sit at my usual spot, waiting for the lost boys to feed me.

“Here ya go Pan.” an older lost boy gives you a plate.

“What the bloody hell is this bullshit?” I yell, its the same shit every day.

“It’s uhm fruit , and uh salad, without the dressing, and the croutons, and the cheese.”

“Ugh!” I yell again, “This is torture, we haven’t had meat, sweets, and barely any bread in forever, someone better learn how to bloody cook fast or else you all are getting banned from this island.” I yell and get up and sit on a long next to the fire.

All the lost boys stare at you, looking confused and scared.

“Pan you’re acting a little weird, you okay?” Felix asked

“Something is up, there’s something,UGH!” I’m clearly frustrated, nobody feels what I feel, there is something up today, it’s different.

“I’m going for a walk.” I say.

I start to walk to my thinking spot, the first place me and Y/n ever kissed.

I remember clear as daylight, I had asked her what she had to offer me, right on top of this hill, and she looked at me dead in the eyes and said “Me.” that was the day she changed my life.

I remember walking up to her, grabbing her face and rubbing my thumb against her soft cheeks, she looked at me with such joy, such a beautiful face, and I kissed her, never have I felt such an amazing feeling, I had goosebumps rising up and down my spine, the way she tasted, oh my, she tasted like cinnamon spices, and she told me I tasted like vanilla, together it was the most wonderful taste you could ever experience.

I snapped out of my thought as I saw something, no someone, as blond women, I became curious, what was she doing on my island, how stupid of her, I’ll have her in my cages in no time, or maybe she will be my slave and cook for me actual good food, unlike the lost boys crappy disgusting food.

Then , but then I see more of them, it was a group of adults , “Oh great.” I say as I roll my eyes. I hate grown ups, nothing but wanna be know it all who are always up your ass about something.

I walk away, I’ll deal with that bullshit later, right now, I just needed to think.

Regular Point Of View

My feet start to hurt, and I become weak.

“Hey can we like chill for a second? My feet are killing me.” I asked

“No we can’t we need to find Henry!” Regina yelled at me.

“We’ve been walking for 3 hours straight this place is going to at least take 4 days to search everywhere!” I yell back

“She’s actually right.” Hook said agreeing with me

“How would you know?” Mary Margret asked

“Oh.. it was just a wild guess..” you try not to blow your cover

“Look maybe she’s right, we do need nutrition if we are going to keep searching for Henry.” David said

“Okay fine, We can eat and then start to search again.” Regina said.

You guys start to make food, you cooked most of it, you were the chef in the family, and you loved to cook, so you didn’t mind.

You all gathered around the fire that the men made.

Enjoying your lunch you decided to hum, hum a song you would sing every time you cooked, Peter would always love when you sang, but of course he would never tell you.

Speaking of Peter he began to smell something, and it brought a smile to is eyes.

“Real food, but where?”  he got up “Lost boys, follow me.” he smiled

They walk to your campfire, Peter only saw the grown ups,”Okay boys, follow my lead.” he said cocky as ever

“Well , well ,well.” he said

Your head shot up like a deer in headlights, it was Peter, it was him in the flesh, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He was so tall, and still handsome as hell, he looked so bad but he does it so well.

“That smells wonderful I must say, but what are you doing o my island?” he asked in such a cocky way.

“Shut it Pan.” Hook said

“Oh how funny, you’re going to tell me to shut up when it’s my bloody island.” he looked mad

You couldn’t help but stare, you felt terrible but it was just too hard not to, his arms were so muscular, his eyes were almost emerald green, his smile and the way he ran his fingers through his hair, it brought you back to the good days.

“I however will forgive me, as long as you swear to cook for me and my boys for the rest of, oh I don’t know, your lives.” he smiled.

He started to laugh but then he made eye contact with you, your heart skipped a beat.

“What the fuck.” he whispered to himself, his heart sank to stomach, but he snapped out of it and quickly turned back to his cocky self.

“What are YOU doing here?” he walks up to you.

You then get up and stand face to face with Peter Pan himself.

“Where is my brother?” you asked him

He laughs “Who is your brother?” 

“Henry.” you said

“Oh Henry?” he folded his arms

“Yes Henry.” you never lost eye contact with him.

“Henry is YOUR brother?” he smiled almost in a evil way.

“YES! Now where is he?” you yelled

“Oh Henry isn’t going anywhere now that I know that he s your brother.” he cocked a brow

“You are such an asshole , tell me where he is or else-”

“Or else what ? Huh?! You’re gonna leave again?” he said 

Now everyone is looking at you, and your group starts to ask questions.

“You know him?” Regina asked

“I knew something was up.” Mary Margret said

“Oh Y/n was my “Lost girl.” she was my special princess, sin’t that right?” he started at you in a way you never seen Peter before.

“You think just because you left you can come here and act like you’re all big and bad, pathetic.”  he said

“Give me back my brother and we will leave and you’ll never see my face again.” you said trying to reason with him.

“You’re not getting it are you? I’m keeping you here, forever.” he said

“The hell you are!” you yelled as you run next to your group.

Peter now looked annoyed

“You use to be so good, so obedient.” he shook his head

“I’m not a dog Pan.” you said

“No but you wanna know what you are? You’re fucked.” he said

“Yeah because of you! I’m so fucked up from all the shit you did to me! You  dragged me through hell and I called it love as long as you were holding my hand!” you yelled at him.

“Gosh you try to act so innocent! You wanna know the truth? The real truth?” he said as he backs you up as you try to stand your ground.

“I wanted to fuck you up, I wanted to tear you into pieces, you were so damn pure, and sweet, and nice, and I.” he looked at you up and down. “I just wanted to make your life hell, I never loved you,I don’t understand how you thought I could ever love you. So you know what? I’ll give you Henry.” 

He snapped his fingers and Henry appears, he runs to your family and you jst stand there with tears running down your face.

“Now you have to live with it, bye Y/n. For good this time.” he said as he walked away.


You were all packed to leave tomorrow mornig

You ran straight to your tent and you didn’t stop crying that night, how could Peter say that? After all you’ve been through, that was the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, thing you ever heard and that has happen to you in your entire life.

Peter lay in his bed that night, with tears in his eyes for the first time.

I loved her, no more than that , I was in love with her, as soon as I saw her I wanted her in my arms, and not in my bed, for the first time I wanted to hold her, and not fuck her senseless, she looked so dam beautiful, but I just couldn’t let her do that to me,, I couldn’t let her break me down, and let everyone and her know that I loved her, so I pushed her away, which was the most stupidest thing I have ever done in my whole entire life.

You woke up and to hollering , your eyes were super swollen but manged to run outside to see what the ruckess was all about.

You see Peter  with the lost boys and other people who you never saw in your life.

“Who the fuck are you?” Peter asked

“What time is it?” you asked David 

“It’s 12 afternoon.” he said

“What?! We were supposed to leave at 8:00am today what happen?” you asked

“This.” he pointed

“These people are trying to fight Pan and his crew but also not let us through the portal we’re suppose to go through. We have to go through soon portals don’t last forever you know.” Hook said

“Well then, let’s fight.” you puled out his sword and winked

You all began to fight off whoever these people where that were getting in yur way, you were clearly winning because you had your group and Pan’s group, you were fighting side by side next to Peter, and it was so weird.

You weren’t paying attention and and you were about to get stabbed by a sword, Peter saw and started to run to your rescue

“Y/N WATCH OUT!” Peter yelled and he pushed you out the way, you fall to the ground but quickly look up to see there was a sword in Peter’s stomach!

“PETER!” you yell and run to his rescue, the lost boys fight off all the rest of the evil people to make sure everyone is safe, so its just you, Peter, the lost boys, and your family.

You began to cry “Peter why?” you asked

“I had to, I couldn’t see you like this.” he said with his eyes heavy

“He’s bleeding a lot.” Felix said , he signaled the lost boys to go get the care package

“But, but you said you didn’t love me.” you were still crying

“I lied, I love, I’m in love with you Y/n, don’t you get it? I’ve been in love with you since you walk on this damn island.” he said as he tried to move but just fell again.

“Don’t move Peter we’re getting you help.” Felix said

“Only love makes you crazy, but what I said to you yesterday, that was plain stupid Y/n.” he said wincing in pain.

You just si there and cry while holding unto him, “Peter you’re going to make it do you hear me? I won’t let you die.” you yell as you sob

Peer’s eyes became heavy, and he started to breath uneven, you were seeing the signs, he wasn’t holding on unto you like he was, and the lost boys were taking forever.

Everything became a blur until you heard “We got it! We got the stuff!” the lost boys yelled

They came and Felix pulled the sword out of Peter, spilling blood out of him and turning Peter pale.

Sooner than later they get him all stitched up and the bleeding stops, but Peter stops breathing.

“He’s not breathing!” Felix yelled

“What do we do?” a lost boy yelled

“Give him air!” an on other boys said

“How?!” said an other

You push them out the way and start doing CPR.

“1 2 3 “ you start to breath into him and you do this for at least a minute, everyone just stairs at you, hoping you do the trick.

Peter shoots up and gasped for air and your eyes start to water

“He’s alive!” You yell and all the lost boys yell “Hooray!”

He grabs your cheeks on your face and kisses your lips so soft, not rough at all, and it was a different side you seen from Peter.

“I love you Y/n.” he said

“I love you too Peter.” you smiled

Henry and your family went back to StoryBrooke and you stayed in Neverland with Peter and the lost boys, you visit each other once a week.

Peter started to show his emotions and not be scared of him, for every boy, has a soft side, you just have to find it.

i saw falsettos today (7/15/17) and thought it would be fun to make a list of iconic things i heard or saw in the theater. also a callout post to the woman sitting behind me who was really rude.

-a girl walked in with someone and as they were walking to seats they went “this is gonna be hell” and honestly big mood

-yall know the hair pulling everyone talked about in tight knit family / love is blind? i forgot about that until it happened and i gasped. so loud. my mom just stared at me.

-the boy in front of me laughed so hard during days like this when mendel makes that one joke (i cant remember it) and only cordelia laughs that he hunched over and his phone fell out of his lap. i swear to christ the screen cracked. i heard that shit. 

-i started crying during either marvin hits trina or i never wanted to love you (it’s a blur tbh) and did not stop for a second until falsettoland (reprise)
-i don’t think i’ve ever cried harder in a movie theater than i did during unlikely lovers to falsettoland (reprise)

-when whizzer showed up at the baseball game one of the several women behind me whispered “oh fuck” also a mood

-when whizzer collapsed during more racquetball the entire theater gasped and i heard one person go “no. not yet goddammit.” 

-during unlikely lovers i whispered “oh no” really under my breath and my mom gave me a roll of toilet paper she took from the theater bathroom and whispered back “i can tell you’re gonna need this more than me”

-while we were leaving this group of kids were walking out. one of them took a really long, deep breath and had their hand on a friend’s shoulder. they whispered “whizzer didn’t deserve that” and their friend patted their back and went “we know, we know. it’s okay.” and they broke out crying again. i was like. mood.

-okay call out time

-to the woman who sat behind me who talked during the whole thing, complained it was “too long” (bitch it’s a recording of a broadway show of course it’s gonna be longer than a regular movie) and said they could’ve casted someone better than anthony rosenthal: eat my fucking ass! 

thanks for listening.

#98 [Roman Reigns]

Requested, #98: “The store ran out of Easter eggs.” (Prompt from here.) Requested by @m-a-t-91

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars

Using the key fob, you unlocked the doors to your silver SUV, walking up to the back driver’s side. Swinging open the door, you placed the bags from the grocery store on the floor, securing them in place with your purse so they didn’t shift.

It was just over a week prior to Easter, which meant the store hadn’t been overrun and chaotic, thankfully. At five months pregnant, a packed store was one of the last things you wanted to deal with currently. However, it had been a bit barren in some sections, leaving you with not all of the items you’d wanted.

The drive back to the house you shared with Roman was easy enough. He had fought you tooth and nail about going shopping by yourself, but you’d won in the end. While you appreciated his protectiveness, and found his concern for your unborn baby endearing, you also knew your limits and still needed to live your life.

Making him stay home also gave him time alone with his daughter, your step-daughter for all intents and purposes. You knew he appreciated that.

After pulling in to the garage, you shut off the vehicle, and got out to gather your bags. There were only two, along with your purse, so you managed easily to get into the house, straight in to the kitchen. Roman wandered in after a moment, apparently having heard you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were home? I would have gotten that stuff,” he stated, as you set your items on the counter.

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(part 2) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her.
warnings: swearing
word count: 1111

There are millions upon millions of nerves in your body, and Bucky Barnes knows exactly how to get onto every single one. He’s gruff, always responding with grunts or annoyed huffs, and never once in the time he’s been here has he smiled at you.

You don’t like him. You really don’t. Or at least, you don’t want to. You shouldn’t. He’s still recovering, and that makes him dangerous. Plus, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t like you. When he’s not busy annoying you, he stays as far away as he can. If you smile at him, he glares in return. If you save his fucking life (a common occurrence given your company), somehow you’re the one at fault. All in all, he’s an asshole during the day.

It’s at night when he drops the act. At 3 a.m., when he’s screaming and thrashing in the room across from yours and you can hear the unguarded pain in his voice and you’re rushing into his room with a gun in your hands – that’s when you can see a part of him that Steve always talks about: the stupid but unbelievably caring jerk that’s always had the Captain’s back. You can tell, from the sheen of sweat on his face and the rapid rise and fall of his chest just how scared he is, and just how goddamn broken he is.

So you sit beside him, watching his white-knuckled grip on the sheets slowly loosen. He sees you, and then his eyes are cast down in shame of being seen in such a vulnerable state. You reach out with your own hand and rest it gently on his shoulder, where the metal meets skin. He flinches, and you almost pull back, but then he relaxes. His breathing calms down until the rise and fall of his chest is steady. He looks at you once again, and then his eyes flutter shut.

It becomes a bit of a rhythm from then on. During the day, it’s all glares and eye-rolls and annoyed grunts between the two of you, but at night Bucky’s crawling under your covers while you’re half asleep or you’re rushing out of bed to go wake him up from another nightmare.

The first time you feel something towards him, it’s in the middle of another stupid argument. He’s finished all your favourite cereal and hasn’t even bother to restock it, and you’re yelling at him at 7 a.m. because now there’s no more fucking cereal and what are you going to eat for breakfast and–

He starts laughing. Like full on, face red from laughing so hard. And you’re angry, because he’s completely ignoring the situation at hand.

(But his laugh is also the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard, and god, you realize you could hear it for the rest of your life and never get bored).

“You’re angry because,” he has to pause, because he’s still laughing. “Because I finished the cereal?”

It’s not that funny. You don’t get why he’s still laughing about it because goddamn yes, you’re angry. So you poke a finger to his chest, “I swear to god Barnes, if you finish my cereal next time–“

Your gaze falls from his eyes to his lips, and you only just take in how close you are to him. He arches an eyebrow, looking down at you, and you can feel his breath on your face. You take a step back, then another, and then you’re pushing your way past him and out the front door.

Bucky doesn’t come to your room that night, and with an uncomfortable pang you realize that you miss his presence.

Three weeks later it’s movie night, and everyone’s piled into the living room with blankets and pillows. Bucky’s there too, stuck sharing the two-seater with you because all the other seats had been taken up, and you can tell he’s not happy about it. His omnipresent scowl is deeper today, and his body is pressed up against his end, leaning as far away from you as he can. He’s back to his usual self – no more laughs since the cereal incident.

(And shit, you’d give anything to hear him laugh again.)

“Can you move over?” It’s low and quiet and you almost don’t hear him over the sound of everybody else talking. You roll your eyes, and pull your feet up on the sofa so that you’re sprawled out and taking up even more space than before. You give Bucky a sickeningly sweet smile, and he huffs in response.

“Why isn’t the movie starting?” Clint asks. Natasha smacks him on the back of the head, then–

“We’re waiting for Bucky’s girlfriend”

Your heart stops, and for a moment you think maybe you’ve heard Steve wrong. Bucky has a girlfriend? The jerk has a girlfriend? Surely it can’t be true. But everyone is looking at Bucky, some in surprise and others with a knowing smirk on their face and suddenly you feel like you’re going to puke and you don’t know if it’s because you’re shocked or jealous.

(Actually, you know exactly why, but you couldn’t dare admit it to yourself).

The doorbell rings and Bucky’s stumbling over his feet and his face is lit up with an expression you’ve never seen on him before. He opens the door and he’s fucking smiling, there’s even a pink blush on his cheek and holy shit, you want him to look at you like that.

He invites her in: a girl with long dark hair and the prettiest eyes and fuck, she’s gorgeous. She’s smiling so bright and so genuinely and the two of them sit down on the ground in front of the sofa, right in front of you, and the movie starts but all you can see is the two of them sitting so close and Bucky letting someone other than you touch his metal arm and fuck, fuck, fuck, you have to leave.

You rush to the nearest bathroom and you can’t breathe and everything is a blur of emotions and oh my god. You throw up.

That night, Bucky’s screams echo through hall but when you get up to wake him up, somebody’s already there, with her hand on Bucky’s shoulder the way you’ve always calmed him down and a smile on her face the way you’ve always smiled at him at 3 a.m. Except this time he’s smiling back and then he leans forward and kisses her.

That night, you go to bed alone and staring up at the ceiling you realize that he wants her, he needs her, but god, you’ll never be her.

anonymous asked:

maybe post some happy otp prompts ?? either dating or meeting !!

(internally screams at all the asks in my inbox that I haven’t answered cause I suck at this) thank you for being patient guys omg


  • I caught you dreamily admiring the sky and and the pure wonder on your face made my heart pick up, oh my god you’re so pretty, do I say hello?
  • The first thing I knew about you was your laugh. This beautiful laughter sounded from behind me and somehow I just knew you were something special.
  • My friend forced me to a an unpopular play he’s an extra in and you’re acting one of the main characters and I fell so hard for you but was too shy to come up to you afterwards so I came to the show every night after that to admire you from afar even though the play sucks and oh god you’re starting to notice I swear I’m not a creep
  • You’re a regular at this diner and always order the same cheap meal and I feel so bad, please take this full meal, it’s on me, also you’re cute
  • For our first date you took me to the zoo to introduce me to your favorite animals and I’m so in love oh my god
  • A customer was shouting at you and you looked so distraught and tired so I stood up for you and I’m gonna give you the biggest tip for putting up with that jerk and wow your smile is cute
  • I was delivering your pizza but when I knocked on the door you shouted from the roof- wait you locked yourself out? and you ordered pizza? wa- well yes it is the end of my shift, I’d love to join you
  • We’ve been classmates for forever but we’ve never actually talked until now and you’re such a dork I never knew…. wow I thought you were a jerk but you’re adorable
  • My phone died can I make a call on yours please? Thank you so mu- SHIT! Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I dropped it. Oh god it’s broken I don’t have the money to fix it I’m so so sorry I’ll make it up to you!
  • You fell into a puddle and you’re soaked and it’s cold as hell outside, here take my jacket, no really it’s fine- …well free coffee does sound good actually
  • You found my lost cat and got to witness me break out into tears and take you into a bone-crushing hug, I’m sorry I was just so worried thank you so much
  • We’ve just been introduced but I swear I think I know you-OH! You’re the one I saw walk into a pole the other day! Now you’re blushing again, how cute
  • Date idea: go into the store and compete who can eat more free samples without getting caught
  • Date idea p. 2: impromptu DANCE BATTLE in a public place

Hope these do? :)

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This is for @sluttttysurveycorps because she is my BAE, and this whole road trip idea is entirely her’s (down to Mikasa dropping mad lines). It was too funny/sweet/cute for me to get out of my head. I’d say this is like, a solid T rating. ALSO I wrote this in like, LITERALLY 30 minutes so like, sorry if I can’t language.

Also forgive me my RivaMika fans.

Mikasa puts her bare feet up on the dash and rolls down the window of the shitty ‘98 Crown Vic.

But don’t tell Eren that, this heap of shit on wheels is his new pride and joy that he saved for two summers to buy, all $550.00 of it.

It makes an unsettling clunking sound when Eren accelerates to get on the interstate.

He definitely overpaid.

She sighs and looks outside, watching as the Indiana cornfields turn into the grassy rolling hills of Lower Michigan.

Eren is fiddling with his phone that’s hooked up to the auxiliary port tapedeck. He starts to veer into another lane while he does this.

“Let me do it,” she says, reaching for his phone.

“Stop fussing it’s fine.”

There’s nothing he hates more than any implication that he can’t do fifteen things at once despite the fact that he just got his driver’s license (after failing the test three times; one more time and he would’ve had to write a letter saying why he deserved another chance like Connie had had to).

She grabs his phone anyways and he scowls.

“Put on the road trip playlist I made.”

“Is it in Spotify?”

“Duh, what do you think it’d be in, Apple Music?”

She rolls her eyes. He’s developed this odd crusade against Apple products despite the fact that he just recently switched to a Samsung phone after he dropped his iPhone into a toilet.

She scrolls through his playlists, all of which are as spastic and unorganized as he is, until she finds a playlist titled summer roadtrip vibes (no capital letters of course).

She laughs while she scrolls through it.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Did you make this playlist while drinking a pumpkin spice latte and wearing Ugg boots?”

“Shut up, it’s a great playlist!”

She presses play and she won’t admit it but she loves every damn song on this list, partially because he picked them and partially because she actually loves top 40 music even though she’d never let anyone know this.

Eren knows though.

He knows everything about her. He’s known her since she was a girl. Knows her hopes, dreams, fears better than anyone, even her parents. They grew up neighbors and his parents are like her own, trusting her far more than Eren because she’s “the responsible one.”

Which is why they haven’t gotten around to telling either of their parents that they’ve been dating since prom two months ago.

The both of them are far too attached to the freedom that their parent’s ignorance affords them. There’s no way either of their parents would’ve let them drive up to the Jaeger’s summer cabin in Northern Michigan alone if they had known that Eren’s current favorite hobby is putting his hand up her shirt. No, they would’ve made them ride up with Eren’s creepy older brother Zeke.


The interstate starts to wind through the forest. An odd thing about Michigan is there are plenty of “scenic” outlook points, but very few rest-stops and even fewer gas stations.

She has many fond childhood memories of visiting here over the summers; another reason she and Eren haven’t told their parents about them dating because she’s not entirely sure her overprotective parents would’ve let her come up to the cabin since Armin couldn’t go this time (he’s at an archeology dig for brilliant high schoolers in South America because he’s Armin).  

Mikasa hears a familiar beat start playing and she glances at the radio.

I fucking love this song.

It’s Panda by Desiigner and Eren, completely shameless, starts rapping along to the track, getting maybe every other word correct.

Mikasa can’t hold it in anymore when the verse comes around.

“I got broads in Atlanta, Twisin’ dope, lean and shit, sippin’ Fanta, Credit cards and the scammers, wake up Versace shit–”


Eren starts laughing so hard that he’s crying, tears streaming down his face as she finishes the verse in its entirety.

He can’t stop laughing and pulls over the car at an outlook, his head resting on the steering wheel as he laughs so hard his entire body shaking.


He shakes his head, he’s laughing so hard he can’t talk.

“What’s so funny???”


He’s overcome by laughter again and she huffs, irritated.

He thinks I’m totally lame.

After another minute or so he collects himself, still chuckling and wiping tears from his eyes.

“You mind telling me why you’re laughing at me?”

He shakes his head.

“No, you’re just the best fucking person I know, I just love you a lot, that’s all,” he laughs.

Any irritation she felt instantly vanishes when she looks at him. He’s so genuine in his affection, so kind. He’s so free with his emotions in a way that she sometimes feels envious.

So she expresses herself the only way she really can, pulling him over and kissing him.

He makes a surprised sound but quickly catches up to her mood, crawling over to the passenger seat and straddling her and holding her face in his hands.

She deepens their kiss, grabbing at his shoulders and pulling him closer, until they’re both breathing heavily and his hand has found its way up her t-shirt. He grabs her over her bra like he always does but she wants more, wants him to touch her skin, so she clumsily fumbles with the clasp and shrugs it off and pulls it out her sleeve. He looks at her like she’s just performed some sort of wizardry.

She can tell he’s shocked, watches his adam’s apple bob as he touches her.

She pulls off her t-shirt because she wants him to see her, has always wanted him to and they’re alone off the interstate in rural Michigan.

“Mikasa,” he gasps, his eyes so wide as he looks at her. She feels so nervous because he’s never actually looked at her like this.


Words are clearly not his strong-suit at this point.

She grabs his hand and puts it on her breast.

He looks like he’s in absolute awe, like she’s the best thing he’s ever seen in his life and she blushes so red she feels a little dizzy.

He gets over his initial shock and then he’s kissing her throat just the way she likes, down her chest and on her breast. She feels like her heart is going to pump right out of her chest when he gently sucks on her nipple. She grabs his hair and sighs breathily.

She wants more, she wants everything with him and she doesn’t care about the consequences.

But when she reaches for his shirt, he grabs her hand and stops her.

“We should stop,” he pants.

The moment breaks.


“I mean, for one, the only condom I have is the one sitting in my wallet I bought from a gas-station four years ago with a quarter on a dare.”

“I have six in my purse,” she says dryly.

His eyes widen and he swallows again, his eyes suddenly far away.

I am the responsible one, afterall.

She reaches again for his belt buckle but he shakes his head no.

“Still, Mikasa,” he takes her hand and kisses her knuckles in a gesture so sweet it makes her heart swell. “We’re in my car, and even though it’s the best car in the world, don’t you…y’know, want it to be a little more special?”

She can’t help but smile.

He gets off of her and goes back to his seat. She grabs her bra and makes to put it on.

“Hold on a second,” he says.

She turns and faces him.


“I just, y’know, wanna remember what you look like without a shirt on,” he says simply.

She swears that her whole body must turn red because, outside of the moment, she feels totally embarrassed.

Still, she lets him look for a moment before grabbing her discarded bra and shirt.

She clicks her seatbelt again and sighs.

“Okay, we can go.”

“Give me a minute,” he says.

She glances down at his pants.

Oh my God.

“I can’t help it!”

He’s so embarrased, covers his lap with his backpack and bites his bottom lip. She starts laughing so hard that she’s the one crying.

Even if she’s a little disappointed, she looks over at how flustered he is and can’t help but think about how much she loves him.

It’ll be great, someday soon.

I don’t really ship Eremika but I fucking loved every second of this SO. I also based it almost entirely off a road trip me and my now husband then boyfriend took in high school. WE WERE NOT AS PURE AS EREMIKA THOUGH.

lucayabbby  asked:

can you do an au where lucas and maya are forced to work at topanga's for some reason or another

  • lucas and maya have to work at topanga’s for a whole month because they both failed their math finals
  • lucas being like ‘but i don’t pour coffee’
  • and mr matthews looking at him sternly and saying ‘you do now buster’
  • so the first day at work they walk in together
  • but not together as maya says because she doesn’t want to be associated with a cowboy
  • topanga hands them aprons and lucas immediately throws it back and it lands behind the counter and he says with his face bright red ‘i am not wearing a dress’ 
  • and maya laughs so hard she gets the hiccups as topanga tries to explain what an apron really is and fails and has to look up the actual direction online 
  • topanga hands them each notebooks to write down orders and maya whines ‘but i dont wanna do more workkk’ 
  • lucas looking at topanga and saying ‘i swear to god if she’s acting in here like the same way she acts in biology im out’ 
  • and after maya finally promises she won’t be a nuisance after topanga threatens to take away all her cowboy joke privileges they start working
  • the very first customer that comes in maya says too “hey hi wanna buy some coffee you better or i won’t get into college have some huh huh huh” and shakes a bag of coffee beans that she stole vigorously in his face
  • the guy leaves and lucas starts yelling at maya for being too loud and insane and that she’s going to chase everyone away
  • and maya screaming back that she just wants some food and she doesnt wanna work here with a lassohead anyway 
  • so lucas puts her in charge of the register and she accidentally gives someone a twenty dollar bill when they just wanted change 
  • lucas facepalms himself for thinking she could do math because they just failed their math finals 
  • so he says “i have a great idea ill just do it myself’ 
  • maya gives him this look and he has to think for a minute before he finally gets it and says “oh” in this sorta sheepish way 
  • they both just stare at the cash register and then lucas goes in the back and says “we just wont do the cents it can just be dollars and we wont have them pay tax” and holds a metal jar for them to put the money in
  • maya makes a homemade sign with crayola markers that says ‘closed bitches’ and tapes it on the cash register
  • lucas sternly tells her no profanity and changes the bitches to witches and says ‘for halloween’ 
  • and maya just looks at him and says ‘it’s fucking april’ 
  • ‘halloween can be all the time’ he says and makes tongue noises anytime she tries to bring it up after that and she eventually gives up
  • so they’ve been working there for a couple of days and it’s gotten to the point where topanga just tells all the rest of the staff to take the month that lucas and maya have to work there off because they’re doing just fine on their own
  • and one day lucas says ‘arent there supposed to be more people here’ and they both look at each other and then shrug because who cares
  • one weekend it’s really slow and so they have a flour fight which lucas starts by getting some in maya’s hair
  • and so she yells and throws some on his shirt and he yells back and it turns into a full out war
  • and they have to close the cafe for the rest of the day because there’s flour everywhere
  • and maya tries to reach the top shelf to put the flour back up and slips and falls in all of it on the floor and lucas says cheekily ‘thats what you get for being a short stack of pancakes’ 
  • maya being so mad that she grabs the bottle of syrup from the shelf and chasing him around and around until she finally tackles him and pins him down to ground and proceeds to pour the whole bottle on his head
  • and he’s sputtering because it’s sticky and all over him and she’s laughing so hard she’s gasping
  • and then they stop laughing and they’re just looking at each other and maya swallowing and hurriedly getting off him and going back to work while lucas just lays there in stunned silence
  • so it’s the end of the month on their last day working at topanga’s and it’s rainy outside and maya is in a really bad mood and she has no idea why because shouldn’t she be happy the month is almost over
  • and lucas asking what’s wrong and her snapping “shut up lucas” 
  • and him being so shocked that she said his actual name and the fact that he has this weird feeling too about the month being almost over and says all sharply “make me” 
  • so maya starts full on shouting at him to shut up shut up shut up and throws the cups on the counter at him
  • and he ducks and they shatter against the wall and he says “see look what you did now! you always break everything hart god!!’ 
  • maya is just standing there and she feels tears start to prick her eyes but no no no she can’t cry but his words hurt her more than he knows and she  has no idea what this feeling is she’s feeling while he’s glaring at her so instead of saying what she wants to say (what is that exactly?) she just loses it and screams at the top of her lungs 
  • ‘GO TO HELL!” 
  • and he says in this voice full of suppressed anger ‘fine. i’m so glad this month is over’ and just turns on his heel and leaves the shop slamming the door hard behind him 
  • maya slowly grabs her coat and feels tears start to trickle down her face and she opens the door and flips the closed sign over and leaves too
  • after that her and lucas just don’t talk
  • not at school, not anywhere
  • and people come to the coffee shop and look around all confusedly because there’s no sign on the cash register and the coffee actually smells good and where’s the metal jar
  • and so they ask this random lady (topanga maybe?) at the counter ‘where’s the cute couple that used to run this place?? where did they go’
  • topanga just stands there speechless because 
  • couple??? lucas and maya??? run this place??
  • when she finally gets her voice back she answers ‘they don’t work here anymore’
  • and the people shake their heads and just leave
  • so the days go on and no one really comes to topanga’s anymore besides a couple of new people and riley and farkle on occasion 
  • lucas and maya haven’t stepped foot into the place after that month because its just too painful 
  • so when they get the frantic phone call from topanga begging them to come back and work or else it’s going to completely close down for good they don’t want too but reluctantly go down there to try to calm her down 
  • and they’re completely taken by surprise when she shoves their aprons 
  • their old, still smelling like flour and syrup aprons
  • into their hands and just bolts out the door 
  • and they stand there for a minute just staring at the aprons in their hands and then they look at each other
  • and it’s completely silent before lucas says ‘do you…do you want some coffee?’ 
  • maya just keeps staring at him and something like realization trickles into her brain
  • lucas is still standing there and getting slightly scared at how she’s just staring at him starts babbling about coffee and other things and maybe the words im sorry 
  • but maya just throws her arms around him and kisses him hard on the mouth 
  • and he wraps his own arms around her waist and presses her whole body against him because holy hell this is what i’ve been missing
  • both their aprons are still clutched in their hands

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Love your work! I did have a request in mind. Picture it, the chcocobros give their s/o a massage (back, foot, whatever), but they find out s/o is ticklish in the process. Would they be sweet and try to avoid the sensitive spot or be evil and use it against them?


  • It started out as an offer to get rid of the knot in your shoulders, but it soon turned into a giggle fit emerging from your throat.
  • He was so confused until it dawned upon him: You’re ticklish!
  • He. WILL. Use this against you. I swear to you he will use it to sway your opinion.
  • He is a complete asshole with this as well, but he has good intentions with this too.
  • “What’s wrong babe? Why are you laughing so hard? Am I doing something to you?”


  • He would notice your stress level rising and would offer you a calming massage to help.
  • Only then will he realize that you are ticklish as his fingers knead your tense muscles as you let out soft giggles and squirm constantly.
  • He won’t say a word, but instead, he would sit there with a smile on his face as he continued.
  • He may or may not tickle you when he knows you need to be cheered up since he loves to hear that melodic laugh of yours.
  • “Did I somehow find something of yours, kitten? Perhaps some certain soft spots of yours?”


  • Upon seeing how exhausted you were after a long day, he offered you a massage while you slept.
  • However, in the middle of his massage, he noticed you weren’t asleep yet you were holding your breath.
  • He wouldn’t know at first, but over time, he would get it, especially once he stopped and you let out a shaky laugh before going back to sleep.
  • A mischievous smirk would spread across his face and he would instantly tickle as much as he could, hearing you squeal and giggle while trying to push him away.
  • “You can’t hide this from me, babe!”


  • After a tedious hunt, he would offer you a massage on your shoulders if you got the knot out of his calf while doing it.
  • But once he started, he would hear you start to giggle under your breath. He stopped to ask you what you were laughing about, but that’s when he noticed that you stopped.
  • He would pick up on it instantly and wait until after you two finished getting the knots out.
  • But afterwards, he would pin you down and start to tickle you everywhere.
  • “Laugh it up babe, cause I’m gonna keep doing this until I get my fill of that cute laughter!”
X reader Part 4

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

Lily’s POV

I got out of Sirius’ dorm room, still in search for an answer. I have all these questions flying around in my head. I mean everything was fine a week ago but now, things are falling apart. Y/N was so happy. I was relief that she was. I was worried about her. She seemed down for weeks and I didn’t know why. I wished she told me about it especially now when things are different from what it used to be.

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Jily HC 5

Jily in Class

  • it’s early sixth year where James and Lily are friends but aren’t official yet (even though everyone and their mother ships the two of them.)
  • The two of them being partners in potions.
  • Probably because Slughorn lowkey ships them. Even though he thinks Lily could do so much better. 
  • The two of them working on a potion one day and Lily noticing that James often gets off topic when they are talking. 
  • Like she’ll ask him to cut up one of the ingredients and he’ll start talking about how he has to decide who he wants to cut from the quidditch team after tryouts. 
  • “James? Could we maybe get back to making the potion?”
  • James turning a light shade of red and he glances down at the table.
  • “Yeah. Sorry, I have trouble staying focused. My mom says I should talk to someone about it.”
  • Lily smiling. “Yeah, sometimes I talk to this lady back home over the summer.”
  • “I don’t need to talk to them about my feelings, I’m very secure in who I am.”
  • Lily laughing, “Well it’s good that you are.”
  • The two of them working in silence for a while. 
  • The potion is almost done when James looks up again. 
  • “Do you think it will rain on Wednesday? We are supposed to have a game but I hate flying in the rain. Last time we had a game in the rain I swear I didn’t dry off for days.”
  • Lily gently tapping James’s hand as he rambles in an attempt to get his attention. “James, we are almost done.”
  • “Sure.”
  • Lily turning the potion books towards him and saying, “I changed the measurement because I think the one in the book is too weak.”
  • James double checking, smiling, and poking Lily’s nose while saying, “Well aren’t you smart.” 
  • “Did you just tap my nose?”
  • James smirking, “You bet I did.” 
  • “What the fuck man?”
  • “Now, now Lily. Fuck is a bad word.”
  • Then the two of them lose it and start laughing so hard that Lily is worried that she’s going to wet herself and James can’t breathe. 
  • In the end, they ace the potion and James gives Lily a fist bump when Slughorn turns his back on them. 
  • That day Lily leaves potions with a strange feeling towards James Potter.