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Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson portraits for the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion” by Entertainment Weekly.

Eyes + Sam Holland

Part 3 in the Clair de Lune Series

Summary: Tom coaxes Sam to confess his feeling to you.

Warnings: Slight angst but love angst, slight swearing by Tom, and fluff

Words: 1,531 

A/N: I haven’t written this chapter yet but I love it already. POST WRITING: I LOVE THIS.

Part 1 // Part 2

Sam peered past the peeled back curtains, expecting you any minute now for your weekly lesson. He was always anxious when it came to seeing you, when it came to doing anything with you really. He usually spent the minutes that you spend walking to the Holland by paces the length of his livingroom, Tom watching as he did so. Sam’s actions made him nervous and antsy, especially because he knew why Sam was being so anxious.

“Would you calm the fuck down, mate? It’s just (y/n).” Tom said as he looked up from the script he was trying to memorize. Sam peered through the window once more before looking over at Tom, a deep blush cascading down his cheeks. Sam stood up a little straighter and walked into the kitchen, preparing to make you tea for your lesson, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 

Oh, but I think you do.” Tom said as he got up from his seat, taking his own look out the window before following Sam into the kitchen. Tom leaned on the counter across from Sam, crossing his arms over his torso and smirking at Sam lightly. Tom looked down at the ground while shaking his head before looking back up at Sam, “Why don’t you just go ahead and ask her out?”

Sam looked at Tom, absolutely flabbergasted. He rose his eyebrows as he looked at Tom’s shit eating smirk, “I can’t just-just ask her out! That’s absurd, I don’t like (y/n) like that anyways.” Tom laughed out loud at that, moving around Sam to finish the tea up for him, but Sam stepped in front of him, “You don’t know how she likes her tea.” He wouldn’t meet Tom’s eyes after he said that, because when the words came out of his mouth, he noticed how his words sounded.

Tom scoffed at Sam, moving back to his spot on the counter, “Come on, every time she gets here you literally freak out. You can’t control those pink cheeks of yours, and you can barely control your eyes when it comes to watching her. And don’t get me started on that dinner last week.” 

Sam finished pouring the hot water into the two mugs before turning to Tom. He looked up at him through his eyelashes before moving towards the fridge in search of cream, “Have you seen the cream? And could you get the sugar for me?” Tom rolled his eyes as he grabbed the cubes of sugar from the cupboard, “ Don’t change the subject.”

“I don’t even stand a chance, I bet there are tons of blokes out there that are killing to be with her…You included…” Tom stopped his actions when Sam turned to face him, his weary eyes meeting Tom’s softly. Tom just stared at Sam’s freckled face, guilt washing over him.

“I-I didn’t mean to ease drop b-but my window was open and I heard everything. I-I heard what you said to h-her. Another lifetime, eh?” Sam’s cheeks turned into a small smile, looking at Tom with worried eyes. Tom set the cubes down by the two mugs as Sam walked over.

“I know how much you l-like (y/n)…And I would never try to compete with you, b-because she likes you mate…She really likes you, and she didn’t even…she didn’t even bat an eyelash at me.” Sam’s eyes lit up as he looked over at Tom, “The whole ‘Spider-Man Card’ doesn’t work on everyone…” Sam and Tom both chuckled together, Tom’s hand coming to pat Sam on the back.

“You ask her out tonight, or I’m doing it.” Sam rolled his eyes, “Like you could compete with me?” He questioned his older brother, who only chuckled at him before moving back to his script. And as soon as Tom sat down, the door bell rang, signaling that you were waiting patiently at the door. Sam rushed towards the front door, and opening it to see your warm smile which he returned as you walked in. You shrugged off your coat and scarf like you usually did, Sam taking both and hanging them before taking your arms and wrapping them around his torso for you. You snuggled your cold face into his chest, his warm sweater scratching against your cheek smoothly. You hummed in gratitude before pulling back and letting his hands warm up your arms.

“Hello, love.” Sam said as he brushed a piece of hair out of your face, the damp snow melting against his finger. You giggled at him, your smiling eyes looking to meet him, your arms still wrapped around him as you look up at the taller Holland.

“How are you today, darling?” You questioned as you peered up at him with doe like eyes. He smiled down at you, his freckles dancing across his cheeks as he looked down at you, “Wonderful.” 

You smiled as you walked away from his arms, and into the kitchen with Sam trailing behind you. Your hands hooked onto the mugs, and you looked at Sam before heading to the music room, throwing a smile over your shoulder at him. He sent one to your back as he walked closely behind you, never paying any mind to the man who sat on the couch, his eyes following the two of your closely.

“You won’t be laughing when I can play this song as well as you!” You laughed out as you playfully hit Sam as he chuckled at you, sliding off the bench and onto his feet as you hit him. You nodded your head in a posh manner, moving your hands back to the keys to start the song over. 

You had almost been done when Sam began to point out you posture flaws, using his hands to reach around you and tickle at your waist, becoming bored with simply sitting there. You were doing everything right, and he couldn’t stand to keep his hands off of you for too long. He huffed as he watched you begin to play the five minute piece over again, you sending him a small smirk. He, once again, sat beside you and just watched. He watched your small fingers lay themselves over the white and black keys, he watched your eyebrows scrunch in frustration as your pinky stretched to touch the key smoothly, finally pushing it down leaving you with a smile of triumph. 

When you finished the full length of the song, you put your hand in your lap, just the way Sam had done when he had finished the song for you all those weeks back. You looked up at him with hooded eyes, your lashes meeting your cheeks and back up to show your (y/e/c) eyes. He smiled at your proudly, his smile softening ever so softly. 

“I finished.” You said as you leaned closer to his freckled face, he nodded as he did the same. He moved an arm between the two of you, holding onto the back of the piano bench, making it easier for him to lean into you, “Yes you did, and it was beautiful, darling.” 

You blushed as you looked down at the hand between the two of you, your eyes darting back up to his, “Sam?” You questioned hopefully. His doe eyes came up to meet yours, a confidence washing over his usually nervous eyes. 

“Yes, love?” His eyes met yours, looking at them intently before flickering down to your lips and back to your eyes. You felt a blush paint over your cheeks, Sam smiled at that. He smiled at the way he made you feel, and he almost prided himself in the fact that he could make you feel this way. Nervous, anxious, and loved

“Will you kiss me?” Your innocent voice was like music to his ears, and he smiled goofily as he leaned in, using his other hand to move his hand over your cheek and into your glossy hair. 

“You don’t have to ask me twice, darling.” He pulled your lips to meet his, taking you in with a deep inhale. His hand on the bench, wrapping around your waist and pulling you into him. One of your hands on the back of his neck and the other on his shoulder, holding him close. You smiled when he pulled back slightly, biting your lip softly as you looked at his freckles up close and personal. And with that look, he pulled you in for another one and another one and another one.

Kiss Sam was like making music. His lips tasted of the Earl Grey that the two of you had just finished, and his movements were like his fingers dancing on the keys of a piano. His sent was like a sweet musk, with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. His body felt like your favorite warm blanket, wrapped around you and consuming you in it’s arms. His hands in your hair were as soft as his kisses, but just as urgent as them as well. Like he had been waiting his whole life just to kiss you. 

And he had been.

And so had you.

And now everything was right in the world.

“Fridays” (Jared Kleinman x Reader)


Jared Kleinman x Reader

This was based off of a quick headcanon I wrote for @dearconnmurphy

Features a female reader. If you want a male reader version shoot me a message/ask!

WARNINGS: Graphic and descriptive sexual content, swearing, light exhibitionism, oral sex/rough sex.

This is literally just smut. All children in the area please evacuate from this post immediately. I will not be responsible for any physical or psychological/mental damage caused from reading this. Disclaimer now over. Enjoy everybody.


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Traveling Light by wearing_tearing; for @megmaybethings
stevebucky. WIP. rated m*.
↳ tags: wingfic, au, dark fairy tale elements, angel bucky, bonding

When Steve wakes up, it is a surprise.

The last thing he remembers is the bottom of the lake, sharp teeth and yellow eyes, and the cold pressure of not being able to breathe. But he isn’t dead. He didn’t drown. He is not in the water anymore.

Instead, he is warm, very much alive, and wrapped in a cocoon of feathers.

He’s also naked. And with a man lying right next to him.

[Read on AO3]
*rating will change. rated m for nudity and dark fairy tale elements for now. 
hi hello! this fic was originally prompted by meg, who asked for stevebucky + keeping warm. the first chapter was posted here about 5 months ago, so this might be recognizable to some of you :P i planned on expanding it into a long fic, and now here i am! this is still very much a WIP, but i’ll try my best to update it weekly. :)

A Silent Love Story

Pairing: Wanda x Reader

Summary: love isn’t heard, seen or spoken, it is felt, truly in your heart. Wanda couldn’t help but notice that cute florist who wouldn’t talk but smile brightly at everyone. She had to find a way to talk to them.

A/N: THE SUMMARY IS BAD, DO FORGIVE ME. hello, darlings! I am sorry I am writing weekly and not all that regular. I have decided that I will write two fics on weekends and post them in the week. AND I MEANT TO WRITE A DRABBLE WHAT THE FUCK?! It’s a cute fic where the reader is a florist and can’t speak so Wanda learns ASL for her. and damn, the gif’ s amazing. hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing! (I can’t live without it, sorry but I am not sorry)

Word Count: 1128

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

The sunshine soft and the breeze cool on her skin, Wanda was walking to her destination with a faint smile on her lips. She had stumbled across your little flower shop only a few days ago, maybe it was the variety of flowers or the beautiful owner of the shop who brought her back there. She couldn’t stop thinking about you, damn the flowers, she wanted to go back to your shop to treat her eyes.

She read the sign board ‘(y/n)’s lil garden’ and took in a deep breath.

‘swim or sink as they say.’ She thought as she pushed in the door. You were bent over examining the freshly arrived roses, almost hypnotized by the faint smell. Wanda looked at your fresh morning face, her gaze taking in your appearance before it landed on your rear. She caught herself staring and quickly looked away.

 You fixed the flowers and turned to face the blushing girl standing behind you and smiled brightly at her. she smiled back and finally mustered the words. ‘hi, I, um, I well needed some flowers.’ You nodded and moved your hands dramatically in the air at the flowers before throwing back your head to complete the act. She chuckled and you straightened up with a grin. ‘can you suggest something?’ she asked and you nodded. you quickly gathered a bunch with some white roses, lilies and sweet pea flowers.

  You got down on one knee, kept a hand on your heart and presented them to her. she rolled her eyes playfully and took them, her cheeks matching the red roses of the shop. ‘you don’t speak much, do you?’ You took out your notepad and scribbled something on it before showing it to her.

 ‘I don’t speak at all, darling.’ it read. She furrowed her brows and you got the clue. ‘Ursula stole my voice!’ you wrote and she snickered.

‘no, really, why don’t you speak?’ she asked smelling the sweet pea flowers.

‘because I can’t.’ you wrote. She was taken aback. She didn’t know what to say.

‘I messed it up, great’ she cursed herself. ‘I am so sorry-‘ she started to speak but you waved it off and got up.

‘I hope you liked the flowers, they can’t match your beauty but I tried.’ You scribbled her another note.

‘thank you, they are lovely.’ She blushed and paid for the flowers before leaving.

The avengers were getting worried. One of their members was showing odd behaviour. Wanda, who wouldn’t get up for early morning trainings could be found almost skipping around the base in the early hours. She would spend hours on the internet and when she wasn’t on her laptop, she was found with some book levitating in front of her. And if all this wasn’t enough, the base becoming a garden was surely a problem.

‘stop right there!’ Clint shouted with a finger pointed at Wanda who was arranging flowers in a vase. She had the expression of a deer caught in headlights. ‘what are you doing?’ Clint walked up to her.

‘putting some flowers in this vase?’ she said as a matter factly.

‘oh, I can see that. In fact, everybody can, especially tony. he wouldn’t stop sneezing and complaining when you brought in those weird flowers the other day.’ He said.

‘stark is a drama queen,’ she put the last flower in the vase. ‘and those were lavenders and forget me nots.’ She explained.

‘I don’t give a damn about those flowers, truly speaking.’ He said and she rolled her eyes. ‘but what I do care about is you. what’s up with you, kid? You are always on that damn laptop or reading some book you never talk about. We are seriously worried about you. and what’s up with the fucking flowers?’ he asked.

‘I like them and I am perfectly fine.’ She assured him and tried to leave. he grabbed her arm and pulled her right back.

‘you are not going anywhere until you tell me the truth.’ He said sternly and she huffed.

‘fine.’ She said and he let go of her arm. ‘I-I really like this florist. She can’t speak so I am trying to learn ASL for her.’ she looked down at the floor. Clint took a breath of relief and grinned at her.

‘aww, that’s so cute. i am so proud of you.’ he said and she shot him a glare.

‘you won’t tell anyone, especially tony or Pietro.’ She threatened.

‘promise.’ He smiled. ‘now go get ‘em tiger!’ he punched her shoulder.

‘awesome.’ She thought as she left.

All the preparations were done. Wanda had properly learned ASL and had practiced the conversation in her head about a hundred times. It had work out, she couldn’t mess this up. she loved seeing your face every morning. The conversations she had with you were better than any other she had ever had.

‘good morning, (y/n)!’ wanda said cheerfully as she entered the shop. You emerged from between a lot of bouquets after you heard her voice. A red rose was tucked behind your ear and you were holding a sign. ‘good morning, sweetheart!’ it read. She shook her head at you. you kept the sign aside before offering her the rose.

‘aren’t you a charmer.’ she examined the rose. ‘and a bit extra sometimes.’ she looked at you

‘hell I am.’ You showed her a note.

‘no doubting that.’ She winked. You swivelled and started picking some flowers. You turned to her again with your usual smile. she took them and didn’t break eye contact. She kept it aside politely and you furrowed your brows. Was something wrong?

‘I really like you, would you like to have coffee with me?’ she signed and your jaw hung open.

‘you know ASL?!’ you signed back.

‘yeah, I learned it recently.’ She said and you melted into a puddle. That was the sweetest gesture anyone had ever showed to you.

‘you learned ASL for me?’ you signed and she nodded. you hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. You quickly got back but couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. ‘I am sorry, I got excited and, and-‘ you dropped your hands and took in a deep breath.

‘it’s okay, I kinda liked it actually.’ She said and you grinned. ‘so is that a yes?’ she asked and you nodded enthusiastically.

‘you are beautiful and I kinda had eyes on you the minute you entered the shop.’ You signed.

‘well only if you would’ve told me earlier, I wouldn’t owe Pietro so much of money.’ She said.

‘you will get flowers as well as a lot of other good stuff for free now, darling.’ You signed and winked making her chuckle.


Oops, I haven’t posted in a while. Here’s this week’s spread, my trackers, and my new favorite spread, “A Sentence In A Day.” I’ve been trying out this spread because I never have time to journal, so I thought, “well, maybe this would help me sorta journal, but it wouldn’t take up much of my time!!” it’s great. Also, these are old pictures, I SWEAR i’m not this far behind 🙄🙄

Movie Night (Baekhyun x OC)

Description: Choi SooRi and Byun Baekhyun are best friends. They even have weekly movie nights. Isn’t that sweet?

Genre: Smut/AU

A/N: So I posted this on AFF but since Byun Baekhyun got me fucked up and has no manners, I decided to post it here. Not sure if there will be a part 2 yet. Hope you all enjoy! (The Texan in me wanted to type “y’all“ soooo bad)

“Byun Baekhyun, if that popcorn is burnt, I swear to Jesus-”

“Shut up. It’s not good to swear. And it’s fine! I didn’t burn it this time! See?”

SooRi moved her head to the side as the buttery snack was shoved in front of her face by her best friend.


Baekhyun glared at the woman as he settled next to her on the couch in the dark living room. “What? No thanks? No "good job?”

SooRi popped some peanut M&Ms into her mouth before smiling cheekily at the man next to her.

“Well, you don’t applaud a fish for swimming.”

He flicked her ear childishly, stuffing a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“I hate you.”

“Love you too, baby. Now hush, the movie is starting.”

Twenty minutes into the movie and there was already an explicit sex scene. They were watching some movie that Baekhyun had suggested earlier in the week. 

Their weekly movie nights had changed pretty drastically recently. What used to be nights filled with Disney movies and cheesy action films turned into erotic borderline pornographic evenings that had SooRi clutching her Pooh Bear pillow close to her body and scooting to the furthest corner of her white fluffy couch.

She had been friends with Baekhyun for nearly three years now. He was her first friend when she arrived in Korea and had shown her around. He was smart, funny, handsome; his numerous admirers and ex-girlfriends knew that well enough. As much as she entertained the idea of trying something more intimate than friendship with Baekhyun, she just couldn’t bring herself to admit it, let alone ruin the one good friendship she had.

But then her mind wandered. Why were they watching this? Or the other movies Baekhyun had suggested recently? Why had Baekhyun been more touchy feely in the past two months that usual (and that’s hard to do because Baekhyun loves touching everyone)?

No. She couldn’t think like that. She was just the best friend. Nothing more.

She chanced a peek up at him and held her breath as her eyes met his dark ones.

He looked down at her lips and that’s when she snapped.

“Oh shit! I forgot I bought ice cream. Be right back!”

She ran off like her ass was on fire and sighed as she reached the safety of the kitchen.

‘What the fuck was that?’ She thought as she got a bowl and began to prepare her ice cream.

She placed two scoops of vanilla ice cream into her bowl when a voice rang through to the kitchen. She grabbed the carton of vanilla ice cream and set it on the counter as she made herself busy in the kitchen.

“Yah! Fix me some too! No whipped cream though!”

SooRi rolled her eyes and fixed her bowl complete with chocolate syrup, Oreo crumbles, and whipped cream and Baekhyun’s with chocolate syrup and a few diced strawberries. She tip toed back into the room and sat even further away from her friend, handing him the cold glass bowl.

“Finally! You missed the best part though.”

“Oh, I bet,” she mumbled under her breath.

The movie was actually interesting minus the unnecessary sex scenes. SooRi was so engrossed that she didn’t even feel Baekhyun scooting closer.

“Let me get a bite,” he whispered in her ear causing her to jump.

“What? Baek, you don’t even like whipped cream. Get out of my face.”

He looked at her with his sweet puppy dog eyes. “Please. I’ll give you some of mine?”

SooRi rolled her eyes, but put the spoon in his mouth just to shut him up. He groaned a bit too much and SooRi had to look down as he opened his eyes and looked at her, licking his lips free of any ice cream.

“Yours is pretty good. Here, taste mine.”

Right as SooRi was starting to open her mouth, the ice cream dropped off of Baekhyun’s spoon and onto her chest. She had worn an old, low cut crop top with her leggings and grimaced as the cold ice cream began to trickle down her cleavage.

“Dammit, Baekhyun!”

She used her index and middle finger to wipe up as much of the mess as she could and looked to see if she brought any napkins into the living room.

“Sorry. Here, just…”

He trailed off as he took her fingers and slid them into his warm mouth. SooRi froze as she watch the man close his eyes slightly and suck her fingers clean.

'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What is he doing?!’

He released her fingers from his mouth but still kept his grip on her wrist. He looked into her eyes before looking down at her chest which was becoming sticky from the melted ice cream. Before SooRi could even back up, he swooped down and licked her chest free of any ice cream residue. He placed open mouthed kisses on her chest, neck, and jaw.


She was cut off by the needy pressing of his lips against hers. SooRi placed her hands against his chest to push him away but instead pulled him closer as he started to massage her tongue with his own.

SooRi knew the man could kiss, but damn, she was not expecting this.

She whimpered when he bit her lower lip, simultaneously tracing his long fingers down her torso and into her black leggings. SooRi mewled and sucked on his lips, pressing herself closer to him.

‘This is wrong. This is wrong. This is so wrong.’

Her wetness almost made Baekhyun pull away to tease her, but he couldn’t drag himself away from her soft, pouty lips. He had wanted to wait and be gentle with her, but she made it so hard to be subtle. But as he pressed his long middle finger inside of her, he determined that it was too late for that idea.

SooRi leaned back in shock as he pumped two fingers in and out of her. Instead of stopping, all he did was move his lips to her neck, kissing and nipping there until he was satisfied with the pretty marks he’d left on her tan skin.

SooRi felt it. She felt it and she was so embarrassed and wanted to drop dead, her stomach coiled and her body washed over with a wave of heat as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“B-Baekhyun, I’m-”

He kissed her lips before leaning back slightly, his forehead still pressed against her own. He locked gazes with her dazed eyes, his own brown eyes fierce as he sped up the pumping of his fingers.

“I know. Cum, SooRi. Cum all over my fingers.”

That set her off. She clamped her mouth shut with her free hand, the other going down to grab the wrist of Baekhyun’s hand and was inside of her. She tightened around his long fingers and then released, breathing heavily against her palm. She closed her eyes, trying to calm down but as soon as she opened them, she almost went into cardiac arrest as she watched Baekhyun lick her release off of his fingers like he had done with the ice cream. He smiled and moaned, the nerve of him. 

Looking at her, he held her gaze as he slipped off the couch and between her legs. He pulled her leggings and panties down in one swift motion before burying his tongue inside of her.

SooRi damn near screamed as he assaulted her still sensitive body. He hooked an arm around her leg and brought it up over her shoulder so that her foot rested against her coffee table behind him. She wanted to tell him to stop. She wanted to ask what the hell he thought he was doing on their annual movie night.

But did she?

Fuck no.

She started to grind against his mouth, sighing as she looked down at him. Somehow, partially because of her forbidden fantasies about her best guy friend, she knew Baekhyun would be amazing at eating a girl out. His lips were just right, not too thick and not too thin, and he knew just where to kiss…and lick…and suck…to make SooRi throw her head back so hard that she almost cracked her skull open against the back of the couch.

“Baekhyun, stop! Shit-please! I’m gonna-”

Her warning fell on deaf ears and he closed his lips around her clit and sucked like his life depended on it. SooRi gripped his dark hair so tight that they were both sure she ripped out a few strands as she moaned deep in her throat. Baekhyun took his time cleaning her up before he stood up, keeping eye contact with her the whole time.

SooRi waited for her heartbeat to regulate, staring up at her ceiling fan before her eyes widened and she pulled her panties and leggings back on. She was feeling the gravity of the situation crash down on her and she scurried to her feet, face hot with embarrassment and shame.

“What the fuck, Byun Baekhyun?!”

Baekhyun followed behind her, grabbing her arm quickly before she retreated somewhere and shut him out.

“I’m sorry, okay? I couldn’t help myself…”

“We’re best friends! We don’t like each other in that kind of way and here you are trying to mess up three fucking years of friendship!”

Baekhyun scoffed and moved his face closer to hers. “Who said anything about liking each other? Listen, I want you and you want me. Shut up, don’t even try to say you don’t, Choi SooRi. But go ahead, lie to me. Humor me. Tell me you don’t want me right here, right now.”

SooRi looked up at him speechless, words frozen in her throat. He kissed up her neck, her jaw, and sealed his lips over hers in a more seductive, slow kiss.

“I can do so much for you in just one night, baby girl. All I need is one night with you, I promise this won’t fuck up our friendship or whatever other shit you’re worried about. Please?”

SooRi looked up at him, reading his face.

'What the hell should I do?’


first post! -birthday jungkook/ vkook spread-

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Off-screen Kisses & Sailing Through Shitstorms

(I’m rubbish at titles, sorry xp)

Summary: During a live-show, Dan and Phil share a kiss that ends up being less “off-screen” than they thought. (based on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ydp351OI9Q btw I don’t think they kissed here, but that is up to everyone’s imagination, right ;))

Pairing: Phan (Dan+Phil), obviously

Genre: Fluff, Comfort

Warnings: very slight swearing, sickening cheesiness (I’m sorry!! ^-^), non-native speaker english (i hope it’s ok tho, i mean i get A’s on a regular level so… yeah)

Please give me feedback as this is the first phanfic I’m posting and if you guys like it, i might post some more in the future :)

******************************and here we go!**********************************

Hey wheres phil

whats phill doing anyway?

Dan go get phil pls! <33

A smile tugged at the corner of Dan’s mouth as he scrolled through the chat. It was near the end of his weekly live show, and as usual, people were demanding Phil. “Yeah ok, you guys have won I guess. It’s time to end this soon anyway, so I might as well let you talk to Phil for the last few minutes. I have no idea what he’s up to though. Let me check on him quickly. Don’t go away!”, he demanded playfully, knowing that none of his viewers would deliberately leave now that he’d announced Phil.
“Hey Phil-”, he began to call, walking out into the hallway, but stopped himself as he almost bumped into him. “-lip”, he completed the question weakly.
“Daniel” Phil imitated him mockingly, suppressing a small grin. “I heard you through the wall.”
“Good. So you wanna come over?”
Phil ran a hand through his jetblack hair, rearranging his fringe. He was wearing a purple t-shirt that highlighted his pale skin and suited him very well in general., Dan noticed. (Ok, fuck that, he was looking plain hot.) “Yeah, I need a break from editing anyway.”
Dan turned back, ready to return to the computer (his viewers had been waiting long enough already), as he felt a sudden pull on his hand that jerked him around. Dan’s breath caught in his throat when he found himself facing Phil with their noses nearly touching. “Hey”, Phil muttered quietly, connecting their lips for a brief moment. “Let’s go”, he said after pulling back, winking playfully at Dan, making him wish the live show was already over so he could do more things like that to Phil. It was already unusual for them to dare and kiss during a live show - yet, nobody had been able to see them so he guessed it didn’t matter.
He pushed the thought aside as Phil pulled him along into the room, letting go of his hand before they entered the space the webcam was covering.
“Hey guys”, Dan said, forcing a smile onto his face. “What did you do, what did you do?”, he asked his viewers, his eyes quickly scanning the chat as he sat down. His anxiety passed away as he saw none of the messages he’d feared - things like “what took you so long” etc. Because they might have heard that Phil had been right there in the hallway, so lying to them by saying that he’d had to get Phil out of his room wouldn’t have been convincing. “You didn’t do anything? Okay.”

He told Phil, who was looking around awkwardly for a place to sit, to pull up a chair. They then continued to chat with their fans for another couple minutes until they bid their goodbyes, waving and smiling at the screen. Dan made sure he’d closed the tab before he whirled around in his chair, smiling widely at Phil. His smile froze quickly, however, when he saw the expression on his boyfriend’s face.
Phil was facing away from him, staring at something in the corner of the lounge. He looked utterly shocked.
“Uhh Phil? Are you alright? What’re you looking at?”, Dan asked slightly nervous. He really hoped it wasn’t another insect he had to get out of the room for Phil because he was too scared to go near it. (To be quite honest, he was usually more afraid but he just couldn’t say no to the face Phil made in these situations.)
But no, he was wearing a slightly different expression now. He was looking as though he’d just seen a ghost. “The TV, Dan”, he croaked out finally.
“But… there’s nothing on, Phil”, said Dan quietly, beginning to worry about his flat mate’s state of mind.
“There was something rather interesting on just a few minutes ago, though”, replied Phil, finally turning around again to look at Dan with a grave yet weirdly apologetic expression. “At least for the viewers. Very interesting indeed.”
Dan stared, at the TV, sat innocently and black in its corner, and its perfectly blank screen… what the hell was Phil talking about? There was absolutely nothing to be seen except a reflection of the direction which the screen was facing. Just a blurry mirrored image of the lounge door…
Thus a reflection of the exact same spot where he and Phil had been stood kissing for two seconds just a couple of minutes ago.

“But…”, Dan began after a couple of moments of shocked silence and trying to cope with the thought of THEIR KISS BEING SEEN BY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE OMFG!!!!

“Nobody saw anything… right? I mean, they would’ve mentioned it in the chat.”

Phil smashed his hopes. He sounded very tired suddenly, and a lot more serious and grown up than usually. “That doesn’t mean anything, Dan. The comments we get to read in the chat are just a tiny glimpse of the total that are typed. Somebody must have noticed. And wether they go on youtube to show the footage, or on Tumblr to share gifs of it or on Twitter… soon everyone will have seen it. And then they’ll know. There’s no point in hoping. There’s no point in trying to deny or hide it any longer”

They both fell silent, Phil rubbing his forehead in distress, Dan staring numbly into the room without seeing anything. So it was out. Their big secret. It was only a matter of time, Phil was right – until everyone knew about their relationship. And what did that mean? No more privacy? No more filming together to excape the crazy shippers? Or… No. Dan couldn’t even begin to think that through.

It wouldn’t affect their private relationship, would it?

His heart was suddenly beating very fast. He just needed to know… He needed to be sure…

In this moment, when what he’d been dreading for years had finally occured, there was only thing of true importance. If everything else was falling apart, one thing had to stay that he could rely on, just one.

“Phil”, he breathed out, his voice breaking. Dan hadn’t even noticed that he was on the verge of tears until then. He tried again, clearing his throat. “Phil, does this… I mean, this, this won’t… this can’t… we can’t let it… I don’t want this to change anything about us.” That’s not a question, you dimwit, said a voice in his brain, but Dan just stared at Phil, his eyes burning and prickling.

Phil lifted his head slowly to look back at Dan.

“I mean”, Dan continued when Phil remained silent, desperately searching for words, but there were none, no words to describe what he felt, no words for the kind of situation they had fallen into. His cheeks felt wet and hot and he brought a hand to his face. Great. Now he’d even begun to cry like the big baby he was. Unable to deal with anything like an adult… why would Phil even bother to put up with him any longer? Or why had he, in the first place?

“I know what you mean”

Dan looked up. Phil was staring right at him, his blue eyes clouded and misty. Was he… was he tearing up? Dan hadn’t seen his boyfriend cry in ages. He was usually the one who cried, and Phil was usually there to dry his tears and pick up his pieces when he broke down….

“You… do?”

Suddenly Phil got up from his chair and stumbled towards Dan across the room. He fell to his knees as he reached him, pulling Dan down from his chair and onto the floor, wrapping him up in his arms. It was an utterly uncomfortable position they were in with limbs oddly entangled, yet Dan found it to be strangely comforting.

“I know”, Phil whispered into his ear, his warm breath fanning the side of Dan’s face. “I know you’re scared, and I am too, and I have no idea what we’re gonna do about this or anything, but it’ll be okay. That’s all I know, whatever this will turn out to be, we’ll go through that storm together and it’ll be fine at the end of the day. I’m here, and you’re here, and as long as we’re together I’m not asking for more.” And by now they were both crying, two grown men sitting on the cold floor of their living room, hugging and tears wetting each other’s collars and faces and hair.

Dan wanted to say something, anything, in return to Phil’s little speech, but his throat was aching and all he could do was clutch Phil’s body, holding on to him as if for dear life, and quite frankly, he was.

“You’re my livesaver”, Dan muttered eventually, his face pressed into Phil’s neck. He hadn’t thought Phil had even heard him, but then he was being gripped even tighter and felt the gentle, yet firm touch of Phil’s hand stroking through his tear-wet hair.

“We’ll make it, Dan. Don’t you ever doubt that. Whatever may fall or break, we won’t. We’ll be the one thing you can always believe in. Just have a little faith, ok?”

Phil detached himself from Dan just enough to take his face into his hands and lean in until their sweaty, tear-stained foreheads were touching, and neither of them cared that they probably had snot running down from under their noses as their lips met in a shaky kiss. They broke apart soon, gasping for air, and stared into each other’s eyes, finding no answer to the question, but the reassurence of each other’s company.

And it was enough, for now, and


Little extra-ending for all who just vomited from cheesiness and crave some fun:

Dan giggled suddenly. Phil lifted his eyebrows in confusion at the sudden mood swing, but Dan couldn’t stop laughing. “What?”, Phil asked, wiping his face with the back of his hand. “Do I have a bogey on my nose or something?”

“No, it’s not that”, Dan said. “But yeah, you do actually - just kidding!”, he added as Phil began to pick at his face in horror.

“It’s just… you were wrong about one thing. We won’t go through the storm together.”

Phil stared at him, beginning to look worried. Dan’s grin widened, as he solemnly exclaimed: “We’ll proudly sail our ship through the upcoming shitstorm and if anything is certain, I am the fucking captain!”, he shouted, probably waking up their neighbours but he couldn’t have cared less, as he jumped to his feet, fist raised in the air like a superhero, and pulled a stunned Phil up to break into a silly dance.

Because what was the point in despairing, when you had such an amazing boyfriend? Literally amazing.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted art in here for over two weeks forgive me pls

In the meantime we reached 300+ followers and omg thank you so much for that I love you <333 I swear I’ll start posting more frequently from now on.

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“Run Through” Xiumin/You

uhhh minseokahs tagged me with this picture about a month ago, hinting at wanting a oneshot, and the first thing i thought of was actor!minseok. so…yeah. enjoy :)

(photo cred to luhansomechen–i’m pretty sure they posted the original edit that i used)

rating: sort of pg-15 for swearing and vaguely hinting at doing things that dressing rooms probably weren’t originally intended for. 

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Weekly Snippet

This week I wrote several prompt fic including: Twi’lek!Anakin, Thrawn for a loop, and Very Un-happy Birthday. @grand-duc, @thendstartsnow, and I have been passing back and forth a round robin fic where Anakin breaks with the Council. Still have a few more prompts to go, but I swear I’ll write them eventually.

When not writing prompt fic, I’ve been working on my story for the Crossovering Exchange. Since it’s supposed to be secret, I will not post a snippet. Instead, here are links to the crossovers I’m most proud of.

1. Déjà Vu (Supernatural/Homicide: Life on the Streets) 

In the summer of 1993, someone is killing young women on the streets of Baltimore and John Winchester is the main suspect.

2. Tales of Albuquerque (In Plain Sight/Avatar: The Last Airbender)

A car bombing in San Francisco lands Marshall Mary Shannon in a whole lot of hot tea or Zuko and Iroh hide out from the Flame Triad in witness protection.

3. Jennifer Hailey, Vampire Slayer (Stargate SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

All Lt. Jennifer Hailey ever wanted was to travel the galaxy via a giant piece of alien technology, make some world changing scientific break throughs and show up Major Carter. Too bad destiny had other ideas. Now she’s got superpowers and a whole lot to think about.


I felt like i had to post the pages here too lmao, for those who dont own dA accounts .v. 

p.s. sorry in advance if jack may be OOC AHA//rUNS and i would like to thank my good friend citrus-overlord​ for helping me in this <3

p.s.s. (?) i will be UPDATING THIS WEEKLY! bc guys, i have school. blame it.


closing the headcanon requests, anything sent in after this post will be deleted!! i still have 10 more or so to go and i’m getting through all of them tonight (i swear on my life) so i can start focusing on some of the older requests in the inbox :) this was so fun though u guys i might make this like a weekly event or something because y'all are some dirty minded freaks and I LOVE IT

oncaro asked me to make a study tips post for her, so here it is! my personal study tips for how to focus and study on your own while school is out~ this guide is mostly just tips from my personal experience about methods to getting started!


Planning is essential to succeeding, especially if you’re trying to study on your own with no tangible deadlines in sight. Without a concrete idea of what you’re trying to achieve and by when, it’s a lot harder to accomplish your goals!

  1. PLANNER // Ah, the classic first tip. I swear by this though - I’m the kind of person who loves checking things off, and it really helps me stay on track. Because there’s often so much to do, if I just keep everything in my head, then I typically don’t get that much done. I forget which important items I have to do, and I’m not able to plan out my time efficiently. You can use a normal weekly/daily planner or create a bullet journal (v popular here on tumblr LOL). It’s really up to you and your preference. I have a few examples HERE after the first few posts you’ll be able to scroll past my own and see the ones I’ve reblogged from other people hehehe
  2. SETTING GOALS // After you have a planner/somewhere to record what you want to get done, it’s time actually put it to good use! First write out an overall list of what you want to get done. Then split each individual task up into mini-goals/steps you can take to accomplish it. Personally, I find it useful to create a timeline with deadlines that I set for myself. It provides a structure so you know when you have to have each task completed by.
  3. LEEWAY // With that being said, make sure to include some leeway while you’re creating this timeline. Don’t be overestimate your abilities to stay on task for the entirety of your vacation/break, and give yourself a couple of days or so of leeway, so that even if you do fall behind, you’ll still be able to reach your goal before school starts again! 


  1. TEST DAYS // If you haven’t studied seriously while school isn’t in session before, then you might want to give yourself a day or two to test out what works best for you. Everything is a continuous trial-and-error process, from planning (bullet journal??? if so what layout?? how do i want my tasks to be written??) to the actual studying itself (which techniques work best for you?).
  2. EXPERIMENT // Experiment with many different methods when you first start. By doing so, you’ll be able to find the technique that both helps you learn the most AND is the most efficient time-wise! and ur time is precious just like $$ so don’t be afraid to change things up if you think they could be even the slightest bit better!


  1. MOTIVATION // Think about why you’re willing to spend time to set all these goals for yourself and write them down somewhere! But don’t just write down things like “I want to do well in school” - write down all the thoughts and reasons why; if you ever become unmotivated, coming back to read fully thought out reasons why you were so energetic and excited to begin studying before will help encourage you in a slump. It could be something like: “I’m spending time studying during summer because I know that I am capable of achieving the grades that I want. The feeling that I get when I see my hard work finally paying off is incredible, and I inspire even myself. I want to continue working because I’m proud of myself and what I can accomplish. I want to take on this task because I want to reach the very best version of myself.” OR ANYTHING RLY THAT WAS JUST ME BLABBING SORRY
  2. REST DAYS // As it is vacation, make sure to plan days when you just go hang out with your friends or family. Make sure to allow yourself days when you don’t do ~*anything*~ at all, because these days are crucial for your mental wellbeing. Take a mental health day; take a self-care day; take a day when you just allow yourself to breath and not have your mind filled with thoughts of schoolwork. I don’t touch my work during weekends (apart from creating to-do lists, but that’s enjoyable for me so I don’t mind hehe), because I want to let myself relax after working so much during the week. This will help prevent burnout as well!
  3. DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF // With that being said, there will be days when you won’t get much done - whether it be because of personal reasons, uncontrollable external factors, or because things took longer than you anticipated. When this happens, hopefully you will have already accounted for it when you were mapping out your time. But even if you didn’t, don’t don’t don’t beat yourself up over it. Just kind of look back on your day, realize what happened, and if there’s something you could have changed/done, then try keeping that in mind and try again tomorrow. Leave the regrets in the past, for they are done and over with and out of your control. Focus instead on what you can control - your future actions.
  4. STUDY SPACE // Clutter-free desk, clutter free mind! Better for your mental health and productivity if your workspace is clear of irrelevant items. Make sure to have everything you need (ie. pens, highlighters, textbooks, water etc.) before you start to work. This will prevent you from getting up in the middle of a study session that you were just beginning to get into to retrieve something you forgot!

Annnd I think that’s it for now! ^-^ Sorry there aren’t any really concrete study methods/tips, but it was getting pretty long so I decided to end it here hehe

L in button downs: appreciation post

 I think we’ve collectively established that this boy looks inhumanly good in any type of clothes. Butbutbut I’ve shamelessly been looking into it for a month and I can assure you that nothing beautifies that little -and pretty curvy- body of his like a nice, fitting button down.

Let’s kick this off with my absolute favorite look, to get y’all fucked up :)

Hmm, let me see if I have more…


I know… He looks deadass hot in white.

There was that one conference where he kinda just-

More white? 

You have photoshoots:



I swear I can see you drooling

Hey, look

What happens if you add a guitar to all this? And blond hair..

External image

You have interiews too. 


(Btw, who else ships Myunggyu?)

Enough with the white. There’s a valid reason his fav color is black.

Even if it isn’t completely buttoned down, it still counts bc MY post. 

What other colors are there? Blue?


100% cuddle certified

I’m Myungyeol trash

Let’s try denim.

How about green?

Remember that time on Weekly Idol








within five seconds?

Or the time before?

We almost got a glimpse at his abs that day 

But there’s something that always comes to mind when I think of button down-L…

My Lovely Girl


 There’s always a picture of L wearing a button down that I haven’ t seen before, and that’s why I’m alive

Let’s wrap this up with his latest appearance.

The Civil Movie War (CW Peter Parker x Reader) Requested

Requested: yes

Anonymous Requested:  Since it’s practically canon that Peter likes Star Wars could you do one where he finds out his girlfriend (reader) likes Star Trek and it nearly starts another civil war with the avengers over which is better

Characters/Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader II Peter Parker, You, Avengers

A/N: idk, I love Star Trek but I’m deep in the Star Wars fandom so this was hard for me. I don’t really like this but I wanted to post something. Also, I am now taking requests for chatrooms!

Warnings: Swearing


“Since we’re all here, which movie?” Sam asked. It was the weekly Avengers movie night and being Peter’s girlfriend meant you were a regular plus one. You were sat on the couch, cuddled into Peter’s side.

“Oh Star Trek Generation!” You squeal. Half of the group’s eyes light up while the other half’s narrow.

“What about that old Empire Strikes Back movie?” Peter says, desperately hoping he wouldn’t have to sit through Star Trek. 

“But Star Trek is way better!” You defend.

“What?!” Tony yells, making you jump. Peter quickly takes his arm out from around your waist so he can get a better view of your reaction. “Star Wars is a culture of it’s own!”

He then turns to Peter. “How is she even your girlfriend? I will not let SpiderBoy be infected by this uncultured child.”

“Uh, it’s Spiderm-” 

“I don’t care,” Tony cuts him off. 

“I actually think Star Trek is better,” Steve joins in. Tony almost drops the beer in his hand. 

“You’ve influenced the Capsicle, too!” Tony shrieks, giving you a headache. “Ok, who else thinks Star Trek is better than Star Wars.”

This is followed by a raise of hands from Wanda, Sam, Clint, Steve, You and Bucky. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Peter sighs.

“I’m assuming the rest of you think that Star Wars is better,” You roll your eyes.

The fight over which franchise was better went on for and hour before Rhodes was been chased out of the room by Sam, for saying that Chris Pine had no place in Star Trek. Clint and Vision were in a heated discussion while you and Tony were full on screaming at each other. 

“Y/N,” Peter taps your shoulder, trying to calm you down. Even if he completely disagreed with you, it was still his responsibility to stop you from getting by Tony’s repulsors.

You turn around to face Peter and before you can argue, you are being dragged out the room. 

“You know I love you but this is the fifth time there has been a fight over which movie is better,” Peter sighs. You walk into his room at the Avengers base and flop down onto the bed. You feel the bed sink beside you as Peter lies down next to you and nuzzles your neck.

“But Star Wars is better.” You slap his shoulder as he laughs and you eventually join in.


I’m still not over what a great choice this cover was and how good they sounded on it. It’s the best kind of cover, where they made it their own and put their own sound into it. They’ve been trending towards these lush, folksy songs and FourFiveSeconds sounds fantastic as one. It’s got a lot of soul like this.

And I know we talked about “See, they want to buy my pride / but that just ain’t up for sale” being THE perfect embodiment of Louis and the way he’s held on the past few years. But also, for 1D as the band they are right now, I don’t think I could pick more poignant lyrics than:

‘Cause all of my kindness
It’s taken for weakness

They have tried so hard to stay kind and polite in a business that’s been so harsh to them. And on the flip side, they also haven’t had the control to put boundaries, they’ve had to stay “kind” about stalking, things being thrown at them on stage, etc. It must have taken a lot of strength, to keep their hearts through all this.

Now I’m four five seconds from wildin’
And we got three more days ‘til Friday
I’m just trying to make it back home by Monday morning
I swear, I wish somebody would tell me
Oooh, that’s all I want

And then this chorus? God, does it ring a bell for them and for us counting down to the end of promo season. I want to thank them for giving me such a great theme song for this week.