i swear i love that boy

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your art style reminds me of 'The long, long, holiday' on netflix Lil' Navi looks a lot like my fav Jewish boi

ahhhh id never heard of that before but i just looked it up (and finally got netflix so i could actually watch it) and holy damn its so so cute,, its making my little animation student heart go wild 

i mean the plot is causing me a lot of pain and its only like three episodes in BUT STILL 

thank you for telling me about it, here’s a sketch of one of my many new darling children (and her pig)

Have you ever had a kiss, that made you so intoxicated off of the other person, that you never want to stop and you fall into them… but they still don’t stop kissing you, and you’re in the middle of a parking lot or somewhere, but it feels like you’re the only two people in the world at that moment? 

Don’t stop until you have this kiss.

You can’t love me, Apollo says with a sharp grin and peaked teeth.

I won’t, Icarus answers and kisses Apollo’s knuckles one by one.

You have to promise, Apollo says and runs his hands over Icarus’ bare shoulders.

I do, Icarus promises and throws his head back when long fingers coil around his throat.

You have to swear, Apollo whispers and bites down on the sensible flesh of Icarus’ cheekbones.

Whatever you want, Icarus swears and closes his eyes against the blazing fire of flesh on flesh.

You get greedy, Apollo snarls after a while and pushes the boy away.

Please don’t go, Icarus thinks when the waves kiss his back and break his bones.

it was his last thought before he fell | r.m

'cause we could be immortals, immortals
just not for long, for long.