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NCIS One Shot: Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter

Summary: You’re dating McGee. McGee’s boss is your father. Gibbs doesn’t know you’re dating McGee. You don’t know McGee’s boss is your father. McGee doesn’t know you’re Gibbs’s daughter. Guess you all had to find out somehow. No wonder DiNozzo can’t stop laughing.

Word Count: 1.3k

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: None

Notes: I’m not dead, I swear. I think of this blog everyday, I’m just so short on time :(. But here you go! Enjoy!

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Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter: A sailor about to receive punishment (usually flogging)

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Just a Taste

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Paring: NeganxReader
Word count: 918
Warnings: Swearing, fingering, oral
A/N: This is in Negan’s POV

Negan Smut week masterlist


I had come to dislike the last name. I hired Daryl Dixon a few years back. Only good thing about him was he did his goddamn job. And, as it turns out, had a fine looking daughter. You had just come home or the summer after your third year in college. Hell, I didn’t even know anything about him outside of work, so this was a surprise.

The only reason I saw you was because you came into the office looking for him. I saw you walking around, looking confused, and a bit annoying. My eyes looked you over- from your ankles, up your long legs, to your hips, over the rest of your curves. You were wearing a dress that came to your thighs, and all I wanted was to bend you over and lift the bottom up.

Smirking, I licked my lips and walked over to you. “Can I help you, sweetheart?” I asked.

You turned and smiled at me. “Can you help me find Daryl Dixon?” Your voice was like honey, and I wanted more.

I raised an eyebrow, but nodded. “Anything I can help with?” I asked as we walked.

You chuckled and shook your head. “No, I’m filling out paperwork to apply to study abroad my last year of school. There’s some forms he needs to sign.”

“So you came to work to have him sign them? How do you know Dixon anyway?” I asked, curious.

“Well, it’s almost lunch time. I thought he’d like to get something to eat.” You smiled softly. “And he’s my father.” My eyebrows shot up, and you must have noticed. “Why do you look so surprised?” You laughed.

I licked my lips. “Never thought Dixon could have such a fine looking daughter. You must look like your mother.”

“She does.” Came Daryl’s voice, making me sigh. “What’re you doing here, Y/N/N?”

“I have some things I need you to fill out, and I was hoping you could join me for lunch?” I watched the two of you, and saw him visibly relax.

He gave her a sad smile. “I have a lunch meeting, but I can take you to dinner. If you change into pants, I’ll take you up the coast on the back of the bike to that place you like.”

Watching your face light up at that made me wonder what else she’d like between her legs. “Okay. Here’s those papers. I’ll see you later.” She kissed his cheek before turning back to me. “Walk me out?” She asked.

“I’d love to, sweetheart.” I grinned.

Daryl growled. “Stay away from my daughter, Negan.” He ground out.

You looked over your shoulder at him. “He’s been nice enough to help me find you. He’s been a complete gentleman, Daddy. I’ll be fine.” You assured him.

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url @okayymo

Hi, I’m Mo! I’m 18 & living in Arizona. I’m a senior and love to talk to people. I play lacrosse and basketball & like to watch cheer, soccer, you name it. 
I submitted last time & met great people. I’d love to get to know some more friends & maybe become more than that? I may be ugly but I swear I’m sweet lol so stop by & ask me a question or just say hey.

Everything I Didn’t Know I Wanted (Snowbaz blurb)

“Oh my god.”


“I mean… Oh my god!”

“Don’t you dare speak of this ever again, Snow, or I swear I will–”

Your full name is Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch?!”

Fuck off, Snow. I mean, your last name is literally snow. It fits though because snow falls from the sky and you fall down stairs,” that smirk turns up the corners of Baz’s lips. His perfect lips. I mean, not that I’d ever given much thought to his lips.

“Okay, but your name sounds like a really spiced up dinosaur. How ridiculous is that?” I can’t keep the laugh from escaping. It was just too ridiculous. This extremely proper perfectionist shares his first name with a dinosaur that barely has any arms. 

“Yea? Well, your last name literally has a piss joke made about it all the time.” The smirk was gone and was replaced by a frown. I knew I should feel proud to have made a Pitch feel ashamed, but I oddly didn’t. I felt…guilty.

“Aww, I’m sorry.. Did I upset you…..Tyrannus?” Okay, moment of guilt was gone. His name would never cease to amuse me.

“Shut up, Snow,” was the surprising response I got. He..wasn’t fighting back. Now that I looked at his expression, he just seemed tired. Not like the I’m-gonna-go-to-sleep-now tired. More the, I-can’t-deal-with-this-any-longer kind of tired. I guess he just didn’t to deal with me anymore. Aaand moment of guilt has returned. 

“Baz,” I say normally, all amusement gone from my voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

He looked about as shocked as I did from my words. I was apologizing? To Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch? 

“I’m not upset because of a bloody name, you idiot. I’m upset because, well because…”

“What? Dinosaur got your tongue?” I smirk at him, taking a step closer as if daring him to do anything to me. 

“Shut up, Snow,” he glares at me sharply.

“Make me.”

I smirk, knowing what I was doing.

He kisses me, and suddenly, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m kissing back and it feels good and right and like everything I didn’t know I wanted.

Dating Minho would include:
  • 2min ftw everyday.
  • seeing him shirtless like boy let me live holy crap you need to stop like right now wtf
  • “Are you sure yoogeun wasn’t your son? I wont be angry, I swear.”
  • SNL Korea skits being your life
  • “Hey babe?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “Choi Min-”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Baby, don’t do this.”
  • “Dibidibidis you name is Minho.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Are you dibidisappointed in me?”
  • watching all of his movies a thousand times when you miss him
  • phone calls for hours where you can just listen to each other talk about the most mundane things and that’s okay
  • “Hey, Minho. What do you call a really good rubber band?”
  • “Fantastic! Elastic!”
  • “How’d you know?”
  • “I told that one to Taemin last night. He hit me but it was worth the pain.”

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((I'm that anon who sat on her crush's lap... I need a shorter name)) Anyways... Two of my friends, him, & I, went to watch a movie last night at his place & we were watching a scary movie. Now, usually, I don't really like horror movies because they're not really scary but this movie was & I was enjoying the shit outta it. But my crush was totally fucking done with it. He kept going "Omfg why are these ppl so daft! Do they not know the ghosty-goo's right there!" He was hella scared and so cute!


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A - Age: 30
B - Biggest fear: Damaging someone else’s life with my mistakes. 
C - Current time: 9:00 PST.
D - Drink you last had: Rooibos tea
E - Every day starts with: Swearing out loud and then checking my email. 
F - Favourite song: I don’t know? But maybe Adele’s Hometown Glory.
G - Ghosts are they real: Definitely. But only in our imaginations. 
I - In love with: the idea of a fulfilling life. 
K - Killed someone: I killed an amoeba when I was in high school. I burst it with the microscope lens and it flailed itself in half. 
L - Last time you cried: A few weeks ago, I watched that thing with Jackie Chan and his stunt team. 
M - Middle name: It’s not in English. 
N - Number of siblings: One
O - One wish: More time to do more work. 
P - Person you last called/texted: My best friend. We were both late for hanging out.
Q - Question you are always asked:  “Are you ok?” I try hard not to, but I do wear some of my stress on the outside. 
R - Religion:  Intense in my childhood, rejected in adulthood. 
S - Song last sang: Mangling the beginning part of “We Know the Way”
T - Time you woke up: 10:45. It’s the weekend, that’s allowed. 
U - Underwear colour: lilac. 
V - Vacation destination: New York. Boston. Chicago. Oslo, Stockholm, Reykjavik. New Orleans. Halifax, Whitehorse. Riga. Bridgetown. Glasgow. Belfast. Venice. 
W - Worst habit: Sloppiness. 
X - X-Rays you’ve had: MRI. I didn’t open my eyes once and sang the Wicked soundtrack in my head for what felt like six weeks. 
Y - Your favourite food: Soup dumplings. I have them infrequently but if I couldn’t have them for the rest of my life, that life would be of questionable value. 
Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo

Watching Maze Runner with my sister
  • She knows I ship Newtmas so she decided to have some fun with that.
  • Thomas: *meets Newt*
  • Sister: look at that, the beginning of the love...
  • Thomas: *looks back at Newt, more than once*
  • Sister: he already can't keep his eyes off him.
  • Ben: *jumps on top of Thomas*
  • Sister: Newt won't like that, you can't just throw yourself on top of him! He's committed!
  • Newt: *hits Ben with the shovel*
  • Sister: see! Told ya he would get jealous.
  • Newt: *helps the gladers to banish Ben*
  • Sister: of course he is helping... calm down there Newt. No need to get this jealous.
  • Newt: we can't risk losing anyone else.
  • Sister: *looks at me smirking*
  • Newt: *talking about Teresa* really? Cause she seems to have recognized you.
  • Sister: he just can't stop getting jealous can he?
  • And so on so on...
  • Me: *hysterically laughing the entire time*

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wait.. u do know his last name is spelled mendes right?😂😂

wth i swear i put mendes lmao woops but yes i do know it’s spelled like that 😂 thanks for catching that!

The Better Boyfriend (Tony Stark x Reader Drabble)

It’s nearly 1am and I should sleep but sleep is for the weak (I won’t be saying that when I wake up tomorrow, believe me)

Also, I know some of these are more drabbles and others are full blown imagines. It really depends on the idea/prompt. 


Prompt ;   ‘I’d rather spend the rest of my life with a murderous psychopath than go anywhere near that idiot’

Request; Can I request prompt 2 with Tony?


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

E/N - Ex’s name 

Warnings; swearing 


‘Please, Y/N? For me?’ Your boyfriend whined, tugging at your hand. You ignored him, continuing to type angrily away at your computer. He huffed and wrapped his arms around shoulders as a last attempt. 

One of the magical powers you had acquired during your year as Tony Stark’s significant other was the ability to ignore him when he became exceptionally annoying. Sadly, not everyone had gained this skill.

‘You can’t ignore me forever! It’s just one night-’

‘I am not going near E/N!’ You finally snapped. ‘I’d rather spend the rest of my life with a murderous psychopath than go anywhere near that idiot. He’s a lying, cheating scumbag and I-

Tony interrupted, knowing you would rant on for hours. ‘It’s just a party, Y/N! If I turn up on my own, then I’ll get the Y/N finds Tony too annoying to hang out with from Rhodey! Plus, you can show off your hotter, better boyfriend ito E/N!’

You stopped for a second, having an internal debate. ‘And can we talk about how successful I am?’

‘Or how rich I am? And how I own a sky-scraper?’

You grinned, cracking your knuckles. ‘It’s a date.’

Tony released you from his arms and grinned, giving you a kiss on the cheek. ‘I’ll also give him a black eye for cheating on you.’

Even better!

Hope you enjoyed!


Welcome to Midgard

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Welcome to Midgard

Older Brother Thor and Loki Imagine

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Imagine Thor and Loki being your older, over-protective brothers

Notes: I didn’t know how to do the last name since I imagine depending on gender it’s Odinson or Odindaughter but for simplicity’s sake I put Odinson. Also this was a cute request, I’ve always imagined the brothers would be over protective if they had another sibling!

Warning(s): Minor swearing from Clint.

Many people on Midgard talked about the mighty Thor and his conniving brother, Loki, but not many knew about one of their younger siblings, (y/n) Odinson. When you finally reached Midgard to visit your brothers Tony nearly had a heart attack. Actually, the whole team save for Thor and Loki almost had a heart attack.

“Be calm friends! It is just our sibling, (y/n)! They’re coming for a visit since school is out for a few months. I thought I told you, did I not?” Thor asked, curious.

“No, you oaf, you didn’t.” Loki simply sighed and snapped his book shut. He was halfway to the elevator before he raised an eyebrow at the team, “Well? Are you all not coming?”

“Um…Is this little sibling anything like you?” Clint asked, waving an arrow around as he cleaned it. Loki merely scoffed and rolled his eyes before turning back to the elevator where Thor waited

“Whatever you do, bird man, don’t even think of befriending them.” The team followed suit, curious, while Clint bristled.

“Thor! Loki!” You laughed, running to the older men once they stepped out of the elevator. Loki caught you in the middle of a hug, a happy sigh escaping his pale lips. The usually grumpy sorcerer looked more at peace now, with his sibling safe in his arms.

“Hello there little one. I’m happy you could visit. Do you like the view?” He asked, gesturing to the open skyline. You nodded against his chest, looking out at it’s vastness.

“It’s quite bigger since the last time I was here. Hello Thor!! Father sends his regards to you two, by the way.” You hummed looking up at your eldest brother before switching from Loki’s arms to his. The hug you two shared looked bone crushing to the Avengers in the background.

“Hey do they have daddy issues too?” Clint asked, snickering at the glare it received from Loki.

“No, arrow head, (y/n) does not. They are actually father’s second favorite, after Thor.” He said bitterly. You blew you your cheeks and punched Loki in his arm, playfully,

“Are you sure? Father’s always complaining about how he would love your advice with the counsel. Apparently they have grown more annoying with time. I would love to give him some but I’m too young and school takes up too much of my time.” You huffed.

Thor laughed and gently ruffled your hair. “I’m sure he would love your advice, little warrior. Now, these are my friends, the mighty Avengers! I’m sure you’ve heard of them in Loki’s letters to you, have you not?”

“Oh yes, I have. He talked about Iron Man, and Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, although he doesn’t like to get near him to often, and I think he referred to the last one as arrow head?” You muttered, trying to think. Clint let out a huff of anger while Loki snickered under his breath.

“Hawkeye. It’s Hawkeye! Arrow head is just the dumb ass nickname Frosty over here keeps calling me! Look kid, whatever he’s told you about me is probably wrong.” Clint said, stepping forward to poke Loki in the ribs with an arrow. This earned him another trying glare from the once-Asgardian man as the arrow magically snapped. No words were exchanged from them but you could sense the tensions between them.

You blinked as Thor laughed nervously and began to herd you towards the elevator. “Perhaps we should continue our conversation downstairs in the common rooms, that way we can give (y/n) some food, perhaps the prized pizza you Midgardians love so much!” This spurred some arguments in the elevator between the brothers about whether or not the greasy food was good for you to eat. Steve laughed softly in the corner as you frowned and bickered with the two of them to stop.


“So, (y/n), what’s it like living with Golden Prince and Frosty The Grumpman?” Tony asked. The team had eventually ordered pizza and you were trying it for the first time. Loki ate a salad, proclaiming at least he wouldn’t become fat and unbecoming.

You blinked, assuming he meant your brothers, and said, “Well it’s actually pretty nice. When we aren’t bickering, I mean. They’re both pretty over-protective sometimes, though. Thor often likes to teach me how to fight and Loki likes to teach me magic. I’m actually fairly good in both, I’m training to be sort of a battlefield sorcerer like Loki, but with more warrior principles involved.”

“Has he ever played tricks on you?” Natasha asked. Clint perked up and payed attention, seeing as he was the main receiver of Loki’s mischief.

“Oh certainly! But eventually we came to an understanding and do most mischief together. We’ve prank Thor a lot, and Sif and the Warriors Three. They’re nice but can be jerks to Loki sometimes, so.”

“Great! Great! Now he has a goddamn partner!” Clint shouted. Loki snickered.

“You said they were overprotective. How so, (y/n)?” Bruce asked, speaking up for the first time since you arrived. You smiled and laughed, “Well Thor doesn’t let me go hunting or fight in the sparring area very often, says I’m not old enough and I’ll get hurt. I think that’s stupid though, because he used to fight there all the time when he was younger than me. Loki doesn’t let me do too many intricate spells and he also likes to keep an eye on who I’m friends with, says I’ll hurt myself if I’m not careful.”

“Yes, you will. Don’t befriend arrow head, he’s not very nice.” Loki sniffed. Clint flipped him off and you laughed. It was truly great to be with your brothers once more.

Being newly married to Michael would mean:
  • Him randomly calling you Mrs Clifford just because it sounds sexy.
  • Making you record a new voicemail message for the house phone because you’re now both officially Cliffords.
  • “This is the Clifford house… but not like my mum and dad, okay? I mean the younger Mr and Mrs Clifford - Fuck, we’ll have to try again.”
  • Having to redo the message five times before he gives up and sticks with your first names.
  • Helping him find his wedding ring when he loses it re-enacting Lord of the Rings.
  • “I swear this is the last time I do that, babe.”
  • “Okay maybe not but I won’t lose it next time.”
  • Finding him going through the wedding gifts again because he wants to find the toaster that Calum bought for you both because Cal said it adds whiskers to the toast.
  • Discovering Cal lied and having to deal with Mikey sulking all day.
  • “But why would he lie about that? I hate him.”
  • “I don’t but you know what I mean. What kind of best man does that?”
  • Overhearing your first dance music playing as you come home from being at work because he missed you.
  • Mikey randomly pulling you into hugs because you’re his wife and he excitedly keeps reminding you of that.
  • “We get to be together because a piece of paper says so.”
  • “Wait - where did we put the marriage certificate again? I want it in my music room so I can remind myself it’s legally binding and you can’t back out, even if my 3am jam sessions piss you off.”
As Slow as You Like It

Author: slytherinspen
Warnings: Mild language (swearing), angst (but a happy ending), drugging, drugs (love potion)
Length: 2,236

Based on: Imagine Fred secretly giving you love potion as a prank, but not knowing what to do when you start to seduce him. 

A/N: This is my first Fred fic! Please let me know how I did, constructive criticism is always welcome as it’s been a long time since I last wrote. Sorry if it’s really long!! 

Okay, so Fred didn’t actually intend to just take you to the library today – he got you to the Great Hall just in time to show you a prank execute itself unto Crabbe and Goyle of the Slytherin house before you both had to take off running from Snape, your enchanted textbooks flapping behind you to keep up as you sprinted into the aisles of the library. For whatever reason, Madam Pince hadn’t found you both to kick you out, so the two of you just giggled obnoxiously in a remote place at the back of the library as you tried to calm down.

You laughed a little breathlessly with your best friend, your papers all over the place as you recounted the details: “their faces, oh my GOD, so orange – I’ve never seen anything so orange in my life, even more than your hair, Merlin – ” you lapsed into another giggle fit, Fred laughing along with you. He admired you for a moment in your state before bending down to pick up some of the papers that escaped from the bindings of your books. You quickly remembered that some of them had drawings of his face on it and made hasty work to gather them from under his hands.

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Relic (Part 4)

Pairing:  Bucky x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing, Long

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s note: PART 4!!! Yay!!  Also, if you saw my last posts, one of them being an answer, you know what’s coming. *wink wink*I got a lot of positive feedback from this series so far and I’m so excited to continue it, hope you enjoy!  Oh and, since it isn’t in the end note, Thanks for following, and stay awesome.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Relic (Part 4): The Man Dressed In Black

~~~Relic’s PoV~~~

Bucky leaned back in his seat, distancing himself while the doctor leaned forward, resting his elbows on his legs.

“Hello, Relic”  He said, most obviously interested.

“What’s the occasion, doctor?”  You asked, crossing your arms and slowly pacing the chamber you were in.  “Are we a lab rat now?”  The scientist’s eyebrow perked up.

“We?”  he asked, jotting something down on his clipboard.

“Yes, we, me and (Y/N).  Don’t make me answer stupid questions doctor…?”  You left it open so you could learn the man’s name.

“Uh-Strobel.”  He said quickly.

“Well, Dr. Strobel, I don’t know what you want me to say but I’m definitely not answering stupid questions.  Do not waste my time, doctor.”  You said with a hint of anger.  You were let through by (Y/N) and now these idiots were wasting your time.  (Y/N) probably let you through to avoid these silly conversations or something.  It was weird, you two could communicate to each other, and yet you never remembered anything from the other person.  You were almost completely separate except for the fact that you shared a body.  

“No worries, Relic.  I just need to ask you a few questions.”  You looked down and bit your lip.  You might as well.  It’s better than being stuck in a reflection doing things you won’t remember until your back in a reflection. 

“Fine.  Make it quick Dr. Strobel.”  You spat, plopping down on the surprisingly comfortable bed in the cell.

“Do you ever feel any pains or headaches?”

“No.”  You replied quickly.  He jotted it down.

“What about hallucinations?”


“Then why do you keep glancing at you reflection, giving it a small wave and such?”  He asked, tilting his head.

“It’s not a hallucination, doctor.”  You said in an irritated tone.

“Then what is it?”  You took in a breath to reply, but someone swiftly opened the door first.

“Doctor, we need you down at the lab.”  Dr. Strobel nodded in response and got up, giving you a wave before heading off.  You stood up again and gave Bucky a surprisingly sweet smile.  You had decided Bucky was on your trust list.  (Y/N) liked him, and even though you didn’t have much emotional attachment to things, you had to admit you kind of liked him too.  He was kind, caring, and quite attractive.  You would be nice to him, not only because you rather liked him, but for (Y/N)’s sake as well.

“Hi Bucky.”  You said in a sweet, slightly flirtatious tone.  (Y/N) gave you a glare through the glass.  You smirked and winked at her.  

“Hi.”  Bucky replied in an un-amused tone.  

“What’s wrong, honey?”  With that (Y/N) pounded her fist on the other side of the glass, and Bucky’s expression turned aggravated. 

“You can’t call me that, Relic.”  he said quickly.  You laughed a bit.

“I didn’t mean to make you mad Bucky.”  You said playfully.  He obviously didn’t like you right now.  You tilted your head and frowned ever so slightly, mocking the cute face (Y/N) would make when she wanted something.  Your tone was still lower and darker than (Y/N)’s, but it would still work.  “Forgive me?”

He gave you a glance but quickly looked away.  Ok, dislike was an understatement.  You couldn’t blame him though.  You destroyed 3 whole blocks of New York, hurting (Y/N) in the process.  Oh well, he’ll live.

“Fine.  I see how it is.  I’ll let you see (Y/N).  Will that make you happy?”  You said, slightly hurt.  You didn’t mean to hurt everyone, you were just stretching your legs.  It wasn’t even that bad, you could’ve destroyed the whole city if you wanted to.  Bucky looked to you, hope filling his eyes.  He nodded.

“Alright, fine.  Fine.  Just…  Just know that I’m sorry if I hurt you.”  You said, trying to be sincere.  Yeah, you had a soft side.  Well, not entirely, you just wanted Bucky to trust you, for (Y/N)’s sake of course.  You needed his trust to protect her.

“Catch ya later, Bucky.”  You waved your fingers with a small smile, giving (Y/N) one last look in the glass before looking down.  You could feel the red glow being drained from your eyes.  Click.

~~~Your PoV~~~

You looked up to lock eyes with Bucky.  The doctor was gone.  What the hell did you do this time, Relic?  You thought.  You looked in the window to see her shrug.  Huh.  She was just as clueless as you were.  You smiled and looked back to Bucky.

“Hey hun’.”  You said in a much lighter tone than Relic’s.  Bucky perked up and his lips pulled into a smile.

“Hey doll.”  He said, walking up to the glass and pressing his non-metal palm against it.  You walked up the the glass as well, putting your palm on the clear surface, matching up with Bucky’s.

“How long was I out?”

“You weren’t necessarily-”

“You know what I mean, Bucky.”  You said through a laugh.  He chuckled.

“It wasn’t that long.  No worries.”  There was a short pause.  Maybe now things would be better.  Maybe now you could go back to your normal life as long as Relic stayed under control.  As usual, you couldn’t be more wrong.  You knelt down to take a sip of water from the glass at your feet.  You got back up to see a strange man dressed in black behind Bucky.  He definitely wasn’t there to help.  You stood up and dropped the glass of water, it shattering on the concrete floor.  He furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head, questioning what was wrong.

“Bucky!!!”  You shouted, pointing behind him.  He tried to turn, but before he could do anything, the man dressed in black stuck a syringe in his neck.

“NO!!!”  You yelled, pounding at the glass as he was dragged away right before your eyes.  You heard Relic’s deep voice in your head.

“You want to help him, don’t you?”  She asked.

“Yes! What do you think!?!”  You shouted at the reflection.  She raised an eyebrow.

“May I?”  You nodded and quickly closed your eyes.  

“They said you couldn’t get out though.” You whispered.

“They underestimate me, darling.”  She said quickly as you could feel the dark red energy flow up to your irises.  Click.

~~~Relic’s PoV~~~

You looked up in confusion, looking over to the reflection.

“What the hell?”  You asked, confused.  (Y/N) shrugged and sighed.  Why would she have so urgently brought you back.  You screwed your eyes shut, trying to remember.  You and to remember, this would be frustrating if you didn’t.  Your eyes shot open and you took a step back.  You could remember everything when you were simply a reflection.  You slowly looked up, meeting with (Y/N)’s eyes.  Her memories melded together as well.  

You cracked your knuckles and your neck, before forming a ball of crimson energy, firing at the window.  It took a couple tries, but finally the glass shattered.  You could feel adrenaline starting to pump through your veins, mixing with the blood red energy.  You jumped over the small ledge and busted the door open.  You stepped through, firing a ball of energy to your right, taking out an enemy.  You ran down the hallway towards the drag marks and carnage like breadcrumbs, trying to find Bucky.  You heard a loud thud to your left, so you ran down and turned the corner to the hallway.  You saw a man slumped against the wall, drifting away from consciousness.  You quickly ran down the hallway and turned towards the exit of the building.  You threw open the door and men tried to take you down.  You sent out a burst of energy, sending the men flying.  You looked down the road and across a bridge to see Bucky being dragged into a truck.

“BUCKY!!!”  You yelled, running down to the bridge.  You made your way down the bridge, but was suddenly tackled by surprise.  The shock of being tackled made you panic, and in turn you let go.  Click.

~~~Your PoV~~~

You screamed when you realized you were being thrown off of a bridge right outside the building you were just in.  You reached and just barely caught the ledge, your legs dangling over a shallow rushing river, sharp rocks below the white waters.  You saw Bucky snap out of his trance and take out a couple guys on the other side.

“BUCKY!!!”  You screamed desperately.  You weren’t as strong as Relic.  You couldn’t hold on very long.  Bucky looked over, his eyes widening as he saw your fingers slowly slipping away from the metal beam on the bridge. 

“HELP!!!”  You yelled one last time as you felt your grip loosen and loosen until it no longer existed.  You took a deep breath, screaming as your hands slipped off your only glimmer of hope.  The only thing you could do was scream.

(( Nice cliff hanger, right?  I know I’m so mean.  Especially because I won’t be writing part 5 for a while.  Oops.  *evil laugh*  ~ Chloey ))

Last night of night float

I swear, I’m an AMS magnet.

Tonight’s first patient: it’s currently the 1800s, the president is Nixon, and we’re on a ship.

Tonight’s second patient: his name is “fuck you”, the year is “fuck you”, our location is “who the fuck knows” and the president is “Canadian”.


Of course I know my Overwatch characters

There’s Nipple Man,

as well as his brother, the No Nip Ninja (who used to have glorious Nipples but Nipple Man got jealous and cut them off),

not to mention The Trashman,

and his Big Pet Big

Of course we can’t forget the ladies like G4M3R G1RL,

as well as a Very Hostile Grandma

And last but not least Time Traveling Cavalary Lady

I'm so angry

You know why.

And if one more stupid entitled “fan” comes forward and tells me it’s the price of the fame he wanted I swear I am going to implode.

It’s his bloody honeymoon for crying out loud.

Last time I checked, people go for careers that make them happy. I became a sports journalist because I like writing about sport, not because I want my name in the paper.

Just because he is an actor (and is bloody good at it) doesn’t mean he has to sell his rights to some semblance of a normal life.

He’s not a fame whore. You want that just look at the Kardashians.

Sick to death of people thinking just because he makes films they’ve got a right to view every moment of his waking life.


Ah Darling Julius.  With a takeaway, the cricket scores, and a mobile, you’ll rule the world!

I was reminded about this one the other day when someone commenting on some random story in the guardian mentioned Malcolm by name and then directly quoted his last two lines here like it was the most natural reference in the world to make.  All I know is I was immediately cheered up by seeing that.

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