i swear i have hearts instead of eyes when i watch this movie and especially those two

Beautiful Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: So i started Hemlock, aint so bad. I really like it so far! Can you do Roman x Reader, where the reader is a lil bit chubby and they are dating. She gets along with his sister and Peter very well and he genuinely likes her.

But she over hears people talking about her saying he is only with her to have sex with a chubby girl for laughs so she just avoids him until he practically corners her into telling him why she avoids him? Sorry if the request is too long xD

MAJOR WARNING: Bullying and body shaming

Note: Enjoy!

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(I’m sorry I couldn’t help it XD!) 

You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror looking at your ugliness.

You weren’t like most girls in a bad way to your opinion. You were slightly chubby so you weren’t stick thin and had a small layer of extra fat but to your opinion you thought you looked like an elephant.

Your thighs were too big, your waist was too wide, your hips were just…you didn’t find yourself beautiful. You felt ashamed of it everyday you went to school passing by your peers who looked at you funny and teased you just because you chose to wear loose clothing instead of their tight fitting mini skirts and heels.

You arrived to your locker and began to grab your stuff for your first class. You closed your locker with your stuff in your arms and hurried to class since you liked to be there early.

When you were walking down the stairs a dumb jock bumped into you and you tumbled down the stairs causing your papers, binders, and books to go all over the stairs. A few of the people around you laughed and the arrogant dumbass high fived his friends.

A few sluts walked past you stepping on your papers or avoiding your objects pretending like you weren’t even there at all.

“Need some help?”

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Singledad!Tom (the beginning) HC

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SingleDad!Tom is my life source tbh so here we go! I think I’m going to do a couple of these headcanons/blurbs because I love Little Alana. Also before you ask yeah I made Alana mixed because I wrote a headcanon about Tom x black reader, and a part of it had him doing the little girls curly hair and I fell in love with that so expect that to be a part of this Alana “series”. The actual reader though will be vague enough to imagine yourself in that part. I hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think. Love you guys!


Word Count: 1891

Warnings: Swearing and fluff

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister

  • Tom was in a pretty stable relationship with a dancer he’d met while filming in NYC named Kaya.
  • The two knew how to have fun together and enjoyed each other’s company.
  • The relationship came to a close however when the two got into an argument about not seeing each other enough that ended up with screaming and glasses being thrown at Tom’s head.
  • Kaya stormed out in a rage and it was safe to assume that relationship was over.
  • Tom moved on with his life, not wanting to dwell too much on the girl he did have serious feelings for.
  • Flashforward about a year later, Tom gets a phone call from his publicist flipping out on him.
    • “Do you know what you’ve done!?”
    • “Oh my gosh, I stopped myself before I spoiled it too-”
    • “No, not that. You’ve done something big, just Facetime me.”
  • He’d call her on Facetime and would see her with a baby in her lap.
  • To say he’d be confused was an understatement.
    • “Congratulations?”
    • “I should be saying congratulations, this little one was left in my office today with a note. You got Kaya pregnant.”
    • “Shit.”
  • He would be filming a Spiderman movie in Atlanta and paid for his publicist to fly down asap.
    • Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly happy about having to fly with a random child, who did not like her and would not stop wailing.
    • She ordered a lot of champagne on that trip.
  • Tom would first meet his little bean when he got home from filming to his Atlanta home. He’d walk inside and see his publicist in the living room with the baby girl sitting on a blanket grabbing at a stuffed animal. 
  • His heart stopped in his chest. She was beautiful.
  • The angel had dreamy chocolate eyes, chestnut curly locks, and caramel colored skin.
  • She had those adorable little pinchable cheeks.
  • “Holy shit you weren’t joking,” Harrison said coming in behind Tom. 
  • The little girl looked up at her father and his best friend.
  • Tom gently got down on his knees and came close to the little girl.
    • “Hi princess, I’m your daddy.”
    • The little girl grinned letting out a satisfied gurgle, trusting the stranger for some reason.
  • His publicist introduced the little one as Alana and she was 5 months old.
  • Tom pulled his daughter into his lap and hugged her close to his chest. She was his everything now and would make sure she had the whole world.
  • His publicist showed him Kaya’s note which simply explained how she was sick of being a mother and needed to live her life and he should never contact her.
  • He was PISSED to say the least. While he was glad he now had his daughter, he didn’t understand how his ex could just drop her off with no second thought. 
  • He contacted his lawyers and had them serve her with official papers giving him full custody so she couldn’t change her mind and make his life a living hell. Now that he had Alana he couldn’t imagine having her taken away from him.
  • At the beginning of his fatherhood journey, things were a little rocky. Tom had a tight filming schedule which involved early mornings and late nights.
  • He took his little girl to set with him and she was very clingy. 
  • She wasn’t sure how to feel about all the hustle and bustle of the set and felt comfortable in her father’s arms. 
  • The first time she saw him in his Spiderman suit she was confused. Tom chuckled at her wrinkly little forehead as she looked at him intently. 
  • He was really cautious about holding her while in the suit because spit-up on a 6 figure costume was probably not something Marvel wanted.
  • There was a very close call where Tom had been spinning her, not realizing she had just finished a bottle. One of the production assistants recognized the familiar look on the babies face and snatched her from his hands letting the little girl spit up on her instead of Tom in the expensive suit.
    • “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Tom hastily apologized, reaching to grab Alana back.
    • “Don’t worry, I’ll clean her up,” The woman said, already covered in the small girl’s snack. 
    • “Um thanks, Y/N I appreciate it.”
    • “No problem, Tom.”
  • Whenever Tom had to get his hair and makeup done Alana was right in his lap, cuddling up to his chest.
  • At the early morning shoots, the little one would have a tradition of falling asleep in his lap while getting his hair done.
  • He would smile down at his lap watching her little snores.
  • Alana became the set baby.
  • The whole Spiderman cast and crew fell in love with her. 
  • Zendaya and Jacob were especially soft with the little one, both having nieces and nephews.
  • Jacob would promise to teach her how to sing and also started calling her the Trinity’s baby.
  • Zendaya would buy Alana new clothes and offer to help do her hair, knowing Tom was helpless on the topic.
  • Everyone would joke that Alana’s allowed to see the script but Tom’s not because she’s a better secret keeper than him.
  • He attempted to keep her a secret for as long as possible from the outside world because he didn’t want the little one traumatized from yelling and cameras in her face.
  • He knew it was inevitable to keep her a secret forever, but he was doing a pretty good job. 
  • Marvel doubled down on security making sure no one on set took pictures of Alana and if they did they should expect to be hit with 2 lawsuits. One from Tom and one from Marvel.
  • So far, no one on the outside had suspected anything. The only “questionable” thing he did was switch out his usual sports cars for an SUV but that could just be reported as a change of style.
  • The first time Alana met her Uncles and Grandparents were during a filming break in November. While everyone on set was having Thanksgiving, he went home to show his little girl off to his family.
  • They took a private plane (thanks, Sony) back to London so they could be comfortable and Tom wouldn’t have to look over his shoulder every five minutes, paranoid someone knew who he was and was taking pictures of him and his girl.
  • She was surprisingly well behaved on the flight, sleeping most of it off in her car seat.
  • Tom looked at her lovingly and snapped a few pictures of her then placing a kiss on her forehead.
  • When the plane landed, he would have Harrison take Alana so in case someone did recognize him he wouldn’t have to explain why he had a child with him.
  • They made it through customs seamlessly and found the twins waiting for them with a car.
    • “Let her favorite uncle see her first,”
    • “Fuck off, Sam she’ll know I’m way cooler.”
    • “Can you divs shut up she’s still sleeping,” Tom would snap ending the arguing.
  • The car ride was spent catching up with each other, when they’re halfway home they hear a tiny little yawn.
  • Tom lifts up the blanket and chuckles as Alana rubs her sleepy little eyes.
  • “You’re home princess, isn’t that exciting?”
  • Arriving at the Holland home, Tom could barely get through the door without everyone bombarding him to get a look at the Holland girl.
  • He placed the car seat on the coffee table and removed the blanket, showing her angelic little face.
  • Everyone awwed. They’d seen the few pics Tom had taken but now she was actually there.
  • “You have the same eyes,” Nikki smiled lifting her granddaughter out of the car seat. “Aw, I’m going to spoil the mess out of you little one. Isn’t that right?” She cooed. Alana squealed. “You need to stay with us all the time, so you end up with our accent isn’t that right? You’re a London girl aren’t you?”
  • Dom would ask when Tom planned to show Alana off to the world, to which Tom responded “probably eventually, or never. Never works.”
  • His parents forced him to come up with a gameplan for revealing the secret, knowing he’d just be more upset if it came out not on his own terms.
  • The final solution was to have Harry take a black and white photo of having Tom hold a sleepy Alana against his shirtless chest, and then have the caption “Daddy’s sleepy angel”
  • The post blew the fuck up
  • The entire family turned their phones off just from the vast amount of calls, texts, and social media notifications they’d got.
  • Tom spent the rest of his break just enjoying time at home before he knew he had to face the public.
  • There was one call that he did pick up, Y/N’s.
  • Ever since she’d saved his suit, the two had been talking to each other. 
  • Alana normally switched between her and Harrison whenever Tom was acting on set. 
  • Tom would feel comforted by his friend’s nice words.
    • “Me and my girl will be alright, don’t worry about us.”
    • “We’ll amp up security on set if you need it. And we can make sure your flight comes in at a low traffic time.”
    • “I’ll figure it out. Thanks for checking up on us.”
  • The return back to Atlanta was…a mess. A hot mess. There was a genuine mob of people waiting for Tom, Haz, and Alana once they made it through customs.
  • The loud screams startled the baby girl, making her wake up and started crying.
  • Her father would try to shush her, but the tears did not stop.
  • Obviously, the mob of people heard the baby cry and it made them go even wilder.
  • Tom hurriedly tried to exit the airport with security, doing something he rarely did which was ignore signing things for fans.
  • Before he could fully exit someone yanked the blanket off the baby girls stroller, exposing her tiny eyes to the flashes.
  • All her father could see was red. He was visibly shaking out of anger that they, first of all, had the audacity to follow them, upset his child and then attempt to put their hands near his baby.
  • Harrison could see this anger and pushed his best friend ahead before he could do something he would regret. He grabbed Alana’s stroller, blocking her face with his body and practically running to the car.
  • In the car, Tom sat in the back seat with Alana and tried to soothe her cries. He was still tense but had a light touch with her. Her cries got quiet, as she wrapped her tiny hand around his fingers.
    • “It’s alright angel it’s okay.”
    • “I thought you were going to punch someone in the face,” Haz spoke up from the passenger’s seat.
    • “I should have.”
  • From that horrible experience, Tom was even more careful with Alana seeing how panicked she got the first time.
  • She was his whole world and he’d protect her as such.
New Beginnings Part 5/?

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 5,559

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff (seriously fluffy fluff, Chris is adorable)

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bumping into Chris Evans.

Part 4  Part 6

It was a blissful night’s sleep for you; never wanting to wake up.  With you and Chris acting out your horny teenager dreams last night, you had the best night’s sleep in a long time.  He really knew what he was doing with those magical fingers of his.  You could only imagine that he was just as skilled with other body parts as well.  

Chris’ alarm blared loudly waking the two of you up.  You were still curled up into his side as his arm was wrapped protectively around you. He reached with his other arm to turn the alarm off, causing you to groan.  

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Character: Mark Tuan (GOT7)
Genre: Fluff
Words: ~3000

Plot: You and Mark aren’t lovers, but you aren’t exactly just friends either. And though you’re both too shy to full express yourselves, the attraction can’t be hidden, even in the small exchanges. Especially in the small exchanges.


I know this sounds silly, but there’s a look that she has. You might call me delusional, but this look, it changes when she looks at me. When she glances at Jaebum, then Jackson, shines her smile across the faces of the three maknaes, and a cheeky grin for Jinyoung, it’s beautiful and charming just like her heart. But when her eyes settle on me finally, they take their time, trailing slowly, first on my fingers, and they make their way up my arms and fixate for a while on my chest. And then she looks away again, as if she hadn’t been swallowing the whole of me in a single moment. She’ll brush her hair out of her face, tuck it neatly behind her ear only to have it fall across her face again just minutes after. And with a quick press of her lips together, she’ll furtively glance back at me. 

Her cheeks turn a bright pink when her eyes meet mine and I can’t contain the laugh that takes hold of me. 

I can’t say exactly what it is about the look she gives me. It’s just different. 

I don’t want to overstep my boundaries, but I’d like to say, we have something.

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Saccharine [V]

{{ adjective // excessively sweet or sentimental ; sugary, relating to or containing sugar }}

All I want for Christmas is you.

Fluff. College AU. 3,421 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


College is incredibly difficult. You’re struggling to balance five classes, a three hour lab, two clubs, and a social life. It sounds crazy, you now know it’s crazy, but your stubborn freshman mind was too excited to comprehend that when you signed up for everything at Freshman Orientation. And most days, you feel like dying from the workload or moving onto Plan B: dropping out and finding a sugar daddy instead. But fortunately for you, you have your temporary salvations. They arrive every week on Friday at 9 PM on the dot.

Every Friday night, your dormitory holds a Cafe night. Cafe night is when a different sweet is given out in the common area each week. You usually have to come early because the line gets long fast and the food may run out. After all, it is free food.

And anyone who’s been a broke college student would know that the two most favorited words in college are “free” and “food,” especially when they are combined together.

“Hi, _______!”

Although, those two words uttered by Kim Taehyung may be your absolute personal favorite now. Not that you were biased or anything. Of course not.

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My top 25 NaLu moments! (Part 1)

Here I’m going to post my favorite 25 NaLu moments. Since they have a lot of moments, it was hard to pick just 25 (and keep in mind that this is manga only, no anime, meaning there’ll be no filler moments, nor movie moments). Since I don’t want this to get too long, I’m going to split it into 2 parts (25 through 16, 15 through 1). Also, this is MY OPINION only; my favorite moments. You don’t have to agree with me, or say ‘the other moment should be higher’ or ‘why didn’t you include that moment here’. I love all NaLu moments, but there are some that just make my heart go ‘whoooooa’ and those are the ones I’ll include here. It’s not spoiler-free, so if you’re not updated on the current arc, I suggest not to read it.

Part 2 can be found here.

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anonymous asked:

1/? same anon on the shame Dawson ask) but uhhhhh goodboi!hoseok whomst always go to school, teachers pet, has the best grades amongst his peers (Also maybe has a crush badgirl!reader but whomst knows). You sit next to him in class, (occasionally glances towards u when ur asleep, he grumbles about how ur gonna “fail ur classes” but he lowkey👀admires ur sleeping fACE). SO, he’s all shy when you’re in the room, he’d be laughing at a joke jungkook would say & when u walk in he’s suddenly quiet

2/? He’s getting all fidgety b/c you’re there, in the room. (He also knows you fight, maybe in a gang??? He doesn’t to now but he doesn’t like that :( he doesn’t want u to get huRT). Sometimes he’ll see bruise marks on ur thigh (he’s nOt a pervert), a cut lip (maybe busted?) and a cut on ur cheek. IM RANTING AND EMO, THERE ISNT ENOIGH FOR ME TO EXPLAIN HOW I FEEL ABOUT GOODBOI!hoseok & BADGIRL!reader, PLZ H E L P

well shit dude. you just had send this to me and you just had to make this sickeningly adorable and *cues taylor swift look what you made me do - AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE THE SONG*

hoseok didn’t know what emotions were or how they functioned with the human body. to be honest, hoseok only knew the generic ones like being happy when you get to eat your favorite food or do what you like. being sad when you’re not able to get what you want and feeling like shit because you can’t just run out of pizza what the fuck. being angry and disappointed when one of your friends back out on a plan that you were really looking forward to see. yes, he’s eyeing kim taehyung and jeon jungkook super hard if he could.

then one day, a certain someone (you) came into his life (you), took a seat beside him (you) and taught him what it was like to have your heart beat really fast without giving him a reason to (you). it could be the simplest thing of offering him a smile when he lent you a pencil or a major thing to beating the shit out of the person that tore his notes in half and you made sure that person was so sorry that he had to get on his knees to beg for forgiveness not from you but from him. during the whole time he can’t even focus on anyone else but you and that’s what keeps him up at night: thinking about you.

hoseok wasn’t much of a fidgeter but with you around, honey, someone replaced those fidget toys and get yourself a jung hoseok. he can’t help himself, either. it’s a natural instinct for his body to react this way whenever you’re in the same room as him, let alone be beside him every monday, wednesday and friday. he swears on everything he owns, he’s a hundred percent sure you’re going to fail your classes but instead of waking you up when you fall asleep he… stares. how pretty you look with your eyes fluttered shut, baby hair falling over them as the breaths of air you take in, exhales out the syllables hoseok wants to breathe in and tell you how he feels.

but it’s not easy.

it’s almost impossible. he could chat up a room with his group of friends, crack multiple jokes and set the mood but the second you join in, he shuts up in fear he’ll say anything stupid. he’s envious of how anyone you talk to suddenly looks like they’re in love with you and he’s one of them. how your aura just dominates the atmosphere and all light is on you especially when you smile and when - “hobi! you in there?!”

he groans and sits up from his bed, looking at the door before he answers.

“go away, jungkook! you said you were going to come two hours ago! i don’t want to watch that stupid movie anymore!”

“open up! i have someone here with me that needs your help! i’ve got somewhere to be!”

hoseok feels his gut dropping to his gut when he hears - “it’s okay, hobi! we’ll just go to jin’s!”

the door opens in a blink of an eye and jungkook smirks when hoseok’s all flustered and unable to speak. on cue, hoseok holds you up and jungkook doesn’t even wait as he makes a run for it. hoseok does shout for him, mumbles a few profanities after but ultimately grows quiet when you’re there with him. you whistle and wave a hand in front of his face, capturing him back to earth as his wide eyes look at you.


“if you don’t mind, could you possibly…” your voice trails to your neck and you have never seen hoseok lose the color on his face so fast before.

“y/n! you’re bleeding!”

“means your eyes work fine, hobi. that’s great-”you can’t even finish teasing him when he hauls you over to the bathroom and he’s a mess. but a cute one. with just his plain shirt and slacks on, with his round glasses staying on his nose, he nudges you to sit on the counter as he fumbles around for the first aid kit. chuckling, you get comfortable and lean back on the mirror, dangling feet for casualty.

he stands firmly in front of you and he pops the box open, then his hands freeze. like his mind went blank.

“i… y/n i…”

“you look like you’re going to pass out. and i’m the one bleeding here,” you snort, leaning closer to him and hoseok swallows thickly when he comes face to face with you.

“you alright?”

hoseok robotically nods and looks away, hands hovering over the things he knows inside out and in order of what he should do but it’s like his mind sucks at being his mind. everything is black, replaced with the image of you even though you’re right fucking there and his heart is taking off to the heaven’s.

“maybe you might want to start with the antiseptic? to cleanse the wound?”

hoseok feels his soul returning to him when you smile.


it’s a slow process, but it’s one that starts to pick up in pace when (ironically enough) you’re the one directing him on what to do. he’s gentle, for the most part, fingers daintily moving against your skin and him apologizing every now and then when you hiss in pain. when he has everything sealed up and bandaged for you, this is where hoseok gathers the courage to ask when curiosity gets the best of him.



“no, i have a question,” he looks up, after shutting the first aid kit.

you nod with a grin, arms crossed over your chest. “hit me,”

you confused the poor boy.


“i mean, sure. you can ask me anything,”

“well… how did you know all that?”

“all of what?”

“just now when… when i was treating your wound,” hoseok exhales deeply and breathes when you won’t take your eyes off of him. he’s turning red at an alarming rate but for some reason, you still find this adorable. you should probably not look at him but hey, he’s pretty good looking.


he coughs and tears his eyes away from you before he builds enough courage to look at you again.

“you kept reading out formulas,”

“sorry, it’s a habit whenever i get treated. i sound smarter that way,”

“…but those are the hardest ones,”

“hey, just because i sleep doesn’t mean i can’t hear,”

now you’ve made him lose his shit.

“n-no! i didn’t mean that you were-i was just-oh my god y/n i’m sorry i was-”

“hey, calm down,” you put your hand on his shoulders to root him down but you’re not sure if he’s keeping quiet because it calms him down or if you’ve just made him braindead.

“i was kidding. but i meant it when i said i sounded smarter that way,” you laugh, carefully pushing his glasses back to its original spot before you pat his shoulder and hop off the counter. as you make your way out of the bathroom,  he chokes on his saliva when - “so what movie are we going to watch?”

there is no way hoseok was going to survive the night.

“Bartender Skills”

To prepare for his next movie, Nick was given two weeks to pretend to be a bartender at a popular downtown bar where he meets you. He was supposed to learn how mix drinks realistically, instead of falling in love.

Warning: slight swearing
Nick Robinson x Reader

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Two Time’s The Charm // Seungcheol

Originally posted by hansols

Synopsis: Who said fleeting moments with a random stranger in a random setting can only happen once?
Word count: 1.2k
A/N: A follow-up oneshot for the short Encounter at The Grocery and yes, I am aware of the actual phrase third time’s the charm. This one’s for @aesthedick-cheol. It’s really plain and basic but I hope you like it. Also, I had this video in mind while imagining Cheol’s expressions~~

Bubbly foams of fruit-scented shampoo trickled down your hair as cold water from the shower ran down your body. Lathering and rinsing for a couple of minutes, you took the large bottle of conditioner from the shelf, only it wasn’t conditioner.

“What the hell?”

The word ‘shampoo’ printed out in plain and medium-sized font stared right back at you before the dumbness of the situation hit you in the eye. You gritted your teeth and sighed before yelling at your roommate,

“Shane! Wait up! I’m going with you!”

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quiet-hubris  asked:

F. Burrcules pls :D *hehehehe*

Prompt F. An absent look or touch.

By the time Aaron makes it to the movie theater, he’s really starting to regret his decision to walk there. Only a light snow had been falling when he left his home, but it had quickly picked up to become more of a flurry as he continued, and now Aaron is basically covered in snow.

So when he steps inside the theater and is met by immediate warmth, Aaron lets out a sigh of relief. He wipes his feet on the mats by the doors as he looks around, locating his friends quickly; Laurens is standing next to an amused looking Lafayette, both of them staring down at Alexander, who is gesturing wildly with his hands. Behind them, Hercules says something and shakes his head, but then his eyes land on Aaron and he tenses, and soon the other three are spinning around to look at him, wide smiles on each of their faces.

Even though he’s used to the group acting strange, Aaron still thinks this is one of their more unusual greetings, but he makes his way over to them anyway. They had all agreed to meet up to see a scary movie that had come out recently called The Death Trap or The Hell Hole or some ridiculous name like that. Aaron doesn’t care for horror movies much, but he figured it would give him two hours of pretending to stare at a screen while he proceeds to actually space out. He’s always found movie theaters strangely relaxing.

“Aaron! You came!” Laurens throws his arm around Aaron’s shoulder when he reaches them, while everyone else gives him a nod in greeting. Aaron can’t help but notice that Hercules looks nervous, and wonders what they had been talking about before he came over. 

“Of course I did.” Aaron responds, raising an eyebrow. “You guys planned this outing like a week ago.”

“Yeah, well, funny story.” Alexander makes what he probably thinks is an apologetic look, but Aaron can see the mischievous glint in his eye. “Laf, John, and I actually forgot we had to do something tonight, so we can’t stay. But Herc really wants to see this movie, so you two can still go!”

“Oh.” Aaron shifts on his feet and glances up at Hercules, who gives him a small shrug. It’s not that Aaron doesn’t like Hercules, in fact, that’s kind of the opposite of how he feels. “I…yeah, that’s fine.”

“Great!” Alexander exclaims, and Aaron watches as he practically drags Laurens and Lafayette away, but not fast enough to stop Lafayette from throwing a wink over their shoulder that makes Aaron’s face grow warm.

“So, tickets.” Hercules says a moment later, and Aaron nods, digging in his pockets for his wallet, but Hercules stops him by wrapping a hand around Aaron’s wrist. “I can cover ‘em, especially since you kind of got tricked into this.”

“I…” Aaron swallows a few times, trying not to think too much about the warmth of Hercules’s hand on his skin; Hercules is always doing this, touching Aaron like he doesn’t know how it makes his pulse skyrocket. But he probably really doesn’t know. It probably means nothing. “Okay, sure. I’ll get popcorn then.”

They meet up after they have the tickets and the popcorn, and Aaron lets Hercules lead him to the theater, hoping the other man doesn’t feel the shiver that passes through him when Hercules places his hand on Aaron’s back. It’s nothing, Aaron tells himself. Hercules probably doesn’t even know he’s doing it. 

They sit down towards the back of the theater, making it just in time for the lights to dim and for the movie to start. Aaron takes a deep breath through his nose, trying to calm his nerves as he puts his hand into the popcorn bag. But then Hercules’s hand is also grabbing at the popcorn, his hand brushing against Aaron’s in the process, making him jump.

“Sorry.” Hercules says softly, his eyes on the screen, and Aaron just nods, quickly removing his hand and bringing the popcorn to his mouth.

The small touches continue throughout the movie, and Aaron knows that Hercules must not be doing it on purpose, there’s just no way. The touches are so soft and brief; his foot touching Aaron’s, his arm pressing against Aaron’s on the armrest, his hand brushing over Aaron’s knee, and each time Aaron peers over at Hercules, his eyes are still trained on the screen. 

So Aaron tries not to think about all of it, focusing on the movie instead. But at one point, a jump scare causes Aaron to grab at Hercules’s hand, gripping it tightly. He quickly becomes embarrassed and tries to remove it, but then Hercules is closing his hand around Aaron’s, his thumb brushing absently over the back of it.

Their hands remain entwined for the rest of the movie, and whenever Aaron peers over at Hercules, he swears that he sees the man smiling. But he can’t be sure, it could just be the dark lighting tricking him. 

Finally, after the last surviving person in the movie defeats the monster, the credits roll, and Aaron and Hercules exit the theater, their hands back at their sides. Aaron turns to Hercules, about to thank him, when he starts talking first.

“Do you want to come back to my place for a bit?” Hercules asks, and Aaron can’t stop his jaw from dropping. “I mean, just to watch another movie!” Herc says in a rush. “I always like watching a Disney movie after a horror movie, and Alexander and John won’t be there, so you don’t have to worry about them talking through it and I just-”

“Yes!” Aaron says quickly, cutting Hercules off. “Yeah, I would…I would like that.”

So Hercules drives them back to his place and puts on The Lion King, both of them sitting on the couch. Aaron notices the way Hercules’s fingers drum nervously on his thigh as the first song begins. Then he tenses slightly, one of Hercules’s hands moving to rest on Aaron’s knee, his fingers resuming their drumming as if the movement is the most natural thing in the world, and not a movement that is making Aaron’s heart pound. 

It’s not on purpose, Aaron tells himself sternly, not wanting to get his hopes up. Hercules is touching him without noticing. That has to be it. 

Aaron starts to drift off at some point during “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and he doesn’t even notice his head dropping to rest on Hercules’s shoulder. But he does notice when Hercules puts an arm around him, pulling him closer. Then a phone starts to ring, and Aaron blinks his eyes open slowly when Hercules answers.

“Hey. Yeah…yeah he came over. No we are not making out, shut up Alex!” Hercules hisses into the phone, and Aaron feels his lips curve up into a smile at how nervous Hercules sounds. “He’s…he’s asleep. Yes, on me, and I’m gonna hang up now so I don’t wake him up, cause this is the best moment of my life and I don’t want to ruin it. Bye.”

Aaron rearranges his face as Hercules hangs up so it looks like he’s still sleeping, but his thoughts are swirling. So Hercules does like him, and…and what? This night had been one big plan to help Hercules hang out with him alone? And all those small touches had been on purpose? Aaron smiles again, his heart fluttering, and then he stretches his legs and yawns, making it seem like he’s just waking up.

“Hi.” He murmurs to Hercules, who is staring over at him with parted lips. “Did I miss all the good parts?”

“Hm?” Hercules hums, his eyes roaming over Aaron’s face, making him laugh softly.

“The movie, how much did I miss?”

“Oh.” Hercules laughs and shakes his head, but one of his hands reaches out to rest on Aaron’s thigh. “I wasn’t really paying attention, to be honest.”

“Oh.” Aaron echoes, and he only hesitates a moment before turning on the couch so he’s facing Hercules, one of his own hands reaching out to rest over Hercules’s, pushing it higher up his thigh. He’s suddenly feeling very bold. “Something else holding your attention?”

“Yeah.” Hercules breathes out, and he brings his other hand up to cup Aaron’s face, his thumb brushing over his cheek. Then Hercules pulls him in, pressing his lips to Aaron’s in a soft kiss.

Oh, Aaron thinks to himself as they both sigh against each other’s mouths, this touch is definitely on purpose. 

Ghost stories - Part 1

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AU where Bucky was never blamed for the bombing and the events of Civil War didn’t happen.

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1431

A/N: So… it’s me again! Somehow I’ve been hit by a wave of inspiration and this is the result. Chapter inspired by the song Visions from The Maine.


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Last night I saw you in a dream

I’m still not sure just what it means

Two nights before much of the same

I found you dancing on the back of my brain

There are twelve notebooks in his backpack, which compose the scattered memories dating back to as far as he can remember. Bound in black letter with a little red elastic holding them closed. All of them are exactly the same, except for a few color coded sticky notes poking out the top.

Over the past few months he’s developed a system: blue is for Steve and pink for the Howling commandos; his HYDRA missions are highlighted in bright red as well as his memories as the Winter Soldier.

He never looks at those pages.

Like someone who’s suffering from Alzheimer, he writes down scattered memories of his life in fear of losing his memory again. He’s prepared now, or so he likes to think. He finds comfort in the thought that, if anything were to happen, he could run away with nothing but that backpack.

When Captain America himself comes barging into his apartment in Bucharest he doesn’t think twice, he takes his backpack and runs as fast as he can. Leaving everything behind but those notebooks, safely stashed in the pocket right against his back. He runs and runs and runs until the burning in his legs becomes unbearable and his lungs are on the brink of exploding. Only then does he allow himself to slow down, leaning against the bricked wall of an old building. A thin sheen of sweat is trickling down his back and something in his mind shifts for a second.

There’s a woman staring through a window, dark hair flowing down her back in stark contrast against her white robe and bare arms shivering at the cold breeze. She hums a song under her breath and whispers his name. “James”.

He’s not sure if it’s a memory but the vision leaves him shaking, because it’s the first thing he sees clearly ever since he’s remembered Steve. Heart beating frantically, he scrambles for the last one of his notebooks and scribbles down the memory, but it’s not enough.

He needs to leave soon, that much is clear to him, and yet he can’t help but feel hollowness inside; as if he’d left something but can’t quite figure out what it is just yet. So he does the first reckless thing he’s been so careful not to do in months and he goes to a little shop a few blocks away from the Main Square to buy some pencils.

And that is how Bucky Barnes learns to draw.

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Request: Woozi spends too much time with his company's dancers

Excuse the profanity, please

You frowned as you watched your boyfriend from your spot on the floor. It’s been 3 hours since you got to the practice room for your date with Woozi, but all he’s been doing is practicing his dance. All the acknowledgement he’s given you was a quick nod and a wave when you walked in.

You were getting frustated, especially since all the dance moves were super touchy. Some of the dance moves didn’t even seem like the original, snd you could’ve sworn the dancers were loving it.

There was one in particular, a girl with long black hair and a curvy body, that you knew was loving the dance. Every chance she got, she would be touching Woozi. Whether it be a light touch on the shoulder, or a sly brush to his pants, she always had a coy smile on.

What was worse was that Woozi wasn’t even doing anything about it. In fact, he just returned every smile and brush that the girls gave him, and it was driving you insane.

When a break finally came around, you got up to talk to him. The room was filled with sweaty male and female dancers, but all you could focus on was Woozi. Yet again, he was surrounded by the females, and yet again, that one girl was being excessively touchy with him.

Tapping him lightly on the shoulder, you tried to get his attention. He turned around, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah?”

You glanced at the dancers around him, only to find them all staring at you. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” you asked quietly.

Woozi looked back at the females around him. “I’m sorry, babe, but I’m kinda busy right now,” he apologized quietly.

That got your blood boiling. Busy? He was busy right now? You knew damn well that it was his break, especially with the way he was just standing around and laughing, and he had the guts to tell you he was busy?

“Woozi,” you said firmly. “Can I please have a word with you, now?”

Seeing the seriousness on your face, he nodded. You walked away quickly, heading out the door with Woozi trailing behind you. Once in the hallway, you leaned against the wall, waiting for Woozi.

As soon as he got out, he closed the door behind him. “Hey, can we get this done quickly?” he asked, turning to look back into the practice room through the door’s window. “I really need to get back to practice, and you’re kind of distracting me.”

You threw your hands up in exasperation. “Are you kidding me? Woozi, we were supposed to go out on our date hours ago, yet you’ve just been ignoring me this whole time and flirting with those girls instead!”

Woozi shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you, y/n.”

“What do you mean, ‘you can’t believe me’?” you quoted. “What’s so hard to believe?”

“I’ve been working my butt off this whole time, and all you do is stand here and bother me with your stupid jealousy?” Woozi scoffed. “Have I been laughing and joking around with the dancers? Yeah, maybe. But that’s because at least they understand me, and that I have work that I need to focus on, unlike my so-called ‘girlfriend’.”

You were taken aback. Did he just say those dancers treated him better than you did? Anger ready to explode out of you, you lashed out.

“So you’re saying those ladies understand you better, huh!” you shouted. “Fine, then how about you keep them up till 3 in the morning with your problems, go to them when you’re having a hard time or fell that something’s not right. Better yet,” you looked Woozi straight in the eye. “How about you ask them to be your girlfriend, because I am done with you, Woozi.”

Leaving him standing there in shock, you stormed out of the hallway, and out of the building.

A few weeks later, and you found yourself on your couch, disappointed at how things turned out. You were disappointed at how you handled the situation, and how brashly you made the decision to say those words. You were even more disappointed, however, that Woozi didn’t even take the time to talk to you or make sure you were alright.

You were in the middle of watching a sad movie, when you heard your phone make a noise. Leaning over to grab it, you saw that it was a message from Hoshi.

Hey, y/n, are you free today?

You sent him a response quickly. Yeah, why?

Meet me at the cafe by our dorm at 7, I’ve got something to tell you.

Raising a brow in curiosity, you told him okay. Hoshi and you were pretty close, but you hadn’t hung out one on one lately, so this came as a surprise.

Looking at the clock, you saw that it was 5, and decided to get ready. It took about half an hour to get there by bus, and you hated making people wait, so you made sure to have extra time. By the time you left your house, it was already 6.

When you got to the cafe, it was pretty empty, only a few customers there. Realizing you still had a lot of extra time, you bought some coffee to warm you up from the cold outside.

As you waited for 7 to roll around, it got darker and darker outside. Gradually, the few people in the cage all left, and even the cashier left the room to go to the back room, you presumed.

You sighed, warming your hands with the cup of coffee. Checking the time, you saw it was already 7:05. Wondering where Hoshi was, you got up to get another cuo of coffee, only to have the lights in the room turn off.

“Great,” you muttered. Heading over to the counter to go tell the cashier, you stopped when you heard singing behind you.

The voice was soft, almost a hum. It seemed to be coming from one of the tables behind you, and the voice was too low to understand what it was saying.

Holy shit, you thought, heart pounding loudly. This is it, there’s a ghost behind me, and they’re going to kill me, and no one’s going to know because this darn cafe’s lights turned off.

The singing was getting closer, and you heard footsteps coming your way. Clutching your purse tightly in your hands, you got ready to swing. Just as two hands grabbed onto your shoulders, you turned around and smacked whatever it was behind you.

“Damn it!”

You blinked. That was not the voice of a ghost. In fact, it was one you knew all too well.

“What do you want, Woozi?” you glowered down at your cowering boyfriend. He was on the ground, holding a hand to his head, probably at the spot you hit him.

“What the hell was that for, y/n!” Woozi pushed himself up, you not offering any help. You may or may not still be mad at him, but he should know that.

“I thought you were a stranger trying to kill me,” you said defiantly, crossing your arms and facing away from him.

You felt arms wrap around your waist, and a head on your shoulder. The soft hair brushing against your cheek didn’t affect you at all - at least, that’s what what you told yourself.

“Babe,” a nuzzle to the neck.

You didn’t answer.

“Babe,” a peck on the cheek.

“What?” you snapped. You pulled out of his arms, ready to spit fire at him. But as soon as those darn orbs with their stupid shine came into view, you forgot all that you were about to say.

Taking advantage of your silence, Woozi was quick to explain. “Look, I know you’re probably mad at me right now, 'cause heck I’d be mad at me too, especially with those things I said. But you have to believe me, I didn’t mean to make you mad, I was just under a lot of stress from all the composing of songs I had to do. My dancing wasn’t that great either, and I thought if I got in the dancers’ good books they’d be more willing to help me, I’m so sor-”

You cut him off by placing a finger at his lips. “I don’t wanna hear it,” you told him.

“Babe, I’m really sorry, I’ll make it up to you, I swear.” Those darn eyes, they got to you every time. You already forgave him the moment you felt his arms around you.

“Don’t you dare ever try to ignore me again,” you told him. He nodded eagerly. “If you ever feel like you’re under too much stress, you know I’m right here, right?” Again, he nodded.

“And don’t you ever think of talking to me like that again, okay?” You were serious with the last one.

Wide-eyed, he pinky promised you. “I swear, y/n.”

Smiling, you grabbed his hand. “Now, let’s get you started on making it up to me.”

“Oh, no,” he groaned as you led him out of the cafe. You definitely weren’t going to make it easy for him, and he knew it.