i swear i had a hard time finding scenes


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

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Randall and Lix from the people that know them the best.

I really get the feeling Anna is as affected by Randall’s Beautiful Suffering as the rest of us – and the way Peter is looking at her he knows it too – because I swear she’s having a hard time not crying while Peter is explaining why Randall HAD to come back and find Lix again.

And if that’s not big-R Romantic enough for you, then Abi Morgan says :

Okay, admittedly, she didn’t say it over this particular image, but dammit she should have, so that’s what I’m using!

(The very little bit we get of Peter and Anna in the behind-the-scenes dvd extra is clearly only a portion of the full interview with them. What I wouldn’t give to see the whole thing! Did Pilfrey and Estelle come up at all I wonder? Because Pilfrey and Estelle is exactly the same kind of big-R Romance as Randall and Lix except obviously the complete opposite.)


i swear to god i was just dipping my toes into contemporary comics when they came on the scene and they were one of my favorite things, like early on angel salvadore was this sorta chubby black girl with the power of acid vomit and beak had no powers he just looked weird and like

the sorta chubby thing didn’t last long and i didn’t expect it to, but in the time between me not reading comics because trades were hard to find and i was cheap, and comixology coming around, i did not expect them to go from


????? WHAT.

i dunno man they were never perfect characters, giving the black girl housefly powers and making her an egg-laying teen mom from a broken home who hooks up with the white guy whose whole deal is being nasty-looking was always iffy as fuck

but the solution to that was not to make them generihotties??

i dunno man angel salvadore’s first appearance was in 2001 so i would have been in the 11-14 range probably, and seeing a chubby girl of color who was my age and whose powers were kinda gross gave me hella feelings

and as for beak that was just a rehash of the same ol’ beauty and the beast disappointment. maybe sometimes the duckling stays ugly and that’s okay. or maybe you could find a way to make him hotter while still letting him look like a terrifying birdman. i’ve read my monster boyfriend i know it’s possible. why this.