i swear i could hear his evil laugh

Under My Wing

submitted by G!anon

sort of sequel to this fic

A/N: This is what you call a long-winded fic. Im so sorry

“I’ve decided that you are worthy of my tutorship.”

The statement was so abrupt that it almost startled Adam.


“You could say I’m taking you under my wing,” Lucifer said thoughtfully.

Suddenly Adam couldn’t see a thing. Well, nothing past the golden softness currently shoved in his face. He batted whatever was in front of his face with his hands, with a muffled cry of “What the hell!” He was enveloped in whatever the hell Lucifer had thrown at him.


Are those…feathers

“Adam, I told you,” Lucifer said, and you could hear his stupid grin in his voice, “I am quite literally taking you under my wing.”

“Well it hasn’t been very pleasant yet!” Adam said, thoroughly annoyed and through a face full of feathers. 

“I never said it would be fun.” Lucifer said, still sounding annoyingly prideful of himself. “It will be, though. Rest assured, kid.”

“Can you move your freaking wing first?” Adam complained loudly. Soft as the golden wings may be, they were more than irritating when you get punched in the face by one. 

“So petty. I'm taking you under my wing, stop being so ungrateful!” Lucifer mock scolded.

Adam spat out a stubborn piece of pure fluff. “Ungrateful for getting smacked by your wing?”

“I could have smacked you with all six.” Lucifer shrugged. “Be lucky I didn’t accidentally throw you across the room.”

Adam paused in his aggravation to fully register what was in front of him. True to Lucifer’s word, attached to his back were six ginormous wings the color of a bronze gold. All six feathery appendages were the same in their size, with a wingspan of about twenty-five at the shortest end to thirty-five feet at the longest end.

“Holy crap." 

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Shy shy shy (Jaebum)

“Y/N, look!” your fellow group member, Lisa, shoved her phone under your nose.

On the screen of the phone was a video posted by Jackson of GOT7. You were confused why Lisa showed this to you but then you saw your name in the captions.

@jacksonwang852g7 Ooooh someone wants to go out with Y/N

You grabbed her phone and played the video. It was recorded in a car, Jackson was probably the one holding the phone. Jaebum was riding shotgun and Yugyeom was sitting next to Jackson.

“Hyung, how do you feel about being a presenter alongside your idol crush at the award ceremony in December?” Jackson asked, filming Jaebum who was on his phone.

Lisa started gigling and you blushed. Everyone knows that Jaebum has a huge crush on you. It first started on a variety show, the host asked Jaebum who his ideal type is and he said Y/N without hesitation. Afterwards, fans started shipping the both of you. He was caught on tape watching you perform with his mouth open backstage of a music show. Youngjae and Jinyoung were there, making fun of him and he smiled, complimenting on your vocals. A week ago, he took up the courage to ask for your number at Music Bank. He was blushing and talked in a soft tone. The rest of GOT7 were hiding behind a partition, watching the both of you. Jaebum made small talk for awhile, stuttering most of the time and when Jackson couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “Just do it, you pussy!”. He finally asked for your number but did not contact you at all ever since. You thought he was cute but you weren’t planning on making the first move of course, so you waited.

You continued watching the video. “Very happy, of course,” Jaebum said, still on his phone.

“Is she my new mommy?” Yugyeom teased and Jaebum told him to shut up.

“Hyung, you really like her?” Jackson asked but got ignored, so he and Yugyeom started repeatedly asking, “Do you?”

“Yes! Can the both of you shut up already?” Jaebum shouted and Yugyeom giggled. That evil maknae does not know when to stop, you thought to yourself, shaking your head.

“So why don’t you ask her out?” Yugyeom asked.

“I will, one day.” Jaebum muttered and Jackson leaned forward to film his phone. It turned out that he was stalking your Instagram.

“JB IS STALKING Y/N!!!!!” Jackson shouted and you could hear Yugyeom freaking out in the background.

“You were filming me this whole time?!” Jaebum pushed away Jackson’s phone. “You little bastard!”

“I’m still recording, please don’t swear.” Jackson said while laughing, trying to catch his breath.

“I know you secretly wish that Y/N will see this.” Yugyeom said and Jaebum reached out to slap his thigh, sticking his chin out and the video ended.

“He really likes you!” Lisa nudged you with her elbow.

Just then, a message popped up on your phone. Surprisingly, it was Jaebum.

Not sure if you’ve watched the video Jackson posted yet but I was wondering maybe we could go on a date this Friday?

Lisa started freaking out and you couldn’t help but smiled. 

Yes, I would love to.