i swear i can't with this fandom!

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it

  • Will: *swears*
  • Mike: *gasps*
  • Mike: Which one of you taught Will that?
  • Lucas:
  • Dustin:
  • Max:
  • Eleven:
  • Mike: *glaring* I just wanna talk.
  • (It is later found that he did not want to "Just Talk")
  • historia: so i woke up this morning and ymir was shivering, so i put a blanket on her, and you know what she looked like?
  • sasha: like an angel??
  • historia: no, she looked like--
  • sasha: LIKE A DEVIL???
  • historia: no! she looked like a fucking bean

tacky tourist!woozi for @coupsyboopsy​ (inspired by jihoon’s shirt in this)

In the Bnha fandom I’m like

On Wednesday: omg I can’t do it I don’t want to see the next chapter

On Thursday: *nervously scrolling on Tumblr* SPOILERS ARE NOT ENOUGH I NEED MORE

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Romina, you are a fandom conductor of light and I appreciate you. :D Inquiring minds (read: likely just me) want to know what is you favorite photo (or photos if you can't narrow it down to just one) of Martin? I would say that I am inquiring 'coz I'm conducting an experiment (its for a case, I swear), but really its just 'cuz I'm curious.

Oh dear!! That’s such a hard question because I literally fall in love with every photo i see of Martin… I’ll just post a few that I really love

(i’m the lucky owner of this following 2 photos in a3 print ♥)

ok im going to stop ahhahahaha as you can see i can’t pick one!! and there are so many more i didnt add.

Um… do like Billy haters realize that they’re being actually even worse then the character they hate so much? They’re literally sending hate messages and tell innocent people to kill themselves over a FICTIONAL character?? (no jokes here, I saw it myself). Like are you for real?

Seriously, this needs to stop! If you get so angry over a fictional character, and can’t get over it, why in the first place you’re looking through the tag of this character and then go and send hate messages to people who actually like him?? This’s literal bylling, do you realize that? Just stay aside, no one forces you to like him. But what you’re doing here is in a whole different level, cause this’s fucking real! You can’t just go and tell people to kill themselves! And you’re thinking that we’re so bad for simply liking a character, when in fact it’s the other way around.

STOP bullying and harrasing real people, please! (Billy haters, you’re the worst, I swear to god).

  • The Doctor: *can't find the Master in the vastness of time and space*
  • The Doctor: okay, drastic measures.
  • The Master: *blows up a planet for attention*
  • The Doctor: Aah. There they are. The bae.
Sweeney Todd As Explained By The Soundtrack
  • Prelude: SCREECHING
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd: This guy totally dies at the end but we won't tell because he wouldn't want us to give it away.
  • No Place Like London: Wow, aren't you just a ray of sunshine.
  • The Barber and his Wife: Let me tell you my entire backstory.
  • The Worst Pies in London: My pies suck but at least they aren't cats.
  • Poor Thing: Rub salt into my open wounds.
  • My Friends: Stop ignoring me.
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Lift Your Razor High, Sweeney: A moment so dramatic I need an entire choir to accompany me
  • Green Finch and Linnet Bird: If you love me let me go!
  • Ah, Miss: NOTICE ME
  • Johanna: A genuinely sweet song, sung by an innocent cinnamon roll.
  • Pirelli's Miracle Elixir: Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Pirelli, and it's nOT A SCAM WE SWEAR.
  • The Contest: I can't shave for shit but at least I have an epic vibrato.
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Sweeney Pondered and Sweeney Planned: It's murder time!
  • Wait: will you chill for oNE GODDAMN MINUTE
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, His Hands Were Quick, His Fingers Were Strong: It's murder time!
  • Johanna, Mea Culpa: Creepy old guy whips himself into an orgasm while fantasizing about a teenage girl.
  • Kiss Me: I don't even know your name but if you can get me out of here I'll at least pretend to love you.
  • Ladies in Their Sensitivities: Go visit this barber he's not a murderer I swear.
  • Pretty Women: Goddamnit Anthony you ruined everything.
  • A Little Priest: Two idiots laugh at their own puns.
  • God, That's Good: When will my online purchases arrive.
  • Johanna Quartet: Nonchalant murder.
  • By The Sea: I'll pay you to have a crush on me.
  • Wigmaker Sequence, The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Sweeney'd Waited Too Long Before / The Letter: Just bring my daughter back, I was planning to kill you anyway.
  • Not While I'm Around: No sweetie the scary man with the razors isn't killing people I swear.
  • Parlor Songs: Happily singing while my boyfriend murders two guys upstairs.
  • Final Sequence: Sorry, the old Sweeney can't come to the phone right now, why? Oh, cause he's DEAD! Everyone's dead, the house is on fire, and there are escaped mental patients running through the streets.
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd: And then they all died the end.

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Sometimes I think about the fact that there are people out there somewhere who hate Annie and I can't even understand like how do u come to such a bad conclusion in ur life? Anyway I love u

Sigh. Annie, oh Annie.

I swear this character is bad for my mental health sometimes because the amount feelings i get shouldn’t be legal. 

Annie is responsible for alot of discourse. Although im not the oldest member in this hellhole that is the Snk fandom i can tell you that people’s feelings for her are either an unlimited amount of love, frustration, or pure hate. 

With everything relevant to her that has been put in the manga i think i can tell what causes all of the above, and especially the last two. This is gonna be a  pretty much a character analysis because i want to ramble k bye have fun reading.

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The Elvenking held his son and listened as the prince told the story of the Quest of the Ring.

Ages ago I asked for prompts for Thranduil and Legolas, and though I only got a few, it yielded this gem:

heclockistickingwrite answered: Legolas returns home after the Quest.

Hereticality painted a gorgeous piece that covers this exact topic, and I didn’t see much need to do one myself because that one is so perfect.

But I thought to sketch this instead– you know, later– after Thranduil has got ahold of himself and is no longer a gross sobbing mess– He and Legolas enjoy the restored peace of Eryn Lasgalen as Legolas tries to get through telling his father the story of what happened.  (It’s like the reverse of when Legolas asked Thranduil to tell him about Dagorlad.) 

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"Wouldnt it be cool if i was an orc tho" ahh, fandom drama

((I swear to god if Aech’s avatar is a fucking orc for the whole movie I’m going to boycott Warner Bros))

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You know what's really fucked about this hellsites bullshit "progressive" behavior? There's a character in a podcast that I ABSOLUTELY love. And his character's sexuality was only confirmed as "not straight", and I'd love to hc him as bi, because I'm bi, and I'd love to relate to him more. But I can't because the rest of the fandom says, "HEY'S 100% GAY. LIKES BOYS. NO OTHER QUESTION ABOUT IT" so I'll be branded of trying to make him "heteronormative" when I really just wanna fucking relate

I swear people don’t realise that bisexuality exists these days you’re ether gay or straight nothing else