i swear i can't with the stares

Freaky Friday: Mirror, Mirror…

(( OOC: I had an idea for a scene that took place during the “body swap” incident… but it didn’t fit into the main thread, so here’s a little extra thread… Remus version ;) )) 

Remus: *rushes around the room, looking for clean clothes and muttering to himself* Dammit Sirius… not a single clean shirt? If he doesn’t get that antidote today, I swear to god- 

Remus: *finds himself standing in front of a mirror*

Remus: *stares at Sirius’s reflection looking back at him, transfixed* 

Remus: Soft… 

Remus: No scars… 

Remus: … No scars… 

Remus: *the silence stretches as Remus stares at Sirius* 


Save the Last Dance

Pairing: Natan. Kind of. It’s more than implied but less than outright stated.

Warnings: Swearing I guess but it’s Luce so no more than usual?

Summary: Natalie has a dance at school and takes Jericho. Lucifer doesn’t like it.

Words: 1143

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‘Same Old, Same Old. Just the Doctor and Clara Oswald In The Tardis’ more like just Clara Oswald and the Doctor in the Tardis breaking my heart every week with their love eyes motherfucker, their ways to say I love you without saying I love you, the touching and hugging, all the I can’t live without you without saying I can’t live without you stares, and the relentless foreshadowing of Clara’s death I fucking hate this show. I swear this is agony just stop plz let them kiss and be happy for fucks sake