i swear i always see a lot of white people in chinese restaurants

Ticking Time Bomb 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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Part 6

Two weeks after the party, Michonne began speaking more english for practice but would often stray when she said something she only wanted Rick to hear. She was able to hang out with his friends more since she could understand them and they could understand her. Life had been good. For two weeks. After Spring break, all hell broke loose. Lori found out who Michonne was and that she was dating her ex. She started spreading rumors around that always caught up to Michonne at the wrong time.

Her new friends told her to ignore the rumors and she did, for a few days until they started getting ridiculous. People wrote ‘whore’ on her locker but she refused to cry. She got handed so many different pieces of paper, saying that she was a slut and she needed to go back to her own country. She didn’t cry. It was when they messed with her relationship, that she had had enough.

Lori had everyone thinking Michonne was cheating on Rick, except Rick. He tried to convince her not to listen to them but she was too upset not to. It put a strain on their relationship and Rick stopped talking to her. She actually thought he’d never speak to her again until he came up to her one day.

“Michonne, can we talk?” Rick asked at the lunch table. Michonne scooted over and Rick sat next to her. “Tu me manques beaucoup. J'ai eu beaucoup de temps pour réfléchir à tout et je me suis rendu compte que nous ne devrions pas permettre à quiconque d'entrer entre ce que nous avons. J'espère que vous pouvez me pardonner.”

Michonne smiled at him and grabbed his face. She kissed his lips and then slipped her hands into his hair, “Je suis désolé aussi et je vous ai manqué.” She said breathlessly. She couldn’t stay mad at her boo. It wasn’t his fault and he apologized. If that made her weak, she didn’t care. He was her soulmate and despite whatever they went through, soulmates always found a way back to each other. Always.

“So, what’s been goin’ on with you? Let me hear your english.”

“Our friends have helped a lot. I still have not learned any bad words, merci à toi.” Michonne joked as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I’m tryin’ to keep you pure, angel. Can’t be like the rest of us.” Rick laughed and Michonne joined in. It felt nice to have him back and for him, it was so great to have her back too. He’d never let something so dumb get in between them again.

“Non, je veux être… Juste. Comme. Vous.” Every word she said, she placed a kiss to his cheek.

“Fine, since you asked so nicely. I’ll teach you 3 today, and 4 tomorrow.”

“D’accord, I am ready.” Michonne said.

“Alright, word of the day is “shit”. Now, this word is not to be taken lightly, alright? Gotta use it when you really mean it. For example, if I stub my toe on the edge of the counter, I go “Shit!” and jump around like a crazy person.” Michonne laughed so hard, tears were forming in her eyes. He was so silly.

“Shit.” She said, slowly, softly and in her pretty accent.

“I swear you make everythang sound so sexy.” Rick said, shaking his head.

Michonne giggled and then the bell rang, dismissing them to their next class.

Rick kissed Michonne again, “This lesson isn’t over. See you after school, baby.” Rick said as he kissed her one last time and walked away. Michonne loved that guy so much.

Michonne was in class, smiling to herself when the fire alarm went off. Everyone in class was screaming and running around. Michonne grabbed her cell phone from her desk and left the class along with 5 other students. They walked down the halls and then everyone came out of their classrooms. Michonne was looking around, searching for her friends. Any of her friends. She saw Negan, who hadn’t noticed her, thank God. She saw Lori who gave her a dirty look, per usual. She even saw that white-haired boy from the beginning of the year.

Everyone made it outside, the parking lot was full of people. Finally, Michonne found her friends. Shane, Sasha, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie and Andrea were all standing in a circle. She walked over to them.

“Hey, have you guys seen Rick?” She asked, her accent on full display.

“No, we thought he was with you.” Maggie said with a worried expression.

Michonne pulled out her phone and dialed Rick’s number. She put the phone up to her ear and waited. No answer. Michonne looked around and saw Rick’s mom. She walked over to her, followed by her friends and asked her where her son was.

“Mrs. Grimes, have you seen your son?” Sasha asked. “We called him, he didn’t answer.”

Mrs. Grimes smiled at them, “I love that you all worry so much about him, he’s fine. He’ll be out soon.” She informed them. And she was right. Rick was walking out of the building with a cop when Michonne ran into his arms. Her legs and arms were wrapped around him in a tight hug.

“J'étais tellement inquiet pour toi, ne fais moi peur comme ca encore!” Michonne told him. Rick kissed the side of her face, whispering his apology in her ear. She let him go and planted her feet on the ground. Rick took her hand and led her over to their friends. They all smiled and watched as the police, ambulance, and fire trucks arrived.

No one had gotten hurt but one of the science classrooms was burnt. They’d have to repair it. Everyone was allowed to go home for the day and it being friday, the children were happy. Rick and Michonne bid their friends goodbye as they got into his truck and drove off. Rick took Michonne out for lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant. Spring China. Which surprised him because he didn’t think French people ate Chinese food.

“I’m surprised you like this food. Your father gave a very specific menu for your birthday.”

“C'est parce que c'était mon anniversaire.” Michonne said, as she ate her rice. She loved rice. Brown rice to be exact.

“That’s true. So, what do you wanna do this weekend?” He asked.

“Je ne sais pas en fait. Voulez-vous rester avec nos amis ou être seul?” Before Rick could respond, a bunch of kids from their school came into the little restaurant. The same kids that tried to bully Michonne a few weeks back.

“Come on, let’s go.” Rick said but Michonne stopped him.

“Non, ignorons-les. Je ne veux pas partir juste parce qu'ils sont là. Nous ne pouvons pas les laisser nous contrôler comme ça, bébé.” Rick nodded and reclaimed his place at her side. They were sitting in a booth, just the two of them. Rick didn’t want it any other way.

A few minutes passed, Michonne and Rick were enjoying their time together. They were laughing and talking. They’d speak in french when they wanted to talk about someone from their school. Apparently the kids at the tables got tired of hearing their laughter and one of the boys came up to them. Rick grabbed Michonne’s arm. Not too forcefully, and held onto it just in case.

“Can we help you?” Rick asked one of the “jocks” from their school.

“You can keep it down, over here.” The jock said. Actually his name was Joseph but who cares?

“I don’t think we will.” Rick said, and cocked his head slightly to the side. Michonne knew what that meant. He was getting agitated.

“You’d better, or your ass can meet me in the parking lot.” Joseph exclaimed, and of course caused a huge scene for no reason.

Rick was about to get up when he felt Michonne’s hand on his thigh. He looked at her.

“Nous n'avons pas besoin de nous battre parce que s'il vous frappe, je le frapperai.”

Rick chuckled at that.

“What the fuck did she just say?” ALRIGHT. Joseph can threaten Rick all he wanted to, but after everything Joseph and his stupid friends put Michonne through, he couldn’t talk like that to or about her. Not this one.

“Why the fuck do you care? Go over there to your ‘friends’ and leave us the hell alone. You may be a fuckin’ giant, Joseph. But I’ll still kick your ass.” Rick was pissed off now.

“Your time will come.”

“Great, I look forward to it.” Rick smiled.

Joseph scoffed and walked back over to his table. Rick turned back to Michonne. She smiled at him.

{I swear this story is starting to get hella random yall. I’m sorry lmao I’m still learning.}

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Hartwin prompt: Both of our lovely idiots groaning about the other's looks to Merlin (who'll get pissed off and fixes a Hartwin date for them without the dummies knowing anything)

Thank you for the prompt, this was a lot of fun to write ♥

„Tell me ’ow to get me ’air like that”, Eggsy exclaims, plops down on the chair in front of Merlin. He’s still in his suit, the white of his shirt stained with blood, and it takes Merlin a lot of strength not to comment on the price of the chair Eggsy is just sitting in, or that he will not hesitate to send the younger man the bill for the cleaners, should be get stains on it.
“You shave your head. It is very simple, really.”
“No”, Eggsy replies, rolls his eyes like Merlin just said the silliest thing he has ever heard. “I mean like ‘Arry, of course. It’s just so perfect. Like, it looks so soft, like a cloud. I just wanna- I don’t even know. ‘s probably not safe for work.”

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