i swear i actually had plans


bae is asleep… so i had time to think of serious tings before i plan another day of festivities

  • i’ma keep doing what i been doing. try, have some successes, have some failures, and keeping growing n blossoming.
  • oppression is relational. know who your actual enemies are. internecine spats are not the same as “fighting oppression.” 
  • avoid environments that swear by “social justice” or “inclusitivity” if their notions of education are wedded primarily to punitive solutions. avoid environments that cannot discern between human flaws, human error, and a potential for growth for the vulnerable. a prison isn’t more progressive if rainbows are plastered onto it.
  • question why you, or anyone else, would self identity as “radical”
  • most importantly, take care of yourself. emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • do what you can, where you can. start at home. start in your backyard. start with what is close to you. you cannot possibly claim to know the hidden secrets that will heal the world if you can’t even name your individual local electors. go to the library. connect with others.
  • read things that encourage you to envision a better future. be practical, effective, and be curious about potential.
  • difference without stigma is more intriguing than utopian sameness.
  • you can’t make strides before you take a step. start small and continue your momentum.
  • may you be prosperous and come closer to your goals and aspirations as the days go on.
New Year, New Surprises

Summary: You meet a charming stranger named Steve at a New Year’s party and try to make it until midnight.

Request: So, it’s not that I don’t love all the Christmas stuff going around, but are you planning on writing something New Years. Like two people get REALLY DRUNK and end up together then wake up the next morning like “um…. well… happy new years?”

Warnings: swearing, allusion to smut (no actual smut, just lots of sexual tension and kissing)

Word Count: 2696

Author’s Note: Ok! I wanted to mix it up so I made a Steve x reader story! Eeeeep! It’s my first one really, so feedback very much appreciated.

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As far as you’re concerned this year can kiss your ass, personally, professionally, globally. Truly. Which is why you had RSVPed yes to this New Year’s party weeks ago fully intending to spend the last minutes of 2016 in complete and utter alcohol-induced oblivion.

You’re well on your way to executing that plan, lifting your third Manhattan to your lips and taking a careful sip. Leaning on your elbows on the bar, shoulders hunched, you’ve dryly dismissed every overly cheery advance, every ostentatious proposition and slick offer of another drink.

You’re quite pleasantly buzzed when you roll your head, attempting to iron out the stress that’s settled in your neck and shoulders. Your thoughts are interrupted by a clear, deep voice. “Wow. That ready for next year, huh?”

A bitter laugh ripples through your throat, “You have no idea.”

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Across the room

Request: sorry none I just had a rush of inspiration after reading @manuelmiranduh‘s fic “Cool” and thought I’d do something with a kinda similar premise (sorry Sabrina yours is awesome I love it) so this happened

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader (my first attempt be nice)

Warnings: Karaoke?

Word count: 2,244

A/N: I swear 90% of the amazing writers in this part of the fandom write lin x reader and they are my idols so here goes nothing! also lara and aria are my ocs excuse their presence ^-^ (and “sobrino” means nephew) This hasn’t been proofread.

askbox || masterlist

“Go on, Y/N,” your friend Lara pleaded, “I know you’d be great.”

You shook your head resolutely. The open mic night had been a fun event to attend, sure, but you had no plans to actually take the stage. Lara, your temporary roommate, thought otherwise.

“What about that song you’ve been singing all week?” She continued, undeterred, “Helpless or something?”

You’d only come to visit Lara at college- she was an art major at NYU. The two of you had met online and, after three years, finally managed a visit that coincided with your move to New York. Tonight was your last night and she’d grabbed you to a popular bar on campus and spent the evening trying to persuade you to sing.

You scoffed. “I couldn’t sing that!” Lara raised an eyebrow, doubtless thinking of your constant singing in the past week. “I couldn’t sing all the parts myself,” You hastily amended.

“Okay- I’ll sing Alexander and Aria will be Angelica,” she suggested. Aria was one of her flatmates- a theatre major with a lovely voice and a Hamilton obsession to match yours. Before you could tell her no, she was out of her seat and heading towards where Aria was sitting. You sighed and resigned yourself to embarrassment. At least you were going home tomorrow to get your stuff.

Aria was, unsurprisingly, onboard. “You’re the perfect Eliza,” she gushed as they dragged you up towards the edge of the stage. “This will be amazing!”

The organiser looked a little unsure about there being three of you but scribbled down your names and song anyway. You were on after a guy singing a twenty one pilots song. You sat at the side, fidgeting.

Lara hummed the tune under her breath, which relaxed you a little. No one of consequence would be in this dingy bar on a Thursday night, you reasoned as the performer before you finished. 

Suddenly someone was handing the three of you microphones and shoving you onto the stage. You stood in the centre, willing your hands to stop shaking. You tapped the microphone and it squealed. “I guess that works,” Lara muttered, and a couple of people laughed.

You looked to them and they nodded. With a deep breath, you imagined yourself as Eliza. You imagined you were on the stage at the Richard Rogers rather than in a tiny bar, and that Lin was waiting for Renee to guide him over to meet you.

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Private Collection: Part 3

So I was supposed to upload this a long ass time ago, but I had my final exams, and graduation, and my bestfriends birthday that I was helping her plan, and it kind of just sat in a document half finished… ENJOY!

Part 1

Part 2

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I can’t believe you actually bought that…! Have you showed him yet?’

I giggled softly, biting my lip and typing out a reply to my bestfriend, wriggling my feet from where they were resting in Shawn’s lap, my back leaning up against the car door.

‘I’m way too embarrassed to show him! He’s been too busy :( Swear 2 god we haven’t done anything in like, 3 weeks! A GIRL HAS NEEDS!’

I locked my phone, placing it on my lap and cocking my head slightly, staring lovingly at my sleepy boyfriend, earphones in and his music playing softly, lulling him to sleep. He had been up since 6am, working on the new album and attending a few interviews that his manager had set up for him today. I hadn’t joined him till midday, bringing bags of lunch for everyone, earning several groans of approval through food stuffed mouths. It was now almost 7pm; Shawn didn’t have a show tonight, so he was taking full advantage of the free time and was napping on the ride back to the hotel we were all staying at.

“I can feel you staring,” his low, sleepy voice broke the silence, making me blush but not look away, giggling when he cracked an eye open weakly, wincing when he shifted in his seat. “God, I’m so stiff..” He paused for a moment, shaking his head at the comment. “And I should not have said that…”

“Poor Shawn has a stiffy,” I teased, undoing my seatbelt and sliding across the seats until I was sat next to him, curling into his side, his arm throwing itself over my shoulders out of habit. One of my arms wrapped around his waist, the other resting across his stomach, my fingers brushing against the small patch of skin that was on show due to his shirt rising up. “You’re so warm…”

“You’re so cold,” he pulled me tighter against him, pressing a kiss to my forehead, his chest rumbling slightly in laughter when he heard my sound of approval. “How did I get such an adorable girlfriend…”

“You’re damn lucky,” I scoffed, shifting my legs so one was thrown over his, finally getting comfortable in the moving vehicle. “Can we just go up to the room when we get back?”

“Of course we can, babygirl…” Shawn mumbled, already beginning to fall back asleep. “I love you…”

“Love you too.”

Shawn fell face first onto the hotel bed, kicking his converse off weakly, the shoes thudding against the carpet of the room.

“Lazy ass,” I rolled my eyes, shredding myself of my jacket, shoes and jeans, leaving me in just my oversized muscle tee, before joining my sleepy boyfriend on the bed, lying directly on his back, giggling when he began to groan. “I’m not that heavy!”

“No! It feels good,” he rolled his shoulders slightly, the joints popping lightly under the weight of my body. “It’s cracking my back..”

“Want a proper massage?” I sat up, straddling his lower back, running my hands down his clothed back. He simply nodded, turning his head to the side so he could see me, a cheeky grin spread across his face. “Well then take your shirt off!” He gently pushed me off his back, rolling over and sitting up slightly, pulling the back material over his head and throwing it across the room. I shamelessly trailed my hands across his torso, the hard muscle flexing under my touch.

“We can totally do something else if you want to?” he raised a brow, chuckling  when I pushed him onto his stomach forcefully, resuming my position on his back. “Feisty…”

“Shut it, Mendes,” I blushed, reaching towards the nightstand and picking up the lotion I had conveniently left there last night, squeezing a small amount directly onto his back, making a smiley face with the cream. I grinned softly, throwing the lotion next to me, placing my hands on his upper back and pressing lightly into the muscles of his back.

“Harder,” I heard him mumble into the pillow. I pushed harder, spreading the lotion around the expanse of his back, focusing mainly on his shoulders, relaxing the muscles and the joints that were tense from extreme exercise, stress and a lack of sleep. He groaned under my touch, fists clenching at his sides, his back gradually relaxing under the pressure. “Why are you so good at this…”

“I have magic hands,” I worked out a particularly hard spot in his back, leaning down until my entire front was pressed against his back, placing soft kisses along his shoulders. My hands travelled down to his lower back, running just above the hem of his jeans. “Want to find out just how magic they can be?” Shawn tensed slightly at my words before flipping himself onto his back, gripping my thighs so I didn’t fall off his lap. I placed my hands on his bare chest, smiling innocently down at him.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Shawn groaned, sitting up and capturing my lips in a heated kiss, his hands trailing up my shirt and resting on my waist, pulling me flush against him. “So perfect,” he mumbled into the kiss, biting my lip and sucking on it softly. “Take your shirt off, babygirl.”

“Call me that one more time, and I’ll get on my knees right now,” I rolled my eyes, pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it across the room, squealing when Shawn flipped us over, hovering over me with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Oh really?” he raised a brow, lowering himself onto his elbows, trailing one hand down my side, completely skipping over where I needed him most, instead resting on my thigh. “Well in that case…” I silenced him with a kiss, cupping his face gently in my hands, whimpering when he ground down against me, the rough fabric of his jeans creating a delicious friction over the lace of my panties. Shawn pulled back from the kiss, shifting so one of his legs was slotted in-between mine, a groan falling from my mouth once I felt the now constant pressure against my clit. “Are these new?” Shawn flicked the waistband of my panties, chucking when I nodded hesitantly. “I saw those pictures on your phone, babygirl… The ones you sent Y/BF/N,” he began to gently suck on my neck, humming in approval when I titled my head back further. “Were you trying to get my attention?”

“Y-yes,” I breathed out, fisting the sheets tightly, bucking my hips rhythmically against his thigh, already beginning to feel an orgasm come on. “I… You just… We haven’t…”

“I know,” Shawn stopped me mid sentence, pulling back from me neck and looking me in the eyes, his chocolate coloured eyes sparkling with excitement. “I’ve been ignoring you recently, haven’t I?” I simply nodded, not trusting my own voice. “I’m sorry babygirl… I’m going to make up for everything I’ve made you wait for.” He halted my movements along his thigh, making me whine in frustration. He slid down my body, beginning to press kisses along the soft skin of my stomach. “So beautiful…” I squirmed impatiently under his touch.

“Shawn,” I breathed out, running my fingers through his hair, arching my back slightly, his kisses now being placed along the tops of my breasts. He began to softly nip at the skin there, one his hands pressing against my hip to keep me pinned to the bed, the other hand finding its way underneath me, expertly undoing my bra in one motion. He pulled it off for me, the lacy material joining our other clothes on the floor. I felt my cheeks heat up at his intense gaze, my arms automatically going to cover my chest in embarrassment, only to have him pin them above my head, my wrists trapped in one of his hands.

“Don’t hide your body from me,” he spoke softly, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to my cheek, trailing them down my jaw, my neck, across my collar bones, his free hand sliding its way up my bare torso until it was cupping my breast, his thumb running across my nipple ever so slightly. “You’re absolutely stunning, Y/N.” I let out a whine of satisfaction at his compliment, arching my back further, pressing my chest into his hand, his mouth joining in on the fun and attacking my neglected side with small hickies.

I squeezed my legs shut as best I could with him lying between them, needing to find some sort of friction to compensate for what Shawn was doing to my chest. I always had a thing for hickies; the feeling and sight of them just drove me wild, and Shawn knew that.

“Shawn, please,” I whimpered, clenching my hands into fists, straining against his strong hold on my wrists, still keeping my hands above my head. Shawn chuckled slightly against my skin, letting my hands free and instead trailing his hand down to where I needed him most, his calloused fingertips running along the inside of my thighs, making me squirm once more. “No teasing!” He looked up at me through his lashes, raising a brow slightly.

“As you wish, princess,” he purred, sliding back up my body and capturing my lips in a passionate kiss, simultaneously pushing my panties to the side and sinking a finger inside of mine. I let out a muffled groan, gripping the hotel bed sheets tightly between my fists, not used to the intrusion. Shawn broke the kiss, his lips continuously brushing against mine, his thumb pressing against my clit, moving in slow circles, my body shivering at the stimulation. “God, you’re so wet..”

“Only for you,” I breathed out, arching my back off the bed when he slipped another finger it, crooking them just right and managing to brush against my sweet spot. “Fucking hell!”

“Watch your language,” Shawn growled against my lips, roughly thrusting his fingers into me before removing his hand completely, a whine of frustration leaving my mouth. He pulled away from my body with a single lingering kiss, bouncing off the bed and standing beside it. I pouted, flopping back on the bed, entirely tempted to just finish myself off. “Patience is a virtue, babygirl..” He popped the button on his jeans, unzipping them unbelievably slow. I pushed myself onto my knees, batting his hands away and tucking my fingers under the hem of his jeans and boxers. I pulled them both down in one swift movement, placing my hands on his stomach while he kicked them off completely, intent on tracing the outline of his abs, loving the way he automatically flexed under my touch.

“Will you fuck me now?” I bit my lip, staring up at him through my lashes, batting them innocently. Shawn’s eyes darkened, gesturing for me to lie down, obviously having to hold himself back from being too rough with me. I spun around on my knees, moving into the middle of the bed, and wiggling my hips invitingly, turning to look at him over my shoulder.

“Oh babygirl, you know how to make me happy,” Shawn groaned, settling behind me and gently pushing on my back until my chest was flush against the bed spread, my back arching almost painfully to keep my hips jutted out. “You okay?”

“Mmhmm,” I mumbled, rocking back against him, sighing at the feeling of his hand running along my ass. “Please, Shawn…”

“Shhh baby,” Shawn hummed, running his hand along my side, squeezing my hip gently before removing itself. “I’m going to make you feel real good, babygirl.” I heard the telltale sound of a condom packet being ripped open, and I began to practically buzz with excitement. He ran his tip along my folds teasingly, tutting softly when I tried to rock back into him.

“Please, Sh-” before I could finished my sentence he gripped my hip with one hand and bucked into me, completely filling me in one quick thrust. “F-U-CK!” One hand tangled itself in my hair, yanking non too gently on my unruly locks, making me let out a guttural groan. I pushed myself up onto my hands shakily, Shawn’s thrusts never faltering for a second as I moved around. “Sh-awn… Oh shit!”

“Quiet baby,” he whispered, leaning down and nipping the side of my neck, slowing his pace and moving the hand in my hair to pull me flush against his chest, resting dangerously close to my throat. “We don’t want the neighbours to hear us, now do we?” He slowly ground against me, making me shudder at the deeper feeling, already beginning to feel my orgasm come back to me, the new position allowing his cock to rub against my sweet spot. “Or maybe you want that… Maybe you want everyone to know who’s making you feel this good?” He bit and sucked his way down my neck. I nodded jerkily, letting out a high pitched moan when he slapped my inner thigh. “What was that?”

“YES! Yes, oh god,” I shook in his arms, grinding back against him, desperate for a faster friction that he wasn’t providing me. “Please, god Shawn, faster!” I felt him smirk against my neck, before I was flipped over onto my back, Shawn hooking my right leg over his shoulder and thrusting into me, mercilessly pounding into me, hands either side of my head being the only things holding him up. I cried out in ecstasy, not even making a move to muffle it, not caring that the people staying in the room beside us could hear us. “Shit, Shawn! Oh m-god!” I gripped the sheets tightly in my fists, pressure twisting in my stomach from the sought after orgasm. “Please, please, please!” I whimpered, staring up at him through glossy eyes. He smirked down at me, gliding a hand teasingly up my thigh, never once letting up on the constant fucking. I let out a half-sob when I felt his thumb circle around my clit, keeping in pace with his thrusting.

“You gonna cum for me, babygirl?” I opened my mouth to answer, only to have a high pitched whine escape instead. “C’mon princess, cum for me… Cum all over my cock…”

“Sh-AWN!” I cried out, squeezing my eyes shut and arching myself into him as I felt my orgasm wash over me, my walls automatically clenching around him, forcing an incredibly hot moan to fall from his mouth. He collapsed onto his elbows, nuzzling his face into my exposed neck, his thrusts becoming weaker before a guttural groan fell from his lips, cumming into the condom.

“Shit,” he breathed out, thrusting weakly into me to ride out his orgasm, only stopping when he heard my low whimper. “Sorry, babygirl…” He lifted his head, placing a lazy kiss to the corner of my mouth before lifting himself off of me. I heard him shuffle around the room, hopefully cleaning up the mess we had made and disposing of the condom. “Are you okay?”

“‘m sensitive,” I giggled weakly, whimpering when I tried to close my legs together for some modesty. I opened my eyes, blinking lightly to adjust to the harsh light in the room, weakly lifting myself onto my elbows. “Come cuddle with me?” Shawn pulled on a fresh pair of boxers before bouncing onto the bed, pulling me up so I was lying against his chest, my body weakly draped over his. “Where are my boxers?”

“I think you look just fine like this,” he pinched my ass playfully, chuckling when I made a weak attempt to swat him away. We lay in silence for a few more moments, the only sound that I could hear was his steady heartbeat, and the soft pants we were letting out every so often. “So…. Can I have copies of the pictures on your phone?” I snorted softly, slapping his chest lightly. “What!? At least I asked!”

“Why have pictures, when you can see the real thing anytime you like?”


Oh real mature, 1-S.

When it was revealed in @zarla-s’ handplates that Doctor Gaster was using the bros’ plates to track them, some folks wondered if they couldn’t just remove their hands to avoid detection when they escape. This comic shows why that would be a terrible idea, but let’s just handwave that for a minute and imagine what would happen if that plan actually worked. I just kept getting this scene in my head and cracking up so I had to draw it. Where did Sans even learn that gesture…

I’m sure if Papyrus had thought of it, he would’ve fashioned his hand into a thumbs up to show there’s no hard feelings. :P

Other Handplates related art I’ve done:

Third Time’s the Charm

You Feel Your Sons Crawling On Your Back

Philip Hamilton x Reader - "Angelica Happened."


A/N: Oh my word, I actually did a Philip fic! This was so fun to write, I hope you guys like it so I can make a part two.

TW: Swearing

The pouring rain hammered down onto the rattling windowpanes, tree branches scratching and knocking. You sighed; the storm had been non-stop for over two days now, and you needed to get home.

Your father, a New York politician, had been discussing Mr Hamilton’s debt plan, and was forced to take you with him. Your mother, a formidable yet kind woman, had been taken ill and wanted you out of the house. Huh! As if you were some silly little child who needed supervising at every waking moment.

Oh well. You had befriended the Hamilton’s son, Philip, and his little sister, Angelica. Philip was slightly older than you, but was a decent conversationalist and shared many of your views. Mrs Hamilton was a dear, offering you tea and refreshments, but you were taken in by her son. He was tall, with a sturdy build and, quite frankly, adorable freckles that dotted his face. Completed by a cheeky grin and a flirty demeanour, what else could you ask for?

Hoisting yourself up into the voluminous armchair that resided next to the softly glowing lamp, you made yourself comfortable and opened the large book that was settled in your lap. The Complete Works of Shakespeare. You adored Shakespeare, able to lose yourself in worlds of fairies and pixies, in romances and tragedies, in comedies and daring adventures. While the world outside seemed to be turned upside down with turmoil and discord, you were warm and tranquil, lost in a world where even pixies, fairies, and men with donkey heads could find love.

Time passed; the grey sky turned to black, rain and wind continuing to throw itself down and make chaos. You were almost at the end of your book when the door to the library was slammed open. After almost jumping out of your skin, you recovered your composure and looked over to the source of the noise.

The sight that greeted you was so comedic that you couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle. Philip, decked out in frilly pink bows and soft ribbons, stormed into the room, his cheeks red in embarrassment and – and makeup?

“Oh gosh, Philip, what happened to you?”

Rolling his eyes, he roamed the room in search of the hand mirror (that was placed on the table next to you). “Angelica happened.”

“What do you mean?”

Philip, having spotted the mirror, made a beeline for you and was a little too close for comfort. “Dad just had to give Angelica a makeup set for her birthday. I mean, talk about favouritism! But no, she couldn’t test it on herself, it had to be me.”

“Oh dear. Well, I must say, that’s certainly an interesting predicament.”

With the mirror now in his grasp, Philip began to frantically pull at the bows that were tied in his curls. You smiled softly. “Let me.”

Huffing, the extremely feminine-looking Philip placed himself beside you, allowing you access to the ribbon and metal grips. You started with the biggest bow that had obviously not been tied properly and was now sagging. Gently undoing the material, you placed it onto the table, straightening it out and turning back to the pouting Hamilton. After methodically removing the assorted hair accessories and sorting them into piles, you let your fingers simply run through Philip’s smooth curls, untangling any knots.

You felt him relax against you, and, despite your silent protests, your body tensed up as your cheeks flushed. The room was quiet, so you decided to strike up some sort of conversation.

“So, uh, what did you mean by ‘favouritism’? Did you ask for a makeup set on your birthday?”

You smirked as Philip turned red in indignation.

“O-Of course not! What I meant was, dad dotes over Angelica, always helping her with her piano practise, and whatever. Meanwhile, all I get is a glance and my hair messed up.”

You paused for a second, your fingers still, before continuing your ministrations.

“I’m sure he loves you just as much as Angelica, or any other of your siblings.”

“Doesn’t seem to show it.”

“Hey, I know how you feel.”

“What do you mean? It’s not like you have a million and one siblings like me.”

“Your father is a busy man, as is mine. Especially with his debt plan. You should hear what people say about him! I’m certainly glad my father is with him.”

“Ha, I’ve heard just about every slander, snub or dig at my Father there is – twice. New York isn’t exactly known for its compassion.”

“True.” People had the nerve to insult your Father’s views to your face, frequently commenting on his closeness to Mr Hamilton, or even Senator Burr.

“But still; even though he may not show it, deep down, your Father cares. I mean, he comes home every night, before leaving every morning – and then coming back home.”

“Almost every night.”

“It’s better than nothing.”

Philip sighed. “True, I guess.” He stood up, your hands falling to your sides. Yawning, you looked over at the mahogany Grandfather clock in the corner of the room. The hands showed it to be around half-past eight.

“Hey! I have an idea.”

Oh dear. A particularly mischievous look spread over the Hamilton’s (handsome) features. “Oh yes? What idea would that be?”

“Just you wait.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . .

“Are you sure of this?”

“Yes, I’m sure of this. You’ve asked five times.”

You bit your lip, still unsure. The two of you were boxed together in Angelica’s wardrobe, after Philip had come up with the ‘genius’ (stupid) idea to hide in her wardrobe, while Mr Hamilton asked her to fetch something. When she came up to her room and opened the doors, then “BOO!”

Weak, yes, but the storm continued to rage on outside, and you felt as if you had read every book in the voluminous library. Anyway, your close proximity to the Hamilton meant anything could happen…

“Besides, we got my dad’s permission. If he thinks it’s a good prank, then why not?”

Mr Hamilton had been taking one of his rare breaks when Philip had cornered him. Making sure that Mrs Hamilton was out of earshot, he had explained his plan, and Mr Hamilton’s role. He had raised an eyebrow, and suggested a different prank for next time (would there be a next time?), but he had agreed.

Now, all you could do was wait.

“Hey, [Y/N]?”

Well, and talk.

“How well do you get on with your father?”

You appreciated the way that he said ‘father’ instead of ‘dad’.

“Well, we get on enough. He doesn’t particularly support me going out alone at any times, but we compromise. Usually, my mother is the peacekeeper.“

“Oh yeah, I’ve met your mother. She came over, what was it, ‘bout two months ago?”

Even though he couldn’t really see it, you nodded in confirmation. “Yes. She enjoys conversing with your mother; says she is well educated and sweet. I can now support that statement.”

“Yeah, my mom’s the best. Don’t know how she’s put up with my Dad all these years, the amount of times he gets into fights with other politicians.”

“My father’s probably too afraid of my mother to get into too much of an argument with another.”

“Wait, is your mom scary?”

“To most people, yes. She doesn’t really have the best first impression, but once you know her, she can be a great laugh.”

“Talking of laughs - did you know that I’m a poet?”

This was new.

“You’re a poet? That’s, well, that’s amazing!”

The Hamilton blushed, looking away. “Yeah, well. I used to write these little song-raps, and sometimes I would perform them. Don’t really remember most of ‘em, except my first one.”

You smiled. “Would you mind doing one last performance?”

“Sure! Only one last time, though.” Oh, you couldn’t wait to hear this. “Uh, just saying, my mom was beatboxing for me the first time.”

You learn something new everyday.

“Uh, here goes. Just saying, I was nine.”

My name is Philip,

I am a poet,

I wrote this song just to show it.

And I, just turned nine,

You can write rhymes but you can’t write mine!”

You couldn’t get the image of a small, freckled Philip out of your head.

“I practise French and play piano with my mother,

I have a sister but I want a little brother.

My daddies tryinga’ start America’s bank!

Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq!”

“Bravo!” You had to admit, for a nine year-old, that was pretty good. Philip’s face was warm, and he looked away, blowing his hair out of his face. “I can’t believe you asked your parents for a little brother.”

“Honestly, neither can I. Especially with the amount that I have now.”

You breathed out, suddenly nervous. The conversation had grinded to a halt; should you say something?

“Hey, have you heard of a ‘George Eacker’?”

“George Eacker? Yes, I believe I have. Um, why?”

“He’s a right old prick. He spoke on the fourth of July this year, calling my father a ‘Monarchist’ and other things like that.”

“Really, a Monarchist? Even I could come up with better insults.”

You were pleasantly surprised when Philip creased up laughing. His curls bounced as a grin occupied his freckled face.

“Oh, I’m sure that you could.”

“Don’t think too much into it. Your father has impossibly thick skin; almost everything bounces off him.”

“That’s what my mom says. But still, late-night conversations can reveal some interesting things. For example, they’re already trying to find ‘suitable suitors’ for Angelica.”

“Wait, really? Isn’t she a little young?”

“My parents don’t seem to think so. I mean, my mom was married when she was only one year older.”

“I hope they find someone where the love is true. Unrequited love can be heart-breaking.”

“Haven’t heard them discussing any plans for marrying me off, though.”

“Wait, really?” You were shocked to hear this. Philip Hamilton, the one who schedules threesomes and flirts worse than a drunk Thomas Jefferson (don’t ask), was single?

You could work with that.

“Yeah…” Philip sighed wistfully. “Maybe they think I’ll find someone on my own.”

“Well, have you?”

It was now that the Hamilton looked away – was he blushing? The dim light obscured your vision. Your face felt hot. When was Angelica going to appear?

“You see, well, there is one girl who, uh, has appeared to run off with my heart, so to speak.”

You felt your stomach drop. Philip liked someone?

Really, you shouldn’t have been surprised. A suave demeanour, completed by handsome looks and flirtatious remarks – who would pass up that?

“Uh, what about you? Has your father tried to marry you off yet?”

If you didn’t know better, you could have sworn there was a hint of resentment in his voice.

“No, no one for me. My mother has been nagging, saying how she always wanted grandchildren and all that, but they haven’t forced anyone on me – yet.”

The atmosphere in the cramped closet seemed to change. You flushed as Philip moved closer to you, his body warm, smelling slightly of cinnamon.

Your heart thudded in your ears as you looked up into his watchful eyes. Nothing else seemed to matter as you stared into each other’s eyes – not even the footsteps thudding up the stairs.



“Tell me to stop at any time.”

With that, Philip leaned down, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. You could finally understand why people said ‘they took my breath away’. Hundreds of emotions flooded you all at once, ranging from bewilderment, to confusion, to pure euphoria.

Suddenly needing more, you reached up and grabbed Philip’s collar, bringing him down so you could kiss him once again. You felt him smirk as his hands circled your waist, holding you protectively. Letting go of the now slightly-rumpled collar, you placed your hands on either side of Philip’s face, once again marvelling at how many freckles dotted his face – especially up close.

The kiss gradually became more heated, as hands started to wander. You knew that you were safe with Philip, and-

The door swung open, the baffled face of Angelica peering in. You froze, watching as a malicious grin appeared on the girl’s face. Before you could move, or even make a sound, she ran out of the room, screaming, “I’m telling mom!”

A beat passed as you tried to process what had just happened. You were startled as Philip ran after Angelica, shouting frantically. Left alone in the empty room, you slowly walked out of the door and down the grand stairs after the siblings.

A shout rang out from the kitchen.

“Mom! Mom, you’ll never guess what!”

As you peered in from the doorway, you saw Philip gesturing wildly at his sister, but she paid no heed as Mrs Hamilton raised an eyebrow at the ecstatic child and the pair of dishevelled teenagers standing in the kitchen.

“Dear lord, Philip! Whatever happened to you and [Y/N]?”

A quick look was passed.

“Angelica happened.”

kylux pop update!

oh my gosh there are a lot of you beautiful people out here! hello and thank you SO MUCH for spreading the word. i seriously adore you all.

i promised an update “in a couple of days” and i swear i’m going to be better about timing once this actually starts. :D

the update is this: i’ve had a couple of asks to clarify what exactly will be eligible for the @kyluxpop, and how much you’re actually committing to if you choose to participate. i’ve also been considering the idea of prizes, because i really think it would be awesome to be able to give people a little something for participation. so i’ve got an amazing artist working on some art for me, and the plan is this.

1. at the beginning of the pop i will put up all the challenge topics so you can make sure your ideas don’t overlap unless you want them to.

2. every week i will post a detailed prompt, which will be reblogged a couple of times throughout the week at various times of day to ensure everyone sees it.

3. responding to that week’s prompt will earn you a digital badge, as follows:

mitaka: top of your class, lieutenant! at least 100 words but less than 1000.
tarkin: old-fashioned and hardass. exactly one hundred words. i will check.
vader: UNLIMITED MIDICHLORIANS. at least 1000 words.
yoda: words in an interesting order you must put. write a poem, any form, any length.
r2-d2: audio and video. take a photo of something, or assemble some pictures into a moodboard, or throw together a fanmix.
palpatine: DRAW AN ART. because drawing is some next-level sorcery.

you may do as many or as few of these as you like. do all of them every week if you want. all pop participants will also get a kylux pop 2017 digital badge featuring our beloved space jerks.

i would desperately love to send physical stickers to every one of you - but i have crunched the numbers every way i can and i simply can’t afford it. this is already going to cost me a few hundred dollars. so at the end of the pop, whenever i decide that is (yes i’ll tell you in advance), i will go through the weekly roundups to get a list of everyone who contributed to each topic, and any work you earned a digital badge for will get you one entry into a random draw to receive a physical sticker. so one vader entry in week one, plus a yoda and an artoo in week three and a tarkin in weeks four, six and eight will get you in six different draws. i will mail these anywhere in the world but you will have to be okay with giving a rando from the internet your mailing address. if you win a draw and don’t want the stickers let me know and i will redo the draw.

sounds good? sounds good to me.

and here are the rules and faq if you want to have another look at those.

schedule post coming soon. 


Au where Maxie’s plan b was to actually catch groudon with the masterball he had in his hideout, but May took it. ( I mean, you think if he had something that important he would try to use it at least?)

Be Careful With Her *Loki x Reader*

Originally posted by love-is-in-the-air-baby-love

Requested by Anon: Just to add to the list: a Loki oneshot where the reader is dating him but she’s also good friends with Thor. She loves getting piggyback rides from Thor and he’s always tossing her around but Loki freaks out because he thinks one of these days he’s is going to hurt her? Just fluff and cute stuff please? lol :’) 
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff & Loki being cute
Admins Note: Sorry, we’ve got so much in our inbox of prompt & ships that sometimes requests gets lost in the sea. I hope this is okay. I actually like writing Loki stuff, I am planning on do a second part to ‘Too Good To Be True’ but that won’t be for a while, maybe end of this month, before doing Christmas requests.

      No one really understood how you could date Loki. You were probably the nicest person any of the Avengers had ever met, sweet and caring, almost motherly over them all. Yet, you are dating Loki. It baffled them all, he was the exact opposite, he wanted all humans to either kneel for him or die… but yet you were the exception for him. He really did care for you, not that he showed it in front of anyone but when it was just you both, he was actually really sweet and nice; a side you were very grateful to see. 

      You got along with all the Avengers, you did sort of work for them, help them with injuries but it’s very rare they get really injured; something you are also grateful for. For a while everyone was slightly on edge with the fact you are dating Loki but eventually they all got over it, well some more than others but still they respected your decision, plus you told them that Loki is a sweetheart to you- he wasn’t amused that you told them that but it made them let off. 
You especially get along with Thor, since you are so much smaller than both him and Loki it amused him- you reminded Thor of a doll because of how petite you are. Thor treats you like a rag-doll, he picks you up, throws you in the air, he makes you laugh: Loki treats you like a porcelain doll, gentle touches and light hugs. 

      “You are so light, its like there is nothing on my back,” Thor muses loudly, making Natasha, Steve, Jane and Bruce laugh. You were gripped tightly to Thor’s back as he strides around the living area. He was now moving quickly, it was difficult to hold on, it made you laugh as he jumped so you would move upward and be more comfortable. 
      “Well not everyone is a massive God,” you teased back, he chuckled loudly with everyone. “I mean you fly around and fight people, I’m a fragile human,” you confirmed and he carried on laughing, running around the sofas with you on his back.
      Thor grabbed you and held you under your arm pits, you already knew where this was going, he then threw you in the air and everyone laughed loudly as you screamed; of course he caught you every time but he would throw and let you fall on the sofas with a bounce sometimes. 

      “OH MY WORD!” someone shouted. Thor jumped and turned around as you fall onto the sofas with a smack, you peaked over and see Loki glaring at Thor and everyone else. “What did I say about doing this?” he asked, his voice sharp and stern, looking right at his brother who stood sheepish but a small hint of amusement still; Jane and Natasha stood snickering, Steve was trying to hide his smile also.
       “Not to because (Y/N) is not a God and can be hurt,” Thor muttered childishly, you giggled looking between Thor and Loki. “She likes it,” he defended and you nodded, only to have the same glare cast at you, you shut your mouth closed and remained behind the sofa.
       “Be careful with her, please” Thor nodded and you stood up on the sofa, jumping slightly as you waited for their small dispute to be over.

      “Can I have another piggyback ride now?” You asked, Loki started to shake his head, saying he doesn’t want Thor to anymore and you pouted. “Steve, please?” you begged both and Loki rolled his eyes and nodded, making everyone chuckled as you leaped onto the surprised Steve’s back he stumbled and laughed before running off, Thor chasing after you both.
      “Let’s play catch the (Y/N)” he yelled, Steve then stopped and tossed you to Thor who ran with you, all the while you were laughing with Natasha and Jane, and Loki was running and yelling after you three.

(Sorry its slightly short, I didn’t really know what to do with this, I had fun writing it but I honestly lost it like half-way through. Hope this is actually okay. You can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself or Angie - Rosalee)


under the cut you will find #50 snapchat icons of lee joongi, also going be lee junki, actor and actual loml! every picture was found, cropped, resized, and had a psd added to them by me. please do not take these and claim them as your own. however, if you coulplease reblog / like if you are an rph or if you plan on using them I would be thankful! happy roleplaying.

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Please Let Me Explain - Part 2/3

A/N: HERE IT IS PART 2! The final part will be up later today, or tomorrow. Thanks for the support given for my fanfics from all of you guys! I really do appreciate it and it means a lot. Also, this starts off in Dan’s POV of the  situation, just so you guys can know what was going on in his mind during the whole thing!

Warning: Swearing as per usual

Word Count: 1,121

Dan’s POV

I was sitting on the couch, waiting for Y/N to arrive at my flat. We planned to hang out today, and she had a stressful day at work so I wanted to help her out.

“Dan, can I talk to you for a moment?” My flatmate Phil asks, walking into the living room.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Do you have feelings for Y/N?” Phil sits down on the sofa next to me, and looks me straight in the eyes.

“Um no…” That was a lie. I actually do but I just…I have no chance with her so the best thing to do is hide it.

“Dan don’t lie to me, I can see it in the way you look at her.”  

“Phil, I promise you I do not ‘like’ Y/N” I stand up to leave the room but Phil stops me. 

“Dan why can’t you just accept that you have feelings for her!” Phil’s voice is getting louder, he probably had all this pent up rage about the whole situation. 

“I’m not lying to you Phil." 

"Dan just tell me the truth, do you have feelings for Y/N?” Phil’s yelling now, maybe I should tell him the truth? No…it’s too risky. I take a long pause to think of my answer, and decide to go with what my mind is telling me. 

“I’ve told you this many times before Phil, I don’t like Y/N, and I never will!” I yell back, he’s getting on my last nerve. 

“Dan” Phil lowers his voice, and walks up to me worried 

“Fine Phil. I like Y/N. Hell she is the most beautiful, amazing, funny person I’ve ever known and I’m scared that I’m going to fuck that up like I do everything else.” I go quiet again, and stare at the ground. But then I hear something at the door, and my heart stops. “Fuck” I mutter. 

“What?” Phil is now quiet again, and he walks up to me worried. 

“I think that’s Y/N.”


I walk over to the door slowly, oh god please don’t be her. I open the door and see Y/N standing there, her head down with tears dripping down her face. Of course I fucked this up. I felt the world crashing all around me, it hurt me so much seeing Y/N standing there crying. Was it because she heard everything or the stressful day at work. Play it cool Dan, act like nothing happened. 

“Oh hey Y/N” I say. “Oh fuck what happened are you okay?” I go to hug her but she instantly pushes me away and says she needs to go. 

“Shit Y/N please don’t tell me you heard all of that.” Oh god, she was crying because of me.  

“Yeah I should really go, I-um- yeah” Y/N turns around and starts walking down the stairs, stop her you fucking twat. I grab her wrist and try to explain to her what happened. 

“Y/N I didn’t mean anything I said I promise. Phil helped me out. Please just listen to me, I need you” I feel a tear roll down my cheek as I say the last part. How could I hurt someone so sweet, and beautiful? 

“I need to go, I’m sorry” Y/N take off running down the stairs. Fuck you fucked this up so badly, you idiot! I punch the wall, not hard enough to break it obviously, but hard enough to hurt myself.  

“Fuck fuck fuck.” I mumble walking back into my flat.

“What happened?” Phil comes running up to me, and I look him in the eyes, tears rolling down my cheeks. “Oh no it was Y/N, wasn’t it?” I nod my head and break down crying in front of Phil. 

“I fucked it up Phil. I fucked up the thing that was most important to me and now she’s gone!”

“Dan, Y/N obviously really cares about you. If you explain to her what happened maybe she’ll understand and forgive you. You can fix this.” Phil comforts me, he always knows what to say to give me motivation. 

“I can fix this.” I run off to my room to figure out a plan. I may or may have not tried to text Y/N a few times, I needed to see if she was alright. I feel like such an ass for doing this to her.  

After about an hour of trying to figure out what to do, I decide to just go with what my heart tells me, instead of my mind. My mind kept saying “Don’t go for it, you twat she won’t forgive you. Hell, she probably doesn’t want to be with you.” but my heart was saying the exact opposite. I walk up to Y/N’s flat and knock on the door.

~Time skip to where it left off in the first part~

Your POV

“Y/N please let me explain.” Dan says. Oh god he looks so hurt. Look what you’ve done you hurt him so much, just let him explain! 

“Alright fine.” You say as you cross your arms. 

“Um, where do I start? Oh! So Phil came up to me earlier today and asked if I had feelings for you, and I kept denying it." 

"Thanks makes me feel a lot better, can you go now?” Your heart is shattering into billions of pieces, why can’t he get the hint? 

“No I’m not finished. I kept denying it because I was scared. I was scared that you would feel nothing for me back and you would be the one to break my heart. I mean, have you seen yourself? How could a guy like me get someone as amazing as you?” Your heart flutters as he continues confession. “But I realized the best thing to do was just go for it and Phil showed me that. But then you ended up hearing all the bad parts of the conversation, and I ended up hurting the person who I care about most. I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve done. I don’t expect you to come running into my arms and I definitely understand if you don’t even want to talk to me.” He shrugs at the last part. 

Your mind is racing with thoughts. Some saying “TAKE HIM BACK” and others saying “No he’ll just end up hurting you again”. You don’t know what to do. You stand there in shock staring at Dan.  

“Its fine, I understand.” Dan forces a smile and starts to walk away from your flat. You were in so much shock you couldn’t move or talk. You stood there watching Dan’s body become smaller as he walks farther away. 

Now look what you’ve done. You are now the one who hurt him.

Uh, hey?

Hi, I’m Kodi, or TiM. I’m, uh, new here?? I don’t really know what this is used for, but I plan on being here a lot!

Aight, got the awkward part out of the way. I swear a lot. I enjoy YouTube. And doing art. I’m working on setting up an art blog right now, actually.

I had tumblr once and it didn’t go well for me, because no one ever saw my posts lmao. Maybe this time around will be different?? Pft, who knows.

Everything else you need to know is in my bio, except for my social media links. 

Contrary to my expectations I actually had a good New Year’s Eve and New Year’s. Saturday looked like it was going to be a dud because the day that I had planned in my head didn’t pan out but my boyfriend and I went to get 양꼬치 (which I really wanted to eat) and then had some drinks around Itaewon. We did the countdown and then headed over to hongdae for a few ours. My boyfriend stayed out with me until 4 in the morning, bless his heart. I know he didn’t want to be out late but to make me happy (and to avoid the grumpy/moody mess that was Christmas eve) he did whatever I wanted 😍😍😍😍 What an angel.

~Little Goldfish Mermarco.6-3~


Anyway, heeeyyyy guuuyyyssss… remember me? yeah, this is me. And I bring with me the next part of the Goldfish!AU comic thing I kept promising I was working on. And I wasn’t lying. I just never got time to actually sit down and do it. Between being sick constantly and working nonstop, I’ve barely had any breaks to do anything but brief doodles… BUT NOW. NOW I HAVE SUMMER VACATION. WOOHHOOO!! (  ´ o `) / <3

So here are more… s-sads… I-.. I’ll tell you all now that I never planned for it to turn out like this?? The way it was going with this part, I had to add the human versions reacting (FINALLY) in the end so that I can make ONE LAST FINAL PART to bring back the happy ending I was PLANNING to have. YES. YOU HEAD ME RIGHT, THERE WILL BE ONE LAST SHORT BIT TO SPLASH Y'ALL IN HAPPIES AGAIN.

But it’s mostly because I’m so sick of having to draw all these tears and panicked innocent fishbutts… I’m a.. horrible person and I accept my fate of any hate or anger or upset hearts you may have towards me.. *sobs*… I didn’t meeaannn toooo… Angst just happened for whatever reason I cannot explain. I’M HURTING TOO, Y'KNOW?? I HAD  TO DRAW THIS PLUIE. GAH!

Oh! And if anyone is confused about what happened here and want and explanation, read below the cut. Also for the other parts!

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[short] GTA PLAYLISTS // fakehaus crew: »»JAMES WILLEMS««

“officer i swear i had nothing to do with that fire. besides, i hear those assholes deserved it anyway”

  1. SUMMER SHANDY - the front bottoms
  3. SINS OF MY YOUTH - neon trees
  4. GRENADE JUMPER - fall out boy
  5. STRAWBERRY SWISHER PT. III - dance gavin dance
oops I minific’d again

In my head the title of this post is a Britney Spears reference, but it’s super late here and even later in the US (where I’m pretty sure my body still thinks I am), so eh

Also, these had no actual prompts I just wanted to do them, so the length is more variable and I named them with whatever came to mind first

I swear to god this is the last minific post (at least the last planned one, anyway)

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Friendly Fire (pt. 2)

part one • part three • part four

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Word Count: 1,032 shit thats a bit much sorry

Warnings: Cursing, slight nudity? sort of?

Notes: this wasnt supposed to be that long, but there was so much i wanted to “explain”/write! i swear the rest of the parts wont be this long hahaha. its 3:04 am as i write this, so forgive me if theres mistakes. if you find any typos, or you get confused, please ask me and ill fix it and/or explain. if you want to be tagged, let me know and ill happily add you :) enjoy part two ~

Yesterday was pretty exhausting. You spent the day with Bruce, performing tests; making sure you didn’t have any sprains, minor fractures, bruised ribs etc. By the time he let you go, it was too late to shower.

Slumping into bed, you decided to just wake up extra early and shower. That way you don’t have to worry about anything.

Five o’clock strolls around and your phone goes off with that classic alarm clock ring that you hate. The only reason why you chose that ringtone was so you had motivation to actually get up and turn it off. If it had been your favourite song, you would have stayed in bed, and kill it within a week.

With your eyes still closed, you leaned over to the side and reached over for your phone to turn it off. Your hand danced around the surface of the entire nightstand only to find that it wasn’t there. Jumping out of bed, you rubbed your eyes open only to confirm that your phone, was indeed, not there. As the horrendous ringtone played on, you frantically patted down your bed and looked around your room for your phone.

“Jesus fucking christ where did I put that shit??” you muttered to yourself.

After thirty intense minutes of checking every spot in your room, you headed back to your bed feeling stumped. You grabbed your pillow, place it to your face, while the back of your knees touched the side of your bed. As you fell back, you let out a quiet but deeply annoyed moan. Taking a deep breath, you removed the pillow off your face and noticed it right away.
Your phone was on the ceiling. The ceiling.

“Wha- what the hell?!” you spat out, only to cover your mouth in hopes that no one heard you.
“How did it- what? Why is it there??”

You sprung out of bed, looking around your room for something to stand on. You weren’t that short, but you weren’t that tall either. The rooms were average height, so roughly 8 to 9 ft. There’s literally no one on the team who could have reached the ceiling without needing a ladder, stool or… Or the ability to fly. As you moved your dressed next to your bed, you began ruling out suspects.

Okay, Sam has his wings, but I would have easily heard that. Same goes for Tony and his suit. That only leaves Wanda and Vision. But why??

Barely reaching for your phone, your fingers slid against the side of it allowing it to loosen and fall carefully into your hand. You got down from your dresser and inspected the back of your phone. No tape, no glue, nothing. Weird. Flipping the phone back over to turn off that annoying alarm, the screen illuminated with the time.

5:41 am.

“Shit, I should shower now” you sighed, tossing your phone on your bed.

Grabbing your towel, clothes and other stuff, you quickly made your way to your bathroom. You were in such a rush, it slipped your mind that you didn’t lock the door.

No later than 10 minutes, Bucky had quietly stepped out of his room.
As he made his way to your room, he put his stealth skills to use. Poking into your room, he spotted your phone lying among the messy sheets. He grabbed it, entered the passcode he saw you put in the other day and went into settings. He reached out for his phone and checked the time.

6:52 am.

He snickered to himself, internally applauding at his wonderful plan.

When she wakes up, she’s still half asleep for another half hour. There’s no way she’ll even notice the time difference.

Once he changed your phone to the right time, he placed it perfectly back on your bed just like how you left it. As he made his way back to his room, he noticed the bathroom door. At first it looked like it was closed all the way, but as he stepped closer, he noticed that little tiny space between the door frame and the door itself.

“This is just perfect” he spoke inaudibly low, “Y/N makes this too easy.”

Gently, he opened the bathroom door and stuck his head in for a look. Luckily the shower curtains weren’t transparent, but instead a solid colour on cloth. As he peered around, he saw your clothes on the sink counter and reached for them.

Closing the door carefully, he headed back to your room to drop the clothes on the side of your bed. He moved them around until he felt that it looked like you dropped them there in the first place. When he was satisfied, he creeped back into his room like nothing happened.

You turned off the water, grabbed your towel off the rack and began drying yourself down. When you deemed yourself dry, you bent over to put your hair up in the towel. Right after, you realized your clothes were missing.

“I could have.. Sworn I brought them” you mumbled, “God this entire morning has been off, I probably forget them.

Still, not wanting to walk out in your birthday suit, you took the towel off your head and tried to wrap it around your body. The towel was small because you only used it for you hair. You always brought your clothes with you, so you never needed a bigger towel.

You barely managed to cover your personal areas, but remembering that everyone was probably still asleep, your worries drifted. Unaware that the time is now 7:13, you walked out of the steamy bathroom only to be greeted by wide eyes.

Clint lowered the paper to see what everyone was staring at, only to see you hiding behind a too small towel.

“Well.. Good morning, Y/N” he chuckled, lifting the paper back up.

Tints of pink began appearing on your cheeks as you froze. Everyone looked away immediately, and faced one another. Still you felt someones eyes on you, and as you scanned the room, you were connected with icy blue eyes.

“How has your morning been, doll?”

You noted the sly smirk, and knew.

“This isn’t over, Barnes.”

any thoughts? complaints? threats?

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