i swear his eyes are larger than life

backward from 100

Prompted by midnightrain910: Bellamy brought in for surgery and Clarke administering anesthesia to put him under and talking him through it au

“Count down with me, Mr. Blake,” Clarke states, making sure the mask is secure over his mouth. 

His eyes look terrified and tired all at once, and Clarke tries not to think about his sister in the waiting room, the yells she had been screaming as she desperately pleaded for anyone to help her. “My brother got shot!” she had screamed. “He’s all I have, please, please, please.”

Backward from 100.”

100, they began together.


“When you wake up it’ll all be ok,” she whispers, smiling small. She doesn’t like to make promises she can’t ensure, and the way the bullet entered his abdomen she really shouldn’t be promising anything at all. There’s something about the dim twinkle in his eyes, though, the way his eyelids flutter, that makes her unable to help herself. 




His eyes close completely, he breathes deep, and then he’s under. 

He drifts in and out of awareness, catching glimpses of his sister, sometimes nurses, and the blonde one. The ‘princess’ he calls her in his half-delirious state. Her hair is so blonde, so wavy all he can imagine is her as some Empress, commanding those under her reign with a steely tone. Eyes so blue he can only hear the ocean when he catches a glimpse. 

“You should marry me,” he says as he comes to consciousness, heavily sedated. 

“Jesus, Bell,” Octavia mumbles from the chair next to his bed. 

The princess smiles crookedly, eyes alit. “Maybe we should start a little slower than that.”

He shifts, grumbling as he adjusts himself without ruining the IV. “I know what I want.”

“Ask me again when you’re not on heavy drugs for pain management,” she replies, looking over and spreading that crooked smile to something even brighter and larger. 

Bellamy swears he sees a happy, happy life in that smile. He slips back under a few minutes later– ecstatic for a drug-free state, ecstatic to ask her again.

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