i swear he is crazy and too cute

Dating Ron Weasley Would Include:

  • Staying up late on hot summer nights in his room, talking and kissing 
  • Being Hermione’s best friend (I can’t live with myself with Hermione not being happy) 
  • Beating him in Quidditch, and when he gets upset, but smiles as soon as you kiss him. 
  • Getting incredibly red anytime you kiss him, even on the cheek. Especially on the nose. 
  • He has the best morning voice and it just adorable when he wakes up. 
  • Dancing with him at Fleur and Bills wedding, in a matching purple dress. 
  • Being very enthusiastic and always loving being at the loud burrow with him. 
  • Molly embarrassing him in front of you. 
  • Stealing his sweater 
  • Both of you have amazing habits of swearing like crazy 
  • “(Y/N)! What the fuck?! Wears my sweater?…..fuck, it looks cute on you.” 
  • “Ron! Stop eating all the fucking food! Merlins saggy left nut, I need to eat too!” 
  • Setting up a tent in the backyard and staying up as late as you could until finally you fell asleep in each others arm. 
  • Going to the pub with him and getting a little too crazy, with alcohol or not. 
  • He always joins you in the shower, you have to make sure he doesn’t fall back asleep. 
  • He loves it when you fall asleep on top of you, he’ll hold you as tight as he can and drift asleep. 
  • Gets incredibly embarrassed when you walk in on him naked, even though you’ve seen him naked a million times before. 
  • Molly knitting you a sweater.
  • Kissing every one of his freckles. 
  • He kisses every part of your body and tells you how much he loves you. 
  • Molly walking in on you while you two were trying to get it on. “Oh! Goodness sakes!” “MUUUUUMMMMMM!” “Honestly, Ronald!” “PISS OFF” *throws pillow* “RONALD WEASLEY!” 
  • Loving his tummy and biggish arms. 

(taking requests!) 

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Turtles react to being kissed for the first time?

First kiss?  Awww yes <3


He’s very still for a moment, trying regain his posture on what happened.  But soon you’ll see this big smile appear on his face and he leans in.  “Can I kiss you now?”  He’s never felt more confident and happy in his life.


He gets really really quiet for a couple of minutes like “they kissed me do I kiss them back or would that be too forward help me”  but he quickly clears his throat and gives them a small shy grin.   He is blushing like crazy and swears that if they smile at him or do anything cute for the next couple of hours he will have to physically leave the room because he’s gushing so much.  


What have you done to this poor boy omg.  You think he was shy and awkward before you should see him now.  Stuttering mess, glasses falling off his face because he’s fidgeting so much that it physically hurts his brothers to watch him with you.  “I–uh- you- I don’t—you just–” He  might leave the room for a moment, but then he’ll come right back.  “I would like to give you one in return!”  He’s too cute not to pass this opportunity up.


Hoo boy, you kiss this pumpkin you better be ready to get kissed back almost immediately.  He takes no chance on missing out on this, he’s gonna kiss you as quick as he can before you can get away.  He is literally the happiest man on the planet, even though half go the time he is the happiest man on the planet; it’s just pure heaven for him.

Secret Idol Relationship With Rowoon

dating this giant dork just adds another stress in your life but in a good way lol because he’s always trying to find a way to meet you and its like ‘chill rowoon you make one mistake and we’re both going down because of it’ and he’s cutely pouting like ‘i just want to be able to see you every day if i can i hate the feeling of missing you’ and you just can’t help but sigh cuz he’s so cute so you can’t even fight with the kid

-on secret dates, his tall ass would just wear his sweats and a hoodie and the same with you but if there were a few fans around at night, he’d hide you inside his jacket as you two would scurry far away from those girls, snickering to yourselves cuz it’s like an action movie every time you guys go outside, him finding it a rush every time which is why he often calls you out for night walks but also because he loves holding your hand and swinging it back and forth (occasionally stopping to mischievously kiss your lips and running away after). And it’s like ‘god if your going to kiss me then kiss me correctly rowoon’ and you don’t hesitate to pull him down and actually kiss him slowly, his cheeks turning red as a tomato and opening his eyes slowly as you two stare at each-other for a moment under the street lamps that were the only source of light surrounding you from darkness making it seem as if you guys were kissing on stage under the spotlight. He would look at you like you were the most precious thing on earth and smile whispering ‘I love you’ and you’d smile back at him as well ‘i love you too you, you dork.’

-you were casted as the princess for an episode for lipstick prince and he was so ecstatic, he couldn’t keep still in his chair and heechul is just like ‘rowoon, you’re favorite idol crush is the guest for today’s episode, isn’t she’ and he’s just there nodding while looking down with a grin and as soon you show up, everyone starts to hardcore ship you two and heechul would make you sit next to roowoon and roowoons just sending eye signals like ‘thank you so much hyung’ but some members decided to make it entertaining by making doyoung sit on the other side of you and being a gentlemen and giving you water and fixing your chair for you and rowoon’s sending eye signals again like ‘but can you not’ and you couldn’t help but laugh throughout the whole ep because rowoon was so cute when he’s jealous cuz he kept confessing his love for you whenever doyoung does something and you would just roll your eyes and say ‘didn’t you confess your love to every other girl guest on this show, calling them beautiful and whatnot, i’ve seen the other episodes mr rowoon’ and everyones SHOOKED especially rowoon cuz its like ‘oh shoot my gf watches the other eps- i was only being nice to them babe, i didn’t mean it’. When it was time to finally do your makeup, he would not be able to stop himself from smiling as he gets to get super close to you, face inches apart. Back round music from the show would play a cute love song and you guys would both laugh and not really focus during the whole makeup session (him just looking at you and your lips, you guys staring and laughing at each other the whole time so when he was finally finished with your makeup it was just some lipstick and smeared eyeshadow). And When it was finally Doyoung’s turn, Rowoon’s extra ass would be coughing the whole time SUPER OBNOXIOUSLY whenever he felt like doyoung was getting a bit too close and everyone on the show would get the drift including doyoung and doyoung would just push his buttons even more, calling you cute up close as he bit his lips and that would drive rowoon crazy and he’d just be like ‘ OKAY I THINKS THATS ENOUGH MAKEUP ON HER GOOD JOB.

-Knows all of your group’s songs and lowkey know the dance moves too but only dances to it when he’s alone with you whenever he wants to cheer you up and etc. Invites you to his dorm often to have dinner with him and the members and he swears you’re a keeper because you and the members are so close like family and that’s a winner to him. Doesn’t hesitate to sleep with you on the same bed if you do sleep over secretly and you guys are on the top bunk so you both would have to be super snuggly if you don’t want to fall off cuz he’s so huge.(One time you guys had a tickle fest and you almost fell off but he caught you on time and you lectured him so hard). Loves sleeping with him though because its like sleeping with a huge polar bear, so comfy and warm but never during the summer though because it’s so uncomfortable how warm it is lol and you learned that the hard way.

-On Isac, he would be so competitive, winning alot secretly trying to impress you and everyones like ‘wow didn’t know rowoon had this side to him’ and he suddenly became popular with the idol ladies but not once did he bat an eye for anyone. Would sit near you in a very crowded place so it doesn’t look obvious and if everyone was watching a race, he’d just make it look like a casual conversation between idols- tapping you and pointing at the race and you both smiling. (but quit the act rowoon after lipstick prince, everyone knows you’re his idol crush so like ofc he would sit next you) Gifs and pics of you two at isac would be all over twitter and tumblr and your just like sigh rowoon you gotta ignore me for at least a few months for this to blow over okay and he’s just upset like ‘no i dont want to’

-Dates for 12 months before he does something stupid like has your picture as his phone background and kakao background and everyones always asking him if he has a thing for you and he just straight up said ‘i like her’ Fans are never sure if you guys were dating or not but for many years he and you just went on as ‘idols who has mutual feelings towards each-other’

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random question but how many moles do dk have?

Sorry this took so long i needed to gather my resources. I don’t have an exact number all i know is he has a lot haha! He actually has a lot on his face but for the most part only the one on his cheek was uncovered. Lately that 1 along with one on his left eyebrow and one on his left cheekbone are uncovered too but that’s still nowhere near all of them!

I know for a fact that i’m missing one on his arm but I must be going crazy because i cant find any photos but it’s there i swear!!

Photo Credit: SPARKLING MOMENT, BE MY VOICE , DO THE KYEOM , Delightful Knight and Dein Lacheln

-Admin Bi☀️

(ps. No one asked but my absolute favorite mole is the one he has behind his ear it’s so cute)

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I'm slightly freaking out!!? So where I am it's Saturday night around 10:00pm & I'm having a sleepover at my bestfriends house (we're 18) & her brother is having a sleepover with his friends (they're 20-23) yrs old at her house too, its one big sleepover & they're all really cool guys. They asked us if we could pick up some Pizza since her & I wanted to go grab milkshakes, so we did. When we got to the place, as I opened the door, I accidentally hit a guy with the door...(part 1 /3?)

I apologised to him and he said it was fine and gave me a smile. (we are at the pizza store btw) and inside he let us order first. He is really cute! We took a seat outside waiting for it since it was too hot indoors, My friend told me she thought he was cute too after I told her how I thought about him. He walks out shortly after (I hope he didn’t hear us) and gave me a smile. (melted btw) the 3 of us had a short talk (nothing crazy) but then we went to check the pizza. all of us. (part 2/3)

the owner called my name to grab my order. Then the owner called the guys name (he was waiting near the door to grab his order and I froze. His name is Bucky! I swear I stared at him for so long cause I mean, I was kinda surprised. My friend started laughing and wiggling her eyebrows at me. When my friend and I got to the street light we saw him again. He gave another smile and said I had a nice name. I blushed. We went our separate ways though. (part 3/3)

No fucking way…….omg

Dreaming? || Daehwi scenario

Daehwi’s Pov

There she is, y/n, walking down the hall with her friends. Ahhh! Look how pretty she is! Her hair flowing around and bouncing every time she took a step. I was in heaven wasn’t I, I was still in my daze as y/n passed by me, she kept giggling over something. “Daehwi stop staring at nothing, she’s gone now you know” I was taken out of my thoughts by Samuel. “What? I wasn’t staring… I was just admiring… yeah admiring” I quickly said, before going to my locker and picking out the stuff that I need. “‘Admiring’ sure you where” Samuel shook his head. “Okay fine I was staring, I can’t help it!!! Y/n looks so cute everyday” I sighed just thinking about her. “Well you should always keep in mind she’s a year older than you” Samuel said just as the bell rang for class. “I know but that won’t stop me” I gave out a huge smile as we walked to class together. As the hours passed, I couldn’t help but think of y/n. Sure she’s a year older and all, but I still say I have a chance. I didn’t see y/n the rest of the day, other than in lunch and after school. Sometimes I wished we were the same age, just to see her daily, and even have a bigger shot with her.

It was lunch time, the time of the day that I get to admire y/n for almost an hour. I’m not crazy I swear… she’s just too cute. “Lee Daehwi come back to us!!” Woojin screamed at my ear. “What?? I’m here aren’t I?” I got up to go to the lunch line “so who’s coming with me to get food?” Then and there y/n walks by, I couldn’t help look at her. “Just go talk to her” Guanlin said when he put his arm around my shoulder. “It’s not as easy as you think” I sighed as I went to get food. It was a daily thing actually, I look at her daily, the guys tell me to move on cause she’s older. I just cant move on, I’ve fallen for her so much. I grabbed my food and headed towards my table. As I was walking I ended up tripping on my own two feet. Someone stopped me from falling. I looked up and saw y/n’s eyes staring back at me, I couldn’t breath, she was this close to me. I had to say something, be cool Daehwi, you gotta impress her “oh um…hi”. That wasn’t cute, nor cool, omg I sounded like a idiot. She giggled at me though, she probably thinks I’m weird. “Are you okay?” SOMEONE HELP ME, HER VOICE IS SO CUTE!!! “Uh hello? Daehwi is it?” I snapped out of my thoughts, did she say my name?? “Hello Daehwi are you there?” I looked at her with a questioning look and said “How do you know my name?” Y/n blushed “It’s on your name tag.” I looked at the tag and smiled “Well thank you for helping me” Y/n gave me a smile and a nod. I looked at my food all over the floor and pouted, y/n looked at the floor too and took my hand. “You’re coming with me, you’ll be sitting with me and my friends today, you don’t have a lunch but I have extra.” We got to her table of friends, I looked back to my table to see all the boys with their phones out, some giving out thumbs up. I blushed, couldn’t they make it any more embarrassing for me. I sat down, all her friends where staring at me, “I know I’m ugly, you don’t have to stare at my face for so long” I looked down awkwardly. I never had this much attention from girls before. “You aren’t ugly Daehwi, you’re very handsome” All the girls agreed with Y/n, I couldn’t help but blush. “ah… thank you.”

After lunch I went back to class and waited for the guys. “GUYS! DID YOU SEE ME?! I WAS TALKING WITH HER!!” They all nodded “Did you follow my advice” Guanlin said. “No, and you didn’t even tell me advice?” Guanlin thought for a second “Oh yeah that wasn’t you” then he headed towards his desk. I just shook my head, after talking to her I’ve gotten a surge of confidence going trough me. “So Daehwi are you gonna ever confess to her?” Samuel asked as he took a seat beside me. I thought for a second “I don’t know when, maybe sometime later?” I answered, maybe later? Or the perfect time?
After school I saw y/n walking to her house, I ran up to her. “Hey y/n can I walk you home?” She looked at me and smiled “Thank you for offering to take me home Daehwi” I chuckled and gave her a big smile “Any time.” We walked towards her house, we didn’t really talk, but it wasn’t awkward, more like a comforting silence. Once we reached her house she turned and gave me a smile. I felt like this was the time to confess to her, right as she was about to walk in I stopped her. “Hey y/n… I’ve had feelings for you for about two years now, and I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out one day? I know I’m ugly and not the greatest guy, but I’m very loving and I will give you lots of attention, love and-” I was stopped by y/n’s hand covering my mouth she started to laugh. “You’re cute when you ramble, I’ve always thought you were cute. I wouldn’t mind accepting your offer for that date.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before walking into her house. I touched my cheek, y/n, the girl that I’ve been crushing on for so long, the one who’s a year older, just accepted to go on a date with me… am I dreaming?!

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Shit Sex

Characters: drunk!reader, drunk!sam, Dean

Warnings: drinking, implied smut, swearing

Summary: When you and and your boyfriend, Sam, get a little too drunk, you decide to spy on Dean when he brings a girl back to his motel room.

A/N: I don’t know why I wrote this but the idea came to my head where Sam would be cute and drunk with his girlfriend

It had been a long time since you had been drunk like this, crazy happy drunk beyond anyone’s imagination. It started as you and Sam having a friendly drink together in the motel room you were sharing. You and Sam were sharing a room and Dean took a different one so he could bring back the cute girl from the bar. The walls were pretty thin, you could hear the headboard banging against the wall.

You weren’t sure how you got like this, but one thing led to another and you and Sam were falling over yourselves and landing on the floor laughing. “Sammy” you giggled as he crawled up next to you, “Sammy, I have to tell you a secret” you whispered.

“You can tell me anything” he said with a drunk hiccup and a giggle.

You motioned your hands towards you so he could come closer, he’s ear next to your mouth. “I like-” you started but you couldn’t finish, because you started laughing uncontrollably. Sam joined in laughing with you and laid down on the floor, still in a fit of laughter. “Sammy! I’m trying to tell you-” you said in a serious tone, but then you broke into laughter again.

“Shh” he said as he put a finger over your lips.

“What are you doing?” You asked as you moved your lips away from him hand.

“I’m seducing you” he said with squinted eyes and a pout, he then did a model pose with his hand under his head.

“Ooo” you said with a giggle.

He tried to be more sexy but he stumbled from his knees and laid on the floor, “I’m bored, what should we do now?” He asked, and the headboard from next door starting banging against the wall again.

“Let’s go spy on Dean” you giggled. Sam agreed with you and stood up, helping you out of the door as you almost tripped over your own feet.

You opened the door to Deans room slightly and watched him and the girl moving together, it took him a few seconds to notice you, “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing?” He asked and you quickly shut the door.

“Oh my god he saw me” you said as you burst into laughter, and Sam was unable to contain himself. “He looked me in the eyes” you laughed even harder. The banging noise continued and you and Sam decided to have a little more fun. You opened the door slightly and shouted, “Dean, it’s the police, you’re under arrest for having shit sex”. You slammed the door shut after shouting to him, and Sam fell to the floor in a fit of laughter. You screamed with laughter and tried to help Sam up but he just ended up pulling you down with him. “I never finished telling you what I was saying before, the secret I wanted to tell you!” You said.

“Well what was it?” He asked.

“I was gonna say-” you said with a drunk hiccup, “-I like you” you giggled as you held his head in your hands.

“Y/N,” he giggled, “we’ve been dating for a year, it’s not a secret” he laughed as he attacked your face with kisses. You didn’t remember much after that, just laying next to Sam and cuddling him.

* * *

You woke up outside of Deans motel room, you and Sam laying on the floor. You sat up quickly, causing a headache to hit you hard. “Oh shit” you moaned. Sam woke up as you spoke and looked at you, he was perfectly fine, the asshole wasn’t even hungover.

“What happened?” You moaned as you held your hand against your forehead.

“We got really drunk last night, we must have fallen asleep outside Deans room after shouting stuff into his room last night”. That’s when you started to remember what you did last night, how hilarious it seemed, how childish you acted.

“Oh, Deans gonna be pissed” you moaned as you laid your head back on Sam.

“Okay, come on princess let’s get you to a bed” he said as he stood and picked you up in his arms. Sam took you back to your room and laid you on the bed, put the cover over you and laid next to you.

“Ugh, I’m never drinking again” you moaned.

“You say that every time you drink” Sam laughed.

“Hmm, I know” you giggled lightly.

“Hey!” Dean shouted as he swung your motel door wide open, “you have some explaining to do!”.

“Oh, crap” you moaned. You were way too hungover for this.

Holly Jolly (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Request: Anonymous said to everythingharrypotterblog:

15. from the Christmas prompts with Fred where they live on their own with the reader already, please ^^

Summary: You and Fred live together, and you guys decorate the house.


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“Morning love.” A soft voice wakes you up softly. You open your eyes and turn to your left.

“Hi Freddie.” You grin. Suddenly, you remember what day it is. “WE’RE GOING TO DECORATE THE HOUSE TODAY!” You jump up.

It was everyone’s knowledge that you adored the holidays and that you adored decorating. You and Fred had picked out this cozy Sunday to spend the whole day decorating and just being together.

Fred looked at you, smiling. You were just too adorable.

“C’mon love, let’s go make some breakfast.”

You changed into a super soft red onesie, while Fred threw on one of his mother’s sweaters over his pajama pants. Onesies and PJs were your favorite type of clothing; warm, fuzzy and so comfortable.

After a comforting breakfast of pancakes and hot cocoa, you two descended to the basement, getting numbers of boxes filled with decorations and things of the sort.

“Is that too heavy Y/N? Lemme help you” Fred kissed your cheek, helping you with a large box.

“Thank you dearie. Why don’t we start with the tree?” you said.

“Of course.”

You walked over to your record player, and started playing your huge Christmas song playlist.

You spent a good portion of the morning setting up the tree.

“FRED! Stop dropping the ornaments!” You laughed.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I just keep getting swept away by your beauty!”

“Wow that’s one of your cheesiest, I think.” You grin as he came to pick you up. You wrapped your arms around his waist, still laughing as he kissed your lips. Your laughter faded as you looked into his brown eyes, his eyes being your happy place.

“I love you Y/N.” Fred said tenderly.

“I love you more.” You whispered. He put you down, and you both resumed your decorating. This happened quite often with Fred, little random moments where you two would forget where you were and just be totally consumed in your love for each other.

You let out a loud laugh as you glanced over at Fred. Like every single year, he was entangled in the Christmas lights.

“I will never figure out how Muggles do it.” He said, trying to escape the trap he set himself up in.

You chuckled, as you walked over to him, finding the end of the chord and de-mummifying him.

“You know we can use magic for all this?” He grinned, extending his arms in freedom again.

“Oh you and your shortcuts. When I was a kid, before Hogwarts, this is what I would do and it’s just so much more fun! Same thing with baking.”

Fred’s eyes lit up at the mention of your baking. He knew that cooking would be done in a second with a wave of his wand, but whenever you made something the Muggle way, it would taste so much better and heartfelt.

“Can we make gingerbread cookies later?” He jumped up, picking you up again. He liked doing this a lot, having you in his arms.

“MMMmm. What do I get in exchange?” you smirked.

“A million kisses from me.” This being said, Fred started covering your face in kisses, much like a little puppy wanting to lick all over your face. You squirmed as you both fell onto a nearby couch.

“AAAaah okay okay! We’ll make them!” you giggled.

“YES I love you Y/N. Hey, wanna put the star on the tree?” he asked, glancing at your almost finished tree.

“We both know I can’t reach.” You joked. You hopped onto his back, walking over to the middle of the room. You placed the golden star on the top of your tree, then you both stepped back to admire your work.

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The shimmering golden lights flashed across your eyes as you looked at it admiringly. Fred turned his head to look at you, smiling at you. You were so beautiful. Looking at you was addicting, he can do it for hours. He gave your hip a gentle squeeze as you smiled at him, standing on your toes to capture another kiss with the red-haired boy.


“Fred stop throwing flour at me!” You screamed as your crazy boyfriend blew another pinch of flour at you. “I swear to-“ But you were silenced as Fred placed his lips on yours once more.

“You’re too cute Y/N.” He grinned, brushing some flour off your cheek.

You two stood in your kitchen, the countertop filled with cookie ingredients. This was Fred’s favorite part, when the dough was done and it was time to make the cookies with the moulds. You made a couple snowmen as Fred cut out a few of the classic gingerbread men shapes.

“Hey, your recipe makes 24 cookies. How come we only have 23?” Fred looked around, eyebrows knitted together. He moved his glance upwards to you sitting on the countertop, a wooden spoon in your mouth.

“Oh shut up Freddie, you know raw cookie dough is my favorite!” you chuckled. He rolled his eyes dramatically as he put the 23 cookies in the oven.

“Oh what am I going to do with you Y/N?” he sighed, faking exasperation.

“You can kiss me.” You stuck out your tongue at him.

The rest of the day rolled by smoothly. You and Fred moved across the house, leaving each room looking festive as hell.


“I really love you Fred.” You sighed happily, laying on top of him. Your bodies were covered in a fluffy warm blanket, feet resting on the table which was laden in scented candles and a plate of cookies.

“I love you too Y/N. There’s nowhere else I would ever want to be right now.” He said, burying his face in your hair.

And like that, so peacefully, you both fall asleep to the sound of sleigh bells and the sight of white snow carefully falling on the ground.

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Just realized it’s November. FUck. *cries* 

Anyway, thoughts?

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-whispers- Hi~ I just wanted you to know that your blog is great (and you're great)! Would you happen to have any headcanons for how Kunikida, Dazai, and Chuuya would tell their s/o that they love them for the first time?

Kunikida Doppo

Kunikida would probably plan out the entire thing; like he’d have a place, a time, the materials, etc. I don’t know why but I imagine a fancy boat restaurant and you’d both be wearing formal clothes. Although he had an entire speech written out, he couldn’t help but stumble on his words (aka stuttering like crazy). His face would be beet red and he’d be dropping everything; I swear, you’d be able to hear his rapid heartbeat. It’s really cute and you get the hint before he finished, and tell him you love him too. Poor Kunikida would probably faint from this.

Dazai Osamu

The thing about Dazai is you never know; he’s so unpredictable and I can’t tell if he’d randomly do it in the middle of a mission, while working, during dinner, or like while the two of you doing something fun. Half of me feels he would do it while you’re in a mission and fighting some dude. Like he’d be beating them and then suddenly bring it up like, “hey by the way I love you a lot”. However, the other half of me thinks he’d subtly hint at it in joking form first, just to see how you react. Dazai has never done this sort of thing before and doesn’t want to confess to you if you don’t love him back. If this goes on for a while and you still don’t catch on, he will crank the flirting up a notch. This’ll probably make you blush more, which he loves to see. One day when you show a slight hint that you like him back, he will act. Like in the midst of the humorous atmosphere, he will get exceptionally serious.

Nakahara Chuuya

I have a feeling he’d accidentally let it slip when drunk. He’d be asking you (like a child) why you didn’t notice and what he had to do to have your love. Once he’s sober, he remembers this and is so embarrassed he can’t face you; or at least until he gives in to his anxiety and confronts you about it. Chuuya would proper tell you his feelings and ask for yours. If you were to tell him you don’t know, he’d be surprisingly patient waiting for your response. If you were to tell him you loved him back, he give you the tightest hug ever and whisper thank you over and over again into your neck.

These are more like crushes, not s/o, sorry! Also, update on the story I told you a while ago. I have an interview!! However, it’s tomorrow at 9 and I’m panicking! Like this is the first ever job interview I’ve ever had! I don’t know what to wear, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do, I just don’t know! Ahhh, wish me luck! *~*

my parents are always bickering and arguing like teenagers, and now it’s been a week since my father went to Mecca for his pilgrimage, I swear my mom can’t function well without him, she’d never admit it but she misses him like crazy, she runs to the phone when he calls and she’s actually really exausted without him, and me teasing her about how much she loves him is not helping.

Bellarke AU: Life on the ice (Part II)

Clarkes a figure skater, and Bellamy is a hockey captain that both fight over who has the rink on a dailey basis.

Clarke grunted as her hip smacked against the ice cold floor of the rink, yet again, losing her footwork while attempting a difficult move that she can only master on a good day. And Clarke, was not having a good day, which was an understatement, because in fact, she wasn’t having a good year.

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I'm back again with another as. Hope you don't mind :) How would Sehun and Jongin act to finding your embarrassing marching band pictures? (Bc those uniforms aren't tricking anybody, they're so uncomfortable)

Because it’s Sehunnie’s birthday, I’m gonna answer this~ <3 


Kai wouldn’t laugh and would just look down at it with either slightly wide-eyes (if he’s surprised) or a nonchalant expression as he surveys your photo.

“Stop, Jongin. I can’t even look at myself for too long.” you wince as you try to pull the photo from his grasp.

“You’re being dramatic.” Jongin rolls his eyes with an amused smile. “You look cute in your marching band uniform.”

“Are you kidding me? I look horrific! And it’s not even comfortable, I swear to God. It itched like crazy and hugged me in all the wrong places.” you shudder, remembering having that uniform against your very skin.

“It’s a marching band, Y/N. Not a fashion show.”

“Are you insulting me?”

“No mam.” Jongin suddenly turns serious and shakes his head. “I would never.”

You stick your tongue out of him which causes him to smile. “You’re so cute, jagiya.”

“Not in thsi photo.” you snort. “People usually run away at the sight of me in this.”

“Those people are blind. Now look what they’re missing.” he mumbles as he nuzzles your neck, making you sigh. “The most beautiful girl in the world…”

“You’re my boyfriend. You’re supposed to say that.”

Jongin grins, secretly liking the possessive term. “Yeah. I’m your boyfriend. And you’re my girlfriend. And like any good girlfriend should, you must accept and get used to said boyfriend’s compliments.” he pecks your cheek. “Because honestly? I’m not going to stop making them.” <3

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Sehun promised he wouldn’t laugh. And he always keeps his promises. Apparently, today was the start of him breaking his oaths because the moment he sees your photos; handing him the scrapbook filled with pictures from your marching band days, he snorts out the orange juice he just drank and giggles profusely.

“Yah.” you glare at him as he tried to cover up his laughter by wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“Sorry. Sorry, I–” he snorts a laugh again and this time you just laid back on your seat with a scoff and let him laugh it out. Because as much as he was being a (sorta) douche boyfriend right now, you didn’t want him to die of holding his breath.

When he finally settles down you look at him and snatch the scrapbook from his hands, almost angrily. “Are you quite done?”

Sehun wipes the tears from his eyes, “I’m sorry. Aaah. That was–”

“I know I looked hideous in them–”

“What are you talking about?” Sehun looks at you incredulously which confuses you a bit. “You look absolutely adorable!”

“But…” you tilted your head and looked pointedly at the scrapbook. “You just laughed at my photo!”

“What?! I wasn’t laughing at you.” he explains. “I was laughing at the dude behind you!”

At that, you look back at the photo then grinned when you saw one of your guy classmates, dressed in what looked like a cheerleader’s uniform, jumping behind you and being the perfect photo bomber. You vaguely remembered it was done for a dare… “I didn’t even see that!”

“How could you not notice that, Y/N?!” Sehun pointed, eyes bright with laughter. “He’s right there!”

“Guess I was too busy looking at how hideous I was.”

“You’re not hideous.” Sehun shook his head as he leant his chin on your shoulder; the two of you looking down at your photo. “You looked beautiful even then.”

At his words you can’t help but feel your heart turn into mush and you cuddle against his side comfortably.

“People change though.” you challenge and you felt him nod.

“Yeah.” he kisses your cheek. “You definitely changed for the better though.” <3

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FEELS! SOMEONE HOLD ME lol Hope you enjoyed this! And happy birthday to our dear Sehunnie~ <3

- Kaye Allen

beyonncce-deactivated20160922  asked:

fav stevebucky headcanon?

Omfg SO MANY but ok a couple of my faves: 

  • The one where the Avengers thought Bucky’s the one who likes to get Steve into trouble but then after like the twelfth time they see Steve jumping out of windows and punching people and Bucky’s in the background saying “not again” they realize it’s the opposite.
  • Or the one where Bucky finally knows all about the crazy shit Steve’s done and Steve’s all wide eyes and trying to stop whoever’s talking while Bucky slowly turns his head and just… stares.
  • PUNK BUCKY AND HIPSTER STEVE (and vice versa).
  • STEVE AND BUCKY HUGGING!!!! (they better have this in Cap 3 or I swear)
  • Bucky asking Steve to bring him to the museums/science fairs and he starts to stare and point at things like “whoa steve look at those jets! AND TV WITH COLORS” because he’s a huge science nerd.
  • Nat making a couple t-shirt for them, Steve’s t-shirt says “Fossil #1″ and Bucky’s “Fossil #2″
  • Them actually working at Barnes&Noble lmao.
  • And the one where Steve and Bucky makes up random and crazy stories about the old days and convincing the others that they’re true.

Ok I have many others but it’s gonna take too long and most of these are cute stuff cause we already have too much pain with these two fossils.

Sleepover Wednesday!

Firefighter!Steve/Single Mom!Darcy AU

“Mama, how do I look?”

Darcy steps back and takes long, appraising look at her six year old daughter, at the newly painted Jolly Roger flag on her cheek and the twirly, cartoonish mustache above her lip. “Hmm,” Darcy says thoughtfully, tapping her index finger against her lips. “I think you’re missing one vital accessory, Harper.” Picking up two plastic eye patches off the table, each sporting a skull and crossbones that matches the one on Harper’s face, she holds them out in the palm of her hand.  “Which color do you want?”

Harper takes her time deciding, the way she does with nearly every choice she’s presented, before finally pointing to her favorite. “I think I like the black one best.”

“Good choice,” Darcy says warmly, a smile curving up her lips. She slips the patch over Harper’s eye and nods her approval. “There. Best pirate ever.”

The face paint artist holds up a mirror for her, and Harper stares at her reflection, giggling and clapping her hands excitedly. “I look so silly, Mama! It’s perfect.”

Darcy can’t help but laugh at her sweet girl’s reaction. “Agreed. Okay, Monkey, there’s a line of kids waiting for their turn. Let’s get a move on. What do you say to this nice woman for painting your face?”

“Thank you,” Harper says politely, hopping down from her perch. She turns back and whispers something to the artist that Darcy can’t quite make out. The woman smiles and nods, and Harper’s little dark head bobs along approvingly. “Thank you,” she says again, and picks up the pink eye patch Darcy had put back on the table. “Here, Mama, this one is for you. Then we can match.”

It’s not like she wants to walk around the county fair with a pink pirate eye patch, but Harper’s face is so earnest and sweet that she finds it nearly impossible to say no. “Well, I can’t turn down an offer to match the mighty pirate captain, now can I?” Darcy pulls the pink patch into place and grins. “How does it look?”

“Arrrrrgh! It’s great!” Harper giggles behind her hand. “Can we get ice cream now?”

Darcy holds out her hand, squeezing affectionately when Harper fits her palm against hers. “Absolutely.”


“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Bucky asks behind him.

“Dammit, so close,” Steve mutters under his breath. Guilty, he halts and turns around, summoning an apologetic smile for his friend. “Was gonna get a drink. M’thirsty. Want one?”

“Nice try, asshole, I’m not buyin’ your innocent act. You forget I’ve known you forever. It’s your turn to give the next tour,” Bucky says pointedly, jabbing his finger into Steve’s chest for emphasis. “I’ll go get the drinks.”

There’s no point in arguing; it is his turn and he most definitely was trying to sneak away. “Hey, now, watch yourself. That’s Captain Asshole to you, Lieutenant. Get me a lemon shake-up, would ya?”

“Sure thing, Cap’n,” Bucky sneers, clapping him harder than necessary on the shoulder. “Though best ones are clear on the other side of the fairgrounds. Usually a long line there, too. Be back when I can.” With a mock salute, he hightails it away from the truck.

Normally Steve likes this part of his job.  He’s always enjoyed interacting with kids. So spending a day at the fair, showing them around the fire engine and handing out cute plastic firefighter helmets is, typically, a relaxing and rewarding experience.  

Today? Not one of those days.

No, today is one of those days Steve swears Satan himself sent his best minions disguised as cute children to the fair with their equally crazy parents to make his life, and the rest of the company’s, hell on earth. He blames the full moon slated for tonight. Doesn’t matter what the science says to the contrary, he’s seen first hand the insane shit that goes down during a full moon. Ask any cop or medical professional, and they’ll corroborate this theory.

Steve rounds the corner to see that even Sam — who normally exhibits the patience of a saint — is struggling with the kiddie crowd today, frustration evident on his face. Of course, a little boy just dropped an ice cream cone on Sam’s boots, then proceeded to kick him in the shin when Sam tried to hand the kid a red helmet instead of black, so frustrated might be underselling it. At least this boy’s parents have the good sense to look horrified and apologize as they hurry away with their son in tow, which is more than Steve’s seen from the others so far.

Yeah. That kind of day.

Relief washes over Sam’s face when he spots Steve. “Thank god you’re here, Cap,” Sam sighs. “I was half a second away from losing my cool. Gonna go wash the ice cream off my boots and get an elephant ear. You want anything?”

“Nah, but thanks,” Steve replies, waving him off. “Go take a break. I’ve got this covered.”

“You’ve got incoming,” Sam says with a jut of his chin. “Pirates two o’clock. Good luck with that, Cap.”

Steeling himself for another difficult interaction, he takes a deep breath, pastes on his politest smile, and turns around. Sam had mentioned pirates, but Steve hadn’t in the least been expecting a beautiful, curvy brunette sporting a pink eye patch over one eye, with an adorable little girl with twin braids and a pirate mustache in tow. Clearly, he’d been shortsighted.

“Yo-ho-ho! It’s the Pirate Queen,” he says to the girl, with a comical bow. His effort wins him giggles from her and an easy smile from the gorgeous woman he assumes is her mother. Perhaps this tour won’t be so bad after all.

“Arrgh! I’m the Pirate Captain,” she corrects, fisting small hands indignantly at her hips. “Captain Harper!”

Steve bites back a laugh and salutes Harper. “Aye aye, Captain. Is this your first mate?” he asks, gesturing to the woman beside her, and receiving more delighted laughter from the kid.

“Yeah, First Mate Mommy!”

This kid is ridiculously cute, and Steve doesn’t bother trying to hold back the laughter this time. “Well, Captain Harper, First Mate Mommy, I’m Captain Steve. Would the pirates like to look around the fire truck?”

Full length fic to come…

Shipped | Joe Sugg Imagine

Request: Could you write something like the reader being very good friends with Joe, Caspar, Oli, Dan etc. but extremely close with Joe and the fans ship you two (Reader is a youtuber as well) and you go to vidcon and like it’s all to crazy for you and Joe kind of comforts you but the fans think something different?  

“We’re on the plaaaaane!” Joe exclaimed at his vlogging camera “Are you excited?” he said as he slightly turned the camera so you were now in the shot.

You, Joe, Caspar and Oli where in a plane heading to Los Angeles for the VidCon. It was your first VidCon ever and you were a little bit stressed, but fortunately your friends and fellow youtubers were there with you which reassured you a little. You had met a lot of wonderful people through YouTube and you were really thankful for that.

“Super excited! But also really tired.” You said as you put your head on Joe’s shoulder, it was 6 am which meant that you woke up at 3 so you had not gotten a lot of sleep.

“I’m super excited too! And I can’t wait for the plane to fly off.” Oli said from behind the two of you, where he was sat with Caspar. Caspar, who was making weird faces at the camera.

Joe chuckled before he turned off his camera, your head was still resting on his shoulder when you felt your eyelids grow heavier and drifted off to sleep.

When you woke up, your head was still resting on Joe’s shoulder. You moved slightly and Joe instantaneously turned his head towards you.

“Hi.” He said in a soft voice.

“Hi.” You responded as you straightened up and stretched your limbs as much as you could in your seat. “What time is it?” You asked, still sleepy.

“No idea, but we are landing in two hours, I think” Joe answered, rubbing his eyes. He seemed tired.

“Wait, you let me sleep on your shoulder for 9 hours?!” You asked, kind of shocked.

“Yes, and I also let you drool on my shoulder, apparently.” He said while looking at the small wet spot on his shirt.

You chuckled. “Sorry about that, you should have pushed me away.”

“It would have woken you up.” He pointed out, before focusing on his laptop where he was editing a video.

You did not know what to say so you grabbed your phone and checked your Twitter account. Your notifications were on fire, you always had a lot of notifications, but never that much. Then, you noticed that Caspar had tagged you in a tweet.

“@Caspar_Lee: @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N Lovebirds.”

And along with that tweet there was picture of you and Joe while you were sleeping on his shoulder. Joe obviously had no idea that Caspar had taken the picture because he looked completely focused on his laptop.

Everyone was going crazy and you received tons of tweets regarding the picture: “I swear they are dating”, “Can they get married already????” “OMG I KNEW THEY WERE DATING” “I just want them to date, is that too much to ask????” “Y/S/N (Your Ship Name) is real!!!!” “OMG my Y/S/N feels”

You sighed and closed your Twitter. You were accustomed to this: every time you posted a picture with Joe or did a video with him, the fans would go crazy. They were always telling you how cute you would be as a couple and some of them even suspected that you were already dating in secret. You and Joe almost never talked about this because the conversation would always feel awkward, but both of you knew that nothing would ever happen. You two were super close, though you knew that Joe only saw you as a friend.

You put your phone back in your bag and looked at the window, you were really excited about VidCon even though you felt a little bit scared. It was the first you were going to an event of the sort, you also had never met that many fans at the same time so you would probably feel a little overwhelmed.

You pushed the doors open and almost ran outside, in need of some air. You were at VidCon and it was amazing, really, but it was also making you feel really emotional, meeting all your fans, you talked with them and some of them were telling such things such as “you helped me when I was at my worst” or “I get bullied at school but your videos are helping me”. It made you feel happy but also sad at the same time, you were happy to be able to help people and make them laugh, but you were also sad because you could not erase their problems for real, you felt useless. You felt a tear slide down your face and wiped it away quickly, it was not the moment to cry.

“Are you alright?” You heard Joe’s familiar voice come from behind.

You turned around to face him and you could not hold back your tears anymore. “Can you just hold me?” you managed to say with a shaky voice.

“Y/N…” He whispered before walking towards you. He put his arms around you and pulled you in a tight embrace “What is it?” Joe asked as he put his hands on each side of your face. You did not feel like talking so you just put your head back on his chest and he seemed to understand so he just held you tighter. 

You were now back in your hotel room after that exhausting but amazing day. You had eventually told Joe how you felt and he really gave you some good advice. 

You plopped down on your bed and took your phone to check your Twitter, your notifications were still a mess, probably from the picture Caspar took on the plane, but then you noticed that your timeline was filled with pictures of you and Joe outside VidCon, at that moment when he came and comforted you.

You sighed as you read the tweets, everyone assumed you were dating. You were kind of getting tired of this so you took a random tweet saying “are you two dating????” and answered: “No, Joe is just a really good friend.”, hoping it would stop the rumors a little bit.

You turned off your phone and decided to call it a night, you had a long day ahead of you tomorrow. 

Six months later, you found yourself in Joe’s room filming a video announcing your relationship. So, maybe Joe was not just a really good friend.

I hope you enjoyed this imagine and don’t hesitate to request one here! :)