i swear gah


Maru really loves dem crabs. He also cooks for his siblings.

Lei dared herself to see how many rice balls she could stuff in her mouth… her record is 3.

No wonder why Kaipo can be quiet when he walks up to people! That lil bean eats sneaky snail meunière!

“I don’t know how to put this nicely. So I won’t.”

“Gee, thanks, Norge.”

“No, but really, that jacket is horrible. Go change it.”

“But I like it!”

I don’t, and I deem my opinion more important than yours, so go change it before I magick another one on you.”

“Hey–okay, okay! Yeesh, Norge, you’re so picky.”

“You’re so annoying.”

“Ouch, I’m hurt!”

“Denmark, I swear to God–”

“Gah–I’m going, going!”

–A conversation between Norway and Denmark, probably

Happy birthday to Norway! [May 17th] Let us all appreciate this adorable yet deadly cinnamon roll.

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So I feel like Dark would have a real bad potty mouth?? Like whenever something inconvenient happens he always says under his breath something like "ah, fuck me" or "what the shit??" But then he also uses it to his advantage because S/O thinks it's really hot when he swears and so when he wants to get them in the mood he leans over in their ear and whispers things like "I'm going to fuck you so fucking good, you won't be able to walk for a week" So just straight up son whenever he swears gah

I can see this happening so much. Especially when it comes to Anti or any other Ego that he can’t stand. 
But he’d never yell it or use aggressive cursing. It’s just something he mutters or sighs before destroying someone with his words or fists. 

But when it comes to his S/O, he’d use it dirty talk so frequently they’d become conditioned to whenever he swears, they’d get a little turned on.
“Sweetling, if you continue to do that I’m going to fucking bend you over that table and drive into you so fucking hard you won’t be able to leave the bed.” 

09 どうでもいい Yuma Mukami CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
09 どうでもいい Yuma Mukami CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa

NSFW warning: Headphone strongly advised~

Track #9 Yuma Mukami Diabolik Lovers: More Blood 

Gah, I swear Tatsu is slaying my ovaries along with my existence with his lethal, erotic eroi~ Go head and listen you know want to listen and imagine Tatsu sucking you dry with his hungry, sexy, thirsty self~ 


A cheggsy ficlet: Waking up with you by my side

For hartwinmakethman, as hartwin trash as I am but cheggsy holds a special place in our hearts. This fic contains concepts she has in her Kay!Charlie verse (GENIUS). Hiya, my wonderful cheggsy headcanon partner in crime (hugs)!

Eggsy wrinkled his nose and frowned as he felt light on his closed eyes. He rolled over and snuggled closer to the warm body next to him with a groan and a grumble. An arm made its way to his waist and a nose against his shoulder. He mumbled some gibberish and rubbed his face in the crook of his partner’s neck.

“Eggsy?” He felt his name against his skin.

“Fuck the right off…” Eggsy grumbled back.

He both heard and felt the chuckle and couldn’t help but smile at that. Charlie traced patterns with his fingers on Eggsy’s back. They stayed like this for a while, basking into each other’s presence when an alarm rang.

“Oh fuck no…”

“Eggsy, I have to…”

“Charlie…stay a little more?”

“Arthur will kill me if I am late again.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you being a little late.” He gently bit at Charlie’s neck and dragged his hand down his chest.

“Eggsy, I have to be at London HQ in two hours.” He chuckled and tried to wriggle himself out of Eggsy’s hold. “Stop. Stop it.” He chuckled some more and evaded Eggsy’s lips.

Right on cue, Charlie’s glasses made a beeping sound from his bedside table.

Eggsy groaned and rolled onto his back. Charlie pecked him on the shoulder and got up to dress himself.

“I will be back by the end of the week, Okay?”

“Fuckin’ better be.” A flash of worry made its way to Eggsy’s face. Charlie buttoned his shirt and put his tie on.

“Mon coeur…”

“You’ll be back, I know. I trust you.”

“I’ll be back. I’ll be okay.”

“I know.”

“Je t’aime.”

“Just come back, Kay.”

Charlie smiled and as he finished dressing up and blew a kiss at Eggsy.

Imagine a stand off with God!stiel...

“Cas, come on, snap out of it, you’re killing people!” You said shaking your head in disbelief. He was definitely far from the sweet angel that you knew now… He was a monster. The kind you usually put down.

“So?” He said with a smile that made your stomach churn.

“Damn it Cas. It’s taking every ounce of me to not… not…” You stuttered.

“Not what? You really are wasting my time.”

“Not slap you round the face you arrogant little shit.” You felt your eyes go wide at your small outburst. With Cas in this state, who knew what he could do?

“What a brave little ant you are, but you know what more evolved species do to ants?” He rotated his foot a little in emphasis.

“I’m not an ant.” You half snarled as you carefully reached into your pocket for any form of weapon.

“Hm. Maybe not… However, I’m God and you, Y/N, are a nuisance.”

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Well, there is that infamous moon picture of Dylan's butt that someone still needs to find. It has to exist SOMEWHERE!


Kay, sorry, gotta get some chapter 135 thoughts/feels off my chest~

  • Sorry Mizali, you could bring the HHB a banquet, stop harming Zeno and buy them all a villa in the south of Xing and I still don’t think I’d be willing to forgive you after what you’ve already done. I’m still awaiting your full-on mental break down later in this arc due to the way you’ve been presented so far. 
  • Speaking of which, Mizali is such a loose canon that I’m half expecting the HHB to escape by offering to have Jae-Ha fly Mizali around if he lets them all leave the prison and go to the courtyard. Cue Jae-Ha grabbing Kija and Yoon and fleeing and Shin-Ah and Zeno powering their way out before anyone can gather to stop them.
  • *holds Jae-Ha and never lets go* ;__;
  • Mizali is such a four dragons fanboy. I pray he and Tae-Jun never meet - those two would run an entire four dragons fanclub.
  • For freaks sake Soo-Won, I thought we spoke about those polka-dot pyjamas you insist on wearing!! *holds out hand* Come on Your Highness, give them to me. Yes, give them to me. Burn them? *chuckles* Of course not! I’m just going to place them way too close to this open fireplace, no biggie!
  • What are you trying to research there Lili, hmmm?? *raises eyebrows*
  • *unimpressed voice* Oh look, it’s Min-Soo, the character I totally wasn’t expecting to see and whose appearance in this chapter totally wasn’t spoiled for me, which then totally didn’t ruin the surprise… *dives back into her salt mine*
  • Okay, I see you reacting to that letter from Hak and Yona (or at least, the letter I assume was from Hak and Yona) Soo-Won and scrunching it up in your hands. This was the biggest wtf of the chapter for me: did Soo-Won see the note, immediately decide he wasn’t going, and then purposely pick Min-Soo to go just to mess with Hak and Yona?? Or is this a whole Min-Soo conspiracy where Min-Soo was actually working for Soo-Won the entire time? GAH!!! Damn it!! I mean, if Min-Soo was obviously on Yona’s side when he helped her escape, you think Soo-Won would have just fired him. Why keep a servant at risk of turning on you like they once did? Then again, Min-Soo looks so broken when Lili bumps into him :/ *claws at the air making dying whale noises* I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!

TL;DR: I NEED TO KNOW MORE DAMN IT, MORE!! And Jae-Ha is my darling, I love him so much~


Can we please sit down and take a moment to discuss the fact that whenever they’re taking pictures with their awards, Michael looks like an over worried mother who thinks that the dorks around her are going to drop her precious little baby? I don’t know…it may just be me.