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Okay but Bellamy refused to accept the possibility that Clarke was actually going to die. He would not hear it, and he listened to her ‘if something happens to me’ speech because she said she needed him to, but he pushed away the idea that Abby’s premonition had any merit right up until it was too late and they had to leave without Clarke.

He is going to feel so guilty for that. He’ll think that if only he had listened, he could have done something - maybe he could have climbed the tower instead, and the whole chain of events would have turned out differently. Maybe Murphy could have rescued Monty by himself, and he could have stayed to help Clarke somehow. None of these options really make any sense, but he’ll torture himself with the idea that if he’d just taken Abby’s premonition and Clarke’s dread seriously, he might have been able to do… something. 

Not only that, but Clarke told him what she needed to because she had accepted that she might not come out of this alive. Bellamy was shutting that whole realm of possibility down in his brain, so he didn’t take that opportunity. He never finished his sentence from 4x06 - ‘If I don’t see you again’. 

He just wasn’t finished. 


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#can we talk about her currently learning Russian? #RUSSIAN!!!! #i am in serious need of a sequel #because gaby and illya need to kiss after 12463 attempts #because i want illya muttering things to himself in russian throughout the whole film #whenever he gets annoyed/ argues with napoleon or gaby #and he doesn’t know gaby understands #til the end of the movie #where it’s like a heated moment and he goes #in russian: ’good thing i’m in love with this woman OR I SWEAR” #and gaby is like #OR YOU SWEAR WHAT????

Illya is being spied on.

More specifically, someone is trying to take his picture. Illya’s not blind; he knows the particular way you hold up your camera when you’re trying to get a surrepititious shot of someone. And Mr. Jacket-and-Gold-Tie over there is definitely trying to get a photo of him. He’s as obvious as a neon sign.

Illya’s a little disappointed, to be honest. He rather liked Jacket-and-Gold-Tie. Not just for his overwrought fashion sense (isn’t he hot in that jacket, in the crowded train?) but because of the way he steals glances at Illya every day on the train. Illya’s decided he must be interested, and that puffs up his ego. Given how vigorously he works out, it’s about time that Illya got some attention. And there are definitely uglier people he could get it from.

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