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For @lstcbndlvr I regret everything.

I apologize for the bad quality; I have a shitty camera ((and shitty drawings))

But if you can’t read it too clearly, it says:

“He’s used to it.”

Yam: “Ah! Kageyama! Don’t look directly into the sun!”

Tsukki: “Don’t worry about it Yamaguchi, he’s used to it.”

Yam: “EH?”

Tsukki: “See?”

Yam: “oh…”

Hin: “KAGEYAMA-KUUUUUUN! Those were some great tosses today! Mind if ya did some more? pretty please!”

Kag: “Milk for a week.”

Hin: “Deal!”

The first time he noticed the bump– really noticed– was in passing.

He was in a hurry, having overslept and missed half of his morning meetings. She was climbing the stairs to their room, sweaty and red-cheeked from her daily early run with the A-Team. They were used to exchanging a quick kiss before wordlessly darting off to their own busy schedules, but he was pulling on his boot when she tugged her sweaty shirt over her head and began digging for a new one.

Hiccup glanced up– once, and then again. His eyes stuck on the just barely perceptible swell between her hipbones. For a brief moment, everything seemed to stand still.

He watched her, a little dazed. Blinking as she passed in front of him, he observed the way she dabbed at her flushed skin with a clean rag. Her hands smoothed down strands of blonde attempting to wriggle free from her braids. But he couldn’t look away from that gentle curve, a blossoming bud that made his breathing quicken.

She’d selected a new shirt and started to tug it on when she realized he was staring and froze. “Hiccup? …Babe?”

He snapped his head up. For some reason, he shot to his feet, as if he’d been caught doing something wrong. But his gaze kept tearing away from her face, as if pulled by gravity.

Her brow furrowed. “Everything okay?” She fixed her attire, straightening the hem of her shirt and effectively covering the evidence of their growing little one. When she returned her hands to her hair, that little bump disappeared in the pattern of fabric.

He glanced back up to her concerned blue eyes. “I…” His lungs seemed to collapse with one heavy whoosh. “How are you that beautiful even when you’re sweaty?”

Her expression brightened, a beaming smile making his heart skip haphazardly. “You’re sweet,” she told him, stepping forward to kiss his cheek. Her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re late.”

“Heh. You caught me.” His mouth twisted in an attempt not to reveal his mirth. She pulled away, and he let his hand trail down her arm as she began gathering papers for a meeting with the fishermen.

She was starting back down the stairs, cheeks still pink, when he called after her.


She stopped two steps down. Hiccup straightened his mantle on his shoulders and jogged after her. He set his hand on the small of her back and walked her down.

“Make sure you stop and eat breakfast, okay?”

“Pff. Yes, my chief.”