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Part 3 of “Fan (bonus parts)”

And yup, you guessed it, there’s a scenario

THIS IS V CUTE YO (lolol jk)

You walked out of the dressing room, you were practicing new hairstyles but due to the shit that Jimin is pulling up. You just needed to know. You stomped over to the room you and Jimin share; everyone agreed that you should room with him since you guys were basically inseparable. 

“Park Jimin!” You exclaimed as you enter, you saw him on his bed hiding under a cover; you grabbed a pillow and started hitting his covered body.

“What. Is. The. Meaning. Of. This?!” You said in between hit. Jimin suddenly grabbed the pillow making you land on him and he wrapped his arms around you so you wouldn’t be able to get away. “I swear to god Jimin, I will break your arm if you don’t let me go” he instantly removed his arms and sat up, you followed so both of you were facing each other.

You look at him expectantly; he sighed and ruffled his hair. Your eyes met and his gaze softened. “I’m serious” he said loud enough for you to hear before breaking your eye contact. “What?” you asked trying to keep your calm composure. 

“I want you play an important role in my life (Y/N)” This time he kept the eye contact. “Be my girlfriend?” he said hopefully, lightly grinning. You were loss for words, you didn’t know what to do or what to say, and your mind went blank. 

You continued to stare at him making the boy more nervous; heck his hands were shaking, and finally, you sighed and looked down, got off the bed then stood up. Jimin’s heart drop, he thought that you were going to say no and leave. But instead, you bent down and connected you lips. Jimin’s eyes widened in shock but he reacted fast and kissed back. He grabbed your waist and sat you on his lap without breaking the kiss. 

The kiss was soon broken, your foreheads touching and big smiles etched on both of your faces. “I hope that answers your question” you said, he grinned and his cheeks started to turn red. Realization kicked in and you got off his lap and started jumping around. 

“I’m Park Jimin’s girlfriend, oh my god” you fangirled, he laughed at your state and you gave him a glare. “You can’t blame me, there’s a thousand girls out there who’d love to be yours but you chose me and I just, oh my god” you continued fangirling until Jimin wrapped his arms around you to stop you from jumping. 

“C’mon, you can stop now, you still have to style my hair” He said intertwining your hands. Both of you left the room and to the dressing room, in there was all the members and they didn’t suspect anything since it’s normal for you guys to hold hands, until Jimin kissed you thank you and that’s when they went ballistic.

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Through The Night {Olicity}

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“Felicity… Felicity!”

The tense expression that had washed over Oliver’s face slowly loosened when he felt her shift under his grasp. He watched her roll over, his hand instinctively reaching out to brush the strands of her silky blonde hair away from her delicate skin as she slowly opened her eyes, blinking rapidly to adjust to the dimly lit room she laid in.

It was three in the morning, and that was the fourth time Oliver had shaken her awake that night. He could have let her be, could have let her go home by herself to begin with, but his protective instincts were still on high alert and after seeing her in the hands of a man as evil as Slade, there was no way he was letting her out of his sight. Not tonight.

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