i survived dashcon 2014

More News About DashCon Survivor Buttons

I didn’t just collect a bunch of selfies for no reason.
I emailed the company I ordered the buttons from about why it was taking so long. They responded that they had a high order volume and that mine were due to get printed today (Tuesday), so theoretically, if that’s the case, I should have them by Friday.

So, watch out for your update emails. Until then I am still taking selfies. I’ll email everyone about the $1 shipping on the button when I do get them. I’m excited, you guys should be.

Also! Regarding the DashCon buttons, I am still accepting selfies. I have not received the physical buttons, I have decided to wait until Monday (nine days after my order at that point) before emailing them with “what’s going on?”

So. Figuring out what’s going on with that tomorrow. :/ I haven’t had a problem with them yet, but I will be getting our survival buttons. >=[