i surprise myself sometimes


Okay, it was the end of lunch and we we’re all walking back to our lockers to get our books for the next class and Christine gives me back my apple juice cup and there was still a little bit of juice left. 

I put it down to get my books and it tipped all over the bottom of my locker. Everybody went to class so no one had a tissue to clean it up and I didn’t want it to be sticky. So I looked in my bag to see what I could clean it up with, I found a pad. It worked really well. I had to run to the bin to dispose it before anyone saw me LOL. 

Taehyung’s pet

One day, little taehyung brought a pet home

oh but not just any pet! this one had its own throne

indeed he bought a lizard and on a cozy spot it sat

the spot where hoseok loved to nap

the little lizard would gleefully observe

the entire dorm room, oh what nerve!

-thought Hoseok once he learnt

that little Taehyung has turned

the living room into a jungle!

“I came here to rest!” the hopeful kid fumbled

“and not to have an arrhythmia” he mumbled.

But little Taehyung found all this quite fun

as he sat next to his lizard who had begun

to devour all the pesky fruit flies

Doesn’t he have beautiful eyes?

-Taehyung said in a merry tone

“Well I guess they’re not bad to the bone”