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“In Kdrama, there is no turning back. Like literally! I got drowned into the Kdrama world the first time I watched Boys over Flowers. T'was years ago. That was the first kdrama I’ve watched. After that, I’ve been craving for some more, much more feels. I didn’t expect that knowing I despise Korean dramas when I was younger since I find it too “cheesy” and “corny” and “OA”. But hell yeah! Ottoke! Now, I can’t even function well if I can’t watch an episode a day. Can someone relate to this? Knowing the nature of my work, yea I’m a teacher and paperworks are hell, I still make sure I can insert “watching Kdrama” in my schedules. Oftentimes, I got this disease of “i-don’t-care-about-my-class-tomorrow-slash-lesson-plans-I-have-to-watch-my-oppa”. This is insanity! But I love my insanity and it’s making me alive and kickin’. How can I? How can I not? I can’t resist it because it’s giving me so much feels.
Jeh-bal! Ottoke! 😍😍 This year, my weekly schedule is full. From Monday to Sunday, I have this schedule of dramas I should watch and this makes me so happy! Omooooo! 💕

An addict”


ooc: So, I feel like my activity on this blog has been spotty at best and I wanted to apologize for it. Work has been insane of late and have also been struggling with some RL issues, not gonna get too into that but y’all can relate I’m sure. Anyway, wanted to apologize for not being consistent in keeping up with replies and asks. I’ve stopped posting memes cuz I don’t want to disappoint people by not answering them even though I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to. >< Trust me if I had the time and energy I’d chuck my muse at all y’all and then you’d prolly toss him right back lol. But anyway, once again, thank you guys for being patient with me.


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do you ever feel shitty for non-same gender attraction? i'm a cis bi woman and sometimes i feel like i'm letting the gay community down when i have a crush on a boy... can anyone relate to this?

yeah, i can relate! and i’m sure a lot of others do too. it’s this weird pressure that weighs you down because you feel like you’re not gay enough for the community. which is such a silly misconception, but unfortunately one a lot of us deal with. :(

qotd: let’s chat about anything!

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Hey! Not sure if it relates to the topic of this blog, but I just have to ask :) Your blog is so wonderful, maybe you would know some similar blog about Daniel Radcliffe? Not just with his photos and gifs, but also with news and discussions? Hope you're interested in him even a little and I won't annoy you with this question :D

Thank you so much for your praise. On a day like today, when I’m at work with runny nose and sore throat and can only dream about getting back home ASAP, your words really help to feel better :) Unfortunately I’ve never come across similar blogs about Dan. I like him a lot and would love to know more, but i couldn’t find anything but the blogs posting pictures and gifs. Guys, if any of you know good sources for Dan Radcliffe’s news, will you please share with me?

also that reminds me: i told my mom last week i wasn’t quite feeling ash as a name anymore and was thinking about going by another one (i didn’t tell her friends are already calling me ian) and she just

“i’m just getting used to calling you ash and you’re doing this to me? can’t you just keep going by ash?”

and just. yeah sure mom i’ll abandon my own comfort to accommodate your feelings. fuck no?

and when i told her ‘hey that’s not cool to say actually and sorry but my comfort is more important than the minor inconvenience it would cause you to call me another thing’ i got another earful about how i’m the mean trans kid and i need to learn to be nicer

If people want to understand why I’m so frustrated with the BC Liberals…

You’d feel the same way if the provincial equivalent of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been running your province for the past 16 years (I’m sure people in Alberta & Saskatchewan can relate to this feeling).

Schools have been underfunded, teachers fired, government has attacked teachers basic labour rights. The BC Liberals got rid of our human rights commission. Public utilities have been sold off or privatized. The party has been a failure on the environment (they did cut emissions briefly but now they’re going way up again); they’ve had so many scandals I’ve lost track (deleting emails relating to access to information, lying about everything, The Site C dam, approving Kinder Morgan’s pipeline, etc). Canada’s worst mining disaster (Mt. Polley) happened under their watch. They ignored Vancouver’s housing crisis for years. They’ve had one of the worst minimum wages in Canada, and the highest cost of living. They’ve screwed over disabled people with meanhearted policies.

Amren, my love. 

Aside from Nesta, she’s my fav character in ACOTAR. I think we can all relate to her in some way. I’m sure we’ve all felt alone, lost, trapped, or just generally that feeling of being other that I feel like Amren exemplifies, and yet still manages to love and find peace with the inner circle. 


10 (anti) parallels Emma with the hook / others with the hook

Requested by my dear friend @cat-sophia and also by anonymous. Dedicated to them and to all my followers for my 3 years blog anniversary. 

This show that we all love is treating many issues, but I feel like this was the most important one. Not because A&E knew how to approach it all the time (I’m sure they never saw nothing wrong with any of Regina’s comments), but creating this character to begin with was a huge campaign for accepting people with disabilities. 

But in addition, I think this thing can also be related not only to disabled, but also to all of us as human beings. Because everyone of us has a weakness (or several), everyone of us feels like people are judging him because of something they see on the outside. Some people feel like the first thing people see is how fat they are, others feel like they are only seen as a pretty face. Others (like myself) feel like the first thing people notice is how short they are, others how they are too tall. 

What Emma is doing here is not just being tolerant and respectful to Hook’s disability. She doesn’t see it at all. All she sees is him, the man she loves. He just happens to have a hook for a hand, and she finds it extremely sexy. I think the moment I loved most on the show in regards to this issue was on 4x04. Not only because Emma didn’t notice or cared if he had the hook or the hand, but because it was the first time that we really saw how it bothered Hook himself. It was amazing to see how in the same episode that he felt so unworthy and disable because of it (actually thinking Emma wouldn’t enjoy being intimate with him with the hook) was the episode that proven how unjustified his feelings were. 

So no matter what is your own thing that makes you feel unworthy or less than others, remember that this thing is also what makes you yourself, and it is part of what makes other people love you so dearly.  

Send me a parallel/anti-parallel and I will turn it into a 10 parallels gifset

the 10 parallels project  

BPD is not something you can say “I relate to this” to when you see a list of symptoms and things we go through or if we explain to you what we go through.

It’s much more than that. The emotions we experience are not only intrusive but PAINFUL.

To us, it feels as though the world is ending. Like we are a trapped animal, and the only way of escaping is chewing off our own leg. These feelings are not something you can just casually brush off as “relatable.” Please don’t do that to us.

Stop making it a “relatable” illness when it’s not. It makes us feel invalid when a non BPD person says things like “I know how that feels” or “I relate”. You DONT know how it feels. You DONT go through what we do.

Sure you might experience guilt, depression and anxiety- but not on the same levels as us. I hope you never have to experience that.

This illness KILLS PEOPLE. That is not something you can just relate to.

Alright, I’ve made up my mind.

Maccachin will not die. I repeat: the dog will live.

I’ve had like two days to think about it and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that they just can’t kill Maccachin. Fan-attachement being one reason, but more than anything it wouldn’t fit the tone of the anime. I mean, yeah, the anime has drama but it’s all character-based. Killing the dog now would feel forced, like they’re trying to add unnecessary shock value (as though this anime doesn’t shock people enough lol).

I’m pretty sure the Maccachin scare is just there to get Victor out of the picture for one episode and get Yakov and Yurio closer to Yuuri for plot reasons. Which may be anticlimactic, but at least it’s sort of realistic (pet accidents happen all the time), it’s a valid reason to make Victor disappear for one ep, and it allows Yuuri to relate with Victor regarding beloved dog being sick/dying, and also shows us how Yuuri can prioritize Victor’s feelings rather than keeping the info on his dog to himself because he’s afraid of skating alone. (and this is obvious set-up to show Yuuri’s character development)

I wanted angst and hurt/comfort from this situation, but meh, I’ll live and I’m sure the next episode will be satisfying in some way anyway. The dog will live. Don’t stress too much over it this week, alright fandom?

The Problem with John

So I’ve had some more time to think about S4, and while I am more sanguine about S4 than some fans, and I can see some of the good stuff, I do have some reservations. The biggest relates to our dearest John Watson.

I know many people have been saying this, or something like it, for a couple of weeks now, but if S4 really is this—just this and nothing more—here is my question for Mofftiss: What was John for?

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hello why do u think lena luthor has bpd (i don't disagree)

bpd is most often (not sure if it can be caused by genetic influences though i remember reading something about it?) caused by environmental influences in childhood such as neglect, abuse, loss, bullying - all of those can lead to someone developing bpd. for lena, from what we know about her past and from her relationship with her adopted mother and brother, she experienced neglect (both emotional and… physical? because she was adopted, regardless of the reason as a 4yo she was raised for a while in the foster system, even if she doesn’t remember much of it now, because she was too young, it could still leave long lasting effects). everything we know about her family life is that she never felt Good Enough to be a luthor, never felt loved by lillian, only ever felt cared about by lex who later turned his back on her (loss, possible emotional abuse by lillian)

so what we know about her past in canon (i’m not even talking headcanons just taking from what was on the show) is already enough to cause her to develop bpd. now what else makes me headcanon her with bpd?

one of the symptoms of bpd is impulsive and self destructive behaviour and despite not having much screentime so far we’ve seen lena putting her own life in danger multiple times

another symptom? fear of abandonment and intense and highly changeable moods, that’s what i saw watching the “be your own hero” scene from medusa. first she’s smiling and so happy to see kara and then she lashes out at her thinking kara will betray/abandon her, it can also be seen as splitting and black and white thinking (which are also symptoms of bpd)

it’s very likely that she has unstable sense of self (another bpd symptom) especially considering her complicated relationship with her adopted family and being a luthor

lastly, people with bpd often idealise others (that’s basically a direct result of black and white thinking) and from the way lena was talking about lex it seems to me that she was idealising him for a good portion of her life. people with bpd also usually have a “favourite person” which i think lex used to be and now it’s kara. favourite person is someone who is usually being idealised and/or imprinted on. it’s someone the emotions of a person with bpd most rely on, who they care about the most.

“Johnny Depp always turns every character into the usual psycho dude”

yes omg

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he just plays complete weirdos

only added in the film for comic relief

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no depth or character at all. just crazy people with a lot of make up on

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just empty. all the same. nothing special.

For Heaven’s sake. What makes Johnny so unique is his gift to turn these ‘weirdos’ into real people whom we can relate to and can empathize with. I’m sure there aren’t any people with scissors for hands, but we all could relate to edward couldn’t we. Not a lot of people live in wonderland, but we all know what the hatter means when he says it’s to crowded in his head. Sweeney feelings of hurt turned into anger, Barnabas’ “you never wanted my love, you wanted to posses me”. Johnny’s performances have helped countless of people over the years, and if you can only see a crazy man with a lot of make-up, you have clearly misunderstood.


so lately i’ve been seeing posts that talk about ships… and how excited people get when their partner gets just as excited about their ships (x). or how they want their partner to be vocal about liking the ship that way they don’t feel annoying for being excited (x). and while these are posts that i can relate to, and i’m sure most people relate to….. i feel like it’s also time to mention disliking a ship. if we are in a group, 1x1, or even doing indie rping… if you don’t like a ship or even later start to dislike a ship we have, PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID TO TELL ME. i understand and i am totally okay with our muses not being in a ship. you don’t have to ship something just because i do. i don’t ever want to force a ship on you.

i’ve had plenty of partners that i’ve been afraid to tell “well i don’t really ship this” just because i’ve been afraid that they won’t be happy with me. i had a “friend” once tell me about how upset she was with someone just dropping a ship they had with her and didn’t say anything and i was telling her how i understood. how i just wish people would tell me, cause i’m totally chill… and later when she started shipping her character with mine, i told her how i didn’t really ship it and she got upset with me. started going off, and we haven’t spoke since than…. and if you have also gone through this, i am so sorry you had to deal with this. but i want you to know, as a partner or mine, or a future partner, that if you don’t ship something i do, please don’t be afraid to tell me.

and if the role is reversed, and it’s you that ships something that your partner does not, please don’t EVER make them feel bad. please don’t force your ship on them. let them know that it’s okay because it is okay. i know it sucks when someone doesn’t ship something you do, but we’ve all been in that place of not shipping something and it should be A LOT easier to tell your partner that you don’t actually ship something. (this might fit mainly for groups since 1x1 are normally plotted out beforehand, and indie is just well indie [i’ve never done indie so it’s hard for me to word it, sorry] but is you stop shipping something or they stop shipping something––– it shouldn’t cause your nervous system to go into overdrive at the thought of bringing that up)

this post turned out to be a bit longer than i intended it to be, but in other words:



I’m not really sure what to say

I’m sorry that some of you feel Emmerdale is slighting you somehow. That is a terrible feeling. I can relate to that. I don’t agree or at least don’t see it that way but it does suck if that’s how it feels. Cause you should always be heard.

Maybe it’s an experience thing? Maybe everyone imagines that every show is marginalizing us. I don’t think that’s the case but I also don’t think anything they could do aside from breaking all the pre-watershed rules would go much further to change that. 

This show has done amazing things with all their LGBTQ characters over the years but especially Aaron and Robert. Aaron is great product of that. They’ve legitimized bisexuality with a main CORE character and continue to show what bi-phobia can look like and fight against it. 

For me the difference with Emmerdale and other soaps who have gay characters is so striking. I was deep in a ship of a US soap gay couple. At the time it was groundbreaking (this wasn’t that long ago to be honest) and it was exciting for so many of us in that fandom. We had 2 kisses…

….and then nothing, some hugs, a little handholding, one mistletoe kiss THAT WAS PANNED away from so it was IMPLIED rather than seen. 

For over 8 months. Nothing. Once they did kiss, it was a bit easier but then it took a total of 2 YEARS for this couple to have sex. TWO YEARS. And we didn’t see anything at all. 

They moved in together at some point but we were told…not shown. There were a bunch of obstacles that made no sense thrown in the way. Then it ended with them not even together. 

But I could have gotten over that if they had been treated as part of the actual show. They were isolated for the most part, had almost no real interaction with other characters (well one had a bit more than the other but not really all that much) and they didn’t feel like they were a part of the show. They had good emotional depth because the actors were fantastic but – yeah. That was ignorance and fear at work. 

Currently there are several gay couple/characters on US and UK soaps but they have no story (don’t talk to the DAYS fans who are being screwed over right now). Hollyoaks has probably one of the most physical but the writing and stories for them are abysmal and they have no depth as a couple while their other couple has potential but it’s being squandered. Corrie is a little boring to be fair and aren’t front burner. Let’s not even talk about East Enders and Ben, ok? 

I look at them and then I look at Emmerdale. I am astounded. Because they are not marginalizing Robert or Aaron. They don’t stick them in a corner and pull them out when they want to show us “the gay couple.” That’s the thing..they aren’t spotlighted to be that. They are shown to be a COUPLE in love. They have actual jobs they go to (sometimes), they interact with other stories and characters, they have family, they have friends (well, they have at least one friend). They have ENTIRE PRESS JUNKETS AND SPECIAL EPISODES revolved around them. The writers take care so much to write them. I’m sorry but they do. Maxine and Isobel and Jane in particular are amazing with characterization. 

Could it be better? Always. I think everything has room for improvement. I want to hurry their timeline on how they are integrating Robert more and more as they have fleshed him out (but that’s a completely different post, ask me about that later. :)) 

I just – I don’t think that Aaron is being written in the way he is being written because they want to not show a gay couple being intimate. Aaron is being written the way he is because Aaron has ISSUES with intimacy. Always has. He has NEVER been an outwardly physical or emotional character. He rarely let’s anyone outside family and Robert touch him and EVEN then he is hesitant with them. That is who Aaron is. It’s partly his past experiences, his own insecurities and to be honest, his and Robert’s very recent past issues. Aaron has let Robert in more than I think anyone else and that is something important the writers have done.  Robert, oth, is the most tactile character. He shows how he feels way easier. I think for him being physical was his go to when he wanted something or someone. It’s the emotional side of Robert that has needed tending to. And it has gotten that. In recent weeks, we’ve seen more and more sides to Robert, more fleshing out, more thoughts and feelings.

What they have done right is tell this love story between this two damaged men very well and quite truthfully. They haven’t backed down from doing that though. They are leaps and bounds ahead of so many others. And they keep trying. 

I’ve been on the other side of this fence. I’ve been in that writer room watching them try to figure out a way to tell their story effectively while having to listen to network interference. I know how writers are, how much they can care and how much they sometimes don’t. This bunch of writers on this tiny show care so damn much about these characters and their fans. It’s a blessing because many many do not. 

Maybe it’s those experiences that don’t let me see where some of you are coming from. I’m sorry for that. I hope that somehow it gets better and that you can find enjoyment. I hope that you one day find a show who you believe is hearing you and speaks for you. 

I hear you though and I am crossing my fingers and I love you very much. 

I’m so baffled how people can think that aces and demisexuals are straight because sometimes I’m just scrolling along my dash like ladeda, and I come across a post that would generally be appreciated by a typical straight woman, with people commenting on it in typical allo fashion. Not a bad thing ofc, but it’s such an othering experience for me. It’s so weird to be reminded that some people look at that gif and feel something.

Because I know that as a dfab person, to be straight is to have some kind of reaction to sexually attractive men. That’s what’s expected! Back when I actually had to work with people that I lived with at girlscouts, not being attracted to (and honestly being a little repulsed by) sexualized men, or the idea of sex… it got me labelled a prude, and childish. I was an outcast from the group and while it wasn’t necessarily just my sexuality that separated me, it’s something that has always, always been something othering for me since mid elementary school when other kids started getting crushes.

The same goes for aros and demiromantics because it’s so confusing having this ever present narrative of heteronormativity shoved down your throat. You get told that if you’re friends with a boy, you must have a crush on him. What is and isn’t a crush gets mixed up and completely muddled in your head. The idea of dating someone you don’t know (like speed dating, blind dates, dating websites) is completely baffling! Your friends talk about experiences like you should understand them, so you’re left to either nod and stay confused or admit you don’t understand and be treated like you’re weird… and STILL be confused.

You mix up friendly feelings with romantic ones because you don’t understand what it’s like to have a crush. If you’re demiromantic and you DO get a crush, you probably don’t even recognize it for what it is at first, because your crushes still work differently than you’ve ever seen them portrayed as your entire life and you still expect yourself to have that fairytale moment where true love happens in the blink of an eye.

None of this is a straight experience. None of it!

This has been an autobiographical moment from the salamander.

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Favourite Degrassi character meme: Rasha Zuabi + scenes
 “I’m never going to be Hope. She’s a fantasy and I’m not. I wanted to be Hero because I relate to him. I feel his pain.”