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Harry and Guitars

I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of Harry learning to play the guitar and the thought that maybe after all these years of looking like he’s been learning, perhaps he actually has and we’ll get a taste of it on his solo album! Well, a girl can dream. 

In 2011 Harry tweeted this in response to being asked if he played any musical instruments:

So…look at this 16-year old frizzy-haired muppet with his lil pink guitar pretending he knows how to play it. I love him! Don’t give up hope, Harreh!

Hmmm. Louis sure looks cute playing that guitar. Watch closely Harry…

See? Louis showed him a few chords, and let Harry take over. 

He might look like a wax figure, but he also looks pretty good holding that guitar! Bonus points for those Keds!

Um….holy shit. Indie band hotness for realz. 

Tattoos out, guitar in hand, writing songs by the lake. What more could you ask for?

What a total goober. Channeling his inner rock god. 

Here, have a few gifs so you can see how hard he’s been working!

Er…or still acting like a goober. 

Taking the guitar on the road. 

Nice to see Niall helping out his brudder, giving Hazza some guitar lessons. 

So serious. 

Well goddamn, he looks good with a bass guitar and a fedora. We even almost got a bit of nip slip there. 

I know this is a terrible photo…but come on. Harry in a snap back with a bass guitar. It’s good stuff! 

Ah…a favorite of mine. Down on the farm. Kickin it, barefoot. Playing some Kentucky Bluegrass. Or something like that. 

Same to you, H. Who’s getting that autographed guitar? How many do you actually have?

These two photos crack me up. For some reason he looks to me like he’s in a Mariachi band. On a boat. With a high ponytail. Classic. 

70′s folk musician Harry. 

Harry’s album is about to drop. April 7th is around the corner. His SNL appearance not far behind. Will he tour? Will we see him with a guitar on stage? Maybe a slow ballad? Rocking out like David Bowie? I don’t know, but goddamn it, I can’t wait. Solo artist Harry, dramatic hoe music video Harry, 1D reunited Harry, any Harry at all…I hope he’s been composing on his guitar and that we’ll get a peek of guitar playing Harry very, very soon!

Now that presales of Harry’s album have gone up, we got at least one more guitar playing Harry photo, so I’m adding it to my master post!

1980s Duran Duran bass player John Taylor vibe here (albeit with a haircut and less makeup). And if you need further proof of the connection to John Taylor, look here.

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Vampire!BTS Reaction to: Being So Hungry That They Accidentally Bite You

Hey! So I just stumbled upon your blog through a quick Google search of “vampire bts x reader” and I fell in love with your vampire!au about the guys biting reader. I was wondering if you could do one where BTS accidentally bites you because they’ve gone a long while without feeding? They haven’t fed in so long because they feel guilty about feeding on humans while they’re dating one. If it isn’t too much, can you make a reaction from BTS and reader’s point of view? Thank you so much!

Jin: Would be the first to stop feeding on humans. The second he starts to form a crush on you, he transitions over to animals. Which is difficult, for a “foodie” like Seokjin. He was well known for only feeding off the most succulent of humans and in comparison, animals are so … bland and boring. It won’t take long until he looses control of his hunger, especially with you around. Your scent drives him insane, until he can’t hold back anymore. He’ll pounce randomly, when you weren’t expecting it. You hadn’t realized how much he was struggling with an animal diet, until you’re pinned to the wall, his teeth sinking into your neck. He’s too strong to fight off and you genuinely think you would have died that day, if it weren’t for Namjoon who pulled him off.

Ashamed, Jin avoids you for a week until you eventually corner him.

“I’m not disgusted by you, Seokjin. I know the diet must be hard for you. You don’t have to stop feeding from humans. I won’t love you any less for it.”

Now that he’s tasted the finest dish in the world, he can’t go back to basic blood. “Can I have a taste of you instead?” he wonders. A drop of you far outweighs the bland blood of hundreds.

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Suga: Didn’t even want to stop feeding on humans to begin with; food is food. That’s all humans are to vampires. But if it made you feel safer, he’ll stop. And the hunger, coupled with how he never even wanted this diet, make him snap. But not fully. He feeds from you, taking enough to make you dizzy, but not threaten your life. He pulls away, a drop of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“I thought … that you were gonna kill me,” you shudder.

He smirks. “How could I kill my favourite dessert?” You were his favourite meal but since he’d starved himself so long, a taste of dessert simply isn’t enough. “I’m going out to find some dinner. Don’t wait up - I might be having seconds.”

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J-Hope: You didn’t even realize how hungry he was. Hoseok was good at hiding his real feelings, to ensure the happiness of others. So when he snaps, you know he must have been hurting. You don’t fight him as he drinks from you, lovingly stroking his head instead.

“You were hungry, right? I’m sorry that you felt you needed to starve. Make sure you eat properly from now, even if it’s from humans. I don’t want you to suffer like this,” you tell him.

He pulls away, gasping for air. “I was so, so hungry. Every second of your scent was driving me crazy. I’m sorry I snapped.” He pressed a bloody kiss to your lips. “Thank you for still loving me. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going out to hunt.”

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Rap Monster: You can tell that he’s about to break. He had been snapping at you this past week, even if you do nothing wrong. He makes you wear scarves or turtlenecks. And the darkness of his eyes is turning a bright red.

“Joonie?” you ask, pulling off your scarf. “You’re hungry, aren’t you? There’s no need to hide it from me. You can feed from me if you want.” He had gone on the diet to keep him “clean.” He wanted no one else’s blood inside of him, to sink his teeth into no one, but you. So he refused; “No, I’m fine, baby. I don’t need blood - I’m strong enough to resist.”

But two hours later, he surprises you by pouncing and harshly biting you. The pain makes you gasp but he doesn’t care. All he wants is your blood. He drinks until your heart slows down, making him realize just how much he had taken. Pulling away, he apologizes.

“I think you’re right … I’m not as strong as I thought I was. I’m going to feed from now on. Thank you for being so understanding.”

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Jimin: His personality had been different this past month. He’d been keeping to himself, pouting and staring into space. He swears nothing’s wrong. And you sort of believe him until you’re jumped one morning, pinned down as Jimin bites into your neck.

He doesn’t feed much, just enough to wet his palette. He knows he needs to hunt, but hadn’t wanted to do so while hungry. His mother told him never to shop on an empty stomach. “Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself.” You understand that the diet must have been hard for him, but shock keeps you from talking. All you can do is nod. He tenderly kisses the bite mark. “I’m going out to feed. Then I’ll be back, to punish you for putting me on this stupid diet to begin with.”

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V: The intensity of his gaze confuses you. He’s not your Taehyung anymore, he’s the monster he always warned you he was, but you never believed in. The cute boy was gone and only a hungry beast was left. He snapped, throwing you down, first biting your shoulder. Then your neck. He couldn’t decide where he wanted to feed from, where he wanted to taste you. Afraid for your life, you started to cry. Your tears brought Taehyung back, your Tae, not this monster. And he sits back with big doe eyes, looking sorrowful.

“I’m so sorry. I - I was so hungry and - “

“It’s okay,” you sniffle. “Vampires need to feed, right? Next time, don’t torture yourself like this. You can feed if you’re hungry, okay?”

He had agreed to stop feeding from humans because he thought he could. The thought of hurting one of your kind had been awful. But now his opinion had changed. Lions need to feed, no matter how cute the lamb is.

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Jungkook: Hadn’t bought into the “vegetarian diet” at all. Vampires fed off humans, that was that. Although he loved you, as long as you were safe, he didn’t care for other humans. But if it made you happy, he would try. Out of stubbornness, he lasts the longest. He refuses to admit defeat until loosing control one day, accidentally biting and nearly killing you.

“I think … I should stop this diet.”

He’ll go clear his head and feed. When he returns, he’ll apologize for his behaviour. And seeing the fear in your eyes, fear of him, breaks his heart. Jungkook listens to everything you have to say. And you compromise on his diet. That way, you’re safe and he’s not starved.

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anonymous asked:

Hili :) Can you write andreil 81 for the prompts please? Thank you <3

81: “You’re too good for this world.” okay…. I technically didn’t do this exact prompt, I took off the last word, I hope this suffices my friend, bc it’s actually:

“You’re too good for this.”

The problem with living in a fortress of knives and anonymity is that Neil can’t find him in it. And the problem with that is that a treacherous part of Andrew wants to be found, and touched, and dismantled blade by blade.

The problem with knives is that they won’t stop terrifying Neil, but they won’t stop feeling sure and righteous in Andrew’s palm.

The problem is Neil, a taste Andrew can’t completely swallow.

He puts Renee’s knives in Neil’s safe and Neil says all sorts of sticky emotional things like they’re taking part in some sort of ceremony. Andrew clicks the lock and climbs on top of Neil so he’ll stop thinking, pocketing his ‘yes’ as he goes.

It’s not just that he does what Neil asks, anymore. He tries to do things for him before he can ask for them. He tries to make things happen that he knows Neil doesn’t have words for.

He keeps one knife for himself, and he knows Neil knows about it, because he hands Andrew his armbands some mornings, and the weight is there in his palms.

Sometimes, that weight is the only way to get through the day without his head and throat pounding.

Sometimes Neil jerks awake and thrusts his hand under the pillow, and Andrew has to pry his wrists away. Neil knows protection, so he understands the slim line of a blade at his forearm is to Andrew what Andrew is to Neil.

But Andrew can tell that it bothers him, to have a knife buried in something that matters to him. He sees wintery metal in the shade of Neil’s eyes, and Andrew knows he’s condemning him to a future that looks like his past.

Still, the knife is just a talisman. Andrew is the weapon.

Before an afternoon practice sometime in the middle of the rush towards winter, Jack is the target.

They get to the court early because Neil only has morning classes. He’s always antsy by the time Andrew gets back to the dorm, insufferable and single-minded.

Andrew parks, Neil enters the code to the side door, their runners squeak against the sleek hall floors, and they split up at the locker room. Rinse and repeat. So many times a week that Andrew would feel the monotony in his teeth if it weren’t for Neil darting into side rooms or slipping on floor wax or doubling back to run in the rain, unpredictable as a lightning bolt.

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anonymous asked:

how do you make the sparkles fall behind the image? like only on the background

hey, love! so i’ve been asked this a lot, and i finally have a day off so below is how i end up with something like this: 

(the psd used in this example can be found here)(i save my sparkle gif from here) (this is more to show how to remove the gif from over the model, a tutorial for how to use the gif in the first place can be found here)

this might get a bit wordy since i can never manage to keep things short, and since this is a little bit more complicated than the usual ‘sparkle’ effect, i’ve added a few pictures along the way to help but please feel free to ask any questions!

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“one of us has to get out of bed to make pancakes and it’s not going to be me ok just go and bring me nourishment”

for @cupcakecana bc 1) she is an actual cupcake and 2) she wanted happy things so here are happy things -3-

It is a vicious attack that wakes him. First a cold foot to his thigh, and then an unbearable weight on top of him. Natsu grunts into the mattress and drudgingly lifts his head to save himself from certain death by suffocation. 

“Food…” Lucy’s breath tickles his ear as she clutches at him like a spider monkey, her voice first thin and whiny and then suddenly rising to a volume that–in Natsu’s humble opinion–shakes the entire bed. “Natsu. Feed me.”

“Lu,” Natsu groans, still half asleep, “It’s the middle of the night. Lemme sleep.”

“Nuh uh.” She doesn’t say anything more, but she doesn’t have to. Because she bites into his earlobe instead. 

With a cry, Natsu shoots upright and pins her to the bed. She grins up at him sleepily, and he isn’t sure if he should chide or kiss her. But then her stomach rumbles, and she makes a very pitiful face, and Natsu knows his fate is sealed. No way he can refuse that

Lucy blinks up at him innocently. “Feed…us…”

“You sound like a monster,” Natsu informs her before releasing her arms and hopping off the bed. He receives a pillow to the head which he doesn’t bother blocking. Laughing to himself, he leaves the room. If he has to make pancakes, he’ll make sure they are enough to soothe his woman. A monster has nothing on her. Natsu grins. 

Natsu’s pancakes are messy and not very pretty, but they are always good. (“I cook with love,” he’ll say, “And love tastes best freestyle!” To which Lucy will always roll her eyes and point out he isn’t making any sense. He says he is.)

Lucy awaits him with outstretched arms, a big smile on her face. “That smells great. My saviour!” 

“I hope I get more than that title for this,” Lucy’s saviour says, wiggling his brows as he presents her with an entire stack of steaming pancakes. 

Lucy’s eyes glint with promise, but then she snorts. “You can have a pancake.”

“Did you say one?!” 

“Maybe two.”

“Didn’t you say ‘feed us’?” Eh?” He nudges her side as he slips back under the blanket and she places the plate between them. He enthusiastically grabs a pancake, but almost chokes on it when he sees the expression on her face.

“I didn’t mean you,” she tells him, suddenly quieter, and bites her lip. Half a pancake hangs out of his mouth as he scrunches his brows, slowly processing her words.

His eyes drop to her stomach. Then they grow wide. He lifts them back up to fix them on hers with a silent question.

“It certainly explains all the late night food cravings,” she mumbles with a small smile. 

Natsu doesn’t say anything. Slowly, he plucks the pancake from his chin and places it back on the plate. And even slower, pure joy creeps onto his face. 

“Another?” he asks, and Lucy can’t hold back a wide, teary smile as she nods, and keeps nodding. “We’re gonna have another baby!” 

Natsu isn’t sure what to do first, but his body is faster than his mind. He squeezes her against him, pressing kisses to her head, before releasing her with the widest grin possible. Almost ceremoniously, he takes the plate and offers it to her. 

“You can have them all,” he tells her very seriously, knowing by the twitch to her lips that she can barely hold back laughter.

“Why thank you,” she says with a bow of her head, pecking his cheek and then rolling up a pancake to heartily bite into it. Natsu watches her eat (and eat and eat), and when she is done, Lucy grins. “This one definitely has your appetite.” 

just another soulmate au

so this is a zimbits soulmate au in which the soulmate is your “best possible match out of all the people you’ve touched in your life yet”, be it romantic, platonic or familial, based on this post I made. (I want to continue it, but I still don’t know how I want to do it??? who knows, so here it goes)

[part 2]

Bitty had the same soulmate from the day of his birth, till the first proper day of college. Other people would have felt bitter, to have their mother be their soulmate, and in fact it was basis for its own fair share of bullying, but Bitty liked it.

He liked baking with her, and he liked making the kitchen their home. It was warm and uncomplicated, and his mother was his soulmate.

She was his soulmate, until the aforementioned day, when he started college and met the whole hockey team. Especially the captain.

Bitty stumbled, tried to hold himself up, and touched Jack Zimmermann. That was it, and suddenly his mother as best possible match was replaced. Just like that.

Of course he was excited at first, a possible romantic soulmate is everything he ever dreamed of. And since his mother was such a good match, Jack should have been an even better one. Should have been the key word, since the boy left Bitty in the locker room without a backward glance.

“I know mama,” Bitty sighs into his phone, wishing he would have skyped with his mom instead, “It was just a little disappointing, to be shrugged aside like that.”

“Give him some time,” she assured him over the phone, “you don’t know what happened in his past, or who his last match was. Maybe something happened, or it’s more complicated than you know, Dicky.”

“Yeah you’re right mama,” Bitty sighs and tries not to get impatient just with the thought of all the obstacles, he’ll probably has to overcome. He had hoped for something easy, just like his mom, but it seems like he was gonna have to fight. It’ll be worth it, he just knows that.

“His name’s Jack,” Bitty says, “he seemed nice to some of the older boys.”

He tries to remember the smile on Jack’s face, when Shitty had tried to jump onto his back.

“It’ll all work out, Dicky, you’ll see!”

His mama’s word are reassuring as always, and just for one second, he already misses their bond.

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Picture Perfect

“I don’t need a date, I’m perfectly fine attending on my own.” Betty Cooper sighed, wiggling her freshly painted nude fingernails and smiling at her stylist in the mirror as she curled and prodded her hair to perfection.

“Of course you don’t Neeeed a date but the fact of the matter is that you have one, what you choose to do with him is entirely up to you.” Cheryl Blossom, Betty’s agent and childhood friend tapped on her cellphone, not even bothering to look up at the annoyed Oscar nominated actress.

Betty Cooper was one of the most talked about up and coming actresses of the year, after having won two emmys for her role on the Hit Tv Show “Break Away Baby” she was currently nominated for best supporting actress starring in the Romantic Drama “Never Let Me Die”. Betty had played the role of the broken hearted second choice who fell in love with her first lovers best friend, reviews had idolized her, she was a shoe in for the Oscar, everyone knew it.

“I understand that it’s good to get people talking but I don’t want to be known as the girl dating the actor.” The beautiful blonde chewed nervously on her lip, Cheryl glanced up, swatting her friends arm

“You’re going to ruin your lipstick. It’s just a date, Jughead Jones is a hit with the teen girls, they love the moody mysterious bad boy thing that he has going for him. You’re much more popular with the older audience and of course with teen boys. That Victoria’s Secret fashion show you guest walked kind of cemented your place as every boys wet dream. But none the less we want everyone to love you. It’s one Red Carpet and then you never have to see his devishly handsome face again.” Cheryl moved to grab Betty’s custom Valentino, gold beaded gown from the rack.

“Is he really good looking?” The young actress quirked a curious brow, stepping out of her robe as Cheryl smirked and helped her step into the dress.

“You know I don’t swing that way but girl, he is something fine for sure.”

Betty giggled as three men zipped her into the stunning gown and she stepped into her heels. She sure hoped this Jughead Jones was tall because she defiantly had her legs on display tonight.

“We have very different tastes Cheryl.” Betty turned away from the mirror and made her way to the door, her entire crew following close behind.

“You’re about to find out, he’s waiting downstairs. Alright gang, let’s go win us an Oscar.” Cheryl lifted her arms over head and the entire room erupted in cheers and “goodlucks!”

Betty blushed Scarlet as she said her Thankyou’s and made her way into the elevator.

“They’re all gonna be so disappointed if I don’t win this.” She sighed, fingers nails tapping on her palms. As the elevator doors opened.

Cheryl flung her long red hair behind her shoulders and rolled her eyes.

“You are gonna win this. Stop doubting yourself. You look beautiful, you’ve worked so hard and you’re going to knock them all dead. Now get out there say hi to James Dean.”

Betty took a deep breath as she stood by the closed doors of her hotel building, the paparazzi and reporters were surrounding the streets, screaming fans were littering the crosswalks spilling out and holding up traffic.

Just another day in the life of Betty Cooper.

Walking outside with her head held high, She smiled, perfectly straight, shiny white teeth on full display. She loved her fans, loved that the paparazzi loved her but still it could be overwhelming. Today was one of those days, but then she saw him.

Jughead Jones was leaning against the slick black limousine, perfectly tailored Armani suit fitting just right, his jet black waves were styled purposely messy and his stormy grey eyes were staring wide at her, his mouth set in a crooked dazed smile as she approached him. He was gorgeous and the way he was looking at her was like something out of a movie.

“Hello Jughead Jones.” She smiled, standing before him with shaky hands.

He couldn’t tear his gaze away from her, eyes scanning her entire body from the gold sequined dress to the slit showing off her long, tan legs. He stared at her smooth 1950s starlet curls, one side of her long neck completely exposed, eventually he brought his eyes to her face, her ruby red painted lips and sparkling green eyes. After what felt like an hour but was more likely five seconds of his eyes locked on hers He seemed to snap out of it, a lazy smile grazing his lips.

“Hi, I’m guessing your Betty Cooper. I’m your date, Jughead Jones.”

Betty smiled softly
“I know I already said Hello, I think I used your name actually.” She giggled.

Jughead shook his head quickly, a blush forming on his cheeks
“Yeah, no i mean uh.. ya know.” His hand flew to the back of his neck to rub nervously.

“We should probably get going!” Betty shouted over the screaming fans “I think people are getting a little impatient.” She motioned towards the crowds rushing towards them.

Jughead was quick to lead her into the limousine, his hand burning the small of her back with his touch. When they were finally seated, squished together Jughead turned to Betty leaning over her to lock her window

“Just in case” he mumbled before turning to face her. “Congrats on the Oscar by the way, in case I forget to tell you.” He smiled, Betty’s heart nearly stopped when she caught a peek of his dimples.

“I haven’t won it yet. Lord knows I might not, I’m up against so much talent, Jennifer Lawrence is in my category, I’m kind of the low guy on the totem pole.” She giggled nervously, fingernails digging into the soft flesh of her palms.

It didn’t take longer than three minutes for Jughead to notice, his own hands shooting out to grip hers.

“Nervous tick?” He questioned, massaging the sore marks on her hands.

“How did you..?” Betty started before she was cut off by Jughead digging in his pockets and pulling out a handful of tooth picks

“I prefer to smoke cigarettes when I’m Nervous but I found out that they don’t typically let you smoke them on Red Carpets. Let’s just say I won’t be attending next years Kids Choice Awards.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

Betty snorted, smacking a hand to her mouth as she laughed at the insane boy beside her.

Jugheads grin grew even wider at her laugh

“Anyway, i chew these bad boys to keep me from sticking a cigarette between my lips. They even wrote the habit into my character “Cole”.

Betty nodded understandingly taking the toothpick he held out to her and rolling it between her palms.

“I heard you pretty much swept the Teen Choice Awards this year. I wish that I got the chance to watch atleast a little of your show before… ya know.” She motioned between the two of them.

Jughead laughed out loud, swinging an arm over her the back of the seat.

“Before we were forced into co coupling awards ceremony dating. I couldn’t even believe it when my publicist said you were gonna be my date. I mean you said it yourself. I’m Teen Choice Awards and you’re… well you’re The Oscars.”

Betty turned her body closer towards his

“Are you crazy? Everywhere I turn I see your name on some new magazine, "Jughead Jones- Heart Throb of the summer.” “Jughead Jones- top five Disney actors.” You’re kind of a big deal Jones.“ She playfully nudged him, a bump in the road nearly sending her flying into his lap, his hands clutching her waist.

"Whoa there.” He whispered, foreheads brushing, almost in slow motion both of the teen actors leaned forward.

Suddenly the window was being rolled down and Cheryl poked her head through.

“Alright you two! Who’s ready to walk the carpet as the worlds most adorable new couple?” Without another world Cheryl rolled the dividing window back up and Betty slowly pulled away, gnawing on her lip and staring nervously out the window.

She turned back around when Jughead laced his fingers through hers.

“We got this.” He smiled reassuringly, fingers squeezing hers.

Taking a deep breath Betty smiled weakly

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?” She questioned

“You got it Betts.” He smiled back.

IKEA trip - William Nylander


Word count: 1207

Warnings: nope.

Master list

Originally posted by leafbabies

“Will, remind me why I am here.” You complain, pushing the cart behind him.

“Because you are a girl and I need your good taste.” He says, stopping in front of a pre-made living room.

Will and you have been friends for two years, and oh, doesn’t the word ‘friends’ hurt. You have been in love with William for what it seems like an eternity, but he is too focused on hockey and hockey and hockey and nothing but hockey, to actually think about love.

“Why being a girl means that I have good taste?” You ask, shaking your head at a blanket he is looking.

“Because girls have better taste in general.” He answers, putting it down with a pout. “And I want my house to be nice.”

William has bought a pretty nice maisonette after his three years contract extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs and he decided that the house would feel more like home, like Sweden home, if he got the furniture for it in IKEA. The house is completely empty aside from the bathrooms and kitchen, that are fully furnitured.

“So instead of paying an interior designer to do the job you thought that I could do it.” You say, pointing at a dark dining room table. “Without even paying me a penny.”

“I’ll buy you a plate of Swedish meatballs when we are done.” He jokes and you are about to slap his shoulder, but he catches your hand before it makes contact.

Will and you walk around the store, grabbing small pieces like lamps, glasses, plates, silverware… and taking pictures of the bigger pieces of furniture so you can find them later on the warehouse part of the store.

“What does ‘sanning’ mean?” You ask him, looking at the tag of one of the plates you have chosen.

“Truth.” He says, smiling at me.

“And ‘variera’?” You ask again, reading another tag.

“Vary.” He translates for you again, grabbing a set of spatulas and looking at them.

You nod, looking at more stuff for his kitchen. You know that he isn’t going to cook that much, but you are trying to get everything that it’s convenient to have. You show him a big bowl that could be used for salads or snacks and he nods, smiling when he sees the name of the container.

“What is it so funny?” You wonder, putting it in the cart.

“ ‘Vargaden’ means everyday life.” He explains and you nod again. Will loves to speak Swedish to you, but just because he knows that you don’t understand a word and it amuses him. “Come on min kära, let’s get all the heavy duty and go home.”

It takes you another half an hour to get all the pieces of furniture and pay. You get the smaller things in Will’s car and arrange the delivery of the couches, tables and beds for tomorrow.

Will drives us to his new home, which is in much better neighborhood than yours. He parks his car in the underground garage and you two make three or four trips up and down the building to carry everything to his house.

“So, where are my meatballs?” You ask, putting the last bag of stuff down and rubbing your sore hands from carrying stuff.

“I want Thai food.” He shrugs, looking at the boxes, trying to decide what to put together first. “What should we put together first? The bedside tables or that bookshelf?”

“We? Uh uh, blondie.” You say, sitting on the floor and taking your shoes off. “I am not putting together anything. I am just here for the food.”

“Well, order some take out if you are just going to sit on your pretty butt all night.” He huffs, choosing the bookshelf’s box and starting to open it and taking all the pieces out.

You order some Thai food for both of you and sit on the floor with your back against the wall. Willy reads the instructions and tries to follow them, but two people are required to put it together.

“(y/n), please.” He begs after spending half an hour trying after giving up. “Help.”

“What are you going to give me in return?” You wonder, smirking at him.

“Vad du vill (whatever you want), (y/n)” He says in Swedish and you raise an eyebrow. “Just help me.”

“I want you to stop speaking to me in a language I don’t understand.” You complain, getting on your feet and walking towards him, helping him with the bookshelf.

By the time you finish working on the piece of furniture the food has gone cold and you two are sweaty and tired.

“Beer?” He asks, grabbing a couple bottles from the fridge and handing you one of them.

“Tack (Thank you).” You answer him and he smiles at you, loving your accent.

“I need to teach you more Swedish, it sounds good in your mouth.” He says, making you blush furiously.

“Then teach me.” You agree and he smirks, raising his beer.

“Öl.” He says, pointing at the bottle on his hand.

“Öl is beer?” You wonder and he nods. “Okay, next.”

“Hallå.” He says and you repeat, making him laugh. “That’s ‘hello’.”

“Next.” You request.

“Snygg.” You mimic his pronunciation, but he doesn’t translate it for you.

“What’s that?” You say and he shrugs.

“Take a wild guess?” He challenges you and you chew on your lower lip.

“Put it on a sentence for me?” You ask and he nods, thinking about it for a second.

“You are snygg.” He says and you frown, thinking about every mean thing that snygg could be.

“Dumb?” You ask and he rolls his eyes, shaking his head. “Short? Strong-headed?”

“Beautiful, (y/n). You are beautiful.” He says and you blush again. “Another?” He asks and you nod, looking down so he cannot see how red your face is. “Jar älskar dig.”

“That’s a long one.” You protest and he gives you an encouraging look. “Jar älska di?”

“Jar älskar dig.” And you repeat it, not getting it quite right but close enough.

“What does it mean?” You whisper.

William doesn’t speak at first, looking straight at your eyes and you feel like you are getting lost in those blue eyes. Will leans in, his lips just an inch away from yours.

“I love you.” He whispers back and you feel your heart flutter.

“It is what it means or what you mean?” Your voice is so quiet that you are not sure if he has heard you or not.

“Both.” He says, his lips crashing with yours.

“I hope that your new bed is more comfortable than this.” You whisper, rubbing circles on the skin of his chest.

You are laying on a blow out mattress, both of you wrapped around each other. Will is playing with strands of your hair, twisting and wrapping them around his fingers.

“It’s a good thing that you love all the furniture I’ve got.” He chuckles, massaging your scalp softly.

“Yeah well, you have good taste.” You mock him and he laughs.

“I definitely do.” He says, putting his finger under your chin and making you look at him, leaning in for a soft kiss.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I think kkmin r just very very close friends & jk acts like me with my eldest sister coz she's smaller & cuter than me so I tend to pinch her cheeks & coo at her like a baby & sometimes I even feel like I'm older coz I'm more mature. But then I remember all the questionable looks & skinship btwn jk & jm & this need for jk to be aroud jm & I'm like: nope nothing platonic there lol I feel like jm's role in jk's life is too big, like he overwhelms him sometimes.

anon hello~~~~

1st and foremost, I’m sincerely sorry for only being able to reply to this now. I’ve been so caught up in my exhausting life that I couldn’t find any time to use tumblr *sob sob* 😢😢

Thank you so much, really, for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m really happy to read asks like yours, and to learn to know how other people perceive our ship. And yes, I totally, entirely, whole-heartedly agree with you 🐥🐰👍👍

Yes, whenever I see a moment that is not very usual between them, I try to force every single cell of my brain to work, find a reason as to why it happened, is there a rational/ platonic explanation for it? etc. Will I do that to my close friends, my cute sister-like younger friends etc. It’s a war 🙈🙈. Most of the time it works, but the other times… it just doesn’t make any sense.

You stated a good point there, skinship. The other day when I was working (yes yes my mind is filled with Jikook/Kookmin all the time I need help, for real ><), it suddenly hit me that Jungkook was caught touching Jimin’s chest for at least more than 5 times already, but did we see him do it with any other member? Not once in my goldfish memory. Maybe he did, I was just to blinded by Jikook/Kookmin to see it, but that’s not our main point here. Let’s just take into consideration how some non-shippers or shippers of other ships saying that Jungkook looks at Jimin with the exact same eyes he uses to look at other hyungs (yeah let’s just *pretend to* ignore the heart eyes for a bit), how we see him backhug the other hyungs too, and how he occasionally slaps the others’ butts; you know, how he touches Jimin’s chest… is really worth paying attention to.

(again, all of the gifs I use below are not mine, I include the links to the original posts of the gif-makers under the gif itself)

  • 1st, why? Why is there a need for him to touch Jimin’s chest, when most of the time there really is no need to? And why the chest, out of all place (shoulder, arm, *whisper* abs)

well actually, it’s not like he hasn’t been caught touching other places I mention, but it’s another story, maybe we’ll talk about it the other time xD

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

Well, only Jungkook can answer tbh…

  • 2nd, how. How he actually touches Jimin’s chest. I mean, you can say that the above examples are just… mere accidents (which I doubt), the other times he actually knows what he is doing, not to mention the fact that he looks like he’s… lost in there, it just engrosses him

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

(gif source: http://jikookdetails.tumblr.com/post/157361954874/suuuuuubtle)

Jimin and Jungkook being touchy is nothing new to talk about tbh, we see it all the time, it’s just there. Sure people can say brothers and close friends being touchy is nothing unusual, with I agree. But then, there are times you just can’t use the brother/close friend excuse…

It still bugs me to this day, how I can’t find any reason as to why Jungkook felt the need to be close to Jimin in A SAUNA, hello~, isn’t it hot there, Jungkook ah~? It’s not like he’s not filmed on camera, and it’s not like there isn’t enough space, and it’s not like Jimin didn’t actually move further away, but no means no, Jungkook doesn’t approve…

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

(please go to the original post to see it clearer)

Satellite jeon is not made up. It’s a thing, search for it if anyone is in doubt.

The thirst seems to be real…

And I talk about it before, but I’ll talk about it over and over again. Just because I still don’t get it.

Originally posted by jibeom

Yes it’s normal to give compliments to your best friends/brothers right. To encourage, support them for the better, sure. But what follows it is what makes you feel… so wrong. Even if you just wanna tease, it sure is a weird way to tease…

갖고싶다 x3, “I want you” x3

Lemme go a bit outside of this. Let’s take Namjoonie for example. You know he’s one of the ones who wanna see Jimin exposing his shoulder in BST too, right?

In this particular video reaction to their own stage, Jungkook and Monie made a fuss about Jimin not revealing his jacket, Monie explained he couldn’t do things like taking off his jacket, that’s why. He also said once while monitoring Jimin’s Lie solo stage at the end of the year, he’d like to be born as a great dancer to know how it feels like. You know it’s natural when someone does sth you can’t, you admire and praise that person. But in Jungkook’s case, it’s just… so hard to understand. If he wanna be sexy like Jimin, or if he wanna take off his jacket like Jimin, he can totally try. Or back to our video above, he can say things like “oh~ what a sexy expression, I wanna have a sexy expression like that too~”, or “I wanna be sexy too”, you know, stuff like that. But no, he went straight up to say he wanted Jimin, JIMIN HIMSELF. The way Jungkook compliments Jimin’s sexiness is really on another level, like no other… I don’t wanna be that shipper, but it really does seem to be in the ‘thirsty’ direction, it’s not just a mere praise… It actually seems to affect him, does sth to him…

Check out all of those compliments in BST era here


One last thing I feel like talking about is feeling like the mature one that you mentioned. The thing that makes me wonder is that Jungkook doesn’t really act like the mature one to the other hyungs, but Jimin. Sure maybe because Jimin is cute, but it seems more than just that. Thanks to my goldfish memory, I can’t really name a particular moment. But I have the feeling that Jungkook tries to be manly, and tough around Jimin, like he’s a man, not a boy, he’s strong, muscular, capable (can drive while Jimin has no license), he can manhandle Jimin etc., yet he still treats Jimin gently (or not once in a while xD). I dunno how to phrase it so that it’s understandable, so I’ll just say it bluntly. I feel like he wanna be the man for Jimin… *oops, I said it*

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

Again, these are just my thoughts, and I’m a shipper, I can be biased, delusional. Please don’t take everything I said too seriously.

At the end of the day, no one knows for sure what kind of relationship they have, and how they truly feel about each other. But one thing we’re sure, if these things they do are solely platonic, they sure have weird taste and hobbies there.

I’m sure I wanna discuss many things more, but I just can’t remember them at the moment. I hope this still somehow makes up for your long wait, thank you very much for turning to me to share your thoughts. I look forward to talking to you again 🌸🌺💜

Number 44

Request:  Can I have a cute Morgan Rielly one shot?

A/N: I think it’s cute? But like, what do I know lol

Word Count: 1171

Warnings: None (? I think)

Up Next: Tyler Seguin

You were by no means a puck slut. But you did enjoy hockey, a lot. You were fortunate enough to have not only season tickets but your seats were also right on the glass. You should probably disclose, you never want to see anyone seriously hurt. You do however love when they fight. It reminds you of old hockey.

So, three games ago, when number 44 got into a fight with the opposing teams’ defense right in front of you, it should have been the highlight of your night. Instead, you found yourself worried about him. Wishing he wouldn’t have gotten into the fight in the first place. The other guy got a couple good hit in and busted number 44’s lip. You knew there would be some bruising on his face too.

The refs broke the fight up. He skated over the side to go to the box and locked eyes with you. You were frozen. His bright blue eyes locked on your (Y/E/C) ones.  You didn’t even know him and you were already falling.

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  • Iceman: *stands on Konoha market*
  • Sasuke: Yo.
  • Iceman: U-uchiha...Sasuke..... *is a Little nervous*
  • Sasuke: I want to buy some ice cream.
  • Iceman: O-of course. W-w-hich flavor do you want?
  • Sasuke: Strawberry and vanilla.(for Sakura and Sarada)
  • Iceman: S-sure. *prepares the waffles with the ice cream*
  • Iceman: Here Mr.Uchiha...your ice cream.
  • Sasuke: *takes the ice cream* Thanks.
  • Iceman: I hope it will taste good. Have a nice day Mr.Uchiha.
  • Sasuke: Hey.
  • Iceman: Y-yes? Is...is something wrong with the ice cream?
  • Sasuke: No. But I have a question.
  • Iceman: (Oh my god I did something wrong)
  • Sasuke: *bends to him*
  • Sasuke: Do you also have tomato flavor?
BTS reaction: s/o participating in fill your guts or spill your guts

thedeadsoldierproxy:Hi! Id like a request where the reader is invited to the ‘Late Late Night Show With James Cordon’ and they were playing ‘Spill your guts or Fill your guts’ and the reader had to decide whether they had to drink the bird saliva or answer the question “Your boyfriend, (N/A), is in a famous Kpop group 'Bts’. You’re also the best friend of Exo’s group member (N/A). My question is: Which group is better?” What would their boyfriends reaction? Please and Thank you!            

It was fun! :D First collaboration with my dear @agust-dogg (btw check out  her blog,she is writing the best reactions for Topp Dogg). I hope that you will have just as much fun reading it as us writing this reaction^^ (this is just written for fun and not meant to offend anyone)  -admin Evv


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

As much as Jin thought that it would be absolutely disgusting to drink bird saliva, he was also a little curious as to what it would taste like. As well as that, he was always up for a good laugh, and you drinking disgusting stuff seemed hilarious to him.
He knew that if the question was chosen, you would for sure pick BTS, as he knew that you liked his band more, he had to admit, at least in his eyes, they were better than EXO. This seemed boring to him, so he wanted you to choose to eat the food, to drink bird saliva.
When you chose question, and answered that you preferred EXO, he was actually quite offended. He was so sure that you would choose him, them, and not betray him like that.
When you came home after the show, he would confront you about it, ranting lively about how he felt about you not choosing him. You would have to apologise to him multiple times and assure him that you liked their music. Even so, he was still offended and all pout-y for a while.
If you chose BTS, he would have a huge grin on his face; even though he knew from the beginning what you truly loved, he was still happy that you said it in front of every one. He felt cocky and happy, and when you came home, he would show his funny, cocky attitude towards you.


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by flower-crown-jin

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by btsgotsvt

He really care about his work and music that he is composing.  So you choosing his band, which means his music, would be really important for him. Drinking bird silva would be disgusting so he knew that you would choose question. Now Yoongi is only waiting for your answer. Your opinion was always the most important for him.
Seconda was like minutes. Choosing his band would give him relief, he had new reason to compose and rap for you to be even more proud. Big smile would show at his face. When you came back to home, he won’t say anything but you knew how happy inside he is only by his acting. Choosing other band could hurt him but he won’t show it. He won’t be mad at you, he would respect your opinion. Yoongi would act like always and doesn’t even say a word about this show. Maybe if you would try to start conversation about this, Suga could say that drinking silva disgusted him and that he is glad that you had answered question. He knew that you like his music but after this show he would try even harder. Yoongi won’t be like this for too long. Fav band and love are two different things for him and you two would be happy like always and after few days forgot about that night. 


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

He was waiting for this interview all week. Now, finally, he was sitting in front of the TV, waiting for your answer. Hobi knew that drinking bird saliva was something that you wouldn’t want to do, so now he was only waiting for your answer. He wanted to be sure that you would choose BTS, but there was always a slight chance that you were thinking that EXO is better. When he heard the name of his band, he would be all hyped and happy. He couldn’t sit in the same place so he would run to the boys to tell them that what you said. Of course, when you’re back, he will start making conversation about your choice and he would be hyped and happy again. This wouldn’t end that quickly. He would make you say this a couple of times for him, to hear it personally. Hobi doesn’t feel better than anyone, but this boy would be incredibly happy that you enjoy his music and appreciate his hard work.
Second option-choosing Exo could be harder to accept for him. Hobi could feel jealous that his s/o is more interested in other bands than his. He would feel insecure too, thoughts of possibly losing his gf/bf would come into in his mind. Hoseok at first place would talk about this and make sure that he doesn’t need to worry about losing you and he would tell you openly how he feels.
Choosing the other group is not that big a deal for him, but still, he wanted to know what you thought. Hobi would be sad for a few days, and even if his mood would go back to normal, he would still remember your words. 


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by taestylips

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Tbh, I feel like he would be one of those members who don’t care what your answer is going to be. You had always supported and helped him when he went through a hard time, or when he was writing songs. Regardless of your answer, he will still be asking you about your opinion for his songs, or for help to compose one. When you told Namjoon that you are invited to the “Late Late show” he would be so very happy for you, that you were allowed to be a part of this show as that meant that your popularity would rise. Drinking bird saliva? It did sound quite funny to him, but if you were to really drink it, he was sure that it would come to his mind every time he was about to kiss you, at least for the next few weeks. Of course, you choosing BTS and not EXO would make him happy, and right after your interview ends, he would call you to tell you his opinion, what he thought about it; not only your answer, even though you saying how proud you were of your boyfriend would make his heart flutter; obviously he already knew that you were feeling this way, but saying it out loud in public, for everyone to hear, would affect him. He would also tell you how well you did, and that he was very proud of you for even coming this far.
Choosing EXO could touch him a little bit, but really, only a little, he honestly wouldn’t care about this too much. After all, it was just a silly question in an interview, and he knew that there were things more serious than that. What mattered to him was that you had fun on the show, and that it would be really good for your prestige. Also, he was happy for you that you didn’t have to eat that disgusting thing. If you asked him about what he thought about you choosing EXO, he would insist that he was fine with it, and you being his gf/bf didn’t mean that you have to enjoy to his music, and his music only. You two would forget about it faster than you thought, and I’m talking about both answers here.


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by beui

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by sosjimin

Jimin was on his world tour in America, so he decided to surprise you by visiting you during the recording session of the show. He was standing backstage, but you could clearly see him. He smiled and was happy to see you receive all the attention you deserve. When James gave you a choice to drink bird saliva, you looked at Jimin, who shook his head to show you that answering question would be better. But when someone translated this question for him, his facial expression changed. He was looking at you with his eyes wide open, waiting for your answer. He was nervous. Jimin is not the kind of person that would tell you to listen to his music only, but he was still nervous about what you were going to say.
When he would hear BTS, he would be the happiest person on the world. His gf/bf did not only love him, but his band and music too. What more could he want to be happy? You would see how happy he was so you would smile too, and maybe if James noticed him and you looking at each other he would invite him to join this interview and Jimin would shyly say how he feels about you choosing his band. Hearing EXO from your mouth wouldn’t make him happy (I’m a genius, I know). A sad expression would show on his face, and when you looked to check how he felt about this, Chim would show you, with sad smile, that he was totally fine, even if he wasn’t. He didn’t want to hurt you. He knew that you would still support him and the boys. Maybe he would talk about it with the boys, to ask them if he should start to feel insecure. He wasn’t sure how to react. But seeing you all smiling and happy after a successful interview, his worries and all of the bad emotions would disappear and your happiness would infect him.


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by mvssmedia

He’s friends with EXO too, so he wouldn’t mind if you chose them. No matter what your choice was gonna be, he would be hyped. For him, the most important thing in this will be that you’re in a famous show, and that you’re famous enough to get invited to shows like this. He doesn’t want you to drink birds saliva, so he really wanted you to choose the question. Taehyung was making up scenarios in his head about how he should react if you wouldn’t choose his band. Would he be offended? Sad? Mad? After a few minutes he came to the conclusion that he didn’t care, and this is your opinion so he had to respect it even if he wouldn’t like your choice. Of course, if you would choose BTS, he would be excited, proud, happy, hyped, pleased, smiled etc. When you’d be back the first thing that he would do would be giving you the BTS merchs for biggest fan. He would still be talking about this, all in butterflies. You choosing EXO won’t affect him that much. He’d still be happy for you to be in this show and happy that you are not lying only because he is your boyfriend. When you’d be back at home, he would act mad and sad. Even when you tried to apologize to him, and say that you really like his music too, he would be like this. After a few minutes he would show you his smile and you knew that he was joking. Then he hugged you tight and said that he missed you a lot


Choosing BTS:

Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

Choosing EXO:

Originally posted by vvangoghhyung

I feel like he would be excited for you drinking  this strange saliva . He wanted you to choose drink because it would be more fun. Question was easy, to him. He was sure that you would choose his band. When the time to choose came, he sat closer to hear it better. If you would choose bird saliva he would be extremely excited and of course he would be teasing you forever about it and thoughts of you having such difficulties to choose one band would take his attention too, but not as much as the saliva. When you chose question, he would come even closer to the television, out of curiosity. Jungkook never listened to you better than now. Here is the question - which band will you choose? He would he more happier if you would choose him and not your best friend. He believed in you. Maybe your choice wouldn’t affect your relationship, but if you were to choose EXO, he can tease you and if you would like to something from him, Jungkook will be like “Ohhh. Go to your favorite group which is EXO, not BTS”. Tbh, if you choose BTS he’d still tease you (this JK peoplee, teasing king). “you think that we are that great, huh? I knew it, I knew that you’d choose us”. No matter your choice, the teasing was already waiting for you

The Sepulchral Wake Following The Death And Destruction Of All Remaining Vestiges Of Alexander Lightwood's Virginity

Sunshine tasted weak and yellow sweet on his tongue, spilling like water over the brow of Manhattan’s early morning skyline lighting up the skyscraper heads with sweeps of damp crystal mirroring the sky back; whether from the fresh dew or the rain the night previous Alec didn’t know.

The light was only just starting to filter in through the apartment’s east windows and slipping like a silent ghost through the living room setting the coloured tips of Magnus’s ingredient bottles alight. It was a pretty sight but nothing compared to the view he woke up to, with Magnus’s warm torso plastered against him and Magnus’s steady soft breath against his neck and Magnus’s shock of hair tickling his nose looking like a hurricane ripped through it when really it was only Alec’s hands, Alec’s desperate fingers, and a thick heavy ache that throbbed down his legs and up his spine to the beat of Magnus, Magnus, Magnus.

A honeyed flush rose in his cheeks again, not unfamiliar to the one he felt when he first woke up repeating to himself ‘I just had sex’ and had since come in waves every ten minutes since six o'clock.

Usually he would require a pot of black coffee to shed the sleep cobwebbed through his aching joints and sluggish mind but this giddiness was better than an electric shock, his mind had never felt sharper and his joints were aching for a completely different reason whose origin was enough to keep Alec totally on his toes.

“Is this general Shadowhunter protocol to get up before the crack of dawn or were you not yet tired out last night?”

The gravelly tone in Magnus’s grumble set Alec’s nerves on fire but he breathed through it, not bothering to turn around knowing Magnus was only a few steps behind him.

“You could never tire me out,” Alec answered honestly, then with a side smile, “Or was it a bit too much for an old man?”

“That’s not very sweet morning talk.” Magnus answered reproachfully and pinched him in the side, stepping out into the balcony with a deep inhale.
His face was clean and fresh which made Alec feel a twist in his stomach and he had to look away.

“How am I supposed to know what to say?”

Magnus sighed, “Most people hope for a shallow sexual compliment. Not, of course,” he added hastily, “That I am one of them. A good morning would suffice.”

“Good morning.” Alec whispered against Magnus’s lips and leant down for a morning kiss.
It may only be the first time he’d experienced it but Alec was sure he already loved the taste of Magnus’s morning breath.

“Also, last night was wonderful.”

“Of course it was,” Magnus shrugged, too casual to not be on purpose, “You were with me.”

“I didn’t even know you were that flexible.”

Now Magnus preened.
“I was roommates once with an Olympic gymnast. Although I was told I already had an organic affinity, naturally.”

“Naturally.” Alec agreed.

They were quiet for a few more moments.
The sun had rose a few inches higher.
The city below lay still.
Alec rested his forearms on the balcony and Magnus leant against him, easy and simple, with his head on Alec’s shoulder.

Alec closed his eyes and tilted his head back, letting whatever feeble threads of sunshine that had poked its meagre way through New York fog soak his face, and already last night was becoming Last Night. That Night.

Even when their clothes was off, through a fumbling strip and then a gentle unbuttoning hand, Magnus was restrained.
Alec knew heavy ghosts and oft grief haunted Magnus and lay deep within his bones so with shaking lips following a blind trail of tracing fingers he did his best to kiss away the doubt and the tension and most painfully the impenetrable acceptance, the resignation Magnus held to being hurt.

His heart was a fragile thing bolstered away through locked steel walls and Alec tried to say with every kiss ‘Give it to me. Please, I’ll hold it, I’ll love it for you. Give it to me.’

Magnus had warned him in a shaking voice, “I may not be able to control myself so if you see my eyes change tell me you’ll just let me know,” and Alec had thought to himself incredulously “I’ll never be able to make you lose control,” and then suddenly Magnus’s hand was somewhere and then his mouth and it was only later when thighs were slick with sweat and his fingers were trembling for whole other reasons and Magnus groaned and his eyes shone in the dark like a lighthouse across a black sea and the sight hit Alec like a train and all he could think was “Oh my god, you beautiful magical creature,” and then Magnus was unravelling beneath him, because of him, and the thought was replaced entirely with his dazed realisation, “So this is what sex is like.”

He wanted to cup that moment in his hands, this private intimate moment and secret it away from the world outside these walls, but somehow every second was more incredible than the last until he swore it was a borderline religious experience.

Alec spoke again, gentler this time and a great deal more hesitant, “Last night really was wonderful.”

Magnus didn’t move, but continued staring out across the city with quiet eyes, “Well, I’ll say thanks.”

There was a rigidity in his posture, almost defensive like he was braced for a collision, and Alec wasn’t sure when it had appeared but, unbidden, Magnus’s words the night before which seemed so trivial in the grand scheme of things washed over him like a bucket of cold water.

“I worry that once we-rush into this, then I may lose you. You’re not the only one who feels vulnerable.”

It clenched around his heart like a vice. There was no clumsy words that could articulate, to say how Alec was willing to get hurt as long as Magnus wasn’t.

He took a deep breath, clumsiness be damned, and it all spilled out,“Look, I-I don’t know if you thought I was just, I don’t know, like you were just the first guy I could, y'know, but it’s not like that at all. I mean, you’re you.”

“I am me,” Magnus spoke slowly, but Alec recognised the amusement and gentle teasing in his eyes and shoved him with a groan.

“Don’t, you know what I mean.”

“Tell me, who did you think I was before, Kaiser Wilhelm? It’s an honest mistake, we do have the same jaw.”

“No, Magnus, I- you know what, I’m shutting up now.” Alec held up his hands and stepped away, ignoring Magnus’s pout.

“No, I love it when you ramble.”

Alec mimed zipping his lips shut and Magnus snorted, grabbing his wrist and pulling him closer.

The sun was almost all up now and the sky was a burn of orange and peach, gold and sunshine, like someone had doused it in gasoline and lit a match.

“I’m serious. I don’t want last night to become That Night. I want a thousand more nights like that night and I don’t just mean the sex, I mean-”

Magnus pressed a finger to Alec’s lips and his crinkled smile reached his eyes, “I know what you mean. To a thousand more nights.”

Alec paused, but there was nothing in Magnus’s smile that indicated anything but the raw truth.

“To a thousand more nights,” Alec agreed and kissed him.

Sex on the Beach

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Theme: Smut

Word count: 1074 words

“Joonie, it’s a year today!” you say smiling as you and your boyfriend Namjoon walk hand and hand onto the soft but dry sand.

“I know baby girl! That is kinda the point to this beach trip.” he replies teasingly. You roll your eyes and chuckle lightly.

“Where do you wanna sit?” he asked as you two continued to stroll alongside the rippling blue waves.

“Somewhere where it is just the two of us!” you reply. Namjoon nodded and lead you further down the Beach. Eventually you both found a semi-secluded area. It seemed as if it were just waiting for the two of you. With giant palm trees covering a small area blocking out the sun, you decide to put your chairs there.

“C'mon! Put your stuff down Joonie! The water is calling our names!” you exclaim happily as you walk to the shaded area and bend over to put your stuff down. You set up your chair and throw your towel over the back of it. Namjoon is doing the same as he sets up his stuff right next to yours. As you bend down to get the sunscreen out of your bag, Namjoon reaches over and spanks you playfully. You let out a light yelp of surprise and he chuckles.

“As for the water calling our names, I’d much rather hear you calling my name.” you look over at him blushing a little.

“Well screaming it preferably.” he smirks and removes his shirt as you stand there flustered.

“O-oh hush Namjoon!” you exclaim as you remove your over dress.

“I think it’s pronounced ‘O-oh yes Daddy’.” Namjoon says as he looks you up and down.

You blush as you stand there is your black one piece swimsuit. It wasn’t overly revealing, but the way Namjoon was staring at you made you feel naked and you kinda wish you were. You both were.

With a sigh, you place your hand on your hip,“ What are you staring at?”

“The girl of my dreams,” he states nonchalantly, “my little one, my life, my happiness, my go to.” he continues the list and makes his way to you. He wraps you up in his toned arms. Before you know it his full and plump lips are pressed against yours.

You know you’re on a public beach, but you can’t help but want more of him. You rub your hands down his chest and you feel him smirk against your lips. As you trace his rarely seen abs, he rubs down your sides. He continues by rapping his arms around you, grabbing your ass harshly. It causes you to moan softly into the kiss.

Namjoon pulls away, “Y/N let’s go swimming.” he turns towards the water, but you grab his wrist to stop him.

“But Daddy…” you whine, poking out your bottom lip. You know pouting breaks him more often than not. That along with the fact that you called him Daddy instead of Namjoon, which you never did in any public space.

A look of surprise washed over his face and then disappeared as quickly as it came. “Yes baby girl?”

You looked away blushing. He knew what you wanted, but he was going to make you say it.

He smirks, “C'mon little one. I can’t give you anything unless you tell me what you want.”

You look at him flustered, “Use your big girl words little one.” he says to you, his deep brown eyes darkening.

With a deep intake of oxygen, you look him in the eyes, “I don’t care if we are on the beach in public Daddy. I want your cock.”

His smirk widens into a pleased smile, “Good girl. I’m proud of you for using your big girl words. C'mere Y/N.”

Namjoon takes the hand that was wrapped around his wrist and pulls you towards his chair. He sits down and motions for you to sit on his lap. However, you kneel down in front of him.

This causes him to chuckle, “We can’t do this here little one. We will get kicked off of this beach if we get caught.”

You ignore him and untie the string on his swimming trunks. You move quickly, desperate to have him in your mouth. All 9 inches of him. Just as you go to pull down the swimming trunks he grabs your wrists in his large hands.

“No means no Kitten. You know that.”

You look up at him and pull your wrists away before continuing what you were doing. You manage to pull his trunks down with only slight difficulty. His member pops out and you look Namjoon is the eyes as you take his hard cock into your mouth. He groans quietly, grabbing onto the arm rests of his chair. You swirl your tongue around the tip before abruptly deep throating him. This causes him to moan out. He tangles his left hand in your hair, the right still gripping the chair. At first he pushes your head down lightly, but he eventually gets more rough with you.

“God Kitten your mouth feels so good wrapped around me like this.” he moans in a raspy voice. He continues to push your head down forcefully. You hollow out your cheeks and focus on not gagging and the taste of him in your mouth.

“Fuck little one. I’m so close Y/N.”

You moan around his now throbbing dick and he loses it. He forces your head down as far as he can and cums inside of your mouth.

“Swallow like the good little whore you are.”

You groan slightly as you swallow every last drop. He let’s go of your head and you sit back pleased with yourself. You look at him and lick your lips. He smirks.

“I hope you like how Daddy tastes baby girl and I hope it was worth it.” he says pulling up his swimming trunks and standing. He pulls you up with him.

“It was worth it Daddy!” you say sweetly.

“I sure as hell hope so because,” he grabs you, pulling you close to him, “this tight little ass is mine when we get home tonight.”

With that he grabs it and then walks towards the ocean.

“But Daddy!” you call out running after him.

“We didn’t even get caught Daddy!!” you exclaim nervously.

“I told you no. You brought the punishment on yourself Y/N.” he calls back to you.



This is from my Wattpad (My_Daddy_Namjoonie) and it is also on my AFF (R-A-P_Monster) as well. 

bad boy!Woozi
  • really mysterious and intimidating
  • no one wants to fuck with him tbh
  • that kid that looks perpetually tired but can probably beat the shit out of anyone so naturally, you try to avoid him
  • but one day you were running late and you had the cliche drama moment where you bump into him and drop all your things
  • jihoon looks at you like you’re the scum of the earth and you’re about ready to bust your ass out of there because he looks scary as fuck
  • but surprisingly he bends down and gathers some of your things for you
  • and you’re like what
  • you stand there kind of in a stupor and jihoon looks at you like ‘well, aren’t you gonna help me out with your stuff?’
  • you blink and snap out of it before hurriedly scooping up all your things into your arms 
  • you blush really hard when jihoon hands you some of your stuff nbd
  • after that you make sure to always pay attention to where you’re going because you would hate to have another run-in with lee jihoon
  • but you keep seeing him around like more often than usual and he’s always looking at you
  • and then one day he walks up to you and hands you a book you were reading which you didn’t even notice was missing
  • “you forgot this in your rush to get away the other day. i read it and i have to say, you have good taste in books.”
  • jihoon gives you a little smile before walking away
  • even though it’s stupid, you open the book in hopes of seeing something he might have left
  • and sure enough, there’s a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it
  • congratulations

or: Four Times Moana and Maui Surprised the Crowd, and One Time They Did Not

My first shot at a 4-and-1 type gig! I tried to keep these short, but you know my writing, that didn’t end up happening. I think this is like seven thousand words total. Look, my hand just slipped for four hours straight. 

Happy, happy birthday to my dear friend @paperjam-bipper! You’re so old now, you shmuck. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the gratuitous amounts of fluff I stuck in here, just for you. :) 

Fandom: Moana
Words: 7,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: Four times Moana and Maui surprised the crowd, and one time they did not. 


It’s when the first wave breaks on the deck of their ship that Aronui decides, quite firmly, that she does not like storms.

Even shielded as she is from the worst of the rain by her mother’s sturdy legs and swollen belly, there pellets of water sting against her eyelids, and Aronui has to squint to see the deck of the boat mere feet in front of her. Her hairband was lost long ago to the frenzy of the wind, which whips her hair around her face. When Aronui spares a hand to try and tame it, she ends up nearly ripping off the right half of her head.

“Hard about to port!” shouts a familiar voice, commanding against the fury of the storm.

Aronui looks over to see Moana astride the canoe. Despite the writhing waves that tower around her Moana looks at ease, balanced perfectly atop the edge of her canoe while wrestling with the halyard in both hands. She’s planted at one end of her tiny craft, which sways dangerously in the water, and is somehow using the boat’s instability to clamber up the side and look intently at Kara.

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mlm effect • garrus vakarian

Given the Current Climate in fandom, I figured it was a good idea (and a good time) to do something like this. Basically, a series of short oneshots about male Mass Effect companions unabashedly loving men. Support gay and bi male fandom members. Support their narratives and their love.

Previous: Jaal, Drack, Joker, Kallo, Steve.

Dating Shepard was never going to be easy.

Dating Shepard as the Reapers approached the Milky Way from dark space had its ups and downs. Dating Shepard while he was ‘stationed’ in Vancouver and undergoing an investigation by the Alliance made things even more difficult. Dating Shepard during the Reaper invasion when everything was falling to pieces around them was almost enough to make Garrus question his taste in men.

But the most difficult part of dating Shepard came when the war was over – introducing his war hero boyfriend to Castis Vakarian.

For weeks, Garrus worried over the details. He booked passage to Palaven. He spent hours on the comm, talking to Solana, sharing recipes for levo-friendly dishes as well as requesting that she please – please, please – make their father’s favorite meal. That way, if all else failed, at least Castis wouldn’t have to pick around something he didn’t find palatable. He knew that Shepard knew enough about turians to not say anything horrible or even just out-of-line; he had as much experience with them as Garrus did with humans.

They set the date. They informed his father. And in less than a week, Garrus was standing outside of the front door of his father’s semi-permanent apartment on Cipritine’s border.

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