i sure forgot about him

part of a ‘designer!kageyama and unwilling/accidental model hinata’ au that i wrote a long time ago but forgot about

They’re at a cafe. Hinata is stressed out. Kageyama looks like he’s regretting all of his decisions. They both low key want to cry.

“Those-” Hinata pauses to compose himself, pointing at one of the many designs that Kageyama sketched up. The sketches themselves are beautiful and professional- sharp lines and bright colors but there’s something wrong with it- “Those are booty shorts.” Hinata finishes, looking defeated.

“Those are cropped shorts-”

Booty shorts.” Hinata emphasizes. Cropped Shorts. He can’t believe that Kageyama just called them cropped shorts- shorts are already cropped, you can’t crop something already cropped. They’re booty shorts and they’re even coupled with thigh highs and lace garters and Hinata wants to cry. “Is that- is that what I’m supposed to wear?” He asks with a small voice, trying to keep the judgement out of his tone because he’s in no place to kink shame-

 Kageyama is pinching the bridge of his nose and looks both pissed and defeated. “These designs were originally for a female model but she ended her contract with the company.”

“And I’m…” Hinata trails off. Please don’t say it.

“Her replacement. You’re the same size.” Kageyama says it.

 Hinata is crying. There are tears streaming down his face because he’s not even going to say no. He needs the money. Who cares if he has to wear thigh highs?