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Male Allura

I really adore Voltron genderbend AU by littllecofiegirl and decided I have to make male Allura!
I liked him both in pink and blue armour so I decided to post two edits. On second picture I added pink freckles, because… Well, because I love freckles!
I am pretty sure male Allura would still wear pink.

Please leave credits, do not use without my permission and have a nice day! ♥

Pop-Up Prompt!

Write About: The Best Part of You

Not everything is as bad as it seems. Not every poet is always somber. Today, we write about the good things! The happy things! The best things! There are no rules. Anyone can participate as much or as little as they want and you can make up analogies and metaphors and interpret things your own way, but if you want me to see what you write for the prompt, you have to make one of your FIRST FIVE tags #PardyPrompt so that I am sure to see it on the tagged page (https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/pardyprompt). You can also submit your piece to me if you’d like to, but be sure to check off the #PardyPrompt tag as well. You do NOT have to personally tag me in your posts, and if I ever miss something you’ve written, just shoot me a message and I’ll check it out.

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It’s been awhile

So, Tumblr, it’s been a while.  Not even sure who’s still here, though logging on today for the first time in three months, I immediately see three of my favorite tumblrs posting so yeah, a good start.

Since I’ve been gone, I’ve helped a friend move from his home into a nursing home and finally into a lovely assisted living facility, done my eight weeks of forced march on Madeline Island, gained about 10 pounds, have tried to stay calm in the face of the narcissistic dumpster fire that is our current President, took a week’s stay-cation in Minneapolis and am back at work running the same treadmill I’ve been running for sixteen years.  Big changes coming though.  

I really am not sure why I’ve been gone so long, besides it just not being part of my routine after awhile.  So we’ll see where this little blog of mine goes.  It should be a fitness blog again as those 10 pounds attest, but I tend to digress.

i swear to fuck if i see (1) more post in the dream daddy tag about the game grumps being “generally shitty people” because they’re “transmisogynistic” and “racist” i’m gonna pitch myself off the nearest cliff and take my computer with me to make sure that if by some chance i end up not dying from the fall, my access to tumblr will. 

i am so sick of this website and its bullshit. this just in everyone, people aren’t allowed to make mistakes and it’s impossible for people to ever change or grow!!

yes, it’s true they’ve both said their fair share of ignorant things in the past. some have hurt and offended people. but i can guarantee you that it was never their intention to do so and in the years since they’ve started the show they’ve both grown a hell of a lot. 

the game grumps are so clearly some of the most genuine and sweet people in existence and it’s fucking laughable to say otherwise. if any of y’all actually took the time to do your research and use your critical thinking skills you would see that. any time people let them know that something they’ve said was ignorant, offensive, or hurtful, they acknowledge what they’ve done wrong, and/or ask to learn more on the subject so that they don’t make the same mistake again, and/or apologize. 

on the subject of their “transmisogyny”: 

and THIS was after an episode came out where they made rape jokes: 

as for “racism” i really have no fucking idea where any of you could be coming from with that bs. i acknowledge they’ve said some iffy stuff in the past, but to say they’re racists? come on. 

i won’t deny that the game grumps have said some ignorant things over the years. but all that has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased and they really have grown and learned a lot. to say that they’re horrible people for some of the things they’ve said in the past that for the most part have been owned up to and apologized for is awful and wrong. you don’t have to like them or watch their show or anything, but if you’re gonna call someone out for being terrible people then you should at least be sure of what you’re talking about.

anonymous asked:

Hey I love the kind of stuff you post! I was just wondering if you knew of any other people that post stuff along the same lines you do? Like how to and adulting things?

YES YES YES! Here are my main squeezes: 

@college-help-and-hacks: One of the first blogs I followed when I started my own blog.

@collegelifehacks: About 75% of the posts are college related, but the rest are general adulting and A+.

@diyadulting​: We’ve got a lot of the same things going on (including cats).

@foodffs​: The absolute best recipe blog on Tumblr! Ranked.

@growup-gloup: New fav, this blog is just starting up.

@hipdomestic​: Another blog that is not updated enough, but has an archive that will straight up shock you.

@howtogrowthefuckup: Super popular, super informative, basically what I strive to be.

@howtoimpersonateanadult: Extremely similar to what I’m doing, we’re hardcore mutuals.

@lifehacksthatwork: I get all of my infographics from this tumblr/site. Occasionally they’ll post hysterical comments.

@poorpersonsgiude: Stalking this blog is my No. 1 hobby.

@studydiaryofamedstudent: For all your studying/homework needs.

@writing-reference: Does not post too much nowadays, but has an absolutely insane archive with everything you could possibly ever need ever.

I am sure I forgot somebody! Please comment if I left you out. 


I whipped up a quick commission sheet since my old one was out of date, I dont like this one that much either but oh well! I need some money for a new tablet cord. also im hungry

How to commission me

  • send me an email at AlyssaEleftheriou@icloud.com
  • please include: commission type,full body character reference (unless its a bust) I will not take commissions if I need to draw your character completely from description, your tumblr URL, and the email linked to your paypal
  • After you receive the approval from me, please send me the correct amount of money to my paypal at Alyssaeleftheriou@icloud.com
  • I will draw it for you and I will send you process sketches if it is a full drawing, with your permission I will post the drawing on my tumblr.
  • thats it!!!

Can i request multiple characters in the same picture?

Sure! We can discuss the payment over email!

Why should I pay your before I get my product?

I am a poor college student and I have a lot of trust in you guys, but sadly there are a lot of dishonest ppl on the internet, plus if you pay me first you will 100% get your product ASAP due to my morality and me feeling guilty for not giving you anything back

How long will it take to get my art?

Like i said! Im a college student! so I have loadsssss of work to do, its first come first serve! So be patient with me! But i can guarantee that it will not take over a week once youve been approved

What dont you draw????

NSFW, complicated robots,  thats about it, I can draw suggestive things though!

What can you draw?

Gore, furries, people, animals, demons, mythological creatures, ocs, canon characters etc etc,

If you have any questions please contact me on my tumblr

This quote sounds sooo corny 😜😜. And I am sure you have read similar quotes. I created this quote to motivate myself. And I hate that I am even posting it LOL. But the reason I am posting it, is because following your dreams, your passion above anything else is a heavy burden 😔😔😔. Rejecting everything else and always motivating yourself, always keeping the faith in your dream is HARD. But we have to keep pushing, we have to look internally and PUSH ourselves. Because we only get one life. Here is hoping no one gives up on their dreams. Much love. xoxo

anonymous asked:

Ugh can you stop whining already? The resposters you're demonizing are HELPING YOU by giving you EXPOSURE so you can be popular like all the other popular artists like there (edendaphne, taylordraws, qookyquice, sakura-rose12, ferisea, ceeljes, etcetara). Posts on instagram with their art helped them become popular and the "evil" reposters are only trying to help you to. Just let them repost soon you'll get 1000 followers. So stop being whiny and just let them help your unpopular ungrateful ass!

Hello, anon! Normally, I would ignore rude anons and immediately delete them, but I feel this type of ask is relevant to raising awareness of the problem we have with reposters, art thieves, and the like. So here we go!

It’s true, I may not be as popular as any of the tumblrs you have mentioned (btw, you misspelled a few :c), but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to the rights of, I emphasize, MY OWN WORK. Also, I’m not sure where I was whining anywhere, can you give a source? And what am I supposed to be grateful for exactly? ┐(‘~`;)┌

But yeah, even if I had only 3 followers and half a sandwich, a thing I made and posted is still something I explicitly own. It came from me. All I did was share it via tumblr. If I didn’t share it, guess what? I still made it. The only difference when I shared it was so people can see it too. But I still made it. The reposter didn’t, the art thief didn’t—it was me. Henceforth, it is mine to control how it’s shared and used. You are not entitled to up and use my work without permission, no matter how you justify it.

That goes for all the ‘unpopular’ artists out there too. You created a thing out of nothing. It is yours and no one else’s. If anyone tries to put you down to get you to allow them to repost your stuff or give them ‘free commissions’ for so-called “EXPOSURE”, politely decline them (or flip them off, it really depends on you 👀).

You have something they don’t—your skill. Don’t let them take that from you because they made you feel bad that they make 1000+ notes/likes per (re)post they “made” compared to your sketch getting 9 notes and a supporting comment from grandma. At least you have a skill to make a thing, a skill you can only get better at over time, as opposed to a reposter’s skill of Googling and right-click Save/pressing Print Screen. Because any old schmuck can do that. I can do that. My grandpa can do that. My 4-year old nephew can do that.

We all start from nothing, so have pride in what you can do by yourself! Don’t give up and work hard and I guarantee you, people will definitely notice your effort, be it sooner or later. c: (I was gonna cite Van Gogh as an example of ‘later’ but uhh he got popular after he died so that might be a bad example i’ll shut up about that now im sorry)

But I digress! Back to anon. Your claim is because I’m not a popular artist, I can get recognition via reposters, so I should be grateful. To be frank, I think that claim is all sorts of dumb. It doesn’t explain why reposters then STILL repost work by artists who are clearly more popular than their repost account/s. They certainly don’t need any exposure. The math just doesn’t add up, anon. :c

I do apologize if trying to put me down like this didn’t work out. I am confident in my own (albeit not-that-good-yet) ability and I truly believe that if I do work hard enough, I can make it out there. And even if I never do, at the very least I didn’t enable attitudes such as yours to permeate and be justified. I’ve made friends who appreciate what I do, and at the end of the day, it’s more than enough for me. Even if I don’t make it big, I know they’ll be right here supporting me anyway. My question is, who do you have, anon?

I hope sending out this ask helped you dislike yourself a little less. c: Sorry for the long post!

If anyone needs more information about the reposting/art theft problem and the protest, check out @miraculousblackout! They have all sorts of posts and links to help educate you! If anything else is still unclear, just send an ask. We are here to guide you. Just remember, be respectful! Have a good day! ヾ(☆'∀'☆)

Today marks two years since the first time One Direction played No Control live after the biggest project  a fandom could ever drive in order to make them add it to the concert set list. I just want to renew my thank yous to all of you that gave No Control the importance it should have had. I am glad you all joined the No Control project, I am glad you embraced that idea that started from a random post of thoughts in a very difficult period for this fandom and turned it into one of the biggest achievements of this fandom as a whole. I always get emotional when I watch videos about that, there is one in particular that I shared more than once that has the summary of everything that No Control project was from the beginning to when we finally saw them perform it live. The happiness in the boys’ faces and especially in Louis’, how he talked about it in interviews, how proud he was of us, how grateful he always showed to be, the screams and the joy of fans around the world, it will all stay with me forever. I can’t thank you enough for what happened two years ago, the work each and everyone of you did starting led a tumblr post to a a global phenomenon that was called a ‘punk movement’ and it was amazing, truly appreciated and frankly only possible in a fandom like ours. Something I would have never expected, for sure. A special thank you goes to the boys who talked about what fans did for them around the world with their kind words and their enthusiasm, Louis in particular because he was the most outspoken about it and I am so glad we gave him some happiness with what we did with his song. This will always be one of the proudest moment of this fandom, so remember: there is nothing more powerful than when this fandom unites, No Control project was the biggest evidence of this idea. Don’t forget it. 

Yo, so, I’ve noticed some strictly SFW blogs I follow have ended up with very detailed porn posts and I am 100% sure that it is not their doing.

If you see any porn pop up on my dash AT ALL LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY.

Seriously this isn’t funny if somehow Tumblr is letting this happen.

Just send me a message with “hey there’s this post you made with pornography in it did you post that??” and the answer will be a firm NO. followed by me trying to find out what the fuck happened and where it came from.


GRUVIA IS CANON and I am so happy! ♥ a lot of people have already said what I think about the scene in chapter 545 so I won’t write much… I was disappointed at first because I expected more, but now I can definitely state that I loved it. I’ve always wanted them to keep the matching scars from 499 and I didn’t expect Mashima to let Juvia have hers, not at all, so I am really glad. Chapter 499 was the proof of their mutual feelings and now they even have the “physical” proof of their love! I love their dynamic as a couple too, it’s very, very cute. “You are mine” also says it all <3

I am posting this re-colouring with my style of Gray and Juvia in the magazine cover as a thank you to my fandom. I wish I joined earlier but this year on tumblr was really enjoyable thanks to all of you!  I am really grateful for all the support you always give to my Gruvia posts and especially colorings… and I will surely colour and edit more ^-^ thanks so much!

I am gonna mention just some people, but keep in mind that my thank you is for ALL the awesome Gruvia fandom. :)
@skay, @wiinterliebend, @vally-00, @shuvia-lu, @pennytf, @fatedsong, @budokai3song, @samiichan, @juviaadler, @unisonraidd, @damnedkik, @frosthsea, @gjconnie, @sarapyon, @sidneymarek, @gjconnie, @hikariintan, @chsabina, @rchella, @giushia 

Special thanks to all the Gruvia ladies who blessed us with their analysis and essays, they have done so much for us and Gruvia and that’s beyond amazing! ♥♥
@rieriebee, @squisherific, @dooshiedoosh @tea-lief @kanarenee @shir0usagi @chanting-to-u

Last but not least, my mention goes to my bff @erzawesome who has been enduring my saltiness and rants since forever (♥ much love). I will miss having bets on Gruvia/FT chapters with you so much, even if I always lose LMAO. THANKS for everything T_T

(sorry if I “forgot” someone, but we’re a lot… so… haha)

Queer Self-Presentation and Burlesque Auto-Sexuality in Yuri Plisetsky’s “Welcome to the Madness”

PHEW! It’s finally ready for ya! 

Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting. I was overwhelmed with the response to my teaser post about this meta. I’m sorry it took so long to finish… I had to write the academic version for class, then rewrite it to be tumblr-appropriate (I’m still not sure that it is, constructive criticism is welcome!)

I’m hoping that this will contribute to the ongoing conversation about underage characters in fandom, and am looking forward to your asks. I’m a little nervous to be tossing my hat into the Otayuri discourse, but I hope I won’t catch too much hate.

I took out footnotes but included the bibliography at the end. If you have any questions about specific references, send me an ask or DM :)


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Happy to be trash!

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“They call me crazy for loving someone like you.” she smiled. “Someone who doesn’t care at me at all. Someone who just kept on ignoring my calls and messages. Someone who doesn’t even appreciate everything I do for him.” she looked at him and it seemed that he’s still not paying attention to what she’s saying. “And maybe they were right. That I am indeed making myself look like a fool. Maybe I just fall in love with the wrong person. Isn’t that normal ? Isn’t that happened to everyone else? Has everyone fallen in love with someone who doesn’t love them back? Is that so cliché? That everybody is getting used to it? I’m not even sure. That—billions of—people are experiencing the same thing. All I know is that, this is the first time I’ve been like this. I am crazy and it is because of my heart—not because of my brain. I am crazy because I fall in love. Do crazy means feeling something? ” she said still looking at him. There’s a minute of silence between them. All they can hear is the hush of falling leaves. Autumn has begun. And like leaves her heart is still falling for someone who isn’t willing to catch it. For the first time, he looked at her directly. He said the words she’s sure she will always remember. “ They were all wrong. If there’s someone here who is crazy, that is me. Because I cannot even appreciate every little thing that you have done for me. And all I can think of is—am I normal ? Am I still real? Because I’m sure, I can’t feel anything. ”. With that, he walked away without waiting for her reaction. And she thought that maybe, crazy meant a lot of things.
—  ma.c.a // Perspectives

Shout to all of my bi ladies in same-gender relationships. I know how hard it is having to deal with biphobia, homophobia, and society’s complete disrespect of f/f relationships simultaneously but you are wonderful, your struggles are valid, and I am sure your girlfriends/partners/wives are incredibly lucky to have you in their life ❤

So I am sure most people who follow astrology know Jupiter is Retrograde and Venus is on the cusp of doing so.

Every-time a planet goes retrograde I see a number of tumblr posts go up about talking about retrogrades.

One common theme I see is people explaining how retrograde periods are times to not “not take chances, not participate in the affairs of the planet, wait things out.”

Have 4 years of extensively researching Astrology I have to say this advice is often very poor.  Life does NOT stop for a retrograde.  Reality is in adult life decisions need to be made and things go on.  The real issue I have is in the concept of what people say to do during retrogrades.

Retrogrades are when a planet’s orbit brings it close as it can to Earth during it’s planetary orbit.  When the planet is close to Earth it is “closer” to our consciousness; meaning the nature of that planet is highlighted more in our day to day life.  So if you have placements in your chart that make you neglect that planet’s nature they simply will come up more during the retrograde cycle.

Let me propose a different viewpoint.  Retrogrades are GOOD!.

They are very important for our day to day life and moving forward as we grow, progress and live.  When a planet goes retrograde we are challenged by the divine universe to contemplate how the sectors of life that planet in life rule are working for us.  We are to consider them, make changes if necessary and work to better things.  If we ignore or fear retrogrades (like some posts hint at) we are missing out on the purpose of retrogrades.

With Jupiter Retrograde rite now we are to challenge our morals, beliefs, educational pursuits, philosophies; etc.  It helps you open your mind to the path you took and ultimately determine if it is correct.  Sometimes you will change teachers or gurus in hopes of a better path before you.  With Venus Retrograde you challenge your stance on social relationships.  Do they benefit you as much as you hope?  Is it time to start looking for what brings you happiness which you may be skipping out on?  Perhaps you think more about what you own, things you want to possess, their purpose in your life or what you want.

All of those examples of how retrogrades BENEFIT you and cannot be ignored.