Hermione, Showing Draco How To Text
  • Hermione:
  • Draco: 3>
  • Draco: Wait how do I turn the 3
  • Hermione: ... Um...
  • Hermione: < + 3 = ♥
  • Draco: Oh nvm, I got it
  • Draco: Ɛ>
  • Hermione: Wait what the hell

Ok, actually, you know what meta I would love to see more of? How wonderful Vex’s greed is as a character beat. Greed is not a trait female characters are usually allowed to have and still be heroes instead of villains. Women aren’t usually allowed to WANT things and SAY that they want them and TAKE the things that they want. Denial and self-sacrifice are usually expected of women and Vex just absolutely refuses that. She wants the gold and gets it. She wants the broom (wants to fly so badly) and gets it (not every charcter beat has to be pure). She wants to spend potentially her last night with Percy and gets it (yeeeah girl!). And sometimes there are consequences for going after what you want but it doesn’t stop her from WANTING more and going after it.

I just love Vex and I love her greed.


today is valentines so for my precious friend jam i made a song about FRIENDSHIP as we both like talking about maui and tamatoas FRIENDSHIP and you can also appreciate FRIENDS on valentines day because FRIENDS are great. it was entirely improvised live on skype and i also cannot play guitar so it is terrible but he loved it so here it is

can u imagine the team liberating a planet and an alien couple are so thankful that they beg one of the paladins to marry them and like? what can you do, deny the happy alien survivors a marriage??

and after that it just becomes a thing. call voltron if you want 2 be saved from the tyranny of zarkon and also save a few thousand dollars on a wedding ceremony.


Another crossover no one asked for.

I’m trying to add to the list of crossover/AUs that still involve comedy.