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RULES: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

  • Harry Potter
  • Merlin
  • Yuri!! on Ice

The first character you loved:

  • Hagrid - he made Harry a fucking cake. won me over immediately after the shitty life Harry has had
  • Merlin
  • Yurio

The character you relate to the most:

  • Hagrid - I just wanna go learn about and interact with fascinating animals, or, I suppose Newt Scamander now… I forget that’s part of the fandom now, I only just watched it
  • Gwen 
  • Yuuri - find it hard to believe I’m any good even if I’m told I am, but I also have a switch to flip where I can suddenly act confident even if under the surface I’m not

The character you’d slap:

  • Umbridge
  • Uther
  • JJ

(unintentional, but I love how they get shorter as they descend, very aesthetically pleasing to my eye)

Three favorite characters (these are in order of preference):

  • Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley
  • Merlin, Arthur, Morgana
  • Yurio, Yuuri, Viktor

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • Hermione Granger
  • Can’t think of any (failing this one, I only like all the characters more, except Georgi, but I didn’t like him to begin with)

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • Ron Weasley
  • Morgana
  • JJ, that bastard

3 OTPs:

  • Drarry, Parvansy, Theo/Neville
  • Merthur, Merlin/Lancelot, Gwen/Arthur
  • Viktuuri, Mickey/Emil, Otayuri

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anonymous asked:

what are some really important pointers you have for people who want to make animatics?

this is probably gonna be a bit long so just a heads up i guess?? also please note im not a student for anything in art and am not a professional i’m just giving out my opinions on this and things based on my own experience.

  • do thumbnailing 

you don’t always have to start it with the actual frame and the drawing for thumbnailing doesn’t have to be good. this is just to let you have a feel of what you want for the final frame. it also doesn’t have to be digital you can just doodle it in some paper you found lying about. this is also good for parts of your animatics where there’s lots of movement(like dancing!) 

thumbnailing is also good for parts where you have multiple ideas! doodle all your possible ideas and see which one is best for that scene

  • perspective/angled shots

these are super cool and can help with the atmosphere of the scene! for example:

they also just look really nice and interesting and fun

  • landscapes and backgrounds

you can’t always have just a bunch of people gathered around all in one frame, you gotta show the setting of the whole thing

this also allows for your characters to move around more! don’t always make them flat like this though(this doesn’t mean you can’t do this, just don’t do it all the time)

grab a ruler or if you don’t have one like me, zoom out completely and try to make straight lines(they don’t rlly have to be perfectly straight though! but don’t make them too slanted either)

and if you have sai, free deform it and set the perspective to 100% and then just mess around with it!

also remember to add buildings/furniture/etc if needed!!

  • do dynamic poses

these help the facial expressions of the character! a lot of people seem to just concentrate on just the face for emotion but body language is also important!

you can throw in some perspective into this as well!

  • make a LOT of frames

as mentioned above, movement is very exciting!! and you can show movement with those frames. it doesn’t even have to be a lot of movement like one second they were there and now they’re in an entirely different spot, subtle movement is also very good! 

try not to reuse the same frame too much! it might end up looking very awkward 

also try not to just erase and add things to the body of a character as if it were some kind of paper doll stuck to a wall like this:

it’ll end up looking very stiff and awkward. instead, just redraw the character completely! make them move around a bit

you don’t always have to make things super clean

you don’t have to do clean lineart, just doodle a frame and make it easy to read for everyone on what’s happening. especially because drawing hundreds of frames is already so time consuming and not to mention stressful. do yourself a favor and not tire yourself out more than you should.

that’s kind of all the pointers i have. hope this helps!!!

I haven’t animated in so long??

groundedvindaloop  asked:

something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

when you wake up remembering that you’re supposed to remember something but you don’t remember what it is that you’re supposed to remember


this took me longer than i wanted it to bc i had no idea what i was doing during colouring it and i didnt want to restart it over


Steve isn’t the only one to have lost the love of his life, either.

Charles Aznavour - She ♫


[After the Battle]

Aiya \o/ Uprising event has ended and sure we enjoy it so much! Thank you Blizzard for this wonderful event XDD

Here’s my contribution for this event (and the fandom, I suppose?)~
Tbh I’m still struggling to grasp the characters feature. I hope soon enough I’m capable to do it well!

Also Script Proofread provided by @akihaotaku~ Thanks for your help Akiha! XD

oh yeah friendly reminder (tho some artists might have almost always said it) No repost pls. Or at least, please have a word with the author if you wish to repost it somewhere else.

Thank you.


They’re almost ready for the ball. They just have to sort out their fear of crowds I suppose.



There are so many amazing things going on in this menu, you guys.

“American Plate”
*throws some shit on a plate* “This is what Americans eat, right?”
I don’t know what I love more, the single piece of broccoli (well, this is an accurate depiction of the amount of vegetables Americans eat, I guess) or the THREE tortilla chips for eating your “avocado dip.” 

“Of course those two make the perfect decisive end of your meal!”
Awww, okay, that’s cute. Though…it’s “light and shadow vanilla and chocolate,” so I guess Kuroko is the chocolate, not the vanilla?? I’m all confused now.


“Super Long Range Toast”
“This super long shot can reach its target from the far end of the court (plate). It’s so long, your heartbreak is inevitable!?”


2 days late but better late than ever i suppose? Holidays kicked my butt at work and couldn’t finish this on time for Christmas. Please excuse the errors, super tired ;w;

Thace seems like the type of guy who would gift a cryptid doll to his child. Also, Baby!Keith’s idiot hair seems to have a life of its own.

I live for Dad!Thace and Baby!Keith adventures.

Please do not repost or edit. :D

How I Write Dialogue

A long while back, some people noted that they enjoy the way I write dialogue. To be completely honest, I do firmly believe that the way I write dialogue is one of the better things I do in my writing 

So I thought I’d write an explanation/guide as to how I write it!

There is a lot of debate regarding writing dialogue and like a lot of things when it comes to writing, a lot of it comes down to preferences. 

A big rule I agree with and try and stick with is that your dialogue should be good enough to carry how someone is saying something. That, or the context of what is happening instead of just a speech tag. 

I take this to the extreme, however. I try my best to write my dialogue as strong as I can to convey the meaning, but sometimes that isn’t enough. 

I write my dialogue phonetically. Meaning, I write it how it would sound if someone were speaking. 

A general rule I use is that characters who are well spoken, well educated, and older tend to speak in full sentences, don’t trail off, don’t mumble or stutter over their words, and speak with a higher caliber vocabulary. That’s just a base rule, however. When writing for different characters, I take that a step further and tweak how they would say certain things to match their personalities and backstories. 

On the flip-side, characters who are younger, not as well educated, and are perhaps more humorous tend to trail off, stutter over words, use improper grammar, repeat certain words, and have a weaker vocabulary. And again, mattering on who the character is, I further tailor how they would speak mattering on their background or even where they came from. 

For example, I have some characters who come from the southern United States. They are younger, and some are still in high school or are college dropouts. They also tend to use slang; y’all, ain’t, fixing to, and etc. Sometimes, I’ll drop the -g off of words that end in -ing. “Fixin’ to.” 

Characters who are more northern that I have never use this sort of slang. 

I have a strong belief that as long as you’re writing dialogue, you can break most grammar rules if you want. People oftentimes don’t speak properly. I almost never hear someone say “Sally and I” when referring to themselves and another person, for instance. It’s always either “me and Sally” or even “Sally and me.” I’ll write someone saying is instead of are, use commas to break up a long sentence to indicate someone is talking with little pause. Or use and between every item in a list. Such as “We need to get milk and eggs and bread and butter from the grocery store.” I’ll write people randomly changing what they are talking about in a sentence without a comma to make it read as if they are talking faster and faster, or to indicate there is no pause when they speak and they talk quickly. I also use a lot of “ums” and “ers” and stutters “S- such a- as th- this, for i- instance.” I use words that just take up space, such as “very,” and I also start sentences with “and” or “but.” More rarely, sometimes I write words wrong and purely how it sounds. “Fixin’ ta” is an easy and quick example. I use this very rarely as to not be annoying, however. 

Ellipses are a huge favorite of mine. I keep them out of the narration unless I am heavily stylizing something or if it’s actually needed. In dialogue, however, they’re one of my favorite tools to show a character is trailing off, running out of breath, pausing in their own thoughts, and to give the dialogue a slower, more thoughtful or hesitant feel. That being said, I still stick to using ellipses as they are supposed to be used as best as I can. 

Now, I don’t use all these techniques all the time. Again, each character I have has different quirks in how they speak. Certain characters speak a certain way, and others in a different way. I also try my best to not make the dialogue too painful to read, so it stays easy and fast to read. 

Though I am all for writing dialogue phonetically, I do shy away from writing accents. That just gets annoying and can be hard to keep up with. I’ll just mention it in a speech tag and move on.

Now, besides all that, I also try and pay attention to what certain characters would never say. An easy example is saying “sir” or “ma’am.” My older characters or characters grown up in more “old-fashioned” homes tend to use “sir” and “ma’am” while younger characters or characters grown up in more relaxed homes about respect of that kind don’t ever use it. There are other things that fall under this example, but I want to keep those a little private for now. I think watching what a character wouldn’t say is quite important and gives them more character and personality in the long run. 

Another trick is that I change how someone speaks based off of who they are speaking too. Someone shy would speak very differently to a stranger than they would a friend. People speak differently when faced with different people; teachers, family, friends, co-workers… the list goes on and I try my best to reflect that in my dialogue. 

Cursing is another thing I pay attention too. Characters I have who are younger tend to curse more than those who are older. Certain characters who have certain personalities also curse more than others. Hell, I’ll write some characters cursing/cursing more when around certain people and not at all around others. It’s just another layer. 

For me, dialogue is incredibly important. The way a character speaks does add to personality a lot. Same with the things they say, if they curse or not, how much they stutter, and etc. It shows a lot of personality. And that all ties back into that age-old rule of “show, don’t tell.”  

This, of course, is all just my opinion and how I personally do things. It’s not the “right” way and is, by far, the “only” way to write dialogue. I just thought I’d share what I do. 

Because I need an Hogwarts AU. 

I hope you can read the text, Tumblr doesn’t deal well with wide pictures… I also should have drawn Henry, but I got tired (Henry, for the record, is a Hufflepuff). 

a couple people i follow here that write or make art seem to be feeling a little under the weather, mentally or physically. i feel that pretty deeply right now, so i wanted to make something a little lowkey with two skeletons i particularly enjoy and know that some of those people do as well.

ah, full view definitely looks best on this one, by the way.

(if you think this is about you, it probably is, haha. i don’t have terribly many followers and love each and every one that i do. <3)


Ok, after 3 days of work, (with breaks and school in mind of course) I’ve FINALLY finished this. This is to show my appreciation for all of these users, for being the best!

Here are the lovelies’ objectsonas/object ocs from top left to the bottom:

Mae from Night in the Woods (represents Nik but I don’t know their tumblr)

Pitcher- @mochazuki

Flowerpot- @undeaddog

Diospyro kaki (Persimmon)- @kimboster

Sketchbook- Me

Hourglass- @ii-hath-consumed

Egg- @gethacoolshoeshine

Lava lamp- @icemintfreeze

Book/King- @transrollcake

Glue- @papiomikes–warehouse (oc)

MP3 player- @zealzealous

Diffy the defuser- @wubwubwoobs

Camera Obscuro- @redmist108

Book(?)- @thanksdunkel

Hat/Top hat (is supposed to represent @toonirl, but I didn’t know what their objectsona was)

Moon (is supposed to represent @plantaplants, couldn’t find their oc)

Jaw- @squidplzplz

Finder- @papiomikes–warehouse (objectsona)

Mushroom- @gameover101 (I couldn’t find an oc or objectsona from them so I just took their hat and turned it into an object)

Ink well- @toonirl (past objectsona)

Tea bag- @mmahinadraws

Tarot deck- @plantaplants

Edit: Gave credit to transrollcake

Edit 2: Gave credit to kimboster