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Hello, lovelies, and I do hope the week is going well for you so far~!

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I got through a majority of chapters I wanted to get through on one personal commission I am working on diligently, and I do hope to have it done by next week. I just really want to give myself space in the coming weeks to proof it and make sure it is perfect, so that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet. X3 Just plotting…plotting in private. ;)

Also, I know a lot of lovelies usually make separate tumblr blogs for themselves instead of using the handy feature of just ‘adding new blog’ under one name, but I will admit, this blog and my main blog, @oreanagalena are connected. X3; So, whenever I comment in my comment section, you’ll see that name and not blindgeishateahouse, because Oreana was supposed to be my main and only blog till I decided to make this blog for my art and writings and such (I still never expected it to explode in popularity as it has). My main blog is just for my venting, things I find too personal to share here, and reblogs of art and or gif sets I like.

I do push the shy card a lot and emphasize it in my social media accounts, because I don’t think people realize how shy I can be as well as anti-social sometimes. I’ve been yelled at so much in the past for talking to people whenever they used to log on, that I refuse to go to people first, as I never want to be a burden. I never use ask boxes either on tumblr or even submit requests or confessions to folks, because I don’t want people to waste their time with me. I cannot even find the strength or courage to go to people I admire and talk to them, so you won’t see me following any voice actors of the AC folks even on twitter.

It sucks not having the courage to talk to people; especially, people you admire, but it’s just how things have been for me. So, no, I promise I am not ignoring any of you if you say or do something and I didn’t get to it, and BELIEVE me, I understand the worry and fear of talking to someone you admire, but I promise: I am not scary, and I understand. If anything, I am just flabbergasted you’re wasting your time with me. xD It is an honor, really, and that’s why I cannot stress that enough. ♥

I do want to thank you all for your loving support, really. The world feels like such a smaller place due to this blog, and I love that. Also, I do want people to realize this is a safe haven. I know most if not some use mobile to read this blog, but this is off to the side of my blog:

So, no, I am not going to hate on you for any reason—not even an opinion you may have or because you love something over something else. I am always just here to listen to the best of my ability and geek out with you.

Also, super mega thanks for all the comments, kudos (about 103), and bookmarks and all that on The Fall series from AO3. O_O; I think that’s my most liked story on there with Brawl underneath it.

I’ve heard you all for a sequel to The Rook and the Mockingbird, and if I find a good story to use for it, I will certainly let you know~! Much love for your support, dears. Here is the to-do list for now. The Jacob stories are in order of which they will be written to. The first one will be written to this week:


[Chosen by you]

*Jacob Frye [40 y/o] x Reader: A Volatile Climax: Maybe/possibly the finale of The Fall series where the reader prepares to have Jacob’s baby as things between Jacob and Emmett intensify. [NSFW]

Jacob Frye [40 y/o] x Reader: The Dove Effect: With the reader sick with tuberculosis, Jacob remains by her side. [WARNING: Tragic love story!]

Jacob Frye [20/40 y/o] x Reader: On the Other Side of the Tracks: Part of the prostitute series where the reader is forced to live on the streets at a young age, encountering Jacob whom takes pity on her now and again; eventually, moving into the brothels to have a means to live. [Both ages of Jacob will be used—20 and 40]

[Chosen by me]

Jacob [40 y/o]/Emmett Frye x Reader [RQ by anon]: Daddy Dearest – Request where the reader is dating Jacob Frye in his prime, finding out later that Emmett, the man they used to date, is his son. [NSFW / Daddy Kink]

Liam O’Brien x Reader [RQ from Jeweledfaith]: One Final Mission – A request where Liam expresses his love for the Reader right before heading on one final mission to the arctic. [NSFW]

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Take care, my dears. Much love~!

~Oreana Galena

keith hc’s i’ve made almost entirely by just projecting my own unhealthy habits and impulses:

  • practically every shirt he owns has blood stains from picking at zits on his back. and then picking at the scabs. and then picking at thOSE scabs.
  • when he can’t decide what food to eat he just leaves and deals with the stomach pain until he gets dizzy enough to remember “oh yeah, food” and chokes something down
  • sleeps fully clothed when he doesn’t feel like changing
  • once got so irritated by a zit in his earlobe that he stabbed a safety pin all the way through it in an attempt to get out the plug
  • (lance walked in just as he did it and shrieked loud enough that hunk heard and came running to resolve the situation. keith got a firm lecture from shiro on impromptu piercings)
  • (he didn’t want to admit the real reason he did it)
  • gets distracted while getting dressed after a shower and ends up just chilling in a single sock and nothing else for an hour
  • considers getting his face wet in the shower “washing his face”
  • always has cold hands but wears fingerless gloves cause a: better grip and b: they’re cool
  • sticks his cold fingers on ppls necks when they don’t expect it
  • (lance shrieks every single time, pidge retaliates with their own Frigid Phalanges, coran jumps the first time but displays an uncanny ability to dodge later attacks, hunk just says “if your hands are that cold just tell me, i’ll hold them for you”, allura doesn’t even flinch, and shiro’s dealing with enough, so he’s spared)
  • has been know to shave random things on impulse (ie a single arm and nothing else). his eyebrows haven’t been victims yet, but it’s been a near thing.

About Time: a movie about love. With a bit of time travel.

What if every moment in life came with a second chance? John has the incredible ability to travel through time. He can relive any moment in his life to try things differently until he gets them perfectly right.

For John it was always going to be all about love.