i support women in sport

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Did you see that Willem-Alexander and Maxima went to see the first game of the Dutch women's soccer team? I loved that they were they cause I thought they were on vacation

I did! I missed little over the first half of the Netherlands vs. Norway game (because of public transport, goddamnit), but the first thing I saw as I turned on the game was WA and Máx! They’re so good those two 😍 That’s royalty doing it right. Hopefully, they’ll bring the A-team to a game or two as well. I’ve also set out to take note of all the royals paying attention to their WNTs these Euros.

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Crown Prince Frederik will be attending the Euro's Women football final this Sunday. It's Denmark vs Netherlands. Hopefully King Willem Alexander attends as well. I like their friendship over the years. and the state visit a few years ago to Denmark was amazing!

Oh yay! I love seeing royals supporting women in sports. I’m not a sporty person and football is definitely not my thing but I love women and I’m always thrilled when women are recognised for being kick ass at what they do. And you’re right, the Danish and Dutch royals have a lovely relationship. The way WA greeted his godmother Margrethe from the plane just warmed my heart:


Empowering Women in Action Sports: Meet @valeriakechichian and the Longboard Girls Crew

#MyStory is a series that spotlights inspiring women in the Instagram community. Join the conversation by sharing your own story. To explore more Longboard Girls Crew adventures, check out @valeriakechichian on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

“#MyStory is about self-improvement and waking up to a new reality.” —Valeria Kechichian (@valeriakechichian), the Argentine co-founder of Longboard Girls Crew (@longboardgirlscrew), a project supporting positive images of women in action sports.

“I started longboard skating when I was 28. I had a tedious job in a gray office and some bad habits, so I was desperately in need of some positive hobbies. A couple of years later, a Venezuelan friend and I created Longboard Girls Crew to bring more women closer to the sport.

Since childhood, women are taught that being pretty and a good girl is what really matters. Meanwhile, boys are taught to get dirty and try new things. That’s one of the fundamental reasons why, until now, there have been fewer influential women in action sports. Longboard Girls Crew promotes women in the sport and puts female riders in the spotlight. Our ambassadors in 80 countries share their videos and their experiences, no matter their age, race or religion. And the more united we are, the stronger we become.”