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tsuminiochiiru said: My trilingual (Spanish,English, Japanese) coworker went to work for Rakuten last summer. His … Japanese has improved by leaps or bounds, but he feels he’s losing his English. Only one intern in his department speaks it regularly (as he knows no Japanese). But they are required to take the TOEIC, and presumably pass with a particular score….

As an English teacher I’m probably supposed to support this policy, but it’s never made much sense to me. A TOEIC score means nothing. (Why Japan persists with this test I will never understand, not in 10 000 years. You want to impress me? Give me your IELTS or TOEFL score.) However, kudos to all for trying to conquer this wretched Anglo-Saxon argot!

in relation to my last addition to the last post i had replied to, guys please don’t pursue your teachers
dont pursue them until you graduate, and if you’re able to, wait a bit afterwords. you’re risking not only your reputation but theirs, plus their job. if you somehow confess before you graduate and they advance, DO NOT ACCEPT THAT. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR ADVANCES. the power balance between us and them is tremendous and if they TRULY love you, they can wait too. 
please please please reconsider these kinds of things guys. i wish you the best with your TC’s but guys for the love of god lets be smart about this

The next few years are going to be tough on education, and as many have said, we need to support our teachers.


Libraries provide many valuable educational opportunities for kids and adults alike, and with the impetus of the responsibility of education shifting from public schools to the public itself, they are perhaps more vital and more important than they have ever been in our nation’s history. Make sure they have the resources they need to keep fighting for our children and their futures.


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school just ended today and i’m feeling so relieved (but i also have a club workshop tomorrow though!!) right now :’-) i haven’t updated in so long but i haven’t been feeling motivated to do so; so instead i’ll upload the few spreads that i really liked in the past few weeks ;; the week of the last picture was probably my most stressful week and i decided to worry less about the color scheme and focus more on expressing my emotions- it extended to the next to pages but i did not include it here!!

i was blessed with amazing teachers this year and supportive classmates and kind close friends and a wonderful best friend (wink @studiix) 💕 and now that my junior year is over, senior year is quickly approaching and i need to prepare for the stress and anxiety it may bring! but for now, i’ll enjoy my short break before i go off to the otis summer of art program in july :’-) it’s great to be back honestly!! i’m excited to update more often this summer ^^

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I believe in your dreams. 

No matter if your dream is to publish a book, become a ballet dancer, marry, start your own business, earn enough to pay off your student loan, finally get surgery, travel around the world, become president, start a non-profit organization, get 2000 followers on tumblr, adopt a child, become a teacher… I believe in it. I support it. 

And i’ll fight hard to live in a world where nobody will put obstacles in your way. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

@littlestpersimmon this isn’t very good because I’ve been writing it on a note on my phone but I thought maybe you’d enjoy my ideas about kindergarten!Kent and his teacher. The best kindergarten teacher I know was a certified scuba diver… and after graduating high school I decided to become one too, because their passion stuck with me. I’ve had a history of passionate teachers who love what they do, and I wanted that for Kent.

Hockey doesn’t enter the life of Kent Parson seriously until the very first day of kindergarten. Mrs Smith is an older lady (well, old to kindergarteners but probably only a decade into her teaching career) and she’s well known and well lived in the community. And she’s absolutely mad for hockey.

His first day is okay. He’s kind of afraid at first, but he’s Kent Parson and by snack time he’s got a gaggle of friends and they’re eagerly listening to Mrs Smith read a hockey book. When he’s picked up by his mom that evening after the after-school program he excitedly tells her all about his day.

His mother recalls in an interview after he’s drafted by the Aces that it was the first time he’d ever mentioned playing hockey. And that’s when life changed.

Mommy enrolled him in a learn to play hockey program a few weeks later, after getting a flyer in his backpack from a kind Mrs Smith, who saw Kent’s excitement and knew of a program that was affordable and single parent friendly.

Kent learned a lot that year. He learned every NHL team from the pennants on the walls (and how to read them!) all the jerseys of his favorite players (and numbers!) how to work together (like on a hockey team!) and how to work alone (like a penalty shot!!). He learned to skate forwards and backwards, how to hockey stop and even got to play goalie!

Dear Mrs Smith sees that excitement Kent has for the game on the weekends when she goes to all the games her husband coaches: mites and squirts and peewees and bantams. Of course at Kent’s level the little ones are following the puck in a group and still wobbling around on shaky legs, but she’s here for the joy, not the sick plays. They watch enough professional NHL hockey at home, weekend days are for the kids and their unbridled joy for things they love.

Her favorite memory of little Kent Parson was his last day of kindergarten when he hugged her and told her that she could wear his jersey someday, promise! She had smiled and hugged him back and sent him on his way to first grade, thankful once again for the job she got to do every year.

She keeps tabs on as many of her kids as she can. Bobby married three years ago and has a little girl, Shelly swims for a college down south, Austin moved to New York to act, Janie’s oldest daughter is in her new class.

But she can’t help but tear up when a picture of little Kent Parson lifting the Stanley Cup over his head is the front page of the local news. She and her husband attend the parade the city holds, and John has the picture of Kent hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head framed for her classroom.

And her favorite memory of the no longer so little Kent Parson is when he awkwardly knocks on her classroom door a few days before he heads back to Vegas, a backwards cap on his head and a jersey under his arm.

She didn’t think he’d remembered her, which was fine. Her job was to give her small ones a solid foundation for their education, a passion for learning, a good first year to grow and learn.

But when he holds out the jersey for her with that same silly smile she’d seen years ago on a much smaller Kent Parson she can’t help but grin and ignore the jersey while she wrapped him up in a hug.

After letting him go, she takes the offered jersey and flips it over to see his name on the back.

“I told you that you could wear my jersey someday, Mrs Smith.” He says softly, his eyes flitting around the pennants that still grace the walls, eyes lighting up when he sees the Aces one in the collection. “I had to keep my promise.”

And for that, she has to wrap sweet little Kent Parson up in another hug, jersey once again forgotten on her desk.

Teacher Crush “Guide”Pt. 1

Disclaimer: I do not support underage age gap relationships. I do not support initiating sex/romantic relationships with teachers nor older (while you are underage/not graduated) or married men/women. This is written from my experiences with my TC and other teachers I have befriended, as well as some contributions. Everyone’s TC is different. This is gender neutral, and for any variety of an age gap. 

Simple Words Saying “good morning/afternoon” or “have a good day” will make you stand out, especially because most students don’t go out of their way to say those simple words to their teachers. It is also a good start for a conversation, and it was what I said to my TC before I ever had a full-on conversation. Additionally, wave, say “Hi”, or smile if you see them in the hallway!

Start A Conversation Especially when you haven’t talked to them a lot, unfortunately you will probably be the one who has to start the conversation first, but if you get to know them fairly well, it will go both ways! It can be about school, college, what you are doing that weekend, or anything random! Asking them a few questions goes a long way as well.

Extra Help If you are even having the slightest trouble with something in their class, ask them if you can come in their class before or after school! Not only will you get one on one time with them and their attention will completely be on you, you can start another conversation when you are done getting the help you need. If they are not your teacher, you can go to their room before/after school and say, “I’m (your name), I am having trouble in (your teacher in that subject’s name)’s class, do you think you can help me with (whatever you need help with)?”

Gifts Teachers love gifts. Every time I have given my TC or one of my other teachers (who are basically my friends lol) a gift they get so excited and are so thankful. It can be for any holiday or at the end of the year. At least in my experience, teachers in high school barely ever get gifts. They will appreciate it if it’s a cheesy thing you got that is for teachers or if it’s something that is more geared toward their subject/interests. (Ex. unique mugs, food, decoration for their classroom, gift cards, etc).

Sharing about your life Teachers, whether you have a crush on them or not, are amazing at giving advice and being positive inspirations in your life. Most likely, if you come to them about a problem whether it is inside or outside of school, they will be there for you. Obviously you don’t want to bombard them with your whole life story when you aren’t super close, but this definitely opens doors to having a friendship and building trust. Once you become friendly, they will have a genuine interest in your life and how you are doing.

Asking about theirs If you aren’t super close with your TC I would personally suggest to keep this limited…until you get to know them better! I know some teachers who rarely share personal stuff ever, some who share personal things when they become more comfortable, and teachers who are super open to their students. It depends on what kind of person your TC is! Regardless, don’t be shy to ask them questions about their life. (ex. “How was your weekend/what did you do this weekend?”, “How is your (pet)?”, “How old are your kids?”)

Food Food is the way to anyone’s heart..idc what you have between your legs, everyone loves food. If you are good at baking or cooking, put that shit to work! I am personally a good baker and teachers (especially my TC) look forward to every holiday because they just KNOW they are getting something. Not good at baking? See how much money you have in that piggy bank. Ask them what their favorite cookies/snacks are. Also, one thing…if your TC is single you might not want to get them a bunch of things. My TC is single and a pretty thin guy…I wouldn’t want to give him too much because the thought of him throwing away things I baked him breaks my heart!

Appreciate Let them know just how much you appreciate them! Whether it be gifts or a handwritten letter, they will be absolutely flattered. Teaching is their job, you know how awesome it would feel to be told how good you are at what you do for a living and how you inspire!?

Birthday If you don’t know them very well, this might be a little odd. My TC’s b-day is in September when the year starts, so when I had him I didn’t even say happy birthday b/c I was scared of him. But by next year I made him his favorite cookies! Going out of your way to get them something for their birthday is so thoughtful. If you know them well enough and you don’t know their birthday…ask!

Online stalking What!? Yep, you read that right. C’mon we have all done it. They never, ever have to know…in fact I would definitely not suggest telling them, but by “stalking” them online you might be able to find some of their interests! Don’t talk about something you would only know by diving into their personal life, but rather if you see they love travel, try to start a conversation about that. I “stalk” my TC’s goodreads all the time, and have read some of his books to start a conversation, and he wouldn’t know the difference because I am a total booknerd and we have a similar taste! Ha!

Be yourself IMPORTANT! Never fake your interests to be closer to your TC. Instead, find things that you both like. Just be yourself, I know a lot of people on here who are absolute sweethearts and are super funny! When someone takes on teaching as a job and they are working with a ton of different types of people, they are going to accept you for whoever you may be. They have had plenty of disrespectful little shits during their career, they will love a nice, caring student like you!

Interest in their subject Again, don’t fake your interests. But if you are passionate about their subject or just simply like it, show that through your work and asking them questions. Don’t like their subject? Don’t worry, I hated math, but look where my TC and I are now. (BFFs) Although, sometimes I would tell silly math jokes that made him laugh!

Stand out Never go out of your comfort zone, but raising your hand and asking questions will make you stand out. I’m not telling you to go to school looking like a lingerie model, but wearing an outfit that makes YOU feel confident will make you stand out! Stand there in your cute outfit, smile, and say “good morning!” The first time I dressed up while I had my TC he legit could not even look at me, so I went in the BR and cried! Recently he told me I “do a good job with my outfits.” Trust me, they’ll notice…and I don’t mean in a creepy way at all.

Compliment I don’t have a feeling anyone is going to say anything to their TC that might make them uncomfortable, so it isn’t even worth mentioning. However, giving them a genuine compliment will make their day! (ex. I like your tie/dress, I love your handwriting, You’re fantastic at your job, I like your hair today/haircut, You have a great smile/laugh).

Sense of humor There are different types of humors..dry, dark, sarcastic, those who get offended over everything. I’m sure throughout their teaching you will have an idea what their sense of humor is. If you have the same humor, you’re in luck. You’ll feel even more comfortable with your TC. Joke around with them, “pick on them,” remember your inside jokes. If you have a different sense of humor, that’s okay. You will still find things to laugh about together. If you get your TC to crack up about something you’ve said, you’ll have a pretty good idea about what else they will find funny. (Ex. my TC is a computer nerd, so I make fun of him for having a computer GF because he always tells me to date this kid who he knows I will never date).

Similar Interests This goes hand in hand with a lot of things I have already mentioned. “Stalk” if you need to, ask them about their interests, tell them about yours and find out if they like what you like. This is worth stating again…don’t fake your interests. Even if you are not very similar to your TC, there WILL be something you all have in common, and do your best to expand on that. (Ex. You both love music: favorite band? What concerts have you been to? You both like TV shows: What is your favorite now? What was your favorite show when you were young? Have you seen (TV show)? I have a feeling you might like it).

DGAF what other people think “Teacher’s pet” “Why do you give things to teachers?” “You bake things for your TEACHERS!? Why don’t I get any?” Ignore them all. Don’t give a fuck what others think. That will just put a hold on your effort to have a friendship. This girl talked shit about my TC, I stood up for him and she asked me several times if I sucked his dick, until my friend and I went off on her, telling her that’s disgusting because that actually happens (illegally I mean). I always ignored her. People still say mean things about my TC and I don’t play along with it anymore because I love him. I just let it go through one ear and out the other. 

I hope this will help many of you out with starting a healthy, great friendship with your teacher crush! If you have questions, feel free to ask, I love you all and I welcome you with big, open arms! Being pretty close with my TC, I wanted to share some important tips. I hope you are able to refer to this. 

Thank you so much to @inspirationtcc @tcdaydreaming @tccquotes @come-at-my-v-doritezz @tcmpossibledream and the two anons for your suggestions/contributions! 

Singles’ Night

Dean cheers Castiel up after a rough night, which has surprising and unintended results. (1.2k)

A/N: I wrote this for @destieldrabblesdaily‘s 30k fic contest, and while I didn’t win, I was really excited to be able to participate in it. I also have to thank her, because she is a (very, very large) part of the reason that I’m in the SPN fandom and a hardcore Destiel shipper, both of which are what got me writing so much. So thanks, and congrats to all the winners! <3


Castiel let out an enormous sigh of relief as he walked into his apartment and closed the door behind him. “How’d it go, babe?” he heard from the main room as he hung his coat in the closet. In lieu of a verbal response, he walked into the room and plopped down on the sofa, extending his legs over his boyfriend’s lap and leaning into his chest, seeking the comforting warmth of body heat as he closed his eyes and sighed heavily again.

“That well, huh?” Dean chuckled, putting his book down to wrap his arms around Cas and press a soft kiss to the top of his head. Cas mumbled something unintelligible against Dean’s chest, snuggling impossibly closer. He couldn’t see it, but he just knew that Dean was smirking as he rubbed Cas’ back. “How many?” Dean finally inquired, apparently unable to resist the temptation to ask.

“Five women, two men,” Cas replied, curling his fingers into Dean’s t-shirt. The gray fabric was soft and well-worn, familiar in his grip.

“Wow, is that a new record?” Dean teased lightly, nudging the top of Cas’ head with his nose.

Cas looked up at him dolefully. “No.” He frowned as Dean laughed. “It’s not funny, Dean,” he complained, burying his face in Dean’s chest again. “Parent-teacher conferences are for parents and teachers to discuss the student’s progress, not for the parents to hit on the teacher.” That did nothing to stop Dean’s laughter.

“It’s ‘cause you’re so damn hot, babe,” Dean said, poking Cas in the side.

Cas elbowed him and gave him a muffled “Don’t objectify me,” before Dean finally relented.

“Okay, okay. Sorry,” he said, hands returning to their comforting path tracing the ridges and curves of Cas’ back. “How ‘bout some TV?” he asked after a minute. “I know how much you love the Food Network and they’re doing an Iron Chef marathon tonight.”

Castiel considered the offer. He did love the Food Network and he didn’t really feel like doing anything else. It was a Friday, so he didn’t have to get up early for work the next day or grade papers yet either. Besides, he rarely turned down the offer to snuggle with his boyfriend. It was a no-brainer, really. “Okay,” he agreed, tilting his head up to gaze gratefully at Dean.

Dean smiled and gave him a quick kiss before he suddenly stood. Castiel was still sitting practically on his lap, and Dean slipped his arm beneath Cas’ legs before standing, scooping him into his arms with ease and then heading for the stairs.

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@thequirkyteacher replied to your post “My day doesn’t end when the bell rings…”

What’s hard is all of the hate that comes with teaching. I could deal with the hard work and the low pay if I didn’t get constant hate from parents and the mass public. It’s hard to work long hours and deal with the emotions that go with managing 112 students and all of their interests and worries. It’s so much harder to do that when you also get hateful parents in email, school is so terrible comments, teachers are the problem blog posts, and random tumblrites hating


Such an amazing Oireachtas weekend, I was so nervous because it was my first time competing since nationals but the support from my teachers/ family helped so much!! I got in the top 10 in my region and one off of worlds😭🎉💓 so excited for nationals!!!!


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alright so in my participation in government class we have to do a huge bil proposal project thats like a huge percentage of our grade and each group is supposed to be about 3-4 people and i had my group bc we were all friends from the musicals and shit but one day when i was posting my usual #blm stuff on facebook, i i see one of the group members posted #alllivesmatter, and because he’s an immature bitch i caught on quickly and found out he wanted to kick me out of the group, leaving me stranded and groupless for the biggest project of my high school career. i was put in a group of donald trump supporters by my teacher, but i talked to her and long story short guess who’s now doing a presentation by themselves on banning the confederate flag on a federal level.

tl;dr - a racist tried to shut me down for speaking out so i just spoke out more byeee

Harry James Potter feeling satisfied with being anything other than an auror is not something I can believe.
Like I completely get why so many support the Harry as a teacher idea, it would be so good for him and I love teacher Harry, he’s good at it and he likes it. But I just think he wouldn’t be able to do it, he would NEED to be an auror. This is the boy who can’t sit still, who needs to help everyone he can. Who would do anything to fight dark magic. Even after all he’s done it would eat away at him knowing he wasn’t out there in the action helping. And no it’s not the healthiest option for him at all but I just can’t see him doing anything else.