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Omegaverse/Mpreg recs!

I don’t want to pretend like mpreg is my favorite thing (it’s not even something I’m really a fan of at all), but then neither am I into babies or Parentlock. I have lots and lots of Omegaverse bookmarks, but pretty much none where there are actual children involved, though sometimes there’s pregnancy. That said, I want to support mpreg. I feel like I can rec Omegaverse fics to support the trope because the set-up implicitly includes the potential for mpreg, even if there’s none in the story. 

I wanted to share my recs for Omegaverse fics I consider well-written and worth reading. Basically, I think exploring and/or subverting gender tropes and fantasies in all possible ways is a good thing, and I think it’s got a unique appeal when it occurs in a fantasy setting (Omegaverse or random mpreg) instead of a realistic one (dealing with trans* issues). I’d even say randomly assigning female-bodied characteristics to cis men is a natural extension of what slash often does (psychologically) in general, for better or for worse. That is, I wouldn’t say most characters in slash really represent gay males in realistically-depicted relationships anyway. Perhaps Omegaverse/mpreg fics are as intrinsic to slash fanfic as AUs in general are. 

These fics (with or without mpreg) can be and often are feminist, smart and subversive of gender binaries, while being super-fun and hot to read.  So here are some of my favorites.

- Glass, Tempered Steel, by augustbird

This story is so lovely, so elegant, so heartfelt and intense, it’s like a beautifully lilting ballad by the fireside. I generally like Omegaverse even more in a fantasy setting than a sci-fi one (personal preference), and this AU basically set the standard few (if any) have matched since. Soulbonds, friends since childhood, endless pining, complete devotion, and the slowest of slow burns add up for an amazing, immersive and unforgettable experience. Usually all the angst is on the Omega’s side, but this is a beautiful exploration of the ethical and emotional roadblocks associated with being the Alpha in this situation, written entirely from John’s POV. My favorite thing about the Omegaverse are the narratives around self-control and attraction (biology or free will?) and this fic plays with that so well.   

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A Little Experiment

Okay I had a conversation with my cousin a while back when he came up to visit and got into a conversation about children and pregnancies. He cried when he found out that I like and support Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) and I think he cracked some of my bones in a hug…. Anyway our conversion led to the possibility of science making it so that guys could get pregnant. But yeah moving on to my point, he’s looking into adoption and so far no luck. I really want to make him feel better so I want to see how many out there support Mpreg or the possibility of it in the future.


I’m tallying this in different ways. I figure I’ll check on this again back in September when he comes back up to visit and surprise him with the results

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