i summon a queue!


to summon the otherworldly being known as Chirrut, dare to initiate a friendly one-sided conversation.

@a-kent and their au w/ monk!Baze and ghost!Chirrut

How Do You Deal With Stress In Your Life?

Tier ~ Pargon ~ Aretak ~ Chattur'gha ~ Pargon

There’s a flash of blood red light as the last of the runes activates, then a snarl as something suddenly is yanked into existence. The creature that emerges from the glowing circle is a ghastly thing resembling a skinned and deformed man, muscles bulging and glistening and occasionally sticking out at funny angles. Its teeth are bared in a terrible grimace, and its eyes are nothing but two dark sockets. It lurches around for a moment, getting whatever bearings a zombie can get – then it notices the young man standing nearby and turns on him with a growl.

Victor, however, is more than prepared, and opens his attack with a sword slipped right through the monster’s ribcage. A few well-placed whacks sever both arms. Then, after a moment of dodging the creature’s flailing torso, another slice takes off the head. A final slam of the blade into what remains of the neck, and at last the monster is still. Moments later, it dissolves away into the wind. Victor wipes off his sword with his hanky, then gives his spell circle a frustrated glare. “I really wish I didn’t have to summon these things one at a time.”