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do you have any advice on how to get involved politically?? I'm 19 and go to a community college but there aren't really any clubs like amnesty international or something like that. I live on Long Island??? ty love ur blog<3

Here’s some similar asks on the subject if you’re looking to get into anti-fascist work and direct action, I don’t know what you mean by “politically” because that could mean a lot but here’s what we’ve suggested in the past:

Keep an eye out at events at your school still. Look for special events happening because you might see something that caters to your interests and meet people who know more about political work in your area. 

Since you live on Long Island I’d also suggest checking out Long Island’s Food Not Bombs, which seems to have morphed into Community Solidarity which does the same work. Here’s their locations, here’s the volunteer sign-up, and here’s their website. This might not sound overly political but you can help collect food, make meals, and distribute food - this helps fight social, economic and environmental oppression in your community and fights against food waste. It’s also a great chance to meet people with similar interests & politics and you might be able to find more ways to get involved through this. 

Something horrible is happening on youtube

I’m going to preface this post with a content warning. This post is about child abuse. The video I’m going to link includes actually video footage of child abuse. It is one of the most upsetting videos I have ever watched. My post includes in depth descriptions of child abuse. 

This morning I watched a Youtube video discussing and highlighting what is happening on another Youtube channel. If you have the stomach for it, I’d suggest watching the video because Phillip DeFranco does a much better job of summarizing the situation than I can. 

For those of you who can’t watch, I’ll give you a very brief rundown. 

The Youtube channel DaddyOfFive is a combination family vlog and prank channel. In a recent video, the parents pull a prank where they pour invisible ink on one of the kid’s floors and then make him think that they believe he poured ink all over the floor. They scream and swear at this little boy, shouting things like “What the fuck did you do?” while the boy cries and cowers, looking genuinely terrified. Even the best child actors could not pull off looking as genuinely devastated as this child does. 

As DeFranco highlights in his video, although all the children are pranked, it seems that this one child (Cody) takes the brunt of the cruelty. In many videos he is seen being hit, kicked, pushed, and pinned down by his older siblings. In one video his father pushes him face first into a book case. In one video Cody begs his family to stop, saying that he’s tired of this. In another video his parents scream at him and tell him he’s the only one in the family who can’t “take a joke”. 

In response to some of the flak they have been getting, the parents uploaded a video about “Blocking All The Haters”. They goad the children into saying on camera that they aren’t being abused. Now keep in mind, the kids have been told that all the “Cool stuff” they have been getting is because of the Youtube channel. They know that if the pranks stop, the cool stuff goes away. Most of the children chime in that they are not being abused. Cody hardly says anything. The oldest boy says, “At least you aren’t beating us”. 

What is happening to Cody is child abuse. It is emotional, psychological and physical abuse. It is torture. And the worst part of it all is that it is monetized. The parents are being paid by advertisers to abuse this child under the guise of “It’s just a prank, bro”. 

So what can we do?

First of all, we can report the videos on DaddyOfFive’s channel for containing depictions of child abuse. If you decide to help by doing this, please be sure to flag the specific instances of abuse such as Cody being pushed or the parents screaming vulgarities at the children. 

Second of all, we can let the companies advertising on this channel know that we won’t be buying anything from a company that sponsors videos of child abuse. 

Finally, if anyone knows this family in person, they can make a report to CPS. Now the family is claiming that they’ve already been investigated and “cleared” by CPS, but that’s not how this works. Repeated reports mean repeated investigations. You do not give up and look the other way when a child is being abused just because CPS failed to act the first time. When my neighbors were abusing their children, I had to call CPS every week for over a month before something was done. Don’t give up.

Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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I found this video on twitter, speaking nothing but the truth. They won’t show you this on mainstream news outlets, they constantly try to take away the voices of marginalized communities, putting the government before the people. I strongly suggest watching this and sharing far and wide, this is the real story. No more bullshit cover ups and political agendas, just listen to the people directly affected. It’s their voice that matters. They deserve answers and JUSTICE.
 #GrenfellTower #JusticeForGrenfell

Source: Ahmed Faid 

Revenge on homophobic dad

So I came to visit my dad on Easter and I’ve never heard so many homophobic words in 6 fucking days. He went full on how gross and disgusting and all that homophobic bullshit and then - of course - he fetishised lesbians, because “they are nice to look at”. I got really pissed when he started to wonder if Church will let him change godfather for my brother, because the one he has Come out as gay couple weeks ago… I was like “what is wrong with you? I honestly want to know?!?!?”

I tried to use reasoning but it failed so now I’m in the middle of making my revenge in couple simple steps:

1. Go on yt and watch so many gay (les too but not two attractive models making out) videos ad you can so recommendation on yt will always show gays.
2. Go to his porn account (I just happened to know his login and password to everything so that’s not a problem) and also watch gay (this time male/male only) videos and like them, comment maybe so it will also jump on in recommendation.
3. Say you are gay. Bonus: Suggest having a gf and say that “those sleepovers you let me go to were total fun”
4. Trick him into watching gay movies(:
“Brokeback mountain” may not be a good to start with, because most people knows it’s gay. Better start with some less known movies) then watch him storm out the room when he reliased what he is watching.
5. Made him read gay ff - must be slowburn. I will tell him that I wrote it and he - as a good father and shit - should support my dreams and read this. Make him fully invested before he reliase it’s gay love story.
6. Find out how many celebrities he likes are gay. Watch movies with those people and when they appear on screen say “Did you know he/she is gay?”
7. Find out how many historical figures and his idols may be gay and destroy his image of them.
8. After this he will probably start to fight: “its not important that he is gay, because he did something and he is my Idol”. Make a face and make him understand what he just said.
9. If 8 happens give him a break because he starts to get it.
10. if 8 does not work just jump straight here and be as gay as possible. Mention things about pride during meals, show how much LGBT community suffered over the time, try to make him understand something (if he doesn’t plan vacation and place him in one room with gay uncle)

(I’m currently at point 2. Revenge Is on)

UPDATE (which i should add a while ago but I’m shit so yeah): https://futurepast56.tumblr.com/post/159791268652/revenge-on-homophobic-dad
Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

Ok first of all, holy mother of fucks, @markiplier ‘s valentine’s day video was absolutely the best thing ever! (along with @therealjacksepticeye ‘s halloween video).

if you haven’t watch Mark’s video, I suggest you you go now before reading this post (if you actually even read it xD) because it might contain spoilers.

Ok so we now have physical proof of Darkiplier’s existence, just like Anti’s. I love how they both act alike with the glitches and all, but they’re still so different from each other. from what I saw with Jack and Anti, it seems like Anti fights Jack for control of the physical body. Anti was restless, he’d do anything and everything to take full control of Jack’s body, including killing Jack which is kinda what he did in the halloween video when he cut his throat. He just wanted freedom, and he has no problem in blaming us (the fans) for his actions towards Jack (“you all said my name”, “YOU” “its all your fault” “you all made this happen” “you could’ve stopped me… but you just watched as this happened” “now he’s gone forever”). He knows exactly what to say to make us feel guilty. that sounds an awful lot like a sociopath. I might be wrong but I just did some research (I wouldn’t be writing this without doing my homework ahah) and some of the traits are:

  • Repeated violations of the law
  • Pervasive lying and deception
  • Physical aggressiveness
  • Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  • Consistent irresponsibility in work and family environments
  • Lack of remorse

you can see most of these behaviors in Anti. Antisepticeye is a sociopath.

now Darkiplier on the other hand…

from what I saw in mark’s valentine’s day video, Dark looked like he had more self control. he seemed awfully calm. he wasn’t trying to fight Mark for a chance of controling the body. he was waiting for Mark to actually let him in (”I’ve been waiting patiently” “he promised he would let me in again”) and this makes me think… Dark is strong enough to take over Mark’s body without actually attacking Mark the way Anti did with Jack. and Mark knows it. so he made a deal. he would let Dark get in from time to time, if he promised not to hurt anyone. obviously Dark wouldn’t keep that promise like we see in the 14 million subs video for example. now lets take a look at some of the psychopath traits:

  • Lack of guilt/remorse
  • Lack of empathy
  • Lack of deep emotional attachments
  • Narcissism
  • Superficial charm
  • Dishonesty
  • Manipulativeness
  • Reckless risk-taking

I don’t know about you but these scream Darkiplier to me. you can see how emotionally detached he is from us. he just wants to toy with our emotions. this is all but a game to him. and he doesn’t care about the consequences (”take your pick. anything of four different choices”, “and lets see how far down this rabbit hole really goes” “so take your pick. show me what you got”, “and maybe we’ll have a good date after all”). he gives us a sense of security and happiness(?) (”if dinner is what you want, then I can provide”, “and I can take you to wherever you’d like to go”), only to be crushed by a statement that makes us fear for our own life (”I can specially take you to places where you DON’T want to go”), leaving us on the edge. he makes us think he actually cares about us (”I’ve been waiting a long time to get some personal space between us”), when he actually just wants to hurt us (”THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME”, “youre never, ever going to escape me”).

and if you notice, after you’ve chosen who to kill, you’ll see that if you choose the left option, Mark looks so worried and empathetic over us, trying to reassure us… after all we just killed someone and he’s worried about us (compared to the Mark we’re left with, if you choose the right option). at the end, it turns out we killed the wrong Mark, and we’re left with Dark in front of us. for a second we believed we killed the right Mark, seeing how calm and not evil M(D)ark was acting towards us. that is manipulation. Dark made us believe we were safe now, that we made the right choice, only to crush that sense of safeness right when we were starting to get confortable and at peace (”oops… looks like you made the wrong choice”, “but now we’re going to be together…. forever”)

I strongly believe Darkiplier is a psychopath and Antisepticeye is a sociopath. they both act differently towards Jack and Mark and their fans, but at the same time, in a very similar way. I believe the reason Anti is so glitchy and Dark is so “HD quality” (xD) is because Anti forced his way into Jack and obviously thats gonna leave some damage, while Dark waited (im)patiently for his turn to take over the body.

I just want to congratulate @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier for portraying these characters, made up by the fans, so unbelievably well, and thank them for taking their time to make something, created by the community, come true like this. you guys are amazing.

this is just my theory, if you disagree or have something to say, I’d be more than happy to hear your theories, but don’t be rude or anything.

also, if you read this giant post till the end, thank you so much for taking your time to do so :) sorry if this was a bit confusing xD 


edit: if you want a bit more input on their disorders, take a look at this post

please, I would love to hear your opinions on it

hey friends!! a lot of you ask me for tips on things all the time + this is just some really good advice i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student shared with you:


  • study frequently so when exams/tests come by you only need to revise your shorter notes [you will thank yourself later]
  • i know it’s tedious but try to always do your homework [it’ll help you in the long run]
  • do your readings before class, this will help you understand better!!
  • use time wisely, for example study on the bus on the way to school [i really like doing this]
  • teach yourself material by giving lessons to soft toys or maybe using actual tools found in your household [i like using this method particularly for biology especially with water]
  • if you have to read to revise, read aloud
  • record yourself to be able to listen later when on the bus or something [i like doing this with poetry]
  • make sure to always get enough sleep, it’s not worth it losing sleep over studying! [also i find it better to wake up a little early to revise than sleep late]
  • incense works wonders if you’re trying to calm yourself down whilst studying
  • keep a hot beverage around when you’re studying + reward yourself by drinking a little bit of it when you want to
  • get rid of distractions while you’re studying, put your phone on flight mode or leave it to charge somewhere
  • if music doesn’t hinder your attention span, then listen to it whilst studying/doing homework [i suggest classical music/coffee shop noises/rain sounds] ~ [my spotify playlist // classical favourites // get ur studying on // flourishment]
  • watch videos on a particular topic before you cover it in class
  • if your syllabuses are available online, download them + print them out
  • have an organised desk, it helps you feel less stressed
  • use the pomodoro technique to study
  • make sure you have good lighting
  • work out past exam papers if they’re available to you, these are really good practice for your exam!
  • talk to your teachers during their office hours if you need to, that’s what they’re there for
  • if you’re too afraid to do the latter, send them an email when you need them!
  • have different files for every subject to keep you organised
  • don’t neglect any subject- just give them the time they need + prioritise
  • use a planner/bullet journal to help you plan your week

school stuff

  • smile at people, you have no idea how much it could brighten their day [plus your smile is great!!!]
  • always keep a water bottle handy
  • make your school lunch in the evening so you can sleep a bit more in the morning + not spend your money on school lunches
  • always take your headphones + charger to school [if they’re allowed]
  • keep some emergency money or something in your pencil case, you never know when you might need them!
  • if you menstruate make sure to keep a bag with stuff for when you’re menstruating [if not for you, maybe your friends may need something too]
  • take naps on the bus if the journey is long [make sure you don’t sleep + end up on the other side of the city/country]
  • if you have free lessons, utilise them! do your work at school if it can be done there so you are able to study/relax at home!
  • always take a book with you to school just in case you ever get bored
  • go to a guidance counselour if you need one [they can help with practically anything you may need!] 
  • go to private tutoring lessons if you need them/can afford them

personal life

  • take pictures, lots of them!!! not just for instagram or something, they’re actually a really great memory
  • don’t forget to visit your relatives every now and then
  • watch the news/read articles to help you stay in touch with the real world
  • don’t worry so much about social media honestly from experience, it’s trivial anyway. indulge yourself in the real world + spend time with family and friends!!
  • don’t compare yourself to others, you’re not them + they are not you!
  • try to get some exercise done, even if it’s just using the stairs instead of a lift or dancing around in your room
  • always keep yourself hydrated
  • remember to take a day off once a week, it’ll help you avoid burnout
  • eat fruits/nuts as a snack!! 

+ my masterposts

these are all practically all the tips i can remember!! i hope they help a lot of you out <3 good luck with school 

-helena xx

Great Comet is reported to be facing closing

I assume you’ve all heard of the drama going on due to the casting as Pierre. That being said, Great comet and all of it’s creative actors/actresses, teams, etc NEED to keep their jobs and rightfully deserve to. The Great Comet is facing difficult times, but even if you can’t see the show, you can still help.

- Watch youtube videos/music videos on the great comet’s youtube page. Make sure ad block is turned off!

- Buy their merch, it’s not all super pricey and they need all the help they can get

- buy the on broadway and off broadway album on itunes!

- SEE THE SHOW!!! If you’ can see the show, I suggest seeing it, keep it afloat and cherish that you can still watch this amazing show while it’s still here.

- Spread the word! It’s important to let everyone know whats going on so we can work together to keep this show up and running

Cinnamon Roll

Pairings: Bucky x F!Reader, Stony


Hi! First of all, I’m in love with your chatrooms. Thank you for them. They are brilliant!! Can you do a chatroom where BuckyxElemental!Reader hate eachother, Bucky acts harsh on her, but with the help of the Avengers they realize they actually love eachother and care for eachother so much? And I’d love to see StevexTony moments!!❤️(Stony is cute haha) And and and fun time with Thor and Loki :) Also I’d be so happy if you’ll add Matt Murdock too :) I’m so sorry I asked to much but that’s all 🙈    (a/n: <3 you are so sweet, thank you, no problem!)

A/N: the chat title menu grows, now serving cinnamon rolls.

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Loki, Natasha, Clint, Bruce. 

Thor:  END THIS!

Bruce: End what?

Thor: This awkwardness… it is almost tangible.

Bruce: What?

Natasha: Bucky and Y/N have been glaring at each other for 2 hours straight and we’re still 3 hours away from the compound.

Thor: I cannot withstand this anymore!

Bruce: Ohhh, that. Sorry I was watching cat videos. Didn’t notice.

Loki: May I suggest throwing Barnes out the jet and watch on as he plummets to his demise? That would surely end the tension.

Thor: Brother, you can’t just use murder to solve all your problems!

Loki: It’s worked in the past!

Natasha: Bucky is at fault and I’m starting to like Loki’s plan…

Loki: See, Thor! Natasha agrees! Lure him to the door and I’ll push him out.

Thor: We are not murdering Sir Barnes despite his dishonorable words towards Lady Y/N.

Clint: Why did Loki even come on the mission?

Natasha: We need to do something. They’re always fighting and I can’t take it anymore.

Bruce: Why don’t we get Bucky to apologize?

Loki: Why don’t we THREATEN HIM WITH VIOLENCE to apologize?

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Olan Rogers:

I’ve posted about this amazing man once or twice but I wanted to make an official textpost as a shoutout to him. He’s a comedian with videos on YouTube of stories and sketches. His stories are what hooked me, though. They’re hilarious and fun and amazing! His videos are like Pringles. Once one pops, one just can’t stop. When you watch one, you binge! “Just one more” is a lie. And he’s not too difficult to look at, if you know what I mean.

His most popular video is called Ghost In The Stalls. This gif is from the video…

Originally posted by idk-crocs

I suggest these stories: 

Ghost In The Stalls, Echoes Through The Wall, Christmas Time Boy (live story), The Comeback Kid, The Package Delivery, The Bad Apple, A Thief In The Night, The Popcorn King, The Snack Thief, It’s In The Genes, Eyes For You, The Fear Awakened, The Batman Birthday, An Odd Day To Die, Death Is A Quiet Wave, Midnight Claw, Chuck E. Cheese, Stand By Me, and last but certainly not least, The Crumb That Fell.

His Channel Link: [x]

Vocabulary from Ko Ko Bop (EXO)

These are listed in the order in which they appear in the song.

In case you didn’t know, Geoff Ramsey is going on a year long sabbatical from Achievement Hunter.

Geoff was the reason I decided to watch Achievement Hunter after my friend recommended them to me, because of Red vs Blue.

If you’re not familiar with his work, I suggest looking for a best of Geoff video, or watching the Mini Golf let’s plays. Also, the Legend of the Hidden Tower Minecraft let’s play. They have some of my favourite Geoff moments. He’s also phenomenal in Heroes and Halfwits.

Thank you, Geoff. Enjoy your time off. You deserve it.

Flashes (Part 1)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, angst, sadness, borderline depression, sarcasm, did I mention language? might be hard to read for lonely hearts like me.

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story, so here we go. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty. Anyways, it’s only four parts, so only pre-existing permanent tags will be added to this story. Reminder: If you want to be removed from the permanent tag list you need to msg me! Sorry in advance. There’s four parts to this story.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

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Indie Game Reviews

Hello, everyone!
After I posted about the games I’ve platinumed I received a few asks about the Indie games I’ve played, so I figured: “Why not review my favourites?” Below is a list of Indie games I’ve played that I consider above average. Hopefully this list will help people decide if they’re worth playing or not. Keep in mind, though, that these are my opinions. If anyone would like to discuss the games further, please feel free to message me or send me another ask specifying the game you’re interested in. I’m always happy to discuss games. XD

Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows is like a throwback to the 90s computer games that we all loved and played when we were kids. With a spooky atmosphere and almost game board-ish feel, the story takes place on an old mansion property where a young girl named Elena Elkhorn must depend on her Native American roots to find her missing father. Switch between human and soul to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and attack enemies. Though a bit slow-paced, the story and gameplay are solid and definitely worth a try.


CounterSpy is a fun little platformer that’s almost comedic in nature. You play as a (possibly) British spy during the Cold War, who spies on the Russian and American forces to prevent nuclear detonation on both sides. The missions are pretty straight forward, with you shooting or sneaking your way through enemy territory to discover their plans of attack. If you fail to thwart them … it’s the end of the world! While it isn’t really anything too special, its in-your-face 1970s James Bond style music and gameplay are entertaining as hell, and if you set it to the hardest difficulty, it is a fun challenge. I’d recommend it as a good time-waster.


Assemblance is a psychological first person thriller, where you play as a man who is forced to repeat a time paradox over and over until you figure out a way to move on. The story is subpar at best, but it’s not terrible. The graphics are beautiful and very relaxing, as is the music. I’ve heard this game be described as a “mind fuck” too, but I’m not sure if I’d give it quite that much credit. Either way, it is a good game if you’re looking for something to pass the time, and if you’re looking for a light challenge.


Velocibox is a pure challenge game where you control a tiny square that zooms through various obstacle courses. It doesn’t sound like much, but the levels can be extremely frustrating and the trophies are so hard to attain that they’ve only been awarded to a ridiculously small percentage of players– we’re talking hardcore gamers with no life (like me). If you’re looking for a fun challenge, this is the game for you.

The Park

The Park is a first person, mostly cinematic horror game, where you play as a schizophrenic mother who chases her son through a theme park that she used to visit when she was a child. As you play, you begin to ask yourself if what you’re seeing is real or if it’s just the result of the mother’s mental illness. There are a few jump scares and puzzles to solve, but all and all it’s basically a horror movie, with a child so un-likable he makes you miss the boy from Babadook. The story is worth exploring, however, and the graphics and voice work are topnotch. I’d give it a chance, unless you scare easily.

Race the Sun

Race the Sun is a meticulous challenger game where you steer a tiny plane through an endless field of obstacles. The objective of the game, aside from collecting trophies, is to simply beat your own record before you crash or run down. You collect extra points by hitting rings, which eventually allows you to upgrade your plane for future levels. While I will admit that at first the game is fairly addictive, it can get a little boring. You can’t memorize the fields because they change and randomize every 24 hours, which is a neat idea, but it still does little to keep players interested. But if you’re looking for a decent challenge, then I highly recommend this game. Personally, I’ve come to use it as a fun time-waster while I download other games.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a story-based video game where you divulge the disappearance of an entire town. I wouldn’t suggest this game to people who prefer action-packed shooters or tricky platformers, because aside from walking around and watching a beautiful cinematic story unfold, there isn’t much else to do. Don’t get me wrong, though; the game is still highly enjoyable. You play from a first person point of view and collect clues that give you insight to the missing townspeople. Each clue reveals a short story that helps you arrive at the conclusion, in the form of several astral projections. Aside from the creative story and stunning graphics, the voice acting is also incomparable. Definitely worth a play through if you’re into cinematic game play.

The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan is a first person puzzle game where you play as a young orphaned boy named Monroe. The game is relaxing and wacky, as paint your way through various levels to help Monroe finish his recently deceased mother’s favourite painting. As you play, a world of imagination unfolds, and the air of innocence reminds you what it was like to be a child. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something light-hearted.

The Fall

The Fall is a puzzle platformer where you play as an advanced robotic spacesuit AI named Arid. The game begins with you crash-landing on a seemingly abandoned planet, with your pilot injured and unresponsive inside you. In order to save him, you search the planet for medical supplies, but soon find that the robotic inhabitants are dangerously malfunctioning. To save your pilot, you must succumb to several tests, forced on you by the head AI, and defeat an army of homicidal robots. The puzzles are fun and challenging, the story is wholly original, and the twist ending makes you think you’re watching The Sixth Sense. If you’re looking for an intelligent Sci-Fi Indie game, you’re looking for The Fall.

White Night

White Night is a horror survival game where you play as an unnamed man who crashes outside of a haunted estate. Injured and in need of help, he hobbles to the mansion and breaks in, desperate when no one answers the door. Once inside the house, certain events transpire and horror ensues. I won’t spoil the plot, but there is a twist ending and a story worth experiencing. The game has a very noir-type feel to it on top of the horror genre, which I thought was very unique. To beat the game, you must outwit the ghosts that hunt you, solve puzzles, and discover clues that eventually prompt the ending. The game also does an excellent job at making you feel helpless and vulnerable, as your only defences are running, hiding, and depending on matches for light. I personally didn’t have this problem, but I have heard people complain about their eyes hurting after a few hours of gameplay– so as a warning, the game is almost entirely black and white. If you’re not sure if you can handle that, then I’d highly suggest watching a spoiler-free video on YouTube before buying, just to see how well you adjust. Overall, it’s a great game that I highly recommend.


Contrast is a platformer clearly meant for the PC, but it is playable on consol. If I had to describe the setting, I’d say it’s almost Tim Burton-y in nature. You play as a voiceless woman named Dawn, who watches over and guards a little girl named Didi. Didi lives with her poverty-stricken mother in a tiny house in a town filled with corruption and debauchery. With no friends and nowhere to go during the day, Didi sneaks out at night to play; therefore, it is your job to make sure she stays safe. When her father starts meddling with some dangerous loan sharks, however, events transpire and you must help her save her family. Aside from some irritating controls on consol, the game is great and the story, obstacles, and puzzles are magnificent. The voice acting is also highly commendable, which was a pleasant surprise. Didi is actually voiced by a little girl, not an adult playing a child, and she did such an excellent job I thought Disney hired the cast. I definitely recommend this game, especially if you play on PC.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is another story-based game in which you play as a first person detective searching for a missing boy named Ethan Carter. Much like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the game is almost entirely cinematic with a gripping story and stunning graphics. While exploring various locations, you will find clues and solve intricate puzzles in order to piece together what happened to Ethan. Without spoiling the plot, I can only say that the mystery turns very dark and engaging. Definitely worth a penny or two.


SOMA has repeatedly been praised by fans for its “mind-blowing” original story and designs, but I personally took issue with some aspects of the game. I will agree first and foremost that the story is fresh beyond belief: it begins with you, Ethan, booking an appointment with a famous neurologist after viewing a flashback of a car crash. It becomes apparent that Ethan suffered a brain contusion during the accident, which could, at any given moment, kill him. The next day you visit the doctor and agree to an experiment that could help Ethan and others like him. After a long conversation, you get strapped into a machine, then wake up in an underwater, apocalyptic hell. SOMA has also been described as a “mind fuck”, and you might agree, especially when it comes to certain choices you’re forced to make. I personally found the game to be a bit buggy, which is apparently common, slightly slow, and somewhat boring at times. The bulk of the game consists of you exploring a huge map and evading “monsters”, which can be rather irritating when they get too close. There are some horror elements to the game, but nothing spectacular. All and all, it’s worth a quick run through, if not for the story alone.


Type:Rider is an educational platformer where you play as a colon (two dots) and work your way through several levels to learn about the origins of various forms of print. If you’d rather just play the game you can easily skip the information– but I promise you, it’s fascinating. You can learn about Script, Gothic, Times New Roman, etc. The game itself is a blast, but the history lessons work as an added bonus.


Oxenfree is an intriguing supernatural mystery graphic adventure where you play as a teenager trapped on a costal island. What at first seems like a harmless trip with friends, it quickly turns into a living nightmare when strange events begin to occur. The story itself is distinctive and gripping, where certain decisions you make help determine the outcome. The game has several endings and multiple puzzles that require independent success or teamwork with the other NPCs. The gameplay is smooth and soothing, the visuals are clean, and the story is outstanding. Highly recommend.


Feist is an adorable platformer with some of the most intelligent enemies I’ve ever seen. If you’re up for a challenge, they’ll make sure you’re not disappointed. Though a mostly dark game, with the main character, the enemies, and much of the levels being a black silhouette, the game is fun and endearing. You play as a cute, unidentifiable creature that fights through obstacles to save his abducted partner. The game has a very primordial feel to it, with a sort of “survival of the fittest” connotation. Without the strength or biological advantages that your enemies have, you must rely on your superior intellect. The trophies are also incredibly difficult to achieve, half of them being speed runs, with almost no players having platinumed it. Aside from a few glitches that occur every now and then, the game is definitely worth buying.

The Swapper

The Swapper is a platformer where you must solve various puzzles by making and erasing copies of your own character. There is a story to follow, set in space, where you begin to experience weird occurrences. Each new area offers harder and harder puzzles, but nothing unmanageable. For me, the true wonders of this game are the graphics and music. The soundtrack is so beautiful and ambient that I found myself downloading the whole score halfway through the game. The map is relatively confusing when you get a bit further in, so you might find yourself lost every now and then. You do have to backtrack to some levels, so I suggest learning the layout early on. All and all, it’s a fun challenge well worth your time.


Wick isn’t a game I would recommend to anyone who frightens easily. The game is riddled with jump scares and portrays a haunting story about five dead children and their psychotic killer. Despite being a survival horror, there is a story to explore through certain clues that you can collect while playing. The game has several challenges, including a DLC that answers a lingering question that looms over you throughout the original levels. In order to beat the DLC, though, great memorization of the map and clue locations is required. Wick also holds some of the hardest trophies I’ve ever achieved for an Indie. The game itself takes place in a very small campground at night, where you are pursued by the five dead children. Your only source of light is a candle, which burns out if you don’t locate more. Each level runs longer and longer and introduces a new child every time, each with their own unique form of hunting you. If you decide to brave this game, prepare for a long night.
(Game is not as slow as the gif suggest)

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Before I get into this game, I must be sure to tell everyone that it is likely a game for children, so I’ll be judging it from a child’s perspective. While I don’t see it winning a ton of awards, even as an adult I’ll admit it’s fun as hell. You play as an octopus with a wife and two children, so already the theme is ridiculous. To make matters worse, your family doesn’t know that you’re an octopus, so you have to do your best to keep it a secret. Throughout the game you must perform various mundane tasks, but as an octopus the controls are intentionally wonky, which makes for some hilarious accidents. There is also a story to follow with a rather adorable ending. The game is colourful, cartoonish, original, and warm-hearted. Perfect for anyone who’s looking for something soft and enjoyable.

She Wants Me Dead

She Wants Me Dead is a noir-type platformer, possibly set in New York City, where you play as a man trying to outsmart his homicidal cat. The cat, after being neglected by her owner, forces you to work your way through various traps and obstacles. The levels naturally get more and more challenging as you progress, but the game itself is incredibly fun. Additionally, only one song is played throughout every level, but it’s one of the most kickin’ songs I’ve ever heard in a platformer– “She Wants Me Dead” by CAZZETTE vs. AronChupa ft. The High. The beat of the music actually helps you determine when it’s safe to jump, which I thought was really cool. If you’re looking for a decent challenge, I’d highly recommend this game.

Layers of Fear

Much like Wick, Layers of Fear is a first person horror game filled with jump scares and a recurring theme of helplessness. Nothing scares me, but when I had my sister play this game she got a headache and threw me the controller– it scared her that badly. The game does a stellar job at recounting the story of a painter gone mad as you explore his house and piece together his past. Aside from the spooky atmosphere and wonderful graphics, Layers of Fear also includes one of the most hauntingly beautiful soundtracks I’ve ever heard. If you’re looking for a good mystery/horror game, Layers of Fear would be my first recommendation.


ABZÛ is an adventure art video game where you play as a female diver who silently uncovers the ruins of an ancient civilization. The entire game takes place in the ocean, where the eco system seems to be terribly damaged and unbalanced. As you swim through each beautifully crafted level, you discover the reason for the imbalance and work to revitalize the ocean. The graphics are spectacular, the story is new, and, if desired, the game is also educational with nods to marine biology. The overall control of the character takes some getting used to, but I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something uplifting and peaceful.


Typoman is an adorable little platformer where you play as an all-black typographical character made up of the letters H E R O. The game itself is particularly unique, with every enemy and almost every level being made primarily of letters. The story sports a creative battle of good versus evil in the form of words, with “good” words having positive effects and “bad” words having negative effects. As the hero, you must solve puzzles and traverse through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to defeat the evil running rampant through the streets. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is amazing, and if not for the game’s unfortunate tendency to crash during the mini games and mild glitches, I would have given it a perfect ten.


Buy it. Just buy it. I shouldn’t have to say anything else, but I will.
Unravel is a beautiful Swedish platformer where you play as a little red character named Yarny. As you may have already guessed, Yarny is made of yarn, and as you control him you embark on a journey to find multiple missing ornaments for a photo album. Each ornament produces a page of pictures that “unravels” the story of Yarny’s family (humans who don’t know that he can move). Each level presents a menagerie of fun obstacles and atmospheres. Aside from the flawless controls and beautiful story line, Unravel impresses players with gorgeous graphics and a soundtrack that could put Mozart to shame. Highly, highly recommend.


Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure game that really tugs at your imagination. The story is multi-layered and brilliantly crafted without a single word of dialogue. Without knowing or understanding where the story is headed, you play as a nameless boy who traverses through many psychological puzzles, with danger lurking around every corner. Since the game’s release, no one has been able to decipher what the story is truly about, but if I had to guess, I’d say it presents an Orwellian dystopia that forces mind control on the masses and foreshadows our eventual future. I believe the entire game is a controlled experiment, wrought by the facility that you’re trying to escape– but really, who’s to say for sure? The controls, story, and graphics are crisp, seasoned, and endearing, and they convey a uniqueness of the highest calibre. Highly recommend.


Limbo is a two-dimensional puzzle-platformer designed by the same company that produced Inside. Much like Inside, you play as a nameless boy who awakens in the middle of a forest on "the edge of hell”. How the boy died or if he’s even truly dead is a mystery. While searching for your sister, you encounter other hostile children, mechanical traps, murderous creatures, and all around unfriendly environments. As you play, you begin to wonder if anyone is trustworthy and if there’s a way out of the forest at all. The game does not hold your hand, so it is up to you to depend on your wits to succeed. Besides being pleasantly enigmatic, the gameplay is also awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys peaceful but challenging platformers.


Journey is an interactive adventure game where you assume the role of a figure clad in robes. While able to play alone, online gameplay allows other players to connect with you, which enables you to share the adventure. The story is silently narrated through cut scenes that you unlock as you venture through the desert, eventually ending up at a snowy mountain. This game is definitely meant as a “feel good” type of platformer, with music and graphics that put some mainstream games to shame. The story consists of you, the character, realizing the fall of an ancient civilization while avoiding the giant automatons left over from the war that destroyed it. I would also argue that the journey you embark on is a quest to find your ancestors, who later guide you to paradise. While I couldn’t confirm this and it might not be true, I personally believe that this game was also heavily inspired by the Hinduism. For anyone looking for a relaxing, family-friendly adventure, this is the game I would recommend.

Little Nightmares

I’m sure that by now most of you have heard of Little Nightmares. Personally, my sister and I were looking forward to this game long before it hit the mainstream, and I’m happy to say we were not disappointed. Ironically enough, Little Nightmares ended up being one of the best Indie games I’ve ever played. With a Spirited Away meets Tim Burton feel, Little Nightmares gives us a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game superior to all others. No one knows the true plot of the story, which has sprung theory after theory after theory from fans, as you work your way through the mysterious Maw and avoid being eaten. I also have my own theories, but if I went into that we’d be here forever. I’ll simply say this: Little Nightmares triggers your imagination and keeps you on the edge of your seat. While some people have complained about the slow load times, the only complaint I have is that it’s relatively short. I could have played this game for days without getting bored. The horror element is almost kid-friendly, the graphics are stupendous, and the character designs are out of this world. I might even start collecting the comics.

Exploring Rolling Shutter

This is rolling shutter captured on an Iphone 4 when I was traveling at around 100 kmph (62mph) moving to the left.

What I mean by rolling shutter is that the camera did not capture the entire image simultaneously (which known as global shutter) but rather, the image is scanned from the top row pixels to the bottom like so (but electronically in the case of phones):

                                        PC: Slow Mo Guys

And each pixel row information is stored and then finally processed to render the image that you later see.

And this mechanism is found in almost all of your smartphones, DSLRs and even in some phantom cameras.

Why is pole bent?

Let’s think of it like this:

The first few pixel rows capture the initial position of the pole —–> Car moves a certain distance —–> The pole recedes from the car —–> Next few pixel rows captured —–> Repeat

Result: Slanted pole picture

This is a similar image that was captured moving a little slower and you see that the slant in the pole is lesser in this case.

That’s a quick bit of knowledge I gathered from recent road trip and I encourage you guys to try it out as well. Have a good one !

** To learn more about the Rolling Shutter I strongly suggest you watch smartereveryday and SlowMoGuys videos. Have fun!


tell me more about jay halstead’s past [54/∞]

i’ve been getting quite a bit of asks and messages about bullet journaling, so i figured that it would be better to make a helpful post about an intro to bullet journaling. i’ve compiled the basics + terminology around bullet journaling as well as some brief explanations and advice.

this got long, so i decided to put it under the cut! click “read more” to learn more about the basics of bullet journaling :)

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Napstaton x Reader fluff

Raffle Winner One-shot
for @bigfanofpuns
Napstaton x Reader  ||   Underswap Pacifist Surface timeline
Reader specifics:  aerial acrobat.  
… I went a little further and did an aerial acrobat with a specialty in silk acrobatics.

*Hope you like it!

You didn’t know what to expect when you got the call from a rather shy, soft-spoken person that claimed your talents were requested–but of all the possibilities you entertained, standing in front of a literal, smiling robot was never one of them.

“Yo!  You must be Y/N!  Gotta say, it’s great to meet you in-person.  You’re exactly what my next show needs!”

They beam at you, and your eyes sweep over their metallic body, taking in the sight of their blue jacket and matching hat (turned around backwards to sweep the gray locks of hair from their face), the headphones around their neck, and the fist now extended out to you.

“Don’t leave me hangin’, dude.”  The robot shakes their hand toward you, and you finally snap out of your shock to awkwardly fist-bump them.  

“Sorry, I just…”  You trail off, so many different questions running through your mind at once, that it was difficult to pick just one.

“I know, it’s kinda overwhelming meeting a star as big as me, right?”  The robot reaches out and claps a hand on your shoulder, leaning forward.  Your spine stiffens in surprise, but you have to admit… He’s actually really handsome.

And totally a robot.

“I don’t think I know who you are,” you manage, your best apologetic smile plastered on your face.  The robot blinks slowly, pulling back yet not breaking the physical contact.  He stares at you for a moment longer before he suddenly breaks into a grin.

“Ohhh, dude!  You really had me going for a second there.  I doubt there’s a home out there that doesn’t know the name Napstaton.  My NTT line is pretty rad, after all!”

The name sounds vaguely familiar.  But, if this robot’s famous… then…

“How do you know who I am?”

“Your video!”  He releases your shoulder to give you a thumbs up.  "Once I saw how talented you are with acrobatics, I was, like, so entranced!  Holy cow, you’re limber!  How did you even start doing aerial silk shows?“

You feel your face heating up.  It’s always been a passion of yours; you got into gymnastics as a child, and then went from there, using uneven bars to propel yourself into flips and corkscrews mid-air.  But, the moment you saw an aerial silk show, where the acrobat would twist their body between two hanging strips of silk, combining the acrobats you loved with the sensual beauty of the silk, well…

You wanted that to be you.

So, it had become a hobby.  You were known for how versatile your moves were, how you basically made it into a dance.  But, you only did small local performances.  You never expected someone from Ebott City to take notice.  And you especially never expected that someone to be a celebrity robot.  

… Did he even count as a monster?  Would it be incredibly rude to ask?

"It was just something I wanted to try,” you finally answer, finding your voice as the initial shock wears off.  "I’ve always been an acrobat, but the silk shows are something new I’ve been trying.“

Napstaton raises a brow.  It amazes you that their mechanical features are so expressive.  Who in the world built them?  

"Woah, you say that like it’s so easy!  Aren’t you scared of falling?”

You shake your head.  "Nah, I’ve walked tight-ropes before.  As long as the silk is secured well, I won’t fall.“

The robot whistles low, crossing their arms.  "Well, in that case, you’ve got nothing to worry about!  We’ll make sure you won’t literally break a leg.”  They grin wide, and there’s something so charming and relaxed about that expression.  Is it in their programming?  

Or is their something more to them?

You find yourself eager to discover what that something is.

The first day of rehearsal, you sit back and watch the performance.  Napstaton is spinning records and remixing tunes in a massive DJ booth to the side of the stage.  A literal pink ghost is singing, and it’s the same timid voice you heard on the phone before–only it’s beautiful and relaxed when put with the music.  There’s an equally-timid-looking, yet absurdly-muscular horse monster singing backup vocals and adding a deep baritone timbre to the mix.  The two of them harmonize well, especially with the tone of the music.

There’s also a blue-haired rabbit monster is scowling off to the side, dressed up as… the scenery.  In fact, it seems like the only thing he adds to the performance is standing there with a crude bush costume around him, and his head sticking out of a hole.  

You wisely decide not to question it.

The group runs through all of the songs, and you find yourself getting lost in the music.  When they stop, you realize why they’re so popular; they’re mesmerizing, even without the hook of being a monster band.  

Napstaton deftly jumps off the edge of the stage, landing with a metallic clunk in front of you.  They’re wearing their usual charming grin, filled with the content confidence of someone quite comfortable in their own skin–or metal casing, rather.  "Whaddya think?“

"It sounds pretty amazing, honestly,” you respond, your brows raised.

“We always sound rad,” he agrees, although he does seem to brighten at your compliment.  "So, can you make up a routine based on that?  I can give you some CDs with the songs to take home.“

"Yeah, that’ll definitely help.  I can come up with something.”

“Cool!  How about we rehearse again in a week?”

You spend all week listening to the songs and practicing at the studio your friend runs.  You don’t know why, but there’s a part of you that’s eager to impress the robotic celebrity.

You can’t stop thinking about the way they smiled at you, the confidence exuding from them in waves.  They had accomplished so much since ascending from Underground (you finally Googled them, and hoo boy, they weren’t joking when they said everyone knew them.  Their NTT line was everywhere), and yet, they hadn’t been stuck up about it.  Instead, thye’d been warm and friendly, casual even, like you were friends despite just meeting.  

It was refreshing, and you want to make sure your routine is perfect.  If you play your cards right, this could even be what propels you further in the world of acrobatics.  

At the first rehearsal, the stage looks the same, only there’s now two long silk ropes hanging down, in the same shade of blue as Napstaton’s jacket.  You’re wearing a simple leotard as you examine the silk, tugging on it, and then jumping up to swing on it slightly, making sure its secure.  

“Don’t worry; I’m, like… 95% positive you won’t fall to your death.”  

Napstaton’s voice startles you, and you nearly let go.  They reach out and place a hand on your back, steadying you, and their fingers touch the skin exposed by the leotard.  Surprisingly, they don’t feel cold, but warm… and slightly buzzing.  It makes your skin tingle.  “Sorry,” they chuckle.  “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you…ah…”

They seem to trail off, and you notice their gaze on the exposed skin of your legs.  You can’t help but shift on your feet, feeling a little self-conscious.  You don’t have much experience with monsters–much less robots–and aren’t sure if your attire is crossing some strange boundary.  “Is this okay?  The silk tends to slip if I’m wearing leggings or tights.”

“What?”  They snap out of it, shaking their head.  “No, no, i-it’s fine.  I was just thinking that Happy is gonna have to whip you up some rad threads for the show!”  There’s a soft blue glow to their cheeks suddenly that you find fascinating. 

… Is Napstaton blushing?

Instead, you query, “Happy?”

That charming grin is back in-place.  “Yeah, my cousin!  He does lead vocals!  Name’s Hapstablook, but I’ve always called him Happy.”  They shrug.  “It’s stuck.”

A robot with a ghost cousin?  Monsters are so interesting!  And so strange.

The rehearsal starts, but this time, it’s just you and Napstaton, the song playing from a CD.  They still sit at the DJ booth to the side, kicked back in a chair with their feet up and their arms behind their head.  

You can feel their gaze on you, intently watching.

Your face flushes, and you try to block it out.  

When the music starts, you immediately grasp both ropes and climb, twisting the silk around your body as you do so with practiced ease.  You invert in the silk, hanging upside down, slowly spinning in a circle as you dangle and wait for the moment when the beat of the music begins to rise.  At just the perfect moment, you drop, rolling down the silk and catching yourself with your legs to spin upright.  Even over the music, you catch Napstaton’s startled gasp, and when you spin around toward them, you see that they’re no longer chilling in the chair, but leaned forward with both feet planted on the ground in front of him.  

Your performance is perfectly choreographed, filled with inversions, flips, and displays of your upper body strength.  At one point, you slide down and catch yourself with only your ankle wrapped in the silk.  At another, you stretch out sideways and spin in the silk, wrapping yourself up, only to slide down further.  One song slides into another, and you keep the moves up, timing each feat with a portion of the song.  When the song ends, you end up rolling down the silk from the top, only to catch yourself at the bottom, still wrapped up.  One leg is bent behind your head, the other with your toe pointed down toward the floor, an arm stretched taunt and wrapped in silk, and the other extended toward the imaginary audience.

Napstaton breaks into applause and gives you a thumbs up.  Their grin is the widest you’ve seen yet.   

“Your rad performance is definitely going to be our grand finale!”

The next week, Napstaton’s made some notes on your cues.  The adorable pink ghost, Happy, films you during rehearsal, and Napstaton remixes a few of the beats to better fit the fluidity of your moves.  They’re mostly content to let you do whatever you want on the silk–NT seems utterly blown away by your flexibility, and super chill about the entire thing.  

It’s nice and sets you at ease.

Later that week, Happy gets your measurements and runs some costume designs by you.  It’s fun sitting just talking to the ghost, and although he seems really shy, when he talks about music, his entire face lights up.  

“…..Napsta has been watching your video a lot,” Happy comments quietly a few days later, while hemming part of your outfit.  

“Yeah?”  You quirk a brow, twisting your neck to glance at the pastel specter.  Happy’s cheeks are even pinker than usual when he nods.  “Isn’t that how I landed this gig in the first place?”

“N-not that video…. the one from rehearsal.  They’re really impressed…”

You can’t help but feel the flush rise to your cheeks.  The idea of Napstaton, watching your perform with that same intensity they had in their gaze the first time they saw your acrobatic feats in-person, well… It made you happy. 

“I’ve been listening to their music nonstop lately, myself,” you admit, omitting the fact that you bought an NTT shirt with Napstaton’s face on it a few days prior.  You maaayyy or may not be using it as your new favorite sleep shirt.

In the mirror, you see Happy’s smile brighten.

After rehearsal the following day, Napstaton catches you once you change out of your leotard and into normal clothes.  “’sup?  Wanna grab a bite before you go home?”  

Dinner with a celebrity?  You should probably feel nervous, but instead… that charming grin makes you feel at ease.  “Sure, is Happy joining us?”

NT shrugs.  “Nah.  Said he already ate, so I guess it’s just you and me.”

Now that makes you feel slightly jittery, but you’re happy to accept their offer.  You wonder what kind of fancy restaurant a famous DJ would like to eat at.  You’re not exactly dressed for anything that they could possibly–

They park the car at McDonald’s.

You can’t help but laugh, and Napstaton rubs the back of their neck.  “Uh, you don’t like Mickey D’s?”

“Just not what I was expecting,” you claim with a grin.  “You’re just… down-to-Earth for a monster celeb.  Or robot celeb?”

“Either works.  I’m still a monster, ya’know.  Got a SOUL and everything.”  They tap their chest with their fist, and the heart-shape imprinted in their design begins to glow a faint white.  

A robot with a SOUL?  Maybe that’s why they’re so expressive.

“But yeah.  I mean, I try to be.  Never have been the fancy type.”  They shrug, looking slightly abashed.  “Were ya, like.. hoping for somethin’ more?  We can go somewhere else.”

You open up the car door, shaking your head.  “This is perfect, NT.  Let’s go.”

The two of you order burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries, then find a corner booth to sit and talk.  You learn a little more about what drove Napstaton to stardom, and you finally ask them how they’re cousins with a ghost.

“Easy-peasy.  I used to be one, too, before the totally awesome Doctor Undyne built me this body!”

“What?  Are you telling me you’re a literal ghost in the machine?”  Your eyes are huge.  “How did you become a ghost?  Did you die?”  The inquires get blurted out before you can think about how insensitive that sounds.  Whoops.  You start to back-pedal.  “Sorry.  I mean…”

NT waves their hand dismissively.  “No biggie.  I was born a ghost.”  Their grin turns amused.  “Humans have such weird ideas about ghosts.”    They get up and throw away the trash, but instead of heading back to the car, they tilt their head toward the nearby park.  “Wanna walk off all of that greasy fast food.”

You want to prolong the night.  “Why not?”  With a shrug, you follow them down the sidewalk, chatting about yourself–what got you into aerial acrobatics, why you decided to try silk ropes, the first time you had successfully walked a tight rope–and Napstaton gave you their full, undivided attention.

There’s a moment of silence before you decide to voice a question that’s been weighing on your mind.  “Why did you want a robotic body?”

NT’s smile fades around the edges slightly, the light in their eyes seeming faraway as they look straight ahead.  They’re quiet for a moment, and you immediately regret asking, but then they speak up, “I wanted to be like the humans.”  That admission catches you by surprise, and when you turn toward them, Napstaton reaches out and takes your hand.  “I wanted to be corporeal–to be able to touch and be touched, and not just with my music.”  

You don’t really know what to say to that.  Your fingers shift to lace with NT’s, and you squeeze their hand.  “I’m glad you got to do everything you’ve dreamed of, NT.”

Their charming grin returns, and they squeeze your hand in return.  “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The day of the show, you discover the stadium is packed.  There are even people sitting in the grass past the seats, and large jumbo screens situation on either side of the stage to showcase the performance.  

Holy crap, you’re nervous.  

Napstaton grins, winding an arm around your shoulders as you peek out from behind the curtain.  “Ready to give ‘em a show, Y/N?”

“Maybe,” you mutter, your nerves fluttering in your stomach.  NT laughs, pulling you against their side and squeezing your upper arm.  

“You’ll knock ‘em dead.  So totally dead, in fact, that they might even become ghosts and haunt the place.  Isn’t that, like… the human stereotype?”  Their grin is shit-eating at this point.   

“Ha ha.  I think Happy’s the only ghost we need haunting the place.  And, well–you, if you count.  But Happy wouldn’t scare a soul.”

“Not on purpose, anyway,” NT comments, laughing. They squeeze you one more time.  “Alrighty, it’s totally showtime.  Let’s put on a rad performance!”

And they did.

You watch most of the show from the side, listening to the haunting (ha) vocals and melodies, followed by a few more up-beat songs.  When your cue comes, you cross the stage to a chorus of cheers, all because of your costume, courtesy of Happy.

You’re dressed like Napstaton.  

Your leotard has a blue heart in the center, and you’re wearing the same baggy-style dance pants as them, completely with a hat turned backwards.  Your grand entrance involves a backhand spring toward the silk, which suddenly tumbles down from the ceiling.  When you regain your footing at the ropes, you rip off the dance pants (Happy was sure to just have the sides snap in place, making the feat easy) and throw the hat into the audience like a frisbee.  

Of course, they eat it up.

Your blood is pumping in your ears, your nerves jittery.  If it wasn’t for the rush of adrenaline, you’re certain your hands would be shaking, but at this point, you’ve practiced so much that you can do the entire routine on auto-pilot.  As you spin upside-down on the silk, waiting for the right moment in the song to fall, your gaze catches Napstaton’s, and he takes a hand off the controls to give you a thumbs up and that grin that makes you so weak now.

You hit your cue perfectly.  The crowd loves it.  You can vaguely hear Happy’s singing over the pounding of your heart.  There’s a couple of times where your motions could have synced better with the music, but overall, you’re giving the performance of your life.  By the second-half of the last song, you notice another voice join the vocals, a tenor complimenting Happy’s soft voice.  Slowly, it begins to overtake the vocals, rising in volume and absolutely stunning.  That had never happened in rehearsals.  

At the end, when you roll down the silk ropes, coming into your final pose where your body is stretched within the binds, you realize who’s been singing.  And you definitely don’t remember those lyrics.

And I can’t sleep at night
‘cause the ghost of your touch still haunts me.

Napstaton is standing in front of the silk ropes, and they reach up and skillfully untangle your ankle, freeing your leg.  With your arm still wrapped in the bright blue silk, NT slides an arm around your waist and dips you back with a smirk.  The audience goes nuts, but it all fades to white noise in the background.  You’re too entrance by the face that’s only inches from yours.

“I thought you hated ghost stereotypes.”

They shrug, looking mischievous.  “Thought it was most def ironic–you hauntin’ me.”

You blink slowly.  If you weren’t already out-of-breath from several minutes of showcasing your upper (and lower) body strength, your breath would have hitched.  

“You mean, you wrote that part…. about me?” you manage, your gaze wide and searching theirs.  

“Isn’t it obvious?”

In the next moment, you grab NT’s hat, pull it off their head and to the side of their face–and then wrap an arm around their neck and kiss them right then and there.  The entire stadium erupts in the loudest cheering and applause you’ve ever heard.  When they pull back, NT looks surprised, their lips still slightly parted.

“Maybe for my next song I can write about how your kiss makes me malfunction.”

You groan, swatting them with their own hat, while they just give you that grin.  

If you wrote a song, it would be about how it never fails to give you butterflies.  

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