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stone-cold-roses  asked:

If you dont mind me asking, how much does owning a snake cost? I really want to get a ball python but im not sure how much to save? Between the vet and enclosure id really appreciate a rough estimate. Thank you!!!

Okay! *cracks knuckles* The BEST tumblr resource you can find is @wheremyscalesslither​ ‘s snake resources, I suggest you find them (Click on Heather’s blog, then its right in the description) and thoroughly read them. At least twice. xD (But seriously… do it)

Ball pythons are kinda like the opposite of a cat or dog - the snake doesn’t cost too much itself (Aren’t cats like… at least 300? or is it 3,000? I forget xD), but the enclosure costs a lot more. I’d also like to let you know that BP’s live for 40-50 years, so they’ll be a pet for life.

Snake: Depending on what morph you want, you can get a BP for 60$ (or free if you know where to look - breeders often give away their extra normals) or anywhere up to a couple thousand dollars. I got my girl for 150$, but you can get morphs other than a normal for 75$ and up.

Enclosure: BPs are actually best kept in sterilite tubs, large ones. I got my large tub at Target, for around 20$ I think. It needs to be large enough for the snake to stretch out, so about 4 feet of length on one side will do you good!

UTH: 20$ (Here’s mine)
RHP or CHE: My RHP is 97$, and I love it, because we didn’t have to cut a hole in the plastic tub lid so we could put it in (we were worried a lot about if the plastic would melt, ect, and then when we actually got some of the wire mesh to glue on the hole it kept popping up. I’d say, if you get a tub, get an RHP. It’s like the compensation cost of a tub - you don’t have to pay 140$ for a good sized tank but the heating costs a bit more. Tanks don’t hold humidity as well anyway xD) CHE’s run at about 10-12$. Don’t buy a red light, they’re bad for your snek :)
Temp Probes: You can buy a combo thermo/hydrogometer at Walmart for around 10$, You’ll need one of those and then another one if your thermostat doesn’t have a temp probe itself (Mine does!! Which is great xD)
Thermostat/Thermoregulator: This is IMPORTANT!!!! You need two: One for your UTH, and another for the RHP. This is also hard, because there’s two types: Off/On and % based. Off/on is cheaper, running at the lowest around 20$, but Off/On works from extremes (Literally, only off and on) and can wear out your UTH which can put your snake in danger of getting burnt if it breaks. The % based controls the% of electricity your UTH runs at, and will have it running at, say, 75% power which keeps the temperature EXACTLY where you want it. These also happen to run anywhere from 150$ (This seems too low, tbh, I have to double check my sources) to 450$.
Temp heat gun: 20$ (mine)
Fake plants: anywhere from 5-20$ at Michael’s
Hides: You can make your own out of leftover food take out containers (check out Noodles or LeeAnnChin xD), buy a rubber dog dish and cut out holes (5? $??? idk), or just buy one at the store for around 15$. (Don’t get those half log things with two holes tho Dx they don’t give a good enough hiding space)
Climbing materials: You’ll need to buy a couple wooden things for your snake to climb on. I got a large dowel at Michales (5$) which I cut to fit in the cage, and ended up with 3 climbing dowels for the snake. I also got a wood platform thing (3$?), which I screwed into the side and created a second level with. You can also buy wooden bird perches (I’m not even kidding - they run at around 3-5$ instead of the snake perches which run at 15-20$, and they’re just as good. And super easy to install)
Substrate: You can get fancy wood chips (5-10$??) or whatnot or just use paper towels. You’ll have to spray the enclosure a bit more with paper towels, but, hey, it’s more time with your snek and that’s a good thing :)
Waterdish: You can buy one for 10$ ish, use a dog bowl which is more of 5$, or just use a serving dish you have lying around at home you never use (LOL guess which one I did xD)
Spray bottle (x2): For misting the noodle. You can pick one up for 5$ (x2, one for water, one for disinfectant) at Home Depot or Target.  
Disinfectant: I use one part white vinegar and one part water. You either have this at home or it’s a couple bucks for a giant bottle :) (I also have the regular disinfectant wipes for myself to use after handling the snake and wiping down my phone, which are? 3-5$?)
Food: A younger snake eats about once a week, which means you’ll be spending 2-5$ on food each week. If you get a snake that eats live, be prepared to feed them live rats, because not every snake switches over well. You’ll need to find a store (or breed your own which is a whole different adventure), and then the rats usually cost around 5$ each. If you can switch your noodle to frozen/thawed food (you can buy it online), it’s can be anywhere from 1-2$ per rat.
Ratto Tongs: If you feed your noodle f/t, you might need to perform a “zombie dance” with the rat. I don’t know about you, but having a pair of tongs makes everything better and minimizes the snake accidentally thinking your hand is the rat xD They’re just a couple bucks :)

I personally haven’t been to the vet yet! My noodle’s been happy and healthy since the day I got her from the breeders, so I can’t give you an estimate of a vet bill. Sorry ^^;

I… think that’s everything. (if I’ve forgotten something, followers, please let me know!) Of course, you’ll need shipping on all the supplies too…

Lighter side/being thrifty on literally everything: 350$ + a ratto/week and shipping
Heavier side: 560$ + a ratto/week and shipping

So, I’d probably save around 600$ for your snake. If you have extra by the time you’re all ready to buy your noodle, you can put it toward getting a pretty morph or stash it for future rat and vet bills!

Good luck, and don’t forget to look at @wheremyscalesslither ‘s snake resources!

breezyinthebronx  asked:

I bought, "Blood of My Blood" on Amazon a little over 2 months ago and now the novel is gone from amazon. I just want to know where is it? And where did my money go?

I’m sorry this has happened to you, but here’s the thing: You’re asking the wrong person.

Amazon right now is being a total butthead. You can read about it here and here, if you want. Or just Google “Amazon Hachette.” But in a nutshell, Amazon has decided that puffing its chest in the face of the publishing industry is more important than you, the customer.

You ordered the book from Amazon, and I am not privy to Amazon’s thinking. I don’t know what their plans are. I don’t know what happened to your money or what’s going to happen to it. I don’t know if Jeff Bezos will ever remove his cranium from the confines of his lower intestine and stop being an asshat.

So, I suggest you contact Amazon. You can call them by clicking on the button that says “CONTACT US” on this page. You’ll need to sign into your Amazon account, then choose the “Something Else” option, followed by selecting “Placing an order” from a menu. Then you’ll finally get a phone number you can call. (For a company that claims to be all about customer service, they sure do make it tough to talk to them, eh?)

Don’t send them an e-mail. They’ll just send back some bullshit boilerplate. Call them. Talk to an actual human being.

Ask them what the heck happened to the book. And to your money. Tell them you’re puzzled and disappointed. Demand your money back.

In short, Amazon is treating you and everyone else who wants to buy this book and others by the same publisher with neither respect nor consideration. I truly believe that you and anyone else reading this should call them and tell them you won’t put up with it. Let’s jam the hell out of their customer service lines with people complaining about this. Let’s start getting refunds and spending our money elsewhere.

There are other places that will happily take your money and actually send you the goods you’ve purchased in a reasonable time frame. Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and Books-A-Million will actually provide you with what you need.

Like I said, I’m really sorry this has happened to you. Two megacorporations are fighting and one of them has decided to use sleazy, monopolistic tactics to get its way. You shouldn’t be caught in the middle, but you are.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the situation. You can only decide what your response will be. There are many, many other ways to order Blood of My Blood, and most of them are pretty much as easy as ordering from Amazon. I encourage you to avail yourself of them, and tell others to do the same.

I’ll have more to say about this soon.