i suddenly feel as if they're not good enough

  • Shippers: OMG LEAKED ANIMATION APRITELLO IS CANON !!!111!!!1!!1!11!!1!1!1!1!1
  • My salty ass, while thinking over how April has shown no romantic interest or reciprocation to Donnie's affections in the entire show, save for a kiss that is never acknowledged again and feels more and more like a bait tactic to get more interest for Season 3 every day, and while this salty ass may have a bias being a Capril shipper can put a pin in that fact to see that Apritello has had creepy stalker-y moments rather than any real development of their friendship beyond being TOLD they get along and do stuff together rather than SHOW us how they get along as friends, giving us a ship the creators use to bait us and dropping 'hints' in the show only to make April look like a jerk leading on one boy or the other because if she's romantically interested in Donnie then why be flirty with Casey and give him that cute fluffy look in Serpent Hunt and pretty much tackle-hug him while crying his name in relief, and if April's romantically interested in Casey then why give Donnie pecks on the cheek when he does something good like a reward when there's no romantic intentions to her actions because she ends up looking like a jerk because, and I don't mean to generalise here because who knows some might do this, bUT GIRLS DON'T WORK THAT WAY OR DO THAT KIND OF SHIT IF THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE NICKELODEON WTF ARE YOUR WRITERS DOING I KNOW YOUR TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC IS LITTLE BOYS BUYING PLAYMATES' TOYS BUT IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GIVE THEM THE IMPRESSION THAT IF THEIR ROMANTIC AFFECTIONS AREN'T RETURNED AT FIRST DON'T WORRY IF YOU'RE PERSISTENT ENOUGH YOUR CRUSH WILL LOSE THEIR AGENCY AND CHOICE AS A PERSON AND JUST SUDDENLY START RECIPROCATING YOUR FEELINGS DESPITE PREVIOUSLY REJECTING OR IGNORING YOUR ADVANCES JESUS CHRIST SERIOUSLY STOP TREATING APRIL'S CHARACTER AND LOVE LIFE LIKE A FUCKING YO-YO: i'm dead inside

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your art is so inspirational? ;___; i'm trying out your brush settings and they're really helpful!! your colors are so soft, sweet and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's so??? good like i went to art school n' suddenly all my vocabulary escaped me BUT YEAH IT'S GOOD I LOVE IT keep it up

!!!! I don’t need any fancy art school vocabulary anon, I’m happy my art makes you feel positively!! that’s more than enough for me

I hate when you start liking someone. You start thinking about all the things you two would do together. You listen to love songs and the thought of him/her will pop up and suddenly they're all you're thinking about. When you see them, you smile for no reason and sometimes you won't even realize it. You feel comfort with just having them there and they don't even realize. You catch yourself smiling or laughing when you talk to them. You get jealous when they're talk to the opposite sex and start wondering if they might not like you as much as you thought. You question whether or not you're good enough and you might even blame yourself for not being pretty or hot enough for them. The thought makes you crazy, but I guess that's why they call it a crush.