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So, it has been exactly One Year and 2 Weeks since I started to write this trash child of mine and Jesus Christ, where did I got myself into. Morrigan is such a pain in the ass and everybody who ever interacted with her probably knows that already, she is a idiot, but she is my idiot and I love her to pieces. But before I get fully sentimental on here, let’s just get straight to the point shall we? I actually wanted to start this giveaway 2 weeks ago already but I wanted to be fair and not let anybody wait because we all know how Christmas can be ( and it’s my birthday tomorrow yay ) I talk too much again, SO, here is how it goes. 

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I started this animation a little over a year ago….featuring gummy bears! Hence why he has no pupils. it was meant to be for the 11 second club competition but again, just did not have time to participate again. This isn’t the only 11 second club incomplete I have too. I’m really trying to finish both anyway because I’m long overdue for some new animations. My reel’s feeling a bit stale.

This and another segment were the only two parts I had fully animated so far but this was by far my favorite little snip it. I wanna work on making my acting better but it’s getting there I guess. 

Tom Holland Imagine: Beautiful Pt. 2

Pt. 1: http://sexy-stan.tumblr.com/post/157170782434/tom-holland-imagine-beautiful

Summary: After months of you and Tom denying the connection you felt after he spent the night cuddled up next to you in bed, you began tired of feeling lonely and agreed to go on a date with Harrison. Little did either you or Tom know, the date was all part of Harrison’s plan…

A/N: I didn’t really think about writing a part two until I got this idea so here ya go

Warnings: None


Why am I doing this? He’s not the one I want.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I finished getting ready for my date with Harrison. I only agreed since Tom never made a move after the night we spent together.

I looked over at my bed and remembered how amazing it felt to be wrapped up in his strong arms.

Yes, Harrison was an amazing catch, but he would never be Tom.

There was a pit in the bottom of my stomach once I realized that me agreeing to go on this date ended all chances I had of being with Tom. And I also knew Harrison and I would never be able to make it work.

I heard the doorbell ring and felt sick to my stomach as I heard my mom greeting Harrison at the door.

“Y/N! Harrison’s here.” My mom called up.

I wiped the tear that fell from my eye and grabbed my purse before going down the stairs.

Harrison was waiting patiently with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Uh, these are for you…” He awkwardly said as he handed me the flowers.

I thanked him and took them to the kitchen to put them in a vase.

And after that, we were off.

The car ride was filled with an awkward silence.

I hated this.

Harrison was my best friend and now I felt sick just from looking at him.

“Stop the car!” I yelled.

Harrison slammed the breaks and looked over at me with wide eyes.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I-I think I’m gonna be sick.”

I jumped out of the car and ran to the side of the road and began to breathe heavily.

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harrison said as he held my hair out of my face even though I hadn’t actually thrown up.

“What are we doing, Harrison?” I asked.

He looked at me with confused eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you ask me out? I know you don’t like me that way.”

“I– I was trying to get Tom to make a move…”


“Ever since that night you two spent together, he hasn’t stopped talking about how in love he is with you. And I kept telling him to ask you out but he would make some excuse like that you would never say yes to him or that he wouldn’t want to put you through dating a celebrity or some other bullshit excuse.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s at his house… or at the cafe I told him we were going to.”

“Take me to him. Please.”

“Of course.”

Harrison helped me back into the car. In a matter of minutes, we were parked outside an unfamiliar house.

I had never actually been to Tom’s house. We were always at either Harrison or I’s considering we lived next door to each other.

“Go on, Y/N. I know you love him too.”

I smiled at my best friend and got out of the car.

I walked up to the door and knocked. A few moments later a smaller version of Tom opened the door.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“I need to see Tom.”

“Oh… wait, how did you get this address? If you’re some crazy fan, I’ll call the police!”

“I’m Y/N, his friend and Harrison’s neighbor.” I said as I gestured to Harrison who was still waiting in his car.

“Oh… OH! You’re the girl Tom never shuts up about! Wait, aren’t you supposed to be dating Harrison? Isn’t that why Tom hasn’t left his room all day?”

“Alright, move.” I said as I pushed the boy out of the way.

“Second door to the right once you get upstairs! I’m Harry by the way!” He called after me.

I paused when I reached Tom’s door. I could hear sniffling coming from the other side which only made my heart break more. I lightly knocked.

“Harry, I said I want to be left alone today!” Tom’s voiced called.

I felt my heart crush as I could hear the sadness in his voice. I opened the door and saw him curled up on his bed staring at the wall.

“Harry! I sai- oh…”

I smiled softly at Tom as he realized I was not his younger brother.

“Hey, can I sit down?”

Tom nodded. I crossed the room and sat down in front of him on the bed. His eyes were red from crying and his curls were all over the place.

“C'mere.” I said as I pulled him to where his head was in my lap.

I ran my fingers through his soft curls as his hands held my other one.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Harrison right now?”

“And why would I want to be with him when I could be with you?”

“D-Don’t you like him? I can see it on your face. He makes you laugh harder than I ever could. And you guys always cuddle on the couch and hang out like everyday…”

“Harrison is like my brother! I only said yes to him cause you wouldn’t ask me out, Tom. I’ve wanted to be with you since the second I laid my eyes on you. You were so… beautiful.”

By now, Tom was sitting up in front of me.

“I love you.” He blurted out.

His eyes went wide as he realized what he said.

“I-I’m so sorry, Y/N! Shit, I just ruined everything didn’t I… Jesus Christ, I’m such an id-”

I cut him off by crashing his lips onto mine.

“I love you, too you idiot.”

Tom smiled and pulled me back into him and began to kiss me again.

“Bout damn time.” We heard someone mumble.

Tom and I broke apart to see Harry and Harrison standing in the doorway. Harrison with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Yes, it is about damn time. And Harrison, you have 5 seconds to run for going after my girl.” Tom said.

Harrison’s smirk faded as his eyes went wide and he took off down the hallways, Tom hot on his heels.

“My boys.” I said as Harry and I laughed at Harrison’s pleas to get Tom to stop.

The Accidental Email, pt VII (Finale)

from: rbarba@gmail.com
to: evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 4:32 PM
subject: A Mystery    


I returned from court this afternoon to find a bottle of Scotch on my desk, Balvenie 40 year old single malt.

Its presence leaves me with several questions:

1)    There was no note accompanying the bottle, so the sender is unknown. Where did it come from?

2)    The Ivy Leaguers Guide was clear on Scotch being appropriate for celebrating a win or commiserating over a loss. But would I be correct in assuming that a bottle as valuable as this would be reserved for only a major loss or win?

3)    Given point two, I’m left wondering which it is this bottle is intended for – celebration of something of only the greatest importance, or to dull the ache of something truly heartbreaking.

4)    Once I’ve determined the intended use, will I be partaking alone?

I need your keen intellect and, I am guessing, particular insight in this matter. I need my Watson.

I eagerly await your direction.






from: rbarba@gmail.com
to: evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 3:33 PM
subject: The mystery remains


Is your silence meant to be an answer?

I don’t want to read into it, not when there is so much at stake.

If you decided that you still need space, if the gift that I’m certain was from you was meant for me and me alone, a consolation prize meant to blur away the disappointment, I need for you to tell me.

That’s all I ask. That you say the words.

I think I deserve that.




from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 6:32 AM
subject: Meet Me


There are things I need to say, but I feel they are best said face to face.

Brunch at Lafayette on the corner of Great Jones. 10:30.

I know I’ve left your questions unanswered longer than I should, and I understand if you don’t show and have decided to move on.




from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:09 PM
subject: Running Late

My meeting ran over, so I’m running a bit behind. Did you want to cancel our reservations?

Sent from my iPhone


from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:12 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

No. They’ll hold the table. Funny that you would run late tonight.

Sent from my iPhone


from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:15 PM
subject: Running Late

My brain is fried, so you’ll have to fill me in on the joke…

Sent from my iPhone


from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:19 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

Not without going on record first to point out that I remembered something about today that you’ve forgotten.

Sent from my iPhone


from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:22 PM
subject: Running Late

The dry cleaning? Because that would be a first.

Sent from my iPhone



from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:30 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

It’s the anniversary of our first kiss.

Remember? You asked me to meet you for brunch and I was inexcusably late. You were leaving when I reached the doors of Lafayette.

You had tears in your eyes and I was so sure that was it. It was over before it started…

Sent from my iPhone



from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:34 PM
subject: Running Late

That was a year ago?

I remember it so clearly. The way you didn’t even give me a chance to say a single word, just grabbed my hand and turned me toward you, cradling my cheek in your hand. You kissed me, out on the sidewalk in front of all those people, before I could barely process that it was you standing in front of me.

Sent from my iPhone



from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:40 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

I had an entire speech prepared. I was sure you were going to give me a hundred reasons why we couldn’t be together, and I’d put together a most impressive argument about why every one of those reasons was wrong.

But when I saw you leaving, all I could see was you walking away without knowing I was in love with you.

And I thought, actions speak louder than words…

Sent from my iPhone



from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:42 PM
subject: Running Late

They certainly did that day.

Best kiss in the history of kissing.

(I’m nearly there)

Sent from my iPhone



from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com 
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:45 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

Best in the history of kissing? That sounds like a challenge…

Sent from my iPhone


from: evewatts@gmail.com 
to:  rbarba@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:47 PM
subject: Running Late

Maybe it is.

Sent from my iPhone

from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com  
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:48 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

You don’t have to ask me twice.  Challenge accepted.

(You do, however, have to grab the dry cleaning tomorrow. I forgot again.)

Love you.

Sent from my iPhone

from: rbarba@gmail.com
to:  evewatts@gmail.com  
date: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:49 PM
subject: RE: Running Late

Of course you did. Still love you, too.

Sent from my iPhone

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The Abbotsford Twist

So, who remembers this scene?

Alright, everyone remembers it. It’s probably the second most romantic scene in three series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Not only did it inspire a million girlish sighs, it also sparked a bit of inspiration in my knitter’s heart. What if this is the first of many footie matches Phryne takes in with Jack. If so, she’s going to need a scarf of her own.

But this is Phryne Fisher. Not any scarf will do. So, the question becomes, what would Phryne wear to show her Abbotsford pride? I think I have an idea.

I give you the Abbotsford Twist!

A Mobius cowl knit using two strands of Cascade 220 Heathers in the Abbotsford green and wine.

The double strands and garter stitch make the cowl super squishy and warm and we all know how cold it gets in the stands during a football match!

Oh, and the twist?

You can wear it as a shrug.

It’s super comfy and warm when you pull it down over your shoulders. The cowl is large enough so that you can wear it over a light coat if you need to double up against the cold

I’ll be posting the pattern on my Ravelry page if you’re interested in making one of your own once it’s edited. Let me know if you like it.

Maybe I’ll design something for West Melbourn fans next. I wouldn’t want Cec to feel left out. ;)


I think these were two most important scenes in 5.07. Honestly, I don’t understand why these aren’t being talked about more, these scenes show so much emotion and show true sides of these characters with absolutely no words. Mickey comes home drunk after seeing the absolute mess Ian is. Seeing Ian like that made him feel guilty, because he couldn’t fix him. Finding himself alone, he falls to the floor and clings onto the only thing that is familiar to him, Ian. Even if it’s just his Army vest, Mickey just needs something.

All of this and Ian is pacing in is dorm, even the psych ward patients are looking at him like he is insane. He is so lost with all of this, being in an unfamiliar place, his home and family gone, afraid he is turning into Monica.. It shows so much innocence in both characters, it shows how vulnerable they are when their walls that they thought were made of bone and steel are taken away. And when they are taken away from each other. {gif credit}

                          I N V A S I O N  2 || KYLO X READER

A/N: Alright, so here’s the thing, I’m imagining this to be on like StarKiller Base 2.0 (so after TFA happens) maybe the rebuild it (kinda like the Death Star?) Thanks to about a handful of people requesting a part two, I did it! I like to think this is only gonna have two parts as I kinda enjoy ending things with cliffhangers for you imagination to run wild! Hope you enjoy, and if you do, feedback is welcomed! [Part One]

Word Count: 2K+

Warning: None!

There was an agonizing feeling flowing through every inch of your body, your muscles feeling as numb as ever, as if your body had been paralyzed from head to toe and you had only started gaining the ability to feel some parts of your body. A groan was released from your dry throat, a surge of images had rushed into your thoughts as you had slowly gained consciousness once again. It was all a nightmare…none of it is true, I’m back home with Milo. Milo!

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Santana Lopez vs. The World

Will Santana defeat the 7 Evil Exes and win the heart of Brittany Pierce?

#1 Quinn Fabray - The Head Queerio

S: When did this happen?! I never noticed you two flirting at practices.
B: Well remember that day I was really happy, because she put me on top of the pyramid?
S: …Yeah.
B: She said she’d only let me if I got on top of her first…
S: Oh God. Well I’ll just tell her she looks fat in her uniform. That always tears a cheerleader down.
Later that day Quinn had sex with Puckerman.

#2 Mike Chang - The Situasian

S: I don’t blame you for this one. He’s got a nice set of abs.
B: It’s from all the dancing. He’s like a machine. Made in China.
S: Why did you guys break up?
B: His parents didn’t like me.
S: Yeah, don’t they usually have arranged marriages or something? I’ll just hook him up with an Asian girl’s number.
That night Mike texted Tina to help volunteer with him at summer camp.

#3 Kurt Hummel - The Vogue Villian

S: You can’t be serious?! He’s gayer than an albino dolphin.
B: I know, but he’d do my make up before we’d make out. And I’d feel really pretty.
S: So he still wants to be with you, even though he’s gay?
B: Oh he’s strictly dickly now, but he misses doing my make up.
S: I’ll just give him a pair of sensible heels and convince the Schuester to give us a make-up packed assignment.

Next week Glee club was Lady Gaga themed and Kurt got to do the girls and guys’ make-up.

#4 Blaine Anderson - The Dapper Danger

S: How am I supposed to beat this guy? He’s leading a legion of swoon.
B: They’re the Warblers. If you defeat Blaine, they lose their charm.
S: Wait a second, my gaydar is going off again!
B: I didn’t think he was gay, but he did steal my pink sunglasses…
S: Oh hell no! All I have to do is get Kurtsy to sing in front of him and he’ll be wanting some saucy-manly pecks in no time.

After Pavarotti died, Santana helped Kurt pick the perfect bird song to sing.

#5 Sam Evans - The Blonde Badass

S: There’s something fishy about this one.
B: He’s human. I think…
S: His flounder face is so freaking distracting.
B: Just don’t ask him if an Avatar is an airbender! He gets mad.
S: Whatever, I bet he’d lose his charm if her grew out that mane. I’ll convince him to become a male Rapunzel, then he’ll be repulsing.

After a few make-out sessions, Santana convinced Sam to never cut his hair again.

#6 Finn Hudson - The Frankenteen

S: Wow, he looks dumber than a bag of marshmallows.
B: That’s how his chest feels.
S: He’s also huge. I keep looking up and then there’s s'more of him.
B: Now I’m hungry..
S: Aww Britt, how about I get him to take us to Breadstix?

A couple pinky-links later and Finn agreed on the the threesome date, where he quickly realized they were much more into each other than him.

#7 Artie Abrams - The Wheel Deal

S: So this is the last evil ex…
B: Uh huh. I don’t know if he has any weaknesses.
S: Britt, he can’t walk.
B: Yeah, but his wheels can run us over.
S: Let’s just walk up those stairs. Battle over.

Santana and Brittany walked away from Artie and never looked back.
The End.


#23 Days of Harry
↳ day 19   harry in 2015

Please donate: Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline | Little Princess Trust


female character challenge: two mother/daughter relationships [1 / 2]
↳ Elinor and Merida, Brave

You’ve always been there for me. You’ve never given up on me. I just want you back. I want you back, Mummy. I love you.


Téa Leoni + her tough love for Tim Daly


“He is the closest person to me in this whole world. He is the man I will always forgive, always trust. The one man I would never, ever lie to.“