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hey, I have a lil langst prompt if you don’t mind reading!

so all the paladins are having a rest day and so they decide to ask each other questions and the other has to answer them. they’re going in a circle and shiro asks hunk who’s his best friend (they were going for easier questions first to get the ball rolling) and hunk’s just like “pidge obvs” and they smile at each other smugly like they have an inside joke, but it just makes lance realise how isolated he’s become. Hunk was his best friend but now he’s grown apart from them, in fact, he’s not very close with any of his teammates. Do any of them even think of him as a friend, or do they all find him annoying? Maybe then he realises that the only people who know he’s alive and well hate him, and he’s all alone.

idk just a thought?? also I love your blog btw, keep up the great work!

Ugh I relate to this so much…

They were all lounging the common room. Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge. 

Allura and Coran were discussing an alliance with a species they recently rediscovered a day or two ago. Since the paladins weren’t needed they were allowed to have a rest day. No flying. No training. No stress. 

“Ugh I didn’t think that I would be this bored.” Lance dramatically laid down on the couch. 

“I agree with Lance, for once. I understand we all wanted a rest day but I’m pretty bored.” Keith sunk farther into the couch. 

Shiro laughed at the two boys, “well what does everyone want to do today?” 

Everyone was quiet, racking their brains for something to do. They hadn’t had a free day in forever so they didn’t know what to do. Pidge snapped her fingers resulting in everyone attention to be on her. “How about we asked each other questions. It would strengthen our bond as a team and bring us closer to each other.” 

Everyone consider the idea for a moment or two before nodding. 

They all moved themselves so they were in a circle and the game started. Hunk offered to talk the first question. 

“So Keith where did you learn to fight with a sword?” 

Keith crossed his arms and smiled “My dad taught me a little bit and when I moved into my house (shack) there was a sword so I just started to practice again.” 

Everyone nodded, it made sense and Pidge took the next question. She turned towards Shiro “Do you wear eyeliner?” 

Shiro sighed as everyone laughed “Yes, you jealous?” 

Pidge just shrugged, failing to hide her smirk. 

When everyone calmed down enough Shiro asked his question. “So Hunk who is your best friend?” Obviously Lance. 

Hunk smiled and glanced at Pidge, not even looking at who Shiro thought “Pidge obviously.” Both him and Pidge shared a look and smirked at each other like they were sharing an inside joke*.

Shiro gave a forced smile and looked over at the blue paladin, he was smiling so he must be okay. Shiro was very wrong. 

So Pidge is Hunk’s best friend? I thought I was, when did that change? Lance looked at all of his friend, no teammates. None of them were looking at him. Do any of them think of me as a friend? Or am I just the right leg of Voltron? Lance could feel insecurity climbing up his throat swallowing his voice. He glanced up at Hunk and Pidge, they were laughing about something. Lance wasn’t an idiot he knew that they had an inside joke, something he wasn’t included in. 

Lance looked down at his legs. Am I apart of the team? Am I more than just the sharpshooter? What do I bring to the table except the fact that I pilot the Blue Lion? Anyone can do that. I mean I know that I’m not an expert on engineering or mechanics. I can barely cook and can’t build/ repair anything to save my life. Maybe I’m just too annoying. Pidge is a better person for Hunk to be friends with, they have more in common. 


Lance pulled himself out of his thoughts and looked at Keith who was staring at him in concern. “Yes?” 

“It’s your turn.” 

Lance nodded and willed his mind to think of a question. Nothing came to mind, he had no desire to learn anything about his team. Lance shrugged. “Hunk, what do you miss about Earth?” 

“Oh so much man. Like family and food and normal mechanics.” Hunk shared a laugh with Pidge who nodded in agreement. 

Lance nodded and pretended to seem interested in the new information. Lance looked back down at his legs, completely oblivious to the looks his team gave him. Yet they continued to ask their questions. 

Lance tuned them out, he tuned everything out. The only thing he focused on was the mice that had started to crawl over him and sat all over him. He started to pet every single one of them, making sure to pet them each for the same amount of time. 

Lance nearly pealed out of his skin when Shiro placed his human hand on his shoulder, making sure he didn’t move the mouse that was perched on it. 

“Lance the princess called us.” 

Lance looked around the room and saw that everyone was already gone. “Oh, okay.” Lance started to stand, placing all the mice on the couch. 

Him and Shiro started to walk out of the room, heading to the bridge. Silence filled the space between them and Shiro felt uncomfortable. He snuck a glance at his teammate and notice that he was walking with his head down, something obviously plaguing his mind.  

“Everything alright?” 

Lance snapped his head up at the older man and gave a forced smile. “Yes! Just a bit tired.” 

Shiro frowned “Lance, you don’t need to lie.” 

Lance stopped walking. Shiro stopped and faced the boy in front of him. Lance wiped his eyes and looked at Shiro. “I’m part of the team right?” 

Shiro blinked, “Of course Lance.” 

“I’m more than just then just the right leg of Voltron right?” 

Shiro nodded, “Yes. Why are you asking?” 

Lance took in a breath and whispered the next words. “Then why isn’t Hunk my best friend? I understand that Pidge is a better fit, but what did I do wrong? Am I annoying?” 

Shiro placed his hand on Lance’s shoulder “Lance you’re not annoying. You may see Pidge as a better fit but that doesn’t mean that Hunk replaced you.” 

Lance fought the tears that started to form in his eyes. “Then why is she his best friend and not me? She barely talked to us at the Garrison. Now she’s his best friend and they have inside jokes together.” 

Shiro tighten his grip on the boys shoulder “Lance, I know you’re upset but people go through phases in friendships. They just have more in common at the moment. Hunk still loves you and is your friend. He didn’t abandon you.” 

Lance wiped his eyes “I suppose, it just hurts you know.” 

Shiro nodded and pulled the younger boy in for a hug “It’s going to be okay.” 

*I just wanted to say that Hunk and Pidge aren’t the “bad guys” they just are caught up in their new friendships! I tried to write it so his team wasn’t “bad” 

Sorry this took so long!!!

I hope you like it!

Thank you! 

GOT7 Turbulence in Houston! (Mark Was Coming For Me?????)

I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I would share my experience at the Turbulence fanmeet. Also I wanna say that this blog is pretty cool. While I don’t doubt my favorite groups’ loyalty to and love for all of their fans, it is still nice to see that all fans receive hella fan service and attention.

Ok so I’m just gonna get right into the nitty gritty because I had a lot of interactions (surprisingly) and I have a lot to say! 

So I interacted with 6/7 boys during the concert!!!! 6/7!!!!

The first person to look up at the balcony was Bambam. I actually didn’t wave at him that time because I wasn’t paying attention. I only smiled and it was a bit delayed so idk if he saw that. Honestly he was probably paying attention to the girls next to me who had screamed his name to get his attention.

All of the boys except Jackson looked up during the encore, homerun, which is my favorite song now (lmao). First was Mark. He looked up and was dancing with us and hyping us up. I think he was really amused by the girls next to me because they were dancing extra hard. Lol they were super nice and cute! Oh and although I’m not sure about where they came from exactly.

Mark was looking up for a long time, and you just know when you make eye contact with someone, right? Like I swear as I was up there turning up to homerun Mark was staring into my soul and we were vibing off of each other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m positive he was looking at other people on the balcony, but I know when he looked at me and we had a moment. He was looking for so long that I literally crumbled for a second because I couldn’t handle that mess lol! My mom was like “this little boy is flirting with you!” Then Yugyeom comes over with Mark and is dancing and looking up. At this point I’m shook because of Mark and then Yugyeom has the audacity to smile up at us like some angel and dance with us?? I was done. But got7 wasn’t done lmao. Mark is leaving, but this boi turns his head to get another look as he’s walking away (like he wasn’t looking for so long already). Next was BamBam I think. Yugyeom was still there, but he was looking at the audience on the ground. BamBam looks up and I wave and point at him because I missed an interaction last time. He pointed back with a smile and nodded like “I see you!” Mind you, I’m fangirling but still dancing too lol. I think Yugyeom looked up again when BamBam was looking up too. Next was Jaebum! He looked up and looked a little surprised to see us?? Like he was surprised there was a second floor or something lol idk. But he looks up and smiles at us because we’re all dancing our butts off and mouthing the lyrics as best we can. He lifted his mic and made a little “Oh” or something and started smiling so wide

A little bit later, Jaebum looks up again and starts doing the dance move the girl next to me was doing and we all were screeching and dancing lol it was so cute! Next Jinyoung came and pointed at us and started bopping a little harder lol. Last was Youngjae. He just looked up and smiled and pointed cutely. He’s so beautiful. I don’t have any videos, but if you look at other fancams, you’ll be able to see when the boys look up to the right (the audience’s right). Anyway, the only person who didn’t look up was Jackson, but I saw him whisper in Yugyeom’s ear and then Yugyeom immediately ran to our side and looked up at us so I do wonder if he actually saw us. The girls next to me got Jackson’s attention backstage because we could see backstage perfectly where we were seated on the balcony, but I missed it! 

Before I talk about hi touch I just wanna add that the flirty subkulture entertainment staff members were coming for both me and my mom (she looks my age lol). I kind of stalked this blog before getting the courage to submit my own experience and saw a lot about them too lol. 

Anyway, now to hi touch! (The order is probably wrong, but I’ll try my best to remember). When we get on stage, we first see Jinyoung. I hi five him and say hi while smiling because I’m excited as hell and he smiles back so animatedly that I was a little shook. Next was Youngjae I think. I’m not 100% sure. I didn’t say hi to Youngjae I only smiled and we were hi fiving but the line stopped moving, so we were just stuck with our hands pressed together! So I decided I would say hi and thank you and he made this cute little awkward noise in reply lol. Idk what to say about that??? But he’s so beautiful like I love me some Choi Youngjae.

Next was Jaebum (I think) and I get to him and he smiles so hard all of his teeth are showing and his eyes turned into crescents. He raised his eyebrows at me “like oh, I saw you on the balcony.” Like he recognized me?? They’re all so beautiful idk how I kept my chill but I did!!

Then it was Yugyeom? I am about 5'8/5'9ish and I had to look up at his fine self a little. He’s so hot y'all! And his smile was so big and beautiful.

Next was Jackson. I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t get his attention during the concert, but boiiii he came thru during hi touch!! First of all, his hand was low with the palm facing upwards so I had to place my hand in his like some princess or something. I said hi to him while smiling and I kid you not, his eyes got big and he said a little “oh” or something. Then he proceeded to kind of check me out (not subtle at all). He was looking at me with stars in his eyes!! Like, I didn’t know what to do with that. As I was going to BamBam, mine and Jackson’s gazes kind of lingered on each other’s and I was dying on the inside!!!

So, I remember saying hi to BamBam, but I think that was all as Jackson had literally just snatched me and I was trying to re-secure my wig! Last is Mark. Mark Tuan. I get to him and look into his gorgeous face and say hi and thank you for coming and his hand is like Jackson’s so this is Princess Hand Holding 2.0. Let me just say, Mark had a very sweet and warm aura. Like he’s very approachable I guess. But as I look at him he is looking back at me and licks his lips (I know it’s a habit of his, but the timing was just fatal) and says in his deep voice “no, thank you for coming.” Unlike Jackson, Mark was gripping my hand even though the staff was saying don’t. His thumb was also kind of rubbing the back of my hand??? And I was like Mark??? Boiii are you good??? Don’t play with me like this! Since my brother was after me, I spent a couple more seconds with Mark because I knew he wouldn’t rush me. But I guess I was more nervous than I thought because I couldn’t get any words out and we were just looking at each other. Lol so I knew it was probably getting weird for him and if i lingered too long, the staff would’ve basically tried to kick me off stage so I started walking away. Here’s what really got me. I had to let go of his hand because he wasn’t letting go of mine!!!! A lot happened in that handful of seconds I had with Mark. (I also think when you’re seeing you favorite group, things can feel slower than they actually are? Or maybe that’s just me?)

So I was chill during the entire hi touch, but once I got off stage, I was finally realizing how snatched and shook I really was. Like I just stopped at the stairs and kind of freaked out a little bit before really leaving the stage. And listen, my brother was after me, and he told me Mark was still glancing at me as I left and said “what’s up” but was only kind of paying my brother attention as he said it!!!!!! My mom and I look like sisters and I thought it would be funny if one of the boys tried to flirt with her but she was up there with a super mom aura, almost babying them because they looked tired. Lol it was so cute. 

But yeah, that was my experience. And I’m not gonna give you guys a sob story, but I’m kind of sickly, so I don’t get to do much. With that being said, it was a blessing that I could go to this event and even more of a blessing that Got7 made it so so so memorable. The entire fanmeet was amazing and so were the boys and the igot7s. I wasn’t expecting to be treated like that. This was also my first Kpop event. Got7 are fan service kings; it is out of this world and I was shook with a capital “S.” Like every time I see them on videos now, especially Mark or Jackson, I get shookt all over again lmao. 

And I was struggling with choosing a bias but Mark was always as the top of the list and he sealed the deal! He was like “quit being an unfaithful hoe. I am your bias.” 

I’d also like to add that my brother has social anxiety, but Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae were so friendly with him, giving him dap and saying wassup that he was so happy when he left. It was an amazing experience and I would 10/10 recommend going to their events,

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*whispers* Spegg


@ anon - i love you so much dear!!! i love that i can be here for everyone and i’m so glad you feel the same way! this fam warms my heart every single day and idk what i’d do without you guys ✨⭐️💜

@itisithecryptidmom LMAO GLAD U LIKED THAT ILYSM 😂💜

@ anon - oh ok lmao well i’m very happy and excited for you!! 💜 

@lovelygasmasks i use photoshop to make my posts! thanks so much for stopping by! 💜

@ pidge anon - awwww omg right????? honestly yall have melted my heart like 67 times tonight alone and i’m so happy i could cry god bless 😍

@rivoletta OMFG THIS IS SO CUTE THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY CHILD 💜 kocham Cię!!! (i hope that’s correct omg)

@ anon - omg please don’t apologize you aren’t bothering me! and listen, i’m sure they miss you over at msparp but everyone understands that life happens!! everyone gets busy and you shouldn’t feel bad! we all love you and support you no matter what, so don’t feel obligated to do anything unless you want to and it makes you happy, alright?? ✨⭐️💜

@larytello i legit was laughing so hard i cried, no joke lmao… your brother was hilarious and we loved talking to him hahah. make sure to get some rest, spacedad was definitely right!! xD we all love you so much and love hearing from you on the server!! 💜

@lookatthestars98 omFG I LOVE YOU???? thank you so much you’re so precious i’m crying 💜

@wistfullthhinking yes my dear here’s the link ilysm 💜

@ pidge anon - omg my dear i’m so sorry yes HAVE ALL MY HUGS 🤗🤗🤗 

@ bumbooga - listen my dude, the most important thing is to make a blog about something you’re super interested in and passionate about! when i started this thing, i had exactly NO IDEA whatsoever if anyone would even like it, ya feel? i just did it because it made me happy. if your enjoyment shows through to others, they’ll probs like whatever you’re doing that much more if that makes sense?? ily and good luck!! 💜

@ anon - ok next guesses are…. spacey? or WAIT IS THIS HAM???? 👀

@rockyroadkylers lmao you are THE MOST TALENTED ILYSM 😂



@ swoofla - you aren’t annoying at all, my dear!! we would love to see you in the discord chat but i totally understand your anxiety!! only join if you really want to and we won’t ever pressure you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with! also, you might not know anyone when you first go in, but legit like the SECOND you say hello, there’s a huge group of loving people ready to accept you and be your friend!!! that’s what’s so great about this spacefam!! everyone is so great and friendly and i love them so much so please don’t be scared to come in and make friends! we all love you so much already! 💜💜

@quichekolgate lmfao quiche….. you legit always bring in the best stories i’m rollin dude i legit read this story out loud to a friend and we laughed for so long ilysm 😂💜

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are guys allowed to submit, too? I have a shitshow of a story but idk if it'll seem disrespectful!

You (and any other guy reading this) are more than welcome to submit! :)  The only requirement I have for submissions are that they follow the guidelines and are relevant to the topic of this blog.

So, EVERYONE READING THIS POST RIGHT NOW, please keep in mind, the name of the blog is “Shit Men Say to Me.”  My original goal in creating this blog, if you make it back to earlier posts, was to share tiny soundbites that others could relate to that didn’t require much context.  For example, “You’re not allowed to cut your hair,” - an exboyfriend. 

Somehow, it evolved into users sharing experiences of sexual harassment, which I honestly didn’t foresee, but a lot of it has turned into users sharing their feelings along with the shitty thing that a man/boy has said.  And I get it.  It’s really tempting to say “So I went to the salon and I did it anyway. I felt great about myself, even though I knew he hated it.” It’s always nice to share how we feel but…this blog was not created as an outlet to explicitly vent.  It was more like, I wanted to share things that happened to me, and see if others related to it by reblogging or commenting or whatever.  I wanted to be able to see that I wasn’t alone, and also laugh at the ridiculousness of what had been said.  (I mean, come on, how ridiculous is it for an interviewer to tell an interviewee that their high GPA would be a “problem!”)  It’s starting to feel like a good amount of users see the submission feature as a diary, and I’m not sure how I feel about publishing those posts.  I’m still deciding, so there’s quite a few in limbo.

TL; DR: Anyone of any gender is welcome to submit whatever story that they feel is on-topic with this blog, but there are no guarantees that I’ll publish it.  I have not yet decided what to do with “long posts” as well as submissions where there is no actual quote about something a man/boy said.  But I encourage you, and everyone else, to submit and I’ll decide sooner or later, I promise.  I hope you all can understand.

so i’m quitting tumblr, and i wanted to make one last follow forever as a way to show my love for the people who made this hellsite fun. here’s to the people who i’ve been following for literally ever, and to all my friends. thank u for being one of the few good things about my tumblr experience. i luv u all so so so much, u dont even kno. 

*i’d like to say that i went from following 200 people (most of which i was pretty friendly with and had at least one conversation with) to 100 in the last few months. a lot of people deleted, a lot of people changed urls (and as a result i didn’t know who they were so i unfollowed), or their blog content changed, or they stopped posting, etc. i have love for those people too, but i’m only including people who i’m currently following.

@alwaysfob: i’ve always admired you a lot, your edits are fantastic and fobcc was such a brilliant idea and i’m proud of how far it’s grown cuz i remember when you posted the very first one (and i entered and never submitted smth bc i was uninspired and i bothered me for months) so it’s cool to see all that creativity on my dash & know that you’re the cause :)

@anervousboyslife: oh god. i wanna bring up smth from the group chat but i forgot all our lil memes & inside jokes :( thank u for the sims btw. that made me so so happy for like a week & then guess what? my laptop took a shit like. immediately after & i havent been able to play on it since :( im tryna get it fixed but. eh. but it was extremely thoughtful & im still grateful lol. thank u for bein funny & nastay, we’ve had some good times

@angelboyfrnk ahah i just got distracted looking thru ur blog, it looks v nice, like the color scheme? i dig it. anyway idk we havent talked in a while but we were in that group chat right?? that was fun. good timezzz. anyways i hope ur havin a good day bb. i get 2 call u that cuz ur younger than me haha ahh

@arohurley omg angie…we hav been mutuals literally 5ever. i’ve always thought u were so kind & so talented & i look up to u a lot, idk, i lowkey used to consider my mutuals to be like. my family & u were kinda the too-cool big sis, idk? but regardless i got a lot of love & thank u for bein one of my longest mutuals, like i wouldve unfollowed me by now so ty <3

@blooshie omg hannah..ive always admired u for how genuinely nice u r, like u just come off as a pure person, ive always lowkey been jealous of that. ahahhh weren’t u the one who told me abt ducks & their corkscrew dicks. lmaoo jeez

@blowfob u never come on anymore, but i couldnt not include u. u were one of the first people i followed, & one of the ppl i admired most. u & kate & some other ppl. i remember, it was like june 2014 & u got hundreds of asks & i thought u were the coolest person ever. u were super super funny & i literally screamed when u followed me, like i wanted u to follow me for over a year so when u did i lowkey died bc that was like. my big dream when i got into bandom. i just wanted a follow from u. so ty lol. ur so talented (coder, app creator, musician??? list goes on, fuckin crazy) & amazing, i just. i got a lotta love. thank u for bein u i guess. god im sappy pshjs

@boyfriendstump oh my g o d. ur one of the nicest ppl i know, like srsly u’ve always been so kind to me?? also ur taller than me ;-; u fucken string bean. idk i have fond memories of u, thank u for always bein so rad & freakishly nice to me, u always put a smile on my face, real talk. thank u for that

@brandnews omg karlie!! my fav!! ur literally so wonderful, ur blog is fantastic (it’s just. so nice to look at? like it’s the perfect combo of things, it makes me happy), ur a funny and nice person & ur so cute, ur just rlly gr8 im gonna miss u on my dash & u in general aw

@bulletproofatbest did u kno ur the only 21p blog ive stuck with?? thats how gr8 u r. ur fantastic, oh god i cant gush enough. i dont think we’ve ever talked but i have nothing for respect for u, ur edits r gorgeous & ur such a kind human?? i just. i got a lotta luv |-/ :)

@bznedrine my san fran loving fav! ur so beautiful & so kind, aw. remember when u tried to hook me up w fob tickets?? i do. that was so nice of u. thx for always bein so gr8 chloe <3

@cabbagepatrick ive kinda come to the conclusion ur like a robot or smth bc u’ve literally never posted anything personal, in fact it used to alarm me & i almost considered unfollowing u a few times, but i just love u & ur enthusiastic tags way too much haha. ive been following u a long time & u just consistently put good posts on my dash & mix up the content & i just love u a lot for that. thnk u

@centurese i dont think uve logged on in a while but we’ve been mutuals & fanfic writing buddies for a pretty long time & i still admire u a lot, ur a fantastic writer & a rlly good person & ur rlly cute i hope ur doin ok <3

@cocoamocha omg im lovin ur new theme it’s so simple i luv it. ok so ur just rlly sweet & ur art is soooo good & i remember bein super duper psyched when u followed me bc ur such a wonderful artist & ive always looked up to the bandom artists & ya

@corktree i still cant believe u follow me. i still look up to u & think ur just as rad as i thought u were before, but since we’re mutuals now im less intimidated. but omg i used to think u were like otherworldly bc 1) ur super gorgeous i literally live for ur selfies 2) u’v been a fan for so long & ur still so passionate abt fob thats so admirable i lose interest in shit so quickly lol. but ya ur just. actual fob queen & i think ur amazing

@deathofabvchelor aw cami. ur bday’s sorta soon so first i wanna say happy early bday! uh idk i dont think we’ve talked much but u’ve been one of my fav blogs for a while & i loved havin u on my dash thx for bein so gr8

@donthurtyoself again i dont think we’ve talked much but ive always admired u ur rlly nice & i luv ur aesthetic & the stuff u post. thx for bein a mutual of mine :)

@falloutofvegas aye vegas buddies! ya we’ve never talked much but we’ve been mutuals for a long time & i always liked ur blog. thanks for stickin w me so long :)

@ginasfz aw i luv u & ur blog & the content u post & i dont have too much to say bc i didnt rlly know u but i always enjoyed u on my dash so thx for bein mutuals w me

@goldenstump i got two camis on this list & i luv em both!! gosh ur just rlly pretty & i luv luv luv ur fashion like ur selflies r what i think of when i see ur url & specifically how cute u r & how cute ur clothes always r & i hope ur doin well

@gothish we used to be mutuals but it’s ok, i still go a lotta respect for u & admire ur luv of andy & ya thanks for always bein so rad & nice to me in the few times we did talk

@holidaybassline we have been mutuals a long time, & u post a lot of sj stuff these days which normally i hate but i ended up sorta liking it, like u kept me up to date on discourse shit & it was surprisingly nice cuz i like bein informed so ty for that. & for u urself, i dont think we talked much but u always came across as nice & i always respected u so. ya.

@ilyena-rose uve been following me a long time (unfortunately if i remember right it was a while until i followed u back eh :c) but u always stood out in the sea of notifs & finally i followed back & im so glad i did, ur just awesome, i luv ur blog & i luv u, keep bein amazin ok?

@jerseypunk ur so freakishly pretty like it’s unnatural how beautiful u r not to mention ur an unbelievably nice person w a fantastic blog. we’ve had good times aw im nostalgic. stay rad & ilu <3

@lukeallvez ah i was so happy when u followed me omg ur such a fantastic artist (srsly so talented like how??) & ur just a rlly good person idk ur gr8 & i hope u kno it

@milkhealy imani ah im gonna cry. i cant even. put words to how much u mean to me. uve always went above & beyond for me & never failed to make me smile & im gettin a lil teary rn cuz it’s not often yanno that ppl care that much to do that for a person? ur just rlly special & this sounds corny but i legit cherish u. thank u so much for everything. ily.

@nofunclvb i was super duper psyched when u followed me, i admire u a lot & im so jealous of all the shows uve been to thats so impressive. idk ur so pretty like ur face is just. Rlly Good. and ur blog is Rlly Good too ur just amazing idk thank u for dealing w my nonsense on ur dash

@ohvegeta ok can i just say thank u?? so much, like the whole fic thing, im still so grateful for that, i love that damn fic sm & u were so incredibly nice w that whole situation (which im sure was annoying & a pain in the ass), and u continued to be ridiculously nice to my annoying lil self so? thank you for that.

@ouijafrnk i still look up to u & ill always admire u, ur so beautiful inside & out & i couldnt explain why but uve always been an inspiration, like just how u handle urself, idk, it’s 2am & im havin a hard time bc i love all these ppl sm but idk how to put that love into words lmao. idk ur just wonderful in every way i hope u kno that. 

@patty-strump again it’s 2am so mixing shit up out of exhaustion but im 70% sure u sent me a rlly sweet message when i said i was leaving & it was rlly nice, i dont think we talked too much but i loved ur blog a lot & ur a sweetheart

@payingnaivety bri uve been so nice & funny and like im not the kind of person who actively seeks out ppl to talk to so when u just started messaging me one day i was a lil offput but then i ended up loving ur stories & ur personality & idk im gonna miss u a lot thank u for bein so amazing 

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Hi guys! 1) This is my absolute favorite blog! All four of you make my day. 2) Do you happen to know of any sterek stories where pack dynamics/relationships are featured heavily? Idk if that makes sense or not. Like I guess something where the parents are also a part of the pack and basically all parent the kids, I guess? I got like hella into the Haglaz series by TheHatterTheory then quietly started to internally weep when I realized it hadn't been updated in over a year.

Oh man. I hate when I forget to check if it’s a WIP first and get all invested and then discover it is. Really bums me out. But I do really love pack dynamic fics. It’s brilliant that authors have taken what little we know about the pack world in the TW universe and have created entire systems of heirarchies and structure. I love this fandom. And you nonny. So here’s some fic. I made the executive decision to have them all complete. Just to keep you from weeping. We don’t condone that here, internally or otherwise. - Anastasia 

Originally posted by elusiveandcrazy

(we also have a pack dynamics tag if you need more.)

This isn’t a fic but I still thought it was interesting.  Real Wolf Packs and How They Relate to Teen Wolf Werewolves by burntotears

Feels Like Belonging by nan

(1/1 I  2,513 I Teen I Sterek I Puppy Piles)

Stiles isn’t sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.

So Shed Your Skin and Lets Get Started by halfhardtorock

(2/2 I  21,801 I Explicit I Sterek I Mates)

He’s sixteen and in the woods on the wrong side of the town-line and he’s so fucking fucked.

He knows he’s not supposed to run, they teach that to you in preschool (don’t run from a Were, back away slowly and walk with care), but they never told you how it would feel, standing alone in the dark with your heart beating in your throat as those glowing eyes tracked you from the shadows.

Where The Wild Things Are by DeadWalker

(4/4 I  30,049 I Teen I Sterek, Berica, Scallison I Alive Hale Family)

Derek finds a boy in the woods. He might not have realized it then, but that was the moment his whole life changed.

Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter

(23/23 I 61,036 I Explicit I Sterek I Feral!Stiles)

Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack’s property.
Humans are supposed to be extinct.
But then, Stiles is full of surprises.

With or Without You by KouriArashi

(13/13 I  62,556 I Teen I Sterek, Berica, Cora/Isaac I Mates)

Derek thinks that the mating rituals are overly romanticized bullshit, but claiming a mate and defending them from challengers is something werewolves do, and his pack can’t afford to appear weak after the fire. Especially not when Deucalion and his friends are in town for the rituals. Enter Stiles Stilinski, who offers to let Derek claim him so he won’t be overrun at the ceremonies. Nothing goes as expected.

There’s Monsters at Home by calrissian18

(6/6 I  83,575 I Explicit I Sterek I Magic!Stiles)

“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

Commands and Contrasts by ravingrevolution

(30/30 I  88,377 I Mature I Sterek I ABO)

“Collared Alphas are Careful Alphas”

Seriously? What the hell was that? Because putting a collar on someone was supposed to make them manageable or something? Sure thing.

Or: “Mated Betas are Better Betas”

Again with the control issues. But then again betas were by far the most common classification type, so Stiles assumed that was mainly posted to keep things kind of even.

His least favorite was definitely: “Keep Omegas Pure - Report Uncollared Unmated Alphas Always”

Just wow.

Stiles attended all the home economics classes, like a good omega, and took all his pills, like a good omega, and outwardly submitted to authority, like a good omega, but he didn’t buy into the whole structure dynamic thing. He just didn’t.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm

(4/4 I 118,749 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Berica, )

 There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Enemy Lines by qhuinn (tekla)

(17/17 I  149,179 I Explicit I Sterek I Dystopian AU)

This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.

Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.

Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

Divided We Stand by KouriArashi

(29/29 I  156,742 I Mature I Sterek I Mates)

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

Let me tell you about my experience with got7 in houston. First, I would just like to say that this was definitely the best kpop event I have ever been to (i’ve seen both exo and bts live in dallas). So that simple fact right there is saying something all by itself.

But anyway I’m going to start from the beginning. I had to stand in a really long line to get my wrist band for p2. Now that wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t so cold outside. I was freezing my butt off and watching the rest of the p2 people who had their wrist bands enter the building. It was slightly discouraging, but it was my fault because I arrived at 5:30pm from Louisiana. So I finally got my wrist band and I made it into the the p2 section. The first thing I noticed was that they had each section barricaded so the sections couldn’t mix. Even with that in place I found myself in the front of p2 off to the far left. I had a great view of the stage and managed to get a few interactions. I’ll get to that later though!

As we were waiting for the fanmeet to start they had a black girl in the balcony upstairs that was super lit! She was dancing to all the songs and hype the crowd up. I was like I want to sit by her, she’s so freaking lit right now lol. So skip forward to the fanmeet actually starting…they are so beautiful. Like they came out and they looked just like they look in their videos and pictures. Some people may say they look “better” in person, but nah they just look like their selves. What you see is what you get! Anyway, they performed and then they did the questions. The highlight of the question segment was Jackson asking Mark “why you so daddy,” and then Bambam asking “what’s daddy?” I literally died because Jackson was so extra! He gave Jinyoung a lap dance because Jinyoung said he wanted to feel his thighs. Like the whole thing was so extra and I loved every minute of it.

After the questions were over they performed some more. They were all so energetic. Nobody was slacking off and Jb and Jackson were really killing the dances. I could not take my eyes off Jackson. The way that boy moves is so sinful istg! After they performed they came back out to play the games. They did random dance play and they split them up into teams. We had Young&Rich (Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom) and the “Old” team (Jb, Mark, and Jinyoung). Young&Rich should have won based off the rules, but the fans (me included) gave the win to the Old team. They worked hard for it, especially Jb lol.

So after that happened they called the fans up to play a game. I cried for them because I was just so happy for them. They had a fourteen year old who got Jackson and her name was nana(? idk if i spelled it right), but Jackson treated her so well and he twirled her around. It was so sweet! Victoria, the only black girl, won with the help of her partner Jinyoung. He gave her lots of hugs and patted her up a lot. I was so happy for her!

So to make this shorter I’m going to skip some stuff and talk about my interactions. Jackson likes to do this thing were he pretends he’s not looking at you, but you catch him throwing glances. So I waved at Jackson and he smiled and did this little nod. He didn’t wave back and I would’ve missed it if I was watching him like a hawk. I died and came back and died and came back again! Jinyoung also waved at me at the end of the fanmeet, eye contact and all. Mark jumped off the stage to hug each of the people in the disabled section. I was literally right next to the section, and I saw Mark in like…1080hd. I was so shook and one of the girls started crying, and so I started crying for her because I was so happy!

P2 had hi-touch and so we got to stay behind and watch P1 take their pictures. Jb literally was standing behind almost all the black girls that came up there. Jackson had two black girls too, and he was massaging one of the girl’s shoulders. I yelled at her and was like,“Yaaas sista girl! Yaaaas” I don’t know if she heard me, but I was too buck for her.

So for the highlight of my entire night. So I was in the front of the line for hi-touch. Juju on that beat came on and Bambam started dancing. So the girl I was with in the line started doing the dance with me, and Bambam started vibing with both of us. We’re dancing, hittin the folks, dabbing, and Mark looks out at me and the girl and laughs. So the girl next to me yells,“you pretty, you yo daddies son!” and Bambam laughs. So we start freaking out because we had just vibed with Bambam, and then they cut the music off because the boys were too distracted.

After that I was backstage and it was time for me to go up on the stage for the hi-touch. It didn’t hit me that I was really about to meet them until I got up on the stage and started walking towards Jinyoung. So I get to Jinyoung and I have one hand on my chest because I’m thoroughly shook, and one hand out ready to shake their hands. I shake Jinyoung’s hand and say,“Thank you so much for the show.” He smiles at me, looks me in the eye, his hand was soft and kind moist, and he nods. I saw like…his freaking makeup and his pores, he’s beautiful. So Yugyeom was next and I don’t really remember what happened because my eyes started watering. I just remember his hand being much bigger than mine. I got to Youngjae and his face…Youngjae is not my bias but he is so precious! He was gorgeous! I was so took with him that I started crying. He looked worried and patted my hand between both of his. So I put the hand that was on my chest over my mouth to keep myself from ugly crying. Jb was next and he smiled at me so sweetly. I wanted to say I love you but I would’ve started sobbing. So I move to Jackson and he see’s that I’m crying and he just reaches his hand out and we hold hands for a good minute. Like I’m just crying and Jackson is looking at me with the most comforting look. He didn’t say anything but the look he wss giving me was like,“Let it out babygirl. It’s gonna be okay, let it out.” I was like 👌 this close to sobbing in his face. So I move to Bambam and he says,“Don’t cry. It’s okay, awww.” I nodded to him and he smiled. I got to Mark and he was like,“Thank you for coming, it’ll be okay. Don’t cry okay.” I nodded to him too and then he turned and waved to me as I was leaving the stage. I was on cloud 10 bruh, I was really dying inside. And so when I got outside I started sobbing and screaming at my sister. Yesterday was on of the best nights of my life. I’m still freaking out just thinking about it

I’ll post my pictures and videos on my blog @that-crazy-exotic

Jolymes Week 2016 - Monday, November 14th to Sunday, November 20th!

Foreword: Lots of love to the people who helped me choose the prompts! You’re all amazing and wonderful and make this so much easier for me. Thank you!

Anyways, hello! I’m happy to finally make an official post. This is a whole week dedicated to everyone favorite anime prison girlfriends, Jolyne Kujo and Hermes Costello! These two ladies definitely deserve some fandom love imo and I noticed nobody else was making a Jolymes Week so hey, why not me? its my otp after all whoops Every day has two or three prompts to act as inspirational guidelines for your drawings or fanfic. You don’t need to follow them, let alone in the order they’re listed. Day One is November 14th and the event extends through November 20th, AKA Day Seven/the final day.

First things first, I’ll give the prompts and include extra information under a read more. I highly recommend you read the information so you can understand the rules and the event to an even greater extent.

Day 1: Confessions || First/Last Times || Fluff
Day 2: Date Night || Wedding || High Fashion
Day 3: Extended Family || Creating a Family
Day 4: Stands || Fighting (As in, fighting side-by-side or maybe sparring together, not fighting against one another)
Day 5: Young || Crossover || Music Inspired
Day 6: Foolymes (Jolyne x Hermes x Foo Fighters) || Prisonmates
Day 7: Post-Stone Ocean (Alt. Ending) || New Universe/Universe Reset (Canon ending)

Read the information under the cut if you have questions. If your question isn’t answered please feel free to message/inbox this blog!

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Why I am convinced that CB's relationship is genuine!

Hello, this is anon-dream :) As I have told you already, admin-nim, I had originally planned to make a post about how obvious I think CB have been lately. However, due to the fact that I am a big IDIOT who accidently deleted that post by clicking some random button (T.T) and because of the recent news that Dispatch has released regarding Kai and Krystal and another alleged dating scandal that is going to be revealed soon … I would like to be more careful and thus rather not write a post like that. We all don’t know what will happen in the next months, therefore, I don’t want my assumptions to influence people and make them raise their hopes up while we are in such a critical situation. However, I would like to talk about something else instead: CB’s - which I think - genuine relationship (regardless of it being interpreted as romantic or platonic). I have seen many CB shippers who have become somewhat sad/disappointed because of this post by an alleged insider of SM (People say it’s from 2012) : http://baoliao.tumblr.com/post/90316568632/insider-info-2012-the-inner-workings-of-sm In this post, it says that OTPs, including CB, were planned by SM from the very beginning, that they deliberately make them do lots of fanservice as some kind of marketing strategy (I recommend reading that post if you haven’t already. It’s quite long but the person who wrote it  has kind of foreseen KaiStal and BaekYeon … which is scary :’) ) Plus, I have read this post by our dear @parkbaekssi today, which is dealing with the subject of SM being aware of CB being shipped by fans:  http://parkbaekssi.tumblr.com/post/142178522001/hello-i-have-been-an-avid-shipper-of-chanbaek I wanted to submit this post to her as well, but sadly, I couldn’t find the “submit” button on her blog T.T (I told you, I am a big idiot), therefore, I would wish for her to read this as well if she likes because she asked her followers to share their opinion. Okay, I will get started on the actual post now. In case that this will become a super long post, know that I am deeply sorry for every pair of eyes that are reading this T.T haha!

First of all, I would like to agree with the statement that SM is indeed aware of popular pairings within their company and that they also make use of this knowledge by either pairing two shipped members up (eg. by forming a subunit like they did with EunHae) or by encouraging said members to interact in a certain way in front of the fans. Even though this might sound very strange to some people (it is sounds strange to me as well, tbh), it also makes a lot of sense because, as we know, so called ‘bromances’ are totally loved in Korea (note: bromances, not actual gay couples!). Therefore, what better and easier way is there to additionally promote a group if not through OTPs? It makes sense to me, totally. However, as much as this is true, I strongly disagree with the statement that ChanBaek is purely based on fanservice (note: parkbaekssi didn’t claim this! :) But other people do and it makes me a bit angry) 

As parkbaekssi has mentioned in her post, there are some CB moments that could be deemed as fanservice (e.g Chanyeol giving Baekhyun a rose on stage, the high5 during growl - I myself would like to add the forehead touch thingy they did some years ago - still a beautiful moment though ;D ), meaning that yes, ChanBaek do fanservice as well and yes, they are aware of the fact that they are a popular ship. And SM obviously is, too, as the following post shows: http://94ohsenshine.tumblr.com/post/142164246659/chanbaek (note: There is so much CB in Korea these days, hm.. everyone, let’s go there and have a big party! haha ^^)

HOWEVER, there is one thing about ChanBaek that makes them special compared to other super popular OTPs in my opinion. We all know that Chanyeol and Baekhyun are mostly about stolen glances and subtle touches. Their moments are pretty toned down compared to their moments with other members or other OTPs. Even their most ‘intense’ moments are pretty toned down, don’t you agree? Take the legendary hug in Manila as an example. It lasted for like, what, a few seconds (it still killed us though). If they know that fans love that kind of stuff, why didn’t they make a show about it by pretending to kiss or other things their fellow members have done before? Also, note that this was the first real hug between ChanBaek since ISAC in 2012 - It took these two 4 freaking years (!)  to hug properly and they didn’t even initiate it! It was Sehun who made them hug! (Bless you, Oh Sehun!) Now, some of you might think: “Maybe they are just uncomfortable with the fact that they are being shipped?”  That’s not a stupid thought, actually. Anyone would think like this at first. However, if the thought of being paired up with a guy disgusted you that much, wouldn’t you generally try and not initiate too much skinship with males? You would, wouldn’t you? But ChanBaek both don’t:

1) Baekhyun is all over Sehun (+ other members) most of the time, touches him in a way he would never touch Chanyeol in and is generally a touchy, flirty (and adorable) human being - except with Park Chanyeol!

2) Chanyeol, although he is the one who initiates skinship in CB, also touches his fellow members in a way that he would never touch Baekhyun in. He can hug Yixing, Kyungsoo freely, and grab/pinch Sehun’s butt while he almost freaked out when Sehun brought Baekhyun to him during Peter Pan in Manila …

Now, my aim is not to prove to you that CB are involved with each other in a romantic way - that is something that you have to make your opinion of. However, concluding from the aspects mentioned above, I can draw the conclusion that these two, despite of being aware of the fact that they are being shipped, despite of the fact that fans are dying to see them interacting, do not flaunt their close relationship at all - at least not by doing heavy skinship with each other. Actually, not even on SNS - at least not openly. While their posts are often similiar and posted right after one of them has uploaded something - they rarely post selcas these day despite of having been seen together off-cam. It’s strange, since Chanyeol has posted a lot of pictures with Sehun, since these two have spent a lot of time lately … Anyway, what I am trying to say is that, whatever relationship Chanyeol and Baekhyun have, they don’t flaunt it, they keep it private, thus, hidden from the public’s eye. And anything hidden from the public’s eye cannot be deemed as 'fanservice’ anymore. 

“What if they aren’t close with each other after all? / What if they don’t spend that much time with each other after all?” -> These are also questions you might ask yourself right now - You have every right to! Of course I cannot provide you solid facts about Chanbaek’s relationship, none of us can, as we are only outsiders. However, based on my own experiences regarding human nature, I can tell you this:

Chanyeol and Baekhyun - all romantic, fanfic stuff aside - although they are not phsysically close, are definitely connected to each other, let’s call it mentally connected. This, in my opinion, becomes evident in the most simple interactions these two have, starting from all their inside jokes/  (e.g “Cha-cha-cha Chanyeol!” / “Bae-Bae-Bae Baekhyun!” / “Tomorrow is monday” / that weird dance that both of them did on stage, idk how to describe it but I am sure you know what I mean haha! / their voice imitations during V-app (vroom vroom) / that “I am going to cry” joke Chanyeol pulled during their bed broadcast etc.), the way they keep completing each other’s sentences although they’re 5-6 members apart from each other, the way Chanyeol always seems to lose it whenever Baekhyun makes a joke and just the general chemistry they have between each other! Our dear Parkbaekssi, who  has seen Exo live, has made a wonderful post about Chanbaek’s chemistry live, you can read it here: 


(fun fact: the anon who asked about this was actually me *hides*)

Do you see what I mean with “mentally connected” now? All those insiders, the way they pay attention to each other’s utterings and everything else listed above. They might not prove that these two are a couple but they certainly show that they must have spent and probably still spend a lot of time with each other and might even be soulmates. Somehow, these two remind me of me and my clostest friend sometimes. We are never really touchy with each other, never post a lot about ourselves on SNS - but we understand each other, we know each other well, we laugh about the same things, have insiders only we understand, have similiar taste in music and very, very often think  and utter the same thing at the same time. Note that we are not together 24/7, but we have spent enough time with each other to become like this. We have talked about things we never talked to anyone else about, we have done a lot of things together. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that CB have done the same. Maybe they didn’t. However, there is a possibility. You don’t become like this with just any person. Such a bond is special, precious and very beautiful. Therefore, dear CB shippers (and also dear KaiSoo shippers), whatever might happen in the future, know that this bond won’t and cannot vanish just like that - I can promise you that :) !

Now, let’s come to the last part of this post (You were brave my friend, you made it this far. Your poor eyes T.T) Until now, we have only talked about CB from Chanyeol’s and Baekhyun’s perspective. But what about SM? After all, we did agree that they do take advantage of their OTPs. But what makes CB special regarding this matter? 

Well, the thing is, SM definitely makes use of CB’s chemistry and their talents regarding variety shows! Therefore, I agree with Parkbaekssi. CB are a perfect duo. They are both talkative, funny, hyper, social. The fact that they are also being shipped by fans is like the cherry on top. Like, what could go wrong with a duo like this? HOWEVER: As much as SM seems to be promoting Chanbaek, I still have some questions:

- If CB are so popular, why aren’t they paired up during dance performances (except Growl)? Why does the order in which Exo members usually stand ensure that Baekhyun and Chanyeol are “far away” from each other?

- Why was “Sehun Time” instantly changed to “Chanyeol Time” right after the Chanbaek hug in Manila happened? Doesn’t this mean that another hug is “impossible” because Chanyeol is the one who chooses the members? (Question to Chanyeol: Why did you always choose Baekhyun+ another member during Peter Pan?)

- Why has there never been another CB duet after “Love Song” although it was obviously liked a lot by the fans? We got ChanSoo’s “Boyfriend”  (which was awesome!) but still …

- Why were so many scenes from CB’s Roommate episode cut? (including a duet between them) Same goes to some episodes of Exo Showtime.

Now, these questions were not meant to be written in an accusing tone but rather in a curious tone. I am sure there are answers to these questions. But at the moment, they are just confusing me a bit. Like, SM does make use of CB on the one hand, however, on the other hand they also seem to not promote them very much as a duo. I cannot say much about EunHae since I am not familiar with them at all, but I know other examples from YG artists, namely GTOP (GD & TOP from BB)  and Gri / Nyongtori (GD & Seungri from BB). I am aware of the fact that YG and SM are two totally different companies with different strategies but I must say that YG promoted GTOP a lot (gave them a sub-unit, made them act as a couple in a drama parody in which they even kissed (!) ) whereas Gri promote themselves a lot imo (They are like, super, super touchy on stage, affectionate in public and on SNS). And again, compared to these examples, Chanbaek are, in my opinion, pretty toned down. It’s confusing, right? The idol industry is confusing … haha!

Okay, this was my opinion on this whole topic :) Of course I am in no way guaranteeing that what I am saying is true. These are merely speculations based on what I have read, seen and experienced myself. Basically, all statements above are subjective. Of course you can disagree with me and call me a big idiot! - That’s totally fine! :) Let me just tell you one thing before I finally leave you alone: Idols are human, just like us and although they seem so far away from us and so unreachable and different - they aren’t :) They cannot fake certain emotions, no matter how experienced they are and they deserve as much love, respect and acceptance as all human beings do. Therefore, try not to think of your ships as “ships”. Try thinking of them as “relationships between two human beings” - because that’s what it basically means, right? The word “ship” is automatically associated with delusions, fanfictions and immaturity  these days. And sadly, some shippers are going way too far, thus seemingly proving those assumptions to be true… However, do not let yourself get generalized like that, okay? :) After all, there are plenty normal, friendly and totally down-on-earth shippers out there! 

Okay, I am out now ♥  Omg Admin-nim, I am sorry for this being too long! I hope it was at least an acceptable post T.T Keep up the good work on your blog! We love it! :) 

AHHHH YAS MAN! I was waiting for this submission. Just by reading the title I got excited~

So I also agree with how SM is very very well aware of the OTPish pairings of their groups, they would probably, if that would help raise their groups success. Like they would help feed that ship stuff, like I don’t know making them pose in a picture together, and stuff like that. AND IT’S TRUE KOREANS LOVE THE INTERACTIONS AND STUFF! It doesn’t even have to be a bromance thing but heck they would love it if they kiss! (aham Sexing ahem) Like see fancams in korea and stuff and when oh for example a CB moment, boom they go just and wild as we do. And to the people that say Chanbaek is fan service.





Ok I’m good

And of course they will have fan service. They still need to please the fans, can’t have anything in secret right? And of course these two know they are popular, we see pictures of them looking at the handmade CB signs (I need one) and SM…they probably keep tabs on everything to promote…something.

And yes, the very reason why I love Chanbaek so much is because I can really sense genuine stuff, they don’t have so much skinship where you are like, oop they are just friends and do lotta fan service, but they do enough where we don’t go like “AHHHHH THEY HATE EACH OTHER” but the have skinship where I feel like a pairing that are “just friends” do, but of course that’s just what I think. And I love seeing how they act differently to each other than they act with other members, shows you they are…well…different.


I can’t understand how anyone could wonder if these two ain’t close and that’s why they don’t have much skinship. Like these two probably have one of the best chemistry and relationship out of the nine, they actually stand and sit by each other a lot, they always make each other laugh, they are compatible with each other, they enjoy each other’s company (they are always happy together) and the two even announced that they were close on tv and radio, even if that was years ago, it’s obviously not changed. Plus have you seen how in sync they are. IT’S SCARY HOW MENTALLY CONNECTED THEY ARE.

I love the personal reference, those are always great for making analysis. But Chanbaek, they have a very very special bond, whether it’s romantic or purely friendship, it’s a bond that I envy and I find so beautiful.

*sigh* anon-dream I absolutely love love your submissions, even though they are long, it’s worth the read ;_; and the last paragraph tho yasssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Thanks as always for your kind words anon-dream ;_; *sigh* I’ll try to make intresting post always for you guys, but anon-dream…yours are probably more credible than mine XD I’ll keep working hard~

Thank you again for the submission anon dream! As always I try to elaborate on your posts but I can’t! You already say all the good things ;_;

PS I’m a fan of @parkbaekssi too~

(shoutout to one of my favs >3<)

Fem!Reader + Akashi and Aomine submission (NOT A REQUEST)

Hi there!

So I formally apologize ahead of time if this isn’t where I’m suppose to submit this. Sorry. I’m so terrible at this.

Not nsfw or rated-R, (just a few cuss words) just a clip and snippet of some things that had been running in my head. Each one is with a different female reader. One scenario is cute, and one is…“slice of life”? If we must call it something then let it be that. Anyways, idk what scenario blog to report this to but you were the first that appeared on my list so I just chose you. And bc your icon was adorable.

*each scenario/snipet has a song that inspired me to write it/goes well with it(personally)*

Besides that I just HAD to share this to someone to get it out of my head. I would appreciate it if you read it and tell me your reaction/commentary, yeah?

Noo, don’t ever apologise for submitting your writing okay ~ actually, I should be thanking you for submitting this in due to the lack of scenarios from myself for the past few days oops (and also for approving of my fetus akashi icon ha) and what you’ve written is aihgliegheigheughlieughlie very nicessu indeed 

Check out these two adorable scenarios under the cut!

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thecirclecontinues  asked:

Ummm is it weird to ask you to explain a little about your culture cause i wanted to learn about it but couldnt find much on it

#same LOL sorry thats just a little ironic to hear. 

there’s not much left, thanks to the missionaries. we’re called the baxoje [bah’KO-jay] (more well known as ioway but that was another tribe naming us to white ppl so i prefer to not use it cause yanno iowa is iowa and not baxoje thanks) and idk we were a rad and sexy hot nation with more style than all of europe combined

this is Great Walker below, he was a fucking legendarily strong badass and he was super close to my ancestor Chief White Cloud, total best buds, and they did all this crazy shit like escape prison and assassins together and scalped tons of white guys but in the end they had a falling out and Great Walker refused to compromise with invaders. i admire him a lot for his courage and loyalty to his people, even turning away from his best friend/Chief for what he believed in. an assassin finally got to him while he was sleeping, he went rogue for a while with a small band of warriors. live by the sword die by the sword kind of thing, he refused to submit and drop his weapons.

this is my direct ancestor Chief White Cloud, he was a good man. he trusted white people too much, he was so optimistic and believed in their humanity too much. he tried to reason with them and discuss things and they ended up tricking him into signing what he thought was peace treaties, but really he was signing away land for chump change- without a translator, might i add.

he went overseas to indulge white folks in their fascination with culture (shocking) and try to raise funds and support for our people, since we were being pushed out of our homelands and into a rez at the time. while he was gone with a group of clan elders, the US Gov decided to finally toss coins in our direction for the ancestral land they stole out from under us (pipestone MN to the missouri river). since he was gone trying to raise money for our starving people, they handed all that money for all our lands to the missionaries who set up shop on our rez. they spent it all on a church and a reform school where they punished children for speaking our language, cut their hair, and erased our culture.

haha :) lol

umm but yeah what else. i always liked our traditional political system. ive never been fond of western ideas of politics but hearing about our own makes the most sense to me. black bear clan, my clan (and white cloud’s) was the ruling clan in the fall and winters. buffalo clan ruled in the spring and summers. buffalo clan were good at agriculture and during the springs and summers our nation formed what was pretty much cities ranging from kansas city to saint louis, especially around the delta region feeding the missouri river in to the mississippi. some other clans had more power/responsibilities at this time, like buffalo clan had their crew of clans and bear clan did, too.

in the fall and winter the bear clan would take over with the wolf clan at their side to hunt and provide for everyone through a more old-fashioned way of tracking down game. our people would head north and find shelter, basically hunker down for the winter while the bear clan got them through the worst of it. i do believe bear clan and wolf clan were the warring clans too, meaning they would jump up first when there was a threat. though the eagle clan ruled during war, they had the bear and wolf right behind them. very old clans, some of the first to manifest in our stories. lots of warriors in the fall/winter ruling clans. 

anyways, if bear clan or buffalo clan abused their power, it got checked in a matter of months. all decisions were made in a counsel of the active chief and the leaders of all 7 clans:  Black Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Wolf, Elk, Pigeon, Owl. some of them we know next to nothing about anymore, and there’s word that there used to be a Snake and Beaver Clan, too. lots of stuff was lost, it was a cultural genocide.

each clan had their specialities, their skills, their place and their role within the nation. they also had their own clan secrets. every clan has their own story about how all the clans came together to form the baxoje, and generally a bear clan person would never hear the eagle clan’s story. some things were just too private, even within the same people. each clan had their bundles and medicine to offer. 

the elk clan were the fire masters and also brought mihxoge medicine/spirit into our culture, so after a time every clan had elk blood mixed in and mihxoge born to their clan. pigeon clan was a peace making clan. 

each clan was given a gift, a responsibility, and the creator brought us together to complete each other as a people. our creation stories might differ, but thats constant in all of them. our people were given the responsibility to be the guardians of the red pipestone to use for ceremonial pipes. 

bleh idk, look up more if youre interested. also im pretty sure im the only person ever posting in the “baxoje” or “ioway” tags other than like Iowa archeological/academic blogs. 

Fanart Monday!

Yes!! Back again with another fanart monday!! Thank you guys for submitting fanart!!! I love themmmmmm!!!

Let me remind you that I will only post fanart of the series c’: this goes for you, meme senders! I still love memes tho xDDD

Again, sorry if I forget to add someone’s work! I can only remember those drawings in my ask box, and sometimes I don’t even see them all because Tumblr is a meanie :c

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!!

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shanihowon  asked:

That's exactly how I felt from start to finish after reading the press conference i was done with them . He didn't say one word to them because he's not allow to , I'm pretty sure he seen all the rude comments about him . I'm just dumbfounded about how they talked shit when he's been there for all of them . What pissed me off lay said one time that if the members are having a conflict he would sit them aside and talk with them for hours . How can they do that?

//sighs// I know :( But I guess this is a wakeup call for all of us that the entertainment world is not what it seems. That behind the snazzy lifestyle, smiles and promises of togetherness are all lies to lure people like us in. And I’m going to admit, although I was not completely delusional to the point where I was like OT12 IS THE TRUTH! SM IS CONTROLLING THEIR DEVICES. A part of me really hoped that in the duration of them training, that some form of a true friendship bond blossomed between the members and Kris and that they would idk, not out him to the media when he was no longer of use to them like they did I guess?? but like I said this is just goes to show not everything is as it seems and it really bugs/ hurts me because if they really weren’t close I wonder how Kris could have possibly coped living with them for 2+ years, living with them 24/7. And I’m most definite he’s seen all there posts on ig. Chanyeol calling Kris evil, bitchy Tao, Suho’s passive aggressive speech. I can’t even imagine how he feels right now with all the members shitting on him. 

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