i styled dis!

what the tracklist really is:

  • meet me in the hallway and keep walking until you see the toilets
  • sign of the times 
  • carolina (olivia remix)
  • two ghosts who run the rbbsbb account
  • my sweet hedgehog creature
  • only angel (hey angel pt.2) 
  • kiwi but more importantly, wellington 
  • ever since niall walked in on us in new york 
  • woman 
  • from that time i flicked zayn’s food off his fork across the dining table when he was trying to feed you

 I wanted to do a style study again and I ended up picking Fran to draw.

Also at some point I started actually cleaning up the sketches so yeah.  Apologies if I butchered people’s styles but I really love these artists and the way they draw Fran ;u;



@ask–francis / @akusheepdraws





@anne-imator (christieanne)

@sirarthurkirkland / @grimdarkmatt

and of course my style and the Hetalia anime styles (I died a little on the inside when I drew the Axis Powers style)


Mystic Messenger x Rune Factory AU Rune Messenger? Mystic Factory?

For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a farming/dungeon-crawling/dating simulation; literally a fantasy Harvest Moon

In the tradition of RF protagonists, MC winds up in a town disoriented and with amnesia. With no recollection of what brought her to town or her life beforehand, she is allowed to live on the farm that once belonged to Rika, who disappeared two years ago. Despite her amnesia, she is a hard worker and is looking forward to creating new memories with the townspeople.