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Okay but has no one ever thought of nerdy Alex Fierro??? I mean, imagine Magnus barging into her room and stumbling upon her reading ancient Viking scrolls in Old Norse and squealing like we surely did when reading Hammer of Thor. And Alex is embarrassed and tries to hide how much of a history nerd she is and Magnus is just ’???????? Norse history’s never looked this hot wtf??????‘


2016 bones challengeday 3: first episode you watched, and when (august 2010)
“My name is Brennan. I’m Dr….. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan. I work at the Jeffersonian Institution. I’m a Forensic Anthropologist. I specialize in identifying….. in identifying people when nobody knows who they are. My father was a science teacher. My mother was a bookkeeper. My brother….. I have a brother. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.”

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Malec fucking in a confessional makes more sense than a fic I stumbled upon where they fuck in a dressing room of a store and Clary, Jace, Simon, and Izzy just throw the door open because they're done shopping.

Anonymous asked: Hey, at least Alec having a priest kink/wanting to be fucked by Magnus when Magnus is dressed as a priest makes more sense than the fics where Jace accidentally walks in on Malec fucking and just watches them like a total weirdo

honestly guys what kind of fics are you reading and WHO is writing them? i just… i can’t stop laughing right now

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(sweater thing) When Fomalhaut registered what was inside the room, he froze, finding himself staring at a beautiful woman in a rather interesting attire. He recovered quickly, and a smile formed on his lips.”Ah. Do excuse me. I seem to have stumbled upon the wrong room,” he stated, mostly unabashed. After another quick glance, he spoke again. ”A good look on you, but undoubtedly reserved for someone else. I bid you good night.” With a glint in his eye, Fomalhaut gave a small bow and left.

One would assume a former assassin would be wise in keeping sure her exits were secure. Apparently, this particular door had become quite popular; the surprise visit from this man didn’t alarm her wholly, but she had not expected it either. There is something to be said about a woman who is armed even when her flesh is put on display, like hers was, this night.

At his entrance, and the announcement he makes with his voice, the maiden is facing him suddenly with steel glittering in her hand. A blade was held firm in one hand, the other gripped the jewel encrusted sheath it belongs in. Her eyes never left his features, they traced over them as he took a glance, then stole another, at her form.

Painted lips didn’t curl into a frown, but a light smirk as she approached him slowly, her sword is brandished but no threat is made to the man. Instead, she approached dangerously close whilst he bowed, after finishing his compliment.

“This is more than I desire to be adorned in. But, it is reserved for another, thou shalt be able to spot him approaching. Tall man, far paler than thou art, brooding disposition,” then she leaned to his ear as her head turned to face his profile, her lashes kiss his cheek.

“Tell him, I am patiently waiting,” the sword is heard returning to its sheath before she takes a step back and smiles upon his leaving.


Today I was cleaning Mason’s room and I stumbled upon an old, seemingly empty iPhone 4 box. I looked inside just to make sure it was completely empty before tossing it and I came across a stack of index cards folded neatly, packed away inside the box. At first I was scared at what I might find written on each card, but before I could open it, Mason noticed me acting puzzled and quickly took away the index cards before I could read the contents. He acted embarrassed and explained that while I was in Japan last summer, he periodically wrote index cards about things he loved about me. He had meant to give them to me when I returned home months later but he had forgotten. It was such a sweet surprise to read all these things that he felt about me, especially knowing they’re still true. Just thought I’d share this. He’s truly a gift to me.


Just went on imvu per request of my friend, and came up with a quick G!Sans avatar while there. Surprisingly, a chat room I stumbled upon was posting G!Sans pics! It makes me feel good to know G!Sans has infected EVERYWHERE haha.