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Request: Rough Day

Request:  Hi! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a Markiplier x reader imagine? You guys are like best friends but You and Mark had just gotten into a huge fight about him not having enough time for you anymore. You have always been super understanding of his work and all the things he does but felt like he was slipping away from you which you hated because you were secretly in love with him. And then you go back later that night and make up and it’s a lot of fluff? thanks!!

I absolutely love getting a request from you guys!! Hope this is kinda like what you were hoping for! Please send me more requests!

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A.N.    It was crazy hard to write a fight where Mark is mad because he is such a sweetie and I didn’t even know what to have him say. Also I rewatched his draw my life and once again was a blubbering baby. 

“Y/N IM HOME! YOU’VE GOT SOME ESPLAININ’ TO DO!” Mark came bursting into my apartment, making the grand entrance that he always has to make. You laughed as you ran and greeted him with a big hug. HE lifted me from the ground spinning me around in a circle before setting me back down on the ground. “God I missed you.” He said after finally letting go of the hug.

“I missed you too buddy! I’m just happy we finally get to spend time together like we used to without a million fans screaming around us.” I smiled. “So I have a bunch of videogames set up that we can play, but I’m sure you would like a break from those. I might have some board games that we can play!”

“I’m fine with Video games! I only have about an hour to spend with you though. I have to go record a few videos and then Bob, Wade and I are getting together to do a collab. Busy day!!” He said as he sat on the couch getting comfortable. I nearly dropped the big bowl of chips that I was holding as he spoke. I could feel my heart break a little when what he said sunk in. A small frown formed on my lips as I looked at him, a mix of frustration and sadness setting in.

“What’s wrong?” He stood up taking the chips from me and setting them on the table.

“Nothing. It’s- it’s nothing.” I said with a sigh before moving towards the couch and plopping down onto it.

“Y/N, I have been your friend since we wore diapers. I think I can tell when something is bothering you.” He sat down on the couch next to me, putting his hand on my knee, rubbing his thumb in a tiny circle, something he would do whenever I was in a bad mood when we were younger. This simple thing always managed to make me feel comforted and loved. Except this time it just made me mad. I moved my leg away from him and stood up.

“I haven’t seen you in over 6 months Mark. And I know you are busy, you have over 7 million fans to please, and you know I am nothing but supportive of everything you do. But damn it Mark. We go months without seeing each other and you hardly ever talk to me or stay in contact. And in the rare occasion that we do get to see each other in person it is either at a huge meet and greet where I get shoved out of the way after two seconds of seeing you or you come over and are on your phone the whole time or have to leave after one fucking hour.” I was trying my hardest to hold back the tears that were beginning to well up in my eyes.

“Y/N that’s not fair. You know I can’t help having a busy schedule. It’s my job, my career, and most importantly my passion. If I can spare an hour to see you then god damn it I’m going to see you for that hour. But if an hour is all I can give you, I need you to be okay with that. You have always been the one person who has supported me from the start, always the girl on the sidelines cheering me on and pushing me to not give up whenever I doubted myself. Was that all fake? Were you just saying you supported me to try and spare my feelings? Well you can drop the act now Y/N, because I’m a grown man and I don’t need to have things sugar coated anymore.” Mark stood up, pushing the chips off of the table sending them flying across the floor. He stood a few feet away from me as he spoke, his volume raising more towards the end.

“No that’s- I wasn’t try- UGH! Mark you are missing the point! I wasn’t faking my support and of course I wasn’t trying to spare your feelings, I have always believed in you. I love you Mark, like really, truly love you. I just feel like I’m losing you. Trust me I don’t want to lose you but I can’t keep being dragged by a string in this friendship with you. I’m always going to want to spend more time with you and see you more, but that’s just the thing Mark. I’m always going to want more than a friendship with you and I know you cant spare that time and don’t feel the same and it kills me inside.” At this point I completely gave up on holding back the tears.

“Did… did you just say that you love me?” Marks eyes changed, a new sadness coming over him. I stopped my crying as I realized what I had actually said. I couldn’t believe that I had let that slip, the one thing I had sworn I would never tell him.

“You need to leave. I can’t do this anymore, Mark.” I held the door open for him, but he didn’t move.

“Y/N…” He said, his voice full of desperation.

“Just go Mark.” He did as he was told, not taking his eyes of me, but I refused to look at him. As soon as Mark was outside he turned to try and talk more but I turned away shutting the door before he could say anything else.

I spent the remainder of the day locked away in my bedroom, crying my eyes out. I ignored every phone call from Mark, Bob, Wade and any other friend that tried to talk to me. I had never had so many emotions come crashing down on me all at once. I had accidentally told Mark that I loved him, which was something I swore to myself I would never tell anyone let alone Mark himself. I had been in love with him since we were little. We could never be separated as kids and even as teenagers we were always together. He was always there for me when I had boy problems and always made me feel important in this world, and I was always there to push him forward when he felt like giving up on everything. I was there for him when his parents got a divorce, I was the shoulder for him to cry on when he found out his dad had cancer and was right by his side at the funeral. He had helped me when I got really sick, never leaving my side until my parents kicked him out of the house so that I could go to sleep, even then he always came back first thing in the morning. We separated a little once college came around, I had been going to school for nursing and Mark had gotten deep into his engineering. We still talked on the phone at least twice a week, but once he got pretty serious with one of his girlfriends I had been cut out almost completely. When his mom kicked him out his life almost seemed to be falling apart, I hardly heard from him. The stress of schooling for me and everything else for him caused us to drift even further apart, but that drifting didn’t stop me from loving him. I remember the first time he had called me after nearly a year of not talking, was when he had been living alone in his apartment and in the middle of the night he called asking me for a ride to the hospital. I stayed with him every minute that he was in there. And after that moment we were inseparable again. He was my first love and no matter how many guys I dated I always compared them to Mark. Let’s face it; there is no human on this planet as perfect as him. All of his flaws were perfect to me. And I just kicked him out, kicked him out of my home and my life. I gave up.

The tears never stopped, until my need for sleep forced them to quit. Even then I would wake up every hour after having a dream of Mark, only to cry more. I woke up the next day at about 2 pm feeling as though I had the worst hangover on the planet but without the fun night that always comes before. I sat on my living room floor, curled in a huge blanket and drinking a warm cup of coffee. My phone buzzed once, a notification from youtube popping up. Mark had added a new video, just reading the name made your heart break a little. A Rough Day – Taking A Break.

After watching the video I let out a loud sigh that I didn’t realize I was holding in, running my hand through my hair. I needed to apologize to him, after thinking back through the history that we had together I knew that there was really no other option. No matter how busy he was I would always be the proud cheerleader on the sidelines. And I knew that he needed me in his life just as much as I needed him.

I stood from my spot, grabbing my keys and leaving my apartment immediately, not bothering to do my makeup or hair or even change out of my giant sweater and leggings. I stopped at the store grabbing two giant matching llama stuffed animals, one with a pink bow and the other with a white hat. The checkout guy gave me a strange look as I paid, and ran back out to my car. It’s a good thing I don’t care about other guys. I parked and ran up to his apartment door, staring at it as another wave of emotions crashed over me. I was nervous beyond means, what if he hated me?  I took a deep breath before knocking on the door. I could faintly hear the sound of him shuffling slowly towards the door, causing me to tighten my grip on the two toys.

“Look Wade I already told you I didn’t want to talk about it anymo- Y/N?” He stood in front of me, looking almost as beat up as I did. He was wearing the same shirt from the video he posted but his red eyes and dark circles proved that he had been crying just as much as I had.

“Mark, I…” I started only to be cut off by him hugging me tightly. I dropped the two stuffed animals and wrapped my arms up around his neck, pulling him even closer to me then he already was.

“Y/N I love you, so much.” He whispered, chocking on a small sob as he repeated the five words that had a heavy weight on him. I cried into his shoulder, not wanting to let him go. After a few minutes of us just standing in his doorway hugging, I moved away from him.

“I got you these. I thought they kinda looked like us, you wear hats sometimes and I’m a girl so the pink bow is kinda like me I guess. But Mark, I am so sorry. I never meant to snap like that. I am so proud of how far you have come with youtube and I know that you being busy is such a good thing because you are busy doing the thing that you love. I never want to live a day without you as my best friend.” I said as I handed him the two stuffed animals, wiping away a tear with my sleeve. He hugged them tightly before setting them down.

“Y/N, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have been there for me from the start and have helped me through everything. I love you. I love you as my best friend and I love you as someone who I hope to marry someday. You are allowed to get mad, and you are always allowed to say what is on your mind. Hell since we were kids you never held back on telling me exactly what you thought. That’s one of the things that I love about you. I’m so sorry that I never made time for you because you deserve all of the time in the world. I love you, Y/N..” Mark grabbed my hands, holding them tightly as he spoke.  

“I love you too.” I said. Mark put his hand up to my face, connecting his lips to mine. I had been waiting for this moment my whole life. I moved my hands up to his face, leaving them there for a moment, even after our lips disconnected. I kept my forehead placed against his, my eyes shut as a huge grin crept on my lips.

“God I have waited so long to do that.” Mark said, making me laugh and kiss him again.

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can I have a Peter Parker one shot where you're dating but your relationship is rocky because you feel like you could never compare to live up to Gwen Stacy. so you guys get in an argument and you angrily leave his house. and then you're not answering your phone because it died. so Peter gets really worried and swings to your house and is really upset and says he loves you a lot and could never lose you etc etc? thank you so much!

This is eh, but whatever…

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“Sorry Y/N, Peter is with Gwen again,” Aunt May sighed, placing a small bowl in front of me; apple crumble and vanilla ice cream. Mine (and Peter’s) favourite dessert. “He’s helping her pack up her things for London… He should be home soon…” 

“Thanks, Aunt May,” I smiled weakly up at the older woman, receiving a soft forehead kiss from the woman… A kiss of pity. I began to eat my dessert, scrolling through Instagram on my phone, liking a few throwback graduation photos that my friends had all decided to upload today. I was half-way through reading an exceptionally long caption about a couple who had broken up a few days ago when Peter came crashing through the front door, somehow tripping over his own feet and tumbling to the ground in a giant heap of dorkiness.

“Sorry I’m late!” Peter shot up, rushing towards his bedroom and throwing his backpack inside, reappearing in the kitchen. I took in his disheveled appearance, giving him a small smile before continuing to read the post. 

“Peter! You told me you’d be back over an hour ago,” Aunt May scolded, smacking her nephew lightly on the shoulder, pointing at the spot next to me. “Sit your butt down and apologise to your girlfriend!” Peter did what his aunt ordered, placing his hand over the phone that was scrolling through my phone, halting the action.

“Y/N…” he spoke quietly, almost afraid I was going to explode.

“It’s fine,” I simply shrugged him off, locking my phone and pushing it into the middle of the table, intent on giving my boyfriend my full attention. “It’s nice you offered to help Gwen out…” 

“She’s really excited to go to London,” he perked up at the mention of his friend, immediately digging into his dessert when May placed it infront of him. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of someone until now…” 

I felt my heart break slightly at the comment, blinking my eyes quickly to get rid of the tears that were threatening to form. 

“She deserves everything she’s been given,” I nodded in agreement, struggling to keep my voice steady. “She’s such a bright girl, I’m almost jealous of her.”

I turned slightly in the small twin sized bed, wincing when I felt Peter readjust his arm around my waist, squeezing slightly before relaxing once more. I couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was the comment Peter made before. Honestly, I don’t know why he stays with me if he’s so damn proud of Gwen. 

It’s not like I have anything against her… She’s a lovely girl; she used to help me with my Calculus and Science homework. It was just Peter spent so much time with her, and was always talking about it, it was like those two were in a relationship, and I was the third-wheel… 

“Babe, stop fidgeting,” Peter mumbled into my neck, making me jump in alarm at the sudden noise. 

“Jesus Christ, don’t do that!” I squeaked, sitting up and clutching my chest, my heart racing alarmingly. I slipped out of bed, pulling on the sweatpants I had previously discarded as soon as I had gotten into bed.

“Where are you going?” Peter rolled over so he was lying on his stomach, looking at me with one eye open. 

“I need to get some air,” I hopped around the room pulling my socks on, searching for my combat boots in the messy room. 

“It’s 3:17 in the morning, Y/N,” he groaned, glancing at his phone screen that was lying next to him. “Just get back into bed.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” I huffed, stuffing my arms through one of his jackets, zipping it up over my tank top, sticking my phone into the pocket. “I can’t deal with this anymore…”

“Deal with what?” he pushed himself into a seated position, rubbing his hand over his face to wake himself up. “What’re you on about?” 

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” I pointed an accusing finger at him, making sure to keep my voice down so as to not wake Aunt May. “You spend so much fucking time with Gwen, that you forget your own girlfriend! I could forgive you the first few times, but jesus christ Peter! I don’t have any forgiveness left for this! You put her before me!” 

“She’s my friend,” Peter simply said, staring at me with a confused look on his face, obviously not understanding why I was so pissed off. “I thought you liked Gwen?” 

“It’s not her I have the problem with,” I scoffed, opening the door to his bedroom. 

“What, so you’ve got a problem with me then?” he swung his legs over the side of the bed, bracing himself to get up. 

“Just leave me alone,” I held my hand up when he tried to come closer to me, glancing at the front door. “I need some space, and you’re really not helping me right now… Don’t bother following because you won’t find me.”

I cursed under my breath, rushing across the abandoned street and towards my house, no lights having been left on.

I had been wandering around the city for over an hour now. My phone had died 10 minutes after I had left Peter’s, but I didn’t care enough to go home and charge it. I had finally given up once the chill of the night had become too much, and opted for crashing in my own bed. I still needed some space to figure everything out anyway. 

I unlocked my front door, wincing at the creaking of the wooden floorboards under my feet. I locked it once again, toeing my shoes off at the door and bounding silently up the stairs, slipping wordlessly into my bedroom and locking the door behind me. I discarded my sweats at the door, my keys jingling in the pocket lightly. I put my phone on charge, placing it on my bedside table and watching the bar slowly fill up with battery. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I ran my hands over my face, sighing near silently. 

“I’m sorry,” a soft voice made me jump, letting out a soft but audible squeak at the noise. I looked towards the window, spotting my boyfriend sat patiently on the windowsill, clutching a bundle of freshly picked gerbera’s in his hand.

“How’d you get in here?” I asked, covering my legs with one of the many blankets I kept on my bed.

“You always keep your window open,” he shrugged, shuffling towards the bed and kneeling down in front of me, holding the flower bundle up towards me, covering his pout face. “You always said these made you the happiest…” I wordlessly took the bundle from his, sniffing it softly, smiling at the scent. “I’m really sorry I’ve been putting you second… I’ve known Gwen my whole life, so it’s weird for me to see her go… But that’s no excuse for what I’ve been doing to you…” 

“I… I’m sorry for what I said,” I sighed softly, placing the bundle next to me on the bed, wringing my hands nervously in front of me. “I shouldn’t have gone off at you like I did..” 

“You had every right,” Peter shook his head, placing his hands on my thighs and rubbing softly, warming up the bare skin. “I was going to stay home and give you space, but when you weren’t picking up your phone… I thought something had happened to you…”

“My phone died,” I bit my lip, knowing exactly why he immediately jumped to that conclusion. “I’m sorry for making you worry…” 

“We just keep apologising for everything, don’t we,” he chuckled, leaning forward until his head was resting on my lap, my fingers automatically going to run through his windswept hair. “I love you so much, Y/N… I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you…” 

“I love you too, Peter,” I smiled softly, tugging on his hair until he lifted his head, his eyes trained on my face. “Just promise me you won’t forget about me anymore…”

“I promise, babe. You’re the only one for me…”