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Told Ya

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Pairing: None

Warnings: None, just fluffy humor

Word Count: 1,022

Summary: What happens when Reader gets curious about Sam’s green smoothie? Hilarity ensues, that’s what.

A/N: I kept the reader as neutral as possible – MJ can be interpreted as any gender, in any ship you prefer. Special thanks to @jerkbitchidjitassbutt for her advice and expertise (love you, girl!).

The Impala cruised along, effortlessly gliding over the long, dark stretch of highway. The radio was off and conversation had long since dwindled, leaving nothing but the familiar soothing, throaty growl of the engine to lull you into a state of blissful relaxation. You stretched your battle-weary limbs and reclined across the length of the backseat. Dean remained intently focused on the road, while Sam gazed out the window as he sipped contentedly on… something. What is that? you wondered. You hadn’t even noticed the cup in his hand until now. Where did he even get that? The contents looked like pureed Martian, but Sam seemed to be enjoying it. You were intrigued…

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Tied Up - Ashton Irwin Smut

this is so cliché but oh well


In which Ashton and Y/N decides to try new things out


800ish words

He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her. His hands were tied behind his back and he wasn’t used to this kind of situation. He was used to being dominant, taking what he desired. It was her idea, to try something new. She tried to talk him into this for months and in the end she managed to get him to agree with the promise of doing whatever he wanted to do sexually for the next two weeks.

Outside the window the cold wind was blowing but a fire was starting in Y/N’s heart. Even though she was nervous she knew she could do this! She was waiting for this for months was’t she? She took a step closer to her boyfriend Ashton, she could she that he was fidgeting in his seat, she cracked a smile. He’s always been impatient. Same old Ash.

“Couldn’t wait a bit longer for me daddy?”

“How can i when you tied me up in this fucking chair and went to god knows where.”

“Be patient daddy we have a long night ahead of us.” Y/N said as she winked at him. She was wearing her favourite black lingerie and frankly, she was feeling sexy. She knew she could have any man on his knees if she wanted to.

She slowly undid his pants and licked his cock over his briefs.

“Ugh babygirl don’t tease.”

“This is my night daddy i can do whatever i want don’t forget that you agreed to it.” Y/N was struggling with taking his jeans off as she said this. His jeans were already so tight and he wasn’t helping a bit.

Y/N kept teasing ashton, she licked and played with his cock but never put it in her mouth. She was angering Ashton and she knew it.

“This is the last time i’m telling you this Y/N stop. teasing.”

“But daddyyy it’s too much fun.” she dragged out as she dragged her lips along his shaft.

“oh you’ll see about fun real soon princess.” Ashton said as he broke free of restraints. He quickly grabbed the smaller girl and threw her on the bed.

“Ass up. Hurry up. Daddy is angry. Every second you waste your punishment will get worse princess.”

Upon hearing this Y/N didn’t waste any time and turned around so her ass was in the air. She knew what was coming.

“Count out loud baby girl so daddy can hear.” he commended.

“One” she muttered as she tried to register how the tables have turned.

“Louder or i will start off from beggining.” she knew he was bluffing. He was way to hard to wait. And that’s exactly what he did. He usually spanked her at least ten times but he just couldn’t take it this time. Five would have to do he thought. He was surprised he could even think straight when he had this big ass erection that was waiting to be taken care off.

“That’s it baby daddy’s going to fuck you so good now are you ready?”

“Yes daddy please, please fuck me.” Y/N pleaded, she was far from her state when this all started. She was calm yet nervous now she was wild and she couldn’t take waiting more than a second.

Ashton reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a condom. He quickly put it on and threw the packaging away. Before thrusting into her, Ashton checked whether she was wet enough for him and to find her dripping he was more than pleased. He ran his cock up and down her pussy a few times before thrusting in. He was already thrusting fairly fast but when Y/N moaned “ ashton please faster… harder..” he spanked her ass once and said “that’s not the proper way to address daddy now is it?” and started thrusting harder and faster. By now she was screaming and moaning. She was trying to hold onto something, she finally held onto the bed frame to keep stable.

“Daddyyy;!;! Daddy i’m cumming!!”

“Me too baby me too. i’ll count to three and we’ll cum together ok? one two three cum! Cum for daddy!!”

After their intense orgasms they cuddled up together,Y/N was almost asleep when she heard Ashton say

“Tsk tsk princess you still haven’t learned how to tie a proper knot next time you should be more careful.”

“Next time? There will be a next time?” she asked hopefully.

“Well i mean i enjoyed it and it seams like you did too so why not?” ;)

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