i struggled to make this look good tbh

Love Yourself

WARNING - self doubt , assholes degrading the reader . 

Request - Thank you so much @melconnor2007 for the request . I hope you like it . 

Hi I was wondering if you could do a one shot requests on Bucky, something along the lines the reader and Bucky have been dating for ages, but she’s struggling with being happy about the way she looks, when she over hears some other agents or people talking about how good looking Bucky is and how muscles he is, then they start saying how the reader isn’t pretty enough to be dating Bucky, and she gets upset locking herself in her room, and Bucky breaks in and is reassuring telling her how pretty she is and how much he loves her and it’s really fluffy if that makes any sense please 

A/N- This wasn’t easy to write . For the first time , I started with a blank page thrice . Tbh , there was a time I felt like this but I no more do . I don’t give shit about people think about the way I look . I like myself and that is all that matters . I don’t like people who choose to like or not like me over superficial things like appearances . So I am open to anyone who wants to speak with me . I want you to make yourself feel better . And one day I hope you realise that you are  beautiful . I LOVE YOU 

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HERE! Have a heartwarming scene of Bruno and Dad Viktor! This takes place after episode 7. Like what I expected, they didn’t include this scene in the anime! In exchange for that, Viktor indeed looks like a cold dad! XD Actually in the manga, he chose all of them to help him with his work. Heine then worries that the presence of his four sons will distract Viktor so he only let Bruno and Leonhardt join him. Anyway, I think deleting that scene is a good move in a way too. They did a good job in making Bruno’s struggle looks miserable. That he’s jealous and wants to be acknowledge so badly, that’s why he works hard. Tbh I like this side of Bruno very much. Its so human. 

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Last anon asked about charliemac fics but I was wondering if u could recommend some good macdennis smut fics.. I'm new to the community and have been having a hard time finding good fics that aren't extremely fluffy and pointless (imo)

Hi! First, if you haven’t already, I recommend looking through my macdennis fic rec list (most of them are smutty lmao): https://softdennis.tumblr.com/post/157806018866/fics-are-my-absolute-favorite-type-of-fanwork-and

Some of my other (smutty) faves not included on the fic rec list include:

http://archiveofourown.org/works/9673793/chapters/21850688 (multichapter, this one blows my mind because it finished up around the same time as s12, and the ending was much more satisfying)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/9944423/chapters/22259762 (multichapter, i recently read this one and it nearly made me cry it was so good. it has one of the most realistic macden smut scenes i’ve ever read)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2366606 (oneshot, features dennis wearing lip gloss wow)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2769356 (oneshot, listen… i am no stranger to reading pwp in public but this one made me blush)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5841871 (oneshot, i had to include a fic featuring mac struggling with his faith)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/10202225 (oneshot, the ending to “the gang tends bar” that we deserved tbh)

Okay! Encouraged by some unnamed person, I’m going to try a little expression exercise

Please take a look at this and send me which one you want to see first (or just reply to this post or whatever). Specify Anna or Kristoff pls 🙏🙏 *the link is SFW but suggestive in nature*

Hopefully I can make my way through all of them over the next few days (weeks?) and then I’ll post them all together at the end.

Riverdale premiere ep opinions!

- Archie is hella atrractive DAMN KJ APA but anyway
- I LOVE that Betty and Veronica are obviously choosing their friendship over the future love triangle. They always did, in the classic comics. Friendship >>> boys YES PLS
- I love Kevin Keller. I love that they were obviously focusing on his friendship with Veronica as well, since they do have that in the comics too.
- The whole Archie x Ms. Grundy thing is still so OFF UGH SHE FREAKIN’ HAD WHITE HAIR IN THE COMICS OK but at least the show seems to be showing that they both had regrets with what they did over the summer JUST CAN WE PLS END THIS WHOLE ARCHIE x MS GRUNDY THING ALREADY
- It’s kind of weird not seeing Hiram Lodge but let’s see what they do with this whole fraud and embezzlement thing
- I already love Veronica’s relationship with her Mom
- Cheryl Blossom being as Queen B as always like in the comics, Madelaine was great
- Cheryl-Veronica interactions were awesome too, YES QUEENS
- The Pussycats were ROCKIN’ and I love them and need more of them in next eps pls show pls
- I also see that split second of Valerie checking Archie out (a hint to their relationship in the comics, maybe?)
- Looking forward to seeing what Archie does with his music
- Reggie was spot on Reggie, Ross Butler doing a good job with that
- Tbh? Show!Veronica (so far) >>> comic!Veronica
- This version of Ronnie seems to have more heart? At least, that’s what it looks like in the first ep
- I already see the parent struggles from the main characters, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens there
- SHOW U BETTER NOT DESTROY THE BUDDING BETTY-VERONICA FRIENDSHIP OK like I know the whole triangle thing is inevitable but at least just make it happen in a way that their friendship wouldn’t suffer because of that
- I’m curious to see what happens with Jason
- (I see the subtle hints of twincest with Cheryl tho and idk if I’m down with that)
- I’m going to be honest, I ship Archie and Betty HARDCORE in the comics (classic and reboot) but here in the show, while I still do, I would want them to work out themselves first before actually getting together
- And I think I like the comic reboot dynamic of ArchiexBetty better? Idk, I’m just really a big fan of the The Lipstick Incident. I hope the show finds some way to incorporate that.
- Oh and also

All in all, judging from just the first ep, the show needs a lot to work on, but it’s not completely a lost cause. It had its ups and downs, but I’m definitely going to watch the next ep to see what happens. From a comic fan like me, both of the classics and the reboot, it’s alright. It doesn’t have that comedy appeal like the classics, nor that slice-of-life appeal like the reboot. But it’s leaning towards Archie’s Weird Mysteries, and I love the modern take to an already established franchise. Always welcome new twists to Archie’s universe. So yep, I give this a 7/10!


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I feel the need to explain how most endorsements work. So, endorsements are great because generally labels don't get a large percentage of it but that being said managers of artists tend to set them up and get a bigger percentage. The money given for ads is typically a large sum to have the rights to play the ad as much as they desire. (Think of it like buying a movie, one purchase and endless plays.) It's good but doesn't mean millions. (1/2)

+ I’m not saying doing endorsements is bad, but it’s not a huge sign of success. There are many celebrity endorsements from people who are struggling financially, it’s more a surprise bonus than something to make a career with. Also, for the buying followers question, a lot of entertainment businesses look at follower counts in business deals now. Odd, but true. (2/2)

i see them as being good for the gp, but i also just like them because they’re fun tbh. like it was cool getting photoshoots and a theme song and whatnot with the girls’ candies endorsement. as for the followers thing, i guess i get that businesses would look at that, but i just think the idea of faking supporters is weird.


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hey i was just wondering if you'd ever consider doing a tutorial on coloring? i really really love painty styles like yours and ive wanted to start coloring my stuff similarly but i can just never seem to get the hang of it. if you don't want to though thats fine!! your art is bomb af and i hope you have an awesome day/night!

hey! iv gotten asks like this before and i thought id actually get my lazy ass up and try to do some Explaining (though im prolly not the best person to ask. im flattered though!)

anyway. SO iv had such a history with the “painty” digital style because i was alot like you where i also loved the really like, “one layer fuck me up” look but unfortunately with this style, it is probably the most tedious way to paint with a digital program. (i use paint tool sai)

generally, the most important thing i found was brush settings and colors. with painted pieces try to stay away from blacks and browns and low saturated colors because for alot of my early stuff i tended to do that. also the way you paint is important. confident strokes and not over blending can really save a piece. mostly my brushes on sai are high density low blending. i know this is all general stuff, but honestly its so important bc it took me MONTHS to figure this out. also try not to overthink a piece, cause thats how iv gotten the best works out. being loose and just doing what feels right with lighting and composition can help the art from looking stiff or overworked. 

knowing when to stop is also important too. with “painty” pieces you dont want the whole thing to look like that, otherwise theres just to much going on and again, might look overworked.

i also use easily like, 5 refs at a time when really painting a piece. so thats something. dont be afraid to use the weirdest refs if you think it will help with even the tiniest bit of the piece. (lighting on a cheek? like the way that one guys nose looks? use it.)

besides from all of this, PRACTICE is the most most most vital thing for this style. heres a really early piece i did from i think a year ago?

YIKES. i mean jeez, i could go on with why this is.. bad looking, alot of which is because its lacking what i just mentioned earlier. lets compare with a recent-ish piece i did-

i mean, thats a huge jump when it comes to how my style has evolved this past year. but it was hard. really hard, and it can be really discouraging at times because it was difficult for me to get down how to make it look “right”. (and i still struggle with that alot!! trust me!!!) but yeah to sum everything up, just keep working at it because practice, more than ANYTHING, will let you learn how to “feel” where to put colors, composition, lighting, etc. good luck!!

(last thing– i look at oil painters for inspo alot, so for some good ones that have amazing brush strokes check out j.c. leyendecker, norman rockwell, any saturday evening post artists tbh)

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How do you get so many notes, when your artwork barely has at effort or any intricate details in it while I struggled trying to get notes on hard work that looks actually like something rather than just lines and random squiggly lines??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Effort and time does not equal good artwork, so you need to get past that idea. Every drawing, even the most detailed, is made up of lines and squiggles so w/e. Tbh my shit may be simple but I put a lot of effort into making a composed and balanced image, which takes a lot of thought and skill.

Also I’m making artwork because it’s fun, why are you? For notes? For recognition? There’s no point in you trying to tear me down to lift yourself up bc 1) I don’t care about your opinion, who are you even 2) if you aren’t succeeding as an artist it’s because Your work probably isn’t interesting or good, not bc the public is too stupid to see You’re truly the skilled one, like get a grip. ✌️

ok so like

im doing volunteer work this weekend for my old dance academy. everyone there knows me, even people that i don’t know. they all know who i am because i used to be one of the most advanced dancers in the whole school

and today a grandmother of a little girl who i think is cool tbh came up to me and asked me if i missed dancing and when i said yes she said “good. you were really really good. you danced so beautifully” and then before i walked away she told me that i was such a good role model. she emphasized this. she told me her granddaughter looked up to me so much

i didn’t even know this woman, you know??

i almost started crying it was the best feeling in the world. it makes me feel good about myself.

i am dirt poor and i struggle with my weight and my confidence but i am a role model and i think if i never accomplish anything else in life, its worth it to know that people i don’t even know think so highly of me. that i’ve made that sort of impact on someone. im so blessed.