i struggled so much on this piece

This is for you.
For the days when you feel like,
there is nothing left for you to feel,
As though the whole universe had come together
To conspire against you
And take away all that’s left of you.

For the nights when you feel
Heavy and restless
From the weight of your eyelids
that has seen too much.
Entertaining the repetitive dialogues
in your head that never ceases.

You live your life
with a series of misunderstandings
And the concept of happiness
has never seem so
foreign to you.

This is for you.

You struggle to find meaning;
Any purpose or reasons to
live this life for one more day
When it hurts most to even breathe.

But darling,
I promise you that one day
The universe will be kinder and
You will find so much love that
You shall be whole again.

Those days you spent in the dark;
The nights that consumed you whole
And the mornings that arrived late in pieces
reflects nothing but your courage
to carry on, to travel further.

This is for you.

One day,
The warm sun will rise and
days will no longer seem dull and long.
The hurt will be over.
You will lustre.

You will be okay.

—  fhlvx 

season 3 of skam was the most authentic, well-written piece of media i’ve seen probably ever. experiencing it in real time was like reading your favourite book, one you didn’t want to put down the first time you read; one you’ve re-read countless times and dog-eared, highlited, and scribbled in so much it’s almost intelligible. 

season 3 taught me what it was like to see myself in someone else’s eyes through mainstream television. being gay is one of the hardest struggles i’ve ever faced, doubled with the burden of being trans. whilst season 3 doesn’t necessarily touch basis on the aforementioned, it sheds light on the lgbtq+ community as a whole, something we can all take from, straight or queer.

being pansexual and seeing straight cis boys discussing my sexuality like it’s not some made up, tumblr bullshit thing is so rewarding. hearing about bipolar disorder and how ugly it can be, how love doesn’t save you but the promise of a future certainly will is so rewarding. how depression isn’t fun or pretty and often leaves a sour taste in your mouth, something your lover will never rescue you from is so rewarding. seeing that, so raw and tender laid out in front of me, is something i’ll never forget, near into the future. mania is scary. mania is awful and ugly and pulses through your veins and bruises your skin. mania is manageable, though, and i never thought i’d see such split open love for queer, mentally ill people.

season 3 of skam was a ride. one that made my stomach sink and my heart twist and bend. one i didn’t want to get off of. the acting was the most phenomenal display of tangible emotion, and i quickly got addicted and sucked into it. 

isak valtersen is one of the most developed characters i’ve had the pleasure of seeing. he’s flawed and ripped at the edges, but he’s also kind and caring and loyal. watching him go from a snotty, slightly misogynistic 15 year old boy blinded by love for his best friend to an out 17 year old living with his boyfriend and tackling the future for himself, his partner, and his friends was a wonderful experience.

gullruten or not, tarjei sandvik moe and his character isak valtersen are everything in my eyes.

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Can you do a top 5 Haikyuu characters with the saddest or emotional backstory? The ones that really pulled at your heart strings and made want to cuddle them forever? At least so far in the story. Thanks!

Top 5 tragic (or not so tragic) backstories of haikyuu characters?

1. Oikawa. His backstory taught me a lesson that will stay forever with me. It taught me that’s it’s ok to be afraid, that’s it’s natural to feel despair when you’ve always been on top and suddenly other people start to catch up on you. It taught me that the only way to go on is to keep fighting. It taught me that’s ok to fail, but never to give up. Oikawa is such an inspiring character who went through so much, and hides everything behind his perfect facade. His backstory of struggles and his self awareness journey towards the realization that he’s not a genius, that being surpassed is not a possibility but it’s already his reality made him incredibly human and gave his character a force to be reckoned with. He will never stop trying to make the flower of his talent bloom again, again and again. It made me feel…so much. I love Oikawa, in all his fragile, flawed, indomitable self (ಥ﹏ಥ)

2. Tendou. *slams fist on the wall* WHO DARED TO HURT MY BABY TENDOU??? His flashback broke my heart in so many pieces. Those kids were so mean to him, calling him a monster just because he was different? He was just a little child who wanted to have fun and play volleyball…I’m so proud of how he turned his pain into his ultimate weapon (and kicked so many asses with it)

Originally posted by taejiwoo

3. Kageyama. More than his backstory as a kid, what hurt me was his time in junior high. When he arrived to Karasuno, Kageyama was like a hurt wild animal, so aggressive just because he was trying to desperately protect himself. He never had a true supportive team and was convinced that he always had to do everything by himself. He was ostracized, made fun of and abandoned, by his teammates and by the only guidance he ever looked up to. And now here we have him, our beautiful blueberry who learned to trust and to rely on others and who’s constantly improving to be the best setter possible, to his favorite spiker and to the rest of the team. He’s finally home, and that’s beautiful

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4. Tsukishima. Eh, another pretty painful one that explained us why the Tsukki that we know is like he is. The contrast between his little self and his older self is heartbreaking. He was a still cocky but very happy little kid…who was lied to all that time. The sport that his beloved brother introduced him to now is just a constant reminder of the pain and anger he suffered. But still, he kept playing, even if…“It’s just a club”. These were all the elements we needed to appreciate the moment he was hooked on volleyball to the fullest :’) I’m so proud of Tsukki, his character development is one of my favorites.  

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5. Ushijima. “The fact that he’s different from other people, will probably end up being his strength”. This was just a calming and comforting backstory, I loved Ushijima’s dad so much, he was really sweet. First of all, refusing to correct his left handiness was an incredible gesture of love (as a left-handed person, I relate so much), he never pressured him to become a volleyball player, and yet Ushijima did, he joined a strong team, he faced so many opponents that made him stronger, became the ace his father admired so much, he liked volleyball, and he made his dad happy. This is such an perfect (and unexpected) backstory for him. 

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That being said, I’m dying everyday waiting for Bokuto’s backstory. I’m ready for the pain Furudate, slay me. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

I am forgotten birthdays
and missed phone calls
and I’m sorry,
please forgive me,
I am so fucking sorry.

I am the spaces between sidewalks,
and body parts,
and people who get too close.
Please don’t get too close.

I am shards of glass,
and broken people,
and transparent tape struggling
to put each piece back together.

I am shattered mirrors,
and muted screams,
and silent cries under muffling fingers
desperately trying to keep the gasps in.

I am struggling to breathe,
and please hold me,
and don’t fucking touch me,
just leave me.

I am a mess,
and too much work,
and so easy to walk away from.
Sometimes I wish I was someone
I could walk away from.

—  I am a glowing Halo with a black shadow and sometimes all I can see is the dark.

I struggle so much with actually allowing myself to care deeply for ppl. I tend to lock my heart away immediately when I meet someone I share a connection with n tell myself to not get too attached. I think its bc I’ve moved so much n usually everyone eventually leaves me 

I think that the main issue with m/m fans, many of most who are straight female fans, aren’t looking for anything but cute boys who like each other. There’s trashy romance novels for that. Or other overly tragic gay media. But real representative LBGT+ media, real positive media that show LGBT+ characters aren’t defined by or simply there to be gay and have other storylines behind them are so much more important. Yes there’s “the gay struggle” so many of us face but that’s not all that defines us and we deserve media that does more than that. That’s why seeing fans reduce such healthy representative media to “I’m just waiting for those cute boys to kiss” hurts so much.

Also, here’s a blushy Yuuri I did a couple weeks back, which I actually really like now! ( ´ ▽ ` )

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i've been wondering a lot about hoseok and his dance background lately. do you know when he started dancing, what style he started with and which style of dance he has most experience with? also what dance style would you classify boy meets evil as? (sidenote: dance style of lie?) i'm bombarding you bc i know you have some experience in dancing haha sorry 1/ ~F

Also, I often see people saying that hoseok’s only good at street dance/popping and isn’t a versatile dancer (often when they compare him to jimin) but im just???? Yeah it’s true that hoseok hasn’t shown as wide a range of styles as jimin has but that doesn’t mean he’s not a versatile dancer??? 2/ ~F

Sometimes (esp during group dances), he doesn’t show his full potential; however, you can’t say that it’s his limit because he’s not /trying/ to outshine the others. Similar to that, if he isn’t showing you the whole range of dances he can perform, how can you say he’s bad? (I feel like this analogy is confusing. Feel free to ignore rip) Also, were these people sleeping during the spring day choreo or… ???? 3/ ~F

ANON you will not believe the noise i just made when i saw these messages in my inbox !!!!! i’d love to answer your questions fpasdlgh. just a heads up that this is gonna be long; i’m sorry, i talk a lot and don’t know when to shut up & also like listening to my own (metaphorical) voice too much sometimes

1. hoseok’s been dancing since freshman (?) year of high school and started out with street (x) while this is a considered a short time for professional dancers, i’m only exposed to classical art forms, so i’m unsure how that factors into this style (´~`ヾ) and yes, that means this is the base of his technique !

2. i would classify BME as 100% hip hop/street. although they can be seen as widely different genres, it’s a popular style that’s taken off these past few years in the dance community. it’s got street elements in it, but it’s more controlled, more polished. (also: yeah idk what “lie” is………..urban lyrical pseudo contemporary with modern influences?????????? lmao at this point hip hop has grown so much i’d just call it that)

3. fam i’m in the same boat as you! hoseok is a very versatile dancer :o he can adapt to many different styles, given that they’re not asking him to start doing fouettes or something.

  • his main style
  • a subgenre of street called “bounce” although they are both “street”, each subgenre is really different from each other & it’s not easy to pick one up. here, you can see the difference between hoseok and jimin during practice. hoseok goes deeper, lower, lighter, smoother, etc. his arms come up to near his chin when he lunges to the front & there’s no part of the combo where he’s simply arrived @ a position and then stays there; he’s always moving, always milking every step, always engaged 
  • butterfly here, his musically is really strong bc he utilizes every part of his body in order to fill up the counts. you can really see the movement going thru every single muscle: the way his chest caves in, the shoulders, the hands, his head, the fluidity of his arms. as a dancer, you want every single action to be deliberate. you need control of even your fingers in order to constantly extend energy outwards, and hoseok takes that into account
  • arirang medley
  • perfect man (aka my life) is killer bc of the required speed/stamina; there is no break in this piece. if you get off you can’t get back in lmao and you can clearly see some members struggling with to stay on time with the footwork
  • am i wrong
  • spring day i 100% agree with what you’re saying about this piece !!!! there is so much going on here, and after watching all the individual fancams i wanna say that both he and jimin are the ones who shine the most consistently thru the entire dance.

    the slide to the ground? hoseok jumps the highest, gets the most airtime. the roll up from the floor? he really pushes himself and utilizes his back flexibility & holds his core in order to make sure that his head is the last thing that comes up. i was pleasantly surprised to see him tackle this choreography, esp the move i just mentioned, just to see how he’d do. he really pushed himself with this piece, and i’m glad he got the chance to grow as a dancer; probably with help from jimin, as this is more his department.

    the only qualm i have with him is during the wedge part where their left legs are going in & out, he needs to start pulling his left side over more …… he’s no longer square by like? the second step out n his ribs are reallllly swinging open fpfahdgt it’s kinda bothering me lol CLOSE UR RIBCAGE HOSEOK !!!!! i know u can do it

despite all of these pieces being different styles, you can tell that hoseok constantly strives to take the extra step above & beyond. he’s always looking for places where he can add Something More to the piece, even when it’s not given explicitly in the choreography. he gives it his All in hype dances, and that’s what made him stand out to me from the rest.

4. yes yes yes yes yes,,,, thank you for pointing that out! some people shit on hoseok’s dance king title because he doesn’t seem to stick out during groupwork and i’m here to tell you that 1) that’s utter bullshit lmao go ahead and watch all the solo fancams i assure you that he is Up There (debatable for certain dances, but he holds top 1 for fire & bst, no question) and 2) he might not go full out bc he’s dancing in a group.

what some fans forget is that he is part of a group, and the whole point when you’re part of a group is that you “take one for the team” and don’t treat it like a solo; you’re not supposed to stick out. even dance line 2.0 (namjin) don’t draw negative attention bc they bust their asses in order to keep up with the rest of the group !!!!!! BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STICK OUT !!!!!

the whole point is that ur a cohesive unit doing one thing !!!!!!!!!!! you’re supposed to look the same !!!!!!! like…………if you’re really on balance during a performance, you’re not going to do six pirouettes. you finish the double like the rest of the corps, and you book it to your next step. groups thrive in unity, and if you can’t even give that up in order to get your limelight, then i’m sorry: you don’t deserve a solo.

this is why professionals always start out in the corps to prove that they can work well with others, handle the roles given to them, dance as a collective, and then use their work ethic/diligence to stand out during classes & rehearsals to show the artistic director that they’re ready to be promoted to a higher ranking. you demonstrate that you can handle a group environment before anything else 

hoseok doesn’t outshine the others because that’s not his job, and that is not what he is there to do. he is purposefully coexisting with the group in order to make the dance look & feel cleaner

5. kinda going off the fourth point: i agree, once again. he still showcases that he’s pushing himself, but not to the point where he purposely outshines the others. the discipline that comes with purposeful restraint is often overlooked, and i would never slander a dancer for doing so. if i know how far someone’s able to go, i can also appreciate how far they reign themselves in.

ofc, there’s the rare moment when hoseok Really lets loose like the iconic extended choreo for fire during MAMA 16 and you can see how much farther/harder/faster/stronger/full out he’s going compared to the rest of the group. there was a comment that remarked how he made the rest of bts look like his backup dancers, and i can’t agree more. lol i ain’t even biased, just watch from 4:43 onward.

when he jumps, he jumps higher than the others. when he turns his knees in, his feet are spread farther apart than the rest of the members, even though the choreo is fast and the wider your stance is, the slower you’re able to move. he makes every step clear. it’s precise, it’s sharp. his arms move quick, but they hit every position. there is no perceived rush that comes with not knowing what’s coming next or being late

the usage of his head, the ability to go move so fast but still remain fluid (rolling through his chest, loose shoulders, placed arms), jumping farther, traveling more, generally taking up more space than the others w his limbs, making things look incredibly energetic, are all key factors that put him up on another level. yes, someone can move their head, but hoseok moves it further, yes, someone can kick their leg out, but hoseok kicks his further (even so that it’s no longer within his center of balance, and i genuinely fear for him)

not to mention!!! 9 minutes into killer choreography and he is still slaying the facials. his charisma is off the charts, and it’s clear that he’s having so much fun???? he engages the audience with his expressions & isn’t afraid to use it to work the crowd, which is something i’m missing from others bc (as with all dancers) they sometimes get caught up too much with technique instead of performance. also his stage-to-audience connection is Insane. it’s so hard to do it right w/o looking like you’re staring someone down or alienating them, so basically

the ability to keep up/go beyond with fast choreo while also making it engaging thru stage presence is incredibly difficult and is another factor that puts hoseok above the rest of bts in dance

Addicted || c.h

i hear you xx

I M A G I N E 

“I need to get those strings replaced by tomorrow for the performance at SiriusXM,” you heard Calum’s voice in the distance. You were still in bed, with nothing more but your underwear and Calum’s ‘Maine’ shirt. It’s silky garment loosely hung on your body, with his aroma emanating from it. Stretching out your body, you drag your legs over the bed and slowly find the ground. Your toes touch the cold ground, having your body react with millions of goosebumps. 

“It’ll be in the morning, so you have to get those strings done like right now.” Your tired body trudges itself out of the bedroom, going down the hallway that led to the living room. Covering your mouth to release a yawn, you found yourself at the counter of the hotel room’s kitchen. There, you found Calum Hood on the phone. 

He had yet to notice you, allowing you to check him out. He was wearing one of his usual black skinny jeans, hugging his thighs and calves beautifully. His feet were swallowed by the pair of black vans you bought him just before the tour began. Your eyes darted up to his torso, seeing him wearing his ‘Santa Cruz’ tank top. It showed off his muscles, having you bite your bottom lip from such adoration of his strong body. 

You then noticed his black cap sat on the counter, collecting dust. Putting it on your head, you smiled and decided to get closer to Calum. His back was still towards you as he continuously spoke on the phone. But, looking over his shoulder, you noticed him scrambling some eggs. You inhaled through your nose to also smell toast from the toaster, having you smile softly at the Maori boy. 

He was making you breakfast. 

You walked closer to him, your feet quietly treading on the cold floor. Pulling at the hem of his shirt, he turned to you and gave you a delighted smile. He mouthed a ‘good morning’ to you before pressing his plump lips against your forehead. They were so soft and full of love before he slowly detached. 

“Oh, Ashton also needs a new pair of drums,” Calum spoke, his voice still raspy from exhaustion. He looked down at you with a big smile, always excited to see you. Even when he’s busy, he always uses some of his time to set his eyes on you. It was almost a necessity, as he needed to reassure himself that you were real and you were his. “What’s the plan to get all these things here by tonight– and if not, before the performance tomorrow?” 

As the voice in the phone spoke, Calum used his large hand to cover the microphone. With his free hand, he grabbed the beak of the hat and slid it around your head so it was now in the back. You giggled, having Calum smile more before planting his lips on yours. His hand dropped down and wrapped around your waist, holding you closer to him. Your hands were pressed against his chest as you hungrily kissed your boyfriend. 

“Sounds good, actually,” Calum quickly left your lips to speak. As he began to talk again, you allowed yourself to leave kisses against Calum’s toned neck. You felt a little light headed when you took in his scent, having yourself want him even more. Your lips gently left trails of kisses all over his neck as he spoke on the phone, feeling the vibrations of his voice against your tender lips. Calum had to bite down on his bottom lip, becoming fixed on your love. 

“Y/N?” Calum asked, having you look up at him with confusion. He gave you a grin, letting out a silent chuckle. “She’s good.” As he said that, his free hand swiftly went into your pants, giving your right butt cheek a squeeze. You squealed from the sudden motion, having Calum laugh at you. “She’s actually coming to the performance as well.” His fingers felt the goosebumps forming on your ass, having you flush as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You looked up, looking into Calum;s fascinated eyes as he spoke on the phone. 

“Y/N goes everywhere with me,” Calum said confidently, looking down at you wistfully. “I don’t think I can go anywhere if she isn’t coming with me. Leaving her home was not an option for me. Even taking her on tour wasn’t enough for me. She has to go anywhere I go, no matter what. I can only handle being apart from her for so long until it drives me crazy. I’m addicted to her– I just love her too much.” Your heart skipped beats, having you bury your face in his chest so he didn’t see your immense blush. Calum laughed, his hand leaving your butt to rub your back lovingly. 

“Fuck off, I’m mushy and I’m proud,” Calum humors, having you giggle before Calum gently detaches you from him to tend to breakfast. The toast jumped out the toaster as Calum turned off the stove. You helped, grabbing the hot pieces of toast and placing them gently on the glass plate laid out. You watch as Calum struggles to get the eggs on the other plate. You quickly come to his assistance, taking a fork to take off the eggs from the pan Calum was holding up for you. Finishing, Calum unplugs the toaster and puts the pan in the sink. 

“Okay, when you have a girlfriend like Y/N, come back to me,” Calum says with a smile as he joins you at the counter. You had the butter already out, smearing some on a piece of toast before offering it to Calum. “Also, that means try to get a girl like Y/N, not to actually take her from me. I’d have to fight you in a duel. Anyways, I have to eat, so I’ll call you when I head out to the meeting. Bye.” Hanging up, Calum quickly takes a bite of the toast and smiles. 

“Hi,” you whispered, smiling up at your boyfriend. Calum’s almond eyes gleam as they stare into yours. 

“Hi,” Calum says, before leaning in to give you a kiss full of bread crumbs. 


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you're my inspiration dude...your art is amazing...!! may i ask for one piece of advice, if it's not much trouble? what would you say to someone who's struggling with their own art and feels somehow disheartened because they have the feeling the undertale hype died long ago and so they think they won't have any chance to ever join the 'fandom veterans'?

Aw thank you. I’m really glad you like my stuff and you can find inspiration for yourself in it.
Fandoms come and go as interests wax and wane. Undertale still has a lot of people currently with it! I feel like it will for a long time because the game and music is that great.

As for advice from me personally about this subject, I don’t think this is a good perspective to take. I like to think:

Be like Zed. Zed is the best. Zed knows it’s about the art. >:V

This perspective focuses too much on popularity for me. The focus on getting noticed can be very toxic.
Being popular is never good enough, there will always be someone more popular than you.
Being the best at what you do is not good enough, there will always be someone better than you.
Jealousy can run through you like a poison. It can sap all the motivation out of you as you focus more on the greatness of others instead of the greatness in yourself.

I think it’s better to just worry about your art and what you love to make. Why you love to make it. You make more and you improve more that way.
Popularity is based on a lot of luck and a lot of time put into what you do.
People will notice as you go. There does not have to be a lot of them! There will always be people who will notice and love what you do. You are a veteran to someone. That should always be enough.

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I have so much love and respect for you for making an Ace art blog and being really clear that you're sticking to that, even with all the pressure from ignorant people saying that life is incomplete without sex, just... Finding this blog made my day? And your art is so awesome as well like, WOW how did you make talking shapes look so beautiful. Thank you for existing.❤️

Honestly, messages like these make my day every time I get them. I honestly do get a LOT of hate for the type of blog I run, but with so many people cheering me on and with so much love for my asexual dorito fiances, it really makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much, all of you, for being amazing, wonderful people.

All 1,403 of you.

holy flapjacks wait when did this happEN

What Nightmares May Come

A/N: Don’t kill me for this, but I keep getting stuck on what Cassian said to Nesta, you know the moment that was ripping every nessian shipper’s heart out. So I wrote a thing. You know to get it out there and maybe, just maybe, stop obsessing about it.

- - - - - - -

She just needed one additional candidate. If she was honest with herself, she was holding out for the perfect candidate, someone like her. For as long as Nesta could remember she had two dreams just two and really they were more like panic inducing nightmares. Her nightmares were the reason she became a neurologist, specializing in oneirology.

Her nightmares were different from the majority of her patients suffering from PTSD or Schizophrenia. Two -  just two nightmares, never changing, it was like watching the same re-run every night. She often felt like the universe was trying to tell her something, lead her somewhere. In those few moments of her life when she was optimistic she felt the universe and the powers to be were trying to fulfill a promise made in a different time and place.

Oh but this time and place was out of a fantasy novel, full of mythical creatures and powers that defied all physics.

The clinical study she was a running was small, more of a hobby at this point in her career, and she just needed the tenth candidate. Just one more to give her the basis for statistical analysis. The other nine subjects had already completed the study, their data and brain scans already collected.

Today she was meeting who she hoped was the tenth candidate. His pre-screening data was the most hopeful. Like her he reported two nightmares, always the same, never changing, just like her.  Today was the screening interview, today she would read and ask questions about his dream journal.

She is almost bouncing in excitement when she is called down to the reception desk to meet her hopeful tenth candidate. When she sees him, he takes her breath away. In her mind, she was thinking he would be a middle aged, slightly overweight and over-worked man. What she did not expect was a god, if she did not know any better, she would have said Jason Momoa was standing at the reception desk. His lines were softer, but he could pass as a very convincing doppleganger. Gods, in another world, she wonder what it would be like to run her fingers through his hair.

Professional. Yes, she needed to be professional. But she could not help the feeling buried deep within her soul, that this man was familiar to her. He was too much like the warrior in her nightmares.

- - - - - - -

They sat in her tiny, but very comfortable office. She was starting to itch to read his dream journal. So far he was the perfect candidate.


She almost jumped at the unexpected question, no one had ever asked her why.

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you so interested in reoccurring nightmares?  I have been searching over a decade for studies, for help, but no one is interested, so why?”

There was something oddly familiar with,  not only his tone, but his eyes. Normally she would never share her nightmares with anyone, not even those she kept close to her heart. But with him, she knew he was different, she knew she could trust him. So she followed her intuition.

“I have two nightmares, like you, always the same, never changing. It was how I landed in this profession, I was obsessed, or still am, with finding a way to unlock these nightmares.”

“What do you dream of?”

It was a mere curiosity on his part. She understood the feeling, finding someone like yourself. Someone who would not call you crazy.

“Another place and another time, nothing of this world.”

They sat in silence for a moment.

“May I see your dream journals, in order to see if you are a fit for this study I need to review them with you.”

He hesitated and she understood, understood more than anyone. It was an intimacy to share what you dreamed of, the nightmares that kept you awake until your body demanded sleep. It was a vulnerability to let others know that you awoke screaming and  in layers of sweat, trying to determine what was reality and what was imagination. Her other nine subjects were lucky, they truly had recurring dreams, not nightmares.

She had seen many tattered journals over years of being an oneirologist, what she did not expect was an artist’s portfolio. She did not expect for him to have taken care with the thing that caused him so much agony. He must have sensed her shock, “I’m an artist,” he sucked in a breath before he continued, “and although I struggle with the nightmares, I know they are precious to me.”

She unwound the string and viewed the first piece. If she had not been sitting she would have fell to her knees. She wasn’t sure she was breathing. She had dreamt of this room more times than she could count. She had dreamt of that exact hand reaching for her while she screamed, before she drowned. The room that belonged to another place and a different time.

“In each dream, she dies. In each dream she dies with a whisper of a promise I could not keep.”

“What did you promise her?”

In a gaze full of wonder, like he had already unlocked the secret that she had been trying to lock for a little over a decade, “In words, safety and time. In my heart, love.” He took another deep breath, “A promise to love of a soul much like my own.”

Deep in her heart she knew, she knew what she would see when she turned the page. She knew that she would see a clearing with an ordinary but also not so ordinary male with wisps of dark power.  She knew she would see from the perspective of a magnificent warrior with large bat like wings crawling towards her. She knew she would see a woman battling the ordinary man and losing, losing until she released a power that blasted that man back away from her, away from the warrior clad in bloodied black armor. A warrior that she loved, that she was trying to drag to safety.

Before she was further lost in her predictions of what the next page told, a voice, similar to the voice in her dreams, “I will find you in the next world - the next life.  And we will have that time. I promise.”

✮  - must find a place where to spend the night (w/ hybrid!hoseok)

Hoseok had no idea where he was going, what he was doing, what he’s supposed to do but he’s walking - no, running, sprinting at the speed of light. Droplets of his blood leave a trace but at the rate he’s going, it’s pointless to even catch up if they were still on his tail.

There’s no time to think if his actions are right or wrong but he’s following the one scent of security and home guiding him in such a big city. He’s quick on his feet and keeping his rest stops up to a minimum. He barely as time to think if this is the correct choice but it’s far too late to rethink it through as he knocks on the door.

The voice of familiarity sounds against his eardrums and his tail finally stops waggling. His ears, slowly rise from his head of hair and his fingers stop trembling when the door opens, revealing the pair of eyes he remembered seeing when he was chained up and - “H-Hoseok?”

He senses bewilderment, nervousness and anxiety striking through your body at the sight of him. A part of his heart deflates at your shock and tone, but it automatically combusts into relief when you open the door without hesitating to catch him just before he falls to his knees. 

He’s barefoot and bleeding. The stains of red on his skin only leaves telltales of the struggle he must’ve had in running away and his neck… your fingers gently come up to feel it and he whimpers in your shoulder as he confides in your presence. It doesn’t take much for you to piece together the two choices that one, he either broke out of the cage and fled or two… they threw him out.

Whichever the case may be, there was no way he was going to - “C-Can I stay the night?”

“Are you crazy?” Hoseok feels his heart tightening with his throat, his hands remain frozen by your waist and he’s so close to biting his tongue off. He pales, shaking his head with his tail tucked beneath his legs as he tries to clarify, “I… I don’t have anywhere else to go and you’re the only one I know cou-”

“You can stay here for as long as you need to,” You murmur, your fingers tentatively threading through his hair and staying there when he lets out a shaky exhale and hides his face from you on you, arms now coming to strap your waist as he hugs you tight. You let him have a moment to let it sink in that he’s actually here. 

He takes in your scent and it’s already imprinted in his mind: this is what home smells like.


I can finally post my junior animation, “Gender Neutral (They/Them).” It’s a piece about my experiences as a nonbinary person and some of the struggles I’ve had. It features the wonderful voice talents of @lyinginbedmon and @out-there-on-the-maroon, and backgrounds by @kalgalen. Thank you so much everyone for your support and help! 

Aries: You are so very loved and so very special. I wish you could stop being so hard on yourself. You’re important and special and loved. Don’t destroy yourself, you’re so fucking beautiful.
Taurus: Smile. You made it. I know it doesn’t seem like it some nights, but fuck them. You. Made. It. Despite all the memories clawing at you, they can’t hurt you anymore.

Gemini: Close your eyes, find your peace. I know the demons and memories are tearing you into so many pieces right now, but you lived through the memories. They can’t hurt you anymore. You’re safe.

Cancer: You’ve made progress, so much progress. You’ve won so many battles,, you’re winning the war. You can stop looking over your shoulder, because you can stop running from your past, it can’t hurt you.

Leo: Smile. Relax. Lay down and enjoy some peace and serenity without any noise. You’re always talking and sometimes I wonder if you really know what you’re saying.

Virgo: You’re doing your best, and it is more then enough. I know you are struggling and trying to find your own comfort zone, but it’s okay. You’re doing an amazing job of a situation that fucking sucks.

Libra: You’ve got a battle plan. A war path laid out before you. Even though you just want some peace. Grab your guns, and go to war one last time. It’S worth the reward, I promise.

Scorpio: Fight. Fight and win because now  is your hour. There’s no time for peace, not that you want any anymore. Things are coming to a head, put on your armor.

Sagittarius: You burned the person you thought you were. Leaving all your friends in the ashes. Maybe it was the right choice. It seems to serve you well these days.

Capricorn: You dont destroy mirrors, despite what you think. You are beautiful even though you cant seem to find it in yourself. We can all see it, and we all love you.
Aquarius: Forgive yourself. Then forgive everyone else. Because you may never get an apology, you may not even really deserve one, but forgive them anyway. holding on only hurts you.

Pisces: They cant drown out your voice this time. You will always be able to scream louder then they can blurr you out. White noise has nothing on the sound of your voice.

—  This weeks horoscope
Mom I never told you how much it scared me when it rained.
You would put a bucket under all of the leaks and act like it wasn’t a big deal.
But to me it was terrifying.
Mom I never told you how one day the rain never stopped.
It was when grandma died.
I finally understood the phrase “when it rains it pours”
And mom I never told you that it poured for the next 4 years.
I’m not proud of the things I did, to stifle the pain.
I’m not proud of the amount of times I thought about just ending it all together.
Mom I never told you how I used to look in the mirror and cry.
I didn’t want you to think it was your fault,
You did your best to make me feel beautiful
But I struggle with it to this day.
Mom I never told you how I let boys treat me.
How I thought so little of myself,
And how I let them do and say whatever they wanted to me.
Mom I never told you how much it hurt to live,
How I forced myself to breathe because that was the only thing that meant I was still alive.
That meant I could still see you laugh, and smile.
Mom I never told you how much you meant to me.
How you were the bucket in my storm.
How you unknowingly held me up so I could piece myself back together.
How you didn’t just give me life but you helped me hold on to it.
Mom I never told you,
I never told you how you saved me.
—  Mom, I never told you… / SM
*Don’t Obliviate Her* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Could you write a Newt x Reader where she’s a no-maj like Jacob and has to be obliviated but Newt doesn’t want her to be because he’s fallen for her?

❤ To read another story similar to this one I’ve written, go here! ❤

It was made perfectly clear by Madame Picquery that you and Jacob had to be obliviated. There were no exceptions. 

You stood there beside the wizard in the subway station, the MACUSA president nodding goodbye and leaving alongside the Aurors. Your hand was in Newt’s and you felt his grip tighten as he heard you speak.


He didn’t move; his gaze plastered to the ground. Your heart beat within your chest and you felt the tears swelling up in your eyes. You felt as if the world was about to cave in on you. Newt had become such an important person to you in just a matter of days and now, here you were, forced to leave him without even the faintest memory to cherish.

 It wasn’t until Tina rested her hand on your shoulder that you were brought back. Turning your head to face her, she gave you a gentle smile. You knew you had to go. 

“Newt, I’m so sorry…. But we need to g-”

“I need a minute… alone with Y/N…. please.” Tina nodded and turned to face Jacob and Queenie. You heard their footsteps fading as they walked up the steps leading out to the streets.

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So in the Supergirl 2x21 promo we see Kara, Cat, and Lillian Luthor all in the same room discussing how to save the city aka we see Kara, Cat, and a person with a very different sense of morality all in the same room discussing how to save the city. Where have we seen this before? In the second to last episode of season 1. That episode centered around Kara, Cat, and Maxwell Lord all debating what the best way to stop Non was between dropping a bomb like Max wanted to or inspiring them with hope like Cat inspired Kara to do. I hope 2x21 parallels 1x19 in more ways than just setting up a scene with similar characters. 

I hope we get Cat inspiring Kara again. I hope we get Kara realizing what makes her a true hero, how she brings out the best in people by assuming the best in people. I want an ethical debate between Cat and Lillian on how far is too far when you are trying to protect the city. I hope we get women supporting women in all different ways. There is such an opportunity to get plenty of moments that feel like season 1 in these next two episodes, ones where the writers realize the depth of these amazing, complex characters they have created. 

I want to see Kara’s struggle with her Kryptonian history, particularly with how the mistakes that Krypton made caused Daxam to die as well. I want to see Kara angry again because she lost so much. I hope the writers remember how Kara’s grief and anger are such important pieces of her character. I want a scene where Kara shares a piece of her past with Cat like in season 1. Between telling Cat that her parents died in 1x05, explaining how she doesn’t get a second chance with her mom and she wishes her mom were here to ask her if she is happy in 1x11, expressing how she loves National city so much because every time she helps somebody she feels like their light becomes a part of her in 1x16, and revealing that although she loved her mother she didn’t save Krypton like she promised in 1x19, and so many more, Cat has always been the person that Kara really opens up to. I feel like the reason that losing Cat Grant really hurt the show was not just because Cat Grant was an amazing character, but also because she was so important to Kara’s growth as Kara trusted her enough to share all of the pain that she has been through with her, both as Kara and Supergirl.

I am so happy that Cat Grant is back for the final two episodes and I really hope the writers take advantage of her being back and we get some great Kara/Cat scenes as well as some parallels with the Kara/Cat/Lillian scenes.