i struggled reading the match in the manga

anonymous asked:

I've only been watching KnB anime so far... but how much stuff did they remove in the flashback? Do you think I should read the manga?

yes, absolutely. please do yourself a giant favor and read teiko arc in the manga because studio i.g. rushed through it, cutting and skewering tons of stuff:

  • akashi’s dad is portrayed incorrectly - he’s much more ruthless/strict in the manga
  • momoi’s contribution to the team in the one match where teiko struggled (against the twins) was skipped
  • the symbolic rematch with that team is skipped as well
  • kuroko is not shown regretting his lie to momoi
  • kuroko and kagami’s first meeting is not shown either
  • akashi’s convo with ogiwara and the prelude to the 111:11 game were cut/altered: kise was supposed to suggest the thing with the numbers
  • kise’s personality in general was altered - a typical anime mistake at this point
  • momoi’s decision to follow aomine and his bitter reaction to it (because he thought she’d dump him for kuroko) are not shown
  • the entire graduation ceremony, which had mentions of scouts and kuroko’s depression, was skipped