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Angsty headcannons with the RFA + v and saeran for when they get into a rly intense argument with MC??

A/N: Look you guys we’re finally posting! sorry It’s been so long things got super crazy and stressful all of a sudden. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to write a few of the NSFW oneshots that will be based off of this headcanon. There will be one for each character! We’re super excited to get back to posting. Thankfully I only have four days of school left! Also tw for a blood mention - Mod MC 

Angst fics so far: Zen Part 1 , Yoosung Part 1, Seven Part 1


  • Zen has been working a lot for the past couple of weeks to the point where you only saw him maybe once a day, if he even came home at all.
  • To distract yourself from how lonely you were feeling, you started to clean his desk and came across an open fan letter.
  • Glancing at the letter you were surprised to see your name show up.
  • I know you must care for her deeply, but as a dedicated fan ever since your first big production, I must say that your acting style has changed. It took me forever to figure it out but I realized that you started to change after you started dating her. She is holding you back. She is poison to your career. I’m just worried about your future…
  • Before you could dwell more on that letter Zen came home, looking very upset.
  • Over dinner your anxiety was slowly taking over all your thoughts, to distract yourself you asked Zen how his day was.
  • “ I had a meeting with the director today, he told me I should take some time off because he felt as if my acting has been off for a while now.”
  • You couldn’t breathe. The glass you were holding slipped out of your hand shattering on the floor.
  • You…you really were affecting Zen. He got reprimanded by his boss because of you. This was all your fault.
  • Resisting Zen when he tried to check you over, you asked him “Zen, am I holding you back?”
  • When he didn’t say anything your worst fears were confirmed.
  • “I am, aren’t I? I’m the reason you are struggling, it’s all my fault.”
  • “Wh-what MC, no! What are you saying? Stop saying ridiculous things and let me look at your hand.”
  • When you resisted him again Zen’s frustrations washed over him and he started to yell
  • You have never had Zen ever raise his voice at you, it scared you. This is all your fault, trying to make him understand you raised your voice too, soon enough both of you were yelling at each other but you couldn’t seem to stop.
  • “I-I think we should break up. You are being stubborn and blinded by your love for me, the truth is I’m holding you back. I’m sorry, but this is for the best. Zen please don’t make this harder than it has to be.” With tears flowing down your face you turned around walking towards the door
  • You felt Zen grab your arm, “MC please, please don’t do this. Please don’t walk out on me. I’m sorry I yelled before, but please don’t leave me.” His voice cracking.
  • Your heart shattered as you pushed his hand off your arm. Without looking back you walk out the door and before the door completely shuts you whisper “I’m sorry Zen.”


  • It had been a really bad week for the both of you.
  • Yoosung had just failed another exam it was the third one this week.
  • You had messed up a presentation and gotten yelled at by your partner in front of the entire class which lead to you crying in the bathroom afterward
  • You came home to your shared apartment in a wreck, crumpled up paper balls, empty bags of chips, and soda cans everywhere.
  • You did a double take, is this sevens apartment?
  • Curious you picked up one of the crumpled up papers and smoothed it out.
  • Your eyes were drawn to the giant “F” marring what seemed to be an old exam paper.
  • You started to pick up the other papers that was like a trail of failure leading you to Yoosung who was venting his frustrations on LOLOL.
  • Your self-control was about to snap.
  • Trying to keep your anger in check you said, “Yoosung, what is this, did you fail all your exams?”
  • Without even looking up from his game he answered nonchalantly, “Hmm? Oh yeah, I probably should have listened to the lectures haha.”
  • You started to raise your voice. “Yoosung, this is not a joke. How many exams have you failed? This is ridiculous. At this rate, you are going to have to take summer classes, or maybe even have to redo the entire year. WILL YOU STOP PLAYING FOR ONE SECOND?”
  • In a fit of rage when Yoosung still didn’t look up from his damn game, you went over and unplugged the computer.
  • “MC, WHAT THE FUCK? I was in the middle of a big boss battle, the guild was relying on me. Why would you do that?” Yoosung yelled back.
  • This only angered you further and you started to yell louder.
  • “This is not acceptable, how are you going to get anywhere if you don’t start caring about your grades and get serious. Stop acting like a child and grow up.” As soon as you said the words you saw hurt flash across Yoosung’s face.
  • You immediately regretted your words, you didn’t mean to be so harsh.
  • “Oh Yoosung…I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry. Today has been really ba-” Before you could even finish your sentence Yoosung was bolting out of the room, moments later you heard the door slam shut.
  • You slumped onto the floor head in your hands as tears started to fall from your face.
  • You remembered that is was your birthday.
  • Today was officially the worst day ever.


  • You walked in for your shift at the coffee shop only to see Jaehee giggling with a customer. 
  • Usually, it wouldn’t bother you but she was very clearly flirting.
  • She continued to flirt with them even after you had greeted her.
  • She even gave them their coffee for free.
  • When he was done he reached over the counter and lifted her hand to his mouth, kissing it gently.
  • W h a t t h e f u c k.
  • Jaehee’s cheeks were dusted with pink and usually, you would think it was adorable but you were furious right now.
  • That was your fiance that he just had his lips on and she didn’t even pull away.
  • You didn’t say anything until you got home that evening.
  • “Who was that guy you were flirting with Jaehee?”
  • “I’m not exactly sure who you’re referring to MC.”
  • “Look Jaehee, I can tolerate your obsession with Zen but what you did today was not okay.”
  • “I really have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • You were getting irritated at this point, why did she continue to deny it.
  • “You fucking gave him free coffee, and you kept giggling at his jokes. You didn’t even say hello to me until I came up and interrupted. It was like I wasn’t even there.”
  • “Oh. That was just a guy I graduated with. MC you really shouldn’t get so jealous.”
  • You began to raise your voice,”Maybe I wouldn’t have to if you actually gave a shit and acted like you liked me in public.”
  • “We have on matching engagement rings, and I usually kiss you when you come to work. I’m not sure where this is coming from MC.”
  • “I think I need some time to think and clear my head. I’m going on a walk. Don’t wait up.”


  • Luciel had been working non-stop for 5 days straight
  • Because he was so stressed he had regressed to his bad habits of not eating or sleeping properly.
  • You were getting super worried but he wouldn’t listen to you at all.
  • After all your begging he finally agreed to take a small nap but made you promise to wake him up after 2 hours
  • After he finally passed out from exhaustion you called Vanderwood yelling at him to stop working Luciel to death.
  • During the call, Vanderwood didn’t say anything at and you were proud of yourself thinking you were helping.
  • Luciel woke up and got back to work but before he could get too far into work he got a call.
  • The call went on for a long time and at one point he looked up at you in shock and after his face only got angrier.
  • “MC, do you know who I was just talking to on the phone?” he said in a deathly quiet voice.
  • “That was Vanderwood, and he said the funniest thing to me. He said that I shouldn’t be in this line of work if I can’t handle the pressure.” His started raising his voice  
  • “I was pretty shocked when he said that and when I asked what he was talking about he told me that instead of having my girlfriend yell at him about my workload I shouldn’t take on more than I think I can handle. Now, why would he say that?”
  • “Luciel I was just worr-” You started to say but stopped when you saw his hand gesturing you to stop speaking.
  • “NO MC YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THOUGHT. I THOUGHT WE HAD MADE THIS CLEAR. I KNOW WHAT I CAN HANDLE.” You’ve never seen him this angry before and you were scared.
  • Tears were forming in your eyes “ Luciel stop you’re hurting me.” When he still wouldn’t let go you shoved him off of you.
  • “I just thought I was helping you. Because of work you haven’t been eating or sleeping properly. I was only thinking about you.” You started to raise your voice as well.
  • “I don’t need you here MC, I don’t want your help. Stop interfering with my work and leave me alone.” When seven finally looked up at you his face fell upon seeing the pain on your face
  • It felt as if your heart stopped beating. Your mind kept replaying the words “I don’t need you here.”  
  • “Y-you don’t mean that do you Luciel? I know you are upset but this isn’t funny.” When he didn’t respond your heart shattered. You started to cry harder.
  • “Well, if that’s how you really feel then I guess this is it then.” You turned towards the door you weren’t welcome here anymore.
  • Right before you turned the doorknob you stopped and you prayed that your voice wouldn’t waver again.
  • “Goodbye Seven” and you walked out of the door your heart breaking as the door shut behind you.

-Mod DK


  • Jumin had been away for a week on a business trip .
  • You were bored and lonely.
  • The two of you facetimed and texted of course so it wasn’t completely awful.
  • He wasn’t due home for at least two more days.
  • You decided to get a little drunk.
  • Jumin had refused your offer to sext him the other night saying he didn’t want any photos.
  • He had used the excuse that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate in his meetings if he saw them.
  • You were more than a little bitter.
  • You were half a bottle of wine deep when the door slammed shut.
  • You froze. No one should be in the penthouse.
  • “MC, come here.”
  • That was Jumin’s voice, what was he doing home so soon.
  • You made your way into the living room and saw him standing there. His coat was already off and his tie was loosened. He was in the process of folding up his sleeves.
  • “MC, explain yourself.” He gestured to the nearly empty bottle of wine.
  • Maybe you had drunk a little bit more than you originally thought.
  • You shrugged, “Don’t wanna.”
  • “MC” He said warningly.
  • “Geez, who pissed in your cereal this morning?” you slurred.
  • “The merger didn’t go so well, the CEO of the other company turned out to be a hack.”
  • You giggle, the word hack just sounded so funny.
  • “It’s not funny MC, Go to bed, I don’t want to deal with this tonight.”
  • That stung.
  • “You can’t control me Jumin.”
  • He ran his hand through his hair, getting more frustrated by the second.
  • He approached you, you weren’t quick enough to get out of his way.
  • He grabbed your chin and made you look him in the eyes. His voice was nearly a growl, ”I assure you that I can and will control you if I so please. Now go. to. bed. I won’t tell you again.”
  • You felt a twinge of fear at his tone. It must have shown on your face because Jumin quickly stepped away from you.
  • The two of you had agreed that Jumin could only behave like this in certain situations with clear boundaries and never when either of you were the least bit intoxicated.
  • “I- MC, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let my frustration get the best of me.”
  • You were nearly sober at this point, “Jumin, I-I think maybe you should sleep on the couch tonight.”


  • The two of you usually shared household chores.
  • Today, however, V was really busy with a job. He was currently in his office sorting through tons of pictures and would most likely be in there for the rest of the day.
  • You decided to take up his half of the chores.
  • This required you to water his small collection of cacti. He only watered them once a week and today was the day.
  • You were watering and talking to each one.
  • when you turned to water his favorite one, you tripped. You weren’t usually very clumsy.
  • You tried to catch yourself with your arm but you ended up landing arm first directly on the cactus.
  • You picked yourself up and dusted yourself off before inspecting the damage.
  • The cactus was squashed. V was going to be so upset.
  • Your arm began to sting as you heard the door to his office open. You saw splinters in your arm but hid it behind your back. Out of sight, out of mind. I’ll deal with this in a minute.  
  • He huffed and you heard him mumble, “none of the shots are right.”
  • He sounded irritated to say the least. As he rounded the corner the mess came into view
  • His eyes locked on the squashed cactus.
  • “V, I can explain.”
  • “Why are you so careless MC?” His voice came out harshly.
  • “You knew that was my favorite cactus, Rika gave it to me. Why did you feel the need to destroy it.”
  • Rika, the name stabbed at your heart just as it always did.
  • oh,  so that’s why the cactus was so special to him.
  • Your eyes stung with unshed tears as he continued to question why you squashed the cactus.
  • Your arm burned as you reached up to rub at your eyes.
  • His eyes moved to your arm, noticing the spines.
  • “You’re bleeding, MC, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be like that, this job is just so damn difficult. None of the shots are coming out right. Come on, let me help you.”
  • “Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself.”
  • V reached out for you from his kneeling position on the floor but you walked past him and locked yourself in the bathroom not listening as he begged you to come out.


  • He had begun to fall into some bad habits.
  • You had encouraged him to make friends outside of the RFA.
  • You didn’t mean for him to find friends that would cause him to engage in risky behavior. They were a terrible influence.
  • One day he came home and he was completely out of it, that was the last straw.
  • You asked him what he took but he just shrugged and ignored you. You felt completely helpless.
  • Seven was out of town on business so you had no one to help you with this issue.
  • Once Saeran began to sober up you gently sat down beside him on the couch.
  • “Saeran, we need to talk.”
  • “If you’re going to dump me, just do it MC.”
  • You were shocked. “Is that what you want Saeran?”
  • “It wouldn’t surprise me to be honest. All you’ve done for the past month is bitch at me.”
  • You held back the tears that threatened to spill out and got up from the couch. You needed to take a walk.
  • When you got back from your walk Saeran was no longer in the living room.
  • You sat down on the couch and closed your eyes, rubbing your temples and thinking about you next move. You had to fix this somehow, even if it wasn’t you fault.
  • You would never give up on him.
  • You heard a distant thud sound all of a sudden. The noise repeated a few times so you got up to find the source.
  • You heard the noise getting louder as you came to the door of the room you shared with Saeran.
  • You opened the door right as he threw the last knife. You didn’t even know he owned throwing knives.
  • The knife wizzed past you and he locked eyes with you.
  • He looked completely sober now as he rushed towards you.
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I never meant to - “
  • His words faded to background noise as you felt something warm run down your cheek. Were you crying?
  • You tried to wipe it away only to have your fingers come away covered in red.
  • ah , so the knife grazed me.
  • You looked in the mirror in the room and saw a gash that looked to be about an inch long.
  • Everything came back into focus. Saeran was freaking out.
  • “MC, let me fix this, please. I can fix this.”
  • He was pleading with you but all you could focus on were your shaking, red, fingers.
  • Saeran went to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit and while he was down the hall you turned towards the door.
  • And you ran.
  • You ran from the house as fast as you could, not paying attention to Saeran screaming your name behind you.

-Mod MC

fic rec time!

It’s three days into the New Year of 2017, seconds will be ticking by as we write/read/breathe/blink, and an orange turd will be rolling into the White House with its golden ferrari soon. Thus, I am providing a huge list of recommendations for various fan fiction stories across many fandoms, just for you guys. <3 

(Disclaimer: I have loved almost every fic I’ve read, so there is no favourite and no lesser author/story than the other. Please know that if I don’t recommend a fic or author, I still love you, your writing, and your beautiful hearts.)


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Regret by fanofthisfiction 

Summary: Sasuke knows his absence has deeply hurt his daughter Sarada. Now that he’s back, the challenges of mending broken ties is what he must face. An emotional journey with ties to religious concepts along the way.

- Of the hurt/comfort genre, but infinitely deeper and more complex than the classification itself. I love the complexity of each and every character in this story, and the way they deal with their respective trauma and grief. fanofthisfiction is unique in that they add their own take on the Naruto-verse into the story, namely religious concepts, that tie incredibly well into the overarching, highly-intricate nature of the plot. A great read. 

6 Months with the Hyuuga Family by Whipped Coffee

Summary: To be loved by someone, by anyone, it makes life shine, like this. -AU-

(The plot is quite literally, and effectively, summed up by the title) 

- One of the first AU stories that I’ve read in Naruto, and also heartbreakingly unfinished. There is some star-quality character development in this story, as well as beautifully written prose and a divine love line between the lovely NejiTen. I have read this story over and over and over again, and I highly recommend it to everyone in the squadron of NejiTen shippers, and anyone else who I have yet the pleasure to meet. 

Secret Life of Teachers by tabine 

Summary: Romance is a bit difficult to do when you spend a majority of your time within fifty feet of the object of your affections and somehow still don’t quite understand that you’re falling in love with them, if only because being a full-time high school teacher while taking graduate school courses takes precedence over everything else. A Nejiten high school teachers AU

- It goes without saying, @tabine is the supreme ruler of sassy, hilariously-written AUs. I haven’t laughed this much when reading a story in ever, so I highly recommend this read, not only because it’s fantastic inside-out, but also because it’s raw and real and relatable. Teachers aren’t two-dimensional beings that are there for the sake of enforcing rigid disciplinary practices. They have post-grad work to do, they’re struggling to pay the rent in their apartment, they exist outside of classroom doors, and they are ultimately human beings. 

Phone Calls by winternightlullaby

Summary: Hey! It’s Sakura! Sorry I’m not on the phone right now, but leave a message and I’ll try to get back to you! Bye! ‘Beeeeeep’ “It’s Sasuke. I-I wanted to tell you that I miss you. I’m sorry about what happened those few days ago. I want to explain myself, but talking through the phone isn’t the best way. You still have the spare key to my house, I’ll be waiting.” AU

- I thoroughly enjoyed this back in 2012, when it was still in the process of being written. It’s absolutely fabulous, with some hilarious scenes and a great development in plot and in character. Everyone is utterly loveable, in my opinion, because they’re flawed and mostly try their best to make their way through life one step at a time. Highly recommend. 

Venus or Themis by NessieGG

Summary: [NejiTen AU, Story 3 of the New York Society series] It seems doubtful that Neji Hyuuga, an upper level attorney, could make a relationship work with his latest client, rising arms consultant Tenten Long. It’s the personal choices that make the difference

- Because every single line was artfully written and laced with the author’s voice. I honestly felt like the scenes playing out were CW-level (in the good way), and thereby fabulous with a hint of swoon-worthy romanticism. I would’ve liked to read more of it, because the story was a bit rushed at the end to me, but it’s still fantastic nonetheless, and completed, which is also good. 

one and twenty by twinquies

Summary: AU. The numbers are still fresh on her mind — Nejiten & SasuSaku.

- There’s only one chapter so far, but in this chapter, there are 7126 words of intrigue, mystery, a dash of dystopia, romance, and a huge amount of horrifying nuances towards the nature of human breeding factories. This may or may not have been @asiantwinkies‘s intention, but I still love this particular (unfinished) AU because it’s so jarringly real. Highly recommend it, and highly expecting another chapter from twinquies. :) 

Special shout-outs: 

@fruitysmellz who has a wealth of stories on FFN that are filled with NejiTen goodness. They’re retired from the life of fanfics now, and a veteran, but their stories are still locate-able online. 

@keroribbit for their exemplary writing growth, as displayed through all of their stories. Chichue is a personal favourite of mine because it’s adorable, but they’ve written a load of one shots (as well as a Gakuen Alice AU, or two) as well. 

@giada-luna because all of her stories, whether they are one-shots in a collection, or multi-chapter fics, have a rich, highly-researched foundation that allows her to explore all of her characters and settings and universes to the fullest. 

Young Justice

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A Cinderella Story by KairiAngel13

Summary: After the unexpected death of her mother and the abandonment of her older sister, Artemis is uprooted and forced to live with an abusive father. Are a red-headed track star and a simple arrow the keys to bringing her a “Happily Ever After?” Warning: Mentions of Child Abuse and Suggestive Sexual Themes. Spitfire Multiple Parings, AU. COMPLETE

- While the title and overall plot is reminiscent of Hillary Duff’s A Cinderella Story, this one is in no way as lighthearted and adorable as the movie itself. One must absolutely ensure that they’re prepared for the various, highly mature themes that are explored in this story, as they may or may not come out emotionally scarred by Artemis’ plight. That being said, domestic abuse is something that is hidden behind closed doors and a taboo by the media. It is very real, and very traumatic to millions of people around the globe. I love this story because not only does it illustrate the immediate and subsequents effects of trauma on children, it shows that people often struggle to cope with their ordeals. (Also, there is a sequel story.)

Parenthesis by knottedblonde

Summary: “She tries to put a lot of words into the kiss, words she isn’t brave enough to say out loud: She’ll stand by him because she cares about him, and if there’s anything he’s taught her it’s that when you care about people, really care about them, you don’t leave. Not forever.” Sequel to my other story, Artemisia. Artemis-centric; the gap between Season 1 & 2. M in later chapters.

- Definitely read Artemisia before Parenthesis, or else you’ll be completely lost with the story. knottedblonde writes like a poet, follows the canon storyline incredibly well, provides her readers with more insight into the characters of Young Justice (namely, Artemis) and also brings her own ideas to the table as well. I follow Parenthesis religiously, because that 5-year timeskip has left so many questions unanswered, and she’s answering all of my questions, and then making me cry and laugh and cry again, several times over. So, a good read. 

A Hogwarts Story by girlwiththeblackinkpen

Summary: Harry Potter, re-imagined with the YJ characters. An old story being edited and reposted.

- Obligatory Harry Potter AU recommendation. I also LOVE it, for obvious reasons, so you should absolutely get on it right now. 

Ferte in Noctem by Satellites on Parade

Summary: "So you haven’t been sorted yet, then?“ Conner asked. Artemis shrugged, fiddling with her robes. "No,” she replied. “It’s the first on my to-do list, though.” Hogwarts AU.

- Now, @brella has a massive collection of YJ stories, all of which are beautifully-written, with a great representation of each character and their respective backstories (canon or not). I’m recommending this one because I’m a nerd and I love Harry Potter, but as a fan of her work, I’m also inserting:

Royally Flushed because of the AU and because it’s relatable and achingly introspective. Artemis is a teen, she’s still learning about her place in society and who she is, and her life hasn’t been that great, but being made a princess overnight isn’t going to solve all her problems because she’s got to figure them out herself. The themes of friendship, self-identity, cultural identity, and familial bonds are explored thoroughly. 

* The Next Great Adventure because we’re all devastated by (SPOILERS) Wally’s ceasing, and we all want him to come back from wherever he is, so the writers should read this story and follow the exact plot line so that we can all feel happy that spitfire is back and learning how to deal with one of the most horrifying moments of their lives. 

This is the Why by icanhearyouglaring

Summary: It has to be a trick of the mind, or indigestion from last night’s Big Belly Burger, because there is absolutely no way Wally West could have that kind of an effect on her. Ever. (A Spitfire high school AU)

- @icanhearyouglaring has many stories as well, all of which can be found in the links provided, and are also stellar, platinum-quality, fabulous, sassy, and incredibly well-written. I love this for the character growth and the complicated histories of each character. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that one’s life isn’t complete until they make their way through the entire story, and then all the other stories in their collection, and then some more. 

Crock Investigations by eliestarr

Summary: "It’s been six months since her father’s arrest, and Artemis Crock is tired of finding red spray paint on her car.“ or, a Veronica Mars AU, starring our favourite archer and Crock Investigations.

- Mystery is a hard genre to pull off without sounding overly-trope-y and cliche, but eliestarr does that, and then some more. Artemis is undeniably strong, but she’s also young and still vulnerable to the hardships of society as a whole. This story shows both of these sides to her character, which I adore.

Harry Potter

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Newton’s Improbabilities by ksuzu

Summary: You romance a Porpentina the same way you mate a Horntail. With utmost care. [Anthology. Latest: Singing You Know Where]

- As is the case with most authors, ksuzu has written many, many more fbawtf stories. This one is just as great as the others, and it has a great one-shot collection of Newt’s efforts to romance Tina, so 1000% read it. 

milk and honey, tea and scones  by Ali Summerset 

Summary: Newt’s a barista who doesn’t like coffee, Tina’s a RA who likes to bend the rules, Queenie loves to matchmake, and Jacob’s just along for the ride. [University/Coffeeshop AU]

- It’s cute, it has a great representation of each and every character there is, and it has the same exhilarating dynamic between the Fearsome Foursome as the movie does. <3 

Commentarius by B.C. Daily

Summary: Lily has always considered herself ordinary. But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad. Suddenly, she’s Head Girl, her mates are acting strangely, and there’s a new James Potter she can’t seem to get rid of. PRE-HBP

- @bcdaily is one of the many go-to people for Lily-James fics, but they’re great in that each of their stories explores different angles of Lily and James’ respective characters. This one’s unfinished so far, but they and universe have blessed us with a status update on their tumblr page, so there will be more and I am heaps excited. 

The Life and Times by Jewels5

Summary: She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time.

- Sitting at 10707 reviews, @itreallyatemyhand‘s story has an intricate plot line, great and complex character development and relationships, as well as a somewhat macabre undertone to the onset of Lord Voldemort and the rising war. Unfinished, and unsure if it will be finished, but it’s a great read nonetheless. 

Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281

Summary: So maybe everything didn’t work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he’d gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he’d have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn’t have had to go back and do everything AGAIN.

- 429 stories, and a knack for blunt humour in each one. I promise you, this is 50 chapters of hilariousness, addressing almost all the plot holes in Harry Potter, a great deal of fan theories, and just overall a fantastic piece to read if you’re feeling down. 

A Very Decent Man by LadyBaelish27

Summary: Newt comes back to New York with a copy of his book for Tina. But this isn’t the end of a love story; it’s the start of an adventure. After large groups of New Yorkers realize they share identical blank spots and phantom memories, conspiracy theories flourish. The chaos is compounded by rumors of a vicious alligator in the subways. Newt thought he’d come back to New York for a kiss, but nothing’s ever quite that easy. Novel-length action with heavy (read: adult!) Newt/Tina. *COMPLETE*

- The author has a great balance between emotional growth, relationships, romance, adventure, sorrow, sadness, love, and sex, in this story. It’s fantastic to read, with great character dynamics and portrayals that align with the canon-verse incredibly well. Kudos to LadyBaelish27!


Life Coach by Dierhart

Summary: Set while Jane and Daria are in Boston; an unlikely agreement is struck between Quinn and Trent to get his life started in the attempts of turning Daria’s head when she comes back to Lawndale.

Once Upon a Time Turner by Scheherezade06

Summary: A collection of drabbles and scenes of Once Upon a Time characters set at Hogwarts. This is a Captain Swan fanfiction, with Killian Jones cast as a Hufflepuff.

The Fellowship Cafe by Boromerely

Summary: In the campus of Middle-Earth University lies the Fellowship Café, the famous coffee and Legolas’s delicious vegan friendly (who knew?) baked goods. Owned by none other than Gandalf the Grey, the café is the employment place of many of the students, and the greatest place to get a rather decent cup of coffee to get students through the misery of University.

On The Prowl by ghostgirl19

Summary: "I’ll be fine, Alya. It’s only a couple blocks.” “But it’s ten at night, it’s not safe. Especially with that Chat Noir prowling around.” AU

Ruffled by The Punch Lord

Summary: It’s hard being a part of the pureblood society. Especially when your secretly half human. But Adrien liked to think he had it down, that he was in control of his heritage. Well, he was. But a chance meeting with a little witch ruffled him up. Veela!Adrien

Crazy by Ascaisil

Summary: You don’t understand!“ Chopper shouted with tears running through his fur. "Robin’s lost her mind! She’s literally been driven insane!”

Before it Froze by anad

Summary: Elsa and Jack, and their seven years at Hogwarts. AU series of interconnected vignettes

A little bit of Horrortale Sans

*Sooooo, all this side-blog casual rp stuff has had me thinking of my past rps.  I might dig for some later on, but I clicked through my files and saw that I had a starter saved from when I roleplayed as HT!Sans.  It’s actually the first thing I had ever written for him, and I did it because I was planning on having an HT chapter in BPT and wanted to work on nailing his character.  

I figured I might share it with you guys before I go play some Overwatch for a bit.

They say that true madness comes from repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

If that was the case, then they were all mad down here.

The days all seemed to fade and jumble together.  At this point, Sans wasn’t even getting paid for being a sentry, and his brother had finally made it into the Royal Guard–only to desperately want out.  Things had once been different, hadn’t they?  Sure, all the days had still been the same–the same japes, the same napping at a sentry post, the same burg and fries at Grillby’s–but the air had been lighter, lacking the heavy oppression and sense of hopelessness.

And he had once…

*i’m rootin’ for ya, kid.

Who?  What?  
No, he doesn’t have any kids.  He is a skeleton. 
He was mistaken.

Phalanges idly drummed along his sentry post, beside the hot dog he was ‘selling.’  He used to sell plenty of these in Hotland, right before he went on MTT–what?  he’d never been on MTT.  
The phalanges of his free hand scraped along the side of his face; a nervous habit he had picked up somewhere.  


A single blood-red eyelight shifted toward his brother as the incredibly-tall skeleton approached, clutching a bowl in his hands.  Sans tilted his skull slightly, noticing the way Papyrus struggled not to stare at the gaping, jagged hole on the side of Sans’s head.  He wasn’t exactly sure how he had gotten the injury, or how long he’d had it now, but it always seemed to make his brother uneasy when he asked–and the lie Papyrus had spun about Sans slipping and falling had been an obvious fabrication.  His brother may be Great, but he is not a Great liar.  

“yeah bro?”


The lankier skeleton was the single monster that Sans knew that still held onto his upbeat attitude.  It had been Sans’s idea to start adding that ingredient to Papyrus’s spaghetti, and after the first time Sans had helped his brother prepare it, the younger skelebro had been hooked.  Of course, the food seemed to mess with him a little, driving him slightly mad along with Sans, but at least they were well-fed as sentries.  Or… as well-fed as it got in a place with food as scarce as the Underground.  

“if we’re lucky.  maybe one will come through before they pasta way in the ruins this time.”

“THAT ISN’T FUNNY, SANS!”  Papyrus’s bone brows knit together slightly, and Sans stopped drumming his fingers against the wood, watching him.  His brother was bent over at the waist to regard him properly, his jagged, broken, permanently red-stained teeth moving as he spoke.  "M-MAYBE IF I GIVE ONE OF THE HUMANS WE CAPTURE OVER TO QUEEN UNDYNE, SHE’LL RELEASE ME FROM THE GUARD!“

Sans’s expression darkened, his eyelight becoming large enough to fill the entire socket, and he found his palm scraping further up his cheek, his phalange dipping into his unlit eyesocket.  It felt uncomfortable, almost painful even, and he dug his finger in deeper, hooking it around the edge of his skull.  

"no.  she won’t.  and giving someone like her the power of a soul?  don’t think so.  she doesn’t deserve to be a god.”  His fingers went back to drumming against the sentry station, a signal that the subject was closed.  He would sooner die here; it’s not as if getting to the Surface appealed to him anymore.  

There was no going back from this life.

“… YOU’RE RIGHT, BROTHER!  I’LL GO CHECK ON MY PUZZLES JUST IN CASE.  WANT ANY SPAGHETTI?”  Papyrus uncovered the lid, and Sans glanced down at the noodles.  It was true that his brother’s cooking had improved since he stopped taking lessons directly from Undyne and allowed Sans to help, but..

It’s not like Sans could take food from Papyrus.

“nah, i’m full.  had some fried snow earlier, so it’s all yours, bro.”

Papyrus sighed in exasperation, pulling his bowl to his chest.  "YOU ALWAYS HAVE FRIED SNOW.“

"well, it’s snow problem to make.”  His perma-grin widened.  Papyrus groaned as expected and shook his head.  

“WELL, IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME!”  And with that, Papyrus marched off further down the path, and Sans was left again in silence, with only the drumming of his fingers punctuating it.  

The silence–the waiting at that station–was the most difficult part.  

There were days when his thoughts wandered, and he wasn’t even sure what was real and what wasn’t.  Sometimes, he couldn’t remember what had happened two days ago, but he recalled in vivid detail the first day he had come to Snowdin.  Or there were days when he couldn’t remember why he was even sitting at the sentry station or recall who was beyond the door to the Ruins.

Then there were the pieces of his memory that were gone forever, like his role as a scientist in the Lab.  

He felt his eyesockets beginning to close, and he eased up on the pressure of his fingers inside one of them.  It was so tempting to just nap.. just a little rest.  For as long as he could remember, he had been slacking off at his station, sleeping on the job.  Once, he had been reprimanded without real fire behind the words, but now, there were so many rules.  Sleeping on the job was punishable by dusting, and well..

*all the more reason to sleep.

Just as he started to nod off, hoping to Asgore’s Ghost that it would be a dreamless slumber, he heard a commotion coming from the Ruins.  It sounded like Tori, and Sans leaned over slightly, hoping to be able to hear a little better.  He couldn’t make out anything, but his interest was definitely piqued; if Toriel had a guest, that could only mean that there was a human around.  He’d once made the mistake of letting just how bad the situation in the Underground was slip, and ever since then, Toriel had been a bit.. different.  One could say he’d ruined her life.

And she knew he no longer made promises.  

And she wanted to keep the humans with her forever–no matter the cost–as long as they weren’t captured or devoured.  Some humans managed to escape.  Others, not so much.  He hoped this time would be more like the former… and when he heard the Ruin doors open and shut, his grin widened. He leaned casually with his elbows on his post, fingers drumming a nameless beat he couldn’t remember, and his skull propped up by his other hand.  He stared out unseeingly as he waited, focused, listening for the tell-tale sound of snow crunching underfoot.

The definition of madness is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

But what was coming was different.

And Sans could use the break from the madness.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater

For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can’t seem to live without.

Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human… until the cold makes him shift back again.

Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It’s her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human—or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.

*What I thought: 4.5 out of 5 stars

read: 05/17

Keep reading

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

(requested by @hexmeridian​)

Thanks For Playing (3) (No Actual Title Yet) - The next in my post-canon fic series after The Second Time Around. Dirk POV, focus on DirkJake and a natural emphasis on Dirk’s primary relationships in the limbo time spent on Earth C directly after opening the door but before the ectobabies and timeskip from the credits. I think I have mostly settled on making Jane the primary ancillary character in this (Roxy and Karkat played this role in the first one, Roxy and Jade in the second… so it will probably be Roxy and Jane in this one. Look I care a lot about Dirk and Roxy’s relationship okay.) We’ll see what she’s struggling with while Dirk and Jake go on adventures together to try and solve a garishly colored puzzle close to Jade’s heart. 

[I have… 4k-ish words written for this and a rough outline for the rest.] 

The Rafflesia Riddle (OR: The Silver Twlight Sister Versus The Ancient Corpse Queen) - A Rosemary Not-AU Sorta-Meteorstuck (Post-Retcon) wherein Rose and Kanaya dance around their developing relationship by expressing themselves through melodramatic gothic-lovecraftian roleplaying. It’s all about plausible deniability, people. (Until it’s not.) 

[This is fully outlined and I’m gonna start on it soon. Current outline is 4 acts with a few chapters each, so it will hopefully clock in somewhere between 12-15 chapters. I am depending heavily on my wife to ensure I finish this project sob I’m terrified of longfic. Vaguely inspired by the Homestuck Harlequin Challenge idea.]

DirkJake PWP (No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C. Jake is the famous (and famously hot) CEO of SkaiaNet, and he is a very busy guy, ok? He can’t help it if he has a lot of demands on his time. His mysterious tagalong boyfriend is just gonna have to chill out. Follow him around for awhile. Attend a few press conferences, watch a few advertising reels, become increasingly frustrated while Jake finds ways to cleverly and covertly tease him over the crowd of adoring public between them, you know how it is.

[I have this outlined and by that I mean I wrote a shitpost that could serve as a rough outline] 

Dirk/Jake/Brain Ghost Dirk One-Shot (No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C. Jake’s increasing control over his Hope powers results in a fascinating problem that might not really be a problem at all but hahaha yeah no it’s definitely a problem we just haven’t figured out where it is on the Sliding Scale Of Problems yet because let’s face it, this situation is REALLY CONFUSING FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED.

[I have this half written, it’s about 5k words so far. I’m KINDA STUCK on it right now but hoping to pick it up again soon.]

Davekat PWP (No Title Yet) - Meteorstuck, Post-Retcon, Dream Karkat on the meteor inevitably seeks Dave and his sleeping self out because what the fuck else is he going to do and whoops everyone has an aversion to open displays of affection and suffers from cripplingly low self esteem so I guess this is gonna be really awkward isn’t it

[I have like 8k words written on this and I swear to god I will finish it one day] 

ANOTHER DaveKat PWP (Still No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C, Dave convinces Karkat to sext with him (ironically of course) but Karkat doesn’t do anything god damn ironically, Dave, you hopeless fool. (Dave is trapped in a prison of his own making and it is delightful, I hope.) 

[This is another “I have an outline and by outline I mean a shitpost that spawned this entire idea” one but I currently still do intend to write it because every time I think about it I laugh up my own fucking sleeve forever.] 

Hex already tagged everyone I’d tag so I’m not gonna tag anyone >:[

Oh and I might still write a trickster dirkjake thing because I want to but I have done zero work on it yet (BUT I WANT TO)

the clexa fic rec post you didn’t ask for

List of some of my favorite Clexa fics mostly for my own benefit so I can reference later but if you haven’t read all of these, you should. Read more link included because this list is hella long.

Modern AUs

the terminal by coeurastronaute

Our flight information got messed up in the airplane company’s computers and we’re stuck at this airport for 24 hours.

somewhere i have never traveled by unicyclehippo

Lexa Wood doesn’t like being woken up at two am when her neighbour comes home from work. But, for baked goods and good company and the offer of no strings sex with possibly the most attractive person she’s ever met, well. Maybe she can make an exception for Clarke Griffin.

cause i know that you feel me somehow by reinclarkenation

People aren’t their mutations, her father had been sure to preach those words to her, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that. Sometimes it takes over your entire being, and with a force as strong as the one that flows through Lexa, Clarke knows that it’s too big of a burden to dismiss as a minor character point. This isn’t an ability, this isn’t getting a beer can to your hand by using your mind or making bigger waves when you go surfing, it’s a weight that interjects itself into every aspect of your life. It’s not something that you can turn off and on or control by yourself.

lifted up (where the sky hangs) by possibilist

hospital!au, because we all need non-tragic versions of those. octavia has very treatable cancer; lexa has sort of treatable heart problems. octavia meets lexa because they’re both stuck in pediatric waiting rooms for another year; octavia sets lexa up with clarke, her best friend.

You See the Smile That’s On My Mouth (it’s hiding the words that don’t come out) by heartshapedcandy

School AU - Clarke and Lexa fall in love at age five but take forever and a day to realize it.

bathroom stalls & late night calls by unicyclehippo 

A Clarke/Lexa fic where one of them either texts a random number or finds the others number in a book or on the bathroom stall in a school (or anywhere) and they start texting it. Turns out the number they texted turns out to be the other one. They don’t know who the other is. They both text each other until they finally meet each other millions of texts later

Keep reading

Rhysand’s Nightmares - FanFiction (Rhys POV)

Well. I’m not even sure what to say. Why on earth would I have the desire to write a fanfic about Rhysand’s nightmares? I have no idea. But I did. And this is it. And I’m probably about to become the most hated blogger in this fandom. So on that note, ENJOY!

All rights to the characters and story belong to SJM.


I screamed. Until my throat was raw and bloody, and every breath I took burned like a red-hot branding iron, I screamed.

I threw my power out again. A wave of darkness filled me, then crested and broke as I released every ounce of my will and strength against the blue chains that dug into the flesh of my thighs and ankles, my arms and wrists, my neck. It was useless. I was useless.

Cassian’s eyes met mine. He knew. He knew I was powerless to help. And he didn’t hate me for it. But I could. I did. I would forever hate myself for what I knew would come next. I could only hang my head and watch as Amarantha crawled over Cassian’s naked body, bound to her bed by the same cursed chains that held me to the wall. His wings, crumpled and twisted beneath him, had to be causing agonizing pain. Not a hint of his affliction showed on his face.

The self-proclaimed Queen Under the Mountain scowled as she beheld the Illyrian warrior’s bared body. A tremor of fear wormed its way down my spine. Cassian wasn’t excited. And the demonic fae didn’t like playing with soft toys.

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I saw @downmoonwrites made a small list of fics she liked and wanted to try it, too. I failed in containing myself…
Read more runner ups in my other lists: RAREPAIRS, PWP
Seriously. Do it. They’re all great. Coosing favourites is SO HARD ALREADY

Against All Odds by @sharkbaitsekki (with Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto, Daichi, Suga, Iwaizumi, T-rated)

Being a young parent is not easy, and newly-single fathers Daichi, Oikawa, Bokuto and Kuroo come to learn this the hard way through the daily challenges of raising children on their own. However, all is not hopeless, and when the four of them meet in a support group program, they will come to learn that together, they can get through anything, and fight despite the odds stacked against them.
A mostly light-hearted story about how even single parenthood is just another bump in the road if you have the right people around you to pick you up when you fall.

This fic changed my life. Literally. Go read it.

Below Destiny by volleyball_crow (with Ennoshita and Karasuno, G)

The one in which Daichi tries to ambush Ennoshita to give him a suitably emotional speech about the joys of captainship, and Ennoshita will have absolutely none of it, definitely not, not even if you payed me, thank you very much.

If there is one fic I want EVERYONE to read, it is this one. This is a masterpiece, incredibly thought out and characterized. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Philos series by @crollalanzaa (Iwaoi, G-M)

I am finally reading reading the book that has partly inspired this and can say with absolute certainty that this is an amazing collection of writing and I adore it.

(you are) here, there, everywhere (Ennoaka, T)

“Oh,” Konoha says suddenly, staring up at the ceiling with Akaashi like he might find answers there, “is this about your boyfriend?”
“He’s not my boyfriend,” Akaashi replies on autopilot.
“You kids are so technical these days,” Konoha says, as though he is not a mere one year older than Akaashi. “He’s basically your boyfriend. You guys watch movies together every other week and message each other on LINE in between.”
“As friends,” Akaashi corrects.
“As friends,” Konoha mocks.

Very relatable, adorable and cute. One of my absolute all-time favourites.

il mio ragazzo falso by @karasunovolleygays (Bokuaka, T)

With his grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary looming fast and large, Akaashi finds himself urged to bring a date and not quite to the point where his family knows that said date will not be of the female variety.
At some point, he has to decide which will be the least frightening prospect — braving coming out to his family or endure Operation: Find Keiji A Girlfriend 2k15.
And why is the only person he can think of to drag along to this thing his overly-spirited volleyball captain?

One of the reasons I can never ever get enough of fake dating fics. Too good. Also I won’t get Bokuto crooning Disney songs out of my head. Forever ingrained…

Happy copy of Eden by @veto-power-over-fanworks (Kurotsukki, T)

Tsukishima Kei’s summer-break included an improvised trip, booze, seafood, the messiest soundtrack ever, too many texted conversations with Tanaka and Yamaguchi, embarrassing amounts of pining, a new word and one relevant question. Also, what might have been attempts to convince him of the power of friendship.

Best Tsukki characterization I’ve seen. Great soundtrack and even better OCs!

Stop My Bones From Wondering by @cerasi-nalamine (Asanoya, T)

After graduation, Asahi hides from the world and needs help from a few sources to find his way back.

Incredible story and charactreization. Stunning!

Like Perennials by @companions (Iwaoi, T)

“I figured it out about a month before graduation.”
When Oikawa explains this, they are sitting together in a boat in the middle of Lake Pichola, India, hiding at the end of the fourteenth century with no one to bother them. Hajime sifts his hand through the water to cool his face while Oikawa pauses to collect himself, sights fixed on the royal blue of an emerging night sky. He holds two fingers up to the yellowed moon, pinches it into forced perspective, and palms it completely to force the light out of his eye. At the view, he smiles like he’s defeated all the knowing gods, the fates and their fickle futures, and humbles himself from the stratosphere.
“You know the story, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa tells him, back on earth. “Boy jumps to Miyagi in attempt to run away. It is raining, when he meets another, and they are both five years old. Neither of them can decide if he is from years past, or years to come. Hell, he could be a monster, for all they know.”

Fuck, this is well thought out. Breathtaking storytelling. I bought art for this fic because I loved it so much. Read all the other fics of this series, too!

another sunny day by musicalitea (fukurodani gen, T)

Fukurodani loses at Nationals. No one on the team handles it very well.
Konoha is no exception.

Heartwrenching. This fic set my bar for great fanfic higher. AGAIN.

The Laws of Gravity by Kittywu (kurotsukki, G)

In which Kuroo and Tsukishima go on a road trip together, in which they travel through half of Europe in Kuroo’s old Toyota and in which they of course end up falling in love.

I cried so hard. This is soo good and develops so amazingly!

Half Asleep / Wide Awake by @citrusfluegel (Kurodai, E)

“Y’know why she broke up with me?”
“Cause she realised she could never be good enough for you?”
Daichi blew air through his nose. “Because I’m still living with my ex.”
“I’m not your ex, I’m your best friend.”
“You’re both.”
In which Daichi wants change, Kuroo doesn’t want to lose his best friend, and life has never been kind to them.

So slow and captivating. Emotions galore!

Performance Anxiety by @mysecretfanmoments (Kuroken, E)

Kuroo lets his perfectionism get in the way of exploring the more physical side of his relationship with Kenma; Kenma decides to take matters into his own hands.

Yes, I know everyone agrees that Val’s fics are a blessing and this is perfect, but that’s not gonna hinder me putting it on this list! Give me characters struggling and growing and communicating every day…

love me like you do by @yamazaki-sousukes (Bokuroo, E)

Kuroo and Bokuto realize they’re in love each other without ever having to say it.

Oh my god, the feelings. I melted to the floor. I don’t know how often I’ve reread this now, but it’s an unholy amount…

Constellation by @fukurokeiji (Kuroyaku)

The beach is quiet, except for at night.
Morisuke doesn’t move from it; he can’t bring himself to, lost in his own desolation and fury, because how dare he abandon him like this, after taking him away from his home. During the day, Morisuke only ventures far enough into the trees to gather fruit, biting into it and relishing the bitter taste of unripe juice on his tongue.

Oh my god this is so perfect. I love this fic so much I commissioned a gorgeous piece of art for it.

a kiss of smoke by @tivruskis (Bokuroaka, T)

Akaashi inhaled it quicker than before, closing his eyes again. He leaned forward, chasing the smoke out from Kuroo’s mouth, and then their lips were touching, just briefly before Akaashi broke away to exhale the remaining smoke.
Koutarou didn’t realize he’d made a sound until Kuroo looked over at him. “You okay, bro?” he asked, the teasing tone in his voice almost hidden by the roughness of it.

My first encounter with Bokuroaka and DAMN was it contagious. Favourite polyship ever.

jaywalkers series by Batman (Kurotsukki, Bokuaka, T)

A collection of stories the morals of which all amount to: if something can go wrong, it will. Also, if something can go right, it also will.
Alternatively, that one college AU where everyone fucks all the shit up.

THE UNI FEEL. I love it, also it’s hilarious!

Valhalla by @suggestivescribe (Iwaoi, M)

Oikawa is a Valkyrie, and Iwaizumi is the warrior who refuses to fall.

The first fic I ever recorded as a podfic for myself. I’m so in love with it, Scribe is a blessing!

The Beat of a Drum by Crollalanza (Keisae, T)

“She’ll breeze into your life just when you least expect it. Make sure you look up at the right time, huh!”
On the outside, Keishin Ukai has a decent life. He works hard, plays hard, and is relishing his role as Karasuno’s coach. The one niggle - his parents nagging him to find a wife - he can easily ignore, ‘cause between his work, the harvest, and training, Keishin has no time for a girlfriend.
Then she sashays into his life, and he’s not just thinking about volleyball and fava beans.

Oh god, this fic. Hurt me, healed me, made me feel. Simply amazing.

burning bright (OiKuroo, M)

The tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou invades and subsequently ruins Oikawa Tooru’s life with his larger-than-life fire magic and his terrible hair.
The elite Spring Leaf Academy for Talented Young Magicians has a pecking order that’s been carved out across twelve complicated years of blood, sweat, and charisma. Tooru is more than a little stressed when the arrival of the famous Kuroo Tetsurou threatens to change everything.

A very new addition, author will be revealed tomorrow! I love love love the worldbuilding and character interactions… this is dreamy <3


just can’t get enough by cultvalue (Bokuroo, T)

Throughout their years together—first as friends, then as boyfriends—they’ve exchanged “I love you"s plenty of times, but never like this, never so meaningfully.

This is short but incredibly full of feeling. Makes my heart warm every time I read it.

rechording by @hananapeel (Ennofuta, T)

ennoshita’s a film student, futakuchi needs a music video, and hearts are plucked like guitar strings.

So cute and romantic!

yours is the light by @downmoonwrites (Oisuga, M)

He dreamed the first night Suga crawled into bed with him, hazy, vague ideas of temples and conversations with himself, the touch of a lover. He’d forgotten about it, until now, and the little details come flooding back, like he’s dreaming it all over again, and with such clarity he could almost reach out and pull a wisp out of his mind.
Tooru’s always loved the moon.

Such poetic writing, truly unique! Passionate and subtle at the same time aaahhhhhhhh

if it works by @arsenicjay (bokuroo, T)

“Do you think that’s progress?” Akaashi asks. He can’t help the dubious note in his voice.
“They get so caught up in each other that they forget everyone else,” Kenma points out, without bothering to look up. Just continues tap tap tapping on his PSP. “Not that they realise.”
“I suppose not,” Akaashi says, after a moment. He glances over at Kenma. “This is turning out harder than we thought.”
There’s an odd tension between Bokuto and Kuroo, one that everyone seems to be able to pick up on. Everyone of course, except for themselves.

This is fucking hilarious and so well characterized. A dream.

Ask a Stupid Question by @darkmagicalgirlwrites (with the future captains, G)

Captains Futakuchi, Ennoshita, Yahaba, and Shirabu are interviewed for a TV spot. Futakuchi has a little too much fun.

Comedic genius. I read this on the floor now because I literally fell twice off my chair before when reading it.



Young Love As Sweet As Can Be

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Just a really fluffy poly dan and phil”

Word Count: 1,527

Pairing: Dan x Reader x Phil

A/N: I turned this into such a cliched plot but oh well, its still cute

Everyone says not having a date to prom is the worst thing ever, you might as well not even go, but going with your best friends is better than having a date in your opinion. You actually wouldn’t be able to ask anyone to prom besides your best friends because you’re head over heels for both of your best friends and have dreamt of taking them both to prom. So here you are, the day of prom trying to get into your dress and wondering if Dan and Phil are even going to dress up. You’re pulling on your shoes when you hear someone ring the doorbell and you nearly fall down the stairs to get to the door.

“You look great!” Dan grins when you open the door and you blush and smile.

“So do you.” He did dress up, dark dress pants and a white button up with the sleeves rolled up. You guess he left the suit jacket in the car and you can’t imagine Dan bothering with the tie, he looks hot and your heart flutters.

“Ready to go?” He offers his arm and you’re out the door, thanking the heavens that you’re parents aren’t home.

“Where’s Phil?” You ask once you’re in the car.

“He’s getting dropped off so he’ll meet us there.” Dan replies and you can’t wait to see Phil in a suit.

Keep reading

desintegrer-deactivated20170225  asked:

Hi! How are you? :) I hope things are well. I'm writing about two college students who've just met, where their relationship will develop into a romantic one but I'm kinda struggling. My question comes in two parts: a) how do i make their relationship development realistic? what needs to happen before you think its okay for them to "get together"? b) how do I know if two people are compatible for one another? i know there is no "right" way, but y'know. thank you so much for your time! x :)

Hi :) I’m doing well, thanks!

A solid progression for your romances is important! I just finished reading a poorly-paced romance novel, and it really didn’t feel realistic/authentic.. by the end, I was skimming all the gooey romantic scenes between them because I simply didn’t care about the relationship.

How to pace your romances:

I wrote an article about it a while back, which you can read here.

If you’ve ever played a video game like Harvest Moon, Dragon Age, Mass Effect or something where you can CHOOSE your character’s romantic interest, that’s the kind of pacing I like to go by.

You have to have the MC interact with your Love Interest over time, whether it’s chatting with them at the campsite or giving them gifts. When you first meet them, the conversation is perhaps a little guarded or polite or maybe even rude, because they don’t know you well enough to open up and really show themselves (Here’s another article about how in dialogue, your characters don’t always say what they mean).

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On a storyline level, as your characters might make plot-related choices that the Love Interest approves or disapproves of, the relationship grows stronger or weaker accordingly. 

When you hit a certain relationship level with them, there’s a special moment. It could be a heart-to-heart conversation moment, or something more active like a chance to jump in and save the Love Interest from a bully or take the Love Interest’s side in an argument. It might even be a major argument as this special moment, and how they deal with the aftermath makes their relationship stronger or destroys it forever. In any case, after that point, the relationship has changed. Something has shifted between them.

Of course, a relationship can have several of these special moments before they realize their emotions. Or maybe one realizes their feelings after the 2nd special moment, and the other is still oblivious.

You can plot it just like your storyline, with ups and downs:

Of course, there are a billion ways to change it up. This sample line I created has more of a neutral start, but if your characters really get off on the wrong foot when they first meet, the line might plummet negative right at the beginning.

As far as when they officially “get together,” that varies on the relationship. Feeling attraction and admitting it can be two very different things! And a fun tension point to play with.

Now on to your second question… 

Is the couple compatible?

Compatibility changes so much. What one person wants in a relationship will be wildly different than someone else. Compatibility isn’t just black and white between different personality traits, and it’s not something you can add up mathematically to figure out.

I do like couples who are different enough from each other than they “complete” the other, in a way. A more outgoing person might encourage a shy and timid person to go on adventures, meet new people, experience new things. At the same time, that timid person can teach the outgoing person how to enjoy quiet moments and relax. How to sit and observe, how to enjoy little things instead of always shooting for the big picture.

Of course, in this case, both of them need to be somewhat willing to try new things. They also need to be respectful of boundaries and the fact that an introverted person simply won’t like spending all day on the go, and an extroverted person might go stir crazy if they have to spend a few straight days indoors. It varies a lot by the characters’ other traits!

That’s a personal taste thing, though. Some couples might prefer that their partner is really similar to them. It makes the relationship stress-free, argument-free, safe, comfortable. Others might see this as boring, but really, people just want different things out of a relationship. Just because YOU see a certain relationship as weird/boring/uncomfortable, doesn’t mean someone else agrees. (And I’m NOT talking about abusive relationships, here. That’s an entirely different conversation!)

What matters is that both people in the relationship genuinely like what they “get” out of it, whether that’s love/acceptance, comfort, companionship, adventure, conversation.. whatever it might be.

Hope all this is helpful to you! It’s given me some ideas of what to write future posts about… I may go more into depth about different types of romantic plot lines. :)

Happy writing!


A lot of people have asked me why it is I have so much patience for the Diamonds in the absence of obvious “redeeming” qualities attached to them. 

And my answer at this point is: precedents.

When you’re writing a story, you know where you’re going. You establish small things at first that reflect patterns in how the rest of the story goes.

And Steven Universe, the show, has some very clear patterns.

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More art + some sort of small ficlet under the cut!


You had to hand it to the Pink Girl, sometimes she did have some good ideas. Not that she realized it, of course, but what could you expect from a mere child? She said whatever went through her mind and didn’t think much, but to someone brilliant enough, that incessant blabbering could give birth to some interesting ideas.

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Wang So & His Brothers: Throw me to the wolves

“So throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack.” 
Bring Me the Horizon, “Throne” 

(Honestly, while it’s not my favourite song, the lyrics are quite fitting for So.) 

My, there’s a lot of say about Wang So this week, and in relation to his brothers. Parallels! Foreshadowing! Tragedy! Rivalry! The list goes on and on and on… 

But one of the key themes in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is survival. It all circles back to what Hae Soo said: “It’s not a crime to want to live.” And everyone is doing their best to survive, by whatever means necessary, and sometimes it gets ugly. But we want to live. And on the path to survival, we often let our instincts take over and we’ve seen over and over how with the key players in the palace in the fight for the throne how the lines between animal/beast and human blur. Are we truly better than beasts? Or are we nothing more than animals, masquerading as humans? 

Where to begin? 

Let’s start somewhere easy.

Wang Won & Chaeryung 

Won falls into the same category as Wook, being the snake that it is. He’s not exactly the smartest of the princes, but he’s known for being very materialistic, and being attracted to money and other goods. So it’s not a surprise that he follows whomever he thinks is the strongest–Wang Yo–and by doing that, he ensures that he survives and can live comfortably in luxury. 

Unlike Wang So or Hae Soo, his means of survival isn’t determined by morals. It doesn’t matter if what he does is “right” or “wrong,” he’s doing whatever he can to survive.  And while we may judge him for surviving by doing all the wrong actions, who are we to blame him? Growing up in an environment where you can trust no one and die at any given moment, what wouldn’t you do to survive? Wook, Yo, and Yeonhwa have shown that they will do whatever they can to survive, even if it means manipulating others (something that So and Soo, even Eun or Baek Ah may shy away from, even if it meant their survival). 

The same goes for Chaeryung. I know her betrayal hurts, and it sucks. But I don’t think we should be quick to judge either because we don’t really know how she ended up how she is in the first place–she’s practically a spy for the ninth prince, but how? And why? 

She’s an interesting figure. She’s loyal to Soo, and clearly loves Soo, to the point where she begs Wook to save her life. But then, why does Chaeryung do what she does? There were already the seeds that were planted when Chaeryung and Won shared a look back in episode 4. Is Chaeryung doing this out love for the ninth prince? Because, sweetheart, he is SO not worth it. Nor is any man, really. But… there’s also the possibility that a) Chaeryung is being forced into it or b) I think it says in her character profile somewhere that she has to take care of her family, and it would make sense that she would do whatever it takes to make sure they survive. If it’s any of the last two, how can we blame her? Chaeryung is trying to survive too.

They are all trying to survive. 

“And I Darken”: Wang Wook & transformation 

Wook: “I have done nothing wrong.” 

I know many of you hate Wang Wook. I don’t think I’ve ever hated Wook, mostly because I understand him, but I don’t appreciate the way he always seems to be defending his actions through Hae Soo (he always claims that it’s about her–and yes, part of that is true, but his ambition is clearly bigger). Him saying that he “had no other choice” is a lie. There is always a choice. He could have actually done many things with his brilliant head of his, but he has chosen the path that he’s currently walking. I don’t have any pity for him, but I do understand him… if that makes any sense. 

Wook: Why is it that I’m so lonely? 

yeah i’ll admit this scene kinda made me feel sorry for him BUT you’re still a snake!! 

I’d like to give an applause for Kang Ha Neul. The physical transformation of Wang Wook is jarring–he goes from being soft, to all hard angles and lines. He wears darker colours, his cheeks are gaunt and hollow, his eyes are dark. (Wang So is the opposite–goes from the dark and severe edges, to the soft). There are also hints of madness in Wook. Does madness run in this family? Is that the fate of those who become king, and those who wish to becoming king?

This scene is deeply unsettling for me–mostly because he seems to be on the brinks of madness, or at least, brushing quite close to it. He can’t get the words out of his head: Be careful of Wang So… 

And it makes him wonder what he should do about him. 

We cannot discuss Wook without discussing So. They’re paralleled, and I think they’re meant to be sort of foils to one another. They’re brothers who were born in the same year, and are now planting the same goal in mind. But we know how this story ends: one brother becomes the king, and the other will spent forever earnestly wishing and pining after that very seat. 

It’s been a long time since So has thought of Wook kindly. He cannot forgive Wook for turning away from Soo, and he cannot forgive the way that Wook abandoned his brother, Mu, and turned to Yo and essentially became a traitor. Like I said, everyone is trying to survive–So is trying to survive in the “right” way, the best he can, while Wook is willing to walk any path that gets him to where he wants. 

So has always been smart. The fact that he was called a “wolf-dog” and many nasty rumours were spread about him, to the point where everyone feared him, So is not only talented in martial arts and fighting, but he is also showing potential in politics. He wasn’t born with the star of emperor for no reason, you know. 

Like Hae Soo, Wang So is a product of the outside world. Yeonhwa, Wook, and everyone else is a product of the palace. Therefore, like Soo, So had to learn how to play the games, and educate himself on how to deal with the other clans. He had to learn how to talk to people. He’s still green in some areas, but he’s proven himself to be able to stand his own ground. And So will continue to grow–and if he has any weak spots, Yeonhwa can fill in for him, when he becomes king (their predicted future relationship will be really interesting, in terms of who will have the upper hand). 

Here is an important scene:

So: “Did you really make Mu pass away?” 
Wook: “And what about you? Are you really going to become a dog and kill Eun?” 

Wook: “You and I are struggling to survive. This is the fate of princes who could not become emperors. If you want to protect it, then you must obey. I… did not poison the late king.” 

So, both of them want to become king. What’s new? 

But their motivations are different. 

Wook wants the throne for power and love. He wants to have both. He wants to protect both. Soo is the one thing that he wanted, but he failed to protect her. He wants the throne for power, so he can then be able to have what he loves. Or at least this is how he justifies it. On the other hand, So will step into his desire to become king because he wants freedom, and to protect what he loves. I don’t think it’s ever quite about power for So–he’s never really been interested in the throne because of power, but he curiously wonders why everyone is grappling for the seat. I can bring Yeonhwa into this discussion because she wants power so she can protect herself and her own (her family). For both of them, Yeonhwa and Wook, it’s about power more than it is about love, which is where we see a divide between them and So. 

Goryeo’s New Owner

Yo: “It’s fun to tame him.” 

I don’t think it’s a surprise that So held back when he was fighting Yo. He never meant to kill Yo, he just wanted to take him down. And he still cared about Yo, despite everything, or else he wouldn’t have been so devastated over Yo’s “death.” What a big heart our wolf puppy prince has 

And in order for So (and Hae Soo) to survive they must submit to the new king, no matter how they hate it. And again, Wang So has to become a dog, leashed to his owner. But no matter how loyal dogs are, even they get fed up. A dog can bite his master. 

I think the way that Yo sits on his throne is interesting. Compared to the serious way that his father and his elder brother sat on the throne… 

Look at the way he props his elbow on his knee. He doesn’t sit properly on the throne. He’s arrogant, he’s cocky, he likes to toy with people. The position of “Goryeo’s owner” and to be king is nothing but a prize to him. Yo is smart, he won’t be a stupid king. But he also takes the throne without the sense of heavy responsibility compared to his predecessors. The throne is a heavy burden. It is not to be taken lightly. Jeongjong had a strong backing, historically, because of his mother and the Yoo clan. But Gwangjong’s power  was stronger because in addition to the Yoo clan, he also had the Hwangbo clan, thanks to his queen (Yeonhwa). 

Going back to the madness we see in Wook, we also saw it in Mu and we will see Yo become more paranoid about this throne. 

Yo: “Does Jung want the throne?” 

Queen Yoo is clearly taken aback. Mothers look to sons who will make them shine. One will go mad and die, one will never become the king and leave her, and one will rise above and never look back to her again. Without her sons, without her husband, what is she? It is a sad reality of women during this era. She will become jaded, and die lonely. 

Off with his head!  

Let’s take a look at our youngest princes. If you cannot become a king, you must submit to the king. If you are a threat to the new king, then you will be hunted down like an animal. 

That’s exactly what happens to Eun. His family was already perceived to be dangerous when Mu took the throne, but Mu had no plans to get rid of his brothers and Eun’s wife, Soon Deok, made sure that they weren’t seen as threats. Again, with Soon Deok, we see how women in this drama are the ones who get shit done. 

The scene where Eun asks Soo about his mother and aunt is important. It shows how even though how much time has passed, and Eun has matured enough to marry, he still doesn’t really understand the severity of the situation. His family is essentially being hunted down, and he still thinks there’s a possibility that they’ll be okay. 

But the women know. Hae Soo and Soon Deok don’t tell him in order to protect him. Again, women doing stuff for men, because they can’t really seem to do anything. Men are the ones with most autonomy and power so to speak, and yet, women are making things happen with the limited power and restrained positions they have. 

The question looms as to whether or not this couple will survive. 

Which raises the question as to why General Park would stand with So if something happened to them. 

So there are a few possibilities: a) Eun and Sook Duk don’t die, and escape; b) General Park realizes and understands that even though So killed them (if So is the one to do it), that So was faced with terrible choices, and did what he had to do; or c) thinks So will become a better king than Yo. 

We cannot remain neutral forever 

Jung already knows that his brothers will begin to rip each other’s throats out–it’s already begun, and it was predicted to happen since their father died. Like he tells Hae Soo, they cannot remain neutral forever and must choose a side. What side will Jung choose? He’s never been So’s person. 

But he cannot stand to be with Yo, or his mother anymore. Originally, before the drama started, Jung was said to be to be on Wook’s side (same with Won and Eun). And this has proven true. When Yo was no longer the brother he looked up to, Jung went to Wook. But had he traded another evil brother for another? 

Jung: “I’m going to kill him.” 

So where will Jung stand? How will he survive? 

All eyes turn to Wang So, the wolf who will become the sun

So: There’s something I can’t ever seem to solve. Being lead by a leash, I wonder if I’m going to again become the dog that protects Mu. Is this my fate? I don’t want live by always turning away from the things I love–I’m sick and tired of that. Things always go awry. So, tell me. How can I free myself from this leash?” 
Ji Mong: “The majority of people in these kinds of situations want to become the dog that bites their owner and makes the owner’s house his own.”
So: “Are you telling me to rebel?” 
Ji Mong: “Not at all. Thank you for protecting Mu. He won’t hang onto to you for long.” 


But So was born with the star of the emperor, and we finally, finally see So desire the throne. He means it. And it’s not about power. It’s about putting an end to things that he cannot stand–brothers and sisters fighting for power–and to put an end to him being controlled. All ever So wants is freedom. The throne will grant him that. 

Ji Mong: “It’s time.”

So: I started this so I could finally put an end to princes killing one another.” 

“내가 말이야, 목줄을 끊는 개가 되어야겠어. 이 고려의 황제가 되어 주마.”

So: “I must become the dog that bites off its own collar. I will become Goryeo’s emperor.” 

Everyone threw So to the wolves, but he came back. And he’s going to devour them all of them–as well as the throne. 

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Hi there :3! Prompto struggling with insomnia scenario? Not the city. He can't sleep for some reason or another? Thanks!

Sure, I’ll take a shot at it! I haven’t written a scenario in a loooong time so bear with me!
Warning that this will be spoilery to my friends who have yet to finish the game! I’m writing on my phone tonight (html will be the death of me), so I have no idea how to put in a read more type thing, so sorry! ^^;;


The tent was cramped. Prompto let out a sudden groan as Noctis elbowed his friend firmly in the ribs as he rolled over. The prince was asleep and there was nothing anyone could do to wake him from his slumber. On Prompto’s other side, Gladio was taking up at least half of the tent, sprawled out with a flailed out arm heavily on Prompto’s back. To make matters worse, Gladio was snoring what felt like directly into Prompto’s ear. Sure, the times around the campfire were great, but the nights could be miserable. Fitting three full grown men and Gladio inside a two man tent wasn’t an easy task.

Prompto managed to pull his arm out from where it had been trapped by Noctis rolling over onto it, feeling blindly for his phone underneath his pillow. He carefully cupped his hand over the screen and tapped the home button, only to let out a deep sigh as he read the numbers “4:19.” There wasn’t a chance he was going to fall asleep. He hadn’t slept all night because of his racing mind. Freed from Noctis on one side, Prompto rolled onto his side and began to push Gladio’s arm off of him, which was greeted almost immediately by Gladio’s sleepy voice.

“What’s going on? Daemons?”

“No no, nothing like that. Go back to sleep. I just really need you to get off me, big guy” Prompto said quietly, this time forcefully pushing Gladio’s arm off of him. Gladio grunted and adjusted, turning himself over so his back was now facing Prompto and the rest of the gang.

‘Why couldn’t he just fall asleep like that in the first place?’ The grumpy thought ran quickly through the blonde’s mind, shaking his head with a sigh and a roll of his eyes as he looked at Gladio’s back.

As carefully and quietly as he could, Prompto pushed himself to his knees, grabbing his phone and backing out of the tent.

The camping chairs were still set up, so he plopped himself down in one, opening the game of King’s Knight on his phone.

As he waited for it to load, Prompto looked toward the horizon. Cape Caem was close. Altissia was close. A few errands had needed to be done before they set off, so their journey had been put on pause once more.

Prompto’s mind began to wander, and he glanced down at the now loaded game. The title screen played music softly and his character, a level 80 knight that specialized in using polearms, was looking up at him. His eyes fluttered closed as he turned off his phone’s screen, immersing himself in the dark silence once more.

Beyond Altissia was Niflheim. Prompto felt his chest tighten as he let out a shaky breath. It was no surprise to him that this was the reason he was unable to sleep. The thought of returning horrified him. How would his brothers react to knowing his darkest secret?

Prompto’s hand instinctively moved to his right wrist, adjusting then gripping the wristband tightly. The thought of telling them flickered into his mind for a mere moment. He knew they loved him as much as he loved them, but his past, where he was from, could change everything. His eyes grew hot, tears beginning to well at the thought of losing them. They were all he had. He had lied time and time again about his having parents that traveled frequently. Truth was that he was always all alone.

He had put up a strong front for so many years now, hiding the sorrow and fear deep within him. How could he tell them now? After so many years, so many laughs, so many miles on the road… It all could be shattered by a simple sentence.

Prompto quickly wiped his eyes on the back of his hand, letting out another shaky sigh. He looked over to the tent, taking in the image of the three figures, his best friends, sprawled out inside. Smiling slightly, Prompto looked back to the sky. It was beginning to turn a light purple with the dawn. Deep down, he knew they would accept him. They weren’t shallow enough to let this get in the way… were they? But now wasn’t the time to tell them. He would prefer to never tell them, but not all secrets can stay hidden forever. He knew it would come out someday. For now though, he could enjoy what he had with them, pushing away the painful thought of the future.

A few moments later, he heard a rustling coming from the tent. Looking back over, Prompto saw Ignis emerging from the small opening, wiping his glasses off on his shirt.

“Good morning, Prompto. You’re up early.”

Prompto forced a smile and he knew immediately that Ignis could tell something was wrong.

“What’s the problem?” Ignis asked as he adjusted his gloves, walking over to their makeshift kitchen.

“Nothing! I figured I’d help out with breakfast!” Prompto said cheerily, jumping up from his chair and walking over to Ignis. He couldn’t possibly tell Ignis he hadn’t slept. That would cause questions.

Ignis stared at Prompto for a few seconds, debating what to say next. Prompto began working on setting up a pot of coffee, flashing a smirk and an eyebrow raise at Ignis, whose only response was to roll his eyes. It was unusual for Prompto to be so bright first thing in the morning, but he’d take what he could get.

“After you finish that, you can get the water boiling,” Ignis ordered, almost hesitantly, as he began chopping the veggies.

Prompto turned to Ignis, smiling brightly, “Got it!”


Feel free to choose from the list or make up your own! Just send me the number and a plot idea. The more details the better!

1. “Make me.”

2. “Are you about done yet?”

3. “Try that again, I dare you.”

4. “You’re mine.”

5. “If you mess this up, you’re pretty much killing both of us. No pressure, though.”

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When did Batman become more popular than Superman and why?

Assuming there’s a need to go on beyond arguably the single most iconic punch thrown in the history of the medium, it really is notable what a very specific window Batman seized in climbing to the top of DC’s heap. Because for almost 50 years, there was no question whatsoever regarding who their golden boy was.

Until ‘86 - probably ‘89 or so in the public consciousness - there was no question Superman was the top dog in comics. There were of course interludes where others got their time in the sun, mainly Batman and Wonder Woman with their respective TV shows, but Superman was the unquestioned #1 DC-brand product, to the point that from 1942 to 1972 his name was part of their logo. He was the one to make the big screen debut, he was the one selling the most, he got the Alan Moore stories, he was The Guy in every way that mattered…and then he wasn’t.

I’ve gone into Superman’s fall from grace before, with the rise and eventual runaway success of the Marvel hero that Batman approximated the nature of more closely than anyone else in DC’s stable, Superman’s unintentional positioning in the public eye as a necessarily retro figure of 50s nostalgia, and John Byrne in particular stripping away pretty much all of what made him an interesting and viable character for years (even if, yes, he also contributed elements that would yield fruit down the line under better writers). Around the same year, one of the two most significant superhero comics since 1962 was a story about Batman being the coolest badass who has ever lived and will ever live, that ends with him kicking the high holy hell out of Superman while internally monologuing about what a dumb, shitty character he is.

It’s a little more nuanced than that - there’s a weird mutual understanding by the end between the two, and until this point in the book Miller writes Superman as a straight-up god with a scale and sense of majesty he’d never even gotten his own comics - but in terms of the popular takeaway? Chris Sims already put it as well as anyone has: “(Superman’s closest equivalent) Whatever Happened ends with Superman watching all his friends die, losing his powers, and then going and getting a real job. DKR ends with Batman punching Superman so hard that his own heart explodes, and then revealing it was a fake-out so that he can keep being Batman forever. When you stack those two endings up to each other, it’s pretty easy to see why people came away from the ’80s thinking that Batman should probably win all their fights.

And then the next year, Superman IV happened and killed Superman’s movie franchise in the pubic eye for…well, depending on how you want to look at it, either 19 years or 30 and counting. Two years after that, Burton’s Batman changed superhero movies forever. After DKR all but baptized him in his rival’s blood in ‘86 and marked him as the unquestioned coolest superhero of all time in the comics, it was only 3 years later that he claimed that same title for the public at large, after periods in the ‘60s and ‘80s of his comics struggling to stay above water. Throw in Year One, Arkham Asylum, and (regardless of how it held up in the long term) Killing Joke on top of that in that short period, and he was also solidly established as the character with all the best comics. If Superman had been able to put up a solid fight - if Superman IV hadn’t been a disaster, if Frank Miller and Steve Gerber had helmed his post-Crisis relaunch the way they’d wanted to (or Alan Moore, if the rumors of him being in contention for that position were correct), if Byrne hadn’t been ordered to tear down pretty much everything about the character as he’d existed to that point, or he at least wasn’t given as much latitude as he was with that order - he might have weathered the storm and held onto his position. But Batman broke through at the exact moment Superman was weakest, and DC was coming to some conclusions about what they wanted their universe to be that meant they didn’t have a problem with that. And once Batman started getting every ounce of effort they could muster to sustain him, and Superman became a wistful afterthought at best to DC, a cheesy problem to be corrected at worst, nothing was going to alter that course.

Is anything going to change that? Well, to be honest, probably not. Batman V Superman was shockingly the first story in about 30 years to unequivocally depict Superman as better than Batman, but that movie sucked and was received as such so it’s not like that made any kind of positive impact. If ‘just’ making an essentially perfect Superman comic was all it took, All-Star Superman would have fixed everything a decade ago; DKR was at a one-time-only transformative moment for the industry, so by nature nothing Superman can bring to the table after the fact can match it. Even if Superman rocking could change it, DC’s in no rush to bother trying; Action Comics has a 90s vet best known for writing a really bad comic that sold well on merit of the title taking point, and after Tyler Hoechlin’s phenomenal Superman drew the most positive media attention the character has had in well over a decade, the CW and WB leapt into action to tamper down hopes that he’d even make another guest appearance on Supergirl, much less receive his own show.

Even if Superman did surge ahead again the way I constantly hope, Batman’s built to thrive in contemporary pop culture in a way Superman just isn’t. I get as salty as anyone every time Batman gets some cool new creative team or book while Superman languishes, or Ben Affleck waffling on making a solo Batman movie makes headlines every other day while the reveal that a script is being worked on for Superman’s next feature is met with a shrug - and Batman’s my second favorite character of all time - but facts are facts: Batman is cooler than Superman. Superman is a very nice strong boy from Kansas with a desk job who wants us all to get along, and when he got a little of his original edge back his fans started shrieking bloody murder. Batman’s a genius billionaire in black with a dark sense of humor who knows every martial art and dates Michelle Pfeiffer/Anne Hathaway in a skintight cat suit. Plus with Superman you really need to dig deep into him to find his virtues beyond the natural charm he has when played right, while the vivid, bloody raw emotional context for everything Batman does is built right into line one of his origin story. Throw Batman genuinely being a phenomenal character on top of all that? I love Superman more than any other character in fiction, but in terms of what’s going to get casual readers and moviegoers to put their cash on the table, this was never going to be a fight. 

Unless Batman goes tumbling catastrophically downhill at Superman’s absolute shining moment I don’t see anything changing that, and to be honest I don’t much care. That doesn’t take away from what makes Superman special and meaningful. Batman’s awesome, it’s totally fair that most people prefer him, DC and WB upper brass included. I just don’t think that means Superman needs to have every last inch of his narrative real estate snatched up, and be torn down from his place in the sun so it can be reinforced that Batman can beat him into the dirt.

You cannot properly kiss a fifteen year old girl

Mirror of the Witch debuted this week and all of my very intense feelings reared up as discussion popped up again on tumblr. Since I don’t like jumping into other people’s conversations, I decided to organize my feelings here. 

There appear to be three main themes inside the discussion that I want to address because this essay isn’t letting me sleep at night–outrage and confusion at the age gap, the Wait and See viewing approach, and Noona Romance. 

Age Gap Outrage

I’m going to start with a little story. When I was in college, I had a roommate who would constantly rent movies and drag us into a movie night. One night, she rented Princess of Thieves which is a 2001 made for TV movie staring a fifteen year old Keira Knightly as the daughter of Robin Hoon and Stephen Moyer, who at the time was nearly thirty, as the secret son of King Richard and her love interest. It is a cute romantic adventure with hijinks, love, and thrilling action. 

It came with special features and I love watching how movies are made. The next day, while I was avoiding my class reading, I popped in the dvd and watched the interviews with the cast. It was standard fare, lots of praise for Keira Knightly’s maturity in her performance and jokes about the difficult stunts. I remember being confused at all the male actors constantly praising her maturity and skill as an actress until the interviewer asked Stephen Moyer what was the most difficult part of filming. His response has stuck with me for nearly a decade.

The kissing scene. Because you cannot properly kiss a fifteen year old girl

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So, bearing in mind I’m judging the movie based upon this trailer alone so maybe it will turn out differently, but upon the basis of this trailer….mixed feelings.

I guess at the moment based on this I’m looking forward to seeing another fun MCU movie.

The Web Wings sort of give us the web pits which is cool. Seeing more legitimate high school interaction stuff with Spider-Man is cool.

Seeing Spider-Man and Iron Man interact on the big screen is for me as a fan since I was a child in the 90s never going to not be something I’ll pay to see. Just like I went to BvS knowing it would suck but still…it’s Batman and Superman in live action on screen together. It’s a childhood dream realised, even if it’s not actually good.

Now I’m not saying this movie will be Dawn of Justice. I don’t know.

But based upon this trailer…I really am concerned its going to be a fun MCU movie and probably a fun movie movie….but I don’t know if it’s going to be a great SPIDER-MAN movie.

Because…Iron Man mentoring Spider-Man is…I’m not alone in having concerns about that.

Spider-Man doesn’t have a mentor. It’s legitimately important to the core philosophy underpinning the character that he not have a mentor. He can have someone in his normal life who might be a paternal figure, like George Stacy. But as Spider-Man, as a superhero…he operates alone on his own terms. Nobody tells him how precisely to do things.

Giving him a mentor figure, let alone one in the form of an established hero is really, really, really going against part of the point of the character’s early creation. He’s the teenage hero who wasn’t a sidekick to anybody.

And I know you could say that hey, he’s not a sidekick in this either. But having Iron Man mentor him is like one step below being a sidekick. He’s still having someone instruct him. He isn’t self taught hero figuring it out on his own, making ends meet on his own terms.

Even in his private life Peter tended to shirk charitable efforts in favour of doing things himself.

He’ll team up with people sure, but it took a very long time before Spider-Man embraced being a full on team player and even then that came with a fair amount of autonomy.

This is different because again, the young teenage Spider-Man absolutely has to be  going it alone which the trailer implies is not the case.

The trailer is saying Tony is telling him what to do and they will butt heads over him listening to that or not. Which is…absolutely not teen Spider-Man at all.

The web wings are…I will be okay with them if they are literally just helping him to glide over short distances when he leaps. But the 2 problems I foresee with this are that

a)    They will amount to all out flight which again, is really not Spider-Man’s style at all and

b)   He gets them from Stark

So again the biggest point of contention regarding Spidey in Civil War crops up again.

It is part and parcel of what I’ve been saying up until now. Spider-Man is lacking his independence if you have Tony give him tech and other essentials.

I GET wanting to inject novelty into this and making it relevant to the shared universe. But there comes a point where if you lean too much into that you begin to undermine the point of the character and his story.

Ideally every solo MCU movie should be a great movie that nails the characters they are representing but also works within the shared universe. Iron Man, Thor, the First Avenger, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Winter Soldier managed to do this.

Civil War was essentially Avengers 3 and it was vital to changing the universe but you could get away with that as a Cap movie because Cap is essentially THE leader of the Marvel universe. He can by himself affect it. So it was okay even if I wish we could have more straight Cap movies about Cap’s life and rogue’s gallery (*coughDiamondbackcough*).

Even Doctor Strange, which frankly was deeply flawed, succeeded at being rooted firmly in Doctor Strange’s world and characters and concerns whilst still working within the MCU and still contributing to the ongoing plots.

I think that’s my concern. I don’t think most Spider-Man fans (albeit maybe most moviegoers) wanted MCU Spider-Man movies about Spider-Man linked in with the wider MCU stuff. They simply wanted Spider-Man movies with the quality that the MCU has come to be known for. As in they wanted a more faithful Ditko/Romita Spider-Man but with the MCU success and quality they’d come to be known for. Not a movie where Spider-Man’s story inherently wouldn’t work without the wider MCU being part and parcel of that. Maybe at most they would like to see him fight non-Spider-Man villains from the wider MCU.

The Vulture…looked pretty cool in costume. I’m concerned though that just like Aunt May, who again looked too young in this movie, Vulture’s gimmick of being an old man who’s more dangerous than he appears is going to be ignored. Which is essentially nuts considering they’ve hammered in the youth thing for Hollan’ds Spider-Man. Maybe they won’t commit to that forever but whilst Holland is a kid in high school why wouldn’t you embrace him fighting a villain characterizaed by being a mean OLD man.  Hopefully that WILL be in the movie but the guy seemed like middle aged more than a senior citizen.

Him knowing Peter is Spider-Man and using that to threaten him…ehhhhhhhhhhhh…

Putting aside how that’s never been a Vulture thing…we’ve seen that in 4/5 Spider-Man movies.

Spider-Man 2002: Norman finds out attacks Aunt May and Mary Jane

Spider-Man 2: Doc ock finds out at the end (granted I wouldn’t entirely count that one)

Spider-Man 3: Harry attacks Peter at the beginning of the movie, manipulates Mary Jane in the middle of the movie and then Venom attacks MJ to get to him at the end of the movie.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Lizard finds his camera that the GENIUS hero Peter Parker decided to take into the sewer without removing his name from it. Consequently he attacks his school

Amazing Spider-Man 2: Harry figures out Spider-Man is peter and attacks Gwen

We need to see this again?

Not to mention that IF they want to bring in Norman or Venom it’s very important to both of them that they know Peter’s identity so this move would cheapen that if we get there.

Liz looks to be based upon the Spec cartoon version and also the love interest of this. Fine by me. Michelle is someone he 100% knows from the get go.

My biggest fear is that they will do something asinine like have her be a bit like Ultimate MJ and then give her a ‘makeover’ moment and she opens the door as Romita MJ.

At this point, even though I still think visually Zendaya could play MJ, the direction they are going with Michelle makes me hope that actually she is NOT Mary Jane.

And then Ned.









No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No

No. No. Noooooooooooo

Where do I begin.

I guess at the obvious.

He’s Ganke.

He is a portly high schooler of Asian American descent who likes Lego and is friends with Spider-Man whom he goes to school with and who, in his bedroom, learns is a superhero upon it being revealed to him.

He’s Ganke.

There is….sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong with this.

FIRST of all….Ganke is NOT a Peter Parker character. And Ganke is NOTHING like Ned Leeds either, so well done you’ve ruined Ned.

Second of all Peter having a high school confidant….no. Just….no. That’s not the character and that’s not his story or struggle. At best you can maybe have teen MJ fill that role. Or shit if we’re gonna be making Spider-Man clearly tied into the MCU why not another hero? Peter Parker in high school though was someone who was mostly an outsider having to deal with crap on his own and taking crap from people because he couldn’t reveal his identity to people. Giving him a Ganke character seriously compromises that.

Now I honestly don’t know this so please inform me if I am off here but…I’m guess upon the basis that I’ve never heard the name outside of Miles Morales comics that Ganke’s name Ganke originates from whatever ethnic heritage he has (like all 4 of my names).

So….why change his name to Ned? Why would you do that?

If he’s going to be Ganke just call him fucking Ganke.

It does nothing to make him Ned Leeds (unless they are gonna do what Spec did and call him Ned LEE, because Ganke’s last name is Lee). Nothing except blow up Ned’s character and erase Ganke’s character a little bit.

Worse though is the transplanting of Ganke’s character and role of confidant into Peter’s story.

Why would you do this?

Peter has the best supporting cast out there, why do you need to steal one of the few supporting characters Miles has to supplement his movie?

It’s utterly unnecessary for Peter’s character and it really damages Miles’ in the eventuality that he will show up in the MCU.

In fact I’d argue that this move really lessens anybody’s hopes that Miles WILL ever show up. Now I obviously don’t think Miles should show up in the MCU at THIS point in time. I don’t mind about later on, but as the first and definitive Spider-Man of the MCU Hell no, that has to be Peter Parker.

But when you start stealing Miles Morales elements to be in your Peter Parker movie you are eating up the minute mythology Miles has for you to work with. Which means the best case scenario is that Miles shows up with a story way too different from the one he was created with.

And oh my God…is this going to cause yet more shit between the Peter and the Miles fans.

I haven’t checked but I can imagine Miles fans who are, not unjustifiably, butthurt over this right now.

Ages ago I said how it’d be wrong to treat Peter and Miles as interchangeable. How it’d be disingenuous to do a Miles movie trilogy wherein you give him elements of Peter Parker in order to flesh out his minute history for the sake of a movie series.

Well shit, I didn’t think I had to spell out that the reverse was true as well. The difference is that unlike doing a Miles movie a Peter film just doesn’t NEED any Miles elements. There is more than enough to work with as is.

Final thoughts: I am gonna watch it and enjoy it as a fun MOVIE. As a good SPIDER-MAN movie though…I am incredibly apprehensive

Gann's romance in "sacrifice ending" and ancient tragedies, somehow


I was discussing (well, more accurately gushing) with imaginaryprisons how MotB has a lot of references to Greek tragedies - dream sequences, flashback with women with same faces and drastically different colors, like costumes, the homebase of party being a literal theatre, etc.

But there’s more than just few nods. The core of the game is built on the same principals as Greek tragedies (which I freaking love bc I‘m mythology geek)

Fortunately, I found post describing greek tragedies in a way that pinpoints the exact similarities with MotB, so I don’t have to struggle with it myself yay

MotB switches focus between cosmic and intimate constantly, the scope changes from the whole multiverse to the smile shared between two people and back. The story around which MotB revolves is driven by passion. Usually Obsidian gives their character motivation of ideology, philosophy, belief, worldview, but sorry, Kaelyn - this is a theatrical tragedy and Akachi and the Founder live a story of love. But oh, what love it is! Love in Motb isn’t a cutesy Disney happy-end, it’s a force, unyielding, terrifying, cruel and selfish. Love of Akachi and the Founder shook the world’s order and the scars of it still haunt lives of innocents generations after. This game says “Yeah, love is the most powerful thing in the world! BE FUCKING AFRAID OF IT”

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Immersed in Zombie City

Ruby slammed her back against the brick corner, keeping the barrel of her assault rifle aimed at the ground. Her legs felt like vulcanized rubber. The wall was all that held her upright. Her mouth hung wide open as she gulped down air. Every ragged breath drove a red-hot spike into her lungs. Sweat matted her black cherry hair against her forehead. She struggled to keep the heavy rifle from dropping out of her trembling arms. The rifle’s sling bit into her shoulder, only adding to her agony. Every fiber of her body cried out in pain, demanding rest. But, such a thing was a luxury that she could not afford.

A low sound crept into her ears. Like air rasping through a clogged pipe. She heard more sounds. Bones creaking. Feet dragging along asphalt. Deep-throated gurgles. Fear seized her heart with corpselike claws.

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