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Fandom: The 100 (TV), The 100 Series - Kass Morgan
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Clarke Griffin/Lexa, Octavia Blake/Lincoln, Bellamy Blake/Echo, Bellamy Blake & Clarke Griffin, Monty Green/Nathan Miller
Characters: Lexa (The 100), Clarke Griffin, Anya (The 100), Atom (The 100), Charlotte (The 100), Raven Reyes, Monty Green, Jasper Jordan, Harper (The 100), Sterling (The 100), Myles (The 100), Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, Indra (The 100), Gustus (The 100), Titus (The 100), Zoe Monroe, Dax (The 100), Lincoln (The 100), Nyko (The 100), John Murphy (The 100), Echo (The 100), Nia, Roan (The 100), Ontari (The 100), Tris (The 100), Tristan (The 100)
Additional Tags: Ice Nation - Freeform, Grounder Politics, the 100 are assimilated into the ice nation, general clarke, Siege Warfare, Murder and Mayham, Angst, no one knows whats happening with the ark, flash backs, Raven is a badass, anya is awesome and gets to do stuff, tons of side characters from fire emblem cause we needed grounder soldiers, like why are there so few named grounders?, all the OCs are actually characters in fire emblem cause we hate creating new characters, Clarke and Bellamy are our brotp, Slow Burn, some gore, Blood and Gore, the further in you get the bloodier it gets and we were not expecting that but here we are
Series: Part 1 of A Different Landing

The drop ship was always going to have problems coming down. Unfortunately for the 100 they ended up in Ice Nation territory where the locals were far less forgiving. With all the wristbands gone and the survivors unable to contact the ark, the ark never came down. Now four years later the surviving members of the 100 have been assimilated into Nia’s army. When Lexa calls for the armies of the coalition to march on the mountain Clarke finds herself leading the Ice Nation forces.


The Hittites (2003) narrated by Jeremy Irons (2 Hours)

I know that history is not Tumblr’s favorite subject but for those of you who do enjoy history, I strongly recommend this documentary on the ancient Hittite Empire. Not only is it narrated by the great Jeremy Irons (winner of Academy Award for film, Tony Award for Theater and Emmy Award for television) and in High Definition but the two-hour film has dramatic reenactments of true cinematic quality with excellent production values and superb acting.

🔥First Steps To Pyrokinesis🔥

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Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate and speed up the atomic state to the point of combustion. One usually begins manipulating a candle’s flame. In more advanced practices one can extinguish a candle flame or reignite a flame that has went out. Pyrokinesis is a branch of psychokinesis.


I don’t know about you but I never have the time to meditate and I’m fidgeter so it’s hard to do nothing. If you like meditating however or your perfectly fine with doing it, I recommend doing it before you start. But if your like me and meditating isn’t your thing I find that it’s very easy for me to slip into a trance where I’m just a blank slate. To do that I just stare into space as I feel myself just drifting away (you can do it with your eyes open or closed ) and remember to start your breathing at first then it will become consistent. And that’s usually it. You’ll now hen you’re doing it when you feel floaty and absent.

Note: before this I recommend listening to calming music or music that makes you feel up for anything (for me it’s Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.. it gives me witchy feels)


(This means the same thing as focus??) Okay now that the boring (but necessary!) Part is over you can now light your fire. I find it best to work with small controlled flames (not that any of you would set your house on fire or something… please don’t) Matches and candles are best. I find matches burn too quickly, though. Candles in jars are fine too but for me it worked a little better with open flames. Next, connect yourself and the flame, stare into it for a while. Feel it’s energy. (Are you feeling it Mr.Krabs?) This may take a while but it helps hugely to feel comfortable and connected with your flame. Don’t put strain on yourself, the point is to concentrate without much thoguht or effort. This is optional but try holding your hand a little above the flame (not too long to burn yourself though. You’re not the ruler of the Fire Nation, buddy) Feeling the flame’s heat and energy helps you concentrate better on the element of fire.

Remember it’s all about connection.


Okay, real business now.

Get your source of flame an light it (duh). Try to close you eyes and vividly see the flame, feel the energy.

Now after all of the above (and I do mean all of the above!) Attempt to move the flame with your energy and imagine it moving in the ways you want (flicker, up, down, side to side) You are definitely not gonna success over night (unless you are an amazing natural at it, and in that case, congrats!) so keep practicing and please do not get discouraged, have absolute faith in yourself.

Pay attention cuz things are gonna get wordy.

If you are a beginner I strongly recommend  you try to do the ‘dancing flame exercise’ which is basically making the flame move.

After you’ve completed the beginning first steps now you are ready to move up.

Extinguishing your flame (like how I demonstarted (i cant fucking spell, sorry) in the video on my blog. Like the beginner step you are NOT going to get this over night, probably not even in a week. It took me months and literally a million tries  to actually do this. Not to mention doing this takes a lot more power and concentration.

Anywhoo, the method I did for extinguishing is;

Really it’s basically just what I explained, the only thing different is that you’re going to have to imagine and give energy to the flame extinguishing. Fire can’t thrive without oxygen so I concentrated on the energy (or air around it) closing in on the flame and the flame slowly dying out.

The next step after you complete beginner and intermediate is advanced and that’s re-igniting the flame. which I have yet to do.


But first;

Consistent practice, meditation techniques  and concentration can achieve pyrokinesis, controlling energy and your mind is kind of a must for this.

Also don’t do anything stupid. Fire is still extremely dangerous so never leave it unattended and blah blah blah, I’m trusting you know fire safety. If you don’t I strongly suggest you go learn some before attempting anything. I’m serious.

Onto questions!

How exactly do I put my energy into the flame?

It’s easy, visualize yourself surrounded by energy, I imagine my energy as gold or blue because it’s the color of my aura and it just feels like the right color. Imagine a tunnel like string coming from yourself to the flame or visualize a ball of your energy and send it to the flame. You can also imagine your energy absorbing you and the flame. Personally I feel warm and tingly when I imagine my energy.

What meditation techniques are you talking about?

Well using the techniques I gave, imagine fire too, like you controlling it and being surrounded by it, feeling its warmth, light and comfort. Feel at peace with it, it’s you’re friend.

How long until I succeed? How long did it take you?

Almost as long as it took me to write this post, when I should really go attend to my shitload of homework. I’m joking (kinda). It’s going to take TIME, practice, practice. You are not gonna get it in a day, probably not even in a week either.
It took me 3 months to do the beginner pyrokinesis and an additional 4-5 months to extinguish it, so almost a year.


I had a lot but I forgot it in the time it took me to write this. When I remember I’ll be updating this post so check back often! Um yadda, yadda, yadda (ever watch Chowder? Probs if you get it)

If you have any questions that I left out feel free to ask and I’ll update.

Back to my pile of homework I regrettably (not really) put of till the last second and procrastinated in doing.

Lilmswitch, out

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I call this a must-watch because this version is actually “lost forever”. I downloaded it before MBC took it down from their YouTube channel and bogofdang only has the Korean version which cuts out parts here and there.

You can skip the MC’s intro and outro (although I tirelessly translated it all >_> HAHA NO PRESSURE) but the boys were really all very themselves here. Also, there were a lot of insights to Boyfriend plus the MCs are idols themselves so the general atmosphere is really great. 

You can access Part 2 from the sidebars after watching Part 1~

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Okay so this has probably been asked before but,, do you have any tips on saving up money? I recently got a job and I want to save some of the money that I make for college, rent, and to save some cash off to the side to spend on luxury items. I don't know how to go about saving up for these things. Any links or tips that you have would be helpful. Thank you and I love your blog!

Saving Money

1. Set a goal. Set a goal for how much money you’re looking to save every pay check. This goal can be as small or ambitious as fits your budget, and if you have a lot of expenses I’d recommend you trying to save around $50 per pay check. Every little bit counts.

2. Limit shopping. When my boyfriend and I are strapped for money, we limit ourselves to one large shopping trip per month. This sort of shopping trip takes a lot of planning, and we’ll spend a couple weeks keeping tabs on everything we need until we have a solid list. Refrain from doing any excess shopping after this trip, unless you run out of toilet paper unexpectedly.

3. Buy bulk. Buy bulk everything! Buying in bulk will save you serious money, you will just need to make space to store your extra supplies. Freeze any meat, bread and veggies you don’t eat immediately. Put extra paper towels and toilet paper in the bedroom closet, etc.

4. Choose the cheapest. If you are trying to spend as little money as possible, name brands are not for you. Also- who cares if it is a white onion or a Spanish onion, just choose the cheapest. This means that you’re probably going to be avoiding the organic section of your local supermarket like the plague.

5. Use discount stores. Need to buy cleaning supplies or laundry detergent? Hit up your local Dollar Store and purchase items there. Get off-brand cleaning products for a fraction of the price. These type of stores typically have well stocked canned selections (just remember to check the expiration date).

6. Double up on transportation. Try to limit the amount of transportation you are using on a daily basis. Avoid making multiple trips out of the house for work, school, shopping, etc. Map out a route and plan your day accordingly so that you’re not driving out of your way or taking the bus back and forth.

7. Avoid going out to eat. Believe you and me- there is nothing like a Panera dinner when I don’t want to cook or a deli sandwich when I’m going to be running around all day. But cooking at home will be less expensive and better for your budget (unless you’re living off of fast food which you shouldn’t because it’s not healthy).

8. Use student discounts. If you are a student, stash your student ID in your wallet and begin inquiring about student discounts. See: 95 Student Discounts.

9. Talk to your school. Find out if your school has any financial or merit-based programs that will offer assistance to you. If you’re living on your own and your parent or guardian isn’t paying for anything, you should talk to your school about becoming an “independent student”. Designating yourself as such may qualify you for additional financial assistance.

10. Tangible. I’m the sort of person who often feels stagnate and as though the goals I’m setting are not being accomplished. I like to offer myself little reward incentives to get through the hard times, and I strongly recommend that you do too! Set an amount of money (for example, $200) and after you reach it, treat yourself to a small reward. 


If you haven’t watched Kimi No Na Wa yet. I strongly recommend you do.

Control: Ch. 14 (FINALE)

You’re trembling. Thankfully, there’s no way your legs will get weak and make you fall on your knees. Not with the chains holding your wrists above your head like this. The cold you’re feeling could be from your sweating, you’re not sure, and you’re not scared.

You curl your lips, holding back a whimper when feeling the now familiar sensation of the cold metal squeezing your nipples. Oh no… not this again…

“What? You don’t like it?” Silence. And then a smack is heard. “I’ve asked you a question.”

“I like it.” You mutter between your teeth. “I like it, mistress.”

She laughs, her cackle makes you shiver more than any lashed or slap she gave you that night. She warned her lessons would be getting stricter from now on. Yes, lately she’s been correcting your posture and attitude a lot more, which is good, there was a time you thought she wouldn’t teach you anything and just treat you like her sub forever. But the sessions are evolving, she’s really showing you in a practical way. She should, right? You already have the contact of the one who can be your first client.

“You’re pathetic.” She lowers her tone abruptly. “You’re angry at me right now, aren’t you? Don’t you dare lying or I’ll punish you.”

“I’m not angry.” You flinch, feeling the pain hitting the back of your thighs.

“You know you’ll never be able to succeed with that attitude, right? No client will trust you if you’re not able to control your anger.”

“I’m…” oh right, you’re not allowed to talk.

“You’re so arrogant, even like this right now. If you were a little more humble, I could be nicer to you, you know?” she pries a few strands of your hair from your shoulder “Arrogance can be interesting in a session. But you know what the secret of the best domes out there is? Do you know?”

“They are… they are humble, mistress.”

“Good girl.” Ah, so you have a praising kink now? “So, MC, in order to be a professional domme, you have to be humble! Not inside the dungeon, okay. But you can’t think you’re superior to them, remember that without them, you are nothing. Respect their choices, embrace their desires, do you understand?”

“I do, mistress. I…” do you still have permission to talk?

“Go ahead.”

“I try to look above them because… I’m afraid they’ll misunderstand me since I’m…”


“I’m only doing this for the money.” You state coldly, peering at his eyes. “So don’t get any wrong ideas.”

“Of course. I didn’t expect it to be any different.” Jumin says mindlessly while flipping through the pages you hand him. “Tickling?” he scoffs, showing you a page.

“Well, I heard once that tickles are innocent only until you’re 15, after that is pure arousal.” You shrug “Don’t underestimate it, you have no idea how it feels to be ticked with feathers having your body completely tied. Don’t underestimate anything it’s on that list, I’m serious.”

“I won’t. So… what do you recommend?”

“I recommend you read the list and pick what you’re okay with.” He chuckles. “What’s so funny?”

“I just think it’s interesting how you act different when discussing these matters…  you are… very different from what I have known, MC.”

“This is just me being professional, you’ve saw a glimpse of it when I was interning at C&R.”

“Yes, it was impressive. I’m just impressed, I suppose.”

“No need for that, but… well, I can’t tell what you should feel or not.”

“Then you won’t oppose if I give you total freedom on my contract?”


“I’m giving you a free hand. You can pick any item in that list you think it would suit me.”

“I strongly recommend you don’t do this, Jumin.”

“And I appreciate the recommendation. But I think you already know what I would like, MC.” That look in his eyes send an alert to your whole body to be careful.

“If this is about your attempts of bondage when we were together, I should remind you that you won’t be in charge, Jumin, I will.”

“I’m completely aware of this, yes. I’m saying you could know what to do based on what I’ve done.”

“You’re saying you want me to do with you what you wanted to do with me?” you can’t hold back a smirk.

“Precisely.” He, on the other hand, never looked so serious. NEVER.

“Alright.” You bring the papers to yourself. “I’ll meet you tomorrow to bring a copy of your contract.”

“So soon?”

“I could do it tonight, but right now I need to go over some matters regarding my previous contracts, there was a… setback. Anyway, nothing you should be concerned. See you tomorrow at this same place and hour, you understand?”

“Of course. I’ll be here.”

“Then I’ll be off.” You stand up from your chair, adjusting the strap of your bag.


“Yes?” you turn on your heels to face him

“Have you heard anything from Luciel? It’s been a week nobody can get a hold of him.”

“No, and consider this my first order to you: don’t ever mention that name again.”

“Did it end that awfully?”

“It never even started. They just… come and go, I guess.”




“Men are all mediocre.” You say, brushing the beads on the tip of the whip against the bars of the cage, producing a resonating metallic sound. “And I think their relation to sex is what causes their mediocrity. Yes, men are raised to believe there’s something extraordinary in sex, that they will feel extraordinary through sex. ‘Hey, your dick is big, that’s amazing!’ ‘You can last so long, good job, dude!’ ‘No pussy can resist to this cock!’ but if you come to think of it, sex hasn’t change that much, it’s the same thing it has been ever since two, three centuries ago, men have been acting like it’s a big deal for so long over something that doesn’t evolve. Something so ordinary as this amount of flesh you have between your legs.” You scoff “Sex brings out the mediocrity in all of us, not only men, but… mainly on them. I digress, it’s just a theory, I can’t force you to agree with me.” You hit the whip on his ass. “Or can I?”

Jumin pants heavily. His neck hurts, being all curled up like this so he could fit inside the cage. His knees are almost numb from being pressed against the hard bars. It… hurts. Everything hurts, except for his ears, desperately focusing on the sound of your voice.

“Nah, I can’t. What would you know about sex, men or mediocrity? You’re just a kitty, right?” another hit. “RIGHT?”

“Y-yes, my owner.”

“Do you like your cage? I think it’s pretty…  but, of course, you would know better than me, you’re the one who knows all about cages.”

“MC… Ahhhhh!” you pull him by his hair harshly.

“I’m your owner! Who are you to call me by my name? Tsk… such a bad kitty, I was thinking of releasing you so we could play a little, but if you’re going to behave like that, I should probably leave you like this a little more. Fair, right?”

“Yes, my owner. I… apologize.”

“Good kitty. Finally we’re making some progress. But you didn’t answer, do you like your cage?”

“It’s… tight.”

“Of course it’s tight, it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t. And why are you complaining now? That cage you had was smaller than this. It wasn’t comfortable even for Elizabeth, why would it be to a person? Have you thought of that?”

“I was… I was joking.”

“Ah yes, Jumin Han and his unusual sense of humor. So tell me, what was the concept behind the joke of trapping me inside that penthouse? I can’t wait to hear it.”

“My owner… I think we should discuss this in a different occasion…”

“Well, you don’t have a say here, so don’t try to question me, I’m the one doing the questions. Tell me… I want to know exactly what you were thinking.”

“I thought you were going to leave me. I didn’t want to be abandoned, MC. You… wouldn’t know about this fear of being abandoned.” He realizes he didn’t address you as ‘owner’, but you didn’t hit him.

“What if I did know? What if I stayed only because I knew how it feels to be lonely? Abandoned?” you let the whip fall on the floor.

Jumin raises his head as possible as he can. Only to catch a glimpse of your eyes watering. Is this… normal in a BDSM session? Is this still a BDSM session? Are you talking as his owner or as his ex – fiancée right now?

“What if, seeing you, I reminded of this… poor teenage girl growing with a mother who couldn’t leave the bed due to an illness and a sexist conservative father that would lock the girl in the attic everytime she would come late from school? What if that man kept reminding the girl that she was being selfish and that she should be home to take care of her mom? What if he tried to pressure her on leaving school to stay in that hell of a house 24/7? What if I were as scared as you, Jumin?”

“MC… your family… you never talked about your family…”

“As I said before, I have a lot of baggage you wouldn’t be able to deal at the state you were back then. I needed to surround you only with optimism, and hope, and… love. I couldn’t… contaminate you with all my… anger. And… when I thought that penthouse could be like the attic, and that you could take control over my life like my father did, I… I was so angry, Jumin.”

“You’re not angry, MC, you’re hurt. I… hurt you, didn’t I? I was hurting you all these days you… felt like telling the truth and was afraid of my reaction, wasn’t I?”

“Not as much as I hurt you by lying. You… have so many trusting issues, Jumin, I knew that and kept on lying to you. I… thought you were kinda like my father, but the thing is… I’m like my father, and you… you are like my mother.”


“My mother…  I miss her so much, Jumin, and I left her. I… send her money every month, but it’s not enough.”

“You love her, MC. I can tell you do.”

“And you, better than nobody else, should know my love is worth for nothing. Look at you right now, Jumin. Look what my love made you do.”

“I chose this, MC.”

“Because you want me back, because you want my love back.” You kneel before the cage, opening it and giving some space so he can get out. “And… my love is destroying you, Jumin.”

“No, MC. Don’t say that.”

“It’s truth. Look, I’m so proud to see you are acknowledging your emotions, but… your emotions shouldn’t be out so they will be shattered by me.” You say, untying his hands. “Not by some lying whore like m…”

He interrupts you with a kiss, both of you swallowing each other’s sobs. Jumin feels something salty dripping on his lips. Your tears or his? Oh… how long has it been since the last time he cried?

You hug him, leaning your chin on his shoulder. Who’s comforting who? Is there something to comfort? Look at how many protocols you’ve broke in this failed session, isn’t it obvious by now that you two being close is a recipe for disaster?

“I love you, MC.”

“I love you too, Jumin.” You kiss his cheek. “And that’s the problem, our love make us arrogant.”

“What do you mean?”

“That we should be more humble and admit we’re both mediocre.” You pull away from his embrace, looking at him. “Our love can’t fix everything.”

“Are you trying to say goodbye?”


“It’s not a ‘goodbye’, it’s a ‘see you soon’”

“Okay, just one more selfie, MC. Please?”

“Fine… but let’s hurry, I still have to pack some things.”

“Yeah yeah, that’s why we need to gather as much memories as we can, babe.” Zen beams at you. “Now let’s try to catch your class’s plaque. Come on, everybody, come close again.”

You get crushed by Yoosung and Jaehee. Well, at least Zen’s long arm was able to capture everybody and the 2013 publicity class’s plaque with the “It’s not a ‘goodbye’, it’s a ‘see you soon’” phrase.

“Well, I’m not V, but I’m pretty good at the selfie game.”

“I’m sure it looks great, Zen.” V pats his shoulder playfully. “Anyway, are you sure you don’t want to go somewhere to celebrate, MC?”

“Yes, I can always call a chef.” Jumin adds.

“Ah, thank you, but as I said, there’s still a lot to pack. My flight is tomorrow morning and I would rather not be in a hurry.”

“Well, that’s a shame.” V clicks his tongue.

“Not really. This feels like the perfect celebration. Thank you all for coming, guys.”

“We would never miss your graduation, MC!” Yoosung beams.

“Yeah, it will be you on a few years, Yoosung!” he chuckles nervously at your answer. “I hope I get to be here.”

“We all do.” Jumin says, smiling softly at you. “We’re going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, guys. RFA has done so much for me, and I hope I get to repay it one day. I… have grown a lot through all the experiences, were they bad or good.  And…” your voice breaks “I promise myself I wouldn’t cry, shit! To put it bluntly, thank you…” you say hovering your eyes through all of them, stopping at Jumin’s. “Thank you for supporting me and staying by my side, especially after I told you guys about my… other job. I love you all so much.”

“We love you too, MC.” Jaehee says, patting your shoulder as you smile sadly.

“Well, I… should get going. Uh, before I forget here…” you mess in your bag a little, taking a plain plastic little square. “Was it that what you wanted, V?”

“Ah yes, MC. Thank you. Did you take a look at it?”

“Yeah, it was hard to find a computer that reads floppy disks these days, but I found one. There’s nothing much there, though, just some pics of Seven as a kid.”

“I see… well, it’s a start, maybe there is some clue of where Luciel could be. Well, I won’t hold you any longer, MC.”

“Yes, thank you. Thank you all guys, I… really want to believe it’s not a goodbye.”

“Yeah, there are phones and computers in England, so make sure to keep in touch, babe!” en hugs you and kisses your forehead.

“I will. So… goodbye, everybody.” You turn on your heels and walk away, fighting your tears.

Are you running away? Like you did from your father? No, this isn’t only about Jumin, you tell yourself. You knew you had to leave a month ago, when you found out about that… yeah, this isn’t to protect Jumin only, but also the life growing inside you.

“MC, wait!” Jumin runs after you “I… Driver Kim can take you there faster.” You both stare at each other, like you did when you showed up at his penthouse that one afternoon.

“Thank you. That would be great.” You smile, tugging your hair behind your ear.


“It was great, MC. You are… really great.”

“So are you, Jumin…” you rock your body awkwardly, like you did when you showed up in front of him for the first time.

“Isn’t there really anything I can say for you to stay?”

“There is, but you would be lying, so it wouldn’t count.” He smiles wryly as you do the same. “I already refunded you from that fiasco, don’t worry.”

“Like I would worry. You could keep the money, you will need it if you’re living abroad.”

“It’s fine. I got a lot of money recently, so I should be fine to live abroad and keep sending money to my mother. Anyway… I should get inside.”

You motion to get out of the car, but Jumin stops you with a hug, you hug him back, fighting the tears. Jumin immediately remembers of that day at the hospital, ahh, it feels like decades, so much had happened with his father, him, you… everything has changed.

Now he gets what you said that day… he shouldn’t blame yourself for things he can’t control. Instead of blaming and wondering what he could have done differently for you to stay, he decided to support your decision. Jumin would support you in a way nobody ever had, neither to you or to him.

And remembering that, he thought about his father and something he said a long time ago: “Love is about restraints.”

It isn’t.

Love is about letting go. And he would, with the hope that one day it would be enough.

And so would you, with the hope your love wouldn’t ruin the baby you were carrying.

There you have it… and though I said this is the ffinale, stick around for an epilogue next week. Then I’ll let the thankings to next monday.

Chapter 13 | Epilogue 


If you do watch The Handmaid’s Tale - which I strongly recommend you do - what you will quickly discover is that half the screen time is spent on wordless close-ups of Elizabeth Moss.

I can’t remember the last American actor who could do what she can do; Moss is so modern and understated and yet seems to have learned her primary technique for The Handmaid’s Tale watching tragedies from The Silent Era.

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Hello,I was wondering if you could recommend any good Scorbus fics?

Hi! I’m not much of a fic reader because I’m really picky about content (mature/explicit content or ooc Scorpius aren’t my cup of tea) and I usually prefer TCC-compliant fics, but there are definitely a few I found enjoyable!

First and foremost, however, this is an art blog… so let me just throw in a quick doodle before we start:

(also please note that most (if not all) of these are still ongoing, which means feedback and comments will definitely make the writer’s day and give them the motivation to write more! I strongly recommend leaving them some kind words if you have the time to do so <3)

Quietly by starlightpeddler ( @ijustwalkintomordor​ )
Albus and Scorpius aren’t sure what they’re doing when their relationship starts to change, and they discover the complexities of balancing a relationship and keeping secrets while immersed in Hogwarts where nothing stays quiet for long. (Includes glasses!Scorpius and Seeker!Albus, a bit of mystery, endearing side characters, and an intense battle scene)

No, Just Friends by iramckenzie
Voldemort is dead. The Augurey is imprisoned. All is well in the Wizarding World. Once again Scorpius and Albus are friends, the best of friends. But with fifth year approaching and the world seeing them in a new light they begin to ask themselves the question; just how deep can friendship run before it becomes something else? (I know this sounds sadistic but I REALLY love the bullying scene in Chapter 3. It’s exactly how I imagine Polly Chapman to act towards poor Scorpius ;v; )

Liar, Liar by darlingdearestdead
Cryptic notes have been turning up in the Slytherin Dorms. Scorpius and Albus can’t deal with spending a whole summer apart. They need to discuss the mysteries piling up around them, escape their family, and spend as much time with each other as possible. Only Scorpius has to attend a family gathering where only significant others are allowed. (One of my personal favorites bc of the mystery element + post-TCC plot, can’t wait for more updates..!)

Albus & Scorpius; 5th Year series by scorpiius ( @scorpiusmlafoy​ )
A collection of short, long and in between one shots about scorpius and albus’ fifth year at hogwarts. (Takes place around Halloween. fluff and angst and an overall calm but sorta serious tone)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (in novel form) by boleync ( @claudiaboleyn )
(No words could possibly describe this amazing rendition of the script <3<3 It’s still ongoing but pretty far in, so far Act Three has just been finished PLUS we get to have Scorbus happen at the end of Act Four so that’s definitely something worth looking forward to!)

▶ There are also some nice scorbus fic recs by @mxlfoydraco here(1) and here(2), if you’re interested in non-TCC compliant scorbus as well! Happy reading~

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Hey Sam! This might be a stupid question but you do really in-depth research for your job right? How do you get past the basic 'put name into google' type stuff? I really want to improve my Google-fu...

I do perform a lot of in-depth research, but there are a couple of key differences between what I do and what people generally want to do when they want to look someone up. For one, I tend to research people who are high-net-worth, so they’re a little more visible than the average person because they’re going to galas, giving to charity, buying companies, that kind of thing. Also, when I’m researching someone and I don’t know if they’re high net worth, it’s probably because they’re in our database, so I have a toehold – I know their job, or their home address, or both, or some other identifying piece of information. A lot of our research is financial, so not only do I research stuff, I’ve grown adept at reading certain tax documents and SEC filings that are public by law but tough to locate and super fuckin’ hard to understand even once you find them. 

And finally, I have access to a lot of very detailed, very expensive subscription databases that you should be glad are very expensive because they are a stalker’s dream. The shit I’ve found in the $40K-a-year subscription database would make you want to live off-grid forever. 

In terms of improving your straight-up Google-fu, in the strictest sense of the word, you should look up and become comfortable with boolean search operators. Boolean search operators do stuff like tell google “find all examples of magneto on the internet but DON’T give me any pages that also mention captain america” or “find every mention of hot dogs in copperbadge.tumblr.com”. They are one of our most useful tools, especially since they work in most databases that aren’t google, too. 

Also be sure that if you are searching google for someone/something you are logged out of google (try an incognito search window) because when you’re logged in, Google returns you stuff it thinks you will be most interested in, based on past searches (this is called the “filter bubble”). You will get more true results with less bias if you are logged out. 

Now, if you want to find someone online, that is trickier. Often you need a toehold, like a location, an email address, a school or club affiliation, where they work, the name of a relative, et cetera. It takes a lot of sideways thinking – googling various terms, searching linkedin, looking at high school and college websites, scouring Facebook, going to Google News. If you’re trying to find someone’s address and you know their general location and believe they own their home, sometimes you can go to the county assessor’s website and do a property search, though results may vary wildly based on county. (Some counties you can search by name, but some states, like California, conceal homeowners’ names by law.)

If you’re not trying to find a person but trying to find information and just want to be better at doing it, I do strongly recommend you talk to your local librarian and see if they offer classes or online resources regarding internet research. Libraries are all about data management and most of them really want people to be better researchers, so usually they can make a recommendation. 

Good luck! 

Deathnote: The Los Angeles BB Murder Case

The Los Angeles BB Murder Case is set about two years before the events of the original Deathnote series. It follows, for the most part, characters that we’ve already met in the original Deathnote series which means there isn’t a lot of set up for said characters and we jump into the story almost immediately. That’s pretty much a quick introduction so I’ll just get into it.

Okay, first thing I wanted to mention is how smart Nisio Isin is. He came up with such a ridiculously complicated yet simultaneously understandable plot, and I don’t know about you but I never could have come up with anything like this in a million years. I also loved the fact that it isn’t just told straight from Naomi or L’s point of view, but that Mello is the one narrating the story. This meant that we got some insight into Wammy’s house and the way it’s run as well as some backstory on Beyond Birthday.
The book isn’t just an optional add on in my opinion, but a relatively essential piece of the story. It gave us a little lore about the Deathnote universe such as; why L uses the name ‘Ryuzaki’, the fact that humans can be born with Shinigami eyes that cost them nothing and, the one that I found particularly interesting, was that there was a World War III. This piece of information explained how and why Wammy’s house was founded and how L got there.
There is a lot more that I want to say, but this is getting pretty long so I’ll end it by saying, all in all this book was very well done and if nothing else a very fun read. It’s really short and doesn’t take much time to read so if you’re a fan of Deathnote and haven’t read this already then I strongly recommend you do.

Sole kisses companions on the cheek (for a dare)

Cait: She is a little surprised they picked her, but then quickly gives a smile at them “Good picking!” she winks.

He is surprised. They had never done that to him before; no one has! He then becomes really happy, without being able to hide it.

Curie: She blushes deeply and pulls away with a gasp. Did they really just do that?! She takes her time internally fangirling.

Danse: He blushes more than he should have; stunned, and embarrassed he makes out a “D-Don’t do that again, soldier”

The kiss made him a little awkward but he laughed it off “Warn me before you do that next time, Boss”

Dogmeat: He turns and stares at them, waving his tail; He got noticed!!

Hancock: That got him by surprise, if it didn’t, he would have totally turned his head to trick Sole into kissing them!

“H-Hey!!” He acts annoyed and wipes his cheek. He didn’t want others to know he wanted that kiss; but… he can’t cover his blush!

He immediately touched whatever was left of his cheek… “You got some weird taste kiddo”

Piper: She pushes them away blushing. She places a hand on her cheek and scolds Sole for surprising her.

Preston: “Oh! Well, that was surprising!” He laughs and kisses Sole on the cheek in return.

Strong: He pushes Sole off him with force. “NO TOUCH STRONG!”

X6-88: He flinches and gives them an annoyed look “I strongly recommend you don’t do that again…I might start thinking you are turning soft”

It’s been ages since someone was so sweet with him. He had an intense look at first, but then, well, he shakes his head “You are acting inappropriately knight…”

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Is it bad that I really like listening to certain songs from musicals even though I haven't even listened to the whole cast album yet? Like the abduction and sincerely me and stuff have been repeat on days for me even though I haven't listened to either natasha & pierre or DEH fully

God no I totally get it. You just do you! I do strongly recommend to listen to Natasha & Pierre entirely, if only for the reason that the two last songs are among the best and most awe-inspiring ones. 

The hardest battles are fought in the mind.
Pencil + watercolors

If you still didn’t played this amazing indie game I strongly recommend you to do it. Especially if you’re into psychological issues, celtic culture, viking culture, enigmas, dreams, nightmares, inner strenght. This are some sketches I did listening to the OST.

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Aaa you inspire me to draw so much.. I'll use your art as a ref to help me learn how anatomy works. You're an amazing inspiration and I hope to one day be as good as you are!! Keep drawing!

it makes me nervous to know ppl use my art as anatomy reference bc I havent studied up on proper anatomy in forever and idk if Im even doing a good job kfjdghkdf I strongly recommend you do some lifedrawing instead haha but thank you! that’s v sweet <3