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Hello Pascalle, sorry for bothering you, I just want to thank you A lot for the things you do, not only your comic (which is amazing!) but also for being so active about this "dark side" of webcomics that is (patronizing and/or aggressive) mansplaining in comments section. Seing how you deal with this sort of shit on daily basis with healthy humor helped me to learn the difference between genuine critique and this abomination and stop worrying when some guy shows up in my comments to show off :)

Aw! Thank you so much! That’s exactly why I do it.

When I was first getting started I took those kinds of comments to heart and it was so demoralizing - I thought I was terrible. I completely withdrew from online social circles and stopped showing people my work. That’s not okay! Then as I got older, I grew more confident and I started to see the patterns in that sort of aggressive behavior.

So now, I think it is so important to show that it will happen no matter what you make or how successful you are. When the volume one Kickstarter was smashing my expectations, some random guy made an angry post about what I should do and how I should behave in order to be successful. He was completely clueless about what was going on. That basically sums up that entire genre of commenting. It has almost nothing to do with you and has everything to do with the ego of the person posting it - it is a kind of bullying and harassment. They almost always feel like they need to ‘take you down a peg’ or control you for some reason, and don’t let them.

There is a lot of onus and expectation placed on the artist to respond 'gracefully’ in the face of abuse, but that encourages abusive behavior. It is super important to learn to separate actual useful criticism from that garbage. And it is never bad to take out the trash. :)

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YOU GO!!! LOOK AT YOU EXISTING AND BEING SUCCESSFUL WOW!!! THIS IS GREAT!!! seriously a little blurb about you showed up on my dash n I can't stop smiling yay some things are good in this world

Thank you, kind soul 😙

Yuri on ICE
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  • Yuri on ICE

Okay but guys remember how Viktor revealed that the part where the drums start is the part where Viktor became Yuri’s coach in the previous episode?

That just made the song so much deeper for me. 

The first part where only the piano is heard, represents when Yuri was all alone and depressed and lacked all confidence.
Then, Yuri meets Viktor, and the drums start playing. Notice how the piano starts to get so much more upbeat and how perfectly it flows along with the drums? That is the part where Yuri really starts to develop himself as a person; the moment Viktor came into his life. 

And then, the drums leave for a moment, and the piano suddenly get’s so much slower. I feel like this represents Yuri being alone with his thoughts again, trying to figure out why he was suddenly feeling so “upbeat”and happy, because it confused him.
Then, as the piano starts to pick up the pace again, that is the moment that he finally begins to realize: his true feelings for Viktor. His feelings of love. 

Then, the drums kick in again, Yuri opens up to Viktor about his feelings and Viktor “meets him where he is”, playing along with the pace the piano is already in to create the most beautiful music. 

Together they create such a beautiful harmony. The piano and the upbeat drums.  Yuri and Viktor. Yuri on Ice.