i stole this one from imdb

Blondes in the background

So i was re watching the season 3 finale because Marlene said something about watching the finales for clues and two things stuck out at me. 
What was with the blonde extras. 
The first one is the blonde girl at the diner where Toby meets Spencer. The camera sneakily focuses on the girls in the booth in front of Spencer. But to me. The blonde girl sticks out. Because we only get little hints of her face.

This could be nothing. But why would they focus so much on two extras who ave nothing to do with the scene.

Another thing was when Spencer is chasing Hannah dressed up as red coat in the school there is another blonde girl (or possibly the same one from the diner) the camera seems to sneakily focus on.

She stares straight at Spencer then stares into the direction here Hanna went.

To me this looks like a very feminine looking boy in a blonde wig. (sorry to the extra if you are actually a girl) That’s why i said feminine because it looks like a boy who looks like a girl, haha.
What better place for redcoat to hide in plain sight then in a crowd of redcoats.

This brought me back to season 2. When there as a mysterious blonde at the Masquerade Ball. I don’t think this was Ali like a lot of people said as we see this person without a mask on later in the episode. We only see the profile of her face and we also see her reflection through a mirror. EXACTLY like the reflection of the blonde in the mirrored glass in the diner in Season 3. 

I have a post on this blonde here. http://pll-iseverything.tumblr.com/post/109429432526/so-i-was-watching-unmasked-again-and-everyone

Back in season 1 in “the Badass Seed” the girls are at the college party that Ali took them to where they think Ian pushed a girl down the stairs.. Again, there is a mysterious blonde in the background of almost all of the frames.

This to me also looks like a man in a blonde wig. I’m sure there are more mysterious blonde in crowd sightings. (if you know of any can you please tell me) Is this the cross dresser everyone is saying there might be? Is this Charles?
I have been looking up the actors listed on imdb. One of them stood out to me. A guy named Scott Carnwarth. He’s listed in 5 episodes. Throughout 3 years. One of the episodes he was in stood out to me.

 He was in the first episode of the 3rd season as a Rosewood student. Supposedly where “A stole the game from Mona”. He is good looking. I don’t know why he is only getting extra jobs. He also has a feminine looking face a bit. They use so many extras. Probably the same ones for many things. It just seems odd that they would give this specific extra so much credit. I’m trying to imagine him in a blonde wig dressed as a woman. (sorry to this guy if he is only an extra haha) If these blondes are a man dressed a blonde woman. They don’t specifically have to use the same actor as they can re film scenes for later on with the actor chosen to portray the crossdresser when they are ready to reveal him. The only time they have ever shown a proper face of the blonde was the season 3 finale in the crowd where Spencer is chasing after Hanna. I think Scott looks a bit like this girl. Could he the blonde girl in the wig in the crowd? Is this the same person? Is this the person that was at Ambrose Pavilion? Or could the blondes in the background really be girls? What does this all mean? MArlene help us pls!