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Dear ex-best friend, 

I miss you so much it hurts sometimes. I can’t deal with it. All the others I can handle. You’re a different story.

I entertain the idea of calling or texting you sometimes. Then I remember the fact that money and drugs matter more to you than anything. I remember how you chose other people over me because I’m sad sometimes and sometimes I wear too much makeup and too short skirts and sometimes I want to cut myself out of my own skin. 

I remember how you thought someone who threatened my life and told me I’m a liar when I told them about the way that man stole everything from me, and who uses you for your money. Money you get by selling your heart and soul and body to older men. 

I miss you, T. You were always so bright and broken and amazing. I loved you. Then I remember everything you did to hurt me. Sometimes I can’t even breathe. I tell people I’m fine but I miss noone else from my old life. Only you, and you don’t exist anymore. Just an empty shell of what you were.

Whatever I loved with you is gone and it’s because you killed those parts of yourself. You killed the one person I’ve loved the most and I hate you for that. 

- L

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Hi, I have a vague memory of a Lupin III special (or maybe it was an episode) where Lupin goes through a dreamlike landscape where everything is yellow ang organic-looking, do you have any idea what it could be? I'm sorry to bother you but it's been haunting me for a very long time!

HMMMMMMM. I mean it could be the big Pink Elephants-esque episode of Red Jacket “Who Stole the Cinderella Stamp,” which is very notably surreal. For the specials….always worth checking back on Mamo, or you might just be thinking of the deserts from Twilight Gemini or Dead or Alive, in which case I am sorry indeed that your brain had to remember that. 

Hmm. That’s my best guess, I’m afraid.Hopefully it helps.

People lie. When they’re hurt, they lie. When they’re in love, they lie.

I’ve lied about a lot of things throughout my life. I lied about the ring pop I stole when I was seven. I lied about the lamp I broke when I was twelve. I lied countless times to protect your feelings. And then, I lied when I said I wouldn’t wait for you. I lied again when I said I hated you. I lied when you asked me how I’d been six months later.

So yeah, I’ve lied a lot.

But I didn’t lie when I said it. I didn’t lie about I love you. I meant it.

From a young age, we’re taught lying is bad. But you have no idea how badly I wish I had lied about that.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #116 // Lies
Daddy For a Day

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: The reader has to take care of a realistic baby doll for class, and when she gets overloaded with homework and the baby, our favorite super soldier steps in to help.  What does seeing him with a baby do to her?

A/N: I totally stole this idea from @force-is-woke, or rather the person who sent her the prompt.  So the original prompt IS NOT mine, this is just how I envisioned it. (also you need to read her version which is Anatomy Project)

Also, This is my first Bucky fic! I honestly didn’t mean for it to end up with any smut, but here we are…

This has no beta, so please be kind!

Warnings: NSFW, slight smut(?), language, Daddy kink (could that even be considered Daddy Kink, I’ve got no idea) FLUUUUFFFFFFFF

Word Count: 2,840 (oops)

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Absolutely not.”  Tony’s mouth was set in a hard line, with his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he looked at the…robot in your arms.  “Real or not, there will be no babies in this tower!”

“But Tony!”  You pleaded, “I have to complete this project to pass my class!  Believe me, I don’t like it any more than you do!”  You tried your best to put your hand on your waist sassily to emphasize your point but ended up almost dropping the damn baby. Your less than graceful (but thankfully, successful!) recovery did nothing to help your case.

You couldn’t believe you had been able to sail straight through high school without being saddled with the dumb ‘parenting’ projects for Health Class and Home Ec only to be roped into them in graduate school.  Graduate school!  All because there had been a slight hiccup with your undergraduate planning.  Not anything you could control, really.  Your useless academic advisor had somehow missed three damn classes needed to get your degree. Ok, fine whatever.  What really pissed you off was that somehow you were still able to get your bachelor’s without them.  But your graduate program?  No.  They weren’t going to give you your Masters without them.

So here you were, in your final year of grad school, ready to take on the world…holding an electronic baby.  And with the look your Uncle Tony was giving the contraption, it was no mystery that he was regretting allowing you to stay with him and the other Avengers while you finished up school - to save on living expenses, of course.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the endless supply of eye candy roaming the tower.  Oh, no, nothing at all.  Especially not one particular super soldier who liked to throw his gorgeous hair up in man buns, and wear tight shirts, and - NO!

“You think I really wanted to be saddled with a middle school health project at this age?  Blame my inept university, not me!”  You hollered back to him as you made your way toward your room to set down the diaper bag and your purse before laying the doll on the bed.  With your hands on your hips, you examined the offending robot.  It was just a baby doll, complete with cartoonishly chubby cheeks, a head made out of hard plastic, a soft body, and a functioning voice box.  That was an interesting function to find out about.  You had been on your way home from class, the doll situated in its provided car seat in the back when it just started screaming and damn near causing you to run off the road.

Pulling the instructions out of the diaper bag, a scowl set upon your lips.  “Alright…Sammy.  You’re stuck with me this week, so let’s play nice, yeah?  It says here that you can detect the different levels of someone’s voice…and me yelling will only make you cry harder.  Wonderful.”

And, just because the universe has a horrid sense of humor, ’Sammy’ chose that very moment to start sobbing.

“Already?! Y/N, don’t make me evict you! Especially now that you’re a single mom.” Tony snickered from your doorway.

“It’s going to be a long fucking week.”

“Please stop crying Sammy, I need to finish this paper.” You begged the baby doll, bouncing it up and down on your hip after it had finished its bottle. “Go to sleep, Sammy, go to sleep.”  You hummed softly trying to soothe the damn thing.  You were all alone in the tower while everyone was out on missions.  You didn’t mind, though.  At least you didn’t have to deal with Clint and Sam making jabs at you about what a ‘functional single mother’ you are.

“So we’re playing house now?”  A low voice damn near made you jump out of your skin as you turned to the figure.

“God damn it Bucky, you almost made me drop the baby!”  You hissed quietly, trying to be as quiet in your threatening demeanor so as not to rile it up anymore.  “I thought everyone was gone for the week!”

“Finished my assignment early.”  He shrugged.  “Is there any particular reason you’ve got a doll, Doll?”  Bucky asked as he leaned against the counter opposite you, his thick arms crossing over his torso.  You rolled your eyes at him as he smirked.

“It’s for a class.” You sighed. “She’s mine for 4 more days.” You adjusted the doll in your arms, cradling its head as you laid it against your chest and shoulder. A smirk played at Bucky’s lips as you began to pat the doll’s back in an attempt to burp it. Sure enough, a few moments later, a fuzzy recording of a small burp emitted from the doll and you sighed in immense relief. “Oh thank god. Now she’ll sleep.”

Bucky watched curiously as you walked to the car seat you had perched on the couch, set the doll in, and pulled the blanket up over it.

“You’re taking this awfully seriously.” He mused, which earned him a sour look.

“I have to. She’s a top of the line model, complete with heat sensors, volume sensors, and pressure sensors. She’ll know if I’m actually holding her or just trying to fool her or being too loud. I have to treat her like a real life baby.” You went on to explain how you had to bounce it, burp it, feed it, change it, and even comfort it in any way you could. It was quite a realistic experience.

“I have to say Y/N, it’s pretty cute to see you doting over her like that.” And just like that, a blush spread over your cheeks.

“Thanks, Buck,” you murmured, “soak it in while you can! I don’t think you’ll ever see me do anything like it again!” You huffed as you returned to making the dinner Sammy had interrupted. Bucky’s steely eyes tracked you intently.

“Oh? Don’t think you’ll have kids?” You shrugged as you stirred the pasta sauce, picking up a spoonful and offering him a taste.

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve just never really considered it a possibility. I mean, I’m a Stark. We’re not exactly the ‘nurturing’ type.” Bucky hummed around the spoon, now leaning on the counter directly to your side.

“I think you’d make an excellent mother.” He said so surely that your heart thumped loudly in your chest. You examined him at this close distance, a smile playing its way to your lips.  Bucky had been your best friend since you stepped foot in this tower.  He also had you so sexually frustrated from his presence alone that you were often a clumsy goof around him.  A small smile crept across your face along with a blush before you turned the stove off and moved over to your laptop on the kitchen table.

“Right now, all I want to be is an excellent student.” You joked, attempting to diffuse the tension now so obviously hanging in the air around the two of you. “And that means writing this paper while that little bundle of joy isn’t making me want to rip my hair out.  What about you?  Ever thought of being a dad?”

“All the time, actually.  When I was younger, and you know - so was the world - I dreamed of coming home from the war, meeting a nice girl and settling down.  I’ve always wanted a daughter.  I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea anymore, though.”

“Why not?”  You all but shouted, immediately catching yourself before you woke the doll.  He didn’t need to answer you, he simply cocked an eyebrow and wiggled his metal fingers at you.  “Well, I think you’d make an excellent father.”  You admitted with a blush before you plugged yourself into your laptop and began typing away. You heard Bucky’s footsteps retreat, then the soft thump of his heavy body flopping on the couch before the TV turned on, the volume so low you questioned if it was even on. Looking up, you couldn’t help but bite your lip as you watched Bucky stare intently at the TV, his right hand softly rocking the baby’s seat next to him. The sweet and content, but somewhat robotic, gurgles became the background noise to your furious typing.  

Oh yeah.  He’d definitely make a great dad.

It had to have been at least 2 hours later when you were jolted back to reality by the loud shriek emitting from the doll. "Oh God!” You all but sobbed, trying to gather the strength to make your way over to the baby.

But then it was over before it even began.  Lifting your head from your hands at breakneck speed, your eyes found the baby - being gently rocked in Bucky’s arms.  Oh my God.  If that isn’t the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…

“Buck?  What are you doing?”  A soft, melodic sound drifted through the air and with a start you realized Bucky was humming.  Bringing a finger up to his lips to silence you, he winked at you, looking back down at the doll.  

“Comforting her.  C’mon now Sammy, Mommy’s got a lot of work to do.  What do you say we keep it down so she can get it all done and get back to you faster?”  His eyes were soft, just like the smile on his lips as he looked down at the intimate doll as if she were real.  As if she were his.  You swallowed thickly at the sight, lost in the way he regarded this toy with such adoration.

And then, a fucking miracle happened.  The shrieks stopped.  Followed immediately by those happy gurgles once more.  You mouth fell open as you watched Bucky rise from the couch, the doll held close to his broad chest, and make his way over to the diaper bag.  Fishing out the bottle, Bucky continued bouncing the doll as he hummed a low tune to it and slowly but surely the doll was lulled to sleep, the telltale sound of the recorded soft snores filling the living room.  And when his sweet blue eyes found yours, you knew there would be no finishing your paper tonight.

The chair scraped quietly against the floor as you stood from your seat, snapping your laptop shut.  Bucky’s eyes only left yours for the brief second it took to return the doll to her carrier, but then their intense gaze was once again locked on you.  Without so much as a word, you pressed right up against him, his breath fanning against your face as your lust blown eyes met his.  

“Trying to get to me through my daughter, Barnes?”  You teased softly, your fingers bravely tangling with his.

“Is it working?”  He whispered, the warm flesh of his natural fingers brushing over your cheek.


“Then yes.”  And without wasting another moment, his lips were on yours.  A moan ripped its way from your throat at the first feel of him.  It wasn’t like you hadn’t thought about it before because, Christ just look at the man, but nothing prepared you for the way he felt.  His strong hands found their way around you quickly, one settling softly on your hip as the other cradled your face.  When they suddenly gripped the back of your thighs and hauled you up, you shrieked, wrapping your legs around his waist immediately.  “Shh,” he taunted, “you’ll wake the baby.”

“She can kiss my - oh!”  All thoughts fled your brain as his teeth sank down against your collarbone.  

“That’s my job.”  He growled, eyes dark.

“Bucky.  Bedroom.”  You hissed.  The super soldier needed no more instruction.

With long, determined strides, Bucky carried you to your room and plopped you on the bed before falling to his knees in front of you.  “Bucky!”  Your pants and panties were gone in a flash, ripped from your now goosebumps covered legs, and then his hands were on you - pushing your thighs apart.

“Y/N,” he all but moaned as he kissed down your body, “God, you’re beautiful. I could just look at you all day.”  His fingers trailing the insides of your thighs made it very difficult to answer.  But somehow you found a way.

“Bucky, if you don’t touch me-ah!”  And just like that, your head was tossed back, cries echoing through the room as his metal fingers glided up and down the part of you that longed for him the most.

“God, you’re so wet already.  This wouldn’t have anything to do with seeing me with the baby, would it?”  You wanted to answer him, you really did.  But the way his fingers skirted around your panties and met your flesh full on had you biting a damn hole into your lip.  All you could do was nod.  “Hmm, really?  I’m not going to lie, seeing you bouncing a baby on your hip didn’t leave me unaffected either.  Helps that she had my hair.”  He winked down at you, licking his lips playfully.

“Oh yeah, because the baby’s plastic hair being brown definitely makes it seem like she’s yours.”  You quipped down at him, somehow still as sarcastic as always even with James Buchanan Barnes nestled comfortably between your legs.  He smirked as he inched in closer, humming against the inside of your left thigh.  

“I wouldn’t mind it, you know.”  He drawled as his tongue darted out to draw slow circles on your thigh now.  “Seeing you,” lick, “caring for,” suck, “my kid.”  And then he was on you and your back arched, a high pitched scream filled the room.

Followed by the sounds of a baby crying.

“Don’t you dare!”  You growled, nails digging into Bucky’s shoulder blades when he made to get up.

“You’re the one who said you wanted to be a good student.”  He tsked, winking down at you when he rose to his feet.  You watched helplessly as he fled the room, and remained gone for close to 4 minutes.  When he returned, you propped yourself up on your shoulders and did you best to glare at him indignantly.  But when he shed his remaining clothes, there was no hiding the lust dancing in your eyes.  “At least one of us cares about your grades.”  He chuckled as he stalked back to the bed, kneeling between your spread legs and tearing at your shirt and bra.  You swore you could’ve cum from the look he was giving you alone.

“What did you do?”  You huffed, jealous that he was able to get the doll to shut up so quickly.

“Well, Daddy duty called,” he growled as he crawled up your body, and he definitely didn’t miss the way you bit your lip and shivered at the word.  Long fingers curled around your thighs and he brought them to his hips, encouraging your legs to squeeze tight around him.  “Now, where were we?”  And with a snap of his hips, he was fully sheathed inside you.

“Oh, Da-“


Bucky blinked slowly as he woke up, looking over at the clock on the bedside table.  3:27 a.m.  And here he thought he might actually get some sleep tonight.  You had done an awfully good job at wearing him out after all.  You, and -

“Princess!”  He chuckled as tiny feet made their way across the bed.  “Why are you awake my darling?”

“I had a nightmare.”  The toddler pouted, plopping down on the bed between you and your husband.  This effectively woke you up.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”  You asked groggily, holding your hand out.  She held it tightly as she cast her eyes down and recounted the horrible dream of being taken away by the bad men that her poor Daddy has to fight on a daily basis.

“C’mere baby.”  Bucky beckoned with open arms.  Without any hesitation, your daughter all but launched into his arms, earning a deep chuckle from your husband.  “You know Daddy would never let anything happen to you, right?”  She nodded vigorously.

“But Daddy, what if they hurt you?”  She emphasized, her lips setting into a firm pout.  The same pouting face that you sport from time to time.

“Well, then I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve got my girls!”  He cried, wiggling fingers tickling the squealing child.  “No one can hurt me with such amazing heroes to protect me!”  He continued his assault, tickling the little girl as you joined in as well.  Little giggles filled the room before huffing breaths alerted you to her tired state.  With a large yawn and a kiss to both parents’ cheeks, she snuggled into Bucky’s chest and fell fast asleep.

“I love you,”  you murmured against his lips.  “And I love how much you love our baby.”

“I love you too.”  He replied, slinging his arm around the both of you, cuddling you in tight and placing a kiss on both of your foreheads.  “And I love that you gave her to me.”


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Hi there! May I ask how you made those gifs that you did for an rp meme 'six characters that aren't mine'??

oh daaaaaamn. at the time that was a long, hard job of totally clicking around and hoping for the best hahaha. and i 100% stole the idea from @sammrps ‘s to begin with, hers is a lot better. 

honestly, I branched out and learned how to use the layers in the animation timeline by trial and error. It was a lot of keyframe work. (I did an animation degree in college, so that helped by giving me a lot of background knowledge to make educated guesses.) its really just a lot of hiding and unhiding layers along the timeline tbh. but here. i’ll try and make a speedy tutorial???


INTO A CREDIT STILL (or something);

Edit: i forgot how i did the motion blur, but as soon as i figure it out, i’ll update this tutorial.

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KNK as Exam-Takers

A/N: I stole this idea from @ncttrashaf
There’s so few things for KNK… tho they already took an exam once, I still felt like making this…
[I’m making this just for fun, I have easy exams tomorrow, so I was bored]
Good luck on exams if you have any!


Originally posted by mlnsuga

*has no clue what he’s doing*


Originally posted by seungforyoujin

*whines and groans about the exam; a little rude to the teacher, loathing life- slightly emo*
“You said it was 50 questions, not 65.”


Originally posted by seunqjun

*doesn’t know the answers, but has a great time bubbling in a cute design on his answer sheet, covering his paper protectively, laughing to himself*


Originally posted by 185knk

*has properly studied and reviewed the material, is well rested and ate a nutritious breakfast; judges everyone whining about the exam in disappointment*
“We learned this last year.”


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*casually cheats as he is left with no other option*

Holiday Prompts

A/N: So just like last year I’ll be taking requests for these prompts when they open again. I’ve got about thirteen requests in the ask, and I should probably finish those up within the next two weeks. I thought I’d get the prompts out a little earlier this year, and I pulled the last few from my list from last year. Enjoy guys!

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Holiday Prompts:
1. “My friend dragged me Black Friday shopping but ditched me in the mall, and I have no idea who you are, but I’m trying to escape the crowds and you stole my hiding place.”
2. “I might have gotten sick of my family complaining that I never bring anyone to Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner and lied about dating you. Please just come with me? I’ll owe you.”
3. “I might have gotten mad at the brat in front of me in line and told him Santa wasn’t real. Now I’m being detained by mall security and I need you to rescue me.”
4. “I really want to hang up the Christmas lights but I’m short and there’s no one else here, but you’re my neighbor and you’re also a lot taller than me.”
5. “My car slipped on ice and slid off the road, and you stopped to help me, but I’m kind of worried you might be a serial killer so I locked myself in my car and now I’m talking to you through the window.”
6. “Christmas is the absolute best time of the year and I don’t know who deprived you of holiday cheer, but I’m going to shove it down your throat until you agree. “
7. “I’m working on Christmas day and you’re the only customer in this place, but man you’re alone on Christmas and that’s pretty fucking sad.”
8. “This is the last one of this toy. You have no idea how badly I need it, and you’re cute and all, but I will still fight you for it.”
9. “I might have offered to take you iceskating, but, holy shit, you’re really good at this and I thought you said you’ve never done this before??”
10. “You’re trying to find a last minute gift for your friend/family member and I’m just trying to work here, but you keep interrupting me to ask my opinion and i’m secretly enjoying it.”
11. “You keep persisting that you need my help with something, but when I finally give in and follow you we coincidentally find ourselves under some mistletoe.”
12. “My friend bet me $50 that I couldn’t find someone at this New Year’s Eve party to kiss by midnight, and, oh god, there are ten seconds left and you’re right next to me.”
13. “We broke up and I came over to bring all your shit back, but now we’re snowed in and, god damn it, I’ll be fine driving back, just let me leave.”
14. “All of our friends at this Christmas party are drunk and keep asking us why we aren’t a couple.”
15. “I love the snow, but you won’t stop bitching about how cold it is.”
16. Iceskating
17. Snowball fights
18. Under the mistletoe

Secret Santa (Laurens x Reader)

Request: So I saw that tomorrow request are close and this idea just popped into my head but could you maybe do one where the reader’s in high school and John’s her secret Santa but she doesn’t know?

TW: Very minor swearing


“We should totally do a secret Santa!” Laf exclaims.

You groan. “No, no we shouldn’t.”

John playfully nudges you. “Come on, (Y/N/N). Don’t be a Scrooge.”

You take another bite of your sandwich. “I would like to point out that Scrooge was filthy rich.”

“He stole from the poor,” Herc points out.

“That wasn’t the point,” you counter.

“Whatever. Will you do it?” Alex asks.

“Do I have a choice?”

“Nope!” Laf yells. “We’ll draw names tomorrow.”



This shouldn’t be too hard. You were going to get gag gifts for everyone anyway. The French Fry was going to be easy. You walk out to your car before the guys have a chance to harass you into telling them who you got. Since you don’t have any homework (for once), you decide to start shopping. You buy a bunch of stereotypical French stuff (which cost more than you would have liked) along with a few things that you knew he would actually want. Just as you are leaving, your phone starts vibrating like it’s possessed.

Ham the Man: When do we need to have everything?

Laffy Taffy: I was thinking we could go out to eat and give gifts then

Jerkules: But I don’t want anyone to know who I got yet

Laffy Taffy: Fine. We all can put stuff in lockers and tell each other Friday

Turtle Boy: Sounds like a plan


For the next week, you secretly hide presents in your friend’s locker. You, too, are also getting presents in your locker. You smile when you pick up the small box. You pull out the note that’s inside. “(Y/N), I know you were expecting something more, but I had no clue what to get you. I already bought (and made) everything I could think of. Truth is, I really wanted to impress you. That’s the only reason I agreed to do this. Tomorrow you find out who I am, and honestly, I’m terrified. Especially since I’ve poured my heart out to you. Until tomorrow ~Your Secret Santa.”

You smile and pin the note in your locker with one of your magnets. Now you can’t wait until tomorrow.


After school, you all make your way over to the closest cafe and give the last gift. You are the last to get there (damn traffic). The boys all sit at a table with various gifts in front of them. You set your gift with the rest of them and take a seat.

“Ah, so (Y/N), was my secret Santa,” Laf says.

You giggle and pick up the smallest box, which has your name on it. “And, it seems John was mine.”

Hercules grabs the largest box and shoves it in front of Alex. “I had Ham!”

“I had Herc,” Laf states.

“And I had Laurens,” says Hamilton.

You all tear into your gifts at once. You hear everyone thank each other, but you don’t move. You just stare at the box in your hands. John gently nudges your shoulder. “Are you okay?”

You don’t answer.

“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” he apologizes. “Please, say something.”

“I love you, too.”

See, having a plan is great even when you’re a shit situation.

A plan is instructions, a plan is something you can do without having to break your brain trying to think of the possibilities.

Not having a plan and just improvising all the time is what kinda gives me so much anxiety, because I have no idea what I’m doing or what my goal is, so I just live afraid all the time.



Ohhhh shit they were working together.

Okay my theory is that the woodsman stole the lantern from the beast, and then the beast took his daughter’s soul hostage.

Now he needs to collect other children to pay off the toll in some way.

But he’s clearly not willing to.

I predict he will save the kids in the end, by sacrificing himself.

Well shit.

That’s one depressing note to end on.

I got 90% of the way and multiple reference checks through this before realising Anode doesn’t have wheels, and I really didn’t want to redraw everything so here you go.

(she stole the tyres from one of the corpses for a fashion statement or something. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Troublemakers/Criminal AU’s
  • I saw you struggling with that man so I ran over and knocked him out…why are you taking his wallet…omg I just helped you mug a person
  • You know the best way to steal a car is? Not taking the person you stole it from with you
  • I caught you stealing that person’s wallet but it’s okay I hate them
  • This is my first time egging someone’s house and I accidentally broke your window I am so sorry
  • Why are they putting bags of money in the trunk? why are you guys wearing masks? holy shit this isn’t a taxi cab
  • I saw you running and good job for getting fit but then I saw the cop run by too
  • I saw you taking candy from a baby and thought good that kid was annoying anyway
  • Why do you always break into my car yknow I don’t got anything in there
  • You caught me filling the principles desk full of pudding and asked what flavor it was
  • If you give me your bag I’ll give you my number
  • This totally isn’t your cat shut up
  • You figured out this isn’t a real gun but a BB gun but they still hurt like hell when shot in the face so hand over money
  • Is that…is that the neighbors confederate flag in our trash?
  • You keep stealing road signs and it needs to stop this dorm isn’t big enough for all of them
  • I thought you were just really secretive about selling oregano


Isaac finds you after terrorizing Beacon Hills during your first full moon.

“Are you kidding me?!” Stiles shouted to Liam who nodded in embarrassment while he whispered “Sorry.”

Scott rolled his eyes but Stiles continued. “You were suppose to have the first watch! This is her first full moon..”

Before anyone could say anything else they heard someone walking out from the forest, making them turn towards the sound and saw a tall silhouette beside the trees.

“Isaac?” Scott asked when he recognize his scent along with yours. When he stepped out from the dark they could clearly see how he was carrying you in his arms.

You were covered in mud, scratches and blood, totally knocked out as you nuzzled against Isaacs chest, letting out soft breaths and the boys of your pack couldn’t help but let out a relied sigh.

Isaac took a few steps towards them with a smug smirk on his face. “Is she yours?”

~ credit to the gif owners *3*
[So I CLEARLY stole borrowed the idea and gifs from this lovely post. I just had to involve my fav in this idea.]


This is actually an idea I stole from Lady Day when I started reading her Jedtavius fic and wanted to comment on it for the first time. I couldn’t resist.

“Alas,” the man said, “death has never really suited me. Bad for the complexion, you see.”
~Hoid to Kelsier

“I have a very delicate constitution, you see,” Kelsier said. “And death seemed like it would be rather bad for the digestion. So I decided not to participate.”

~Kelsier to Nazh

—  Mistborn: Secret History (Parallels) 

Mephisto appreciation post (I guess?) I have so many issues with Lolirock (I won’t get into it here) but I mainly watch it for this goober. If they don’t follow through with his declaration from “If You can’t Beat’em” I’m going to be very sad.

(I’m avoiding spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen season two, but yes I know what happens… I did not see that coming… and yes I think the tiger (banes?) is the puppet master here) I will say no more than that.

and this:

“If I weren’t completely dedicated to your annihilation; It would be an honor to serve you as queen of Ephedia.”


Foreteller face canons :D I watched back cover in English (it got removed from youtube tho rip) and my children are so amazing I love them all. Click on them for more info!

Bonus Master of Masters under the cut!!

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Welcome to Starfleet the Science Bros

I stole a line from Bones McCoy’s book because, in case you haven’t already seen, Marvel’s new Spiderman is barely nineteen and he looks even younger.

(It’s only a matter of time before Tony and Bruce adopt him.)