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8!! Meredy and Lyon lol or just one of them ^.^

Color Palette Challenge. // Lyon Vastia & Meredy

Two more cross stitches I finished a while ago.

I shamelessly stole the top quote, and roses, from some long lost Tumblr posts. If you don’t know the second quote how are you on this website…

Also you can’t really tell but the “worse” is done out of a shiny, expensive thread which was. In fact. The worst thing to work with. And it looks kinda terrible. In other words it’s perfect…

falling sun

on ao3

hey whats up! this was written for the @meowraculouschatnoirzine​, which you can download now for pay what you can!!!! all profits will go to charity~

back with a classic adrien (or chat in this case) and chloe friendship fic. its been a bit since ive written one of these and honestly? missed it


Chloé decides to spend the night on her balcony. Not the whole night, that’d be ridiculous, she could never sleep with the sounds of the city so loud, but just a few hours. She actually watches the sunset for once, which is nice and pretty and probably emotionally moving or something, and pretends to do a few homework problems. She told herself she’d start being better about that.

After a while, she finds herself staring off to the horizon, the skyline of the city permanently burned into her memory. She blinks in surprise when something on that horizon starts moving.

Chloé squints into the growing darkness as the slightly darker thing starts moving closer. It takes her an almost embarrassingly long time to realize it’s not just a thing, it’s Chat Noir.

Strange for him to be out, he doesn’t usually patrol on Thursdays, and there haven’t been any sounds of akuma.

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Out in the snowy December parks near Beacon academy, on a peaceful late night stroll young Ruby Rose encounters not one, but two rare sights: An island dwelling combat corgi’s first time in the snow, and a young grumpy heiress genuinely smiling from actually having fun.

Excellent work Zwei. A huntress in training couldn’t ask for a better wingdoggy.

err.. um.. can you please make a fic where laito is trying hard to make ayato and yui a couple 'cause he ships them SOO much? thank you, and um.. keep up the good work with those drabbles and scenarios! ^_^

“Ayato-kun! I have flowers~!” Laito squealed. His brother raised his eyebrow. “Good job. Do you want a medal?” he said sarcastically. The fedora wearing boy pouted.

“That’s not what I ment…” he sighed, “I want you to give these precious little flowers to your precious little Bitch-chan~!”

“What?!” Ayato scoffed. “Why should Ore-sama do that? She should be the one who should give Ore-sama flowers!” He blinked. “On second thought, maybe she shouldn’t give me flowers…”

Laito giggled. “So will you give these beautiful roses I stole from Subaru-kun’s garden to Bitch-chan?” He smirked hopefully and gave his brother the bouquet.

“… You’re right!” He nodded in agreement. Laito almost yelled in triumph. “If I give these things to her, then maybe she’ll make me Takoyaki!” He whooped.

“Ayato-kun!” Exasperatedly, Laito sighed.

The narcissistic redhead’s eyes widened. “Wait a minute… I don’t need flowers! I can just force her to make some for me!” He childishly stuck his tongue out. “You’re an idiot,” he said and shoved the bouquet in Laito’s mouth.

The fedora wearing vampire coughed out the rogue petals that he shoved. He pouted and left to plot another scheme.


“Bitch-chan~” Laito squealed, “can Laito-kun ask you a question?” He gently grabbed the timid girl’s face and smiled devilishly.

Yui bit her lip nervously. “Eh? Um, y-yes! Of course!” She tried to escape the vampire’s grip in fear of getting bitten.

“Great!” Laito smirked and let her go. The blond girl stood there patiently as she waited for the brother to continue.

He looked around as though he was going to be captured in a few moments. He leaned in and whispered secretively in her ear, “what type of men do you like, Bitch-chan~?”

The bride looked at him weirdly. “Excuse me?”

“You know,” he suggestively winked, “who makes your heart pump with excitement? Is it the princely type? The cold type? The cute type? Ah! I know~” he clapped his hands in realization, “you must like a the narcissistic idiots who can’t tie a tie themselves!”

Yui laughed. She thought the vampire was joking. “Are you talking about Ayato-kun?” Though she was giggling, Laito noticed that her cheeks were slowly tinting red.

“Yes~! You must love him-”

“I’m sorry, Laito. But I think I like the good boy type a lot better.” She smiled brightly to conceal her blush. “Anyway, goodbye, Laito! I’ll see you soon!” Yui ran as fast as her legs could take her.

The vampire leaned on the wall and sighed. “They’re hopeless,”


“My brilliant plan doesn’t seem to be working as well as I had thought~” Laito mumbled to himself. “It’s such a pity, though… AyaYui is such a perfect ship!” He grinned contentedly.

He had already tried multiple times to get them romantically involved. He tried pushing Yui into his brother’s arms but Ayato threw her into the pool again. He attempted to set them on a blind date but Ayato said no when Laito told him that the girl had no breasts to be proud of.

They weren’t exactly aware of it themselves, but Laito was sure that they were made for each other! He just had to keep trying!

He mulled over his plans. Imagining the two together as an official couple made him want to jump in the air. He slammed his fist on his hand and looked determined.

“Nfu~ they may be idiots but I won’t give up on them!”


“Tch. Oi, pervert! What the hell are we doing here? Wait- do I smell Takoyaki?”

“Yes~! I had cute Bitch-chan make us some food! I am sure you love her cooking, hm?”

“It’s the best!” Ayato enthusiastically remarked as he whipped the scent of his favorite dish. “I want to eat her food forever!”

Laito squealed. “Do you want to marry her? She’ll cook for you for as long as you want!

"Wait,” Ayato shut him up, “so what you’re saying is…. If I marry Chichinashi over there…. She’ll cook me Takoyaki anytime?!”

The fedora wearing vampire raised his eyebrow. “Well, not exactly but you get the gist!” He grabbed his brother’s arm and forced him to waltz around the room.

Ayato tried to get away but his brother’s grip was strong. “What are you doing? Get off me!”

“When you marry Bitch-chan,” he gently closed his eyes and circled the room with practiced movements, “you must treat her like a princess. You must be there for her and she will be there for you. She is yours and you are hers.”

“Nfu~ oh! And by the way, you must give your helpful little brother pictures of you and Bitch-chan so he can post them on Tumblr~!”

“… And she’ll make me Takoyaki everyday, right?”

“Well, if you don’t die from diabetes yet, then yes-”


Laito watched with wide eyes as his brother sprinted out of the room. He came back as quickly as he went. When he arrived, Yui was tucked securely in his arms in a bridal position.

She looked a little shaken. “A-Ayato-kun? What’s going on?”

“We’re getting married, idiot! Didn’t you hear me?” Ayato rolled his eyes and dropped Yui to the floor. Laito helped her up. “Okay, this wedding’s gotta be the best! I’ll ask Kanato for a gown, I’m sure Reiji’ll want to manage catering….” He trailed off.

The perverted vampire and the sacrificial bride watched as the narcissist rambled on. They both looked at each other. Yui was blushing while Laito still looked shocked.

“Um… Laito-kun? Am I really getting married?”

“This plan went a lot better than I had hoped.”

You Forgot (requested)

Derek lounged on the living room sofa, absently flipping through channel upon channel of useless television shows and marveling at the sheer stupidity of “reality” stars as he waited for you to get home from work. He eventually settled on an old episode of Friends, tossing the remote back onto the couch beside him. After a few minutes, he froze, eyes wide and glued to the screen.

“…birthday?” The question was asked on the show.

Derek stared at the TV for a moment, stunned as the realization hit him; he’d forgotten your birthday, and you’d be home any time now. He sat for another few moments, trying to get ahold of himself and figure something out. Eventually, he threw himself off of the sofa and ran to the kitchen, sliding to the fridge as he opened it quickly. He hummed lowly, almost frantically as he searched for something he could whip up, but there was absolutely nothing to work with.

“Dammit,” he growled under his breath, slamming the door shut and running a hand through his hair as he glanced at the clock.

He tapped his foot, pressing his lips together as his brain worked overtime. Suddenly, he slapped his hand onto the counter as he tore out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom. He pulled the closet open and pawed through the clothing carelessly until finding what he wanted; his suit. He yanked it out and quickly made sure there weren’t any glaringly obvious wrinkles before quickly dressing himself. After doing so, he smoothed his palms down his front nervously as he again looked at the clock. He chewed on his lip as he scanned the room, eyes going back to the closet. He went back in, rifling through your things until he found his favorite red dress. He took it out and carefully draped it across the corner of the bed, finishing it with a pair of heels he knew you liked to wear.

Just then, he heard the key in the door, and his eyes swept the room one last time, catching sight of the vase of roses he’d gotten you about a week ago. He quickly reached forward, taking one and holding it gingerly in his fingers as he left to meet you by the door.

“Hello gorgeous,” He greeted, internally wincing at how guilty he sounded.

You glanced up, tossing your keys onto the counter. “Hi there.” You raised an eyebrow as you saw what he was wearing.

He watched your eyes travel up and down his body, and a small smile played at his lips. “Bedroom.” He tilted his head in that direction. “You’ll see.”

You furrowed your eyebrows but followed his command, only to be stopped, his hand falling onto your shoulder gently.

“Happy birthday,” he said softly, pushing the rose into your hand as his lips brushed across your temple.

A wide smile found its way onto your lips as you took the flower and continued onto the bedroom, finding the dress. You couldn’t contain the small laugh that came to you, but you stepped forward and slipped into the dress and heels. Meanwhile, Derek quickly called a nearby restaurant and begged for a reservation, pulling the “it’s my girlfriend’s birthday” card quite well. Before you returned, he’d booked a table in the corner by the window with a view of the lake and requested champagne.

“Well, how do I look?” You asked as you scooted back out to where he was standing.

He tucked his phone into his pocket and smiled with his lips pressed together. “Beautiful.”

You smiled, still holding the rose as you moved forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. You rested your head on his chest for a moment before moving your lips close to his ear. “I know what this is all about, though.”

He froze, lips slightly parted.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” You grinned, still holding him close.

“Ah, I-”

“I heard you making the reservation. Your suit isn’t ironed. And I know you stole the rose from my vase.” You whispered, holding back a giggle.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry, I-” He began, cheeks slightly warm with embarrassment and guilt.

“It’s okay,” you dismissed, pulling away slightly to look him in the eye. “You still look good.” You reached forward and tugged on his lapels. “And it’s the thought that counts, right?”

He sighed. “Yeah, but I feel terrible for-”

You cut him off, pressing one finger to his lips. His eyebrows shot up, but he didn’t say anything, eyes flickering to your hand before back to your eyes.

“If you feel bad,” you said quietly. “You’ll just have to make it up, hm?”

His lips parted slightly as if he were going to say something, but no words came out. You smirked and walked past him, heading for the door. “Let’s eat.”

Give Me Something

summary: dan and sexual tension doesn’t end well.

info: fluff, lil’ sexy, longer than usual (that’s what she said), part1 !!1??1!

a/n: haven’t wrote anything in a while bc of tatinof, school and sickness (it’s all vvv exciting and sad), so enjoy this even tho its pure crap :,)


Dan has been craving attention.

Not normal attention, like you would expect from a socially-deprived human being- but sexual attention.

Sexual attention is a weird thing, he thinks.

It doesn’t take intricate equations or an imaginative mind to understand. You want someone touching your hand, biting your lips with their teeth- some of the more dirtier things Dan has thought throughout his life.

So then when no one is there, you just feel this need. This deep, dark want for somebody.

Dan has been feeling like that for the past week.

Actually, once a week every month so far since his teenage years. It’s kinda like a girl’s period without the never ending trail of blood coming out of his vagina- if he had one.

Usually when these times come, he’s irritable, quiet and sexually frustrated all the time. Long showers, blasting music through the walls to cover his embarrassment of noises from Phil.

Honestly- It’s a problem.

“D-an!” Phil shouted through the walls. He was springing with excitement for Dan to see what he had in store for him.

Dan doing nothing productive (like usual), groaned from the lounge, “What?”

As before, he hated talking during his time of the month. Dan could only answer Phil with one-word groans or whines. With anyone else though, he didn’t even try.

“Come into the kitchen, please? I have a special- breakfast- surprise.” Phil exclaimed, proud to be the housewife he always planned to be. Not specifically for Dan- this was just his training. He hopes, at least.

He just wants to take care of him, sometimes.

Dan scrunched up his face in confusion. Since when has Phil ever called him in for breakfast? It’s always the same thing: cereal and warm tea.

He called out that he was coming anyway.

“What did you mean by that-” Dan started to say, before stopping in his tracks.

In the time that he was walking into the kitchen, he saw the beautiful breakfast that Phil had prepared. Eggs, orange juice, pancakes, cereal to the brim with milk and a candle in the middle. His favorite candle, must he add.

“P-Phil, what’s going on?” He questioned, stuttering. Dan admits: he almost fainted.

Phil turned around from the oven, a smile on his face.  "Just some TLC.“

Dan actually wanted to punch him. He looked so damn good.

His hair was tossed back into a wavy, lazy quiff. Almost orgasmic. He wore this loose little apron, wrapping around some of his adorable pajamas. His hands were filled with forks and spoons ever so gracefully. How does he even manage to do that, Dan had no idea.

Speaking of his hands- holy shit, were they gorgeous.

Dan never considered himself to be into that, but goddamn, now he is.

He breathed in the lovely scent of the candle, feeling wonderful as he began to say, "I don’t really know-”

“What to say?” Phil finished it, biting his lip. “How about: Thank you, Phil, you sexy beast.”

Of course, Phil was being sarcastic when he asked Dan to answer like that.

But Dan? 

He was considering.

Dan only shut his month in a tight seal, nodding. He pulled out a chair from the table, going to sit down, but Phil stopped him in his tracks. Slapping his hand off the top of the chair, he pulled out the hair himself, gesturing for Dan to sit down with a little smirk playing on his lips.

“I-I-I- uh, I’m- o-okay- Right.” He stuttered more than he ever had in his life.

Trying to comprehend what was happening, he pulled out the chair to sit down, but Phil beat him to it. Slapping his hand off the chair, he pulled it out himself, and gestured for Dan to sit down. It’s like he wants to drive me insane.

As he sat down, he tried not to make eye contact with Phil, as he was staring right at him with his stupid, pretty phil eyes.

“I’m gonna go get my phone, really quick- I don’t want to leave you alone here, though. You might eat everything up without me.” Phil thought aloud. 

Dan gulped, forming a response, “It’s fine. Go.” He muttered a tiny please.

Giving his a quick smile, Phil put his hand on Dan’s arm, “Thanks, Dan. Oh- I almost forgot, here’s your shiny things,” he held up a fork and spoon.

(Now, you would think oh, this is where dan is keeping himself together right? nothing bad could happen here? Well, that’s probably how it would’ve went until Phil ruined it.)

He bent down to Dan’s shoulder level, put his mouth next to his neck, wrapped his arms around him, and placed down a fork and a spoon on either side.

He brought his mouth to Dan’s ear, "Be right back, Danny,” before rushing out.

"T- Thanks, um-” Phil was already out the room when he tried to speak again.

Dan leaned back in his chair, scoffing in disbelief. Putting his hands in his hair, he placed his elbows down on the table. what the fuck just happened?

Yes, he knew that he was having his sexual attention shit, but towards Phil of all people? That has never happened once in the six years that they’ve lived together.

“-Fucking hell.” Dan said to himself. He shook his head. get over it, you man-baby. Grabbing a fork from the plate, he took a big bite of the pancake Phil had made.

It was fucking delicious.

Dan was absolutely done. Honestly, all of this was Phil’s fault. If he didn’t make him such a nice breakfast during his stupid sexual tension time thing, if he didn’t have to look so damn good today, if he didn’t have to make him think like this.

Dan thought about it as the breakfast simmered in front of him.

Dan and Phil. Together. The dating thing, he meant.

The perks of being in a relationship comes nowhere close to being single. You’re more free when your single, Dan had learned throughout his love life. 

But also something that he learned was that when it’s with Phil, it’s always different.

A relationship with Phil, a friendship with Phil, a partnership with Phil- anything with Phil is different than the norm.

Dan could try Google, Tumblr asks, Yahoo, all of the fucking above, and he still wouldn’t know how things would go if he were in a relationship with Phil.

So, he just imagined it.

The dinner dates, the romantic trips to the couch, a breakfast for two, going to plays together. 

Cuddling, hugs whenever he wanted, his warm feet trying to heat up his cold ones underneath their bedroom blankets. Hands intertwined. 

His lips on his, arms tangled together trying to find a way to get closer, hair in his mouth, his hands.

Phil voice would mixed in with Dan’s breath, begging, pleading to kiss his neck harder-

Dan drops the fork onto the plate.

“Fuck,” He looked down, “Fuck.”

“Alright, I’m back from my search,” Phil stumbled in with a rose in his hand, “You remember that rose I stole from someone’s garden last week? Well, I found it on my search for my phone.” He twisted it around in his hands, smelling it. 

Dan looked away, not knowing what to do. 

Shit- What’s wrong?” Phil dropped the rose on the ground, immediately rushing over to Dan’s side.

he cursed- he had to curse of all things.

“Nothing- I’m fine,” Dan trailed, still not looking. His hands were sweating and his face was beet-red with both embarrassment and flustered-ness.

Phil gave up, breathing out. “Okay, it’s just that I worry about you- Look, I’m your best friend, okay? It’s my job to care about you more than anything-”

"More than anything? Are you doing this on purpose by now?”

Phil’s eyes went big. “Doing what exactly?”

Dan tossed his hands up. “Everything! The breakfast, the candle, the rose, the sweet talk- what’s this for?”

He was flabbergasted to say the least. That seemed like the most appropriate word at the moment. Phil was only doing this because he wanted to be nice, that’s all. There was no ultimate goal he wanted out of this- At least he didn’t think so.

“There’s quite literally nothing, Dan. Understand that.” Phil’s tone went serious, not something that happens often.

Calming down a bit by the sudden tension in the room, Dan breathed out air that was sitting in his lungs for a few minutes.“Alright- Just make your intentions a little clearer next time?”

Phil only cocked his head. “What do you mean?”

He chuckled. “You were kind of, just a little, really, uh- romantic is the best word to describe it?”

His eyes bulged out of his head. “Romantic? Where’d you get that idea from?”

“Well, Phil, if you didn’t know, a nice breakfast is usually romantic, especially with a candle and a rose for fuck’s sake. Not to mention, the subtle flirting you were doing all morning-”

Phil only listened to him while he rambled. He had no clue what he was referring to. He knew he made this nice breakfast with a candle and everything but he was certainly not trying to hit on Dan. 

And also, the rose was a total surprise. He found it while trying to find his phone, like he said before. A nice romantic coincidence, but not the message Phil wanted to send.

And the “subtle flirting?” He didn’t know where to begin.

“Flirting? How? I don’t even know how to flirt, the Internet especially knows that.” He responded after a long silence.

Dan blew raspberries in his mind at him. He didn’t know how to flirt? Is he kidding? Does he even remotely remember how his videos used to be?

Dan shrugged, though. “I’m sorry, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me or something.”

Phil pouted a little, and put his hand on Dan’s shoulder. “Hey, wanna talk about it-”

“See?! There!” Dan jumped up, pushing out the chair from the table to stand up. “You were flirting with me right there, that’s right.”

Dan clapped his hands together, happy that he found an example to show him what he was talking about all this time. Sadly, in this period of sexual frustration, absolutely anything could be considered flirting. He had no idea he was pointing out just a good friend’s actions.

And yes, he did try ignoring the fact Phil could see his hard-on. (He really needed to get out more if this is all it takes to get him aroused.)

“D-Dan, uh-” He chuckled a little.

“Are you laughing right now, Phil Lester? This is the worst time to laugh.”

“Phil!” He exclaimed, as Phil was now giggling, and not planning on stopping anytime soon. “This is the worst thing to happen to our friendship by a long shot- Why the fuck are you laughing?”

As Phil began to calm down, he formed an answer that Dan wasn’t expecting at all.

“Dan,” He chuckled, “Are you into me?”

Dan froze in place. He didn’t know the answer to that one.

“Uh- I- W-Well- I am- N- Um?” Dan’s head was spinning.

Phil scoffed. “That’s a great answer.”

“Well excuse me for being kind of confused about my feelings for you. I’m honestly scared by how well your taking this.” He replied.

Phil shuffled around. They both stood in a comfortable silence of trying to figure out each other. The thoughts they were thinking, what they were thinking themselves…

“How about this- You can help me figure out my feelings for you, because at the moment, I have no idea,” Dan explained. It sounded stupid, but he had no other way to put it.

He considered it. “You know what? Let’s do it,” He said bravely, “But first, can you uh, deal with that?”

part two