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I’ve been drawing Amy a lot lately, and I’m not sorry about it because Amy is such a strong character and a positive influence, it gets on my nerves that some people try to reduce her to “Sonic’s stalker” and don’t aknowledge the importance she has in the Sonic universe.
How many times she has risked her life to save her friends, how she grew up and learned to stand up for herself, and how in Boom she has talked about gender equality and empowering of women; Amy is a character on her own and a damn strong one, as every woman can and should be!
She is an amazing role model for young girls

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Outfit 1B :o

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//also i’m about to die i wanted it to look nice unlike all my other posts but the reason i don’t do nice art like this is because i have no layers

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err.. um.. can you please make a fic where laito is trying hard to make ayato and yui a couple 'cause he ships them SOO much? thank you, and um.. keep up the good work with those drabbles and scenarios! ^_^

“Ayato-kun! I have flowers~!” Laito squealed. His brother raised his eyebrow. “Good job. Do you want a medal?” he said sarcastically. The fedora wearing boy pouted.

“That’s not what I ment…” he sighed, “I want you to give these precious little flowers to your precious little Bitch-chan~!”

“What?!” Ayato scoffed. “Why should Ore-sama do that? She should be the one who should give Ore-sama flowers!” He blinked. “On second thought, maybe she shouldn’t give me flowers…”

Laito giggled. “So will you give these beautiful roses I stole from Subaru-kun’s garden to Bitch-chan?” He smirked hopefully and gave his brother the bouquet.

“… You’re right!” He nodded in agreement. Laito almost yelled in triumph. “If I give these things to her, then maybe she’ll make me Takoyaki!” He whooped.

“Ayato-kun!” Exasperatedly, Laito sighed.

The narcissistic redhead’s eyes widened. “Wait a minute… I don’t need flowers! I can just force her to make some for me!” He childishly stuck his tongue out. “You’re an idiot,” he said and shoved the bouquet in Laito’s mouth.

The fedora wearing vampire coughed out the rogue petals that he shoved. He pouted and left to plot another scheme.


“Bitch-chan~” Laito squealed, “can Laito-kun ask you a question?” He gently grabbed the timid girl’s face and smiled devilishly.

Yui bit her lip nervously. “Eh? Um, y-yes! Of course!” She tried to escape the vampire’s grip in fear of getting bitten.

“Great!” Laito smirked and let her go. The blond girl stood there patiently as she waited for the brother to continue.

He looked around as though he was going to be captured in a few moments. He leaned in and whispered secretively in her ear, “what type of men do you like, Bitch-chan~?”

The bride looked at him weirdly. “Excuse me?”

“You know,” he suggestively winked, “who makes your heart pump with excitement? Is it the princely type? The cold type? The cute type? Ah! I know~” he clapped his hands in realization, “you must like a the narcissistic idiots who can’t tie a tie themselves!”

Yui laughed. She thought the vampire was joking. “Are you talking about Ayato-kun?” Though she was giggling, Laito noticed that her cheeks were slowly tinting red.

“Yes~! You must love him-”

“I’m sorry, Laito. But I think I like the good boy type a lot better.” She smiled brightly to conceal her blush. “Anyway, goodbye, Laito! I’ll see you soon!” Yui ran as fast as her legs could take her.

The vampire leaned on the wall and sighed. “They’re hopeless,”


“My brilliant plan doesn’t seem to be working as well as I had thought~” Laito mumbled to himself. “It’s such a pity, though… AyaYui is such a perfect ship!” He grinned contentedly.

He had already tried multiple times to get them romantically involved. He tried pushing Yui into his brother’s arms but Ayato threw her into the pool again. He attempted to set them on a blind date but Ayato said no when Laito told him that the girl had no breasts to be proud of.

They weren’t exactly aware of it themselves, but Laito was sure that they were made for each other! He just had to keep trying!

He mulled over his plans. Imagining the two together as an official couple made him want to jump in the air. He slammed his fist on his hand and looked determined.

“Nfu~ they may be idiots but I won’t give up on them!”


“Tch. Oi, pervert! What the hell are we doing here? Wait- do I smell Takoyaki?”

“Yes~! I had cute Bitch-chan make us some food! I am sure you love her cooking, hm?”

“It’s the best!” Ayato enthusiastically remarked as he whipped the scent of his favorite dish. “I want to eat her food forever!”

Laito squealed. “Do you want to marry her? She’ll cook for you for as long as you want!

"Wait,” Ayato shut him up, “so what you’re saying is…. If I marry Chichinashi over there…. She’ll cook me Takoyaki anytime?!”

The fedora wearing vampire raised his eyebrow. “Well, not exactly but you get the gist!” He grabbed his brother’s arm and forced him to waltz around the room.

Ayato tried to get away but his brother’s grip was strong. “What are you doing? Get off me!”

“When you marry Bitch-chan,” he gently closed his eyes and circled the room with practiced movements, “you must treat her like a princess. You must be there for her and she will be there for you. She is yours and you are hers.”

“Nfu~ oh! And by the way, you must give your helpful little brother pictures of you and Bitch-chan so he can post them on Tumblr~!”

“… And she’ll make me Takoyaki everyday, right?”

“Well, if you don’t die from diabetes yet, then yes-”


Laito watched with wide eyes as his brother sprinted out of the room. He came back as quickly as he went. When he arrived, Yui was tucked securely in his arms in a bridal position.

She looked a little shaken. “A-Ayato-kun? What’s going on?”

“We’re getting married, idiot! Didn’t you hear me?” Ayato rolled his eyes and dropped Yui to the floor. Laito helped her up. “Okay, this wedding’s gotta be the best! I’ll ask Kanato for a gown, I’m sure Reiji’ll want to manage catering….” He trailed off.

The perverted vampire and the sacrificial bride watched as the narcissist rambled on. They both looked at each other. Yui was blushing while Laito still looked shocked.

“Um… Laito-kun? Am I really getting married?”

“This plan went a lot better than I had hoped.”

Hey real quick Bess, just so you can visualize what I’m doing better, I stole this picture of Rose from somewhere and am sending it to you, just in case you ever wanted a picture of some random lady you’ll only ever hear about, not meet.