i stole these pictures


i need a “every picture the person who stole my phone takes gets synced into my icloud” au (especially considering marinette’s affinity for snatching phones)

- a confused adrien when he sees photos of ladybugs and flowers in his icloud
- slowly he realizes that his missing phone has a new user
- from the first photo he saw, he nicknames her ladybug
- sometimes silly selfies of her and her best friend show up and he slowly learns more about her and her life
- he slowly starts to look forward to seeing new photos show up and gets disappointed when she hadn’t taken any that day
- she has pictures of clothes she designs and sketches and he is impressed and watching her progress
- he slowly develops a crush and finds himself looking at faces on the streets whenever he’s roaming around just to perhaps meet her

@snapkyuu, I’m sorry if it looks like I stole your picture. I saw the photo on Facebook and I asked the poster if it was his original photo and if I could post it on tumblr. The Facebook user said yes. I didn’t know it was actually yours and I apologize for posting it. I already deleted the photo. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.