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no fear / your crush finding old pictures of you / one fear

i got black mesa on the steam sales and loved all the little easter eggs the devs put in joking about the first game’s development… especially the one about gordon’s accursed ponytail.

here’s the picture from the second panel without text/distortion

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where do you think harry put the framed photocopies of louis' ass he stole from the BSE set?

house guest: can i ask what that picture all over the wall is of

harry: it’s abstract art

louis, coming in from the other room: it’s my ass

The sound of leaves crunching underneath Niall’s boots was a sound Niall loved because it caused the little girl holding his hand to giggle. He would purposely walk into a pile of fallen leaves just to hear the lovely sound of his daughter’s laugh as she tried to stomp on them as well. She would frown a bit as she tried to stomp on the already crushed leaves, but Niall would quickly just step into a new pile causing her to smile again.

“Ya like crunchin leaves do ya?” He asked as he looked down at the tiny redhead that was looking around the park for more leaves. She quickly looked up at him and gave him a smile as she nodded her head. “Looks like a good pile up there.” He told her as he pointed towards a small pile on the path in front of them. He heard her make her excited noise as the grip on his hand got a little tighter.

“Crunch daddy! Crunch!” She told him with excitement in her voice causing Niall to chuckle as he let go of the little girls hand. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and Niall just smiled at her as he noticed her little cheeks turning a bit pink from the slight chill in the air.

“Go for it love!” And she was off, the pile was soon being destroyed by his toddler and he couldn’t help but laugh as she walked around in a circle making sure to get every last leaf.

“I crunch daddy!” She shouted as she ran back towards him with a proud expression on her face. Niall quickly knelt down and opened his arms so his wobbly daughter could run into them. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck as his arms went around her tiny frame.

“No leaf is safe around ya my petal.” His voice was soft and sweet as he leaned in and gave her a quick peck to the cheek causing her to giggle. She soon was wiggling her way out of his grasp and when her feet hit the pavement she reached up and grabbed Niall’s hand so they could continue their walk through the park.

He looked down at his daughter who was now marching beside him trying to stomp on as many leaves she could. He couldn’t help but let a grin take over his face as he gripped her hand a bit tighter. Soon the pair was out of the park and in front of a school that at any minute his oldest daughter would be walking out of.

“Sissy!” Niall smiled as he saw his daughter appear from behind the schools double doors, her wavy brown hair was blowing in the breeze as she made her way towards them. The toddler by his side was bouncing up and down as she saw her sister get closer.

“How was ya day love?” Niall asked as he offered his hand out for her to take once she was close enough. She smiled at him as she slid her backpack off and placed the handle in his outstretched hand causing him to raise an eyebrow at her.

“Was good, got invited to a birthday party this weekend!” Her voice was full of excitement as she bent down and placed a sweet kiss to her little sisters cheek. “Sydney is having a Disney themed party.” She added as she stood up and finally looked at him and gave him a big smile.

“Oh if it’s Disney ya jus got ta go then!” Niall told her causing her to laugh a little as he slid the young girls backpack over his shoulder. The threesome soon began their walk towards the park, Niall loved the fact there was a park on the path to pick up his daughter from school. It added a bit more time to their journey and he treasured each moment he got to spend talking to his school aged child about her day as his toddler marched along beside him mumbling and giggling the whole way.

“Dad can we go swing for a bit?” He was soon brought back to reality by his oldest daughter’s voice, he looked at her and when he was met with her big blue eyes and a sweet grin he couldn’t do anything but nod his head. She smiled as her eyes got wide with joy before she turned around and took off towards the swing set.

“Daddy swing?” He looked down at the tiny girl next to him and couldn’t help but laugh at her puzzled expression. She pointed towards the swing set her sister was currently on and then looked from the swings back to Niall.

“Ya wanna swing petal?” He asked and she nodded her head wildly causing a laugh to escape from Niall. He looked down at their hands as he adjusted the backpack on his shoulder. “You’ll always hold ya dad’s hand won’t ya my love?” He asked and when she just gripped his hand tighter as she lead him towards the swings he just smiled.

Niall knew this was coming, the days where his oldest didn’t want to hold his hand as they walked in the park or have him call her his little princess when others were around. He knew the days of her asking him to give her piggy back rides and getting rid of the monsters under her bed we’re slowly coming to an end. She was getting invited to parties and being asked to sleepovers, she was getting older and he couldn’t stop it no matter how hard he tried.

But he knew for now as his oldest started venturing off without him that the little redhead holding his hand would need him for at least a few more years. He knew she would let him hold her hand as they walked, she would laugh at his jokes even though he was well aware she didn’t understand them, she would let him give her kisses in public and she would need him to double check her room “just ta be safe” before going to bed. He knew both his girls would eventually grow up and he’d be left with just him and his wife in a big empty house, but for right now he would cherish moments like this where he was still their hero and could solve all their problems with a hug and a kiss to the cheek.

Let’s talk about.... Riverdale.

It’s been a while since I wrote or actually made an article on my blog but
Two weeks ago, I discovered Riverdale. And good god I can’t get enough of it. As I was fangirling ( and snapping my reactions to my best friend ) through episode 6 today, I thought : “ Why not make a list of the people I suspect and why ? “ So here you go Riverdale’s fans, here’s my contribution.




( that jawline tho ) During the summer, Archie was working for his dad (#abs) and frickfracking with Mrs Grundy (#cougar). He obviously knew Jason bc football team and he actually has an aliby. He was with Mrs Grundy when the gunshot was fired. BUT we do know ;that the gunshot was fired by Dilton Doyley. And we don’t know what happened after that but I think they just headed home and he concentrated on his music to forget about the gunshot and knowing a fellow student was dead.

Do I suspect him : YES / NO / MAYBE


I’ll be brief about Veronica. During the summer, she was probably still in New York, and never put a step in Riverdale before the start of the story 

Do I suspect her: YES / NO / MAYBE


Damn gurl.
Here’s the thing about Betty. Every episode makes me question her. One episode I’m like “ of course she didn’t “ and one episode after I’m like “ yeeah, maybe she did. “ 
Betty Cooper is the image of the perfect daughter; good grades, casual clothes, not too popular. On the first episode, her mom gave her some medecine ( i don’t remember the name gosh ) and I looked up on the internet and it’s for helping focus and apparently well used in the USA by students. It also says that it can causes paranoia. Well, well, well. Official version is that Betty was doing an internship during the summer. But good god, I thought she was innocent until I saw the bathtub scene. Remember ? “ Say you’re sorry for what you did to me, Jason “. In the comics we know there was some feud between the sisters because of Jason so why not ? What if she couldn’t accept her sister being happy with him? Anyway, after episode 6 I have my doubts; she apparently didn’t knew about her sister’s condition and I’m starting to think she just snapped at Chuck because she was just so angry ( my little bean, too precious for this world. ) 

Do I suspect her : YES / NO / MAYBE


I just looooooove his character so much (Plus, Cole Sprouse, youknowwhatImean ) We know that this precious being was supposed to go on a road trip with Archie on the 4th of July, but Archie prefered his cougar, leaving the precious being alone. No aliby for him then. And I mean, what a plot twist would it be, you know, writing a book about the investigation of the murder you commited? Anyway, I don’t really think he is connected to the murder, I mean he barely knew Jason and let’s be honest, other things to think than killing a guy.

Do I suspect him : YES / NO / MAYBE


(#queenslayin ) At first, I thought she was only going to be a basic bitch character that we love to hate but she is so much more than that. She really did love her brother, and of course it makes her a suspect. Her family is clearly insane and her brother was a rock. She helped him go away BUT did she? Maybe she knew Polly was pregnant and that he was going to run away with her and she couldn’t stand it ? 

Do I suspect her : YES  / NO / MAYBE


Introduced to us in Episode 6, Polly was an interrogation point. We now know she was dating Jason, that she is pregnant with his child and that they were supposed to run away together, until Alice “mom of the year” Cooper decidet to incarcerate her. The theory that she was “sick” is wronged by Bughead finding the car she told them about. We know both Coopers and Lodges didn’t approve on the relationship but for now, that’s all we know but meh, I don’t think she’s guilty, I mean she really did love him i think.

Do I suspect her : YES / NO / MAYBE


I’mma start with Mamma Bitch. I’m torn with this woman bc she is a complete ASS with Polly but actually trying to protect Betty. Still a bitch thought. She clearly hated Jason with all her guts, actually is “happy” that he is dead and she little chuckle she did when Betty accused her dad “ You think he would have the guts to do it ? “ 

Continuing with Pappa Bitch. We KNOW he stole the sheriff’s evidences and files. And I did put this picture for a reason. “ He’s missing “ you know like he knew that Jason was not dead. 
MY BIG THEORY for the Coopers : They never approved Jason and Polly relationship. When they found out about Polly’s pregnancy, they did their best to seperate them and when they found out about their plan to runaway together, they took care of Polly with the medical centre thing and I assume Alice told Hal to take care of things but maybe he didn’t have the guts ( so I’m assuming he was locked somewhere which will explain the frozen body and the marks on the wrists ? ) so Alice DID it ? 

Do I suspect them : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE 


Thoses two motherfuckers. You know that they’re evil. Penelope Blossom is a bitch to everyone and even Daddy Blossom enjoys himself taking Veronica down. They are pure evil. I’m pretty sure they both mentally and physically abuse Jason AND Cheryl. Mentally is proven , physically I mean, do you remember this magnificent BITCH SLAP ??!

Back to the Blossoms , my theory is pratically the same as the Coopers one, they didn’t approve Polly and Jason relationship and as they are so violent and crazy, they hunt it down, locked him away and killed him when he tried to escape ? Idk but even if they didn’t kill him they’re still guilty as shit for being such bad parents.

Do I suspect them : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE



Little character in the show you may say, but so many things could link to her. Let’s start with the beggining. First, there’s the football team book, with Ethel’s name show not once, not twice but FOUR TIMES. The first time, her name is linked to a guy named Thomas and after that, 3 times to Reggie. 

So, WHAT IF Reggie and Ethel actually dated for a while ? We can see at the end that Reggie probably “Dumped” her. But then again Ethel never mentioned Reggie but always about Chuck. 
Then comes the Bathtub scene at Ethel’s. Little bean is hiding and seems to enjoy the show. What I DID NOTICE on this scene is the hottub which was turning hot thanks to Betty BUT which could also be turn to cold water, REALLY cold ( Jason’s frozen body, anyone ? ) Also, Chuck was handcuffed to the bathtub ( Jason’s marks on his wrists?). 
Chuck got kicked out of the team , Jason’s dead, guess who’s now captain of the football team ? REGGIE
I first thought she was the one stealing Sheriff Keller’s room but then I was proved wrong, daddy bitch did it BUT she didn’t seemed to be at the school show so damn, who could have put the car on fire ? 
MY THEORY IS : Ethel is crazy in love with Reggie and wanted to get rid of Jason so that Reggie could be the king of Riverdale. I know this sounds crazy but her house or at least the bathtub is the only place I can see Jason’s body.

Do I suspect her : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE

Then again , there’s a lot of other characters but I couldn’t find something to write about them so maybe I’ll make updates after every episodes to keep my suspects list updated! Let me know what you think, who do you think killed Jason and why ?

I remember being really worried when the Rowdy 3 broke into Todd’s apartment and stole the picture of Amanda, when I saw Martin staring at the picture I remember literally saying ‘Oh shit’ out loud because I was very unsure of them as characters. I had no idea what they were going to do. All I knew was that they liked to destroy stuff and attack the precious ray of sunshine that is Dirk Gently. So my immediate reaction to them being outside Amanda’s house was fear based on their actions and what normally happens to females on TV shows - they become plot points to further a male’s pain. But then you find out that all they want is to be her friend and protect her. And like now when I re-watch those scenes I’m like look at how cute they all are wrecking up Todd’s apartment! And Martin looking at the picture is like ‘awww he thinks she’s cute’. And don’t get me started on the brick that say’s ‘hi’. Like that is the cutest, slightly threatening shit ever. 


Victuuri aesthetics— So those are my phone wallpapers from YoI. Sorry for annoying watermark, I know how it raging, but I had to add this, bc I don’t wanna that someone stole my credits which aren’t mine anyway (i didn’t do pictures nor the original logos, just change it in gimp). I make request, so you can write to me if you want

Brooklyn was Brooklyning so hard today you’d think there was a Brooklyn Olympics for the most Brooklyn thing that ever happened.

(*Note, she’s not wearing a Bye Felicia t-shirt or sitting outside an artisanal mayonnaise shop, so she only won Bronze.)

(**Note Note, I stole this picture from someone else, obviously, because I don’t go to Brooklyn.)